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1 - Woken by insistant Sally around 8am . . .walked and took a couple of bits of video of Sally and such . . . PCd videos etc. . between the chain smoking and coffee drinking, ate a couple of bananas just to keep me going. . . damn! I didn't have the video/CCTV running. I actually saw a policeman on a push bike going past the house. It appeared that he was 'escorting' some truants back to school!!! How cool is that. So - they really DO actually have a go at curtailing the truants from time to time. Amazing. What a world - that school children have to be 'policed' like this (?)!!!!!! . . .ended up all exhausted and napped . . . walked. . .reheated half a chicken. Mum called to touch base and talk TV programs JUST as it was time for the chicken to come out of the oven. Grrrr. . eventually ate the chicken with four pieces of bread and butter and half a tub of coleslaw . . . touched base with BB . . . PCd the rest of the day away until some time early - again!! Amused myself by putting together a silly, SILLY bit of video. lolololololololol :o) ps
2 - Woken by Sally just before 8am . . .walked and found a penny. Hmmm - a trio of kids at the top of the field, sure looked like those three that I caught truanting on the video the other day. Past 9am - not at school AGAIN!!! . . PCd - um - well - all day really!!!! Actually overdid the 'concentrating-on-a-screen' thing, and ended up feeling pretty unwell. :o( Ate the last banana or two . . squeezed in a little dishwashing chores early evening while the PC processed. Finished the 'Sally Gardens' video and much of the work done for another. . . walked with the PC burning a test disc again. . . stopped for cod and chips takeaway and a bottle of Coke on the way home . . .TVd a little and then 'proof' watched a couple of bits of the burned disc on the TV. Damn - I think I'm gonna have to re-visit every single one of those and tidy up some loose ends I've found. Biggest pain in the rear is how the 'titles' screens look fine on the living room PC, but when I look at the same files on the 'main' PC in the back bedroom, or in fact on the TV, I see outlines of where I've manipulated the text!!! That just won't do at all! Must be the cheaper/lower memory, graphics card in the living room I guess - but very suprised it'll make SUCH a difference like that!!?? . . touched base with BB, struggling to fend off the desire to immediately sleep, brought on by suddenly eating something. . .TVd/PCd . . .LB called and then popped in and loaned me a new CD . . . PCd attempting to sort out the errors in, and 're-compile' all the videos, but ended up getting in a mess - losing track of which file was the latest, and eventually gave up until I'm more awake. . . PCd just a bit of this, because I'm getting horribly behind with it and am starting to forget what happened an hour ago, never mind a couple of days!!. . .
3 - Woken by BB calling . . .walked in the freeze and found a penny. Videod the litter until I couldn't feel my hands! . . . PCd all day again!!!! . . . big hassle with my main PC. :o( Not sure what's wrong, but the living room PC is acting far quicker and stronger. Uh oh. :o(

walked . . . ate half a chicken, coleslaw and four pieces of bread and butter . . .touched base with BB . . . PS popped round for the usual . . . PCd attempting to delete stuff . . .LB called in around 1:45am!!!!???
4 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . . .walked and found a penny . . . PCd and deleted all the music videos/defraged/viruscanned etc. . . napped for an hour or so, around 3pm . . .ate bowls of cornflakes and brown sugar . . .PCd . . . walked . . . touched base with BB . . . PCd more. . LB called in with sausages around 1.45am - no - hang on - that was yesterday wasn't it? Oh hell I don't know!!!
5 - Woken by Sally just before 8am . . .walked and found a penny .. . pcd. . . ate LBs lamb joint with four pieces of bread and butter . . .napped late for an hour or two . . woke feeling rather unwell . .. walked . . .pcd . . . ate half a chicken with coleslaw and four pieces of bread and butter . . .pcd until abed at 2am
6 - Woken by Sally just after 7am . . .walked . . PCd videos . . . ate chicken sandwiches and two bags of crisps. . popped next door and rang the neighbour's bell, (only one obviously at home in the street) intending to ask her to be a DVD guiney pig. I'd got all concerned and wound up about compatability issues. Would these DVDs I'm absolutely SLAVING over, actually play on someone elses machine, or am I locked in my own little world with them? She immediately suggested she'd already tried PC burned discs on her machine and they wouldn't work. Oh well - that's that then - never mind. :o( . . . napped . . . experimented with a new DVD menu by IVideo. I get the impression it makes much more flexible and professional acting menus than those I've used to date. Oh yes - that's JUST what I need when I'm racing to try and get these things done by a deadline - a whole new software program to learn in an instant!!!! :o( . . walked. A bunch of kids were destroying another one (the last remaining?) of the rainwater downpipes on the premises at the end of the shops rank (which I believe someone has put in an application to convert to flats! Who on earth would want to live there - on the main road, right opposite the school??!!?!!!). I think I must have looked in their direction at what they were doing, for just a little too long, since murmers of abuse started to drif across from them. .just back in through the door and the neighbour popped round - with a DVD machine in her arms for me to borrow if I wanted!!!! Managed to prersuade her to just quickly pop back home and try one of my discs in her own machine! Yayyy - it worked. What a relief. Thanked her and said that was all I required and gave her, her DVD straight back. . Mum called to touch base and say there was an interesting show on later - about a half ton man!!!? Caught a preview on the TV as we were talking, which was more than enough for me thank you so very much - no - I won't be watching THAT!! Jeeze - WHAT a lump!!! Who's been feeding him, that's what I want to know. He can't even turn over on his bed let alone walk, so he hasn't been going to the shops for groceries has he! Whoever has been feeding him should be arrested for abuse or neglect or something. . . . touched base with BB . . . ate bowls of co-co pops while PCing . . . early to bed around 11pm leaving the PC running, burning an image of my DVD to the hard drive for later commital to discs. I figure that should make things just a bit quicker for multiple copies - hopefully!? paas
7 - Woken by Sally just before 7am . . .straight on to the PC to check if it was happy. It appeared to be, so I immediately set a DVD burning. . . walked. On the way back from the field, a lot of the school kids were wandering around excitedy looking at some leaflets and discussing where it was, and making plans to attend. Stood next to the school entrance gate was a young guy, handing out the leaflets to every child that passed. I stopped and asked for one - "You're not under seventeen, are you?" he said - I replied that I wanted to see what he was handing out. Turned out to be adverts for 'Panache Nightclub' who will be hosting a 'MINT' event (sponsored by Coca-Cola!) on Sunday the 12th. apparantly "club sessions for 14-17 year olds. The UKs finest DJs spinning the biggest chart, ultimate dance, massive RNB hits & awsome club anthems! 