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1 - Up before 7am . .walked. Cold but a pleasant bit of sunshine. Sat around in BGdns lots . . TVd in the garage, whiling away the hours . . around 11:20am the estate agent called and said they'd had authorisation to release the keys and I could come and get them. Minutes later the solicitor rang to confirm completion . . walked (very quickly) down to the estate agent to get the keys . .
blimey - yayyyyy - they left ALL the masses of garden furniture. Seats and tables everywhere . . . Wow - they also left the PC corner unit desk and even a small tatty typist type chair.

eventually called Mum to tell her to bring Sally down, as she'd suggested she would. Apparantly Sis1 had left a message that KM (her daughter/my neice) had given birth to a new daughter . . -//UNFINISHED//- busy, busy . . . meter readings . gas!!

trips in the car with the matress, boxes and belongings. . Mum made pate sandwich . . . . . . the grill on the fitted oven doesn't work. I guess the fact they left a toaster was a bit of a clue. lol Oh well, can't complain. That fridge freezer is bigger than the one I had.
The front View from the bedroom window Three levels - half of the rear garden!!
borrowed a gas key from next door so I could read the meter. . . barking dog. . couldn't resist, despite not yet having a TV licence, and plugged in my big 28" TV and TVd for a bit, feeling rather shell shocked and weird 'in someone elses' home. . -//- warm fire . . new neighbor noises . . pastry slice and crisps

to bed (matress on the floor next to Sally) around 1am - undressing in the dark because I haven't any curtains up yet! lol
2 - Woken by Sally before 7am . .central heating. . .walked and on down to town. . pottered in the kitchen. . drove with Sally to Mums to make phone calls to sort out all the utilities - including a BT phone line. Should be live by 4pm he said. . dashed round the local store to buy a TV licence . . loaded up the car and drove back down . Mum walked Sally down in the rain!!! . . . .
phone line was up and running around 5:20pm . . telemarketing phone call within an hour of a live line!! Grrrr. . terrible weather! Big wind and rain, and plenty through the front bay windows making big pools on the cills!!! . drove to walk. As I was heading for the car, a guy from down the lane appeared on a noisy moto cross motorcycle and went up and down the lane! It didn't bother me. He wasn't a yob (and I have a feeling someone in the house wherever he came from, also has a big Ducati or similar), just a bikey type. There's a BIG difference.
. . . ate a pastry slice and bowls of co-co pops . . showered with the mixer taps shower head!! That works! :o) . . drank a mug of red wine and TVd until early to bed.

3 - Woken by Sally a little after 6am . sat in the garden and then on the front step in the rising sun . . walked. Cleared up litter and debris and brought back three towels (ggod enough for drying Sally) which I'd found laying mudcovered in one of the the pill boxes! One actually had a couple of clothes pegs still attached, so I guess the yobs stole that from someones clothes line in the night! :o( . . moved a bench in the front garden and put it in the sun beneath the bay window and sat some more . . left Sally at home and drove to Sainsburys to do a fairly major groceries shop (£71.45). . gassed up on the way out (23.01ltrs @ £20). .ate half a chicken and four pieces of bread and butter in the sauna like front room. Wow - a bit of sun and those front rooms with all their windows heat up like a greenhouse. That's gonna be interesting in hot weather - and an issue for the TV in the living room bay! . another telemarketing phone call!!! . . left Sally at home and drove to Mums to pick up the main PC and a bunch of other stuff from her spare room. Pretty much cleared it for her to attempt to clean and get back to almost normal. . loaded the car up and then drove back 'home' with Mum who hung around for a bit before eventually walking back . . .tested the phone socket in the front bedroom was working and then rigged up the PC in the computer desk in the back bedroom. With a couple of phone extension leads running out onto the landing and into the front bedroom, I proved it was 'possible' to get on line. .lifted a bit of edges of carpet here and there to temporarily hide part of the extension leads and stop Sally and I tripping over them . . hmmm - someone in the neighborhood has a drum kit - and is practicing! . a while later I spotted some 'young people' (uggh) exiting a house down the road and then all heading off into a house up the road which I think was the one which has an elaborate, small house like construction, where most people have garages. From the noise that was then audible for the next couple of hours, I have a suspicion it is a 'studio/practice room' for their band!! Kinda thrash metal type stuff I think they were playing. The weirdest thing was, it didn't particularly bother me.

Part way through the lunar eclipseA calm, mild, bright, big moon, pleasant evening - except for the large group of drinkers in the gun emplacements surrounded by rubbish, bottles and beer cans. :o( . .walked. . brought in and wiped down some of the plastic garden furniture so I have a table and chairs in the kitchen. lol :o) . . touched base with PS for the first time in months. Felt 'able' to, now that I have regained something of a life! . .TVd. . sat on the front step around 10:30pm and attempted to take a snap or two with the camcorder of the lunar eclipse. BB called in the middle of me wrestling with the camera settings. Should have used the tripod (wherever it is amongst all the boxes that are stacked up all over the house) because by the time I figured out the best manual light and zoom settings to use, it was so dark I couldn't relocate the moon through the camera view finder/screen!! Called BB back once I'd given up. . TVd/PCd until early. . ate a handful of Ritz crackers covered in Philadelphia spread before bed around 2am.
4 - Woken by the wind and rain battering the big bay window around 6:30am! Yikes - that's nasty out there. :o( . . drove to walk. Uh oh - is that a developing problem with the car alternator again? :o( . cleared up half a dozen carrier bags of glass bottles and beer cans from all over BGdns in the rain, and found 6p. . tried out the toaster I'd been left and ate a couple of pieces of slightly burned buttered toast. . . PCd a bit of this but I was too tired to bother and also descended rapidly into a pretty major 'down' mood. How the hell have I ended up here? How the hell am I going to be able to survive financialy? Etc etc etc.

