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- Up around 7:45am. 15C in, 10C out. Grey . . walked. Not far up the road on a nasty hilltop/corner/junction a big fuel-oil spill had occured, which carried on right on down the road for quite a distance. The semll of it was thick in the air. It was SO significant, I even decided to fire up my mobile phone and eventully managed to make a 101 call to the police non emergency number, just to let them know. 'I' would NOT have wanted to be one of the many people on motorbikes and mopeds suddenly encountering all of that. I don't believe anything came of my call, and I assume the rain and passing traffic eventually had it all largely dissipate? . walked BGdns in full weather gear. All pretty much a repeat of yesterday with drizzle etc. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee, shopped for a few supplies and home through town. . . PCd the day off mostly messing around with snips of video. . somehow ended up exchanging a few Facebook messages with the local pilots and was offered a trip out on the pilot boat some time!!!!

. . . TVd . . ate four sausages with a tin of sausages in baked beans, grated cheese and two pieces of bread and butter. . . listened in on a couple of radios as beam trawler Van Djke had an emergency out at sea. A couple of crew members had been injured somehow. Rescue helicopter 924 was scrambled to winch them off as they steamed full speed for the harbour. The weather was pretty bad with some bouts of heavy rain. They got the winchman onboard, but by then were so close to home that they decided to just steam in leaving the helicopter circling around for ages before eventually landing at the HLS up on Berry Head to conserve fuel. I ended up out on the front doorstep watching the distant lights quite a bit. The two crewmen were taken off the boat and transferred by ambulance up to the helicopter, which then took off and headed for Derriford I believe (although perhaps not directly). . to bed around 2am.
30 - Up at 8am. 15C in, 9C out. Grey . . felt very unwell for a while. . walked BGdns in full weather gear in the drizzle. Sheltered in the gun emplacement for a bit when the rain became harder. On down to the harbour but I was feeling tired out and not good and pretty much went straight through town and back home . . PCd. After some difficulty, necessitating using their live on-line help facility, I eventually managed to pay for my tljones domain renewal. PCd much of the rest of the day away knocking up a silly 'air raid' video. Only a short one but very difficult to edit together nonetheless, given what I had and the dictates of the audio etc. Got it done and posted/uploaded eventually. Ridiculous amount of work! . . TVd . . . ate a cheap pack of oven cooked chicken bite things with chips and buttery peas followed by chocolate. Snoozed in the chair and to bed whenever.
29 - Up just after 7am. 15C in, 7C out. Damp and grey. . . walked BGdns in an ever increasing amount of drizzle. Sheltered in the gun emplacement and grabbed a bunch of photos of a small handful of yachts winter-racing in the bay. Uh oh. My trusty Uniden 230 scanner wouldn't turn-on no matter what I tried. Eventualy just gave up messing with it and sadly resigned myself to the fact that it's died. :o( It HAS given me amazing service, for hours each day, for MANY years, so can't complain. . eventually on down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Sat on a large piece of cardboard box (out for the bin men) on the floor. Amazingly warm that. . eventually home through town in heavier rain and got home drenched . . Tried plugging the dead scanner into the mains power supply and amazingly it came back to life, and then 'appeared' to be working normally again!?Go figure. . PCd the WHOLE rest of the day away posting all outstanding photos from the last couple of days. Gigs, yachts and fishing boats. Hundreds of pics and many hours of work!!!! . . . TVd . . ate chicken, peas and chips followed later by co co pops . . fell asleep in the chair, woke and to bed in the early hours whenever.
28 - Up before 8am. 14C in, 4C out. Largely clear and sunny. . .walked BGdns and ended up just sitting around there for a good couple of hours taking photos of everything on the water. The gigs, trawlers, the lifeboat, etc. Even the little wrecked fishing vessel that was being cut up in the harbour was towed away on it's final voyage to be scrapped somewhere. . eventually on down to the inner harbour to warm up in the sun and drink my cold coffee. . shopped for reduced price deals and home through town . . .PCd a bit . . felt tired out and iffy and eventually just had to turn things off and go sit quietly in front the TV for a while . . ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and some chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 11:30pm.
27 - Little broken sleep then up before 8am. 13C in, 5C out. Mostly grey . . .walked BGdns, the harbour for my coffee and then home through town . . PCd for hours doing posts and editing bits of video until I just HAD to stop, feeling cold, hungry, tired, and rather unwell . . ate a handful of weetabix with milk and sugar before laying down for a nap. Very poor disturbed sleep for just a little while until the alarm before 7pm . . DF called in for arguments until around 10pm . . . drank a little wine, ate cold chicken breast, buttery peas and chips . . . to bed by around midnight.
26 - Up at 9am. 13C in, 1C out. grey and breezey. Some new windows or a door going in next door it would appear. Lucky devils. :o( . . .made the mistake of commenting on YET another 'dog poop' post on Spotted Brixham. Immediate abuse from people!?! :o(

