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- Up at 7:30am. 13C in, 1C out. Mostly grey. . walked BGdns, sat around then straight back via the store . . sat around feeling very down. . ate two tuna, onion and mayo finger rolls with crisps, a banana and a little chocolate . . napped . . . TVd . . .Bella refused to eat anything again today. :o( . . . ate four sausages with three fried eggs and some biscuits . . fell asleep in the chair . . to bed around 1am. Back up after 2:30am to race Bella outside when she started making noises as though she was in danger of throwing up!
28 - Up at 8am. 12C in, 3C out. Sunny, cold and breezy. . walked BGdns, the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to BGdns and eventually home gone 1pm. . . mowed the lawns. Seems rather early in the year to have to start doing that already, but they REALLY needed it. A bit wet still, but managed to get it down to something more manageable for my little mower. . recovered with a coffee, 'debating', before deciding I WOULD go up Mum's and get hers done too.

mowed mums lawn

PCd pictures from the 26th for facebook posts for hours . . . sat around feeling very VERY down. About as bad as it gets. . drank a glass of Baileys . . . to bed around 1am. No food today for either of us.
27 - Up around 7:50am. 13C in, 4C out. Grey and windy . . walked BGdns in multiple layers and immediately ended up sheltering from the strong biting cold wind in the gun emplacement for quite a while. Plenty of spray washing over the breakwater (at high tide) again. . eventually headed down around the harbour and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to watch the 'boisterous' sea scenes for a bit. . eventually headed back towards the harbour. As I was doing so, pretty much along past the marina already, I spotted a beam trawler heading out along the fareway going to sea. Couldn't resist that opportunity, so as quickly as my painful knees could manage, I rushed back up to the vantage point of the wall just below the seat above the end of the breakwater. Got there just in time and managed to film the trawler heading out across the bay.

sat on the seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. .back along and up into BGdns and then home via the store for a few supplies, and briefly stopped by at Mum's on the way too. A small section of scaffolding has been put up outside her front, ready for the roof work! She also has a streaming cold. . . PCd the trawler footage from earlier and eventually set it uploading to Youtube (for almost three hours!!). . left it uploading and cooked. Ate four sausages and chips followed by a 'finger of fudge' (after having applied more poli grip to my lower denture). . . napped . . . woke with the alarm at 7pm to find the Holly-Ann steaming out of the bay video had finally completed. . . PCd just a bit of this. . . TVd. . . ate many weetabix with lots of milk and soft brown sugar, followed by biscuits . . .to bed around 1am.
26 - Up around 7:30am, woken by some noise (whistling window?) or other. 14C in, 5C out. Sunny spells to start . . .walked BGdns in a cold wind as the sky turned grey. A very different day to yesterday. Felt my more usual down. :o( . reached BGdns just as the lifeboat and a beam trawler were finishing a bit of a training excercise. Largely missed events. Hung around on various seats and in the gun emplacement pointing the camcorder at passing boats for hours. Calm enough in the bay but a cold breeze blowing and quite a bit rougher further out . .

back home to PC pics only for a mayday to go out and the lifeboat launched. Couldn't resist and headed back out to stand atop the cliffs and film.
On down to the harbour for a while. Only returned home after I'd run out of battery. Back via the store for a few supplies. . . PCd editing the shout video. . . DF arrived around 7pm. . finished the edit and set the file compiling and then uploading to youtube for a couple of hours.
The 'Shout' video. . arguments and biscuits (after having put my second lot of poli-grip on my lower denture. Boy that stuff SO works! :o) ). . TVd . . ate a pastie, bag of crisps, bag of mini cheddars and a banana . . . to bed gone 1am and eventually managed to sleep despite the wind noise whistling around all the windows. There's something about the direction and strength of that wind which seems to be making all the poorly fitted windows whistle worse than ever! :o(
25 - Woken around 8:40am by the sound of the bin men. One of them seems to have inexplicably gotten into the habit of climbing all the way up my garden path to fetch my bin when I don't put it out. Today they even brought it all the way back up after being emptied! Very good of them and all that, but I actually rather wish they wouldn't bother. In the normal course of events, I produce SO little in the way of general waste, I could easily go a month or so before needing to have it emptied. . 13C in, 4C out. Sunny spells. . . walked BGdns, feeling inexplicably oh SO much better, and generally more 'up' than yesterday. No idea why. Maybe just a good long sleep on a full stomach for the first time in a long while?

