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* Started a PC journal *

4 - Spent the whole day going round and round in circles on the PC trying to do this and that and - acheiving absolutely nothing yet again! Did however discover that half the files were looking at the local drive so I guess the site was unreadable for anyone else! Isn't learning a marvellously fulfilling experience. NOT ! PS came round for a coffee about lunch time and brought food so I've eaten today!. Marvellous chap! It was his Birthday so I gave him a card. Time has just flown. ML kindly sent me a photocopy of the place near Bath I have a job interview later in the month. Don't know how the hell I'm gonna get there for 9a.m.! It's miles from anywhere. I'll have to do a dummy run before D day dawns and suss it all out. Rang him and said thanks. He's on hols next week and is suggesting doing something together. Goodo!
5 - Ended up staying up late into the early hours talking to TS on MSN Messenger. Must cost a fortune on the phone bill but it is strangely fun. Woke up late this morning to find my front garden gate had been taken off its hinges and was propped up in the garden !!!!?? Funny how 'unsettleing' such a small thing can be. I guess the rampaging drunks were at it again last night! Oh well . . .just another day in the ghetto. Actually got round to washing the dishes (first time in days took ages . .yuk!) Played PC pretty much all the rest of the day. Maybe I'll actually leave the house some time next week....or not. Dug out some of my old writings/ramblings. Blimey . . still crazy after all these years. I need a break from the PC!
6 - Um . . what happened today. Stayed up late watching nothing on TV last night and ended up waking up late this morning. Played PC a lot of the day especially customizing some animated GIFs in Paintshop Pro just to see how it is done. Real easy to take other peoples stuff and modify it. Proved that Explorer can be used to upload files to the web site so the shareware FTP program I've been using can now be disposed of. About 7 o'clock LB phoned in tears, discontented with her lot so I had her round and tried to say the right things and be supportive and stuff. Not easy after a bottle of wine and considering the mess I've made of my life. She left about 00:30, so what do I do? Go back on the PC. I have no one to phone . . .
7 - keeping busy playing PC. Haven't been this into it since learning Visual Basic back a few years. That was avoidance too. Love hate relationship me and the PC - Dodgy day. 'Black dog' barking. Tried to fend it off. This too shall pass huh! Went shopping and bought some cards - lady on till thought it strange I should be buying so many. Spread a little anonymous happiness isn't it? Isn't it??!! Found a wonderful James Taylor web site . . .guitar tab and everything. Yippee. Oops . . .there goes another day . . .which one was it? Yawn.
8 - Woken up by the wind blowing my bin over again! Blowing a gale but only ever MY bin that falls about the place. Why don't the neighbors?!! I need more rubbish! Tried to play my favourite James Taylor from the downloaded guitar tabulature. Did some housekeeping on the PC. Deleted loads. Loads left. Got the bus to PC world to see how much 'things' are. They are more than I can justify spending. I begrudged spending the 2.10 bus fare! Saw Simon S. in the store. He stood right next to me and didn't recognise the unkempt, hairy, scary dude! I made him chat. ML picked me up in his LandRover and we went to the pub!!!!!!! Blimey I went out! A couple of beers! Very pleasant it was too. I'll have to give up smoking again now. ML had to rush off home and try out his new electric toothbrush! Hmm? Bzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . .
9 - I want a cigarette! Went up the road intending to buy a cheap scanner. They didn't have a serial connection type so I was saved the expense. Went to see S&DH and to scan in some photos on theirs. Apparently it is DH's birthday! Oops. Happy Birthday DH. They say it's the thought that counts so . . . think, think, think,think, think! My Sis1 called round but I was out. Spoke to her on the phone but she had another call and her door bell went so she had to go!!!
10 - A strange night of dreams - woke as the plane crashed into the river? Great ride!! Another success for the cheese and onions on toast supper. The day just flew by on the PC again. Made some animated GIFs of words of wisdom. They work. PS is coming round later for a chat. Good. I need to be forced to have a break. Very tired. Over doing it. I look as though I have two black eyes!!!
