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As mad as a March hare!
1 - Woke around 5:30am. Eventually back to sleep until around 7:15am . . . walked and found a penny. . .sat in front the TV for a bit and got all down and just couldn't face the prospect of doing anything that came to mind (which was of course mostly getting back to tackling the kitchen building site!!) Figured walking somewhere was the easiest way to 'escape' and just use up some energy so I could sleep again. Decided to head back up on to Purdown with the digital camera and the light tripod I scored from the charity shop, to try and do justice to the panoramic view up there. Made up a small thermos of coffee and packed everything together with some biscuits into a small rucksack and headed back out, to Sally's delight . . The ruined monument on Purdown @ 01/03/04I may be wrong, but I somehow have it in my mind that the ruined monument on top of the hill was erected generations ago by the broken hearted land/mansion house owner when his wife the duchess was killed by falling from her horse there. Within my lifetime the whole thing has been reduced to a crumbling ruin by vandals smashing it up and hurling the stones down the hill! :o( Someone at some time (the council?) has tried to stop the destruction by heaping the dislodged stones into wire cages next to the monument - perhaps for some future restoration? At least one of the cages has been destroyed leaving just a heap of stone for the vandals to throw around. I've made a deal with myself that every time I go up there I will pick up one of the stones that's been thrown down the hill and carry it back up and return it to the heap. Carried up a couple of relatively small ones. Was sat on top of Purdown drinking coffee and eating biscuits in the sun, trying to be clever with the camera by 11am. The tripod sure made taking a rotary sequence of overlapping shots easier. Took a load from the top and then a load from the bottom for panoramics before running out of memory before I should have! Damn - knew I should have figured out how to format that memory card before now. It's half full of weird undeletable junk from when I tried to copy some modified files to it from the PC! . eventually headed straight back home to examine the photos. Found 5p. . .PCd. Unfortunately the one thing missing from the tripod idea, was a spirit level!! I didn't get the damn thing horizontal (despite thinking I had) so when I tried to stitch all the seperate shots together, it ended up cutting off the mismatched top and bottom of much of the result. Very disappointing. :o( Figured out at least how to format the memory card, so that is thankfully back to normal. . . cooked up a large fried bread, two sausages, two eggs, baked bean lunch . . . napped for a couple of hours . . . walked . . . touched base with BB . . . ate garlic sausage and cheese sandwiches . . . TVd until bed around midnight. pa
2 - Woke around 5:45am and didn't really get back to sleep. Up just after 7am. . . white with frost out but the forecast says this is the last sunny day for a while so figured I may as well do another long walk. Getting a bit bored always doing the same walk so headed off around 7:45am towards the river Avon at Hanham. Despite the frost and cold Sally went in for a swim!! Ended up with ice in her tail! Never seen her get that before. .Ummd and aahd and figured that with the cool temperatures and sunny sky and what with all the long walks we'd been doing recently we were probably both in good training to have a go at the LONG walk I used to do when I first crashed out of work and was on prozac the first time - out along the river avon from Hanham, past the Lock and Weir pub all the way past the chcoclate factory to the lock at Keynsham and on out through the marina following the river across the fields until it flows under the Bristol to Bath cycle path then up onto the cycle path and follow it all the way back through Bitton, Warmley, over Siston Common and eventually through the long dripping tunnel to Fishponds and then cut back up through the council estate and across the local field to home. In the region of twelve to fifteen miles I've calculated. Saw the usual collection of ducks, geese, heron etc etc along the way. Sally was more interested in the sheep grazing in the field on the opposite side of the river!! The danger of rounding a meander in the river and suddenly coming across some livestock in the fields did make the walk a little less than entirely relaxing and I did have to keep her on the lead here and there when I spotted sheep in adjacent fields. The instincts of a wolf, really are 'just' below the surface in her. By the time I climbed over the second stile we came to, she'd figured out how to climb over it too, police dog like. :o) . . reached where the cycle path crosses the river after about two and a half hours (must be half way) of brisk walking. A big new floating pontoon has been built there for visiting boats - but why any would particularly want to moor there I can't imagine. It was empty. Sat on the decking of the pontoon with Sally for a cigarette in the sun. Very pleasant and warm - could almost have slept if not for the noisy ducks - and the worry of whether or not my aching limbs could cope with another few hours of walking! The trouble with being out that far is you're committed to finishing the thing come what may - there's no giving up half way, no easy way out! . .Briefly stopped at derelict Siston station for another cigarette. . Sally was amazing and took it all in her stride. That's the longest walk she'll ever get off me. . Back home by 12:45pm feeling a bit trembly and iffy. Lack of food and all that exertion I guess. Found 2p. Cooked up a large fried bread, four sausages, two eggs, baked bean lunch - figured I'd earned it - and the biscuits and coffee afterwards!!. . . lay down to nap but kept awake for ages by Sally intermittantly barking at who knows what out in the street and at circulars being put through the letterbox. .eventually slept for a couple of hours until around 7pm . . . walked holding onto a painful bulging hernia - bet it was the baked beans!! . . . PCd a bit of this. . . BB called . . .ate a couple of bowls of cornfalkes. TVd until bed around midnight. pa
3 - Woke before 6am and couldn't get back to sleep and was up by 6:30am . . . walked - just once round the local field. I've had enough of walking for a bit. Feel rather tired and a bit 'spaced out' kinda! . . . walked with Sally up to shop - for mushrooms, sausage, eggs and baked beans mostly!! lol . . . fried up another lunch of sausages and all the rest . . . did laundry and dish washing chores/TVd/PCd and managed to stay awake rather than nap the day away. Took the last LB donated bone for Sally I'd cooked, out of the freezer and left it to thaw overnight. Ended up thinking I'd have been better off if I had napped!! When I walked Sally in the drizzle I ended up feeling really rather unwell and kinda woozy, almost like I was drunk!? Bit worrying - put it down to the prozac. Hernia was giving me gyp as well and I had to embarassingly walk with my hand stuffed into the top of my waterproof trousers and into my pocket, holding myself in! . . . BB called . . . ate another fried meal (bacon instead of sausages this time) and struggled to stay awake, TVing until bed round 10:30pm. SH called to briefly touch base . . . The last of the first box of the prozac - been on it 30 days now then. Despite knowing it's doing something, I still feel a horrible weight of depression 'just beyond the horizon' kinda. Confronting that feeling is often my first waking thought!!! I wonder if I should return to the doctor and increase the dose? It certainly isn't offering the relief I know it can. :o( I feel almost as though I've had something akin to depression's version of a stroke and I'm having to re-learn how to deal with the lasting affects!!?? I just don't understand it. p
4 - Woke around 6am again. Seem to be back to heavy smoking like normal! :o| . . . weather forecast was better than I thought it would be - no rain till later and certainly warmer than of late. May as well give Sally an appetite for her bone later - out of the house by 7:30am and (after moving a frog from out of the road) walked down through Eastville park, round the lake (still with a large sheet of ice floating in the water) and along the river and back by 10:30am. Sally seemed in a funny mood and seemed to want to have a good natured bark at everyone - me included. Usual swimming, rampaging around and squirrel chasing. . Some sort of wood clearance project going on down by the river at Snuff Mills. Loads of trees been cut down allegedly to improve things (according to the council notifications stuck up everywhere). Didn't look like any improvement to me - horrible to see so much destruction when it looked so much better just left to grow as it could. :o( I don't understand this willingness to cut down trees like they seem to these days. I thought we'd all learned from TV documentaries that de-forestation of the rain forests meant that the rain can then erode and wash away the soil and cause flooding and landslips and awful chaos. How come that doesn't equally apply to the banks down by the river at Snuff Mills ?- and next to hundreds of miles of railway track where they are happily chopping down, slash and burn style, every single piece of vegetation? (they've done it down by the London main line next to the river at Hanham - awful!! Serve em right if the whole bank eventually subsides into the river!!). . gave Sally her bone out in the conservatory and sat with coffee and biscuits and watched her have a gnaw and ruin the carpet. Not a bad life she has I think. :o) I AM aware that I too have a pretty good life - so why oh why oh WHY can't I 'feel' that!!! Why on earth does it all seem so overwhelmingly utterly pointless and bleak to me? Why on earth are so many people so much happier when so much worse off? I wish I knew how to get to the bottom of all this. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be still in such a mess and such a whining loser! Is it getting worse with age?!! Still can't even attempt to return to the rating/scoring of my days. I'm just kinda going through the motions of getting up and getting through each day. Walking for so many miles each day is just something I 'can' do - and it makes Sally happy of course . . . an early huge fried lunch before midday . . .napped until around 3pm . . . PCd this and tried to fill in some of the 'blanks' of the last couple of weeks. Blimey - is that all? Feels like years have passed. Decided to put at least some of the website back up on line. . .walked. Couldn't resist a detour past a skip on the way back. Grabbed a big greenhouse type thermometer that was being thrown away! It's broken but the actual thermometery bit still seems to be showing the temperature. It'll sit somewhere in the conservatory for a while I think . . . BB called . . . ate a couple of bowls of corn flakes . . . TVd until bed around 10:30pm. p