sat on a bench near the old coastguard station for ages, drinking my coffee and just watching the world go by etc. Toured a couple of charity shops and then straight home through town . . . got the electric drill out from the garage, and using a small grinding stone, a hand file, and some fine wet and dry paper, had a bit of a go at further modifying my painful bottom false teeth plate. After all that, it didn't seem to make any difference to the discomfort at all! :o( . . . Finally nervously dared to try out the poli-grip stuff I bought the other day. Oh wow - instant relief from the usual pain!??? THAT strongly suggests to me that the majority of the problems I've been having are absolutely because the denture simply doesn't actually fit, and is constantly moving around and causing sores etc, etc

vacuumed, cut my hair and beard, got clean . . . TVd . . .ate two cheeseburgers with chips followed by biscuits. The poligrip on my dentures started to fail towards the end of eating, causing the denture to start shifting around and causing pain again, but despite that, overall it worked pretty well. . . eventually fell asleep in the chair for a while. Woke and to bed around 1:30am.
24 - Up around 7:30am. 14C in, 4C out. Grey. . headachey. . threw the almost whole bowlful of Bellas left food out for the birds. :o( . . Annadin for breakfast . . .walked Bgdns in full weather gear in the cold rain. Sheltered in a gun emplacement for ages feeling very down. . sat on the higher seat for a while to drink my coffee after the rain had passed and sunny spells began to develop . . straight home, via the store for supplies of tripe for Bella. . .PCd the whole rest of the day away pretty much, just trying to catch up with all my bills and paperwork, etc. That horrible job, and stack of papers on my desk, has been hanging over my head for AGES, and in itself had started to get me down. What I hadn't realised was just exactly how VERY long I'd been putting it off and putting it off. Turned out to be for the best part of almost six months for goodness sake!! SUCH a relief to finally balance everything and be able to file it all away. . .TVd . . . ate all the remaining stew (a lot!), a packet of mini cheddars, and then a large number of biscuits and a square or two of chocolate . . fell asleep in the chair before midnight. Woke and straight to bed gone 3am.
23 - Up around 7:20am. 14C in, 4C out. Sunny! . . . walked BGdns. Cold at first but warming up in the sun

walked the high vantage point, the breakwater, . . the 'tall' cargo ship turned around and left the bay whilst I was out along there

etc etc taking lots of photos. . sat on the seat by the old coastguard station for a while before eventually straight home through town. . . spent the next several hours messing around with posting photos etc . . sat on the front step filming the moon for a while . . messed around for too long after giving Bella her tablets. She refused most of her food

. TVd . . .cooked up a pressure cooker full of minced beef and mixed veg stew while drinking a glass of red wine. Ate just a bowlfull . . .
22 - Woken earlier by door slamming, lay there for a while then up around 7:15am. 15C in, 9C out. Grey . . . took the last of my course of antibiotics. . the AA card guy arrived just after 8:30am to pick it up . . walked BGdns. Very soon ended up sheltering in the gun emplacement as some heavy rain passed through. .sat under the roof for quite a while until eventually heading back in a bit of a break in the rain. Stopped at the store for a few supplies on the way . . .ate a tin of broth soup with four slices of corned beef mixed in, a packet of crisps and a large sausage roll . . . slept the rest of the day off . . .TVd . . . ate crisps, biscuits, and weetabix . . . to bed around 2am.
21 - Up around 8:45am. 15C in, 10C out. Grey and damp again. . walked BGdns and sat around for ages and then eventually on down to the harbour. Sanding work was going on, on the masts etc of old sailing trawler Leader under the old fish market roof, so I ended-up sat on a seat over by the old coastguard station for my coffee. If only the wind had eased off, it would have been quite mild and pleasant, with increasing sunny spells . . . drank a glass of red wine while cooking. Ate two chicken kievs and chips . . .napped but only managed an hour before being woken by the ansaphone taking a call. It was the guy who's AA card I found the other day. Called him back and agreed he would pop over to pick it up around 8:30am tomorrow morning . . . felt a bit iffy and down. Just TVd the night off. Ate a few chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around 1am.
20 - Up around 7:40am. 14C in, 9C out. Grey and damp . . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour. Sat under the roof for my coffee. Walked out towards the marina to try to get some photos as a foreign trawler came in to land. It would appear there are quite a large number of 'foreigners' in the harbour at the moment. Ended up wandering half way out along the breakwater

out along the breakwater

. . . cooked up a pot of mashed potato with grated onion and corned beef all mixed in. Sprinkled some grated cheese over the top and grilled it for a while before eating half with a packet of crisps . . napped . . . PCd photos for facebook until early! . . ate the remaining mash with another bag of crisps . . . to bed just gone 3am!
19 - Up around 7:20am. 13C in, 3C out. Mostly cloudy and yet more rain forecast. . . walked BGdns in full weather gear. Ended up overdressed in a couple of hints of sunny spells for quite a while. On down to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee and then ultimately back up to BGdns to sit briefly until the rain proper arrived. Straight back home in the rain. . found an AA Gold Membership card on the pavement along the way. It was on the floor immediately outside someone's driveway, so I DID knock on their door just in case it was theirs, but it wasn't, so I'm lumbered with THAT now! . . ground off just a touch more of one edge of my lower denture trying to lessen the bit of rubbing/discomfort it seems to occasionaly give. Actually, I don't think taking any more off like that is going to do any good. I'm pretty sure it's all about how loose and mobile the damn thing is in my mouth which is causing the rubbing. :o( Nevertheless, I'm not in the excrutiating agony I WAS in, so that's something of a relief at least, even if I'm still having real trouble eating, and can have the thing try to leap out of my mouth even when just having a conversation! . . . recovered from the walk in front the TV for just a bit . . PCd a bit of this . . .TVd . . .ate a small bowl of the last of the stew, a handful of biscuits and a bowl of sugary weetabix. Fell asleep in the chair. To bed around 3:30am.
18 - Up around 7:45am. 13C in, 0C out. Sunny . . . walked to the dentist for my 9:30am appointment. ground off one side!

