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28 - Woken by neighbor door slamming and up around 7:30am. 11C in -3C out. Grey . . . PCd in hat gloves and layers as occasional light snow showers blew through on the gale. . spotted and quickly managed to film a funnel cloud passing in the dsitance beyond the hills!!!! . . PCd and at length managed to upload and share the rare funnel cloud video on FB.

eventually huddled down in front of the living room fire for the remainder of the day . . . watched the two local news programs and sure enough, the briefest glimpses of my funnel cloud video were included in both! lol Made me smile and felt strangely satisfying to have been 'the messenger'. :o) . . ate tuna and mayo sandwiches with crisps and biscuits . . .fell asleep in the chair . . put the old bit of foam from Bella's bed down on the living room floor and made up a bed of old high tog sleeping bag and pillows and eventually slept there where it was maybe a little warmer and certainly less noisy from all the screaming wind in the bedrooms!!!
27 - Up around 6:40am. 10C in -2C out. Neat sunrise. Broken cloud and blowing . . .PCd . tired cold and hungry!! . . ate a sandwich . .returned to bed and slept until mid afternoon!. . . PCd/TVd . . cooked and ate four sausages, two eggs, bacon, fried bread and a tin of baked beans followed later by jaffa cakes and biscuits . . snow showers!! . . .huddled in front the fire all evening TVing nothing until back to bed after 1am.
26 - Woken by window noise and up around 6:30am. 11C in 0C out. Grey and blowing . . . PCd . . ate a couple of chocolate biscuits and eventually mustered up the energy again and clad in all my layers headed down through town and out to the seat above the end of and overlooking the breakwater. That seat turned out to be somehow 'relatively' sheltered from the wind so although unpleasantly cold, it was possible to aimlessly sit there for ages watching the rough sea. Absolutely nothing moving on the rough waters of the bay at all - until eventually unexpectedly a fishing boat headed out into the rough. Filmed it all the way from atop the wall below the seat! . . grabbed a few shots of a photographer who ended up set up across the road in front of me. Eventually exchanged a few words and discovered it was one of the regular posters on FB. . a few flakes of snow in the wind!!!! . . shopped for cheap stuff on the way straight home through town. . . PCd and edited down the long video and eventually set it uploading to facebook . . ate a couple of going cheap pork sandwiches with crisps . . . N called in for chats . . . ate a chocolate biscuit or two. TVd/PCd until to bed around 2am.
25 - Up around 7am. 13C in 1C out. Grey and blowing . . .PCd . . . mustered the energy to get all layered up and walked straight down and out to sit in the park past the breakwater again. Just sat there for ages as the weather improved to sunny again. Almost nothing moving on the choppy easterly windblown waters of the bay. . eventually headed back to the shelter of the harbour steps and sat there for ages in the sun for my coffee again. . shopped on the way home through town . . . TVd . . . cooked and ate four sausages, bacon and microwaved new potatoes in butter followed by biscuits . . early to bed around 11pm.
24 - Woken by neighbour noise and up soon after around 7:20am. 15C in 5C out. Grey and blowing a gale still . . . PCd. Posts on facebook from the local lifeboat house suggested the newly refitted all weather lifeboat was returning from the Isle of Wight to station today. Eventually the AIS maps confirmed they were indeed on their way. . eventually somehow managed to muster up the energy and decided to head off down to the small park just past the breakwater to try to film them returning (with my part broken camera!). Having rare advanced warning like that was too much to resist. . . put on multiple layers including two pairs of gloves and socks and eventually walked. . straight down through town and out to the breakwater late morning. A seal was sleepily bobbing around just off the breakwater beach demanding I film it for a while before then heading round to sit in the small park for ages 'in wait'.

filmed the lifeboat return

sat on the harbour steps at the retreating waterline for my coffee and cigarettes. Sheltered from the wind and in the sun, it felt very pleasant there