7pm - 11pm. This event is promoted and operated by one of the UKs most experienced u-18 club event organisers. Admission only 7 all inclusive - soft drinks & cloakroom Pay on door. Age 14-17 year olds only. ID may be required." Blimey! So - which bit of all that will I start my 'rant' with? Well, first of all, I think there is something extremely wrong with someone hanging around a school gate trying to sell something like that - to children! Jeeze - at the age of fourteen I think I was still running around playing 'one-two-three-releaster' with the other kids over 'the dump'!! I certainly wasn't going out clubbing!!! These days, seems to me - childhood is short - childishness is long! :o(. . . burned another copy on the last of my discs. :o( Uploaded the 'revised and updated' version of my 'Welcome To The Jungle' video - took a good half an hour on my dial up!!! :o( Felt obliged to do that because as far as I can tell, somehow some sort of video search engine thingy is picking up on it and people are dowloading it - probably thinking it is actual footage of the band!!! Oops. Sorry guys - no - just crazy pictures of 'the hood'! . . . left Sally at home and drove to Emersons Green in search of more blank DVD-Rs. Actually ended up buying four packs of five that were pretty cheap (3.79 per pack) in Lidl - in nice slimline cases too. Popped in another store and invested a whole 2 (why so cheap?) on a 25 pack of cheap plastic CD folders, to protect the bunch of loose ones I always seem to have laying around in the brick dust all over the place. On to Sainsburys to buy some padded bags for posting stuff, and ended up buying a 10 pack of DVD-RWs because they were only 7 which seemed like a steal. . . raced home and put together the three packages of the DVD copies I intend to send. . walked with Sally round to the post office and got them sent. AT LAST!!!! Oh thank god that's over with! WHAT a struggle that's been. Dunno why I had to put SO much pressure on me to get them done by a certain date (which I completely missed!! :o( ). I got it in my mind to send a copy to DS to coincide with his birthday card, a copy to BB to concide with valentines, and then a copy to mum. Missed the boat completely! Found a penny. . .ripped the James Blunt CD LB loaned me and then cooked up three of the sausages she'd donated the other night, together with some mushrooms amd baked beans and ate with four pieces of bread and butter . . . napped for an hour or so, only to wake feeling a bit iffy yet again!! Thankfully soon passed. Wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't seen that Forensic Detectives program the other day, all about the guy that was being poisoned by his buisness partner and friend who was lacing his food with something very weird and almost untraceable!! . . celebrated the end of my (first) 'Clips DVD' burning nightmare by cutting my (its got 'bushy') hair, cleaning up a bit and doing a little laundry . . PCd a bit of this but frankly, the last fews day are just a blur of spending every minute wrestling with the PCs. :o( Uh oh - oh no - did I make a mistake on those DVDs I just posted? Did I mean to leave out the Lakme file because it wouldn't fit, or was that a mistake? Bugger! Oh well - better hurry up and get started on number 2 !!!!!!!!! :o( lololol :o) . . .went to go on line and found LB had left an ansaphone message earlier this morning!! (Damn - I SO have to have that weird cable company free ansaphone thing taken off - I never know if I've had a message left until hours/days later!) Oh my god! The windscreen on her guys car was smashed outside by a passer by in the night! She was asking (joking) if I had my camera pointed that way. Damn - typical - the first time in ages I have an early night, and 'something' happens! Actually - that is the first thing to learn about personal CCTV systems. It's sods law. The liklihood of actually 'catching' something 'proper' happening on record, is pretty remote (especially when you aren't very good at keeping it running 24hrs a day, with an extensive rotation of video tapes). . popped up LBs and returned the CD and gave her a copy of my DVD as she'd requested . . . walked in the strong breeze . . . PCd more of this while watching TV, although I think I'm in danger of having the rest of the day off from the damn thing, leaving my journal in a half finished disorganised mess of memory joggers. I've sure had my fill these last few days (or is it weeks now?!! Ugggh.) . . . TVd . . . touched base with BB . . .TVd. Very windy out! . . . ate some toffee sponge stuff . . . TVd and watched my own DVD (again!) How sad am I!!! But I like it! :o) . . . TVd/PCd until gone 2am. pass
8 - Woken by Sally just before 8am . . .walked and found a penny. The strong 'breeze' of last night has done a good job of 'sweeping' up all the litter in the field, into mountanous heaps against every obstacle - mostly against the building site fence! Looks like a landfill!! The wind also knocked down one of the rusted rugby posts - again. . .Mum called to confirm she'd got the DVD I sent her. Some confusion over the fact that I've done a different ('proper') menu system to all the others I've sent her, and I had to try and explain and walk her through things. (I got the impression she'd been sat there watching/listening to (a bit of sampled Ray Charles piano - 'Don't Mess Around') the repeating title screen for rather a long time before she realised she had to do something to start watching it!!! lolol) . . messed around with an old back pack type, wide nylon strap I've kept hanging around the place for years because I just knew it would come in useful for something, and eventually came up with a way of attaching it to the (rather heavy) tripod I usually tend to want to use, and succeeded in coming up with a way of being able to sling it across my back rather than have to carry it with an aching arm. Excellent. . . Mum called back and touched base after having watched the DVD . :o) . . . walked with Sally, the video camera, and testing the tripod slung across my back, down through St Georges park, to experiment with filming one of the road junctions down there!!!! Oooh what excitement! lolololol Found a penny. . .how weird. While I was stood there filming the road junction, two guys who walked by at different times, covered their faces - one with his coat, the other walked up the entire street with his arm in front of his face before glaring back at me!!! Ok - I can fully understand not particularly wanting to be filmed like that, but in common with most people, I'd just make sure I was looking away as I passed. Wonder what THEIR story was? Maybe the police should try just sitting on the street with a video camera, and then pull for questioning, anyone who is SO keen on remaining out of the picture like that. . eventually ran out of battery charge and walked through the park and home to play PC with the results . . ate a microwaved tin of cheap stewed steak with four pieces of bread and butter and soon after lay down for a nap. Almost ended up back at the window. I could hear what sounded like running feet and then - um - some screaming kinda. Took me a while to realise what it was. :o! All I'll say is - um - it would appear that next door and her guy (who moved out) are still very good friends, he is very youthful and energetic (I don't think I was EVER, THAT youthful and energetic! :o( ), and she appreciates that greatly! Eventually to sleep for a couple of hours, once the height of passion had descended. I almost had to get up and have a cigarette myself! . .walked and found 6p . . .TVd a little but soon turned it off and listened to music on the living room PC, looking at the footage I took earlier. No. No matter how I look at it, I'm not happy with the results. Waste of time all that was. :o( . . . ate bowls of sugar with a few cornflakes . . . early to bed around 11pm with what BB calls a 'sugar coma'. . . woken by the sound of BB leaving an ansaphone message in the distance, but somehow went straight back to sleep. ps