5 - Woken around 6am by the sound of Sally noisily gnawing on her bone!! Living room carpet has got a bit crunchy underfoot! . . . pea soup foggy outside. Figured it was worth the walk up onto Purdown to see what sort of a view there was in the fog. Out of the house at 7:30am. Found a penny and headed off down to Eastville Park and along the river and then up onto Purdown. Carried a large heavy stone up the hill and returned it to the heap next to the ruined monument. Found 5p in the grass half way up the slope. The walk for the foggy view was all a bit of a wasted effort because there was no fog there at all - just drizzle. In the distance back near home it was obviously still thick fog. Weird. Had a cigarette or two in the drizzle waiting to see if the fog would roll down but it didn't. Headed back more or less the way I'd come, except for experimenting briefly with a slightly different footpath route by allotments (which I won't be repeating) near Royate Hill. On the way home I suddenly started thinking all about the STILL unfinished re-rendering of my front chimney stack by the roofers and got all feeling down about it. Involuntarily started rehearsing stroppy phone calls to the roofers and fantasised about threatening legal action! :o( Decided I'd have to call them when I got home to hear the latest excuse. .home by 9:45am to find the roofers up on the roof rendering the top coat onto the stack!! They'd got water for the cement from a neighbour! Filled up a couple more buckets for them and made them a coffee - took the coffee out and it was raining!!!!! That won't do the wet render any good! Jeeze! At 10:25am the roofer called at the door just before leaving and said (refering to the rain) "we'll come back in an hour and may have to take it all off again if this keeps up". I have absolutely NO DOUBT - AT ALL that rain is still gonna be penetrating my roof space down that stack once they are done. Even if it doesn't, there is a 'weakness' in the integrity of my roof that is gonna prey on my mind for ever more - it'll only be a matter of time before that render fails and it does leak! Wish I'd never used them. :o( . .as far as I know they did NOT come back. The rain didn't fall 'too' heavily so fingers crossed. Need a couple of days of good weather then a decent downpour to know how effective it's been. Keeping an eye on the weather forecasts has become something of an obsession as a result of all this! :o( . . . PCd this and then spent hours and hours trying to decide what to do about the website. It IS gonna go back up on line (for reasons I STILL don't understand) but I have to try and change stuff and 'spread it around' on different ISPs because of the size of it and my lack of webspace. Easier said than done, never mind the fact that lots of it needs to be ammended and re-written in the light of the last couple of years of events!! That'll have to wait - again - still! Blimey - there's a lot of it - all intertwined and quite a mess! Skipped lunch, chain smoked like the good old days and went round and round in circles getting nowhere and eventually just shoved a load of it back on line more or less as it was - just a few bits moved onto my cable webspace - a few broken links here and there I'll have to attend to in due course. Gave up after 7:30pm . . . LB called in during the afternoon. She'd been down her parents for a few days helping with their catering supplies business. I'd forgotten she was going - she'd asked if I wanted anything from there when she went. If it was possible, I'd suggested some Horlicks drink. She turned up with a huge box of fifty sachets!! Blimey - that must be worth a bit! Nice one. Guess I'll be feeding her cats whenever she needs me to for quite a while to pay her back for that! . . LB called again later to summon me up to rescue a frog from her cats in her living room - relocated it to my pond. . . walked around 8pm and found a penny. Quite a mild and still evening. Funny atmosphere with a full moon. Some hooded guy over the field was up to something weird. On the edge of the field in the dark he put a plastic carrier bag down on the grass, took a dozen paces away, turned and stared at it, returned to mess with it and then repeated the walking away and standing and staring!!?? A little known full moon sacred carrier bag ceremony perhaps???!!! . . . touched base with BB . . . finally ate and cooked up yet another 4 fried sausage, 2 egg, 1 bread, mushrooms, half a tin of baked beans feast . . had one of LBs donated Horlicks drinks. Oh no! They are the low fat version - more tasteless and powdery than I'm used to - not very nice! And I have 49 more to get through!! Humph :o| . . . Sally spent the whole evening noisily gnawing on her bone. For some reason she is particularly partial to that particular bone - must be soft at the end - she's gradualy grinding it down into little pieces all over the carpets all over the house!! Poop scooping duties are also affected - like picking up pieces of concrete!! . . struggled to stay awake with nothing worth watching on TV and then all of a sudden somehow it was midnight, swallow prozac and to bed. pa
6 - Woke earlier then up around 7am. . .quite mild out. Definitely the slightest hint of spring in the air - feel better for it. Sat in the garden for morning coffee and smoke . . .walked and found 27p in the dew. Planning notices been posted saying how they are gonna build a big fence around the local rugby clubhouse and car park!. . .PCd this. Funny how I probably get more pleasure from looking at the panoramic photos I've taken than I do actually being there!!. . Well - for whatever it's worth - I guess I may as well upload my journal for the first time in however long it is - although, I don't think I'm up to facing any feedback or guestbook stuff for a while (not that I ever reply to any of it any more anyway! ESPECIALLY when I get feedback of someones life story and am then asked stuff like "I am very interested to hear what you do to overcome your problems. Have you found a way or do you have one in mind? Do you see any kind of progress? Do you have any tips coming from your experience?"!!! Jeeze - I'm hardly a glowing example of someone pulling themselves together and getting on with a fruitful life am I!!! What else can I do but not reply?I can hardly write back saying 'as far as I can see it's all hopeless and pointless. Do your best to just get by and then when you can't - so be it!' can I!! I'm absolutely NOT trying to set myself up as some sort of authority on anything with this website and my journal. I think I just want it to be - um - 'an example' - of something - of someone - who just happens to be me.). . . felt all exhausted and ended up laying down for a while before midday. Ended up waking around 3pm! . . . PCd and actually looked over some of my own journal for the past few weeks. Surprised how what I've written here doesn't somehow seem to amount to much - it really doesn't do justice to how difficult things have seemed for me. Oh well - probably just as well. . .walked. Felt colder than it was. . . touched base with BB . . . ate packets of crisps and bowls of cornflakes and TVd (watching 'The Game') until bed around 12:30am. ps
7 - Woke with a headache around 7am. . coffee, cigarettes and annadin for breakfast with gloves and hat on in the cold garden . . .out of the house just after 8am and decided on a whim to walk along the Frome Valley walkway and all the way to Sis1s for a coffee (if she's in). Walked across the local field and then down through Fishponds to Vassals Park. Following the path down towards the river a little before 9am, I spotted what appeared to be some refuse sacks up on top of a slope near where the workmen pile up all the fallens leaves and such in a quarry like area. Kept looking over as I walked down the slope - funny place to see black refuse sacks!? Hang on - that looked like a pair of shoes poking out?!!! Almost kept walking but figured I'd better climb up and have a closer look - 'just in case'! The morbid thought has often gone through my mind that with all the 'off the beaten track' walking I do, one of these days I could well find someone ill, injured or dead - that's part of why I always carry my phone - and in case I get injured and stuck somewhere out in the wilds on my own. As I climbed to the top of the slope with Sally running excitedly around, my heart was in my mouth as I discovered it WAS someone laying there!!!!!!!! Oh jeeze!!!! Walked gingerly over and peered at the figure's back trying to see if there was the rise and fall of breathing. I looked over his back to see the face and saw it was a black guy - looking kinda white around the edges?!! As I was looking his eyes opened! Wow - thank goodness for that. He started waking up - sat up and started looking around to see where he was - clearly a bit disorientated as Sally ran around looking for squirrels and I loomed over him gibbering on about how I was worried about him and was just checking that he was ok. He said he was ok. I patted him on the shoulder, told him to take care of himself and climbed back down the slope and carried on walking. Weird. Must've been real cold assuming he'd been there all night! Lucky to be waking up - or maybe - not!!! . . . crossed the fields at Frenchay common and headed back down the river path, along to Hambrook and then eventually up through to Sis1s house. Uh oh - the car was there but no answer at the door!! Bloody typical! Go all that way and she isn't there! Cheekily sat in her garden for a cigarette or two and tried calling her on the phone but nothing but ansaphones. Oh well - shame - could have really used a coffee! . . Gave up and headed back the way I'd come a little before 10am. Walked back to Vassals and figured I may as well walk the long way back along the river down through Snuff Mills across to Eastville Park and back. Got caught in the lightest of showers of rain and hail here and there! Home a little after midday. Recovered with a coffee and TVd a bit before cooking up four small cheeseburgers for lunch . . . napped until around 4pm . . . vacuumed a little, trying to de-hair and de-bone the carpets! The very minute I'd finished and put the vacuum away, Sally carried her bone into the middle of the living room carpet and started covering it in gnawed off bits of bone all over again!! Humph! . . . walked . . .touched base with BB . . . PS popped round for chats till early. . .ate crisps, garlic sausage sandwiches and biscuits . . . TV/PCd until earlier. pas
8 - Woke earlier then up just after 7am after a night of forgotten dreams. Ooops - I forgot to take my prozac pill last night - I think?! Took the pill and ate a couple of chocolate biscuits to help it get absorbed . . . walked and found 54p in small change all along the way! . . .PCd and updated just a couple of the AvPD links on the site. Blimey - when I first started all this there was hardly anything about AvPD out there. Search engine returned about fifty pages of results today (although almost all of it was just useless repetition of the basic diagnostic criteria, as usual)!!! . . .crisps and cheese and garlic sausage sandwhiches for lunch . . . napped through until woken by the ansaphone taking a call from Mum after 4pm . . .TVd . . .touched base with Mum. She'd wanted to tell me about a TV show on later all about a brain surgeon operating on tumors and such. I HAD spotted it as worth a watch . . . touched base with BB early . . . walked and found a penny. . . ate biscuits and bowls of cornflakes . . . TVd. Watched the BBC1 program 'Your Life In Their Hands' about the brain surgeon. Heavy emotional stuff. Rare TV near its best. . . to bed around midnight. Generally felt just a little more 'up' today than of late. Hmmm? Wonder if I did forget the fluoxetine last night or if maybe I mistakenly took an extra one this morning?!! If I did, maybe I need to! ps