walked BGdns. The police helicopter was buzzing around the bay for quite a while, clearly continuing the search for the still missing doctor!

and then down to the harbour. Sat around for quite a while watching the rear mast and much of the other timbers being removed from leader and put under the old fish market roof using a lorry and small crane etc. . sat on a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . had a convresation with passers by and found my lower denture almost coming out of my mouth as I did so! FFS! :o(

shopped for fixadent type stuff! Ended up buying a tube of 'Poli Grip' @ 2.89!

shopped for milk and biscuits and then back home. . . managed to eat a bag of crisps as an experiment and then a small bowl of stew followed by three jam tarts . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate bowls of creamy co-co pops, a few biscuits and later bowls of sugary weetabix . . . to bed around 1am.
17 - Up around 7:30am. 14C in, 5C out. Rain . . nasty headache. Annadin and antibiotic for breakfast . . . rang the dentist intending to cancel tomorrow's appointment because the ulcers in my mouth haven't yet healed and it seems too soon. The person on reception persuaded me to keep the appointment and come in anyway. . walked BGdns in full weather gear in the rain. Hung around in the gun emplacement for a while before heading down to the harbour to sit under cover of the old fish market roof for my coffee for quite a while. . headed home through town. Stopped outside the animals in distress charity shop as usual to let Bella have a drink of water from the bowl they always put outside. Whilst waiting for Bella to have her drink, I spotted a pair of shoes inside worthy of investigation. Turned out to be a 'useable' pair of trainers for 5. Worth a go I eventually concluded - despite them looking strangely flimsy (and not much good for the winter). I was just in the process of approaching the till when I then spotted a radio with charger on a shelf. Oh wow - a marine-band handheld transceiver - for 'just' 12! I just couldn't resist - and 'just' had enough cash in my pocket to buy both.

messed around with the radio for a while. Hmmm - I'm not sure it's 'fully' working, although I strongly suspect it's because the battery (which you can't get anymore?) is a duffer.

Oh well - it WAS an Animals in Distress charity shop, so it just didn't seem right to take it back for a refund. That'll teach me to 'impulse buy' a too good to be true opportunity like that.