9 - Woken by Sally around 7:30am . . . PCd just a bit of this. Hmmm - I really should commit to getting this all sorted and up to date today! It's in a terrible mess! Owwww - maybe tomorrow - look at that sunshine! . . .walked and found a lighter. . . left Sally at home and drove to Asda at Longwell Green to buy the small camera tripod I saw, the last time I was there, when the assistant allowed me to remove the packaging so I could have a better look. It had a neat locking swivel mounting bolt and there was a screw underneath where the legs attached. I suspect I may be able to undo that screw, lose the legs, and then fashion some means of mounting it in the car. . bought the tripod and ended up buying another five pack of tapes too. Stopped off at Comet, but they don't sell spare batteries for the camera (how silly), so that was a waste of time. . . sure enough, the screw on the tripod was quickly removed and all the legs fell away quite nicely, leaving me with the bit I was interested in. .messed around going through ALL my junk and bits and pieces of everything everywhere until eventually I decided on a weird slightly cone shaped washer. My very own 'VASCAR'!!!Screwed the tripod fitment to it, drilled four holes around the edge and then screwed that to the side of the instrument housing in the car with four small self tapping screws (after having melted pilot holes with a dart point, heated with a cigarette lighter!). I guess that's the beauty (!!??) about having a relatively worthless old rusting, beaten up car, that the passing yobs have trashed, and that you intend to drive into the ground. You don't care 'quite' so much about just going ahead and doing such things. . . left Sally at home and went for a quick test drive in my very own 'VASCAR', down almost into town, and then down the M32 and back. Blimey - not sure all those pot holes and vibrations are gonna be too good for the camera, but it seems to do the trick quite nicely. Doesn't obstruct my field of view for driving much more than the windscreen wipers; just clears the wipers from view if I zoom it just a tweak; easily manipulated if I need to; real easy to glance at to see whatchya' got, and how much tape and battery are left. Hmmmm - wonder if you can buy a power supply/charger for use in a car, running from the lighter socket? . . . ummd and ahhd. Dare I? Shall I have a go at doing the video I've imagined for that Spin Doctors number with the neat guitar riff? It's getting a bit late and that low winter sun is awful for filming on the move - but - do it, do it, do it! . . nervously loaded Sally up in the back of the car and headed off back down into town, to start filming from the end of the M32 and then on out, in one long continuous take, along the M4 and M48 to the Severn bridge. . oops. I chose the wrong toll booth - automated - and had to have a frantic search for the correct coins (4.80!!!!! Ouch!) before carrying on across. Hmmm - that didn't take long (not long enough for the music by my calculations!) - and the new severn crossing is only down river a few miles - 'should' be possible to keep going and return over that one shouldn't it? Got a bit lost and had to take a slip road and a quick spin around a roundabout somehwere in Wales before eventually finding my way back across the 'new' bridge. All went ok until I figured I may as well try and capture some 'driving through town' footage on the way back. Predictably got stuck in the stationary queues and all of a sudden the camera shut itself off! Out of battery charge or tape - not sure which. :o( Oh well. . slowly inched back home in the heavy traffic to examine the result. PCd . . Well - the concept works - but that low winter sunlight with all the shadows is awful! . . ate a couple of biscuits to stop the shakes . . walked and found a penny. Stopped for sausage and chips takeaway on the way home . . . PCd the rest of the night away until around 2am, wrestling with the living room PC settings, trying to get a decent x8 speed copy of todays drive without a black overscan border, and then set it to the music . . touched base with BB shortly before bed around 2:30am. ps
10 - Woken by Sally around 7:15am. . Brrrr. . .walked in the frost and found 3p. Strangely quiet out? Have the kids got a day off or something? . . oh dear. I just can't leave it alone!! Put in a few hours on 'fast forward' videos. Actually - there are SO many of that type that could be done, it'll get monotonous. Gotta do something similar down town one day, with all the crowds of people - IF they don't all try and hide their faces!! Need to start thinking up ways to camoflage the camera/tripod. I want to be a tree? lol . . .PCd a bit of this - I must -I gotta get on top of it - while uploading the latest video attempts, which I'm not altogether happy with at all, but it seemed a shame to waste the footage!!!!!!!!!! I 'think' I'm having some fun doing these things - but at the same time I'm rather concerned that I'm just 'keeping busy' (understatement! The time/money I've put into this latest fad of mine is ridiculous!) in a VERY schizoid/avoidant way, not stopping to allow ANY other thoughts to enter my head. If I pause for a single moment, I feel pretty lost and down. :o( Schizoid/avoidant to the max right now. I was sent some DVds by DS for Christmas. I've not even e-mailed him to say thank you - and now I've even missed his birthday!?? I'm not too sure what's going on with me at the moment. Haven't been this 'caught up/consumed' in doing such nonsense since I was doing all that programming at work - and of course I painfully remember well how THAT ended up!!! :o( All I know is - I have around 20,000 individual tracks in my music collection - and there is a whole world out there to capture on video and apply to them - so that's what I'm doing right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????. . . all that PCing wiped me out and I was soon forced to nap for a couple of hours. Woken by PS calling the ansaphone. . . .walked, feeling a bit shaky. I need food - lots - now! . . four kids on a single moped riding along the cycle track across the field - and then taking it in turns to rant the thing up and down the emergency-vehicles-only road!! . . walked round the kebab takeaway on the way home and treated myself to 'one no chilli, easy on the salad - AND a bag of chips please'. . . touched base with BB . . . a test burn of the latest videos finished, on one of those new DVD-RWs I bought cheap in Sainsburys, but the damn thing wouldn't play on the DVD machine!!? Messed around and test burned it again on another of the discs and THAT one didn't work either! So - that's why they were so cheap. They actually are useless!!!! Grrrr. :o( . . . PS popped round for chats and biscuits and was eventually forced to watch the videos. Wow - they sure work better on a TV screen. :o) . . . TVd/PCd and touched base with BB before bed around 2:45am. Freddie Laker died this day. p
11 - Woken by Sallys sharp claws and wet nose 'caressing' my face around 7:30am!! Ouch - ewwww! . . .walked and filled three carrier bags of 'litter duty'. . . felt yucky and somehow ended up back in bed and slept through until around 1:30pm, but still felt yucky!!! . . .waking up in front of the TV, three hooded kids on mini motos went screaming down the middle of the road past the house, as bold as you please! That had me gettting the CCTV/video going - and then taking a giant step over 'the line', into 'worryingly-obsessive-behaviour-land', climbed up into the attic with the camcorder and set it up on the tripod (I've actually left one up there, all set up!!), peeking out of the slightly opened skylight. Actually suited me to sit there keeping watch, doing nothing for ages because I wasn't feeling so good anyway. Eventually the waste-of-time/get-a-life concerns got to me, and I ended up clearing up and vacuuming out the layers of angle grinder brick dust from all around the attic - all the while trying to keep an ear open for the deafening nauseating sound of screaming mini motos. . well - I can't help but say it - I was VERY - um - 'satisfied', when I actually managed to capture little Xxxxxx riding his moto around the streets. GOT YOU, you little f*****! (I'm afraid, I can even actually be heard growling that under my breath on my camcorder footage! lololololololol). Nothing that can be done with it of course, but it just makes me feel SO much better, to have actually recorded some of HIM, 'in the act'! See, see, see - I don't make it up! I DO tell the truth about all this - I REALLY DO!!!! . . . walked. Sally suddenly raced off into that same old bushes overhang at the bottom of the field, excited by something!? She soon lost interest but I thought I'd better have a good look under there with my torch, just to - um - feel safe as I passed! Uh oh - there IS someone under there!!!! Couldn't quite make out what I was seeing at first and kept shining my torch in there as I walked by the overhanging branches. Eventually I was able to make it out. Turned out to be a girl stood with her back to the garden fence, and a boy was on his knees in front of her with his back towards me!!!! They appeared to be both fully clothed, so I guess he hadn't finished pleading to her on bended knees yet! lol I carried on, but then got a bit up tight about it, just in case it wasn't as innocent as it appeared, and I actually took a couple of paces back and said 'I presume your both ok aren't you?'