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- Woken around 7am by next door's piano, and up soon after. 14C in, 2C out. Mostly sunny to start. . . walked BGdns and the harbour, not in the mood to be doing so. Sat around with my cold coffee trying to warm up in the sun before straight home through town. . . mowed both lawns. I had intended to do more, but heavy rain stopped play. . PCd and ordered some new rechargeable batteries and a new G shape listen-only earpiece for the scanner. . TVd/sat around feeling very down again. Next door's constantly yapping/barking dog was a severe 'irritant'. . . ate a double box of jaffa cakes and then a tin of sausages in baked beans - cold from the can before to bed around 2am.
27 - Up around 8:45am. 16C in, 6C out. Grey and damp. . . walked BGdns feeling 'subdued' but strangely kinda 'calm' and sad! That woman who killed herself at Berry head the other day seemed to be prominent in my mind for some reason. . All seemed really quiet around the place. Sheltered from passing light rain showers in the usual gun emplacement for a while, grabbing a couple of obligatory shots of the rainbow which appeared across the bay. Eventually carried on down (past a feeding seal) to the inner harbour (equally quiet) and then out to sit on the breakwater for a little while. . back in the rain to shelter under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Shopped for a couple of supplies and then home through town in the showers . . .PCd and edited the seal footage etc. . did the mountain of dish washing chores while files uploaded to Fb etc . . PCd and at length, posted up all recent gig/yacht/etc photos to the various Fb groups . . TVd. . . ate ham, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches with two packs of crisps and coleslaw. Immediately fell asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed around midnight.
26 - Up at 8am. 16C in, 8C out. Grey and damp. Radio comms suggested a serious coastguard shout complete with helicopter had just ended at Berry Head. News reports later confirmed a local female high risk missing person's body had been found down the cliffs of the quarry. :o( . . .walked BGdns and hung around for ages taking photos of the yachts and gigs etc. A hint of drizzle and breezey saw us shelter in the gun emplacement for much of that time. Very boring. . eventually on down around the harbour and out to the small park past teh breakwater. Looked as though a serious water main leak had occurred on the road above the end of the breakwater. Water was cascading down through the stonework of the small tunnel that leads through to the multi storey car park behind, and workmen were digging up the road above!! . sat in the park are for not very long before more passing drizzle hurried us back to the cover of the old fish market roof for my coffee before then straight home. . . arrived back at home feeling VERY down. . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps . . napped until around 8pm. . TVd/PCd the night off still feeling very down . . ate jaffa cakes . . to bed by 4am.
25 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 9C out. Mostly cloudy. . uh oh. My wireless mouse appears to have stopped working all of a sudden. FFS. :o( Scrabbled around and managed to find one of my old wired ones and got back up and running for the moment. . .walked BGdns. Sheltered from the passing hints of drizzle and strong gusts of wind in the gun emplacement. Eventually carried on down around the harbour and out to the breakwater. The gusts of wind felt even stronger out there and it was no fun to be sat in it, so we pretty much turned around and headed straight back to the slightly more sheltered harbour for my coffee. . shopped for a few supplies before heading home . . . PCd . . . guitarred/TVd . . . ate beef slice sandwiches, crisps, jaffa cakes and chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 2am.
24 - Up around 9am. 16C in, 10C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour. What appeared to be one of the Border Force new style big ribs, 'Nimrod' briefly came into the harbour, apparantly to refuel. . sat on the breakwater in the sun to give Bella her breakfast. . back to the seat near the coastguard station for my cold coffee before eventually home through town . . . ate a pasty and two bags of crisps followed by biscuits . . . napped until gone 7pm . . . PCd and posted pictures of the border force boat and then set the latest couple of seal watch videos from the last week, uploading to Youtube for the next several hours. . . TVd . . . ate bowls of co co pops followed later by crisps and grated cheese and mayo sandwiches. . . fell asleep in the chair and to bed around 2:30am.
23 - Up around 7:45am, woken by the sounds of the wind battering the house. 15C in, 10C out. Windy and sunny. . . walked BGdns. A couple of seal were playing across in CCove. Filmed briefly before deciding to actually quickly walk the short stretch of the coastal path to get closer. A VERY steep climb up and a dash along the path before dropping back down to overlook the cove. The seal were still there playing around, so perched on the cliff rocks to film some more until they moved off. . headed back to BGdns. A note had been stuck up at the entrance to the gardens suggesting there was a meeting later tonight in a local pub to explore concerns about the recent tree felling of the entire woods behind CCove.