PCd and eventually posted a bunch of fishing boat images to Facebook . . . PCd a bit of this . . .TVd . . . ate a bowl of mince stew, dunked chocolate biscuits and co-co pops . . . fell asleep in the chair. To bed after 3am.
16 - Up around 7:15am. 13C in, -4C out. Frosty and sunny . . walked BGdns, and then headed down towards the harbour. Detoured slightly up from the car park, and walked down the road past the front of the Yacht Club, just to have my first look at where the recent rains had seen part of the cliff behind an apartment block collapse. (I'd seen photos of it on a Facebook post a little while ago.) Wow - just like in the photos I'd seen, the brick pillar foundations of the house above are all fully visible now, and loads of soil, plants and debris are piled high at the back of the apartment block!!! I'm amazed that absolutely nothing appears to have been done about any of it yet? Carried on down to the busy 'half-term' harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee, and then back home through town (bought onions and poop bags) , stopping off at the pet store on the way for four more blocks of frozen tripe and another 5 rawhide chewy thing for Bella - who seems to be getting less and less in the way of walks at the moment, because of how bad I'm feeling all the time. . . TVd . . .Mum called to touch base and say she'd had a written quote from the local builder guy to do work on her roof. 2k! . . . filed off a bit more of my lower denture in desperation, and carefully tried putting it back in my mouth. No way. Agony. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this whilst monitoring radios. Around 3:30pm the local Coastguard troops and the ILB were paged to respond to a 'dog in the water' over Corbyns Head way. By 15:50pm it was confirmed the Torquay harbourmaster staff had rescued the dog and it and its owners had safely left the scene. . set a copy of my Facebook post of the high tide and easterly breeze on Saturday uploading to Youtube, and started work on a mixed veg and mince stew. Drank a bit of red wine while peeling potatoes etc. Stopped around the time the file was due to finish uploading, and somehow ended up PCing just a little bit more of this for a while! . . .finished loading up the pressure cooker with my stew ingredients and then TVd while it cooked. Eventually managed to eat a small bowl full followed later by some dunked chocolate biscuits. . . fell asleep in the chair. . to bed around 2:30am.
15 - Up around 7:30am. 13C in, 1C out. Sunny . . put the denture back in and sucked annadin tablets. . in utter desperation I phoned the dentist and managed to get a 10:30am emergency appointment with someone or other . . . walked BGdns. Didn't hang around for too long before heading straight back. . . topped up my annadin dose before leaving Bella home alone and walking to the dentist. He had a good look in my mouth and a bit of a poke around and despite my saying I was sure there was a bit of tooth stuck in there somewhere, he seemed confident there wasn't. He actually went straight ahead and even did a small x-ray of the painful area, and then showed me the image on his PC screen to prove there wasn't any bone in there. He suggested there DID appear to be some infection which was making it difficult to see what was going on. He said I should take some antibiotics to help with the alleged infection, leave the denture out as much as I can to enable the ulcer to heal, and go back to see them in a couple of days. :o( So - that's me totally fucked - and back out of there with actually nothing any different to when I went in! . . . back home to recover for a bit (and suck another bit of annadin I think - I forget - I'm popping SO many so often) before walking down to the chemist to get the antibiotic prescription. Amoxicillin 500mg x 21 @ 8.20. I absolutely do NOT believe that antibiotics have ANY relevance to what is going on inside my mouth! . . . shopped, intending to buy another pair of the rubbish trainers the local crap store sells. They don't even sell the ones I've bought before anymore, and in desperation (and perhaps not thinking too clearly at the moment) ended up spending 10 on an even cheaper more rubbishy, less comfortable pair!!! . wandered around the mini supermarkets again, trying to figure out what the hell I can buy which I'll be able to eat without ANY teeth on my sore as hell bottom jaw. Ended up buying a large bag of potatoes, some minced beef and Weetabix amongst a couple of other bits and pieces. . sat around under the old fish market roof for a while sucking annadin and drinking my coffee, in MUCH pain, and genuinely feeling as though it just isn't worth carrying on like this, before eventually heading home . . .popped the first of my three a day antibiotics. . used a file and some wet and dry paper to oh SO carefully grind a bit of the bottom denture off, before giving it another go in my mouth. Oh my god the pain! I just can't go on like this. That's it - the bottom denture ended up coming back out and getting put in a glass of water - where it will HAVE to stay for the forseeable future. Still in a lot of pain of course, but WHAT a relief not to have that torture of it continualy pressing on and rubbing away at the underlying ulcer. I say 'ulcer', but we all have ulcers during our lives (around puberty?) and although 'uncomfortable', the pain from an ulcer is 'tolerable'. THIS is more like having a blister in my mouth - with the denture continually rubbing away at it! Truly unbearable pain, the severity of which I've never experienced before in my life. :o( . . .cooked and managed to swallow some mashed potato with finely chopped ham, grated onion and grated cheese . . napped until 7pm. . . TVd . . . ate four weetabix 'dissolved' in milk, with soft brown sugar, followed later by dunked chocolate biscuits. All of which left me feeling pretty hungry. Slow starvation to add to the joys of my pointless worthless existance. :o( . . . to bed before 2am.
14 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 4C out. Light rain . . .walked BGdns and then down to the harbour for my coffee. Blustery, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Shopped for milk and spent ages going up and down the ailes looking for something/anything I might be able to eat with my painful mouth. I couldn't think of or find anything. My freezer is full to bursting of all manner of stuff, NONE of which I can now eat!!!! . . sat around feeling really bad again, sucking bits of annadin tablet throughout the day like they were smarties. . . desperate for food! Ended up doing some mashed potato (whilst dissolving more annadin in my mouth) mixed with finely chopped ham and grated onion. I actually tried partially frying patties of it, but that didn't work out too well, and I eventually just ended up with a plate of mash. After just one mouthfull or so, the pain was SO great, I eventually just HAD to take the bottom denture out, before just 'sucking' down the mash as best I could. I DID manage to endure putting the denture back in afterwards - just!. . . attempted to nap but next door's kids chose just then to start playing with their piano, and THEN there was a huge fireworks display going on down the harbour. The easterly wind made it VERY loud. No idea what that was about, unless some sort of private birthday party on the Golden Hind perhaps? (Later Facebook posts suggested it was a surprise for someone having a 60th birthday party). . TVd but eventually ended up taking my lower denture out of my mouth for quite a while, hoping for relief from the pain. Uh oh - there WAS no relief!!!!??? . . eventually put them back in and forced myself to attempt to eat, and dished up a bowl of creamy co-co pops. One mouthful was all I could manage, before having to pull the denture out and fill my mouth with cold water to ease the pain!! Eventually after much mashing with a spoon, the co-co pops went all soft and mushy, and I was able to kinda 'drink' them down. Managed to follow that up later - just - with some dunked-in-coffee chocolate biscuits. . . to bed around 2am.