. The boy (a long pause - presumably embarassed) eventually said they were fine. The girl didn't say a word, but I guess she could have if something was amiss. Left them to it. Yucky place to be doing what I presume they were doing. :o( . . eaten nothing all day - shaky and in need of immediate food. Quickly ate sugary bowls of cornflakes . . .touched base with BB . . . PCd the short snips of Little Xxxxxx footage . . . cooked up the remaining three LB donated sausages, with mushrooms and half a tin of baked beans and ate with four pieces of bread and butter around midnight. . . touched base breifly with BB before bed around 1am. paas
12 - Woken by insistant Sally around 7am! Uggh - she's starting to get earlier and earlier again. :o( . . .walked . . . sat around feeling like doing nothing - so that's pretty much what I did all day!! . . . Mum called to touch base . . . TVd/PCd . . . ate microwaved roast chicken and potatoes withg a pint of gravy and then huge amounts of chocolate . . caught up on lost sleep and napped all afternoon . . . walked . . . TVd/PCd . . .touched base with Mum after reading some of the text news and told her about the tragedy of the fire at her local Paington zoo and of the six week old giraffe and its mother that had died in it. :o( . . . touched base with BB . . . ate bowls of co-co pops and more chocolate . . . TVd/PCd until bed around 2am. pas
13 - Woken by Sally earlier then up at 8am . . .walked. Very much milder out all of a sudden. Makes for muddy! . . . left Sally at home and drove down to the dogs home with the camcorder. Predictably upsetting. :o( . .stopped off at the Greenbank Cemetery on the way home and used up the remaining battery charge . . . PCd the footage. I swear I can still smell the stench of that dogs home about me!! :o( . . ate garlic sausage and lettuce sandwiches with two bags of crisps and then a little toffee sponge . . . napped until woken by Sally around 6pm . . .walked and found a penny . . . PCd yet more . . . ate a bunch of biscuits just to keep me going. . . PCd untill gone 3am before bed! ps
14 - Woken by Sally earlier then up just before 8am again. God I'm SO very tired . .walked in the mud . . . PCd this while uploading the latest ('there lies the grave of hope') video attempts . . . ate garlic sausage, lettuce, onion, grated cheese, mayo and tomato sandwiches with two bags of crisps and then a bunch of biscuits. . . napped the rest of the day away until around 6pm . . . walked . . .PCd/TVd . . . touched base with BB . . .ate bowls of cornflakes and then corned beef sandwiches with two bags of crisps. . . 'earlyish' to bed not long after midnight. Good grief - the 'sharks' are having a feeding frenzy all of a sudden!! Whole bunch of spam to the website, allegedly from just about every bank you can name!! pas
15 - Woken by Sally around 6:30am! Grrrr. :o( . . .walked and found 12p . . . back to sleep until woken by Mum calling the ansaphone around 11am . . . walked with Sally and the camcorder, with the tripod slung over my back. Half way across the local field, and two yobs on a scrambler went roaring by across the rugby pitch. I played video camera. They drove on down the field (MUCH too close to Sally, running loose, for comfort! Pratt!! I should have been looking out for HER safety, not dicking around with the camcorder!!) across and eventually through the gap in the hedge, out onto the roads and away. You could actually hear their distant progress along the roads by the deafening noise from the exhaust. I suspected they were heading for the next (larger) field down - which was unfortunate because that was the way Sally and I were heading. :o( Sure enough, before I reached the next field, it was quite obvious that WAS where they were riding around - at CONSIDERABLE speed! As I climbed the steep track and emerged into the field, a small group of kids and dogwalkers were huddled near the trees, keeping away from the yob racing around all over the field (and football pitches) on the bike, churning up the wet ground into a deeply rutted mess as he went. Half way across the field, with the kid in the distance heading straight towards me and Sally (AND an old lady walking HER dog) I did my usual silly nonense of deciding to have a go at videoing the idiots - in full view!!! I think somehow in my mind, the nearby presence of the strange, low, single rail, metal, scaffold pole like fence, that has been erected all around the rugby club pitches, gave me some sort of cover!!?? (Well - 'protection' from being driven at, at least.) Oh my god! That's IT, isn't it!! THAT is why the rugby club invested all that money in having that weird fence erected there! Just to stop yobs from riding/driving over the pitches and destroying them! Ohwww - myyyyyy - god! What a state we are in. . :o( The presence of me with the camera appeared to have something of the imagined/desired effect on the guy on the bike, and he turned round and headed back to his mate, just before reaching the old, scared looking woman, walking her dog. After a bit of camcorder zooming, I realised that I was shaking SO much with fear/adrenaline, that I couldn't possibly hold the camera still enough to make filming worthwhile, so I carried on with Sally. The nervous old woman sought an ally in me as a fellow dogwalker, and exchanged a few words. She WAS scared, and told of how some kids on a bike like that, had once driven up to her and then kept circling her (indian wagon train style), all the while laughing at her. :o( I eventually left her being worried and carried on my way. Further on across the field, the bike was coming back my way. The original rider had quickly disappeared and his mate was now ranting around on it. With the usual arrogance, which I have learned to recognise, of "go on - film me all you like - you can't touch me you ****!" he rode straight down the field towards me. Shaking like a leaf, I obliged and took some awfully blurry shaky footage of him, as he did so. Thankfully, he WAS just 'posturing', and just turned around nearby and rode off back the way he'd come. I carried on my way and soon out of the field and along the roads - but I guess I must admit, that the slightest hint of any approaching motorcycle during a large part of the rest of the walk, got me looking around and more than a bit up-tight! Antisocial behaviour personality disorderWhy relate all this - um - 'nothing'? Well - cause I think walking around with a camcorder ready to 'catch stuff' is SO neat! lololol The footage I took was so zoomed and blurred and shaky, it is of course, utterly unwatchable and useless for anything. What IS interesting, in amongst all that blurred and shaky, there were the odd handful of half decent individual frames (at 25 fps.). Using my 'Intervideo Win DVD 5' software to view the footage, I captured the individual frames of my choice, to a 768x576 resolution (JPG) image - hence this strip of thumbnails just to prove how cool that is. I think - don't bother buying a digital stills camera anymore. Just buy a cam-corder (could do with a flash though!). . played with the camcorder before reaching Eastville Park, at a particular vantage point I've sought out in the past. Eventually into the park, straight along the river, and up onto Purdown to play camcorder some more near the communications tower. spotted one burned out motorbike and huge amounts of bits of various mopeds fairings laying around ALL over the place!! .got caught out without a coat in a shower and soon after called it quits and headed home. Couldn't even shelter (or film!) in the old WW2 anti-aircraft gun battery positions as I'd planned, because they appear to have all been relatively recently re-fenced off from the vandals and graffiti idiots. All a bit too late - which of course would maybe have made for some interesting footage! :o(. . . eventually back down to Snuff Mills and just passing the tea gardens when some kid hollared out 'Ayyyyy It's YOU!' albeit in a 'relatively' good natured way. Uh oh. 