sheltered in the gun emplacement to film an incoming trawler. The waters of the bay weren't 'that' rough, but the wind was absolutely hammering across with some real nasty gusts. Eventually on down to the harbour and out to the breakwater. The wind was too strong to make being out there pleasant, so we almost immediately returned to the harbour to sit for my cold coffee. Shopped for coffee supplies and then home through town . . PCd video and posted to Facebook etc . . . ate the remaining chicken soup poured over chips . . . walked with Bella after 5:30pm and headed straight across FGn to the pub at which the 'trees' meeting was being held. First time I've been in a pub for a VERY long time - and it only lasted thirty seconds. No dogs allowed FFS! . . .

TVd/guitarred/PCd the night away. . ate a packet of jaffa cakes. Eventually to bed at getting on for 4am!!!
22 - Up around 8:30am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey and drizzle. . . walked BGdns and the harbour, drew out some cash and then straight home through town . . TVd whilst sewing up failing seams in my multi pocket bodywarmer for ages . . eventually put the bodywarmer and a pair of trousers in the wash with some black dye I'd bought the last time I shopped online. Everything I own seems to have faded in the sunlight, and it seemed worth trying to restore the colour a bit. I think it made a 'bit' of difference, but not much, and probably not enough to make the cost worthwhile. . .PCd/guitarred/TVd the night off . . ate a handful of biscuits followed later by half a tin of chicken soup with the remaining meat from the roast chicken cut up into it, with a couple of pieces of bread and butter . . . to bed soon after whenever near midnight.
21 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 10C out. Mostly cloud. . . walked BGdns feeling down. Not in the mood but eventually carried on down to the harbour and sat around with my coffee for a while. Back up across FGn and headed for the local store on the way home. On the way to the store on the left side of the road walking alongside the left hand side of the pavement with Bella as always on my left next to me next to a garden wall, a young guy coming in the opposite direction seemed to think I should move aside for him and we ended up just stopped there face to face!!?? I lamely asked what side of the road he drives on, to which he replied we were on the pavement not on the road! A few other comments were exchanged between us before he did eventually step aside and carry on his way with some words of abuse thrown at me. FFS! What on earth was HIS problem? That simple silly bit of utter bizarre absurdity really got to ME of course.

. . . left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for my 2:30pm appointment to have further alterations made to my ill fitting and permanently sore and painful dentures.

. . . returned home and managed to eat a couple of bags of crisps, a meat pastry slice and some biscuits . . . returned to bed and napped through until just gone 8pm, despite next door's persistantly yapping and barking dog! . . .TVd the evening off. . .ate a pack of jaffa cakes and then a cold chicken breast with four pieces of bread and butter . . aimlessly PCd before to bed whenever.
20 - Up just after 8am. 16C in, 9C out. Broken cloud. . PCing this and waking at the PC I suddenly got a phone call - from D&C police!! That shook me up a bit. I was all prepared to hear that Mum had been rushed into hospital or some such bad news. Turned out they were actually trying to get hold of the 'Newbies'. That's the damned people who had my phone number before it was issued to me, and which has resulted in me being plagued with phone calls for them all the time I've lived here. FFS! . . .walked BGdns in remarkably warm sunny spells. Sat around for quite a while before heading down to the harbour and then out to sit on the breakwater to give Bella her food again. Back to the seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Took photos all along the way again of course. Bought a 4 ready cooked chicken and home through town. . . ate a tin of soup with bread and butter . . . napped until 7pm . . .PCd the whole evening away doing photos again . . .TVd/guitarred briefly . ate cold chicken with a couple of pieces of bread and butter followed by a pack of jaffa cakes . . . to bed around 2am.
19 - Up just after 9am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey. . . slow getting going. Walked BGdns quite late and then sat around for ages taking pictures of the gigs and yachts racing, etc.. . idiots had been in the gun emplacement burning papers with a deoderant aerosol! Ended up cutting my finger on a broken bit of glass whilst trying to clear it all up. Carried a poop bag of all the rubbish with me as we headed down to the inner harbour, with the little cut on my finger dripping blood all the way, before I eventually got it stopped! . carried on out to sit on the breakwater for a bit and then back to a seat the near the old coastguard station for my cold coffee. . shopped for the last two or three packs on the shelf of the special offer jaffa cakes on the way home. I swear they made a mistake with that offer. A twin pack for a mere 1!! Way below half the normal price. I reckon over several different days, I bought every box on their shelf! lol . . . ate crisps and tuna and mayo sandwiches . . napped for a few hours . . . PCd the whole rest of the evening away, getting on top of all the recent outstanding photos and eventually getting them posted to the fishing/gig/yacht facebook pages by the early hours! . . grabbed a couple of pieces of toast and half an apple pie with cream before to bed getting on for 4am.
18 - Up just before 7am. 15C in, 6C out. Misty grey to start but soon clearing to largely sunny. . walked BGdns and hung around there for a good two to three hours, taking pictures and then getting bogged down in a LONG conversation with a drone pilot (who came over to say hello after recognising Bella from Facebook posts!). The bad news about people wanting to talk like that is how many pictures opportunities I missed as a result! Eventually all that sitting around had me feeling frozen in the shade, despite it being unseasonably warm (even warm enough for people swimming in the cove!), and we headed down to the harbour to use the loos and try to warm up in the hazy sun