.opened up a few more of the boxes still piled up all around the house. Why on earth have I still got SO much 'stuff'? . . spent much of the day going back to the windows to mop up the incoming rainwater. It's pretty bad! :o( What I can't figure out is how the previous occupants managed to put up with it like that, and not allow it to make 'too' much of an impression on the internal decorations, etc.?? Could it be it is only THAT bad when it is particularly windy like it has been of late? Hope so. . . ate a fry-up of bacon, eggs, sausages, and mushrooms with four pieces of bread and butter. First bit of 'cooking' for months. Pleasurable. :o) . . napped until around 5pm. .walked in the rain. Boy there's been a huge amount of rain recently, and lots more forecast for the coming week! . did dishwashing chores and even almost found some enjoyment in that! lol That won't last. . .touched base with BB . . TVd and watched the 'I Robot' film that was on. Pretty entertaining and amazing effects. . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . TVd until bed around 12:30am. s
5 - Garden view from the back bedroomWoke around 6:45am with much condensation on the front bay windows. Come what may, I suspect I'm going to HAVE to make having all those replaced with double glazed PVC, a priority before next winter. That's gonna cost a fortune and will probably take care of the last few £ks of my savings - and of course will push me straight in to lots of decorating/building work making-good afterwards. :o( . . walked. I think the 'utilitarian' once round BGdns and back, takes about an hour from here. .left the back door open for Sally to explore the garden if she wants, although apart from sniffing around a little here and there, she seems remarkably uninterested. Given the chaos in our lives of the last five months, I guess she imagines it's just temporary and we'll soon be moving on again. Not if I can bloody help it!!! . . .had a bit of a go at trying to see if I could replace the front bedroom curtain tracks that have the hook/slide pieces missing, with the brand new ones I found in the garage. Turned out the easiest way of fixing a temporary solution was by pushing the new tracks onto the old wall mounts! Only trouble was, I didn't have a hacksaw to cut the two necessary pieces to length, because I haven't brought my tools down from Mums garage yet. . left Sally at home and drove to Mums to overload the car with almost all my heavy tools and a few other bits and pieces. Drove back and dumped everything in the garage. . got side tracked into having a look at the unusable garage door, and dismantled a couple of bits to relocate the dislodged side runner in its track. Turned out that didn't help. :o( There's something horribly wrong with the mountings on the lintel. Oh well - guess I'll just have to continue parking the car next to the garage under the three quarter length 'car port', as I have been. Can't complain. It's just SUCH a joy to be able to park it off the street and not have to worry about it being 'attacked' in the night . . cut the curtain tracks and got them acceptably fixed, and then discovered that the curtains from the 'box room' (awful terracota like colour) actually just fit around the bay, if pulled out straight. They actually fitted a lot better than the ones from the living room window in Bristol, which I'd intended to put up for the time being, so I switched them around and it all worked out quite nicely. So - I can now actually pull the curtains in the bedroom when I go to bed now, and not be in view of half the town and have to sneak in with the lights off, and then crawl along the floor in the morning!! lol :o) . . dug out my electric plane and an extension lead and shaved off a bit of the 'sun room' door, to try and stop it sticking and making so much noise when I try to open it. Ended up having to dig out my chisels as well, to recess the lock plate like it should have been and wasn't. Eventually somewhat improved. . . ate four chicken limbs with four pieces of bread and butter . . rammed a couple of old flannels into a bizarre hollow recess in the aluminium front door either side of the letter box opening, to stop the wind making the backing plates go 'chink, chink chink' all the time. It was driving me mad! Uh oh. A wet knee? The storm the other night has driven rain in under/through the front door as well as the windows, and the carpet/floorboards are wet there! Hmmm - I wonder if a botch with a couple of tubes of mastic on all those windows and the door, may do the trick as a temporary improvement and delay having to have them all replaced?. . . napped for an hour and a half until woken by the alarm at 6pm . . . walked in the gale. . .TVd as the wind and rain battered the house, but once again I was in a strange mood and eventually just turned the thing off and sat next to a lit candle I'd found in BGdns this morning! Free light AND heat. lol . . .pottered in the PC/rear bedroom, experimenting with my portable TVs. No - no way will they pick up a signal on their loop aerials. Reception down this way is utterly atrocious. Can't understand how the population has put up with it for so long. Even with a decent rooftop aerial, you can't get Channel 5 (terrestrial) at all!!!!!! . Oh well - probably just as well. I'm already running rather a lot off that one thin extension lead (which I keep reaching under the desk to touch to test for warmth!!)!! I am SO itching to get this place rewired and have some 'proper' electrics (ring) again, in which I'll have some faith I won't be overloading a spur!! Two of the three bedrooms have one SINGLE socket!! Ridiculous! How on earth did the previous occupants live with it like this? Curioser and curioser. . PCd this. .PCd/TVd/mopped the leaking window cills until bed around 2am.
6 - Woke before 7am . . waited around a bit before walking, so the shops would be open by the time I reach town. . walked and carried on down town and bought a couple of tubes of brown mastic in a small DIY store . . Wow - the front of this house is like a greenhouse when it's sunny!! That's gonna be a bit much in hot weather! . . wheelie bins delivered by the council . . sorted out some of the sacks of tools in the garage (and found my mastic gun). . masticed the inside of the front bedroom windows. Bit of a mess but not 'too' bad. Now I need another bad storm to see if it works . . ate fried sausages, bacon, eggs and mushrooms with bread and butter . . had a look up in the attic. Wow - big space begging to be converted again. Everything in suprisingly good condition compared to what I had before. All that expansion tank and pipework business is new for me. That'll take some learning about. Found a few Xmas decorations, a couple of pages of newspapers from the seventies, some flat-pack clothes rail type thing, a footstool incorporating a sewing box beneath the cushion - and an old wedding dress!!!!! Eeeewwwww!!! . . . touched base with Mum . . napped . . .walked as a big shower cloud rolled in. Sheltered under the roof in BGdns and then managed to get back without getting too wet in a break in the rain. Put the recycle bin out . . TVd . .unpacked a few bits and pieces from one of my boxes . . ate a bowl of muesli and biscuits in front the TV before to bed shortly after midnight.
7 - Woken in the night by an unremembered nightmare - again! . . up around 7am . . walked. A beautiful, still, sunny morning . . put in phone calls to change my address on everything - again! . . wrestled with signing up for Virgin broadband! . .Mum popped down with some paperwork she'd got for signing on at the local doctors surgery etc. .Poked around in the house here and there with Mum. Climbed up in the attic and brought down the wedding dress for her to look at. Probably a nice one in its day but stained and old and fit for the bin now I think. Mum didn't want to miss her 'Neighbors' program so I sat her down in the living room to watch it while I grabbed a quick ham and lettuce sandwich with crisps. Mum eventually left . . messed around a little with the little PC chair and using the vice in the garage and a couple of bits from my nut and bolt collection, fixed the broken armrest . . spent a good couple of hours messing around cutting up a past its best overgrown hebe bush in the back garden. It's position, together with another bush next to it, pretty much completely obscures sight of the garden from the kitchen and sun room! Crazy place for such a big bush. Much better without. Got blisters on both hands using the secaters to cut it all up into small pieces so it would crunch down to the minimum and fit in a plastic sack. Finally managed to extract the main stems and root by digging around with a small hand trowel. I'm itching to get that other plant out of the way too to open up the view, but that'll have to wait until I can borrow the bow-saw and some of the gardening type tools in Mums garage. . touched base with Sis1. . walked a little early because I was SO ready for sleep already! . .PS called . . touched base with LB for the first time in months. Apparantly the new owners of my old house have painted the front door blue! Funny priority. lol . . TVd with a half mug of red wine. Where the hell are all my drinks/wine glasses? Surely I didn't leave them ALL behind?! :o( . . ate slightly overcooked pepperoni pizza. That fan oven sure is more efficient than my old gas one, but does appear to mean I have to put stuff in for less time than the instructions/guide on the pack. . TVd fighting to stay awake until early to bed around 11:30pm.