11 - PS came round with beer and a carrot cake. Felt a bit like Red Cross food parcels. Very nice. Another day come and gone on the PC. Spent hours animating GIFs and then decided that they all ended up too big to be on a web site. Waste of a life. Spoke to my neighbor who confirmed it was they who had put my gate in the garden the other day after having found it way up the street! Thanked them accordingly and put a nut and bolt on it to try and keep it, although it has rusted almost beyond repair. Haven't seen JO for ages. I'll have to give him a call some time. Apparently they were discussing web sites and weird people who do diaries on them at work, and JO didn't like the idea of being put in someone's web diary. Oooops. Had to rush out and buy another card cause I hadn't bought enough. All done and posted.
12 - Received a card in the post!?! Up early and out all day off roading with ML (luv im). Back about eightish feeling absolutely exhausted. Showered, TVd and early to bed. A good day.
13 - Typed!
14 - Woken up early by the post arriving - rushed down to open the bank loan junk mail!!! Typed a bit, shopped for food and dropped a film in for developing and to be put on CD. Visit from Sis1 bearing K's wedding/holiday photos. Everything seemed to have gone ok. She e-mailed some friends from my PC. Hope they realise it's from her and not me!!! Got wrecked. Why make this century the exception? Some days I live alone and some days I live alone. I guess today I lived alone.
15/16 - Slept the days away under a duvet . . . . couldn't think of a use for them.
17 - Got the photos. The paper ones were ok but the CD was rubbish-everything was blue! Took them back and asked them to do it again. Took copies first of course so spent the afternoon changing colours and puting them on the website. Spoke to JB on the phone . . first time in ages.
18 - Typed and slept.
19 - Got a card from Sis2 in the States. At last I finished typing my En Vacances thing back in. What a chore! ML phoned in the middle of him printing out 'Off Road 4x4' - I was pleased to hear he liked it. Wasted hours animating a tiny no smoking GIF for my smoking page! Finished mulling over some old stuff . . .who was I then? Who am I now? Who cares? Isn't it bed time yet !!!!!!
20 - Down day. . . .again! Made up the silly bike jump GIF.
21 - Weird day. Up and down like a yo yo. Filled out some of the questionnaires for Thursday's interview . . . they want to know EVERYTHING!!! Ended up on the PC late doing the feedback form and then looking at Freeserve chat rooms until about 2am. Sad rubbish! Reminded me of CB days!!! No reply to my E mails to my sister. What is going on with her and her PC?!!
22 - Woke up early . . not enough sleep. Got a letter from Liz in the post!!!!!! Walked to ASDA to get coffee supplies, popped into S&DHs on the way through. PS came round with beer . . . . hic! It's late.
23 - Filled out forms and had a wardrobe crisis in preparation for tomorrows interview.
24 - Went to the interview!!!! JO phoned and came round for a drink which was jolly pleasant.
25 - Night of disturbed sleep. Very weird. Woke up early and spent the whole day typing up the interview.
26 - PS popped round and told me about some speech recognition software for sale in a local shop. I foolishly went and bought it! Spent hours talking to my PC trying to teach it English and all it learned was gibberish. Absolutey bloody useless - thrown away 20!!!!!!!!!! Signed up with http://www.freenetname.co.uk/ to hopefully get a more personal free domain name, although all those I really wanted have already gone.
27 - Took the speech UNrecognition software back and got a refund, thank god. Spent the day trying to sort out my website so I can improve it 'housekeeping wise' prior to setting it all up on http://www.TLJones.co.uk/ Worried that FreeNet servers seem a lot slower!!! Waste of a day.
28 - It can't be healthy . . chatting to TS on MSN Messenger until the early hours and then up at about 07:30 to get straight back on and spend ALL day changing and moving the site to my domain name. Only stopped once to eat mushrooms and chips. What day is it?
29 - Down day . . and the point is?