more conversations with people!!

seal eating fish


. . . PCd . . . napped . . . PCd the seal video post for hours and eventually got it uploaded . . TVd/guitarred . .. ate a packet of jaffa cakes and then some crisps with tuna and mayo sandwiches . . to bed deep into the early hours whenever.
17 - Up around 7:30am. 15C in, 6C out. Sunny spells. . . walked BGdns. It felt really pleasantly warm to start with but very soon suddenly turned cold and grey again. Sat around for ages taking photos of passing boats, etc. Some guy was on the breakwater with a large tethered white baloon high up in the air for some inexplicable reason. He eventually hauled it back down and then headed off back down the breakwater with it attched to him, and kinda following along behind as he walked!??

a low fly-past from a military helicopter. Good job 'balloon-man' had already left. The helicopter was so low, that genuinely 'could' have been quite close if he'd still been there with the balloon up! . . . eventually carried on down around the harbour and on out to sit on the breakwater for a while as Bella ate her breakfast. Straight home through town . . the tablets I'd just ordered the other day for Bella had been delivered already and left on the doorstep again! . . . PCd for hours posting clips and photos to facebook etc . . . TVd . . ate a pack of jaffa cakes followed later by four pieces of bread and butter, two bits of reduced price processed fish in breadcrumbs, and a very large dish of buttery peas. Woke in the chair and to bed around midnight.
16 - Up around 7:15am. 15C in, 4C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns, down to the harbour (filming some of the cliff stabilisation work along the way) and out towards the breakwater. A very calm and quiet day today, with hardly a wave on the waters of the bay. Returning from sitting on the breakwater, the regular marina seal appeared and seemed ready to haul itself out onto the jet ski pontoons again. I'd been really wanting to actually see how he did that, and I even managed to record most of it, so that was a bright spot in my day. Drank my cold coffee on the seat near the old coastguard station before eventually heading home . . .PCd for hours editing the seal video etc. I DID eventually upload it to Facebook, but actually attempted to turn OFF commenting on the post - to make my 'sulking' point. Turns out I should have actually turned off commenting on each component of the post (each picture and the video individualy - which I actually don't think you can!), so people still ended up being able to make comments. Oh well. . went on-line and ordered a whole box of liquorice Rizla papers. I AM back to smoking pretty heavily again, and getting hold of those rolling papers in the few remaining local shops seems to be ever more difficult, so it seemed like the best/cheapest thing to do to have peace of mind about it. . TVd/guitarred . . .ate the last big bowl of stew and a pack of jaffa cakes. Woke in the chair and to bed gone 2am.
15 - Up with the alarm at 7am. 15C in, 8C out. Rain. . .walked across town in the rain in full weather gear to the vets for our 9:30am appointment. He had the briefest of listens to Bella's still irregular heartbeat but then fully agreed with me in my request to just keep going on as we have been without rocking the boat at all. The tablets and prescription I wanted were immediately ready and after paying we were very soon back out. . . carried on down to the harbour and in a lull in the rain on out to the breakwater before back to shelter under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . bought a large bag of potatoes before heading straight home. . . PCd. The recent post I'd put up of footage of a photographer on the breakwater with the waves breaking up had incited some really unpleasant comments from people, with plenty of abuse directed at the photographer, people suggesting it was someone it wasn't, and as a result of all the unpleasantness in the comments, somone suggesting the admin should remove the post (a suggestion which recieved a good handful of likes!). That all made me really angry and full of utter despair at people's nauseating behaviour. I SO wanted to 'have a go' and set the record straight about how the photographer was NOT in ANY real danger (by a good fifteen to thirty minutes or more), etc etc etc, but after due consideration, it just seemed far easier to delete the post without comment and be done with it all. Whether or not I ever post anything on there again remains to be seen, but right now, I am inclined not to. To hell with them all. They can go back to their plethora of meaningless daily sunrise and daymark shots, etc! . . . went on line and uploaded an image of the vet prescription and ordered another hundred of the expensive tablets for Bella. . rang the dentist and got an appointment for next week, to get the dentist to grind off some more of my permanantly agonisingly painful dentures. :o( . . .napped (poorly) for maybe a couple of hours. . . PCd and posted todays boat pictures to the facebook fishing group. . . TVd feeling very very 'alone' and wanting to escape . . ate four pieces of bread and butter with a bowl of beef mince stew . . .immediately unconcious and to bed when I woke around 1:30am.