8 - Woke earlier then fitfully snoozed on until woken by Sally around 6:15am. Chilly . . walked in the sun, overheating in too many layers . .PCd a bit of this . .drove to Mums and loaded up the car with more boxes, and borrowed a couple of her garden tools. Bought stamps for some of the 'change of address' (again) letters I'm gonna have to send. . cut down the overgrown cotonasta in front of the kitchen, dug out the roots and moved a plant pot or two to open up the view of the garden from the house. That's MUCH better. . trimmed the front hedge just enough so that people won't get hurt walking into it on the sidewalk. Bleeding blisters on both hnads by the time I'd chopped everything into small pieces. Three sacks full despite the cutting it all into little pieces! . . ate a ham sandwich with crisps . . . napped for an hour only to wake feeling a bit yucky. I suspect after all these months of just waiting and doing nothing, suddenly being all 'active' again was a bit of a shock to the system. .walked . . PS called about coming down to visit for a day or two. . . cooked up two sausages, bacon, mushrooms and half a can of beans with two pieces of bread and butter . . .sat on the front step briefly listening to the distant church bells . . .TVd/PCd until bed. John Inman ("I am freeee") died this day.
9 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then woken by BB calling around 7:15am . . . walked and carried on down into town to return the two mugs the estate agent had included in their 'completion carrier bag'. Bought Sally a new flea collar because I think she is scratching more since being here. Previous owner's cat fleas I suspect! . . swapped the 'crunchy' light switch in the kitchen for a new one I'd found amongst my tools. . wired up a piece of old phone socket onto the cut off phone line extension cable I found tacked to the skirting board in the living room. Plugged in my ansaphone . . left Sally at home and drove to buy a handful of batteries and then on to Mums to pick up a few more bits and pieces and the other padded garden chair from the garage, so PS has something to sit on when he comes . . unpacked a bit of a box or two and succeeded in putting my back out a bit, lifting one o0f the heavy ones!!! . . ate corned beef and salad sandwiches with crisps . .napped but far too hot in the greenhouse-like bedroom with the sun on all those windows behind the curtains, and woke feeling very iffy. .at some point over the last day or so, unnoticed by me, the estate agent's 'for-sale/sold' sign was removed from the front garden where I'd laid it down . . walked . . sat in the garden under the pergola for a bit. Pleasant but cold. I can see me doing a lot of that on warmer evenings. TVd. . . touched base with BB briefly . . TVd . . ate Ritz crackers with philadelphia, some crisps, a banana and chocolate before bed around midnight. aa
10 - Woke around 6:30am . . .sunny day, although still a little chilly in the shade. Walked the woods and on down to the beach. Collected up a bunch of beer cans and bottles on the beach, left there by the kids last night, but couldn't face having to walk all the way back carrying it, and just left the carrier bag there attached to a metal post. Found almost a full pack of 20 cigarettes in different packs here and there! . . dismantled my old clock radio and emptied out all the sawdust and gave it a good wipe down before setting it up in my bedroom on one of my unopened boxes of clothes, used as a 'bedside table' . .ate two sausages, half a tin of baked beans, eggs and mushrooms with two pieces of bread and butter . . forced myself to PC a bit of this. Seems to be more and more difficult finding the time and inclination to do this at the moment. On top of that, I'm soon gonna have to make a decision about just exactly what I'm gonna do about the website. I'm oh SO sorely tempted to call it a day (although of course I've threatened that more than once in the past, and still ended up carrying on with it). Thing is - I'm not sure I can even attempt to re-gain some peace of mind (which remains elusive), and sense of 'relative' security, with it all still up there. Not sure. No hurry. Can't do much PC wise until I have my broadband installed. (I've somehow already run up a £14 bill on my phone, just making a few calls and checking e-mails!!!!!!!!???). . .uh oh! The phone is out!!?? Ran around trying them all, checking that my modification yesterday hadn't done something negative, but it was nothing to do with that. Then the phone rang! Turned out to be a BT engineer doing whatever had to be done at the exchange to accomodate my up and coming broadband service. Bizarre. Didn't know they actually physically had to do anything! . . started trying to sort out the huge mess of paperwork and bills and things I've thrown in a heap in the PC/back bedroom, but got diverted (any excuse will do!) into messing around cleaning a couple of the solar garden lights. There are a whole bunch of those lights all around the gardens. In the front garden there are seven or eight which line either side of the path! Makes the house stand out from all the rest with its noticeable blue 'runway'! Weird, but I've left them all in situ for the time being. It's a not unpleasant effect. Imagine how long they would have lasted like that back in Bristol. One night? Maybe two - before they were stolen/smashed by yobs in the night. . . Mum popped by to drop off some of my mail and confirm what time I'll be picking her up . . sorted out some of the paperwork and whittled it down to piles, at least! Bad toothache! . . napped for a couple of hours . .the police helicopter was visible across town in the distance for quite a while. It was level with my living room window! lol . . walked. .PCd this . .BB called . .PCd more of this but feel oh SO tired again and gave up when I started typing gibberish . . ate a corned beef and salad sandwhich with crisps and some chocolate before setting the alarm and early to bed just after 11pm. aa
11 - Woke some time a little after 5am. Snoozed on then up after 6am. Jeeze, my back is in bad shape. Very painfull straightening up!! :o( .walked. . sucked annadin tablet and loaded the car up with a few bits and pieces, food and water for Sally, and then drove round the front of the house before picking up Sally. Crazy how it isn't possible to fully lock up the place and exit out the back (no outside handle/lock on the kitchen double glazed door!). Means having to go all the way back round to the front, which is actually quite a long way! . Drove to pick up Mum around 9:15am. . headed for Bristol with a brief services stop on the way . . drove through the neighborhood and past my old house, just to have a peek. Felt yucky and threatening to me, to be up that way again, although as Mum pointed out, if you didn't know, in daylight in the sun, it looks like a nice neighborhood. I guess it IS for everyone else - just not for me. :o( . yep, the front door HAS been painted blue, and it now has a cat flap in it!! Bizarre! In the FRONT door! On reflection I can see why they had to do that. All the doors at the back of the house are double glazed glass and pretty impossible to put a flap in. . arrived at Sis1s for the family get together to meet Sis1s daughter's new baby at around midday. Sally was SO good as ever, and spent most of the day penned in on Sis1s little decked