walked BGdns, the harbour and out to the end of the breakwater and back, taking loads of photos along the way of course. Very grey and cold in the stiff breeze. Back to sit near the old coastguard station for my by then cold coffee . bought a cooked chicken from the butchers and home through town and via the pet store for supplies of frozen tripe . . PCd the whole rest of the day away, catching up with posting all the different sets of photos from the last couple of days etc . . . TVd . .drank a glass of red wine, ate cold chicken, crisps and jaffa cakes. Immediately fell asleep in front the TV! Woke and to bed around 3:30am, only to then have trouble sleeping!
25 - Up with the alarm at 7:30am. 13C in, 4C out. Sunny. . .left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for my 9:40am appointment.

BIG dentures and they hurt real bad! That doesn't bode well for when I actually have them, finished!!

rang up and renewed my home insurance . . walked BGdns and down to the harbour. Very chilly in the breeze . much cutting away of bits of the superstructure of a couple of fishing boats! One being scrapped, the other having a big metal fish hopper removed . Grabbed photos . . sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . home through town feeling real exhausted . .PCd the rest of the day away, working mostly on editing the Ferry crossing video from the 19th . . Mum called to touch base and let me know my photo of the group in JGdns HAD been used in the local paper and was prominent on the front page! :o) I DID actually go on-line and sign the petition (for what little that may be worth) . . .by around 8:30pm the video was done and I set the two hour plus upload to Youtube going . . TVd . . ate a few mini cheddars and later a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese . . .PCd a bit more before to bed around 1:30am.

24 - Up at 6am!? 12C in, -3C out. . a spectacular sunrise with a few dark broken clouds to reflect the ever changing reds and oranges. . . PCd a bit . . .out around 9:15am and headed straight down through town towards the breakwater. Ice especially near the lifeboat station

jubilee gardens press photos . .

straight home through town. . PCd the photos and eventually got a bunch on line. . spent the next many hours getting on top of the snips of video of the gigs I got the other day. .

messaged on Facebook by the local newspaper asking for MY version of the J Gardens photo, because it was better than what the official photographer had got! lolol Immediately messaged/mailed copies for them to use.

at length, I managed to upload all six snips of the different crews in the three gigs etc . . TVd breifly while cooking and eating a tin of sausages in baked beans with chips followed by chocolate biscuits . . .IMMEDIATELY fell asleep in the chair. . woke and to bed somewhere in the early hours.

23 - Poor brokeen sleep (cold througgh lack of food?) and then up at 7:30am feeling awful and headachey! 13C in, -2C out and very clear soon to be sunny. Annadin tablet for breakfast. It remains to be seen if I will mostly stick to it, but this morning, I am of a mind that all this photographing and posting everything on Facebook shall promptly cease. All in all, yesterday's facebook communications has really pissed me off in one way or another. . . walked straight down through icy town and out to the breakwater and all the way along to the end in the warming sun. A big fog bank out at sea. Jeeze - the whole of the breakwater appeared to be covered in dog poop and discarded/forgotten already bagged poop!! Headed all the way to the end and sure enough, the oil tub was still there from yesterday where I'd placed it, next to the seat/lifebelt. Ended up carrying it all the way back, together with every bit of other peoples dog poop and other litter I could find along the way. A large bag full! . half way down the breakwater heading back, I spotted what I 'think' were a couple of porpoise hunting fish not far off the breakwater and beach. THAT ended up with me standing there for ages trying to grab some shots