9 - Up around 7:30am . . . walked. . .PCd this. The usual inundation of junk mail and STILL evidence of people infected with variants of that Netsky virus sending out mails as if from me!! Grrrr. I must be widely blacklisted as a result! . . . balanced my accounts for the first time in a while. Still surviving . . .left Sally at home and jumped in the car to go buy dog food. Jumped back out again real soon when the damn thing wouldn't start! Flat battery - first time I've tried to use it for a couple of weeks at least - been stood there all through all that snow and cold damp weather. Got my tools out and took the battery out and put it on slow charge out in the conservatory overnight. Fingers crossed the battery isn't due for replacement! . . . cooked up a couple of sausages with chips for lunch . . . TVd/PCd the afternoon away. Seems like the nights are starting to draw out just a little all of a sudden. Managed to go without my 'usual' afternoon nap but regretted it and was yawning and felt exhausted for the rest of the day . . . walked and found a penny . . . touched base with BB . . . ate crisps and garlic sausage, grated cheese and mayo sandwiches . . . TVd until bed around midnight. pas
10 - Woken by Sally around 6:45am! I suspect because it's gradually getting light out earlier, she'll start thinking I should be getting up earlier and earlier!! :o| . . . fully intending to nap later so figured a long tiring walk was in order. Walked with Sally down to Eastville Park, along the river and then up onto Purdown. A stolen Honda 250 superdream had been recently dumped just near the M32 underpass by Duchess Pond!! Narrowly resisted the temptation to try and report it - the number plate was missing and the frame number was covered by a bolt on reflector, so I figured calling the police would be more trouble than it was worth, especially when my mental rehearsal of giving directions to where it was, failed miserably. . carried a couple of heavy rocks back up the hill to the ruined monument and then sat for a cigarette or two before going up and down a couple of times collecting a few more stones. Played a bit with the view and my cheap Lidl pocket binoculars - a nice toy, mostly because they are SO small and light and can go almost unnoticed into a coat pocket. Ended up walking up to the communications tower and then all around exploring. I'm guessing but it looked to me as though all those old grafitti covered concrete structures, were anti aircraft installations from the second world war!! Tried to be clever with the digital camera - LOTS!! Sadly ran out of memory after 62 shots so figured I may as well head home the way we'd come! Back home drinking coffee by around 11:30am. . . put the battery back in the car. Started up straight away as sweet as a nut - thank goodness! Had to dig out all the car paperwork to try and find the radio security code. downloaded all the pictures to the PC and sadly found hardly one worth the effort! . . . left Sally at home and drove to Jollyes to get dog food supplies - a 15kg sack of PAL complete for £17.95 and 48 tins of Winalot for £18!! Felt weird traveling 'so far' without all the effort of walking - haven't driven for quite a while! Briefly stopped on the way home for a sack of potatoes then some milk and strangely, some black pudding to satisfy a craving! Found a penny. . . cooked up a late fried dinner of two bread, two eggs, two sausages, half a tin of beans and slices of half the roll of black pudding. . . napped until woken a little after 4pm by IHB popping in for a very quick coffee. So quick, I figure I may have been depressing company! He seemed a bit down himself again and I had pretty much absolutely nothing to say other than - yes - life is terribly bleak isn't it! :o\ . . . PCd this and played with some of this mornings photos for a while. IHB called - hopefully pointed him in the right direction with his PC problem. He didn't call back so I guess it's ok . . . walked late . . .touched base with BB . . . ate bowls of cornflakes . . . TVd until bed around midnight. pa
11 - Up around 7:30am . . . walked and found 5p . . .TVd in horror watching the news of the Madrid train bombings massacre!! :o( . . . walked with Sally up to shop. Joined Sally back outside and sat for a cigarette watching a couple of pigeons mating in the midst of the shopping crowds! The female was NOT playing hard to get. :o) Found 10p. Bitterly cold wind - so much for spring! . . cooked up another fried dinner with mushrooms, black pudding and everything else. . .napped until around 4pm and missed AA calling on the ansaphone. . . TVd. Nasty weather forecast for later, threatening snow and gales and all sorts of unpleasantness!! . . PCd this . . ate a bunch of biscuits . . . finally got round to getting on my hands and knees and reading the small print on the back of the microwave that next door donated, which I've left laying on the living room floor since I got it! Sadly it's only a 660 watt - less than the 800w one I'm used to using so I guess I'll stick with the one I have, despite it being in rather worse condition and past its best, with some rust inside where I haven't kept it free from cooking condensation!! Dunno what to do with the one next door gave me now? . . . BB called . . .walked in the sleet. Very unpleasant and real glad when it was done . . . TVd and watched the documentary/interviews about the experiences of the parents of Holly, the murdered Soham schoolgirl. Absorbing and moving! :o( . . .Some snippet of film showing a young boy bouncing on a trampoline and doing somersaults brought back a rare inkling of a childhood memory. We were doing a games lesson at school and were given the rare opportunity to have a go on the trampolines. My memory sets the scene in the main assembly hall, but I’m not sure if that can be right. It was my turn to be up having a bounce, with the teacher and other pupils arranged around the padded edges of the trampoline, watching, and acting as a ‘safety net’. I was encouraged by the teacher to have a go at doing a forward somersault. I’d never done one before. In fact I rather suspect it may have been my first time on a proper trampoline. Ringed in like that, cajoled by the teacher and onlookers, and very much on the spot, it didn’t feel as though I had much choice. I tried to muster my courage. After a few tentative bounces, which with hindsight were absolutely not high enough due to the trembling in my legs absorbing much of the up and down energy I was putting in, I launched myself into the forward dive that I imagined was required to complete a perfect Olympic gold medal standard, forward somersault. Maybe I could have used a little coaching about what I should actually have done, but it seems SO clear to me now, the only thing that was missing, was the self esteem and confidence required to really go for it. I ended up in an ungainly crouching, nose diving, crumpled, bouncing heap, much to the humiliating amusement of everyone around, especially the laughing teacher who chastised me for my pathetic attempt! Happy dayz!!! :o| On the trampoline of life, I have not learned how to somersault – the older you get, the more effort you have to put into the bounce – and the harder the fall!! lololol :o). . . ate late - garlic sausage, grated cheese and mayo sandwiches with some crisps - and more biscuits of course . . .trimmed my hair . . . TV/PCd until early. Damn tooth ache giving me some trouble. pas
12 - Up just before 7am. Snowed a little more during the night by the look of it. . . walked in the slippery slush and rapid thaw and found 2p . . .PCd a bit and started a 'Henry' page - cause - well - why not? - sooner or later I guess there'll be plenty to put there, if I can be bothered! :o( . . . . . cooked up another fried dinner . . . napped the afternoon away . . . walked in rubber in the rain . . . touched base with BB . . . ate garlic sausage, grated cheese and mayo sandwiches with some crisps . . . TVd/PCd until early. pas
13 - Woke early, snoozed on and then woken by Sally barking at the postman and got up around 8am . . . walked. . . sat around vegetatively with a bit of a headache. Briefly dabbed in the garden and removed one of the small fir trees from the ground next to the step and put it in a pot. Those little slow growing trees are getting bigger a little quicker than I thought they would and I don't want any roots causing undermining problems to the patio. Stumbled over a couple of frogs in a mating clinch. Even me picking them up and moving them over near the pond didn't stop their clinching! :o) . . . did laundry chores and got the washing out on the line in the sunny spells for a short while before the sky threatened and I brought it all back in again - just in time! A stormy shower of pea sized hail!! Forecast for the coming week is wetter but warmer. . . a fried lunch and then napped until 4pm. Woke overheating feeling a bit iffy and queasy and remained feeling tired for the rest of the evening . . . coffee and bisuits . . .walked. Spotted a penny but it was in an awkward position on the other side of some railings so I figured I'd pick it up on the way back if it was still there. Forgot all about it on the way back - the one that got away. . . BB called . . .ate crisps and bowls of cornflakes with the usual huge amount of sugar. . .struggled to stay awake until a reasonably late hour and eventually to bed around 11pm. pa
14 - Woke earlier, snoozed then up at 6:30am . . .walked around 7:30am and found 3p - the penny I'd spotted last night and another 2p nearby lol. Notices stuck to lots of lamp posts advertising a missing cat - one of the notices had fallen off and was laying under a hedge. Picked it up and folded it up and popped it in a pocket. . Checked my journal - damn, damn, damn - I'd forgotten to put that in my journal so I'm not sure when it was. Several days ago on a week day, setting off with Sally in the morning to walk, there was a dead black cat answering the description laying on the pavement just down the road, not far from the day nursery. I remember thinking how disturbing it could have been for the young children being walked past it - I kept my distance because of Sally. Walking back past later in the day, the body had been removed. I guess it is quite likely it was the missing cat! :o( I'll try to call the number and let them know - but how to word my call just in case it wasn't theirs? . .tried calling a couple of times and eventually spoke to a guy. It's his girlfriends cat gone missing and she's frantic with worry. Told him what I knew but it seems someone had already called him and told him about 'that' cat. He wasn't certain it was theirs, but seems a bit of a coincedence! Offered my commiserations. . . touched base with Mum and asked if she wanted the microwave I got from next door. Predictably she didn't, but she did start me having second thoughts about maybe keeping it for myself despite it being less powerful than the old one I'm using, because it is in such good condition. Decided to swap em over and give it a try for a while. . . Sis1 coincedentaly called to touch base and make suggestions about a visit to see Mum this week some time prior to mothers day. Hmmm - we'll see. :o| I'm not sure what there is left to salvage from the mess I've made of everything, but I feel I should try :o(. . . checked to make sure the battery was holding a charge and the car starts. It did. . . popped up into the attic as the wind and rain battered the house. Well - looks pretty water tight up there for the time being, thank goodness!!. . . did chores - vacuuming, laundry etc . . . touched base with BB . . . fried up a late lunch and used up the last of the current carton of mushrooms . . . napped late for a couple of hours, through BBs ansaphone message, until woken by LB calling at the door at 6:30pm with a big bone left over from her Sunday roast for Sally. Broke it in two and put half in the fridge for tomorrow . . . walked in the drizzle and wind. Increasing numbers of squished frogs on the roads! 'Bagged' a live one from the middle of the road on the way home and popped it in my pond. Given from experience I know the pond won't support tadpoles, I'm probably not doing them any favours by doing that. :o( I guess the beauty of Darwinism is that, whatever I do, it fits into the big picture!! . . .ate crisps and garlic sausage and cheese sandwiches . . . PS popped round for chats, coffee and biscuits till early. Gave Sally half her bone - almost all gone in no time! . . ended up PCing until 3am looking at property in France and on the Isle of Skye!! ps