13 - Up around 8am. 13C in, 5C out. Rain . . walked BGdns in full weather gear - after having wedged half an annadin tablet into the relevant part of my mouth to dissolve! :o( Actually - that seemed to work rather well in terms of easing the pain for the majority of the time I was out - although I don't think it's doing the tissues of my mouth any good at all! . the rain started off pretty light, and then gradually seemed to mostly ease off. The tide was WELL in, and nothing of the beach at FCove was visible, with the boisterous waters right up on all the steps! The strong easterly breeze was doing its usual, and quite a bit of the spray from the waves battering the breakwater was getting spectacularly blown up and over. Sheltered in the usual gun emplacement for a while, before eventually deciding I WAS going to HAVE to walk out to the Breakwater beach to grab a bit of footage of the waves. Just as I started down the path, I spotted the lifeboat 'unexpectedly' heading out of the harbour! Damn - I was SO preoccupied with the agony in my mouth, I'd completely forgotten to put my scanner on. Dashed back to the gun emplacement and managed just a short bit of filming AFTER it had already rounded the end of the breakwater. Couldn't rest on the wall of the bunker as usual because of the wind blown drizzle, and had to retreat right to the back of the bunker and try to rest the camcorder on my knee!! Sadly, there was just too much rain in the air to follow them across the bay towards Torquay like I usually would, and the camera pretty soon started to loose focus and I had no choice but to give up as they disappeared into the grey. They were off to join all the other troops who were out searching for a high risk missing person apparantly. (Later news reports suggested a young woman doctor had gone missing! Doesn't sound good at all!!:o( ) . . wow - the wind blown high tide had the waters of the outer harbour worryingly lapping up onto the coastal path, forcing us to take an unusual detour across a bit of the car park!! I don't recall ever having been too nervous of the conditions to not walk along there before! Back on the coastal path down by the yacht club, the waves were washing right up over the path (which isn't 'particularly' unusual right there). With Bella unusualy ON her leash just for safety, it was a matter of attempt to time it right and then just go for it. My timing was poor and we both got pretty wet feet as the waves came up over the path to a depth of a couple of inches or so . . down in the inner harbour, the high tide was lapping up real close to the top of the town quay. Jeeze - just a couple of inches of climate-change type sea level rise, and ALL the properties around the harbour would be completely flooded without question. No way could I live in SUCH an increasingly precarious position. Grabbed a few snips of video along the way here and there. Eventually out in the strong head-on breeze to the Breakwater beach and then soon up to the vantage points of the road and seat above, for a bit more filming. . with its shoreline searches complete, the lifeboat eventually headed back across the bay, and I got to film a bit of their progress. Sadly, it wasn't anywhere near as 'spectacular' as I'd anticipated it would be, so a bit of a disappointment there. . with the tide now dropping, I eventually headed back to the relative shelter of the inner harbour, and sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee before then heading straight home through town . . . returned Mums ansaphone call. Mum called in with the papers and food donations. SHE is sounding real down - too!!! WHAT a right pair. :o( Whilst she was here, the effects of my earlier half an annadin tablet completely wore off, leaving me in agonising pain again. . . PCd - and over the next couple of hours, had really no choice but to dissolve more bits of annadin tablet in my mouth. I DID try phoning the dentist at some point, but they only offer an 'emergency' service for PRIVATE patients, and refer NHS patients to some nonsense NHS helpline phone number, so like it or not, I'm stuck with my horrendous pain until Monday at the very earliest! . . . PCd and edited a bit of the video I'd shot earlier, and knocked up a short handful of scenes to reflect the morning's high tide and easterly breeze, etc. Eventually uploaded it to the 'Devon & Brixham Photo's' Facebook page. Seemed to be well recieved with a bunch of likes and shares. PCd just a little bit of this as the file uploaded . . .TVd . . . cooked and attempted to eat two cheese burgers in baps, but the pain was excrutiating after only the first bite or two and I just HAD to stop! Dissolved another piece of annadin tablet in my mouth, used a knife to cut everything into small chunks, and then managed to get most of the burgers down (mostly just swallowed, unchewed), followed by a couple of jam tarts. I would have eaten more tarts, but just couldn't stand the pain . . TVd until to bed around 2am.
12 - Up around 7:45am. 13C in, 4C out. Rain . . walked BGdns and on down to the harbour for a miserable painful while . . spoke with a woman passing by who turned out to be 'Bob's daughter. He's a guy I've seen walking around the place most days who I say good morning to and who I've had a few conversations with , and the one I gave a few of my unwanted cheapo e-cig cartomisers to when he revealed he'd just started trying to use them. I was genuinely shocked to be told he'd died in his bed a week or so ago! The police had broken into his place when he'd not been seen or heard from for a day or two. ('I' wouldn't be discovered anywhere near as quickly, even with Mum around! When mum is gone, I likely wouldn't be found for months - at least! That IS an 'uncomfortable' prospect.) . . dragged myself home . . .sucked an annadin tablet and dissolved it next to the painful area in my mouth. Timed it about right and managed despite the pain to eat some cold beef slices with chips and a bit of mixed veg . . . managed to sleep until around 8pm . . . TVd - in agony . . . ate a few dunked biscuits and a tin of hotdog sausages on their own with a dab of ketchup . . . TVd until to bed around 2:30am as a gale whistled through windows and battered the house.
11 - Woken around 7:30am by neighbour noise. 13C in, -1C out. Plenty blue sky. . .walked Bgdns, in a lot of mouth pain and feeling drained and awful. Home via the store for supplies . . TVd feeling about as rough as yesterday . . .sucked annadin tablets and managed to eat some potato, corned beef and grated onion all mashed together. . . slept . . . did dish washing chores . . TVd . . ate bowls of co-co pops. . .to bed at 1am.
10 - Poor broken sleep then up at 7am. 13C in, 3C out. Showers. . . left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist. Multiple (very painful) gum injections and then the three remaining bottom teeth were removed - with difficulty. They apparantly all broke into pieces as she pulled them out! I definitely got the impression from the odd word or two, that she wasn't prepared to spend too much time looking for any fragments of bone, and with little ado, she 'plonked' my bottom denture straight back in, complete with its new array of added teeth!