veranda. . big roast dinner . . all walked down the river after lunch . . back in the car (damn - left Sally's spare plastic dog bowl behind) and heading home a little after 6pm. Smooth run back sipping a can of Red Bull. . dropped Mum off (damn, that trip has aggravated my bad back!) and called at her next door neighbour to ask about the two seat sofa they'd told her they were getting rid of, which I may wish to have. Turned out to be a very nice green one with removable/washable covers, but was the low backed type and that really isn't my thing. I need head/kneck/back support! Nevertheless, I guess beggars can't be choosers and I succumbed and quickly said yes please/thank you. Only trouble is, particularly with my bad back and all, how the hell do I transport it? Maybe poor PS will be roped in to shifting furniture when he comes? It's so close, it really would be almost possible to walk it down the road! . turned out they had more stuff to get rid of! They had another two seater in the garage awaiting disposal. A dirty pink leather one!! PINK leather?!! lololol (matters not to me. Whatever I get, old or new, it'll be covered in my light coloured protective throws). Actually turned out the leather one had somehow slightly higher cushions at the back, and although low backed, was more comfortable than the other when slumped in. Yes please. AND they said they had a single bed of some sort somewhere I could have. Blimey. That'll all sort me out for the time being! Agreed I'd probably be back up to see them and at least temporarily move it all into Mums garage, maybe tomorrow evening. . returned home and fed poor starving Sally and encouraged her to make use of the garden lawn to save me having to do yet another walk. touched base with Mum . . BB called . DS called to touch base. .TVd with coffee and a whole pack of Mum donated almond slices and watched the French film with English subtitles 'Amelie' which was on again. Weird, quirky, enjoyable film. . to bed around 1am. aaaa
12 - Woken by Sally before 7am. My aching back isn't much better!! :o( . . slow getting moving. Walked after 8am. Saw a miniature 'slow worm' legless lizardy thing! (At least I don't 'think' it was a snake). Cute. . dragged the vaccuum out for the first time since I've been here (very overdue - big mess) and started having a go at cleaning the place up a bit. Within ten minutes the vaccuum burned out and stopped working!! Would you believe it!! :o( . . drove to Mums intending to pick up the spare vaccuum from the garage. Turned out THAT one wasn't working either!! Mum insisted I take hers, because she has a new one in the cupboard not yet being used. Not sure she meant it, but she insisted. . successfully vacuumed a little. . sat in the garden for a coffee and heard a weird rustling noise right near me. A short while later only a foot or two away a beautiful little brown mouse calmly walked off into the hedge. As long as they don't get in the house (or come to Sally's attention!) - cool. :o) . . . made another change of address phone call. Ten minutes on hold, got through and then the phone handset battery died on me, and I had to go through it all again!! No wonder my phone bill seems to be rapidly escalating (although SO rapidly, I'm really worried about it!). . PCd a bit of this . . waited around for PS to turn up but by early afternoon I figured I'd got it all wrong and he was going to come down later . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches with crisps. .happened to look out of the living room window and spotted PS in the street outside on his mobile some time after 1pm. Apparantly he was calling me - and had been, on and off for the last couple of hours while he'd been down around the harbor!? Huh? Checked my phone but it was fine. Turned out PS had written down the wrong phone number. lol Even funnier when it turned out, he'd actually written down the wrong address as well! Apparantly he'd obtained a street map from the local tourist centre and had been stood on the street somewhere looking at it all confused, when a kind passer by asked if he was lost and offered their assistance. They confirmed the address he was looking for didn't exist, and suggested my road (even though the name of it didn't really bear much resemblance at all to what he'd written down)!! All in all, incredible he actually arrived! lolol . . brief guided tour of the house and then unloaded PS overnight stuff and the two different surplus satellite TV dishes and digiboxes he'd said I could have to experiment with . . all walked the woods and down to the beach and then back via BGdns. Bright and warm but not 'quite' sunny. . coffee and chats until around 6pm and then left Sally at home and drove with PS (who actually also has a 'twinge' in his back) to my Mums neighbour's house. . First up was an attempt at moving the pink leather two seat sofa from his garage. With the cushions off, it wasn't particularly heavy at all, and with the smallest amount of persuading from the three of us, it slipped in to the back of the fiesta without much trouble at all. Yayyyyyyy. :o) Raced back home with the hatch left open and with PS help, soon had it sat in the living room. . straight back up and picked up the single bed frame and mattress and then temporarily dropped that off in my front garden . . finally returned again for the green two seater. That one was slightly larger than the other, and took more persuading to go into the car. By the time it was wedged in, at least three quarters of it was still hanging out the back, but given how short a journey it was, it was worth the risk just going for it. Painful on my back getting that one in the house. .tried them both in the living room, but that room is so small and awkward it was all far too much, so the green one ended up out in the sun room, and actually fitted in there rather well. So - there I go then. All I really immediately needed to be relatively comfortable here, was a bed and a comfy chair - and thanks to their generosity, and the incredible good fortune of the coincedence of PS coming down today to make moving it all possible, I've everything I need to get me by. Nice one. :o) . . sat around on the sofa for a bit, to recover with a coffee. Some awkward discussion about what we were going to eat later. No way did I want to go out to eat as PS suggested - my freezer supplies were limited - my culinary skills even more limited - and my ability at being a 'generous host' non existant - and somehow it was more or less agreed we'd stay in and simply make do with what PS had brought!!!! . . Back in the car to pop up the store for milk, and for PS to grab some crisps and cans of beer for himself. . TVd and chats . . ate the corned beef rolls PS daughter had sent him up with, with crisps . . TVd and eventually both ate some of the large apple tart PS daughter had cooked . . TVd until bed (in a 'real' bed!! First time in around five months! Comfy. :o) ) well after 1am. saa