shopped for a few supplies on the way home through town . . . PCd for hours editing and eventually compiled and posted the finished video to facebook . . TVd (nothing!) . . ate one and a half going cheap sandwiches with crisps and then a pack of jaffa cakes and some ice cream . . to bed around 2am.
23 - Up around 7:20am. 13C in 2C out. Grey. . .PCd . . did dish washing chores . . .walked to the local store for supplies . . ate weetabix . . slept . . TVd . . ate stew and bread and butter followed by biscuits and bowls of rice krispies . . to bed around midnight.
22 - Woke earlier but managed to get back to sleep for a bit and then up around 9am. 14C in 4C out. Grey. . .PCd . . ate stew and bread and butter . . slept . . TVd . . ate stew and bread and butter followed by biscuits . . . to bed around midnight.
21 - Woken around 6:30am by neighbour noise and up soon after. 15C in 5C out. Grey. . .upset stomach . . PCd . . drank Baileys and cooked up a pressure cooker of beef and mixed veg stew. Ate a bowl with four pieces of bread and butter . . slept . . TVd (and a couple more TED lectures, etc) . . ate stew and biscuits . . to bed around 3am.
20 - Woke around 8am, tried to go back to sleep but couldn't and up around 9am. 16C in 10C out. Sunny. . .PCd . . walked up the local store for milk etc only to find it closed for a couple of days!! Carried on round to the other store and bought a few supplies . . . ate ham sandwiches and crisps . . slept . . TVd watching mostly Youtube 'TED' lectures . . ate an apple pastry, weetabix and biscuits . . to bed around midnight.
19 - Woke around 6:30am and up around 7am. 15C in 8C out. Grey. . .PCd . . ate a tin of baked beans with grated cheese and two crusts of bread and butter . . slept . . TVd . . ate tuna and mayo sandwiches with crisps and the last of the biscuits . . TVd/PCd until 4am before back to bed.
18 - Up with a headache just before 7am. 15C in 7C out.. damp and misty grey. . .PCd . . ate chicken kiev, chips and peas followed by a couple of chocolate biscuits . . slept until around 6:30pm . . TVd . . ate weetabix, crisps and biscuits . . to bed before midnight.
17 - Up around 7:20am. 14C in 4C out. Broken cloud then sunny. . . ate a pasty and crisps . . slept . . TVd/PCd . . ate chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 2am.
16 - Woke earlier then up around 7:20am. 13C in 1C out. Sunny. . .PCd . . cut my overgrown hair . . N called in for a coffee . . . showered and got clean for the first time in ages!! . . napped until gone 6pm . . tvd . . ate a trio of corned beef sandwiches with crisps followed later by four kipling fruit pies . . to bed around 1am.
15 - Woke before 7am, lay there for ages before up around 7:40am. 13C in 4C out. . .popped up the store for milk supplies . . . ate beef finger rolls with crisps . . napped . . .TVd . . ate weetabix, biscuits and a couple of kipliing fruit pies. . . to bed at 1am.
14 - Woken around 7am by howling windows and heavy rain. Up around 7:30am. 13C in 3C out. . PCd/monitored radios . . ate a trio of tuna and mayo sandwiches with two bags of crisps . . . napped . . .TVd youtube . . ate biscuits and crisps. . to bed around midnight.
13 - Up around 7:40am. 14C in 4C out.. . . PCd/monitored radios . . ate two burgers with chips . . snoozed on the sofa . . TVd . .tablet around 7pm . . . ate crisps and chocolate biscuits . . to bed around midnight.
12 - Up around 7:30am. 13C in -2C out. . . PCd/monitored radios . . it would appear today was somewhat less side effects - but as a result, more aware of being very down . . ate sausages in baked beans cold from the tin with two pieces of buttered stale bread and crisps . . back to bed . . TVd. . tablet around 7pm . . weetabix . . PCd before to bed around 2am. Heavy rain and high winds resulted in loads of howling from all the windows keeping me awake for ages.
11 - Woke around 5am all headachey and feeling sick and having hot flushes. Tossed and turned for ages before back to sleep for just a bit. Up around 7:30am. 13C in 5C out. Sunny . .god i feel very rough. . woke at the PC and messed around listening to the radios for a bit . ended up daring to pop half an annadin tablet to take the edge of my headachey feelings . . . eventually forced myself to eat. Cooked up a chicken kiev with peas and chips and forced it all down . . returned to bed until around 6pm . . . felt 'slightly' less awful. TVd the evening off (mostly watching science Youtube videos again!) . . ate two buttered hot cross buns .. to bed around 2am.
10 - Up around 7:30am. 13C in 5C out. Damp and grey . .PCd and aimlessly listened to radios a bit . . Mum called . . . struggled up the local store in the rain for bread and milk supplies . .ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . back to bed until around 6:30pm . . TVd (youtube 'getting smarter every day' videos ) for hours . . . ate bowls of weetabix . . to bed around midnight.
9 - Up around 7:45am. 13C in 1C out. Sunny . . . woke at the PC. Feeling very 'blurred', and ready for bed again within a couple of hours!!! . .just sat around feeling nauseas and bloody awful. It is as though the tablet I took late yesterday was only digested by my stomach this morning rather than through the night like I'd hoped. That probably says something about why I shouldn't be eating so late and close to going to bed . . . forced down a couple of chocolate biscuits and returned to bed and managed to sleep for a couple of hours . . . TVd the night off hardly moving. Ended up watching all manner of nonsense on Youtube including quite a few 'my experience on sertraline' videos!! . . forced down two ham and mayo finger rolls with crisps. Took todays tablet a little earlier than yesterday, kinda mid evening . . . to bed around 2am.
8 Z1 - Up around 7:45am. 13C in 4C out. Grey . . . woke at the PC. Ended up biting the bullet and phoning the local doctors surgery asking to go back on anti depressants.