back to the harbour with the tub. Put it in a bin minus the label

promptly home across FGn. . . PCd the rest of the day away, trying to edit the rare porpoise glimpses into something watchable. Got there in the end and by evening managed to get it uploaded to Facebook . . . TVd . . still no appetite despite not having eaten anything all day yesterday AND today! Forced down a small handful of mini cheddars, crisps, a little cold ham, grated cheese and mayo, and a chicken and mushroom pastry slice. Didn't want any of that at all, and ended up feeling a bit sick on it . . . early to bed by before 11pm.
22 - Up at 9:15am! 13C in, sunny. . . walked BGdns and sat around for ages taking photos of the practicing gigs and racing yachts. It was still really quite cold, but what a stunning blue sky sunny day nonetheless. Loads of people out and about taking advantage of it. . eventually carried on down around the harbour and on out to sit on the breakwater for a while

butterfly . .coffee and bellas food . . . .. walked the breakwater.

oil can

pilots rendezvous . .air ambulance . . ran out of battery . . dolphin off the beach hunting fish . . big smoke all over town . . . home to PC for hours and hours and hours!! . .

oil can nonsense and solicitor threat. "It's appears an oil can from my vessel has made its way to the breakwater. Empty cans of ours our left on the quay for recycling. I guess somehow one has made it to the breakwater . Possibly blown of the quay . I would like you to remove this post immediately . It is giving me and my boat a bad name. It take this photo and ***** comment as defamation of character. And will mention this to my solicitor tomorrow."

. . drank wine . . posted the butterfly video snip . . . 'chatted' on facebook until around 3pm - tipsy - and regretted doing so. . to bed whenever without eating today!
21 - Up at 8:45am thanks to next doors incessant-yapping dog. 13C in, 3C out, grey. . . walked BGdns to start and then on down around the harbour and out to the breakwater, taking photos of course. Eventually back to the inner harbour for my coffee before eventually home over FGn . . .Mum managed to call in for chats and to see all the neonese I've been up to on the PC . . . PCd photos for the rest of the day . . . ate four mum donated ham and mayo rolls, crisps and a square of chocolate . . . to bed by 1am.
20 - Up at 9:45am!!! 14C in, 6C out, misty clearing to mostly sunny. . . walked BGdns VERY late and sheltered from the freezing NE type wind in the usual gun emplacement, shooting a couple of boats going out etc. . on down to the inner harbour (seal glimpses along the way) to take more photos, and then ended up sat on a seat near the old coastguard station for my by then largely cold coffee. The sky seemed to want to have a say in the action today! Plenty of stunning cloud formations over the town, all the seagulls taking flight when a four wheel motorbike type thing back fired as it went up a nearby hill, various aircraft and one quick pass by the coastguard helicopter, etc. . . eventually home through town feeling very cold . . . PCd for the next several hours posting photos to facebook . . . TVd/drank wine/guitarred . . ate left over coleslaw with grated cheese foolowed by buttery mixed veg with corned beef. IMMEDIATELY fell asleep in the chair! Woke and to bed around 3:30am.
19 - Up at 8:15am. 14C in, 6C out, sunny. . . left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for a couple more wax denture impressions, etc. . . walked BGdns real late. A very chilly NE breeze and quite some swell on the waters of the bay. Sheltered in the usual gun emplacement and grabbed photos of anything moving out there. Yep - quite a nasty swell. Never mind the fishing vessels, the all year ferry put up quite a good show as it came steaming back into the harbour. . carried on down and straight around the harbour and on out to sit on the landward end of the breakwater etc for a while. Eventually started to head back, only to see a beamer was about to head out, so we rushed back to the small park just past the breakwater and managed to get some picturesque footage as the boat exited the bay. Yayyy - I SO like ccapturing such scenes. . returned to the inner harbour and sat on the tiered seats near Rockfish for my cold coffee just as the last rays of the sun disappeared behind the buildings on the hills surrounding. Shopped for denture adhesive supplies before heading home through town . . . spent the whole rest of the evening doing photo posts to Facebook and editing and uploading the boat footage etc . . . ate a pack of going cheap chicken drumsticks with coleslaw, crisps and jaffa cakes . . . set the edited footage uploading to Youtube and then to bed around 3am, leaving the PC running all night again!
18 - Woke earlier with a headacahe and then up with the alarm at 7:30am. 14C in, 3C out, sunny. . .walked bGdns, the harbour,

fished a Rockfish hoodie out of the waters of the outer harbour

sat on the breakwater, back to the harbour for my coffee near the old coastguard station