13 - Woken by Sally and/or PS moving about, before 7am . . coffee and annadin tablet (still a very bad back!) in the garden/TVd waiting for PS to surface . . all walked and then carried on and walked around the harbor and out along the breakwater. Beautiful warm sunny morning. . . stopped at a cafe in town on the way back and PS treated me to a cooked sausage, bacon, egg, beans, potatoes, toast, coffee and juice breakfast at the outside tables. . returned home to find my broadband modem and phone line filters had been delivered in the mail. :o) . . PS left shortly after midday and I rushed straight up to the PC to set up the modem. I 'think' I got it all done ok, but then found out the 'go live' date is actually sometime tomorrow, any time up until 8pm, so I've got to wait. Hmmpph. . .with my back in the shape it is, there isn't a great deal I can do at the moment other than sit around hurting! . . napped . . .walked . . TVd . . ate corned beef and salad sandwiches with crisps, some of PS apple tart and then some chocolate. .BB called . . TVd until bed around midnight. aaas
14 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up just before 7am. . . walked in the sun . . left Sally at home and drove to the local petrol station for petrol (22.49ltrs @ £20) and then on out to a DIY store, in search of a rotary clothes line and to look generally at other stuff I'm gonna need to go buy. Bit of a culture shock. Very little choice in that store, and all of it seemed pretty expensive compared to what I've been used to in the bigger superstores around Bristol! They were even out of stock of rotary clothes lines! Wasn't in the mood (I'm actually 'down' right now!) and couldn't face driving around looking for others, so I just headed back, stopping off at Sainsburys for a bit of bread on the way. . stopped off at Mums and picked up the cheap wire-frame clothes airer she'd offered to let me borrow . . tried out the washing machine for the first time (now I have something to hang the washing on) and did a little laundry. Despite no instruction manual, the machine seemed to work quite nicely. .yay - my broadband is up and running. PCd downloading the huge amount of Windows updates. Hmmm - don't like what they've done with the new Internet Explorer 7, and boy do I HATE that Media Player 7!!! What the hell is that nonsense (which I CANNOT find a way to remove) going on in the top of the List Pane, trying to make me buy-online what I'm already listening to? They've ruined a perfectly good thing with their pointless updates. Hmmph. . Mum popped down to see the sofas etc. . . ate Mum donated sausage rolls in front of the PC . . drove to the local store to buy a clothes airer, picking Mum up on the way as I passed her returning from town . . PCd . . walked . . BB called . .cooked and ate two burgers with chips and mushrooms followed by chocolate . .TVd until bed around 11:30pm. Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit from The New Avengers) died this day. aaaa
15 - Disturbed sleep then up around 7am . . walked . . did paperwork and somehow aggravated my bad back by leaning and turning in my dreadfully uncomfortable computer chair!! :o( Difficult and very painful straightening up. . walked with Sally in the sun, down to the doctors surgery to hand in the registration forms. Usual modern-day nonsense about not actually being able to register to see any one particular doctor. I'm supposed to have a new patient initial consultation I think, and frankly want (need!) to get back on the fluoxetine, so attempted to see if I could make an appointment (you normally have to ring up in the morning) to see a doctor. As bad luck would have it, they DID have a slot available, but in only five minutes time! Couldn't leave Sally tied up outside for an indefinate period like that, so I had to decline . . carried on down town and ended up buying a nasty cheap loo brush and holder, and a cheap wire mesh bird feeder. On down to the pet store for 2kg of pea nuts before heading back, overheating in the sun. . filled the bird feeder with crushed nuts and hung it up on the pergola . . PCd . . ate liver sausage sandwiches, crisps and chocolate . . sat around TVing and feeling really VERY down! . . napped until gone 7pm! Jeeze I'm in agony! Worse than yesterday!!? :o( . .walked - reluctantly and slowly! . . BB called . . PCd and did more paperwork/address changing, and finally got round to completing and enveloping up my driving licence update application. I'd been putting that off because of the need for a photograph. Thought I needed a couple like with the passport, until I finally read through all the small print and discovered I only needed one. Still had one left over from my passport application, so I guess that'll do the trick. .PCd this until early . .ate Ritz crackers with Philadelphia cheese, a banana and some chocolate before bed around 2am. aaaa
16 - The disturbed/broken sleep night from hell, full of dreams/nightmares and waking!? That 'Philadelphia' cheese perhaps? . .phoned up the doctors surgery and predictably got the engaged tone a bunch of times. The phone offered to do an automatic ring back thingy, so I instructed it to go ahead. Fat lot of use that was! Kept on ringing me back only to find an engaged tone on the line. (Only later in a conversation with someone in the doctors waiting room did I find out, that-ring back service costs around 50p a hit!!! Yikes!! Won't be doing that again!) Eventually got through and was able to make an appointment for 9:20am . . drove Sally for a quick, slow/painful once round of BGdns . . left Sally at home and walked down to the doctors . . .


I positively cringed when he stuck to the doctor's text book script and asked that standard ridiculous question "Are you having thoughts of harming yourself?". For goodness sake. If he'd listened to what I'd been trying to say, and had actually given me a couple of minutes of proper attention, he may have known better than to ask! I've had suicidal ideation most days of my adult life - and I'm now 46 years old! What does that tell ya?

He eventually wrote out a prescription for paracetamol and codeine for the back pain, and a months supply of prozac

walked to the nearby chemist to get the prescription. Turned out because it was three items, it was three times the £6.65) NHS prescription fee!! :o( They suggested I at least buy some paracetamol over the counter since it would be cheaper. Still ended up spending £14.28, which in my current circumstances is a bunch (around my weekly food bill?)!!!!!!! :o(

ended up back at home feeling even more down and worthless than when I'd set out! A typical doctor visit then! . . PCd a bit, but that damn PC chair was just SO uncomfortable, I ended up surfing looking for a cost effective replacement. There seemed to be plenty of cheap ones (like the one I left behind in Bristol) to choose from, all with free delivery, but I really wanted to actually sit in them and try them for comfort (particularly lower back/'lumbar' support) before parting with my cash, so I ended up leaving Sally at home and heading off in the car for the local 'Staples' office supplies store. .they had three chairs on display around the sort of price I was prepared to pay (the cheapest of course), and I spent ages lurching backwards and forwards with my bad back from one to the other, trying to see which felt best. Eventually decided on the 'Gloucester'


unpacked the huge cardboard box and pretty soon had the chair assembled. Really not bad for the money and oh boy, does it help with my back pain! Thank goodness. . . ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter. Mum popped in briefly while I was eating. . . . . . napped but woken within the hour by a delivery? Huh? DS had said he was sending something, so I presumed it was from him.

