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- Up around 8:15am. 17C in, 11C out. Sunny spells. . .briefly dashed out into the street to investigate the unusual bird activity I spotted when pulling the curtains. A magpie was sat atop a blackbird in the middle of the road, with other magpies nearby!! Sadly the blackbird was already dead - but only very recently. It was still warm. Sad. Surpised a magpie could 'do' a blackbird like that! I shifted the carcass into the gutter away from traffic and just left it there. An hour or more later when setting out to walk, it was gone. . . walked straight up Mums to deliver some of her favourite old soap (Wrights coal tar) I'd managed to get for her in the only shop that stocks it down town, and to extract the broken bit of a screw-in light bulb that had come away and remained in her kitchen spotlights the other day. . . walked BGdns and hung around taking photos for a while before carrying on down to the harbour and eventually on out to the breakwater and the small park just past it. The two ferries I'd seen being lifted out the other day, each appeared to be having some sort of worthiness test out on the water, so of course I grabbed a few shots etc. . something amiss with my stomach. VERY painful stomach spasms/pain. So much so, I actually had to sit around all doubled over before feeling able to start heading back, and even then, having to occasionaly stop along the way to sit doubled over for a bit more! I did eventually mange to head straight home - and then straight to the bathroom! Yep - something I'd eaten had given me a bit of stomach upset. Don't recall having had stomach pains as bad as that before, just over a bit of something I'd eaten! . . . PCd and messed around with posting photos and video snips etc. . .DF called in for coffee, biscuits and arguments until around 10pm . . . TVd/guitarred briefly . . ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by cream and co co pops . . . to bed in the early hours after waking in the chair again.
30 - Up around 7:40am. 16C in, 10C out. Mostly grey after rain. . managed to get out 'reasonably' quick and headed straight across FGn towards the yacht club area, to see if I could catch anything of the two ferries being craned back into the water this morning (so I was informed was the case by one of the operators just the other day).

. . . PCd the WHOLE rest of the day away editing the video into something 'I' think is watchable, before at long long last, setting the three hour upload to Youtube running. . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches, crisps, a pack of oven heated chicken coujons and half a cheesecake while the video(s) uploaded to Youtube. Left the PC running overnight also uploading the 'One Fine Day' compilation to Youtube.
29 - Up around 8:20am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns . Didn't hang around for too long before heading down the harbour, although determined NOT to be taking any photos today. Sat around on the visitor seats near Rockfish for quite a long while with my coffee etc. Would you believe it - despite my 'mood' and intent not to, I STILL ended up taking photos of this and that whilst sat there - mostly the old sailing ship 'Golden Vanity' having a hull paint at low tide. I even ended up heading round towards the marina only to get half way there before taking a load more of a (another!) fishing boat having lost of its metal gantry lifted off and taken away . .briefly shopped for supplies before home through town . . .napped . . . TVd/guitarred . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . PCd and yep - posted pics to FB!! It's like an addiction! . . TVd and ate half a going cheap(er) cheesecake . . . to bed before 3am.
28 - Up around 8:15am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey . .back ache and feeling all tired-out as always. :o( Slow getting going. . .walked BGdns quite late. Border force cutter 'Vigilance' was moored in the bay. Sat around taking photos of anything that moved before heading in towards the harbour. A brief seal glimpse along the way. Sat on watch for a while and eventually managed a brief lackluster snip of video of it. . sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee.

PCd and ended up doing an absurd number of posts to FB, largely doing 'funny caption' ones, just for the laugh.

. . forced down a ham and mayo sandwich with crisps. . .guitarred/TVd feeling totally pissed-off with the whole FB nonsense again. People really are all just f***ing morons so it seems! I don't belong in this world. I REALLY don't! . .woke in front the TV and to bed around 3am.