made an appointment for a years time and paid the 32.50

walked BGdns. Sat around feeling truly awful. Drained, as though I'd run a marathon!

back via the store for supplies

TVd feeling oh SO bad, waiting for the injections to wear off and the 'real' feeling to return. Attempted to eat some crisps and a couple of miniature cheese and onion sausage rolls followed by a banana. Horrendous pain and taste of blood!

returned to bed until around 5pm . . . TVd . . . managed to eat a couple of bowls of creamy co-co pops . . fell asleep in the chair. To bed around 2:30am.
9 - Woke at 5am, snoozed on for a bit then up around 6:30am. 14C in, 3C out. Showers. . .left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist. Quite a long wait after my appointment time before eventually in, and then after a quick impression of my bottom teeth, I was back out - minus my bottom denture. . . walked Bgdns and then on down to the harbour. Watched and took pictures for ages as a propeller was put back on a boat etc etc . sheltered from the rain under the old fish market roof . took more 'boat' photos around the inner harbour . . eventually straight home through town . . . PCd pictures and posted to Facebook etc . . tried to nap but only managed a snooze for an hour or so . . TVd . . ate (with great difficulty) two corned beef baps dunked in a bowl of soup, a banana and a few dunked biscuits . . . to bed around 1am.
8 - Up around 7:45am. 14C in, 6C out. Grey and windy (storm 'Imogen'). . .walked BGdns in full weather gear feeling tired and very down. Just sat around in the gun emplacement for ages, sheltering from the nasty strong gusts of wind and ocassional showers. The waters of the bay were pretty much blown flat. Ended up on a seat under the roof for my coffee before eventually heading straight home. . .TVd recovering from the walk for a while. . left Bella home alone and briefly popped up Mums to have a look at how things were in her attic with the leaking roof etc. The good news was that things up there had mostly dried out quite nicely, and there was no sign of any water collecting in the bowl at all. Phew.

. .TVd/PCd/sat around feeling down . . . napped for a couple of hours until 7pm . . . TVd . . .ate bowls of creamy co-co pops, a tin of chopped ham and pork, sliced and fried and in two buttered baps and then the remaining half of the victoria sponge cake . . . to bed before 1am after having set the alarm for 7am.
7 - Woken around 8am by neighbour noise. 14C in, 4C out. Broken cloud. . .walked BGdns, the harbour, out to the breakwater beach for a while and then back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Back up to BGdns to shelter from rain showers for a bit before heading home. On the way, a big passing hail shower saw us pause to shelter under a big tree for a while, before then heading to the local store for a few supplies . . .PCd a few pictures etc . . . napped for almost a couple of hours until 7pm. . .TVd . . ate two quarter pound cheese burgers with crisps and some coleslaw, half a victoria sponge cake and then later-on bowls of co-co pops and some chocolate . . . fell alseep in the chair, woke and to bed around 2:30am.
6 - Up around 8:30am. 15C in, 9C out. Gale. . . walked Bgdns in full weather gear. Wasn't too bad at first, but we soon ended up sheltering from the wind and rain in the usual searchlight gun emplacement. One of the ships seeking shelter in the bay (Antigua Barbuda registered container ship 'Maris') was having trouble putting down its anchor, and did a couple of 'loops' before eventually succeeding. . eventually carried on down to the inner harbour - just as the heavens opened!Utterly drenched right through in the short time it took to walk there! Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. The wind had blown over some of the security fencing that has been put up around 'Laeder's masts etc! We just climbed over/past it to take up our usual seating position. . eventually straight home through town in the continuing downpour and strong gusty winds. . . recovered from the walk and TVd while doing a load of laundry, as the gale strengthened . . .PCd a bit of this as torrential rain and strong winds absolutely battered the house around 3pm! . . . Mum called to say she had water dripping from her hallway light!!!!!!! . . .rushed to shut everything down, grabbed an old set of light nylon overalls and a torch, left Bella at home and raced up Mums. . Climbed up into her attic and wrestled with the thick layers of fibreglass, just throwing them around all over the place to enable me to see what the hell was going on. Turned out that plenty of that fibreglass was saturated with water!!!! I rung the excess out into a bowl before just piling it up around the attic to hopefully air/dry out. To cut a long story short, the exceptional rainstorm we'd recently had, had somehow enabled rainwater flowing down the outside valley above, to pour through a hole in the felt beneath the valley, track down the main rafter and then where the enormous layers of fibreglass were touching that rafter, had seeped into all the fibreglass and pooled on the top of the ceiling below! SO much had got in, it had pooled and run across the top of the ceiling and rafters, until it eventually found a hole to drip through - which was the hole that had the cable going through down to her hallway light - hence the dripping. To be honest, that dripping was a godsend. If it hadn't managed to find a way through, and had then been noticed by Mum, given the amount of water up there all soaking into the ceiling, the whole lot could well have ended up becoming so saturated and weakened it could all have come falling down. As it was, I 'think' we managed to catch it in time to enable it all to dry out enough not to have done any insurmountable damage.

mopped up and dried everything as best I could.