. . PCd a bit of this . . walked . . constructed the flat packed ornate metal bird bath DS had sent and set it up in the garden not far from the bird feeder. . ate pasties . . TVd/PCd until bed around 1am. aa[pcml]sp
17 - Woken by Sally around 7am . . .a couple of paracetamol for breakfast and then a handful more throughout the day. . walked . . spent an absurd amount of time removing the parcel tape from loads of cardboard boxes before tearing them up and trying to reduce them down to as little as possible for the recycling bin collection. Filled the bin up and also a large box I'll have to put out next to it! The stringent rules about throwing away your rubbish down here, make getting rid of anything a real pain. I seem to need at least three different bins in the kitchen, and I don't have the space for one!. . dismantled my broken vacuum and actually discovered a blown soldered in fuse inside. Gotta be worth trying to replace that, just in case that's all that's wrong? . Mum popped in briefly with a 'food parcel' and a weekend newspaper again! . .managed to solder in a new fuse to the vacuum and gingerly had a go at turning it on, while still all dismantled. Yayy it starts - uh oh, it's smoking!! That'll be fit for the bin then. :o( Tied all the parts up in carrier bags ('hid' them!) and crammed them in my general refuse bin. Not sure if you're 'allowed' to throw stuff like that in there. . ate the Mum donated pastie and sausage roll with crisps and some chocolate biscuits . . .napped . . walked . . TVd/PCd. . ate liver sausage and lettuce sandwiches . . TVd/PCd until bed in the early hours and then tossed and turned, presumably a little wired by the prozac? Saw 4am come and go! [pcml]p
18 - Woken by insistant Sally before 7am after only around three hours sleep!! . . walked. A biting cold wind this morning, with a hint of drizzle on the way back. Bit of a shock after all the recent, summer like weather. . popped up Mums (poorly timed and got wet in a shower) and dropped off the mothers day cards and chocolates I'd got her, and returned her borrowed clothes airer . . PCd just a bit of this but soon stopped. I feel tired and pretty awful . .lay back down to sleep but couldn't and got back up and ate several bowls of co-co pops before having another go. . slept for only a couple of hours until around 3pm . .ate a banana and then had a couple of paracetamol and todays prozac tablet. I think I need to be taking it in the mornings rather than at night. . TVd all head/back achey and devoid of energy. I really am awfully down right now. :o( . . .walked in the rain . . sat around. Took a herculean effort to do - well - anything really! Did dish washing chores . . Mum called to say Sis1 had been down to see her with the new guy in her life. . cooked up a couple of burgers while the oven cooked some oven chips. Misjudged the timing and ended up sitting down to eat the burgers first, with the chips still cooking. Halfway through eating, all of a sudden all the power/lights went off!!!! The fuse box trip had been triggered! Reset it and then confirmed that the oven was broken and no longer working. :o( I think that kinda sums up this house. EVERYTHING has pretty much reached the end of its life and requires updating. I really haven't got it in me to deal with it all, and actually pretty much feel the same about me! . . ate the chips and then called BB back who'd called in the middle of things . . TVd until early to bed around 11pm. [pcml]p
19 - Woken by Sally making some noise or other around 5am! Tried to snooze on but failed. . walked in the wind and rain . . PCd looking up ovens. :o( . . PCd a bit of this. I'm SO tired. So, SO tired of things. . had a bit of a look at th oven and unscrewed the facia - and the plastic indicator light housing promptly fell to pieces (having been much cooked and made brittle). Didn't take long to reach the conclusion that it really isn't worth attempting to get repaired. It WAS a very good one in its day, but that day has LONG since passed. :o( . never having had a fitted oven before, I used the internet to look up and figure out how it mounts in the cabinet, and found out how easily I can remove and replace it. They have basic brand new ones 'off the shelf' of various electrical stores for less than £150, so I guess I'll probably go that route eventually, just to see me through the near future. I'll do without for a bit. I'm just not up to running around doing such things right now, bad back, down mood and all. .turned out to be a REALLY bad day, moodwise. (I wonder? Is this maybe my first experience of having increased 'ideation' as a result of actually starting on an anti depressant?). . sat around just trying to hang on for the ride . . ate a pastie and crisps . . TVd . lay down to nap but couldn't, so just lay there and pretended. Feels freezing! . . walked in the biting wind, and boy did I not want to . . .TVd . touched base with BB . . ate tuna, onion, mayo and lettuce sandwiches with crisps followed by biscuits and chocolate . . TVd until bed at midnight. [pcml]p
20 - Woke earlier then up around 6:45am . seem to have aggravated my back in my sleep somehow. It was less painful than this yesterday! . . strong cold wind but sunny. Walked the woods. They've been doing forestry down there! A whole bunch of the trees have been cut down. :o( . . received my first (astronomical for just a couple of weeks!) phone bill in the mail, together with a notification that they'd received an order to transfer all my calls to another telephone company as from 30th March!!???? Huh? . spent 30 minutes on the phone on hold and eventually through to an advisor trying to sort it all out. Turned out to be a totally bogus order initiated by NTL apparantly!!!??? How on earth can they do things like that? Outrageous! . . Mum called to touch base . .PCd a bit of this . .Mum popped in . . .ate a pastie with crisps . . napped most of the afternoon despite a lot of noise of hammering and sawing from next door . . . cooked and ate Mum donated bacon in sandwiches . . .walked. On the way to BGdns, someone clearly disressed, pulled up in a car and asked if I'd seen a dog running loose. I hadn't and eventually carried on my way. A while later whilst climbing back up the steep hill in BGdns in the fading light, a small black dog appeared up ahead, was unnerved by Sally and ran off out of sight. Pretty likely it was that womans lost dog! Ended up going round the whole place again, but I saw no further trace of it. Pulled at the heart strings that. It's forecast to be a real cold night. I don't think I could cope with such a thing if that ever happened to me. I'd be out all night walking and looking, in a very distressed state. Poor dog - poor woman! :o(. . . TVd . . called BB briefly . . ate chocolate raisins and then some muesli. .TVd/PCd until bed around 2am. [pcml]p