27 - Up around 7:50am. 16C in, 8C out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns. Pleasant with less wind and waves than yesterday, but a lingering haze meant long range visibility was very poor. Hung around for a while before eventually ending up on the top seat for my coffee and then straight back home . . . PCd for hours trying to knock up the little collage of footage I'd somehow ended up shooting yesterday. Just a collection of random shots here and there, but trying to give a flavour of the day/place. A long tough edit but eventually called it quits and set the thing compiling. . . Mum and visiting Sis1 called in briefly for chats . . .eventually set the video uploading directly to Facebook for the several hours it took! . .sewed up the failed seam all around my multi pocket bodywarmer. Didn't spot it until I almost had my precious camcorder fall out through it this morning!!! . . TVd . . . ate a large bag of crisps and what ended up being the WHOLE (small) cold chicken, followed by a couple of mini chocolate rolls!!! . . immediately fell asleep in the chair again. I actually somehow fell asleep in the middle of reading the red button text news, which was still open n the TV screen at the same page when I eventually woke somewhere near midnight before struggling to bed! FB post:- One Fine Day.
26 - Up at 6:20am - but now 7:20am because the clocks changed forward an hour last night. 15C in, 7C out. Blue sky sunny again. . .PCd this . . walked late. Hung around in bgdns for ages shooting snips of video of this and that before then nicely catching the pilot boat going out into the rough. . while I was hanging around in the gun emplacement waiting to get shots, a couple of young women passed by heading for the rocks down by the yacht club hut. They were each carrying a couple of large carrier bags in which it appeared they had a couple of those new silver gaudy balloons with streamers attached etc. Sure enough, a short while later they let them go, to be quickly carried away to the south east by the wind. Some gesture for mothers day (deceased?) I guess? Grrrr. :o( Can't believe people are SO stupid as to release balloons like that. Ironically amongst all the flotsom blown in by the gales against the cliffs just below where they were stood was one of those balloons already littering the sea and being a potential death trap to all manner of birds and sea creatures. Really angers me people can be SO stupid. . . .In the shade and exposed to the blustery wind down there, it was really less than pleasant, but once in the sun and out of the wind, it really was a rather splendid 'summery' kinda day, with plenty of people around (Mothers day and all). Carried on down to the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater and then briefly popped up to the road vantage point above, to grab a few more snips of video. I have it in mind to do a little video record of today, for no real reason other than it was such a nice day after the recent greys and gales. A nice old Citroen car was parked on the side of the road. Amazing how much individual character old cars had, in comparison to the modern 'jelly mold' designs, which somehow all look unidentifiably the same to me. Sat down the harbourside steps near the waterline for my coffee, to avoid having to speak to people. . heading back around the harbour (at low tide) I spotted a fishing rod laying in the mud and partially wrapped in seaweed amongst the moorings and boats. As is my habit when I see such things, I couldn't resist walking the short distance out on the harbour floor to retrieve it, either in case someone could make use of it, or simply to put in a bin. Suprisingly it turned out to be in apparantly good shape, and even had a reel still attached - although I suspect a bit of rust would have put paid to the reel internals thanks to its time in teh water!! I ended up carrying it all the way home for further investigations!! lol . . headed back via Fgn and called in at Mum's for a coffee and chat . . . PCd for hours editing and eventually compiling and uploading a seal 'glimpse' snip and then the pilot boat footage . . TVd . . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps followed by a couple of Mum donated mini chocolate rolls . . .PCd some more once the Pilot Boat video was uploaded to youtube, just reviewing all the 'snips' of video I'd taken on todays walk. Gonna be a lot of work to edit all that, and I'm really not sure there's ANY point! . . . to bed around 2am. FB Posts:- Citroen , SealGlimpse
25 - Up at 7:10am. 14C in, 8C out. Sunny . . .walked Bgdns. Still a chill to the stiff blustery breeze in the shade, but out of it, a very nice day. Still quite a lot of swell to the waters of the bay, and very little movement out on it, apart from a huge number of very small sail boats over the Torquay side doing a big race. Don't think I've ever seen so many. The Torquay wheel had also been reconstructed in its slightly altered location getting ready for the summer season over the last day or so whilst the poor visibilty had meant that side couldn't be seen. . eventualy walked down the busy harbour and out to sit on the breakwater briefly before then sitting on the seat overlooking the breakwater. Bit breezy and not so warm in the shade there so ended up returning to a sunny seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee and to just sit for ages enjoying the warmth of the sun. . bumped into AC who had let me know via a FB message he was down for a few days. . . bought a chicken and a few supplies before home through town . . .briefly PCd . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps . . pottered around tidying up just a little and having a quick spin round with the vacuum . . . AC and his lady popped in somewhere near 6pm for a chat and coffee for an hour or so . . . TVd/guitarred . . .ate bowls of co co pops and cream before immediately falling asleep in front the fire and TV again!! . . woke somewhere after midnight wringing wet with sweat in front the fire! . . quickly let Bella out for her evening pee and then struggled to bed, trying not to fully wake - again! FB Post:- Halfhearted
24 - Up around 6:45am. 14C in, 6C out. Grey, breezy and damp . . walked bgdns and just hung around in the gun emplacement for ages, sheltering from the real unpleasant drizzle and cold NE type wind. Filmed as 'Wildcat1' headed out into the rough, and also grabbed a bit of footage of the sea school yacht heading back in. . eventually straight back home via the pet store for supplies. . . PCd the whole rest of the day away editing and uploading videos!! Windcat1 , Nashira , SteamingIn . . . TVd leaving the PC uploading videos still. . ate ham, cheese and mayo sandwiches with crisps and a tin of baked beans. . immediately fell asleep in the chair in front the TV and fire! . . woke and to bed (after also turning the PC off!) around 1am. FB Post:- Funny
23 - Up around 8am. 15C in, 5C out. Dark grey. . .walked BGdns and sheltered in the usual gun emplacement for quite a long while as the cold wind and drizzle made things very unpleasant. Boisterous seas in the bay too. Filmed a couple of boats coming back in. Eventually carried on down to the harbour but it felt 'arduous' walking in such conditions and I just ended up carrying on straight home . . . PCd for hours getting on top of some recent pictures and video to post, etc. . . TVd/guitarred . .forced down some biscuits, a pack of six small frankfurters with crisps, and two buttered hot cross buns . . to bed well before midnight as another storm front moved through. FB Post:- SteamingInSnips
22 - Up around 8:15am. 16C in, 5C out. Clearing showers. Bella had peed herself on her bed in the night again. :o( Partialy my fault that. I was SO tired last night, I probably didn't let her out (again!) as late as I should have before I went to bed. . walked. Bumped into K on the way and he gave me a little bag of something he'd found while picking up litter alongside the top road near the gardens. Well - thank you very much. lol . . Amazing skies around the place as big shower clouds blew through, with the occasional sunny spells/rainbow etc. Sat on the breakwater for a while before back to sit near the old coastguard station. Home through town after shopping . . .ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . PCd a bit as news of the latest lunatic attack in London started to come through. :o( . News was ALSO breaking that the whale which has been hanging around just along the coast for the last few weeks had ended up trapped in fishing gear off Blackpool Sands! :o( . . .retreated to bed. Napped until around 8pm!. Thankfully divers from the marine life rescue group had succeeded in freeing the trapped whale. . TVd/guitarred . .ate the last of the stew followed by a couple of buttered hot cross buns and then some creamy co co pops . . .to bed around 2am. FB post:- Lighthouse
21 - Up around 6:40am. 15C in, 4C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns and sat around in the sun for quite a long while. Still a strong chilly breeze though. . eventually started to head down towards the harbour past a small group of people all heading the other way, but a few snips of radio comms and then the behaviour of a couple of people taking photos had me pause. Sure enough, as I'd read in a local news item was going to happen today, one of the TMS work boats (Indus) started heading out of the harbour to lay a new swing mooring in FCove. Ended up grabbing a couple of snips of footage as it passed and then headed back up all the steps and along the path into BGdns, and then through the cut in the brambles and down onto the rocks, a likely best vantage point. Filmed events as best I could as events unfolded. The group of people I'd passed earlier, turned out to be somehow conected with the mooring, and ended up all heading down to near where I was filming, forcing me to move across on the rocks - although their presence did add a little something to my video I thought.

. . sat around and drank my cold coffee before eventually heading straight home . . . spent pretty much the whole rest of the day labouring over the video I'd shot, trying to edit it down to a watchable 'tell the story of events' piece as short as possible. . at long long last by evening I had the finished and compiled video done, and then set it uploading to Youtube for the few hours it took . . TVd/guitarred . . .ate stew with bread and butter . . . back to the PC once the 'Sea Grass Friendly Mooring' video had eventually uploaded, and posted links etc to potentially interested parties . . eventually stumbled to bed around 2:30am as a storm front lashed the house.
