Individuals with AvPD may not request any accommodations from their employer , and thus will not be required to disclose their disability. However, if they do need to discuss their disability they can present their limitations as an extension of feelings that most people have. For example, many people have some social anxiety, and lots of people feel very anxious speaking in front of a crowd. The individual can frame their disability as the same thing, just a bit stronger.

Finding an appropriate job, rather than accommodations is probably the best strategy for people with Avoidant Personality Disorder. Many jobs don't require public contact, or other situations that might provoke the individuals anxiety. Helping the individual to develop some interviewing skills and finding the right match will often eliminate the need for any employer accommodations. The most obvious accommodations that might be required may be eliminating any public, or even in-house, speaking requirements from the position. The individual could be allowed to present their ideas, or reports in writing, or perhaps a co-worker could present for them.