15 - Woken by Sally at 7:30am - and I really didn't want to be awake yet! . . .walked and found a penny . . . ate a bowl of muesli, a banana and far too many biscuits and inevitably ended up going back to sleep . . . woke around 1:45pm! . . . did dishwashing chores . . . BB called . . . TVd . . .walked and found 5p . . .defrosted some meat that LB had donated some time ago. Turned out to be a big piece of best steak!! Blimey - nice one! Had a glass of red wine which went straight to my head as I fried it slowly in butter and made up some chips to go with it. Turned out to be THE most succulent wonderful piece of steak I've had in a while. Wonderful. . touched base with LB and offered suitable thanks. . . TVd. . . to bed just after 10:30pm. pds
16 - Stolen, dumped motorcycle near PurdownWoke at 6am and snoozed on until woken by Sally climbing on the bed at 6:30am . . .out of the house and walking at 7:30am. Found 2p. Walked down to Eastville Park and along the river and then up past the stolen dumped motorcyle that had been moved and now smashed up and reduced to a ruin, onto the hill at Purdown! Carried a few thrown down stones back up the hill and added them to the heap near the ruined monument. Sat in the cold breeze under a grey sky on the top overlooking the M32, to recover from the exertion and to have a cigarette. The Mansion House on PurdownWas just toying with the idea of carrying some more stones up before I left - but as I stood up and turned round there was a group of four people all wandering around right behind me near the monument in fluorescent jackets, one with a clipboard or similar. I couldn't resist going and asking - and sure enough, they confirmed that they were going to, at least in part, rebuild the ruined monument! Excellent! :o) . Man in the woodswandered around a bit up near the mansion house exploring and taking the obligatory series of photos and then headed back down to Snuff Mills and carried on along the river. Spotted the coloured guy I'd seen sleeping in the woods on the 7th. He was sat on a manhole with his back to the path and oblivious of anyone passing, and appeared to be staring at an old lamp post or the rocks and trees!! I think maybe he isn't well! I guess he lives down there!!! Poor devil. :o( Put my 'problems' into perspective a bit! . . sun came out and the sky cleared to blue - unseasonably warm - too warm for the coat I was wearing - carried on walking along the river, through Vassals, back up through Fishponds and home by around 11am . . .sat in the sun in the garden for a while with a coffee and watched as Sally devoured the other half of the LB donated bone. Several clumps of frog spawn in the pond, but I'm not gonna get excited because like last year, I bet it doesn't survive! :o( . . . cooked up four small cheeseburgers for lunch . . .got a bee in my bonnet about panoramic photos and dashed out into the street with the tripod near the crossroads junction and took a series of 11 and then stitched them all together on the PC and sent the result to DS - just in case he's interested/to bring back some memories . . mostly PCd the afternoon away . . . BB called . . .PCd this . . . walked late and found 2p. . . ate bowls of cereal and biscuits . . . TVd until bed around 12:30am. ps
17 - Woken around 5:30am by noise from next door getting ready for work!! Grrrr. - snoozed on until woken by Sally at 7:15am! . . .walked and found 3p and YET another dog toy! Ive never known a dog to end up with SO many toys. . .walked with Sally up to shop and found 2p. Invested £6.90 in a new filter for the old vacuum that LB gave me. Drew £100 out of the building society to give to LB to hopefully get me some duty free tobacco when she goes to Spain for her long weekend. Shopped for a little food and more mushrooms. My hernia was playing up real bad and causing me lots of discomfort!! Very protruding and making me feel sick - had to walk the entire way with a hand in my pocket trying to hold things in!!!!! . . .coffee and bisuits . . popped up the garage and filled the car up (31.21ltrs @ £24) Had to stop on the way home and indulge my fantasies by looking at a camper van and one of those 'grey import' Toyota auto deisel MPVs that I'd spotted for sale in a car sales place. . . cooked up a fried lunch of four sausages, a slice of fried bread, two eggs, and mushrooms fried in butter. Suicide by cholesterol!! lol Watched a bit of the budget on TV - guess I'll be worse off - as always! . . . napped for a couple of hours. . .briefly popped up LBs and handed over the £100 tobacco money. . .briefly touched base with Sis1 to confirm I had decided I WOULD be going down with her, to do her early mothers day visit. . . walked and found 3p. Relocated a couple of clinching frogs from the front yard to the pond out back. . . touched base with BB . . . PCd this . . . ate a bowl of muesli . . .TVd until bed around 11:30pm. Worst hernia day I think I've had! p
18 - Broken night of poor sleep. Woken around 4am by the sound of a 'blackbird singing in the dead of night'! Lovely spring mating/territorial song and all, but SO loud, SO early?!!! Tossed and turned - saw 5am - eventually got up at 6am! That's gonna make staying awake all day a battle of endurance, especially after having got into a recent 'necessary' routine of afternoon napping! . . .walked and found 2p. . .ate a muesli breakfast. . got clean - all the while thinking 'I don't want to have to do today - just want to stay at home'!! . . wrote out my very carefully selected, not at all slushy or lovey dovey (hard to find!), mothers day card . . . loaded Sally and stuff into the car and headed for Sis1s after 8:30am . . picked up Sis1 and the mothers day flowers she'd prepared (split the cost and the petrol), and after immediately getting stuck in a huge queue near the Hambrook roundabout for ages, eventually reached the motorway and headed off down to Mums at Brixham. Usual couple of hours journey, no problems. . ."Surprise!" First visit for over a year! Felt awkward but seemed to go down ok. . .coffee and 'careful' chats . . . left Sally in the garage (Dad's 'domain' - almost everything untouched since I was last there!) and all headed off to the Churston Inn for a huge, expensive carvery meal all paid for by Mum. I had a full, piled high ("help yourself to the roast potatoes"), roast beef dinner followed by a baileys cheesecake. As usual there, all absolutely excellent, albeit a little dark! Nevers seems to be quite light enough in that place - and there is obviously something weird about the wiring, because what lights there are, keep on flickering. At one point we were briefly plunged into darkness, and mum suggested it was dad making his presence felt ('again'!!!!). I couldn't have that - and pointed out it was rather more likely something to do with the guy on the other side of the room who I'd watched in the gloom just turn off the switch in his desperate attempts to shed more light on what he was eating!! :o| . . . instructed by Mum to stop off at the local store on the way home so that she could buy a treat for Sally - a couple of little pork pies! :o) Found 20p. Bought myself a tin of Red Bull drink to help keep me awake on the long drive home later . . . let excited Sally out of the garage and Mum gave her her pork pie treat - she accidentaly caught Mums finger a bit in her excitement, but luckily didn't break the skin!! . . .messed around in the garage 'being Dad' for a while, refixing a handle to Mums favourite garden broom that was breaking. . pottered around a bit looking at a couple of the medium sized fir trees in the garden Mum was worried about, which strangely seem to be falling over. Looks like somehow they've grown too big for their small root system and are simply being blown over in the wind!?? Tried just stamping them back into the ground a bit (aware that I was also stamping on 'some' of the still visible, scattered Dad's ashes!!). Didn't really work - dunno what can be done about that. . chatted with Mum in the garden about her wanting to remove this overgrown tree and that overgrown tree, to make things more manageable and lower maintenance. Felt sickened that she was considering paying to get someone in to do the work, when I really probably could do it all myself, given the wood saw Dad gave me, a bit of time and effort, and hernia allowing! I offered for some time in the future. Got the step ladder out and climbed up to have a quick look in the guttering. Dad used to clear it twice a year apparantly - could do with doing! Tried to quickly do a bit, but there was too much standing water in there after the recent rain. Needs to be done when it's all dry - and a new seal needs buying and installing on the front - and that PIR will soon require replacing - and, and - arrrgh!!! Gave up . . coffee and chats . . .hernia protrusion subsided a bit at last. Oh thank goodness! Been giving me big uncomfortable trouble ALL day!! I think I may have coughed at some point, without first 'holding' myself, and made things a bit worse maybe! That or, perhaps I was just a bit 'up tight'?! . . . walked with Sally at about 5:30pm down to Battery Gardens. Part of the gardens were closed and barricaded off - the covering turf and Sis2s favourite seat was all gone - and that of course also meant 'Ted' and 'Hilda'! lol Notices revealed that renovation works were being done to the World War 2 gun battery emplacement underneath - waterproofing and replacement of a big steel beam! Walked around and briefly walked down to Fishcombe Cove for Sally to have a quick romp in the sea with another playful dog that was there. . back to the garage and gave Sally her meal . . . chats . . . loaded the car up, goodbyes, and on the road by around 7:30pm. Stopped at my 'usual' garage for petrol (13.17ltr @ £10) but was SO yawning and tired I had to park up for five minutes to roll some cigarettes for the journey and to start drinking the Red Bull to try and wake me up a bit. Seemed to work well enough to drive home ok. . good quick dry run back - smoked far too much! I guess the day had gone - 'ok' - considering. . . quickly dropped off Sis1. . .unloaded and collapsed at home by 10pm. Watched a bit of TV but needed to be quiet for a bit and ended up 'reading' the teletext news with the sound turned off! REALLY bad weather forecast for the next couple of days - big gales! Roof test! :o( . . . touched base with BBs ansaphone and then exhausted to bed around 11pm. pa
19 - Up around 7am, headachey, with the wind and rain battering the house. Coffee, cigarettes and annadin tablet for breakfast . . . nasty walk in rubber in the gale - need to replace my waterproofs - damn trousers have a leak! Very happy to get that over and done with!! Wet dog dayz! Wonder if that poor guy is still down in the woods by the river?!!. . . PCd this sucking more annadin . . .climbed up into the attic looking for leaks. Things are definitely improved, but I can still find a totally saturated brick in that chimney stack by looking through a gap in the bricks with a torch!!! I guess it's possible that it's from blown-in rainwater dropping down from the top of the vents in the chimney pot cap - not sure but don't think I can easily justify (nor can I face) kicking up a big fuss about it with the roofer - again! At least all the woodwork seems to be dry. :o| . . .felt all exhausted and ended up laying down around midday and napping until early afternoon. Woke still with the headache - think I need food, although I feel a little nauseaus. . touched base with BB . . . cooked up a mid afternoon fried sausage, beans mushrooms etc. meal and forced it down. . . lay down again trying to shake off the headache, which did begin to ease as the food got into me. Couldn't sleep but seemed happy to just lay there pretending for an hour or more anyway! . . . walked . . . BB called . . .TVd . . . ate crisps, sausage rolls and a whole packet of Jelly Babies that mum'd insisted I take . . . TVd until bed around 11pm. paas