20 - Up around 7:50am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey after rain and blowing. . .PCd . .walked BGdns in drizzle and sheltered in a gun emplacement for quite a long while. Eventually on down to the harbour to shelter under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . home through town, and sods law, got back just as the rain front passed and things turned to largely sunny . . PCd . . .TVd . .ate biscuits . . eventually cooked and ate a large bowl of beef mince stew with four pieces of bread and butter and immediately fell asleep in the chair again! Woke and to bed in the early hours whenever. FishermenAtWork video FB post:- PilotTx , Wonderwall
19 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey and breezey . . .walked BGdns and then sat around for hours photographing the yachts and passing gigs, etc. . eventualy carried on down around the harbour and then out to sit on the elevated seat behind the end of the breakwater overlooking the whole of the breakwater and bay for my coffee. Some recent rebuilding/pointing works to the wall alongside the road directly in front of that seating area there included the workmen cutting back most of the obstructing overgrown vegetation, so the view from up there has been pretty much reinstated at long last - until it is all neglectfully allowed to grow back up of course. Breaks in the cloud meant almost a few sunny spells, but the breeze was still a little harsh for me. . home through town after shopping for a few supplies . . . PCd all the pictures for hours and eventually posted to FB etc . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps and sadly the last of my store of bargain price jaffa cakes. The regular price of those in the local stores seems to be almost infinitely variable, and generally far too expensive to justify buying them. . . fell asleep in the chair. Woke and struggled to bed around 3:30am! FB posts:- LP / Gig1, Gig2 / Yachts 1, 2, 3 / Funny1, Funny2, Funny3. Jeeze - so much for giving up spending my life photographing people who DO have a life!!
18 - Up around 7:45am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey and damp. . slow getting going, and actually posted some pics before heading out late . . . walked BGdns, and eventually down around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater. The blustery wind there turned out to be most unpleasant with a hint of moisture in it, so we ended up soon heading back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Even almost a sunny spell or two while sat there. . home through town . . ate the remains of tesetrdays sausages and beans with four piece sof bread and butter . . . napped until gone 7pm . . .TVd/PCd/guitarred the night off . . cooked and ate a rice, peas tin of tuna concoction followed by a packet of jaffa cakes. . . to bed around 2:30am. Chuck Berry has died. :o( FB posts:- Gigs
17 - Up around 7:15am. 16C in, 4C out. Sunny. . . messed around on the PC for a bit and then walked BGdns, with my old tripod, a little later than usual. Sadly the sunny start had already turned to almost completely cloudy. A big barge of huge boulders for coastal defence works over towards Paington was being brought into and across the bay, so I couldn't resist grabbing a few photos of scenes around that as I waited for eleven thirtyish when there was supposed to be the 'Lynx (helicopter) farewell flypast' around this bit of the coast. Ended up sat on a flat lump of concrete near the yacht club hut with the camera and tripod all set up facing towards Berry Head (as per the route that had been advertised on-line) from just after 11ama. In the strengthening Northish type breeze, it really was actually quite cold and windswept unpleasant sitting there for so long. Waited and waited and waited - and then - would you believe it, the sound of four lynx helicopters in the distance behind me alerted me to the fact that they weren't tracking around Berry Head and right around the coast of the bay at all. They'd cut straight across from Dartmouth way, bypassing Brixham and were heading straight up around the coast over Goodrington way. WHAT a disappointment after all that waiting. Quickly spun round and 'just' managed to get a few minutes of shakey VERY distant footage (with the camera autofocus also having difficulty with the grey sky conditions). WHAT a disappointment. . . sheltered in the usual gun emplacement with my cold coffee for quite a while before starting to head home, up the shortcut steep path through the trees. Collected up a carrier bag+ full of litter strewn around along the way . . . PCd and despite everything I wrote here yesterday about stopping, I ended up posting the flypast video and barge images to Fb. It really is a very hard habit to break!!? . . mowed both lawns and then pottered around in the garden for a bit, cutting back overgrown weed grass etc up near the garage . . .guitarred/TVd . . .ate half a pack of sausages with a tin of baked beans, grated cheese and a couple of pieces of bread and butter . . . to bed before midnight. FB posts:- Lynx 'bypassed' Flypast / Sea defences work