'Errrr - do I know you?' I asked - nervously, although I'm not sure why. Turned out there was a bunch of them all down there on their push bikes (half term), 'messin' around by the river'. Blimey - just like 'proper' kids for a change! . minimal abuse as they all rode past, a short time later. . . back along the swollen river and couldn't resist setting the tripod up by the waters edge (near where the old, almost gone-without-trace, snuff-mill used to be), and getting a bit of footage of the plastic drinks bottles and handful of bright yellow tennis balls, that for the forseeable future appeared to be stuck in the undertow/vortex thingy, at the bottom of the low waterfall, going round and round and round. . all of a sudden some young girl (University (UWE) student type) armed with a real fancy digital camera, was stood next to me, a 'fellow photographer'!!! lolololololol Apparantly she was doing some 'project' or other for her photography course, which involved going around taking pictures of 'curves in nature'!!?? I admit that she DID appear to have a very good close up photo of some curvy fungi - but - well - 'curves in nature'?? I mean - isn't ALL of nature curved? As a 'course project', it's hardly gonna give her any difficulty is it! Straight lines in nature - now THAT would be something more impressive!!!!! :o/ I'm not sure I can even think of one - not really - when you look close. Is 'straight lines' a man made creation?. . . stopped off at Morrisons on the way home for two ready cooked extra tasty chickens for 5. . . ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter and a tray of jaffa cakes late afternoon. . . just HAD to lay down for a bit of a nap, despite it being nearly 6pm!! . . .woke after an hour or so. Walked late. . back home to find an ansaphone message from LB telling me when her next France trip is, so I can give her money for tobacco. . . PCd video. Damn. Not sure I can actually do anything with all that footage I set out to take today, no matter how I try and 'bend' it to fit. . As usual, it seems to be the 'emerging targets of opportunity' done on the spur of the moment, which make for the most 'useable' stuff!. . . touched base with BB . . . PCd through until gone 2am, doing 'the swollen river Frome', 'round and round' videos (which REALLY don't work, small for the PC). What is satisfying to ME about those is, I managed to get the camera set up right, to take footage of the fast moving water like it should. Learning, learning. . couldn't sleep for some reason and tossed and turned until well gone 3am! pas
16 - Up around 8:15am, just before BB called . . . walked. Carried on and walked with Sally in the heavy showers up to Kingswood to bank this months 50 PSB win, buy some bread supplies and to buy some worming tablets and creep crawly repellant for Sally. She seems to have been suffering from a lot of itching of late (I may be wrong but it seemed to get a lot worse after a swim in the Frome on one of our walks!?). . . more heavy showers . . .received a box of valentine chocolates in the mail from BB!!! Blimey - how embarassing!! It's supposed to be the other way round isn't it?!! I'm supposed to 'woo' HER with cards and chocolate - not the other way round! And all I sent her was a couple of cards and a DVD she can't play! :o/ Who'd have me, eh?! . . . rang Staple Hill police station enquiring if that chain-mail 'hoodie' I found had been claimed by anyone - and if not, the six weeks is up so can I have it please? The woman said she'd have to check the paperwork and call me back, which she eventually did, to say yes it was mine if I wanted to come and get it. Jumped in the car and went straight over and claimed it. Dunno - that 'may' be the first thing I ever try to sell on e-bay, some time in the future. . . ate half an oven warmed chicken with a stick of cheap garlic bread . . . inevitably napped the afternoon away until around 6:15pm . . . walked in the mud . . . PCd this and that . . touched base with BB . . . ate bowls of co-co pops. . . PCd until early. pas
17 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . walked with the tripod on my back and wearing a raincoat this time, intending to have another go at a bit of footage around Purdown, in an attempt to salvage something from the useless bunch I took the other day! Pretty much a carbon copy of the other day - lots of walking - lots of filming nonsense. All the bottles and tennis balls were STILL stuck going round and round by the waterfall! . . Stopped off at Morrisons on the way home again, in the hope of being able to buy another two of the special offer, extra tasty chickens. Damn - all sold out of the extra tasty, so I just ended up with two regular ones. . . too HOT wearing that raincoat - and not a drop of rain!! Typical. Bit of a bad back from carrying that damn heavy tripod too!! :o( . . . home a little after midday. Touched base with Mum and returned her ansaphone calls. . . PCd but yet again the footage I've ended up with of the church and communication tower on Purdown, isn't what I had pictured in my mind somehow. I think I'm gonna just have to accept that my abilities/the camera/the tripod/available vantage points, etc. won't quite make the grade with this one. . . napped for a couple of hours. . .grabbed a handful of biscuits and a little chocolate to fend off the shakes. . . . PCd . . walked and stopped for a bag of chips on the way home. Ate a microwaved half chicken with the chips . . . PCd, absolutely determined to make 'some' use of all that footage! Grrrrr. . . touched base with BB . . . PCd right through until nearly 3am before succeeding in coming up with a couple of 'ok-ish' videos. Ha. :o) Good enough with the church and coms. tower to see what I was gettin' at I think. . . couldn't sleep!!? Tossed and turned and actually saw 4:15am come and go before I finally nodded off! So - tomorrow I'll be mostly sleeping then! :o( ps
18 - Woken by Sally just after 8am . . . walked. For some strange reason, there always seems to be a skip sat near some garages, not far from the edge of the opposite side of field. Oooh - ooooh - ooooooh - there was a broken/smashed PC monitor sticking invitingly out of the top. Wonder if it has a useable power socket and or cable to replace those on that monitor I rescued from the guys skip down the road? Walked Sally round like usual and then detoured out of the field to examine the contents of the skip. Not only was there the smashed monitor, but also an old printer - both with maybe useable power sockets of course. Whole bunch of other stuff in that skip. Lots of kids toys. Probably because of that 'Toy Story' film, but I felt all weird and sad when I saw a one legged 'Buzz Lightyear' thrown away in there. . . left Sally at home and drove the car round to the skip and quickly threw the monitor and printer into the back of the car. Cut my finger nastily on some of the broken monitor glass! . .what the hell - 'in for a penny, in for a pound' - carried on driving (trying not to get too much blood on the steering wheel) and headed down to the house I've passed on several occasions when I walk Sally down to Eastville Park. There's been parts of a desktop PC laying out on the street there for ages, continually left behind by the bin men - may as well pick that up too!! Did so and then drove home and dumped it all out in the conservatory for later attention . . . TVd and watched a test burn of my latest video efforts. A couple more and that'll do for a disc full - and then I think I need to have a break! . . ended up back in bed before midday and slept through until woken by LB calling in with three chilli flavoured sausages for me (?) around 1:30pm . . . did half the dishwashing chores before cooking up the sausages with the last of the mushrooms and eating with five pieces of bread and butter . . . TVd a bit until around 4pm before back in bed to sleep some more until around 6pm, just before PS called . . .walked . . . vacuumed and tidied just a little . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . PS popped round for chats and biscuits and had to endure watching my latest home made videos . . . ate multiple bowls of co-co pops . . . touched base with BB . . . to bed around 1:30am. pss