20 - Woken around 6am by the sound of the rain battering against the window. Snoozed on until woken by insistent pawing Sally around 7am . . . walked. Misjudged a break in the weather and walked without my waterproofs. Ended up pouring with wind blown rain and I got absolutely drenched - wring out your trousers drenched! Found 6p . . hung wet dripping stuff up around the place and changed into dry clothes . . .a £50 premium bond win in the mail and my new council tax bill - a 5.5% increase (luckier than some!), well above inflation yet again!! In real terms, every year, I'm worse and worse off!!! :o( . also got a copy of the tenancy agreement Sis1 is using to rent out the house she's bought. We'd talked about it - I'd forgotten to pick up a copy when I dropped her off the other day. She was about to embark on trying to type a copy of it, all in to her computer! I'd suggested scanning it and then applying OCR software to save having to type it all. Ended up spending the whole morning messing around doing it for her. My old scanner won't work under Windows XP so I had to mess around changing the BIOS and booting up of my old hard drive into Windows 98 to do it all. Wow - how nice and quick and simple Windows 98 was! Made up a 'reasonable' copy in MS Word in the end and e-mailed it to her (although it seems like Outlook Express has been modified to refuse to accept MS Word attachments because of macro viruses and such - not sure she'll get it!!?). Probably could have typed it in as quick! Tab stops and such and formatting the layout in Word was my time consuming inexperienced stumbling block! . . . fried up a lunch . . . TV/PCd the day away as the gales battered the house. Felt cold all day - had a shower just to try and warm up and had the heating on for ages despite it actually being quite mild out. Apparantly a few people around the country have been killed by the wind - a falling tree killed two in a car and flying debris killed some guy walking down a road to a football match!!!! . . .lay down late and almost napped for an hour until roused by the alarm. Coffee and biscuits . . walked . . .BB called . . . ate de-frosted sausage rolls and crisps . . . TVd feeling real tired, but eventually managed to stay awake to see what was number one on a program of a poll of the 100 best films. Turned out to be Star Wars! Dislike such programs - always get all caught up in analyzing and trying to determine how representative the result is, and what subsets of the population would be likely to have actually been a part of whatever poll was done, to account for the mixed bag of results. . at last to bed around 12:30am. ps
21 Mothers Day - Woke earlier then up around 7:30am . . . walked in the wind in some sunny spells and light drizzly showers and found a refillable lighter and 17p. Got unusually all supersticious when I'd reached 13p and determined to try and find some more on the way home, and then conveniently found another four pennies washed visible in the gutters by the recent heavy rain lol :o) The lighter turned out to have a hole in it, so that was a waste of gas and effort. . .PCd this . . . Mum called to touch base and say thanks for the card . . .TVd/PCd/did some laundry and vacuuming chores. That LB donated vaccuum seems fairly usable with its new filter . . . defrosted some roast chicken and potatoes from the freezer and cooked up the last of the mushrooms, some peas and three quarters of a pint of gravy to go with it. Treated myself to a glass of cheapest Sainsburys red wine on my empty stomach and succeeded in getting a bit tipsy, and then REALLY enjoyed the meal. :o) . . . napped until around 7pm . . . walked . . . BB called . . . PS popped in for chats and biscuits till early. Ate the last couple of sausage rolls, a bag of crisps and a bowl or two of cornflakes. . . TVd/PCd till earlier. pds
22 - Up late just after 8am . . .Watched some of the TV news. Some anti hunt people had infiltrated a welsh hunting with hounds group, and had videod a fox being dug out of where it had gone to ground and then being thrown alive to be torn to shreds by the pack of dogs! Awful! :o( Then there was the scary footage of the massive Palestinian demonstrations that followed Israel’s murder of the Hamas leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Palestinians were shown burning the UK union jack flag! Felt strangely personal all of a sudden – like if those people could, they would surely kill – ME – without hesitation!!! Just like that fox!!! WhadidIdo???!!! Scary! :o( . . . walked and found 2p. Stopped to sit on the seat for my usual cigarette and got talking to some old guy dog walker all about how he'd given up smoking years ago when he had to undergo heart bypass surgery because he was a smoker!!!! . . Carried on walking (having to hold my hernia in!) down to and through St. Georges park, and did a big circle to drop in my repeat fluoxetine prescription form in the box at the doctors. Back home around 10:15am . . .couldn't seem to be able to face doing anything and ended up just sitting around - again! . . . crisps and corned beef, mayo and grated cheese sandwhiches and biscuits for lunch . . . napped for a couple of hours . . . TVd the rest of the day away - again! Feel rather down . . . walked and found 2p and a Reebock wooly hat that I'll wash and never wear - cause it isn't black. . . touched base with BB . . . couldn't face cooking and just ate more crisps and corned beef, mayo and grated cheese sandwhiches . . . TVd (watched the last in the BBC1 series of 'Your Life In Their Hands' - about a heart surgeon doing open heart surgery!) until bed at 11pm. p
23 - Woken by Sally at 7am . . .out just after 7:30am. LB collared me in the street and asked if I'd feed her cats while she's away for her long weekend, because the arrangement with the person who was going to do it had fallen through. Uh huh - no surprises there then! :o| Walked in the showers and sunny spells down to Eastville Park, along the Frome Valley walk to Vassals and back up through Fishponds. Found 8p and a Spanish 5 euro cents coin which looks like a penny. Home recovering with coffee and smokes by around 10:15am and just missed a hail shower. . . PCd this - hmmm, now what shall I eat today? My recent mood, lack of energy and being on the prozac again, seems to have reduced my life to just being concerned with sleeping, walking the dog and eating!! At least I seem to be rather more interested in food than I have been - with a full stomach, cocooning myself in a duvet (fully clothed - often with my fleece hood pulled up over my eyes!), being all warm (usually wake up because I am dangerously overheating!) , and allowing myself to fall asleep for an afternoon nap, is a looked forward to joy - despite being fully aware it is the most awful waste of a life! :o| What with that and the 'obligatory' hours of 'abscent mindedness' in front of the TV (here and there throughout the day and ALWAYS from 8pm after walking the dog, solidly through until bedtime) - seems to fill the days!!!!?. . . got the necessary paperwork together and briefly popped up and 'joined' at the local video/DVD rental store, just out of the top of the field where I walk Sally, and where I often detour to go buy milk. Wasn't really in the mood and couldn't think of anything I wanted to watch, but at least I now have a card and can pop in there at any time and hire one if I want. Found 2p . . . cooked up a garlic chicken kiev, chips and peas for lunch . . . napped for a few hours . . . walked . . . touched base with BB . . .ate packets of crisps and corned beef, grated cheese and mayo sandwhiches. . . TVd/PCd until early and ended up eating a couple of bowls of cornflakes before bed. pas
24 - Woken by Sally just before 7:30am . . .walked and found 6p in copper . . .walked with Sally up Kingswood to put the premium bond win into the building society and to do a little shopping. Took my time walking up and took loads of series of photos for panoramic collages (difficult hand held with bored Sally pulling on her lead and jogging my arm!) at different points all along the way, to send to DS for his interest/memories. Weird how that camera stores images - the amount of memory used seems to depend on what I'm photographing, or the light levels or - something? Ran out of memory after 58 shots this time. Found 3p. Impulse bought a couple of 500g cartons of minced beef that were reduced to 89p each! Gonna have to figure out what to do with them!! . . .spent a couple of hours messing with all the photos and making up the panoramics. Didn't turn out 'too' bad on the whole - not 'that' many wasted shots. Funny how anything that is moving in the series (traffic/pedestrians etc.) gets turned into a half formed/transparant ghostly image when they are all stitched together. . . ate a handful of reduced price small sausage rolls and a bag of crisps . . . napped until around 6pm. . .LB called (as instructed) to remind me to feed the cats as from tomorrow evening. Apparantly the polecats will be ok without attention until she returns!!????? Hum!!!!!. . . checked in a couple of cookery books and figured I'd have a go at a meatloaf, cause I had everything needed (which wasn't much). Mixed up the 500g of minced beef with an egg, two slices of bread less the crust crumbled into breadcrumbs, two tablespoons of tomatoe puree, three small chopped onions (the rest of which I'm gonna end up throwing away cause they are all growing in the bag!!), a sprinkle of sage, a dash of worcestershire sauce, some salt and pepper, a little butter to grease the loaf tin (how on earth did I come to be the owner of a loaf tin??!!) and unecessarily a tablespoon of water! Crammed it all into the loaf tin and put it in the middle of the oven at gas mark 5 for an hour and a quarter, while I went out and walked Sally. Found 2p . . . ate only a third of the meatloaf (which was quite sufficient for a big feed) with some peas and chips. Not bad at all - that's a cheap meal - and enough in the fridge for a couple more! Satisfying - mostly because of the low cost. :o) . . . BB called . . . TVd/PCd till early. pa