16 - Up around 7:45am. 16C in, 8C out. Grey. . . walked bgdns in a cold grey misty damp. Eventually straight back home, not in the mood to walk down the harbour and likely have to make pointless conversation with anyone, or be taking ANY photos. This facebook photos thing I think MUST now come to an end. It's aggravating my low self esteem and paranoia. Until recently, all my (hugely time consuming) posts to Brixham Fishing appeared to be well recieved and got a a good handful of 'likes' - which, because I don't do the 'friends' thing with anyone, was the only feedback I had that the images were appreciated etc. All of a sudden so it seems, within the last week or so, all my posts appear to be getting almost no 'likes' at all. Other people can post almost anything, and get more likes than anything I post, even when their images are almost identical to some of those which I have posted. So - either something has changed on FB or for reasons unknown, my posts are no longer appreciated. Pathetic as it is, all of that seems to just fuel my paranoia and ego bashing lack of self worth etc, etc. It seems to be pretty much the same on the other group I post to. No matter what I post or how much work it's taken, my posts will always get less likes than others. People seem to be able to post any old 'crap' and get more likes and appreciative comments than ANYTHING I do. Maybe I should just take the hint and accept that whatever it is I do is just rubbish and not worthy. I just don't understand it - and like I said, it's further 'damaging' to my broken ego. Yep - with rare possible exceptions, all my daily photo taking MUST sadly cease. . . aimlessly pottered around, did dish washing chores and laundry . . PCd/TVd/guitarred . . forced down a handful of chocolate biscuits followed later by three cold chicken drumsticks and a pack of jaffa cakes . . . the electronic program guide on my main TV is STILL failing to appear correctly, whereas on the kitchen portable it appears as normal, so I am beginning to suspect this is just the latest change in my main TV becoming gradualy bit by bit, unfit for continued use, despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it other than it is simply not the most recent model. It really is as though the manufacturers can now build-in early obsolesance by virtue of the operating system (just like the PC)!! All well and good for everyone who can afford to keep buying new stuff. :o( . . to bed around 2am.
15 - Woke around 7am, up a short while later. 16C in, 9C out. Grey. . . .walked Bgdns. Sat around for absolutely ages, just watching and photoing some of the boat activity going on at the harbour entrance and out in the bay. Eventually down (past glimpses of a couple of seal) around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater for a while. . . heading back along the marina walkway, it was low tide and I spotted a 'scooter' (one of those metal fold up ones with small wheels which became all the rage some time ago) which had been thrown into the water. The tide was low enough (just) so we headed down the nearby slipway, picked our way along the narrow line of rocks and succeeded in retrieving it. It actually looked in pretty good condition still as far as a casual inspection could tell. The 'pride' people had been working nearby earlier, and had left some bags of this and that which they were presumably going to be returning for, so I just left it propped up there. . further along something of interest also caught my eye in the inner harbour - so once again we climbed down the harbourside steps and picked our way across the mud and rocks to the waters edge to have a closer look. Turned out to be a rather nice huge great big industrial type 'torch' complete with a shoulder strap etc. Sadly it'd obviously been in the water some time, and was clearly just fit for the bin. It wouldn't fit in the access hole to the nearby litter bin, so I just left it on the floor next to the bin. . shopped for a few supplies before home through town. For whatever reasons, today I did not feel quite so desperately out of control and down as I did yesterday thank god. . . ate a handful of weetabix . . . napped until getting on for 8pm . . . PCd pictures/posts . . drank wine and ate cold chicken sandwiches . . to bed gone 2am. FB posts:- RNLB Cosandra
14 - Up around 7:15am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey. Uh oh - threw up quite a bit!! I think I may be throwing away the remainder of the coleslaw I bought only yesterday! :o( . . . walked BGdns, the harbour, out to the breakwater, and then back to the seats near the laboratory building to aimlessly sit feeling very down for ages and to drink my cold coffee. Ended up sat there, because I just couldn't tolerate having to make any more meaningless conversation with passers by!!

. . .home via the local store and pet store for food supplies . . ate a pasty with crisps . . napped until around 7pm . . PCd . . TVd. Day two or more of problems with the digital TV guide on the tv!?? Instead of displaying all the current and upcoming programs as it should, it seems to be having difficulty loading the data and just keeps presenting blank entries, making seeing what is on impossible. Very frustrating/annoying. :o( . . another evening of a terrible down frame of mind. I'm really in pretty bad shape right now. . . forced down some boiled in water frankfurter things in a couple of buttered bread finger rolls, followed by a pack of jaffa cakes . . . to bed after 1am.