19 - Up around 8:15am. . . walked and found 6p and another cheap silver hoop earring for my collection. Detoured out of the field pushing a dumped shopping trolley, and walked it all the way back to the store from which it came . . . successfully gave Sally the worming tablets wrapped in slices of corned beef, and then applied one tube of the herbal anti flea stuff to her kneck. She didn't seem to mind the funny smell. . . played in the conservatory with the smashed PC monitor and all the other bits and pieces and stripped it all down to just a handful of maybe useful parts. It appears to me, that smashed monitor (nice one - built in microphone and stuff) was probably thrown away, simply because one of the pins in the 15 pin connector had been broken/flattened down by clumsy connecting. WHAT a waste!! Blimey - just like that monitor I pulled out of the skip down the road, that I've been keeping laying around the place. As far as I can make out, the only reason THAT was thrown away, was because one of the pins on the power socket was broken off by clumsy connecting. . overloaded the wheely bin up with all the dismantled remainder. . sadly, all the power sockets I'd just recovered, were again different to the one I need to replace on that monitor! :o( Most seem to be screw mounted - that one is solder mounted. Hang on though - one of those is both screw AND solder mounted - and it looks as though the solder lugs are in the same place. Hmmmm. Eventually de-soldered and removed the socket from the bit of circuit board, and figured that with a bit of botching, I reckon it 'could' maybe just about replace the one in that monitor. Used a hacksaw to cut off parts of the unwanted nylon flanges. Succeeded in removing the broken socket from the monitor and eventually after a bit of bending and filing and such of different pieces, managed to solder the replacement in place. Not perfect, but really quite safe and serviceable I think. Put the monitor all back together and gingerly switched it on. . Yayyy. A screen message appeared saying 'no signal' (because it wasn't connected to anything of course). It works - a bit at least. Only trouble is, it requires a double male ended video cable to connect it to a PC - and I don't own such a thing, cause every monitor I've ever owned has had a 'bonded-on' single ended cable. Oh well - I'll get one eventually. .carried on 'pottering' around and got round to having a look at/dismantling that solar powered garden light thing, I'd rescued from the tree over the field. Obvious I suppose, but it suprised me to find two regular AA type NiCads in there. Not much to it, but the light sensor and solar cell are both somehow sealed/stuck to the outside of the top of the case, so I'm not sure it's worth bothering with. I'm gonna leave it laying around in the conservatory for a while I think - make sure it charges . . . ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter . . . LB popped in and gave me a home made cornish pasty! She'd just been making loads for everyone apparantly. Dunno what has come over LB all of a sudden, giving me huge amounts of food like this all the time? I'm not complaining, but I just can't help but feel as though I'm being 'groomed' for something and am gonna have great difficulty saying no, as a result. Ungrateful git aren't I!!! . . .napped the rest of the afternoon away. . .all dressed up for the wind and rain, as I opened the door to walk Sally, a toad that had been sheltering by the door was startled and began to hop away across the garden. Did a quick dash to relocate it to the safety of the pond in the back garden. I don't think it is only my imagination - I seem to be seeing fewer and fewer toads and frogs as each year goes by. :o( . . the side window of the guys van down the road (the guy who has interesting skips for me to empty) has been smashed by someone! :o(. walked in the wind and rain. Nasty - very glad to get back home. . . TVd and ate LBs homemade cornish pasty - and gave a good portion to Sally . . . I guess I'm getting weirder and weirder but - well - I spent a good half an hour or more out in the conservatory with the door open and the yard light on, attempting to video worms!! lolol Sadly, NONE of the footage was of any use at all - and those damn worms know very well when I put the light on - they all soon disappear back into the earth. . lots more experimenting with the camcorder in the living room, exploring its macro/close up abilities. Not overly impressed. . . touched base with BB . . . TVd/PCd until bed around 1am. ps
20 - Up around 8:20am. Uggh! Poor Sally has been sick in the kitchen! Cleared up as best I could - not a nice way to start the day. I assume it was a reaction to those worming tablets (or could it be that LB pastie?). . walked and found 5p. COLD wind! Another dog walker told how HIS dog was sick last night. .blimey! A little band of half a dozen or so guys were picking up litter from the slope at the bottom of the rugby pitches. Wonder why/who organised that token effort. Apparantly it wasn't in their remit to tackle the worst of it near the building site fence, so all that 'landfill' remains. . left Sally at home and drove to the doctors to put in my repeat fluoxetine pescription form. Stopped in at the local PC store on the way back home to see if they had a double male ended video cable for that PC monitor I've been playing with. They didn't and once again suggested Maplins (but warned how their prices have risen of late). . . PCd and had a look at the Maplins website and figured out roughly where the store was over in Brislington. Drove to Maplins with Sally in the back of the car. Got a bit lost in an industrial estate opposite before finding the store in a retail park right on the main road. . left Sally in the car and wandered around the store looking at everything on display. Like a kid in a candy store. Wonderful things. Would have been oh SO easy to spend a bunch of money on all sorts of neat stuff. Managed to resist (although maybe not for long!) and just came away with a 2 metre male to male monitor cable for 14.99 (blimey - ouch!) and a couple of phono to 3.5mm stereo jacks for 3.18. . . returned home and connected up the Tiny 17" monitor to the living room PC with the new cable and proved it works quite nicely. :o) Not sure it is 'fully' functioning because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to activate the menus properly to adjust the screen position/degauss, etc. but it's quite useable nonetheless. :o) . . briefly touched base with Mum and made sure she knew there was a TV program she'd probably find interesting, on later. . ate garlic sausage, tomato and lettuce sandwiches with two bags of crisps and then a bunch of biscuits. . . increasingly headachey and unwell feeling. Felt a bit down on top. Kinda like, all of a sudden the switch has been thrown (as it inevitably was gonna be), and all that running around doing videos with the camcorder seems oh SO utterly pointless and stupid. Oh well. I think this is why, on those rare occasions when I do develop 'an interest in doing something', I race to put in as much effort as quickly as I possibly can (food and sleep be damned) - because I'm all too aware that such periods are short lived and WILL inevitably soon peter out. :o(. . . napped for a couple of hours only to wake around 6pm, still with the nasty headache! . . . walked. Exchanged a few words with two other dog walkers and they both had headaches as well!!?? Weird. Something in the air? . . sat on a boulder with a cigarette and chatting to one of the lady dog walkers, all