21 - Woken by Sally around 6:30am . . . walked. Clear blue sky morning. . . my back feels quite a bit better this morning (although it could be as a result of my paracetamol/prozac breakfast). . dug out the lawnmowers from the shed (one of them looks a bit dodgy), and used the best looking one to have a go at mowing the lawn. Went ok, so carried it through the house and did the front lawn as well. Warm working in the sun, almost like a summer day. . couldn't resist any longer and had a go at cutting down the overgrown fir trees from right in front of the living room window. They just HAVE to go. I want to be able to sit out there in the morning after walking Sally, and actually get a bit of sun rather than be hidden behind the undergrowth. They are also obscuring any sort of view of the garden from the living room. . managed to cut one down without any trouble and even 'relatively' easily dug out the roots and removed the trunk completely. The other larger one was much more trouble. Took a lot of sawing and cutting, but eventually I had it all cut away just leaving the thick trunk still stuck there. No way am I going to be able to dig that out! :o( Think it'll have to just be excavated a bit and then somehow hacked off just below ground level, if I can. That'll have to wait - as will the multiple trips to the tip it'll take to get rid of all the cut branches. Half the front garden is now covered in all the debris! . found a brass sundial mounted on a broken stone upright, buried in the debris beneath the tree. . exhausted (although strangely not particularly troubled by my bad back after all the work) and stopped for a tuna, mayo, onion and lettuce sandwich with crisps early afternoon . .napped but only managed an hour or so before being woken by next door using a hedge trimmer. Feel a bit unwell and achey of course. Walked . .cooked and ate bacon, eggs and chips . . TVd. Lot of noise from what I suspect was a gathering of 'boisterous' youths next door, until gone 10:30pm!! Misery . :o( . . early to bed around 11pm. [pcml]p
22 - Woken by Sally around 6am . . BB called . .my back is not suprisingly more achey this morning, but not too bad considering . walked in the rain . . something seems to have had a go at the bird feeder in the garden, but whatever it was, it had somehow removed the plastic top of the feeder and dumped it on the ground below!!? . .PCd this as magpies appeared to be collecting up bits of twigs and earth from the garden! Looks like muddy 'footprints' on the sides of the bird bath too. lol . . feeling really very down. .tried as hard as I could to get on and do something despite, and actually lifted up my first floorboard in the small bedroom, to get a feel for how the place is put together and how I'm going to tackle re-wiring and putting in new power sockets in various walls. Very different construction to what I've been used to. . couldn't shake my mood or muster the energy to get on with anything and ended up just sitting around feeling down

tried to nap but couldn't, and became more and more conscious of seemingly constant noises from next door! :o(

ended up being a really bad day, moodwise. Really bad! Near as low as I go. . .walked. . sat around in front of the TV. .ended up seemingly spending half the evening answering the phone, only to have nothing on the other end. early to bed [pcml]p
23 - Up around 6am . . . walked under the grey sky. Feel a bit better than yesterday - but then I couldn't get much worse. Wow that was a bad day! . . filled the car up with some of the cut fir tree branches in the front garden, left Sally at home and drove to the council tip. Apart from a succession of roadworks all along the route, causing lots of stationary queuing, the actual unloading at the tip was pretty painless. . spent the whole morning running backwards and forwards and did another two trips and succeeded in getting rid of all of it. Stopped off at Sainsburys on the final trip and bought a couple of ready cooked chickens for £6 and just a couple of other bits and pieces. . . ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter. . . . a door to door double glazing salesman turned up at some point offering free estimates. Since he was offering I thought why not, just to get a more accurate idea about what it would cost, so he arranged for a surveyor guy to turn up later. . pottered in the front garden a little before deciding to have an exploratory dig around the base of the cut down tree trunk. To cut a long story short, it wasn't as bad as it might have been, and after a lot of digging down around the roots, much of it with a hand trowel, I'd excavated enough to see that it 'may' come out. Carried on digging and hacking at roots with a small hand axe, and with a good five or more feet of trunk deliberately left in place to use as leverage, eventually had the thing out. Yayyyy. Big lump of wood! Only 'just' able to lift it!! Dumped it out of the way under the hedge at the bottom of the garden for the time being before filling the hole back in with all the earth. That is SO much better out of the way - but now it IS out of the way, it leaves two much smaller little trees all half grown and brown and dead on one side, that really do need to come out as well! In fact - if the whole top end of the garden was cleared right back, it would be real neat to have a little ornate railing type affair, across the patio in front of the bay window. Nice little 'full sun' sitting area for early mornings. Breakfast table perhaps? There really is a lot of scope to mess around like that with this house - if only I had the money!! :o( . . eventually the window guy turned up. I was brutally honest about simply wanting an estimate because his colleague had knocked at the door, and wasn't planning to do anything at the moment - and that seemed to put him off a bit and kinda gave him the attitude that he couldn't care less! He DID confirm that those big bay windows in the front of the house ARE treated as FIVE windows each!! So - to do the whole house, that'd be fifteen windows, one door, one pair of french doors - ballpark figure of around £7k !!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!! Bye then. That's even more than I'd bargained for, using up all the remainder of my money!! :o( . .lay down to nap but couldn't!?. . walked . . touched base with BB . . ate a banana and then bowls of cornflakes. . .TVd until early to bed around 11pm. p
24 - Woken by Sally coming into the bedroom and throwing herself to the floor before 6am . . nice clear blue sky morning. So - how am I gonna be feeling today I wonder? 'Ok' I think. . put laundry on and then walked the woods. Even more trees been cleared down there - and red spots on others presumably marking them out for the chop. Shame . . ate a bowl of muesli and then sat in the sun in the front garden for a while with a coffee and cigarette . . .PCd a bit of this. Saw one of the neighbours all go out - and when they do, their dog barks - lots! :o( . .felt all 'heady' (that's what comes of me eating 'breakfast') and had to go lay down for a bit. May have even snoozed for a while until Sally's barking woke me. Mum popped in to see the clearance of the front garden patio area, and ended up sitting out there in the sun with me (like a right couple of 'old fogies') for what turned into a couple of hours!!. .touched base with BB . . ate chicken sandwiches . .napped. ..walked . . TVd . . ate four sausages in bread rolls . . TVd until bed around 11pm. p
25 - Up around 6am but the clocks changed last night so I guess that's around 7am . . walked in a slight hint of drizzle . . pottered around tidying up and vacuuming just a little and then put in the hours to sort out paperwork and balance my accounts. Took ages - well into the afternoon! Damn! That 'NTL' thing where they were changing over my phone calls - well, it turns out that WAS Virgin and part of my broadband deal! And I've gone and screwed it up by phoning BT and putting a block on it (which BT say they cannot undo!!) . .sat around/TVd . . ate napped. walked ate TVD until bed. Blah blah blah. p