25 - Woken by Sally just after 6:45am!! Uggh - with the mornings getting lighter, she's gettin me up earlier! :o( . . .walked and found 12p . . .PCd this . . .left Sally at home and drove in the car in the drizzle to try and take a few photos here and there that DS had asked to maybe see. I was particularly keen to try and find the location of a lane where an old photograph he’d shared with me was taken. Without a working printer, I had to sketch it onto a piece of paper before I set off! Paid particular attention to the house roofs and where the chimney pots were, etc. Parked the car and wandered around in the rain with my camera and tripod, up lanes behind peoples houses, but just couldn’t find the right spot – although, nearly forty years on, it WAS quite likely things would have changed rather, if not disappeared altogether! Felt all guilty wandering around like that up behind people’s houses and felt obliged to talk to anyone who came near looking suspicious, and explain what I was trying to do!! Drove on and took a few photos of his old school but soon ran out of memory and returned home. . PCd the photos I'd taken and mailed them to DS . .Mum called like old times telling me about a TV program worth watching later . . . fried up a lunch of bread, eggs, bacon and mushrooms with some bread and butter. . . touched base with BB . . . slept the afternoon away . . . walked . . .BB called . . . TVd and watched the C4 documentary "The boy whos skin fell off!". Jeeze - program started with the guy, post mortem, on camera with his voice-over introducing himself!! He turned out to be the most amazing person - who had suffered unimaginably. Incredible story. Once again, rare TV at its best. . . ate meatloaf sandwiches! BB had suggested people make sandwiches out of it and she wasn't wrong. Very yummy - even if I'd made it too lumpy to slice properly. Hmmm? Another business opportunity idea - meatloaf shops, stocked with varied recipe meatloafs! lol :o) I'm beginning to wonder if the prozac is starting to have more of a gradual effect - or maybe it's just the lengthening days of approaching summer (My mood is always better in summer - I'm learning to fear the long winter months!), but whatever it is, I seem to be feeling maybe a bit better and getting 'silly' ideas (which IS a good thing) and getting interested in doing this and that (like running around with the camera for DS) and feeling a bit restless and bored with things as they are!! I guess I'll know when 'I'm back', when I start to feel up to tackling the kitchen building site again! Ugggh!! :o| . . . TVd/PCd till gone 1am. pas
26 - Woken around 4:30am by the guy up the road car alarm going off as he went to work! Grrr. Back to sleep eventually for a broken snooze until up around 7:20am . . .DS had e-mailed with a better description of where the lane was his old photo had been taken. He seems to really enjoy being able to see scenes of the old country. Thought he may. :o) . . .fed LBs cats . . . Back to the future.packed up my tripod and a small spirit level (to get the tripod level to enable accurate 360 degree panoramics) into a rucksack on my back and walked around 8am. Found 2p. Carried on walking out of the top of the field in the sunny spells with Sally and headed back out the couple of miles to try and find the site of the old DS photo. It'd become a challenge! Yayyyy - I think I found it. :o) Damn - photographing into the morning sun, and difficult to get the shot because of all the new garages and fences and such! Guess we all have more 'stuff' these days and need somewhere more secure to put it! . . . carried on, on a bit of a route march, and stopped here and there, tied Sally to various things and set up the tripod and took photos of this and that for DS to remember. A challenging, learning experience about how to get the best results. Actually enjoyed it. I wonder if, with the right advertising/website, such a custom done, remote view around the UK type 'service' couldn't make money on the net. Family tree people? Ex pats just re-living old times? People thinking of buying/visiting/renting a property? People needing a 'hands on' / 'on site' representative for whatever?, etc etc. There ya go - yet another million dollar internationally expandable business idea - that I won't bother with! (Especially considering the hassle it was to find the right lane!! lololololol). Tempting though – drive/walk around with Sally - take pics/vids/whatever? - do weird things FOR people - e-mail em the results - charge + expenses. :o\ Must be the prozac! . . . walked back home via the field for Sallys benefit and PCd the photos. I'd experimented taking some on lower resolution than my usual 'best'. They were quite adequate - after all - anything I put on this website is around an eighth of the original size (or less!) - anything I share by e-mail is at least a quarter of the original because it takes SO long to mail with my old dial up ISP connection, and after all - not usually much point in a picture bigger than your screen! Had taken 80 adequate pictures with memory to spare!!! Impressive cheap camera . . . ate chips, mushrooms and all the leftover reheated meatloaf for a huge lunch - and then some biscuits! . . . tired but difficulty falling asleep (thinking through the little logistical details of silly ideas and who I'd have to be to give it a go!) - eventually slept the afternoon away . . .TVd/PCd this . . . fed LBs cats . . . walked and found 3p in the dark. . .touched base with PS and asked who the 'L' was who'd signed my guestbook!! Aha - L from work! Some paranoia as a result! . . . BB called . . . ate corned beef, cheese and mayo sandwiches . . .TVd but felt real tired and kinda spaced out (??) and ended up going to bed just before 10pm!!! pa
27 - Woke earlier, snoozed a bit then up around 6:45am . . .fed LBs cats . . . out of the house and walking just after 7:30am. Drizzly misty out - wore my waterproof coat - figured Sally deserved a good walk (I asked her if she wanted to, and she bounced around SO excited, so I guess that was a yes! A pleasure to be able to bestow SUCH joy) so headed off down to Eastville park, along the river, etc. Found a large 8inch diameter foam rubber type ball for Sally, just down from the local field. Couldn't resist it so ended up having to carry it all the way!! Despite the drizzle, couldn't resist walking the extra up onto the slopes of Purdown - mostly to see what Sally would do when I launched the ball down the hill!! lol Work seems to have been going on up there - the smashed up motorcycle and lots of other junk had been put into a huge waste skip ready for removal. Tracks in the mud up the hill showed where some heavy equipment had been in use. Carried some stones up the hill and added them to the heaps at the top. Someone had been sorting out the heaps of stone from the ruined monument! It appeared that different heaps had been made of the different sizes, prior to the renovations. Excellent. Had a cigarette and then couldn't resist going up and down for a quarter of an hour or so carrying more stones back up. Got all hot and exhausted and ended up making a small heap of nearby stones only half way up the hill. Maybe the sight of that will encourage the workmen to go collect up all the rest from roundabout!!? Threw Sally's new ball down the hill a couple of times. It WAS worth it - very amusing to watch her helter skelter down the hill after it. Made me laugh. :o) Sally got her own back by biting a big chunk out of the foam ball and ruining it!! . .back down to Snuff Mills and walked along to Vassals and back home via Fishponds. Found 16p along the way and yet another toy for Sally - a plastic toy truncheon with a squeaker in it, left in the local field by someone! Home with coffee by 11:15am . . . PCd for hours and had a go at doing a GIF for DS. He'd asked about maybe trying to do an animated transition of the old picture of the lane to the new. Damn - got me hooked with another challenge. Managed a reasonably satisfactory result but the file size ended up being huge! 4MB for the full size one, 1.1MB for a smaller version!!!!!!!!!!!! PCd this as I sat on line, having decided to try and e-mail the full size one to him with my slow 56k dial up!!! Took forever! Around 30 minutes?!!!! Are they EVER going to bring down the price of broadband?! :o( . . . had a real late lunch of fried bread, mushrooms, bacon and eggs and ended up sleeping pretty soon after . . . woke around 7:30pm!!! . . . fed LBs cats . . . walked. Was just crossing the road and one of a large group of loud kids on the other side, slid to the ground clutching the bottle of vodka they’d all been drinking from!! Well drunk. And nothing more than children – 'just' teens I guess. What can ya do? Kept an eye out through the blinds and eventually things quietened down and they dispersed and disappeared. Parents! . . . BB called . . . just ate a couple of bowls of cornflakes because ALL the plates need washing and I just couldn't be bothered!! . . . TVd/PCd till early. pa
28 - Woke around 6am but of course the clocks have changed to BST so it was 7am and I figured I may as well get up. . .bit drizzly/misty out. Still got a bee in my bonnet about doing photos of the old country for DS to be nostalgic – figured so early on a deserted Sunday when people aren’t sure what time it is and are still at home, would be an ideal time to wander around with the camera and try and be clever. . . fed LBs cats . . .Loaded up my rucksack with a waterproof coat, a small spirit level and the tripod and headed off with Sally. Retrieved an abandoned skateboard from the middle of the big puddle over the field. I’m happy to admit I’m too old for that – seen too many allegedly ‘amusing’ home videos on TV of people my age forgetting how old and stiff they are, as they fall painfully off em. Left it on the grass for someone else to loot. . carried on walking and stopping here there and everywhere that I could remember may be meaningful to DS, to take series after series for loads of panoramic photos. Mostly of pubs it must be said – relevant to the bike days! Sally was very good and patient as we walked miles and miles and she kept getting tied to this and that as I went through the laborious routine of setting up the tripod and trying to get it all level for a slow, click-beep, click-beep rotation. Headed towards the Centre of Bristol via St George, Easton, Eastville, St Pauls and Broadmead – a long tortuous route. Got multiple shot panoramics of the Wackum Inn - the one with the old post war 'pre-fabs' opposite. They are still there although the council is real close to having them all removed (some already empty and a sorry state) and 'affordable' (new political buzz word) housing built in their place. The old tenants who've lived there all their lives and still retain a rare community spirit are a bit upset. A guy walking in front of me stopped to pick up some litter and put it in a nearby bin. No doubt because of the recent effects on me of the prozac, I became my father reincarnate – and had to commend him for his actions by saying something stupid like if everyone did that it would be a better world! Amazing how people WILL NOT do that. I’ve seen people finding discarded chip wrappers dropped in their garden, indignantly pick them up and with a look of absolute affront, throw them back out into the street! Hell – I admit I’ve even done it. I don’t anymore! I even sometimes pick up the spoilt children’s litter over the field and walk it to the bin. If everyone did that little bit (or didn’t drop it in the first place!) t’would be a nicer world. I even once (and only once-because Sally scored a bulls eye and did one on top of the other!) poop scooped someone else dog poop!!! Eeeeewwww!!! It ain’t so bad when it’s your own (dog) is it?! lol . . Captured The Kings Head and then the site of the old gas station where we used to get gas, that’s no longer there and is now a building site for yet more squeezed in, rabbit hutch houses! Seems like every single tiny little bit of spare land everywhere is being bought up and houses built on it(or huge extensions to existing buildings), because of the alleged lack of houses - but more likely because of the housing price boom and the big profits to be made I suspect! And what is in the news today? Reports that yet another 100,000 migrants have been allowed to enter the country ‘without the proper checks’. Uhuh – and they are gonna live – where exactly? In this weekend local paper there was an upsetting article which I could hardly believe. Planning permission has been granted for David Wilson Homes to build 530 homes on SISTON COMMON!!! The company has paid £24 million for the site and is now awaiting final approval from South Gloucestershire