14 - Up around 7:45am. 14C in, 7C out. Light rain. . .rang up and made an appointment for tomorrow to see the vet for Bella's obligatory examination prior to being able to get another prescription and tablets etc. . . walked Bgdns and just sheltered from the drizzley rain in the gun emplacement for quite a while. Visibility out across the bay was very poor, but the sea was already much flatter. WHAT a difference to yesterday. . sat on a seat under the roof for my coffee before heading home via the local store and then the pet store for supplies . . .TVd and ate a pastry slice with crisps and biscuits . . napped the afternoon away until woken by neighbour noise around 6pm . . PCd and edited down the trawler-returning-to-Brixham video from yesterday. Eventually set it uploading to youtube for almost three hours . . .TVd . . ate a bowl of stew with four pieces of bread and butter . . .asleep in the chair and then to bed gone 1am 'just' after the file had finished uploading!!!
13 - Up around 7am. 13C in, 6C out. Damp and mostly grey and blowing an easterly gale still. . . out a little earlier than in recent times and headed straight down through town and out to the breakwater to watch/film the big easterly waves. I'd missed the high tide a little earlier but it was still a spectacular sight as always. . carried on along to the outdoor swimming pool for some more shots. In the far distance a trawler was slowly making its way in, so we returned to the small park near the breakwater to film a little of that too. . as the tide began to fall we eventually headed back to the seat near the coastguard station for my coffee before then straight home through town . . PCd for a few hours and edited down the footage to a 'summary of weather snips' video and eventually set it uploading to both Youtube and facebook. . left the PC uploading and headed back out to BGdns with Bella to have another look at the wind and waves as the evening tide rose. . ended up back down by the breakwater as daylight faded. As the waves started to pound up over the breakwater again, a guy with a tripod and camera was still at the end near the lighthouse! Wow - I think 'I' would have headed back before then! He soon did start heading back, but didn't seem the least bit concerned by the worsening conditions, and even took a phone-call and grabbed a couple more shots as he walked back along (surely getting drenched along the way). Of course I HAD to grab some footage as he did so didn't I. lol . . eventually shopped for a few supplies on the way home through town . . . PCd the photographer footage and eventually uploaded a short video to Facebook . . . drank a small glass of red wine while cooking up a pressure cooker pot of beef and mixed veg stew . . ate a bowlful with two pieces of bread and butter . . to bed whenever.
12 - Up around 8am. 12C in, 3C out. Grey and blowing . . .walked in many layers, down through town and out to JGdns past the breakwater. Very unpleasantly cold in the easterly wind. Sat around for as long as I could bear before pretty much heading straight back home. . . PCd/TVd/aimlessly sat around the whole rst of the day feeling very down . . drank red wine. Ate a bag of crisps, a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and some biscuits. . to bed whenever after waking up in the chair in front the fire.
11 - Up around 7am. <13C in, 1C out. Mostly cloudy. . . walked straight down to the harbour through town and then on out to the park past the breakwater to sit around for as long as I could bear in the cold. Eventually all the way back up into BGdns and sat in a gun emplacement for my cold coffee before then straight home . . . PCd for hours sorting out paperwork and my accounts and eventually balanced. Yayy. . .TVd . . ate a pack of jaffa cakes followed later by a fry up of three sausages, one egg, a small handful of mushroom and a couple of potatoes . . woke in the chair gone 1am and then to bed.
10 - Up around 6:40am. 13C in, 3C out. Grey. . .walked BGdns and soon on down to the marina to watch the seal on the jet-ski pontoon for a while before continuing up to sit in the park just past the breakwater. Uncomfortably cold again . . back to sit near the old coastguard station for my cold coffee. Shopped for a few supplies on the way home through town. . . ate a chicken pastry slice with crisps. . . napped . . PCd/TVd. . . ate three sausages, three eggs, two fried bread and a small handful of mushrooms followed by a few chocolate biscuits. . . asleep in the chair, woke and to bed around 3:30am!
9 - Up by neighbour noise at 7:40am or earlier. 14C in, 3C out. Grey . . .walked. A VERY cold easterlyish breeze. Carried on out to the gardens past the breakwater to sit for a while, in the hope that a boat or other may go out into the choppy waters but none did. I just couldn't handle feeling so cold and eventually headed back home