There was absolutely no way i could do anything about the actual hole in the felt beneath the valley - so all I COULD do was attempt to capture any further rain which may have come in! Used some nails and bits of timber batton from the garage to fashion an emergency 'dam' either side of and around the bottom of the sloping joist, and also wrapped lengths of absorbant kitchen sponge type cloth around the joist above the dam, to 'lead' any incoming rainwater down into a bowl. Hardly a repair, but with luck, it 'should' give a bit of breathing space until Mum can have a roofer in to effect a proper repair - which IS going to be quite a major bit of outside roof work!

More rain outside, but thankfully none coming in - so it looked as though it was only going to be an urgent problem in particularly torrential rain? Time will tell.

eventually home late evening. . . TVd . . . ate a whole pack of eight thick sausages, on their own except for some crisps, followed by almost a whole bar of chocolate . . . to bed around 2:45am once I'd woken up from the chair in front the TV!
5 - Up around 7:45am. 15C in, 8C out. Drizzley. . . walked across town to the vet to pick up the three hundred each of Frusemide and Lanoxin which I'd phoned to order the other day. 29.85. Actually - I think I may have forgotten to mention it here, that I recently went on-line and ordered (and have already had delivered) the whole of the remaining 300 Vetmedin capsules left on Bella's prescription. It seems as though she IS continuing to survive 'indefinitely', and just getting those tablets in orders of a hundred at a time (in case she dies!) seems an uneccesarily pointless hassle, and worry I could run out - which of course I absolutely can't! So - all being well, that's 150 days before I need to see the vet and pay for a new prescription, etc, etc. . . carried on down to the harbour to sit around for a while (saw and filmed (for a facebook share later) a seal in the working harbour eating a fish) and then on up to BGdns. Sat around for quite a long while watching the amazingly snow-white gannets spectacularly diving into the water after fish in the bay. . Sheltered from the drizzle on a seat under the roof for my coffee before eventually heading back. Stopped at the pet store for a big sack of Wagg complete dog food to struggle home with over my shoulder. . .vacuumed around the place and got clean (VERY overdue!!). . . PCd . . . DF called in for arguments and chocolate biscuits from 7pm until around 10:30pm . . .cooked and ate a bowl of mixed veg and corned beef followed by a little chocolate . . . woke in the chair and to bed around 2:30am.
4 - Up around 7:30am (by neighbour noise I suspect). 15C in, 9C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns in full weather gear, after yesterdays getting it wrong and feeling frozen as a result. Sods law - today I ended up overheating, because the wind had dropped to comparatively little. . Image of bongs found in Battery Gardenson entering BGdns, I spotted some 'litter' in an unusual place, behind a fallen tree. Detoured slightly to clear it up, and discovered a carrier bag containing another carrier bag wrapped around a large multicoloured bong, which appeared to be partially held together with parcel tape!!! I could have put it straight in the bin nearby, but decided to carry it with me (if for no other reason, than to get a 'for the record' photo for here). . down in the lowest of the searchlight gun emplacements was a new batch of litter to clear up (drinks bottles, multiple plastic snap-bags containing cannabis residue, etc, etc), but ALSO a large amount of parcel tape and the cardboard core from the reel. Image of new graffiti in Battery GardensWhat was particularly anger-inducing to me, was that there was also some fresh graffiti inside the bunker! The initials J.W., a smiley face and a star in spray paint. (The other black pen graffiti, far-left, has been there for quite a while now, and inexplicably, despite me telling them it was there, the Battery Heritage volunteers have NOT painted over that lot, like they quite promptly have with all the rest I've told them about). :o( F***ing morons!! What on earth IS it which goes through the tiny minds of people who do such a thing? It isn't something that 'just kinda happens' in a stoned haze is it. Whoever did that had to first buy or equip themselves with some paint, and presumably then went out last night carrying it secreted on their person, with the actual intention of doing it! Incredible! :o( . . filled a carrier bag with the rubbish and then sat around on a nearby seat playing ball with Bella for quite a while. Thankfully things were very much quieter in the bay this morning, and it was easy for me to resist pointing the camcorder at anything. I definitely need a day off from all the 'boat pictures' nonsense. Not in the mood at all . . . Eventually carried my carrier bags of rubbish and bong up the paths towards the higher seats and the bins. . As I approached the main gun-floor bunkers along the way, I spotted ANOTHER bong, 'secreted' just on top of the edge of the metal gun-floor hood. A straight tall pink one this time - to add to the bag containing the other!! Picked up all the rubbish littering the gun floor and carried it all to deposit in the bin near the gardens entrance. Actually - I'd had to use a carrier bag I was carrying in a pocket, to be able to collect up all the litter - and of course plastic carrier bags cost money in the shops these days, so being the penny-pinching cheapskate I am, I actually emptied the bag into the bin before putting it back in my pocket, to wash for re-use when I got home!!!! FFS!! . Sat on the high seat to drink my coffee, feeling increasingly pissed-off with all, before eventually heading home. . . PCd. Facebook messaged the Battery Heritage volunteers and the local Police about the bongs and graffiti, for what little point there is in doing so. . PCd a bit of this, increasingly headachey and not feeling so good - again/as is SO often the case. Annadin tablet/coffee/cigarettes/PCd the day away! . . .the local police replied to my facebook message/photos of the bongs/graffiti etc. "We are aware of the issues and do conduct regular patrols of the area. I will report it to Torbay Council to ask for them to attend and collect some of the rubbish. Thanks". True to form, they've missed the point really haven't they? I wonder WHEN they do their regular patrols, given I spend half my life in BGdns and haven't seen any of them there for - um - 'years' now? The evidence would strongly suggest their 'regular patrols of the area' are completely ineffectual. I give up. . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate two ham, cheese and mayo baps with crisps, a banana, biscuits and later a large sausage roll with crisps and some chocolate. . to bed after waking in the chair around 2:45am.
3 - Woken around 8am by neighbour noise. 14C in, 5C out. Sunny but breezy. . . walked BGdns and hung around in the gun emplacement for quite a long while, sheltering from the cold, strong NW wind and pointing the camcorder at any passing boats. Totally got my layers wrong today. Ended up feeling very cold! . . eventually on down around the harbour and out to the breakwater beach. Sat there on the edge of the beach for a while before heading back to the harbour to sit on a bench near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Once again, in the distance walking around the harbour, I spotted the 'homeless'/pink guitar/new boots guy. I've seen him several times down there now, these last few days. I have been actively avoiding ANY form of eye contact with him, etc. Apart from his rucksack, he never seems to be carrying anything else, so I presume he's 'staying' somewhere local - but NOT BGdns at least - I think? . . . shopped for a few supplies on the way through town and then home . . .PCd for hours (with the electric fan-heater on next to me, for the little good it did me! Frozen!), mostly knocking up images from all the footage I shot yesterday. Eventually ended up posting (embarassingly) enormous quantities of pics to the Brixham Fishing facebook page! Not far short of three hundred in total, for the last couple of days!! TOTALLY overdoing it!!!!!!?? . . .TVd . . .ate two ham, cheese and mayo baps with crisps and coleslaw followed by a banana and some chocolate around 11pm. Not enough for a day - again! Promptly fell asleep in the chair! Woke and to bed after 1:30am or whenever it was.
2 - Woken around 6am by Bella leaving the room. Headachey. I thought she just needed a drink so I tried to go back to sleep - but couldn't, and eventually had to go and see where she was. She'd thrown up all round the kitchen!! :o( 15C in, 7C out. Rain and wind. So - at not long after 6am I'm out in the garden in the dark (because my outside light bulb has blown), and the rain, hosing down a large number of carpet tiles FFS! Just left them all out in the garden for the timebeing . . returned to bed to try to sleep but couldn't and was back up at 7am. . . walked BGdns in what turned into cold sunny spells. Hung around filming boat movements for ages. I hadn't at all intended to spend so much time filming them, but the light was good for it, and there seemed to be a huge amount of them all heading out. . on down to the harbour to sit around and drink my coffee. Straight home through town . . . cooked and ate a meat pastry slice, chips and half a can of sausages in baked beans . . .napped until the 7pm alarm . . .TVd . . . cooked and ate mushrooms, four sausages, two fried eggs and half a tin of sausages in baked beans followed by some chocolate . . . to bed around 2am.
1 - Up around 7:15am? 15C in, 10C out. Grey. Slow getting going. I feel absolutely tired out. . . walked BGdns and just sat around near the lower searchlight gun emplacement for quite a while feeling exhausted and rather down. . eventually headed straight back up the paths towards the higher seat. A short distance from the main gun floor bunkers was an unsightly holdall and carrier bag of rubbish just thrown in the bushes! That will most definitely be from that same homeless guy again won't it! Probably been there since the other day - it's just that I haven't walked up that way up those paths for quite a while. Ended up retrieving it all and carrying it to the bin up near the entrance. I DID have a brief glance inside the holdall, but it appeared to be just full of an old sleeping bag, etc. . sat on the high seat to drink my coffee before starting to head home. In amongst the trees, it was sadly impossible to get the camcorder out in time to get some shots, as two sea king helicopters roared low overhead as they followed the coastline around the drizzley bay. . stopped at the local store for a few supplies and then the pet store for eight blocks of tripe and a rawhide chewy thing for Bella . . straight up to the garage to cut all the frozen blocks of tripe in half with the bolster-chisel and lump hammer before cramming them in the freezer . . recovered from the walk in front the TV for a while before eventually PCing a bit of this. . not long before 1am someone called at the door - and asked for my Facebook 'pseudonym' of 'John Thomas'!!?? Blimey - that unsettled me rather - to say the least! Turned out to be the guy who's photo I found ages ago (and posted through someone elses letterbox as had been suggested)! He'd allegedly 'been away' and was unaware that someone else now had his photo!!???? How long ago was all that now? People really ARE just nuts aren't they!!! . . . PCd more of this before then putting in some hours sorting out a few boat etc images from the last few days and getting them posted to Facebook. . . TVd . . .ate just bowls of creamy co-co pops before feeling sleep overcoming me again. Managed NOT to fall asleep in the chair this time, and ended up in bed before midnight. NOT enough food for a day - again!