Seal in the inner harbour

back up to BGdns and then home via the local store for tobacco supplies . . . PCd video, and pics to post for hours until gone midnight!! . . ate a pizza with extra cheese followed by a few chocolate biscuits. . I think I may bee going crazy! Ended up in the front garden for quite a while trying to pghoto the moon!!! . . . to bed somewhere around 2am.
17 - Up at 8:35am. 15C in, 6C out, grey and damp. . .walked BGdns quite late. Very calm waters out in teh bay. On down to the harbour. Wow - the fish dock was almost empty without a single boat in almost. Grabbed a few photos and then headed out towards the breakwater to sit around for ages waiting for the sea school yacht to appear.

seal on the wavescreen . .ripped my trousers . . .

back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee before shopping for a few supplies and then heading home through town . . PCd video and photos for posting to Facebook for the rest of the day pretty much! . . . cooked and ate a whole going cheap pack of six cumberland sausages with chips . . . to bed just after 1am.
16 - Up at 8:45am. 15C in, 9C out, grey. . .walked BGdns, down to the harbour, out to sit on the breakwater for a bit, back to the harbour. As usual I took plenty of snaps of this and that along the way, but strangely I eventually completely ran out of battery charge!? Very frustrating being then presented with loads of photo opportunities! Eventually headed home across FGn . . called in the pet store for food supplies, and on this occasion arranged to have the large heavy sack of complete food delivered later. I've gotten so old and achey, I just couldn't face the prospect of trying to carry it home. Worthy of note here is how when heading to the store, I was kinda rehearsing requesting the delivery in my mind. The crazy thing was, I couldn't for the life of me, 'reliably' remember the number of my house!!!!!!!! Either I AM actually starting to show early signs of dementia, or it's because I've lived SUCH a 'reserved' life for SO long now, I simply never have to remember the number? Worrying whichever! I ended up checking the adress on my driving licence when I was actually in the store making the request. :o( . . grabbed a soft sweeping brush from out of the skip up the road as I passed! . . PCd photos for hours. Around 5:30pm the dog food was delivered . . .guitarred/TVd feeling very 'frustrated' and trapped and wanting to 'escape' again. :o( . . . ate a pack of jaffa cakes, a tin of sausages in baked beans with grated cheese and four pieces of bread and butter followed by a couple of chocolates . Immediately fell asleep in the chair AGAIN!!! :o( . . . woke around 3:30am and struggled to bed.
15 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 6C out, grey. . .walked bGdns and sat around for hours taking hundreds of photos of the gigs and the yachts . . down to sit on the floor under the old fish market for my coffee. I was actually chatting to a couple of dog walkers when a passing (kinda 'unkempt looking' himself) guy asked if I was homeless! I tried to explain I wasn't. The reason he'd asked is because he was going to offer me the pack of sandwcihes he had in his pocket!! What a decent guy. I may need to stop sitting on the floor there to save further embarssment . . popped in the store and then home through town, utterly tired out! . . . spent the whole rest of the day on the PC going through all the photos and making posts etc. Hundreds and hundreds of photos from the last couple of days!!! It was gone midnight by the time I was kinda caught up with things . . . ate a couple of cold beef finger rolls with mayo, coleslaw and crisps followed by a chocolate or two . .asleep in the chair almost instantly! . .woke and struggled to bed well after 2am.
14 - Up around 9:10am after very little sleep. 13C in, <5C out, sunny and blowy. . .walked bGdns and ended up sitting around in the cold breeze there for absolutely ages taking photos of the gigs and all the beam trawlers all heading back out after the bad weather. After a couple of hours we ended up heading down to the inner harbour as the hint of a light shower passed through. Sat on the floor under the old fish market roof warming up with my coffee in the sunny spells. . back up through BGdns and then to the local store for a few supplies before ehading home. Not far from home someone was having an 'open garage' day where they were giving people the opportunity of helping themselves to old stuff they were throwing away from a house clearance. By the time I turned up, they'd pretty much given up on things and were just loading a skip up with everything.

