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How can I convey to a stranger, in short biography
The path that I have travelled, and what has come to be me?!
Yet but young in deed.
I was born on 27th of October 1961 at the family home in Downend, Bristol. The youngest of three children, I was the only boy. Apparantly immediately following the birth, the doctor and midwife celebrated by lighting-up and smoking a cigarette. How things have changed. Was it latent memories of cigarette smoke connected with reassuring post birth-trauma breast-feeding, that meant in later life I would become a smoker?

Did some
kid stuff as I grew up.

I got older and shit happened ! It kept on happening. It's probably still happening . . . it's just that I've stopped happening.
I got
beaten up . It hurt. It hurt in ways that I can't tell you.
Dropped out of sixth form college and got a dead-end job as a furniture salesman in a shop.

Personal space
Always felt alone in a crowd.
Followed in my fathers footsteps and went to work for the Post Office ( My CV ) for almost twenty years of my life, a minimum of the last ten of which were years of pure hell. Had my best friend my dog Sheba put down. Experimented with drugs. Got burgled . Did some silly things. Learned to cry. Fell in love. Had my heart broken. Had my broken heart broken some more just to make sure.
Ended up with a thick doctors file of
medical notes!
Dissolved in
'Lost' my job, my self confidence and the last vestiges of my self esteem.

A revelation in September 2000!! Discovered details of Avoidant Personality Disorder on the internet, and identified most strongly with the traits!!!

In November 2001
my father was diagnosed as having a terminal glioblastoma (brain) tumour. He died on February 9th, 2003.
In September 2003 I was diagnosed as having developed an
inguinal hernia .

In 2005 I started to endure continual abuse and intimidation from anti social youths in
my neighbourhood (Speedwell, Bristol). On November 9th 2005 I was attacked and assaulted in my own home, by Lee Boyce the father of one of the youths, who made the FALSE allegation that I was a paedophile and indicated he would make it impossible for me to live there for much longer!!!
The abuse and harassment continued.
On March 30th 2006 I attended Bristol Magistrates Court as a witness in the case of R-v-Lee Boyce, for the Offence of Common Assault (against me, on 09/11/05). (Lee Boyce was found guilty and ordered to pay 100 compensation, 350 costs, and was given a conditional discharge for 18 months.)
He got off very lightly - I, thanks to him, was not so fortunate.
The unstopable abuse, harassment and various incidents continued until finally on the evening of October 6th 2006, I could suffer no more and fled my home under police escort!
I was forced to sell my house, for perhaps up to 20,000 less than its potential value at the time, and but for the assistance of my mother, would have become homeless while I searched for somewhere to make a new home.

"Help in Disguise:When people are unsympathetic to you and the world does not go as you wish, this should be a help to detachment of feelings from the repetitious cycle of becoming and decay, gaining and losing."
right now?
Avoidant Personality Disorder?
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