ate a chicken pie and crisps followed by biscuits . . .napped . . .PCd photos . . . I had a renewel notice for my photo driving licence the other day!! Expires and has to be renewed every ten years now apparantly . I can't do it online because I don't have a current passport, and there isn't a post office that does it in town! ?????!!! FFS!!

TVd . . ate a pepperoni pizza followed later by bowls of creamy co-co pops. . . snoozed in the cchair, to bed around 1am.
8 - Woke earlier then up at 7am. 13C in, 1C out. Clear sky and (soon to be) sunny. . well, it would appear that the marina seal IS quite content. It seems it DOES leave its pontoon and go in search of food and then return to have a sleep! In fact, although difficult to make out, I think I can even see it on the guest house webcam back there again as I sit here this morning!! lol . . . walked to the dentist with my new dentures in my pocket for my 9:40 appointment. I explained the top one was making me gag and I simply could not wear them and she promptly used her drill to removed a good bit from the back of the plate. Waited until I was back home before trying them in my mouth again.

walked BGdns, the harbour and on out to sit on the breakwater for quiet a while. Spotted (and filmed) glimpses of two seal along the way, one of which (near the lifeboat) I think was the same one that's been hauling out at the marina, and it did look quite ok. Not half enough frightened of people as it should be, but otherwise 'content' as far as one can tell . . sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee, warming up in some sun before heading home through town . . . PCd and eventually uploaded the seal glimpse video and some boat pics etc. . vacuumed in some PC down/processing time. . . TVd . . .ate some jaffa cakes and thrn two garlic butter chicken kievs with chips. . immediately fell asleep in the chair only to wake some time before midnight overheating in front the fire really badly! . . coffee and biscuits before to bed around 1am.
7 - Up at 7:45am. 13C in, 5C out. Clear sky and sunny to start. . .woke at the PC as ever, and looked up on street view etc the address of the place I have to return the dog tag to. . .walked straight down through town and out towards the breakwater. Yesterday, posts had been put up on Facebook by the marina, of a seal hauled out on one of the jet ski pontoons. Worryingly it was STILL there this morning. Grabbed a few photos and just watched for quite a while. I dunno - it doesn't seem quite as observant/on-guard as others I've seen basking around the place, and it doesn't seem at all concerned by the close proximity of all the people passing by and getting on with their work on the adjacent marina walkway. That doesn't seem 'quite' right - to me! Eventually carried on along past the breakwater before cutting up a steep hill in a direction I've never been before. Wow - big money properties up that way, with expansive views of the whole of the bay. Wandered around lost for a while before eventually finding what I thought was probably the place - but even then, there wasn't a house number on the place as far as I could tell. My plan of just popping it through a letter box turned into having to knock on the door to make sure it was the right house number. When the woman opened the front door of the impressive property, I was immediately able to see straight through at a wall of glass windows, with the whole of the bay stretched out beyond! What and amazing sort of place to live!! Struck me as rather ironic I'd gone out of my way to return their dog tag like I had, when clearly the couple of s it'd have cost them to replace it would have meant absolutely nothing to them! :o( . . returned to the marina walkway and observed and filmed the seal for quite a long time - becoming increasingly convinced its behaviour was really not what one normally sees from the local seals. . sat on the breakwater for a while and gave Bella her breakfast, but started heading back soon after as a shower of rain passed through. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee and then straight home skirting around the town . . . reviewed the seal photos and footage and could even 'just' make out the seal STILL in the same position on the nearby guest house webcam. I became SO convinced its behaviour wasn't 'normal', I attempted to phone the local seal rescue person, but got no answer. Ultimately I decided to give the BDMLR people a call, with the simple intention of expressing my concerns and hoping that if one of their group was local, they may wish to go and have a look. Inexplicably during my phone call, the person I ended up speaking to seemed rather 'dismissive' of me, said she'd seen a photo of it there and that it was quite healthy happy and content.