'atlas' aircraft noisily flew over

. . . PCd just a few of todays 500+ photos and did a post or two to facebook before leaving many more to some other time . . TVd in front the fire. . . ate a couple of beef finger rolls, crisps and chocolate . . .snoozed in the chair . . woke and ate bowls of co co pops before to bed somewhere after midnight.
13 - Up around 7:30am. 13C in, 0C out, clear blue sky (sunny) and just cold and damp. No sign here of any of the ice and snow which was forecast for much of the south. Actually a 'bit' of a disappointment from a photo taking perspective, but just as well . . . walked the woods!

carried on down to the inner harbour. Oh wow - a couple of the big beam trawlers were all leaning over

PCd and eventualy uploaded a slideshow/video of this mornings walk through the woods. . . TVd . . ate cold chicken, crisps and coleslaw followed by chocolates . . . fell alseep in the chair again! Woke and to bed gone 2:30am. Terrible stomach aches kept me awake for ages.
12 - Up around 7:40am. 15C in, 5C out, grey. . .PCd and posted a few photos . . walked BGdns in full waterproofs in an increasingly heavy rain. Headed straight for the shelter of the gun emplacement and hung around there for quite a while, even taking a few trawler photos through the downpour. . eventualy bit the bullet and carried on down to the harbour, trying to take more photos in the rain along the way. Both got pretty drenched! . . sat under the old fish market roof for a breather and for my coffee etc as the heavy downpour continued. . a few more photos around the place and then eventually straight home through town. . absolutely drenched through! . . . PCd photos and facebook posts for ages . . .TVd . . . ate a pack of jaffa cakes followed later by cold chicken, coleslaw, crisps and chocolates . . asleep in the chair and then to bed before midnight. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:-ManAndboy / Sunkist Brixham )
11 - Up around 5:30am again!!!??? Just generally uptight because of my later dentist appointment I think. 15C in, 9C out, still dark . . PCd this and sat around until time to leave for my 10am dentist apointment . . .the usual struggle in the waiting room with awful feelings of 'panic' and wanting to flee etc. :o( . Just a couple of impressions for a new set of dentures, payment of the current bill and then I was back out in no time . . walked BGdns to sit around and take a few photos. A cold NW type breeze and a bit of boisterousness to the waters of the bay. The new high speed ferry suddenly did a U turn on it's way across the bay to Torquay (WITH a rare couple of passengers onboard!) and came straight back into the harbour??? Not seen that happen before. I found out later in a conversation with the skipper that it'd broken some sort of belt and the engines had started to overheat and needed another belt fitting or some such. That service is SO surely doomed (once the council subsidies have ceased, etc). . on down to the harbour for my coffee. A few seal glimpses along the way 'as usual'. Shopped for a few supplies before heading home through town. . part way home JK was out on his balcony hailing me from across the road. He's recently moved back down here after having been living up country for a couple of years apparantly. He'd only just moved in there and wanted a bit of help in setting up his TV and freeview box. Ended up popping into his little flat in an attempt to assist. A VERY small little minimalist type place, but really actually quite alright. Dunno what type of heating he had in there (perhaps just the heat from the surrounding flats?) but boy, was it comfortably warm compared to how I live. Ended up overheating in there in all my layers. Refitted the TV plug to the dodgy shortened lead, and after a bit of messing around (the aerial lead was in the wrong socket on the wall) managed to get the thing up and running ok. :o) . . .ate corned beef sandwiches with crisps and coleslaw before returning to bed until 7pm . . .guitarred/TVd the evening away . . ate a couple of frekadelen things in four pieces of bread and butter followed by a few biscuits and some chocolate. . . to bed at 1am. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Turnstones / Photographer )
10 - Up around 8:30am. 15C in, 5C out, mostly cloud. . . walked BGdns and took photos etc. . eventually carried on down to the inner harbour and of course ended up taking yet more photos around the place. image of welders working on fishing vessel J-Sea There ARE times when even 'I' think some of the images I capture are just super cool. This is one of my favourites from just today (posted amongst MANY others to the Facebook 'Brixham Fishing' closed group). A couple of engineers working on fishing vessel 'J Sea'. (Sadly I haven't a clue what the actual function of those bits of metal is!). eventually sat on the tiered seats near Rockfish and give Bella her breakfast and drank my coffee. THAT ended up in another round of photo taking when the mussel farm boat came in to unload! . . eventually bought a few supplies and then home through town . . . recovered from the walk and then ate corned beef sandwichs with crisps and coleslaw. The inevitable effect of eating was to then feel utterly exhausted and tired out, so I ended up returning to bed and then sleeping right through until gone 7pm!! . . .PCd for hours and posted pictures to Facebook etc . . . TVd briefly and just ate a couple of chocolate biscuits and three bananas. My dentures are SO unfit for purpose, I can't even bite through a banana without them becoming dislodged and out of place, so I have to even use a knife to cut off bite sized chunks! :o( . . to bed a little before 2am. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Welders / Mussel Farm )