26 - Up around 6:30am . . walked . . called Virgin trying to sort out the mess I've got in with my phone thing. I 'think' they are simply going to re-submit the change-over, after the end of the month when hopefully it WILL go through. . left Sally at home and walked down to the building society to deposit the last PSB wins I've had laying around for ages and to withdrawl some cash . . stopped off at the local Job Centre on the way home intending to see if there is ANYTHING in the way of benefits I am eligable for. The upshot of it was (because I currently still have some savings) - no. I'm not eligable for a damn thing! Not even a reduction in perscription charges!! So - back to plan 1. Live off my savings until they are all gone. :o( . . sat around feeling desperately worthless. . ate a corned beef sandwich . . . spent much of the rest of the day in bed. Suffice it to say, I am having a real hard time of things at the moment, moodwise. Seems as though everything has finally caught up with me. Yes, I should be getting on with doing some work on the house and making it mine and feeling happy about stuff - but I can't. I just don't feel that way about any of it. All I feel is how I'm on borrowed time in a borrowed house that for some reason (money mostly) I have no right to stay in. Psychologically I'm in a worse mess than I've ever been! I can't help it. I can't sort it out. I need 'help' and there isn't any. What a mess. What a hopeless mess . . walked . . ate cornflakes and Mum donated Battenburg cake . . TVd (despite nothing worth watching) until bed around midnight. ps
27 - Up before 6am . . .walked . . PCd a bit of this, but I really just can't be bothered with it. I've nothing to say to anyone. . .did dishwashing/laundry chores . . cooked and ate cold chicken and chips . . Mum popped down briefly with some mail and food donations . .napped for an hour or so . . .walked slightly earlier than usual and did the woods . . . ate Mum donated sausage rolls with crisps . . BB called . . TVd with coffee and biscuits until bed around 1am. p
28 - Up around 7am . . .walked . .switched matresses on my single bed (the one that came with the bed seems to be a couple of inches narrower than a proper single, and the fitted sheets don't fit properly) and dug out a different duvet and some of my sheets etc . . left Sally at home and drove to a local store and bought two single and two double electrical socket boxes (£8.93), in a futile attempt to encourage me to get on with starting work on some rewiring. Drove on to the local store and bought the cheap and nasty rotary clothes line they had in there. (The one(s) I left behind in Bristol were SO much better/more expensive! :o( ) Poorly fitted it into the parasol base at the top end of the garden. It'll do . . put laundry on and then hung it all out in the sun. . . dug out the small, half dead tree in the front garden right in front of the patio, irritatingly obscuring a free view of the lawn. (Gave the 'goth' style studded wristband I'd once found in BGdns to the young girl next door, who I saw dressed in that manner a few days ago. She seemed happy to have it.) Tried to save the tree for temporarily relocating, but it wasn't gonna have it and ended up being dumped below the hedge at the bottom of the garden for some time removal to the tip. Incredibly warm in the sun after a bit of digging. Actually felt too hot to sit in it! . .Mum popped down briefly with some mail and food . . . ate the Mum donated pastie with crisps . . BB called. Actually makes a change to get a phone call for me!! I seem to be constantly inundated with calls (from India call centres) for a 'Mrs Newbie'. Bloody annoying, and ALWAYS at the most innapropriate times - like right in the middle of de-boning the chicken yesterday. . cut my hair/beard . . TVd/sat/PCd the day away. Some time during the day something had pulled the bird feeder off its hook and dumped it and the nut contents all over the floor! . .didn't nap and regretted it. By the time it was too late to do so, I felt headachey and utterly exhausted. . walked . . TVd . . ate corned beef, philadelphia, and lettuce sandwiches and some mum donated chocolate . .TVd until bed around 11:30pm. p
29 - Woken by Sally earlier then up around 7:15am. Hmmm - I have a horrible feeling that matress isn't as comfy as the other one. Kneck ache! . . walked and caught in a hail shower on the way home . . PCd a bit of this . . .sat around debating what I ought to be doing, and really not having the energy or inclination to do any of it. Headachey. Somehow ended up in the box room stripping off some of the wallpaper, eager to see what the walls would be like beneath. Usual nonsense of woodchip over layers of older paper which wouldn't come off! Didn't do much. Actually, the walls aren't in 'that' bad a shape, compared to what I've been used to. Certainly NOT paintable, but not 'that' bad given a few packs of filler. . . ate corned beef and philadelphia sandwiches with crisps . . napped. . . walked . .TVd . ate bowls of cornflakes a banana and some battenburg cake . . to bed before 11pm. [pcml]ps
30 - Woke earlier then up around 7:15am again. Frost on the cars and condensation on the windows. .walked. Stopped to sit on a seat for a cigarette like usual, but when I got back to my feet I found I'd somehow 'put my back out' again and could hardly straighten up or move!!? For goodness sake! It seems to be a certain (unidentified) way of moving which somehow traps a nerve, and has nothing much at all to do with lifting anything . . ambled back home to take a couple of paracetamol :o( . . .loaded the car up with the big heavy tree trunk/stump and the smaller tree, left Sally at home and drove to the tip. Turned out to be the journey from hell. Stuck in traffic queues by the roadworks - stuck stationary with the engine off, in a queue into the tip - stuck in a queue a couple of miles long just heading for the stores!! Arrgggh! . . bought dog food (17kg PAL Complete £17.99. Winalot x 24 £8.64. Chewy treats £6.48) and then toured a couple of the superstores looking at ovens and DIY stuff. Don't understand the DIY stores down here - they don't seem to actually stock much of anything. All the stuff I'm so used to just popping into Wickes and picking up (PVA, Wood glue, plaster, conduit, etc etc), doesn't seem to be readily available anywhere down here - and everywhere I go there is a traffic jam!!! . . eventually gave up and returned home with none of the stuff I'd been intending to get to enable me to start work on rewiring the box room! Actually returned home feeling terribly down, fed up and 'out of my element'. . . cooked and ate four beef burgers with the last of the philadelphia . . lay down to nap but couldn't . . . TVd . . drove Sally to walk in the drizzle. . . TVd . . Mum called to touch base . . BB called . . ate bacon sandwiches . . TVd until bed around 11:30pm. [pcml]p
31 - Woken around 6:30am by the fridge freezer making a nasty noise!! . . . walked in the cold wind and cleared up a carrier bag of beer cans, bottles and debris from around BGdns. . . PCd this and surfing around looking at ovens and the like some more. Hmmm - the nearest Wickes store is in Exeter or Plymouth. . briefly dabbled with shaving off a bit of the box room door and relocating the latch plate, so I could shut it properly . . . left Sally at home and drove to Mums to pick up some more of the junk I've still got littering her garage. Helped her move the sofa out of the living room back into the spare bedroom, so now in the house she is back to normal like before I descended upon her. . .ate Mum donated sausage rolls . . .napped . . TVd . . walked . . drank a mug of wine. . . touched base with BB . . ate ham sandwiches. . TVd until bed around midnight. [pcml]p