Council before construction gets under way. Irreplaceable green fields! F***ing outrageous! No such thing as a protected ‘green belt’ anymore – and I always thought that was sacrosanct! Appalling. They just wont be satisfied until the whole country is concreted over (“say it’s paradise, put up a parking lot”), and if we want to go see some trees and grass, we’ll be herded into artificially managed little parks with keep off the grass signs - and no doubt charged heavily for the privilege (if you can afford it!!) – just like at Stonehenge!!!! Grrrrr. :o( . . Did three different sets of photos of the road on which the bike club clubhouse used to be. It's all VERY different now – and a 'one way' system too. Some weird arty shapes in a small square type area, splits the road in two half way down!? I can't recall which number house it was (I only ever went there a couple of times – found it a bit scary with big metal gates inside the doors and windows and such!) - but seems like most have been knocked down and rebuilt from the bottom of the road, up to that dissection - 'affordable' houses of course???? What DOES that mean? If there is a shortage of houses, no matter how cheap they are initially, they’ll soon be sold for a big profit and so be out of reach of loads of low wage homeless people! Surely attempting to lower the population is the world’s only future? I just don’t get it! . . captured the next pub but damned if I can remember what it used to be called. The Hit Or Miss or something like that maybe. It is in SUCH a state of disrepair I couldn't even read the sign!. . carried on all the way down to Lower Eastville and grabbed a quick couple of hand held photos of a couple of shop fronts that used to be bike shops. Derelict state of the place!!! Actually - things are pretty nasty down that way these days. Been Jamaican Yardy type shootings very close by and all sorts - probably as well I know little about it all! I actually felt a little scared to be there - only white face around, and flashing a digital camera about!!!!! Although she wouldn't help any if anything actually happened, having Sally there as a 'bluff' was some little comfort. Something weird was going on at the Lebeqs pub just down the road (I've been in there before now, years ago to a Motorcycle Action Group meeting of all things!!!) - loads of black guys all coming and going and shouting in the street and stuff which made me rather uneasy about standing there and pointing a camera at them. Had the nerve to sneak a couple of quick pics and then legged it back up in the direction of Eastville towards the old railway arch and what used to be the 3 Wheeler Reliant Robin sales place. As I made my way up the gentle hill, fifty metres or so ahead of me, a woman was kinda dragging and forcing another woman up the street - and then she suddenly lashed out and 'kicked' her with a thigh to the body kinda!!!? Started walking faster trying to catch up, just in case she needed help and I was gonna be forced into a nightmare nasty situation. Oh thank god - just then a police car came up the road towards them and the woman who’d just been kicked franticly flagged them down. They threw their car into a U turn and pulled up in the middle of the street and leapt out to her aid. As they did so she ran off!! The male driver gave chase and caught her as his slightly built female partner detained the other woman who tried to leave in the opposite direction! There was a bit of a struggle between the male police officer and the woman! Less of a struggle between the female officer and her detainee. I slowed my walk to ensure I passed by all of this at an ‘appropriate’ time, just in case something went awry and the police needed some help. Thankfully they didn’t – I guess they must be used to dealing with that sort of stuff every day. <Respect> Politically incorrect, but the phrase ‘nutcase, drugged up lesbians’ came to mind!! :o( Moved swiftly on - up the alleyway, round the corner, and down the road to take pictures of the Old Fox pub - as the sound of police sirens and screeching tyres racing to assist in the little domestic drama, could be heard behind me!!. . carried on walking (feeling nervous and constantly looking around and behind me!) and crossed under the M32 underpass. The one I think people have been campaigning to have closed down (by blocking the M32!!) because of all the muggings there!!!!! Wasn’t a good place to suddenly have a jogger run up behind me!! I ended up stopped in my tracks, facing him with Sally, kinda backed up against a fence as he thankfully ran straight past us – probably worried I was gonna mug HIM! . . On into the dark depths of St Pauls - still early enough to be 'fairly' deserted and ‘safe’. Found a notice laying on the ground. One of those that gets stuck to the windscreen of abandoned/untaxed cars on the rare occasions they are discovered and clamped. “STOP! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THIS UNTAXED VEHICLE” blah, blah, blah, “IT IS AN OFFENCE TO REMOVE THIS NOTICE”. One of my neighbours two cars is untaxed, parked on the street and in daily use(more than mine!). Both I and LB have noticed and have been strangely outraged by it, and have bitched about it to each other – because we had to fork out the money to tax ours! Not sure I want to be the sort of person that reports such a thing, considering it IS a neighbour – but sure is tempting to pop that sign under one of their windscreen wipers one night and see what happens. . :o) Don’t think I have the nerve – but I folded up and pocketed the sign anyway. lol . . There were SO many discarded plastic sealable baggies laying around with traces of cannabis bush left in them, that I reckon with a bit of collecting and effort, I could have made enough for a joint!!! Could have used one - real nervous setting up the camera and tripod on the green there to get a shot of the Black and White café – Bristols drug dealing centre for a generation. I've NEVER been in there!!! I think I read somewhere that the council had recently compulsorily purchased the place, to finally shut it down. . walked on down and grabbed a quick couple of shots of the Inkerman pub. I've definitely been in there. Used to go in quite a bit MANY years ago - to buy some bush for £1 a turn from some rather friendly black guy who introduced himself to me once, when I was in there on my own watching a band. Place was recently in the news because the landlady was having a birthday party or something (sounds like an excuse for after hours to me) when one of the female guests got upset about something, went home and came back with some acid, and ended up throwing it over everyone who was there!!! She's been locked up for a bit I think. Several black people ended up a painful patchy white, according to the footage I saw on the news!!!!!!!!. . was kinda glad to get all that bit done and be back out 'in the light' – took pics of the Full Moon and the eclipse Bar! . . walked on to the edge of Broadmead and took a panoramic series of The Bristol Fashion, Sally looking really fed up, and those weirdly painted office blocks across the St James's Barton roundabout over the road, that have been turned into luxury, not at all affordable, flats! . . on further and made my way across the road to the central divide to get a series at the bottom of Christmas Steps looking towards the centre. I’d been taking all the pics on medium resolution to try and bag as many as possible, but I was bound to run out of memory pretty soon. Nevertheless I just HAD to take an extra shot there because I realised I could just about see me and my tripod taking the picture in the reflection of a nearby office window. :o) Always on the lookout for such stuff in films and on TV programs. Always get a kick out of spotting the camera man and production crew all hanging around in some reflection or other. People interviewed wearing sun glasses make for the easiest. :o) . . down onto ‘The Centre’ and took loads more pics including a huge 360 degree panoramic rotation of much of it in one go (adverts for ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Cats’ on at the Hippodrome some time. One of the fountain areas in front of Neptune’s statue not working.), which later proved to have actually worked out rather well. And then – that dreaded end to my fun – CARD FULL. Humph. And I’d only photographed half of what I had in mind!!!! Still – some 97 individuals images! Not bad. . Very tired – toyed with the idea of getting the bus home but would have begrudged the fare, so ended up eventually walking all the way home. Found 11p walking up Old Market which seemed like some small payment for the effort. . A quick detour through St Georges park for Sally’s benefit. Sat on a park seat with a cigarette for a while watching as a father and his son, watched by a small crowd, weighed and took photos of the large carp the son had just caught. Over 10lbs I think they said. Big fish. Sad to see it gasping for breath, but it wasn’t kept out ‘too’ long I guess! :o( Funny how the fathers ‘ego’ showed through in his ‘acting to the crowd’ manner. He praised the son for his catch but in the same breath had to loudly refer back to the ‘first time’ he caught a ten pounder. Uhuh. :o| . . at long last, back home some time after midday, after having been out and about for a good five hours! Very exhausted. Spent the next five hours or more messing with all the photos, using the software to create the panoramics, and then trying to mail ‘as big as I dare with a dial up’ copies to DS. I spent a lot of time and got a LOT of satisfaction (dare I say pleasure?!) just lookin at my own results.? Sadly they are all far too large to go on my webspace. Shame – strokes my ego to think they will be seen!!? . briefly touched base with Sis1 to check she'd got the Tenancy Agreement e-mail I sent her the other day.. . . returned Mums ansaphone call and confirmed I knew what the correct time was. . . . LB called and then popped in bearing much needed duty free tobacco supplies (doing hours of PCing with panoramic photos is heavy on the ‘I don’t remember even rolling or lighting it’ chain smoking!) 30x50g packs for £95! It’s a lot – but would be nearer £210 in the shops! Nice one LB. . .walked in daylight. First daylight evening walk for months – very pleasing. . .hadn’t eaten all day – defrosted chicken and roast potatoes from the freezer and cooked up carrots, peas and gravy for a feast – once I’d rinsed and wiped a plate to put it on!. . . BB called late – her clocks haven’t changed yet? . . . TVd/PCd till early. Funny day - nothing much happened but it kinda seemed like a lot. God bless 20mg a day of fluoxetine - really! :o) pas