9 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 7C out, broken threatening cloud with quite a spectacular colourful sunrise. . .monitored broken comms on the radio as the coastguards were called to a person in the water in Torquay. (News reports later confirmed yet ANOTHER body had been recovered!!). . . walked BGdns and sheltered from the light rain in the usual gun emplacement for quite a while. Ended up taking a bunch of photos and some video of a fishing boat stopped just outside the harbour, because it was surrounded by a big cloud of seagulls. Always something of a spectacle when that happens. It eventually headed into the harbour and so did we. . oh wow - a seal was in the water near the yacht club eating a HUGE fish. Of course I just HAD to stop and climb up onto a rock and film for a while didn't I. Jeeze - that fish was almost as big as the seal, and it appeared to have SO much food, it was almost playing with it as much as eating it. (Conger eel?) . . eventually continued to the inner harbour for yet more photo taking . . bought a large bag of potatos to lug back, and then home through town in heavier rain . . PCd all the photos and then edited the seal video and eventually set it uploading to Youtube (almost 3 hours just to upload!!) . . did dish washing chores . . TVd . . . just couldn't seem to muster the energy to do food and ended up just eating a pack of jaffa cakes and a handful of weetabix before to bed around 1am!! (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Seal Watch )
8 - Up around 8:15am. 15C in, 6C out, broken cloud. . . PCd a few of yesterdays pictures to post before heading out . . walked BGdns. Seemed to be a very strange silvery light across the bay. Made my autofocus on the camcorder have difficulty much of the time. There was also very little wind and warmer than of late, so really not unpleasant. . the gigs were out, yachts were racing (despite the lack of wind) and plenty of fishing boats came back into harbour, so I ended up sat there for a good couple of hours just taking hundreds of photos of it all! . eventually headed on down to the harbour to give Bella her breakfast and drink my coffee on the tiered seating area near Rockfish. . as I got up to leave, I spotted a scarf that someone who'd been sat nearby had obviously left behind. Rather than leave it to get ruined in the hint of drizzle, I carried it with me in the hope I'd catch up with the family who'd left it. Trouble with that idea was, my memory of things is currently such that I soon ended up having absolutely no idea what it was they looked like!! I ended up tying it to a prominent temporary railing under cover of the old fish market roof and leaving it there in the hope they may pass by and spot it. . eventually home through town as a bit of drizzle passed through. . . PCd all the pictures I'd taken. Over 500 photos!!!!! I don't even know how that's possible!!! Spent hours going through them all and making multiple posts to Facebook etc. . . drank wine and TVd. Listened-in to a coastguard/ILB shout to a 'woman in the water' down by the yacht club!! Yet another 'mental health issues/known to the police' shout by the sound of it, and the woman was apparantly soon back on shore and in the hands of the ambulance service etc, and all the troops were stood down. Later posts on the net suggested she'd entered the water to assist her dog which was in difficulty, so who knows what REALLy happened there! . ate a cheese and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by half an apple pie . . . to bed by around midnight. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Yacht Race / Gigs1 / Gigs2 )
7 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 8C out, grey. . .walked BGdns and grabbed a few photos of the gigs out for their morning rows . . eventually headed on down towards the inner harbour. As I passed by the gun emplacement on the dodgy cliff overlooking the laboratory building it became apparant that someone was up there. I could hear an aerosol being sprayed, so fearing theyw ere maybe doing more graffiti, after a little umming and ahhing I decided to dare to climb up there to deliberately disturb them, in the guise of picking up the usual collection of litter that drinkers and drug users always leave up there in particular. Turned out to be just a couple of really quite young kids who appeared to be messing around with setting fire to the spray from a can of deoderant! Smelled rather nice!! lol Somehow I managed to have a few 'okish' words with them without any major confrontation, asking them not to do any graffittiing, and explaining that I was after clearing all the cans and litter. They even helped a little! lol On THIS occasion it WAS a case of kids just being silly kids, so I eventually left them to their sweet smelling 'flame thrower' activities and carried on my way (because I don't 'think' any actual damage to the gun emplacement was being done by them). . . the inner harbour seemed VERY quiet around the place. . shopped for supplies and then home through town. . . TVd/PCd and ended up uploading an old piece of footage I'd discovered that I'd overlooked, of a fishing boat going out in some rough . . . drank wine. Cooked and ate a pack of chicken coujons with chips . . . to bed before 11pm!! (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Prospector / Gigs )
6 - Woke and up around 5:15am with a prolonged bout of sneezing! 14C in, 5C out. . . PCd. . walked BGdns somewhere after 8am, rather earlier than I have been in recent times. Sat around taking a few boat photos. Oh wow - rare glimpses of a small pod of dolphin worryingly heading into the outer harbour! Managed to catch just a tiny bit of shakey footage before losing sight of them.