12:30 appointment

'50mg Sertraline' perscription

aimlessly sat on the freezing cold harbour steps for quite a while

shopped for supplies on the way home . . ate a meat pastry slice with two bags of crisps . . . napped . . Tvd as heavy rain poured . . .well, there we go again then. Next door didn't turn up about the car as he'd said he would so that's another week just wasted. WHAT a way to treat someone!!! What a ****! . . . ate four sausages, fried potatoes and baked beans followed by two buttered hot cross buns . . .to bed gone 2am after having taken my first tablet!
7 - Tossed and turned coughing and spluttering for ages before finally managing to get back to sleep. . back up around 9am. 13C in 3C out. Sunny . . aimlessly PCd (dogs/cars) before eventually laying down for a nap. Couldn't sleep and ended up back up on the pc some more . . TVd . . .ate pizza, crisps and chocolate biscuits . . to bed by 1am.
6 - Woken by neighbour noise again and up around 7:45am. 13C in -1C out. Sunny spells. . . PCd . . ate four suasages with chips and half a tin of baked beans . . napped until around 6:30pm . . TVd . . . ate bowls of weetabix and a pack of jaffa cakes . . fell asleep in the chair until around 4am before to bed!
5 - Woken by neighbour door banging noise and up around 7:35am. 13C in 1C out. Sunny spells. . . PCd (dogs/cars again!) but soon ended up feeling very down/frustrated/trapped etc. This business yet again of being indefinitely strung along about the car by next door is driving me insane. . . Mum called and got the brunt of it . . N called in and had some too!! . . . did dish washing chores . . ate two boiled eggs with toasted crusts . . . napped until around 6pm . . .TVd . . called in next door to ask about the car - again! With an irritating laugh he admitted he'd forgotten about me and said he'd get it in by the end of the week - so yet another week of just sitting here waiting for nothing!!FFS! . . . TVd the night off. Drank the remaining red wine in the house and ate crisps, chopcolate biscuits and weetabix . . . to bed gone 2am.
4 - Up around 8:15am. 13C in 3C out. Cloudy . .woke at the PC. On the webcam the NE wind was picking up the waters of the bay and I eventually mustered up the energy to walk. Put on multiple layers and walked Bgdns, down around the harbour and out to sit for an hour or so in JGdns just past the breakwater. Very chilly in the strong breeze. Nothing was moving on the water and eventually headed back to the inner harbour. Treated myself to a 1:90 bag of chips.

Sat on the 'Xmas pontoon' on the harbour floor at low tide to eat my chips and drink my coffee before eventually heading home through town. . . TVd and warmed up in front the fire for a while before laying down for a nap . . . back up around 6:30pm . . . TVd the night off. . ate jam sandwiches . . . back to bed whenever.
3 - Woken earlier by the sound of heavy rain. Just lay there for quite a while before up around 8:00am. 14C in 5C out. Mizzley grey . . .whilst I was waking at the PC, someone posted a pic of a trawler listing badly in the inner harbour with the fire brigade in attendance pumping out! I eventually couldn't resist going to have a look! . walked and headed across FGn and dropped straight down to the harbour.

camera 'broke'!

sick bird on the harbour steps .

. back to BGdns - cafe for sale photos

home via the local store for supplies . . PCd all the videos and photos for hours and eventually posted them to FB. . .TVd . . ate a pasty with chips and a tin of baked beans followed by chocolate biscuits . . to before 2am.
2 - Up around 7:45am. 13C in 1C out. Clear sky sunny . . . woke at the PC and then just sat around . . ate a sandwich and crisps . . napped . . TVd/PCd . .ate half a caramel cake . . . ate a meat pastry slice with crisps followed by bowls or co co pops . . . to bed around 3am.
1 - Woke earlier then up around 7:35am. 14C in 1C out. Mostly clear sky . . woke at the PC and then balanced my accounts. .the radio repair guy messaged me to confirm receipt of the radio . . for the first time ever, I actually went online to switch energy suppliers!! I ALSO laboriously 'chatted' with my broadband supplier (for an hour!!) and eventually signed up for a two year deal to now include the line rental. The hope is that on both counts I'll save a little money in the long run. Knowing my luck something will all go horribly wrong and I'll end up with no electric/gas/phone line in a few weeks!!! . . . mustered up the energy to go for a walk. Very breezy chilly out so wore double trousers and multiple layers. Walked Bgdns, down around the harbour and out to the breakwater and back taking a few photos etc. A bit of a dampening from a heavy shower . . . shopped for going cheap supplies and bagged a whole bunch of sandwiches going out of date/dirt cheap on the way home through town . . . ate two lots of sandwiches with crisps and a banana . . Listened in as the ALB out on excercise was tasked to rescue four people cut off by the tide at Corbyns Head using their Y boat. All safe and well and dropped off at Torquay. . . N called in for coffee and chats . . . PCd and posted photos to FB . . TVd and ate another sandwich and crisps followed by half a caramel spong cake before to bed by around 2am.