. . . PCd and posted images and a clip of video of the seal to Facebook. . .napped but soon woken by someone calling at the door collecting for a breast cancer charity (which I have NO intention of giving to of course)! Grrr . . . did the mountain of dish washing chores for ages. . .TVd feeling very down . . ate a cheese pastry slice with half a tin of baked beans and some grated cheese followed by a few jaffa cakes and some co co pops and cream . . to bed shortly after 11:30pm.
6 - Up at 8:45am! 13C in, 5C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns and somehow ended up just staying there for absolutely ages watching and photographing all the boats. There were a lot of them all at once. Sheltered in the gun emplacement from a bit of drizzle. . eventually straight home via the local store for tobacco supplies . . . PCd the whole rest of the day away rotating, cropping, resaving and eventually posting all the photos to facebook . . . rang up the number on a dog tag I'd found the other day and agreed to pop it back through their letterbox some time . . TVd . . . ate two garlic butter chicken breasts with peas and chips followed by a little chocolate. .immediately fell asleep in the chair again. Woke gine 2am and to bed.
5 - Up at 8:15am. 13C in, 3C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns and sat around for hours taking shots of the yachts. That was in hindsight rather a mistake. The wind was blowing in from the north and I ended up with my hands utterly frozen. . eventually carried on down to the harbour and sat (on some cardboard on the floor) under the old fish market roof for Bellas breakfast and my coffee. Some scottish guy passing by presumably thought I was homeless and came over asking if I knew where he could get 'some gear'!! . . bought some supplies and home through town. . arrived home feeling positively hypothermic and really not good! . . . warmed up in front the fire for ages, but even then I still felt cold to the bone, very down, and extremely 'paranoid'!!? . . PCd briefly before then cutting my hair and having a very long hot shower. There's only 'so' hot my electric shower can do without turning into little more than a trickle, so even that didn't warm me up as much as I needed. :o( . . TVd . . .ate four sausages, two eggs, two pieces of fried bread and half a tin of baked beans . . immediately fell asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed around 2am.
4 - Up at 8:45am. 13C in, 3C out. Broken cloud, a bit of sun and a vast improvement on the last day or two . . .walked straight down through town and along out to the warm sunny breakwater. Ended up slowly walking out to the end, taking photos of mostly the gigs along the way. Sighting of a seal at the end and then more pics of the fishing boats and whatever other scenes took my eye. Walked back along and then sat near the beach end to give Bella her breakfast . . sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee before then heading back towards home via FGn.

Sat on the green for a while recovering from the climb up, a high flying aircraft overhead caught my eye. Something 'different' about that one. Managed to grab a few photos for a closer look later.

carried the heavy plastic bag of magazines that'd been dumped there for months to the nearby bin

PCd for hours doing various facebook posts etc. Looked up the aircraft photos and relatively soon identified the aircraft as an Airbus Beluga.