walked around the harbour and on out to sit on the breakwater to give Bella her breakfast - all the while scanning the waters everywhere looking for any further sign of the dolphin but there was none. . back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Ended up sitting there at length watching as 'Golden Vanity' one of the old sailing ships was brought in to the inner quay and prepared to have its mast removed (for winter maintenance). Ended up grabbing a bunch of photos of that and even walked back around to the better vantage point of the viewing platform above the public loos for more photos as 'Shep' and his lorry hoisted the mast out and layed it on the quay. Ended up feeling pretty damned cold again and pretty soon after gave up and headed in the direction of home via FGn. . stopped off in the pet store for Bella food and treat supplies . . . PCd the mornings footage and photos and did a couple of facebook posts etc . . . drank a small half glass of the remaining red wine from a bottle (given to me for Xmas by Sis1) and cooked and ate two packs of reduced price ham with chips . . . napped briefly, only to end up having a nightmare and waking feeling very tired and lacking in energy. . . ended up just sitting in front the TV all evening again, much of the time watching (nothing!) with the sound off because I just couldn't tolerate all the noise again . .eventually ate half an apple pie with cream followed later by half a pack of chocolate biscuits . . to bed whenever. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- DOLPHIN!! / Golden Vanity )
5 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 4C out, mostly clear. . . .walked BGdns and sat around for quite a long while taking pics of passing boats etc before eventualy heading down to the harbour to do the same. . a police van was unusually parked up near the entrance to the fish market. I initially ignored it and carried on up to the viewing platform above the toilets to take photos around the working harbour, but I soon became aware of a couple of uniformed PCSOs staking out the bottom of the nearby steps, and plain clothes police having detained and questioning a person part way up the steps. I was very uneasy and nervous about doing so, but no way could I resist eventually turning my camera in that direction and proceeding to grab a few 'sneaky' shots!