29 - Up around 7:30am . . . walked with a bulging painful hernia. Weird how different it can be from one day to the next - no long walks today! . .Todays school kids packed lunch!? Laying on the pavement right outside the entrance to the school - right there with all the kids walking into classes, was a sealable plastic bag with a bit of cannabis left in it!!!!!!! Jeeze! And actually quite a bit left!!!!!!!! Maybe even enough - for a 'lightweight' like me! :o) Quickly stuffed it into a pocket - to keep the children safe you understand! . . . A strangely dumped, open refuse bag on the grass at the top of the field was worthy of closer examination. Looked like stolen stuff - one shoe, a fork, a HUGE container of body builder type supplement tablets, an England rugby shirt and a small pile of CDs crammed into a single case!!!! Nothing to indicate where it had come from so, despite my conscience about such things, I figured I may as well loot the CDs cause within a couple of hours some idiot kids would have discovered it and probably smashed and torn it all up and thrown it around the field as they always seem to do, no matter what the stuff may be worth!! . carried on walking and went to the doctors surgery and picked up my repeat perscription. Paid the £6.30 NHS charge, waited for ten minutes and returned home with my next 60 capsules of 20mg Fluoxetine. . . PCd this playing the CDs I'd looted from the field - "Faith Hill : Take Me As I Am", "Bryan White: Between Now And Forever", a CDR of someone equally 'twangy', and a compilation:"It Must Be Love". Not my taste - although the Faith Hill isn't 'that' bad and that unidentified CDR copy is ok too. Musta belonged to a one legged, hungry, unnaturally muscular, incurably romantic, line dancing rugby player!!? I'll keep an eye open for one! :o) . . .skipped food and PCd this for hours!! . . .grabbed some defrosted mini sausage rolls, crisps and biscuits for a late afternoon lunch . . . napped until around 6:15pm . . . walked, holding my stomach in with a hand in my pocket! The refuse bag was still surprisingly intact at the top of the field, but someone had looted the England rugby shirt! Sat on the grass for a smoke for a while. Further down the field a group of kids were rolling joints to smoke. SO young!!! SO many schizophrenics in the making! Seems to me - the world they are making for themselves, is gonna require them to be on drugs to live in it! Me too! Pass the prozac! (Better check tomorrow morning they haven't left any laying around on the grass there - to keep the children safe you understand!!). . . briefly touched base with PS to see how todays promotion interview went. He thought 'ok'. . . briefly touched base with Mum. Apparantly some distant aunt has died. I offered to do the driving if she wanted to make the trip up to the funeral - just let me know. Ugghhh!!! . . . Meticulously prepared and suitably disposed of, the cannabis I’d found outside the school this morning - just to keep the children safe you understand!! Wow that was strong stuff!! :o) Coooool :o) . . .ummmm errrr - TVd (well - I always do don't I?!) . . . called BB (I think? Or did she call me?!) . . . ate garlic sausage and grated cheese sandwiches (I think?!<trying to sniff breath>) . . . ate lots of chocolate biscuits (oh yes. Definitely wearing melted chocolate!) . . . PCd this till early (- and - here it is so I musta done!) :o) . . .smokey quote of the day - Faith Hill track 1 lyric - "I don't need a bed of roses, causes roses whither away. All I really need, is honesty, from someone with a strong heart, a gentle hand, who'll take me as I am". . Smoking in public places in the Republic Of Ireland, and Sir Peter Ustinof died this day. ps
30 - Up around 7:30am again. . . oh dear – it’s becoming an obsession!! Packed my tripod and such into my rucksack and walked in the chill but under a cloudless blue sky. Scoured the field near where the kids had been sat on the grass last night, but no trace of anything at all left behind. That stuff they smoke is SO strong compared to what it was like a few years ago! Incredible they can function at all after smoking it, let alone smoke in the morning and then go in to school, as I know some do!!! Impossible to imagine what this could all mean for society’s future. Worrying. :o( . . Carried on walking and headed the couple of miles back up towards Kingswood in the direction of where DS used to live when he was a kid, for yet more photograph taking. Took a series up by the Chequers pub. Loads of new buildings all gone up around there recently, and still a huge building site going on, next to a mass of new expensive looking apartments recently built alongside Cosham Hospital. . walked down the road to the other side of the hospital, to try and take pictures of the far reaching view that you get from that highest point in Kingswood. Didn’t seem quite high enough with much of the view blocked by houses. Couldn’t resist walking into the hospital grounds and around the building looking at the old fire escapes that went up the sides. Found one that seemed to offer the best view and gingerly climbed up the several flights with hesitant Sally. I presume these escapes are safety tested on a regular basis, but the whole thing seemed structurally unsound to me!! Lots of thin rusting metal, apparently supported by thick old girders which protruded from the stonework of the building, rather than being safely free standing!! Looked really ‘iffy’, and it really did seem to move about a bit as we climbed up to the highest point!! Dunno what people may have thought – I avoided looking in any of the windows. Tied Sally up, set up the tripod and managed to take a series, despite my wobbly legs and occasionally kinda losing my balance because of the scary height! Sadly it was all pretty much a wasted effort because it was all sunny day hazy and everything was just a blur in the distance, and hidden behind the tops of trees. Could have actually done with being higher! Actually there WAS a couple of ladders 'strapped' to the very top of the Cosham tower behind me, right up to the very topmost pointy bit - but you'll forgive me for not trying to find a way up there!!!! It’s a very brave man who climbs up there!! . . happily back down to earth and just HAD to take a detailed series of just the front of the hospital. The architecture of the old hospital building and clock tower looked real impressive in that light – less impressive in the photos. I was even less impressed when, after having gone to the trouble of trying to get me in the picture looking at the tower, the most noticeable thing about the panoramic that leaps out at you, is that I seem to be developing a bald patch on the top of my head!!!! (I never imagined people my age could possibly think the way I still do! Figured I may have kinda ‘grown up’ a bit by now!!! :o| ) . . carried on down he road and headed for a big building site development I’d spotted the other day, on Wesley Hill, which I figure may be worth returning to with the camera every now and then, to have a go at recording the evolution of the build of all the houses (if I can be bothered and don’t lose interest, as I get used to the fluoxetine dose!?). The development is called ‘Kingswood Heights’ I think. I jammed the corner of a wall between the legs of the tripod so I could easily(ish) re-locate the vantage point.(The right elevation will be more difficult!) :o) Trouble is - without getting serious and looking at the plans, I don't know if this is the best place to picture it from. If I end up with a house right in front of me, it'll be a bit disappointing. . . carried on walking and succeeded in finding the old home of DS and took a 360 degree panoramic series of his old street. Up round the corner and cheekily tried to get a picture down the back of the street by standing on someone's garden wall and gate post!!!! Discovered a lane that went part way round there and had a bit of a wander up there too! . . climbed to the top of Kingswood car park and set the tripod up and took another disappointing series of the rather impressive view. Don't think I spent long enough levelling the tripod with the spirit level - lots of bendy blurred bits. Someone official, wearing a fluorescent jacket, kept looking over, so I had to be quick - I think he thought I was fixin to jump! I don't think so much of 'jumpers' on such a nice sunny day! :o\ . . . carried on up to the high street and mustered the nerve. Never mind all the traffic and all the passers by staring at me (embarassing!!) - I'll set the tripod up and do a decent panoramic of the high street, up past the clock tower by the banks and little 'market' building (carefully timing each shot so as to eliminate as many of the crowds and traffic as possible). Set it all up – took the first two shots and - CARD FULL! Grrrrr! Jinxed - never seem to get a shot of the Clock Tower!! . . walked straight home to PC the results and e-mail them to DS. . . Mum called to discuss the possible arrangements for her trip to Bristol to that aunts funeral service later in the week – at length. . . seem to have a bit of an upset stomach! Ate late - garlic sausage, grated cheese and mayo sandwiches with a couple of bags of crisps. . .touched base with BB . . . napped for a couple of hours until around 6:30pm . . . walked and found 3p. . . defrosted some roast chicken from the freezer and ate it with chips and peas. . . Mum called in the middle of me eating to confirm she’d got all the details and would sleep on things and decide by tomorrow what she was gonna do about how to get up here for the funeral etc. I’ll just fall in line with whatever she decides. . . BB called . . .TVd/PCd until late . . . couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned until gone 3am! . . Alistair Cooke (Letter from America) died this day p
31 - Up around 7:30am again after oh so little sleep!! Felt a bit kinda woozy tired . . .forecast for later isn’t so good but still a lovely sunny morning. Determined I’d walk back up Kingswood and finally get shots of the elusive clock tower, before giving it all a rest. Walked and carried on up to Kingswood. Stopped at the tiny patch of rough grass under the billboard that Sally always needs to sniff at and often ‘scent mark’. A guy was up a ladder posting up a new sign. He suddenly started having a go at me about not letting my dog poop there!! Thought that was a bit unnecessary, and without getting too heated, explained that she wasn’t gonna poop, but if she did, I could assure him I would pick it up! Thankfully there was a brief good natured exchange between us, and I suddenly saw his point of view. He had to put the bottom of his ladder there to do his job. It ain’t much fun spending your day climbing up and down your ladder all over town, if you’ve stepped in some dog poop!! Eeeeewwww!! I’d need gloves!!! I’d 'have a go' at passing dog walkers too!!! lol . . Took a series of the new Somerfield store, £ Stretcher next to it, car park and Orchard Medical Centre – all of which I think was built after DS left. . back up to the high street to get the elusive shot, only to find a huge lorry parked delivering stuff blocking the view! Sat around here and there for quarter of an hour with a cigarette or two waiting until the lorry went. Set everything up and finally got the 360 panoramic shot I was after, including the new Kingswood Collier pub, the Clock Tower and the old, now VERY derelict church down opposite the pub. Wonder what the story with that is? Somone'll build a whole bunch of flats or houses on that site sooner or later - bound to!! Headed home but grabbed a quick shot of a new ‘mods and rockers’ type scooter shop, which I’d mentioned to DS, on the way. Carefully took the shot to get the tanning place opposite, in the frame too. It's called "Brown Bums Tanning Studio"!!! That's what the sign emblazoned across the door of their 4x4 parked outside says too! lol Times have changed. When I was a kid - got told off for saying such things as 'bum' - rated as a swear word!!!!!! F****** funny old world!! lolol There is yet another, competing tanning studio, only a couple of doors up from it!!! Weird. . found 37p along the way . . . PCd the pics until early afternoon . . . ate a couple of bowls of muesli, turned all the phones off and slept the rest of the day away until around 6pm . . . PS called but I said not tonight. Need to get to bed early and get a decent nights sleep! . . . Sis1 called to briefly touch base . . .Mum called to confirm she had a bus ticket and what time she’d be arriving and such . . .PCd this . . . walked late around 8pm . . .BB called . . .ate garlic sausage and grated cheese sandwiches with a couple of bags of crisps and then loads of biscuits . . . Tvd till bed around 11:30pm. p