of a sudden a 'rampaging' group of half a dozen mopeds came charging down the road towards us (at least half of them, 'two-up-on-L plates'). One of the group clearly thought they were all gonna go down the 'emergency-vehicles-only' road, started turning in and very nearly had them all crash! Close. They all took to the pavements and grass and a couple drove at some speed straight towards me and the other dog walker (both nervous, 'intimidated' and just watching, speechless), before turning back around. The rest all buzzed between the bollards next to us and into the field along the cycle path. It was at this point I pulled the camcorder out and was seen to be filming them. In reality it was far too dark, and the camcorder had just reached the end of its tape and shut itself off. Nevertheless, rather suprisingly (although probably because it wasn't JUST me stood there watching them on this occasion) they mostly all got off their mopeds and walked them back out onto the road, before narrowly avoiding a collision with a van and eventually all buzzing away all over the road!! Very 'Mad Max'!!! :o( . . .as I walked home, they were all parked up on the pavement near the shops, and I imagined I was gonna be in for some trouble. Thankfully, before I reached them, off they all went again. Hard to describe, but the way they were riding around, it really was tempting to go get the car and cruise around with the camera going. I didn't. . . couldn't stand the headache and yucky feeling any longer and since I'm all out of Annadin tablets, took one of the co-codamol I've still got lots of laying around the place. . . touched base briefly with BB . . .TVd and watched a disturbing program all about a child born with two heads! Imagine! I'm in enough discomfort with just one to ache! . . as usual, as the evening wore on, I started to feel a little better. Eventually ate mutiple bowls of muesli . mum called after the TV show to touch base - at length. . touched base with BB . . TVd until bed around 12:30am. pcs
21 - 12 Bore shotgun cartridge!Woken by Sally just before 7am . . .walked a little after 7:30am. Still uncomfortable windchill. . Uh oh. Blimey. Where the hell did THAT come from??!!!! A spent, twelve-bore shotgun cartridge!! That wasn't there yesterday! I'm not sure it is actually new because of the traces of rust on the cap - looks like more than just an overnight rust growth - but - a bit worrying nonethelss. Wonder what the story is behind that suddenly appearing there? So - how long before I'm walking the dog wearing a flack jacket?!!! :o( I ignored the (stolen?) motorcycle number plate that has also appeared laying in the grass. . . . did laundry while PCing this . . .Here are some random things. The graffitied 20mph speeding signs near the shops have both been taken leaving just the mounting strap behind ; the car down the road that was left unmoved for a couple of months since before Christmas, which I was convinced had been dumped, has suddenly been moved and is gone ; the vandalised post box round the corner has had its collection times notice portion replaced ; the amount of 'unscooped' dog poop littering the pavements around the area seems to have noticeably increased of late! ; it is no doubt a pure coincidence (not!), but the next time I drove my car after having filmed that kid riding up and down outside in the night on his mini moto (the 'Bad Boy' video), my passenger side wing mirror had been 'knocked'. It was difficult to get it back in position and something has been damaged and as I drive around, the mirror constantly vibrates and moves and is now of little use, and more importantly, acts as a constant eye catching distraction in my periferal vision. :o( . .blah, blah blah :o( . . . ate corned beef and garlic sausage sandwiches with two bags of crisps . . . TVd/PCd . . . slept the rest of the afternoon away until around 6:20pm . . . walked . . . deboned chickens . . TVd . . . touched base with BB . . . ate chicken sandwiches and then bowls of co-co pops . . . listened to a little music and TVd until bed shortly after midnight. ps
22 - Woken by Sally at 7:15am . . .walked. . . did paperwork and balanced my accounts and pottered around tidying up and vacuuming and such. Anything rather than have to face going out in that cold wind and drizzle! I'm definitely feeling a bit down at the moment. :o( . . .ended up having a play with the PC and connecting up the 'salvaged' monitor as a secondary display and experimenting with dual displays. All seemed to go ok until I put the PC into standby and then resumed without the secondary monitor turned on. Ended up with no display at all!? . lots more messing with the PC, desperately trying to find out why it seems to be going SO slow at times. I just can't seem to get to the bottom of what is wrong with it. It's definitely connected with video. It's almost like windows explorer (which presumably all other programs 'hook' into for their file management processes?) is permanently stuck in some sort of 'thumbnail' type mode. No amount of resetting the folder options will alter it. Any time I do anything near a directory containing video, the PC seems to hang with the processor working near capacity, as if it is going through every one of the videos attempting to read the contents of each!????? I just can't get to the bottom of it. The PC in the living room doesn't do it and seems much happier! Pain. If it wasn't SUCH a time consuming hassle these days (particularly with all the dial up downloading of updates), I'd start from scratch and re-instal windows!! :o(. . . ate a couple of microwaved meat and pastry pies with two bags of crisps . . . napped until around 5:30pm. The nights are starting to draw out a bit - I've been seeing a bit of daylight after my afternoon naps of late. . . walked. Passed the guy from down the road with his wife and asked about his smashed van window. Turns out, someone broke into his van at around 4pm on Sunday afternoon (in broad daylight!!!!!) and then dragged out the generator he had in the back. They didn't open the back doors like you'd expect and instead, dragged the thing over the seats and out through the front door, leaving a trail of petrol on everything apparantly!! He reckoned they did that because his CCTV camera was 'just' covering the back of the van!! In broad daylight? Scary. That's almost like these scum know they can take what they want, from whoever they want, whenever they want, with complete impunity. :o( . . . carried on messing with the PC . . . touched base with BB/Mum . . . watched Crimewatch UK. Seemed to feature an unusualy large amount of viloent reconstructions and particularly some CCTV footage of a guy getting severly beaten up!! It all brought me very close to tears. Kinda like, I know very well how some of that feels - and fate seems to find it necessary to remind me from time to time!! :o( Does everyone these days know what it feels like to have somone kick your head? Do some people live out their lives never having had that, and other assaults on their person, happen to them? I can't imagine how that would be. How nice it must be! :o(. . . touched base with BB . . . ate a microwaved tin of stewed steak with four pieces of bread and butter and then some chocolate . . . TVd until bed around 1am. ps
23 - Woken by Sally after 7:30am . . .walked and found 2p. Carried on up to Kingswood to draw out some money and buy some margerine. . surfed Maplins/Dell etc . . . dabbled with an idea for a video and ended up going through all my old 'paper' photos. Probably about one of the worst possible things you can do when you're feeling a bit down! Ended up feeling even more down and eventually just gave up . . ate two ham and cheese pastry slices . . . napped . . . walked and found 2p. Ended up bringing home the motorcycle numberplate (WX03 HFL) that has appeared in the field! No - I don't know why. I just can't keep walking past it like it isn't there, littering up the place. I can't actually believe anything would be done with/about it if I dropped it in at a police station, so it'll probably end up in my bin some time . . . TVd . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . TVd/PCd music. . . LB called to let me know she was away this weekend and not to worry if I see strange people going in and out of her house. . . ate bowls of co-co pops around 2am before bed. ps