. . TVd . . .ate ham, cheese and mayo sandwiches, a large bag of crisps and a whole pack of jaffa cakes . . .early to bed well before midnight.
3 - Up at 7am (by neighbour noise). 15C in, 7C out. Gale of wind and rain. Very nasty out. . . woke at the PC as usual and then ended up PCing and doing laundry for a few hours, really intending to have a day NOT walking, because I just couldn't face it. Bella didn't appear to be particularly disappointed and made brief use of the garden as usual. . worked on editing down and compiling the two bits of video from yesterday. . . by early afternoon the weather had improved, and after setting both videos uploading to Youtube, we DID then walk BGdns . . didn't hang around for too long and eventually headed down to the harbour. Shortly after getting there the rain returned, soe after buying a few supplies we pretty much headed straight back home . . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps . . napped for just an hour and a bit. The videos had finally finished uploading so I quickly posted links on various Facebook pages, including the page of the Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat. . DF called in for arguments until around 10pm . . .TVd/PCd until around 4pm somehow before to bed!!
2 - Up at 7:45am?! 15C in, 9C out. Dark, rain and blowing a gale. . . PCd a bit of this . . walked BGdns after the rain had pretty much cleared. Blowing a bit of a southerly type gale with some big waves breaking all along the Torquay etc side of the bay. A heavy swell in the bay but otherwise pretty sheltered over this side. . pretty soon carried on down to the harbour to see how high the high tide was. Not quite the highest I've seen it but pretty close. Wouldn't take much of a climate change sea level rise to see all the harbourside properties getting wet feet on a regular basis! . .carried on out towards the breakwater.

Rosslare Harbour Lifeboat . .filmed it leaving the bay

out along to the end of the breakwater and back

PCd photos . . .ate a meat pastry slice with crisps . . . napped . . .guitarred/TVd . . ate ham sandwiches and a couple of jaffa cakes . . . snoozed in the chair and to bed whenever.
1 - Up at 8am. 15C in, 8C out. Grey . . PCd/got clean. . left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for my new dentures. . the top set hurt more than I could endure in exactly the protuding place of my gum/jaw I feared it would. No way would that work. Thankfully the dentist promptly ground some off the denture right there and managed to pretty much fix the problem right away. Difficult to immediately assess how they fitted, so it seemed reasonable to give them a go like that for a while and see where I stand. Overall, they DID seem to fit better than I've been used to with the other set, although the actual 'bulk' of them in my mouth felt VERY unpleasant. MUCH 'more' of them all than the last lot. :o( . . .walked BGdns and sat around for quite a while taking photos. Grabbing my usual type shot of a fishing boat coming in past the light at the end of the breakwater, I suddenly became aware of the activities of a couple of people on the end of the breakwater and ended up unable to resist 'intruding' on their private moment of selfie-taking. On 'at least' three occasions to get their shot, the woman did that jumping up in the air thing so as to be pictured in mid air with the scenery behind her. I couldn't resist taking a bunch of shots myself as they did so, and DID manage to capture just one of her actually up in the air. lol Oh HOW it would be lovely to be able to let them have the photos I took, but of course I have NO idea who they were. . eventually carried on down to the harbour and on out to the breakwater taking photos etc along the way. A crow on the harbours edge wall provided some amusement. Bella seemed in the mood to chase at it and bark like she does, but each time she did, the crow flew off the wall in a short arc, only to settle back on the wall a short distance away - which meant Bella then turned around and ran back around me towards it to have another go. This to and fro, back and forth suprisingly went on for quite a while, so I even ended up pulling the camcorder out to try to get a bit of it. Sods law meant as soon as I did so, the crow finally decided enough was enough and flew off across the harbour. . a gradual worsening of the weather with a hint of rain arriving saw us pretty soon start to head back. Shopped for supplies and then home through town . . .managed to eat a pastie and some crisps. . . napped for maybe just a couple of hours as rain and gales arrived . . .PCd. . Weird how I didn't notice it at first and it somehow kinda 'built-up' on me, but it eventually became apparant that the new top denture is SO much 'deeper' into the back of my mouth than the old one (up to 15 to 20mm!!!!), it seems to be on the edge of causing the gag reflex all the time! :o( Unlike pain, that gagging thing is really NOT something you can just put up with and ignore. Unlike my old set which I'd dilligently persevered with and kept in my mouth pretty much constantly ever since getting them, I've NOW ended up in a position where I HAVE to keep taking this set out of my mouth, just to get some relief from the gagging/wretching it 'intermitantly' causes!!!! FFS! :o( . . . TVd and drank a little wine . . just ate a trio of weetabix and some co-co pops before falling asleep in the chair until gone 2am before to bed.