13 - Up around 6:45am!? 15C in, 4C out. Sunny. . .walked BGdns and sat around for ages continualy scanning the waters of the bay looking for signs of the whale. All that squinting across the miles of bright silvery water really started to give me an eye strain headache! Couldn't see any sign of it at all. . eventually on down to the harbour. Hung around for quite a while taking a few photos as some big boulders were lifted off the middle key and loaded onto the 'usual' lorry, to be eventualy driven away - to the quarry area at Berry Head allegedly!

sat on the breakwater in the sun for ages, once again scouring the waters of the bay looking for the whale. Again, no sign of it whatsoever. It turns out, it was 'around', but seen much further out, off (a crowded) Berry Head. .eventually home through town . . ate baked beans and grated cheese on a couple of pieces of toast . . . napped until gone 7pm . . . PCd and posted pictures to Fb . . . TVd . . ate beef and mayo sandwiches, crisps, coleslaw and biscuits . . . to bed around 2am.
12 - Up around 8:45am. 16C in, 11C out. Grey after some rain. . very slow getting going, and ended up messing around posting some stuff to Fb before eventually setting out real late. There were reports on Fb that the hump backed whale that's been on down the coast drawing a crowd for the last week or so, has been spotted off Berry Head this morning! . walked BGdns. Breezey and not so pleasant. . eventually walked down around the harbour and outt along to the end of the breakwater. Such boisterousness to the waters of the bay due to the increased Northish breeze, visibility of anything swimming (the whale) was appalling and I eventually just gave up looking for it. . .

back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee . . home through town . . . PCd pics and videos whilst monitoring the radios. Listened in to a coastguard shout involving the ILB and coastguard helicopter for a couple of youths on the rocks at Corbyns Head. Turned out to be one of those where by the time the troops all got there, there was no sign of the people allegedly in trouble, and they were all stood down. What was particularly frustrating to listen to, was the ILB on their way back to the lifeboat station, detouring to have a look at the whale - IN the bay!!! I WAS tempted to dash back down to BGdns to have a look, but by then it was too late and the daylight was fading, so there would have been no point for me. Someone else was in the right place at the right time and managed to get some footage to post to FB - so the whale definitely WAS right IN the bay!!!

. . . TVd/guitarred and drank wine . . . ate cold beef and mayo sandwiches, crisps and jaffa cakes . . asleep in the chiar . . to bed after 2:30am.
11 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 9C out. Hazy sun through the mist. . .walked BGdns, the harbour, out to sit on the breakwater, back round the harbour and then ended up sitting on a seat near the laboratory building for ages, purely because it was calm and relatively warm and mostly undisturbed by passsers by out there. A pair of juvenile swans were casualy bobbing around in the distance in front of us there - and of course some very brief seal glimpses. Eventually back up into BGdns and home via the local store for supplies. After having mostly just sat around all over the place, we'd been out for around five hours!! . . PCd for a bit, but I was completely unable to motivate myself to put in any work doing photos or suchlike, and ended up aimlessly looking at youtube teach yourself guitar videos and the like. It would appear, just like that, as though a swicth has been flicked, I am no longer interested in doing all that photographing and posting to FB etc, etc. It just isn't worth all the effort and work . . . TVd/guitarred and drank red wine. . cooked and ate two quarter pound cheeseburgers, a bag of crisps and bowls of co co pops . . asleep in the chair . . to bed around 1am.
10 - Up just before 7am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey to start before a bit of sun . . finally finished off the major headache of 'constructing' my obligatory driving licence renewal paperwork, and got it all ready to post . . walked BGdns, forgetting to post the envelope in the post box along the way of course. Sat around for ages watching the dense sea mist rolling back and forth around the bay. . eventually carried on down to the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater, just as the cold mist turned seemlessly into a hint of drizzle! Sods law - I'd been so hot yesterday, I'd walked without a coat and wearing less layers today. Ended up feeling unpleasantly chilly. . soon headed back towards the harbour, but the prospect of sitting around somewhere and inevitably having to make polite meaningless conversation with passers-by was more than I could endure again. Ended up just heading straight home apace. Arrived back at home having forgotten to post the envelope. FFS! . . .sat around with a coffee and cigarettes for a bit before eventually managing to muster the energy to leave Bella at home and walk to the local post office to post the envelope and get a certficate of posting. . . feeling VERY down again. I really wonder how much longer I can go on like this. . . . drank wine, ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps and coleslaw, returned to bed and napped until around 7pm. . .drank more wine (not enough!) and TVd the night off . . ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. . . to bed around 2am.