24 - Woken by Sally earlier then up around 8:30am . . .walked in the cold wind, with just the odd hint of snow drifting in the air. Did a carrier bag of 'litter duty'. Found 5p . . .surfed a bit. . . somehow mustered up a bit of energy from somewhere and dabbled just a little with the 'stairs-building-site'. Sanded down a few bits and pieces here and there and then applied some filler and then used some of the 'going off' plaster I've had hanging around for too long to fill the join with the ceiling, either side of the concrete lintel. Hardly much, but after not wanting to touch any of it for the longest time, it's a start - again. . . cleaned up and then ate a meat pizza with extra cheese . . . napped for a couple of hours until around 6:30pm . . .walked . . .PCd a bit of this . . . touched base with BB . . .TVd the rest of the evening away. . ate bowls of co-co pops before bed at precisely 2am. s
25 - Woken by Sally around 7:30am . . . walked. It isn't any colder than yesterday, but it seems as though as each day goes by, I have less and less tolerance for being cold! . . .put on my overalls and sat around thinking about doing some more DIY, but somehow I just couldn't face it. Any of it! :o( . . HAD to do something, so ended up dismantling all the connections to the living room setero, TV, etc. etc. and eventually at some considerable length, managed to get everything INCLUDING the CCTV stuff, all crammed into my little homemade wooden shelf unit. The connections behind are an awful mess and look like spaghetti, in a failed attempt at getting as much of it as possible, interconnected. . . ate a handful of biscuits to keep me going . . napped for an hour . . .walked in the biting cold wind. Stopped for sausage and chips takeaway on the way home . . .TVd . . .BB called . . .PS popped round for chats and biscuits etc. . . touched base with BB before bed in the early hours. ps
26 - Woken by Sally around 8am . . .walked . . . sat around unable to muster the energy/interest in doing anything. . .Mum called to touch base . .ate a handful of biscuits and a tray of jaffa cakes . .. TVd/PCd the day away . . .ate cheap tinned salmon sandwiches (six pieces of bread and butter) and two bags of crisps and then huge amounts of ASDA chocolate. . . slept the rest of the afternoon away until gone 7pm!! . . . walked. Approaching the bottom of the field, I could just make out a 'shape' on the grass in the darkness!!?? Sally saw it too and eventually ran towards it barking with her best scary bark. Ooops! It turned out to be a couple of 'young' people - um - 'at it'! The guy was laying on his back in the mud and the girl was sat on top. Who says chivalry is dead? lolol Sally running up to them and barking scared them to death and in an instant, the girl was off and stood up fastening her jeans, and the guy was jumping to his feet and doing the same. Actually felt a little sorry for them being so completely and instantly disturbed like that, 'mid act'. Ouch. lololololol What a crazy place to be having sex, pretty much in the open, in a cold muddy field. They weren't even using the 'bushes overhang' like would have made at least a 'little' more sense. Bizarre. Impossible to ignore them and pretend I'd not seen them, what with me walking right by and Sally having done her barking thing, so I tried to make a joke of it and eventually walked by, humorously (I think) calling back, 'Get a room'! . . . touched base with BB . . . bowls of corn flakes before bed at 1am. s
27 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am. . .walked . . . drove with Sally to Ashton Court to mess around with the camcorder and walk through the woods and such. VERY cold, but very pleasant and enjoyable nonetheless . . back home by around 12:30pm . . . cooked up a miniature chicken kiev and chips for lunch while the camcorder copied the footage over to the PC . . . napped until shortly before 6pm . . . . just waking up with a coffee when the CCTV picked up someone suspiciously running past the house on the other side of the road, 'just' out of shot. Started swinging the camera around (agonisingly slow!) and all of a sudden there was a sickening thud on the living room window! I'd been egged again! 'Just' caught a bit of CCTV footage of the kids running way. Bastards! Predictably useless for identification. That kid on the left looks a right 'lumbering' idiot - although maybe he had to be careful because he had more eggs in his pockets? :o( It's insanity how all four of those kids knew exactly what they were going to do long before reaching my house. I mean - what actually attracted my attention in the first place was the first two running past, before the others had even actually thrown the eggs! What utter idiots!!!??? Well - it was too good to be true wasn't it. I'd started to begin thinking how things seemed to have calmed down a bit of late. I didn't actually type it here because it seemed like tempting fate. Oh well. Wonder what triggered THOSE kids (whoever they are) to have a go at me all of a sudden? Phoned the Trinity Road police and got them to fill out another 420 form for the 'invisible record'! . . . eventually walked with fully renewed paranoia. :o( A group of around eight 'youths' happened to be walking up the street nearby as I returned home at 7:30pm , and gave me all manner of childish calls and animal like noises (which as it turned out, was all perfectly audible on the CCTV recording actually!?). . . TVd(CCTV mostly actually) /PCd . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . PCd video more for hours, while keeping an eye/ear on the CCTV image on the main TV. . . ate bowls of co-co pops before eventually to bed around 1:30am. ps
28 - Woke earlier, snoozed on, then up at 7:15am . . . walked in the cold sunlight. . .phoned the dentist and booked up a checkup appointment. . . PCd and messed around with all the video footage from yesterday. Eventually called it quits with two more videos. Hardly masterpieces, but I think they are pleasing to the eye at least. . also copied over to the PC, the video taped CCTV footage of yesterdays egging incident. Little bastards! Every time I listen to that sickening thud (actually SO much louder in reality) I feel all up tight and shaky with adrenaline again! Horrible. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this while the dial up struggled with uploading the videos. Sunny spells, hail, sleet and snow showers outside! God I've got a headache! :o( . . attempted to sleep off the headache for a couple of hours. Woke with the same headache! :o(. . popped a co-codamol tablet and eventually walked. As usual, as the day turned into night, my headache finally eased. . briefly popped up LBs and gave her 160 wrapped in an empty tobacco pouch, for her to hopefully get me some duty free tobacco when she does her channel hop in a couple of days . . . the 'new' next door neighbour called at the door asking if I drink beer!? Turned out she had a four pack of Fosters lager laying around that her guy had left behind when he moved out - she doesn't drink it and would I like it. Well - yes please. I think I could do with one at the moment! Invited her in for brief chats and to ask her to get me some more cheap chocolate from the place where she works. Blimey - she's thinking about getting herself a couple of dogs! Someone she knows is emigrating and they have two dobermans!!! That'd be a handful! . . drank one of the tins of lager after she'd gone and immediately got a little tipsy. . . ate a couple of packets of crisps and then finally got round to doing 'some' of the mountain of dishwashing chores I've been putting off for ages. I've actually been going without eating, just to avoid having to go to the bother of washing a plate to eat something off!! . . . ate four oven heated sausage rolls . . . TVd struggling to stay awake until BB called to touch base and then to bed pretty soon after. cds