. . . recovered from the walk and then ate two ham rolls with crisps . . PCd photos at length and posted to Facebook etc. The police-arrest photos were just too good to keep to myself, so after I'd discovered reports about the incident had already been put on-line BY the police (operation Olympic targeting drug users) , I selected a handful and then labouriously went through them blurring out all the faces and anything else which I thought 'could' potentially reveal any of their identities, before nervously posting them on Facebook. Some cracking shots 'I' think. .TVd . . ate a pack of six small pork pies with crisps, a banana, half a battenburg cake and a little chocolate . .drank red wine and to bed around midnight. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Operation Olympic / Golden Hind maintenance )
4 - Up around 8:15am. 13C in, 2C out, mostly cloud. . walked BGdns and ultimately around to the breakwater for a while. A lot of bottles and debris had been blown in by the recent winds and was all drifting around at the waters edge along the length of the big WWII slipway near the lifeboat station as we crossed it. One of the floating bottles caught my eye. It was glass with a metal clip seal over the top, and appeared to have a couple of bits of paper inside - message in a bottle style!?

sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee before straight home through town . . recovered from the walk for a while before intending to have another bash at all my paperwork and accounts.

Mum called. Not sure why or how, but the conversation made me feel very down.

aimlessly PCd a bit/did laundry/sat around feeling down and once again with the dreadful feeling of 'wanting to escape'! . . TVd . . drank wine. Ate a pizza with extra cheese. Immediately fell asleep in the chair. To bed some time in the early hours when I woke - again! (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Various )
3 - Up at 8am. 12C in, -3C out, sunny . . . walked Bgdns and sat on one of the ice covered seats for quite a while. Another beautiful blue sky sunny day, and despite the ice and sub zero temperatures, without the bitterly cold wind of yesterday, it felt much more pleasant today. . walked down around the harbour, out to the breakwater and then all the way out to the end of the breakwater for the first time this year. Out there in the full sun, it really wasn't bad at all. Stooged around at the end for a while taking a couple of fishing boat pics etc before heading back. . sat near Rockfish in the sun with my coffee before briefly shopping for supplies and then heading home through town . . .recovered from the walk with a coffee in front the TV and then PCd a bit of this . . at last, put in some hours work to start attempting to balance my accounts and sort out all the mass of paperwork which has been sat on my desk for SO long.

monitored the coastguards called out on a shout for a dog over the cliffs. A happy ending eventually. :o)

TVd . . drank wine. Ate two frikadella things in buttered baps with crisps and coleslaw. Almost immediately fell alseep in the chair, so to bed before midnight.
2 - Up around 8:45am. 14C in, 3C out, sunny and breezey. . walked straight down through town heading for the small park past the breakwater. The waters of the bay were boisterous, so seemed like a good idea to spend as much of the walk time there, in case any fishing boats went out etc. When I reached the breakwater it turned out that the gigs were just about to go out, so I ended up hanging around in the freezing cold NNEasterly grabbing a few photos as they put the boats in and then all set off. Turned out the waters of the bay were a bit too boisterous for them and they all ended up rowing around the outer and inner harbours. That was just too much of an opportunity for me to ignore, so I ended up heading back in towards the inner harbour grabbing photos here and there of them as they did so (despite me ending up positively hypothermic in the strong cold wind! Missed a whole bunch of shots because I couldn't feel the button on my camera with my frozen fingers!). . at length, we ended up wandering back to the sheltered-from-the-wind seats near the lifeboat station, to just sit in the sun with my cold coffee and warm up a bit as the gigs were taken out of the water. . eventually headed home . . . PCd all the gig photos for hours . . . TVd . . .drank red wine and ate a pastie, a large bag of crisps, half a battenburg cake and some biscuits . . to bed at midnight. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Gigs1 / Gigs2)
1 - Up around 9am. 14C in, 8C out, threatening rainclouds. . . walked BGdns sheltering from occasional passing drizzle showers. On down to shelter under the old fish market roof for my coffee.

couldn't muster the energy to do anything again, and just aimlessly PCd/TVd/sat around the remainder of the day feeling 'disconnected', much of the time in silence because I just couldn't tolerate the 'noise' of the TV etc. . . . forced down four pieces of cheese on toast . . to bed around 2am.