9 - Up around 7:40am. 15C in, 11C out. Mostly grey. . . walked. Headed straight for the pet store and paid for two large sacks of Wagg food for Bella, and to be delivered later this eveing. Carried on down to BGdns to sit around for ages, before down to the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater for quite a long while. Felt pleasantly incredibly mild today, with hardly a breath of wind. Overheating in all my winter layers. Eventually headed back to near the old coastguard station intending to sit for my coffee, but I was SO not in the mood to have to make the usual 'meaningless' conversations with passers by, we actually ended up out of the way, sat at the bottom of the nearby harbour steps, just above the waterline. Sat there undisturbed with my coffee until the rising tide started lapping over the bottom step. . shopped for supplies and then home through town . . . pottered in the front garden weeding the lower curved border for hours - until the pet store guy delivered the dog food. . . TVd . . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps and colelslaw. . asleep in the chair and then to bed whenever it was I woke.
8 - Up around 7:30am. 14C in, 10C out. Wind and rain to start. Feeling down. . posted boat pics to Fb . . walked BGdns and eventualy on down to the harbour as things brightened up somewhat. Out to the breakwater for a brief sit, but the breeze and constant moisture in the air made it rather unpleasant and we soon returned to the relative shelter of the harbour. Sat on the seats near Rockfish for my coffee. A small film crew appeared nearby demanding I take a few photos. . shopped for supplies and then home though town. . . TVd/PCd/sat around feeling VERY down and just trying to get through another day. .

TVd . . ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice with mushrooms and young potatoes in butter followed by jaffa cakes and then bowls of co co pops . . asleep in the chair, woke and to bed around 2am.
7 - Up around 7:45am. 14C in, 4C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns in full weather gear. Caught glimpses of a seal in CCove again. Sheltered from the rain and drizzle in the gun emplacement. .on down towards the harbour

old guy with a 'dope' umbrella! . .out to sit on the breakwater. Workmen cutting back all the overgrown vegetation behind the bistro. Long overdue. .lifeboat out on excercise giving a couple of photo ops . . to the small park but increasing rain saw us soon head back (past the marina seal up on his pontoon again). . Royal Navy boat 'Dasher' came in for the trainees to get their fish and chips lunch from Rockfish. lol . . sheltered under the old fish market roof for my coffee . . bought a radio controlled clock for 3 from a charity shop before straight home through town . . . cut my hair/did laundry . . . PCd photos for hours . . TVd . . ate a small tin of chopped ham and pork in sandwiches with mayo and crisps. IMMEDIATELY fell asleep in the chair as soon as I'd eaten!! . . woke and to bed whenever it was after midnight.
6 - Up around 7:50am. 14C in, 4C out. Raining. . . slow getting going. Walked BGdns a bit late. Plenty of boats activity so spent quite a long while sheltering in the gun emplacement taking photos between the drizzly showers. . eventually on down around the harbour, and as the weather seemed to have improved to some sunny spells, on out to look at the marina seal and then to sit on the breakwater for a while. . eventually back to drink my coffee near the old coastguard station etc. . shopped for redcued price deals and home through town . . .drank a splash of wine and cooked and ate chicken coujons with chips. . .napped . . . PCd . . . TVd . . ate coleslaw with grated cheese and crisps followed y half a cheesecake . . to bed before 2am.
5 - Back up around 8:15am after almost no sleep at all, and feeling very cold and iffy. 15C in, 6C out. Sunshine and showers and still blowing pretty hard. Ate a handful of chocolate biscuits, just to try to warm me up (like they usually do). . waking at the PC, it soon became apparant that the waters of the bay were looking a bit windswept, and that the lifeboat had already gone out on excercise, with someone having posted some neat pictures of it already! Damn - hate missing such filming opportunities. . .walked BGdns, 'briskly' in the hope of maybe getting to see the lifeboat heading back in - which given the wind direction, would actually probably have afforded the best scenes. Yayy - it wasn't long on our usual seat before I spotted the little orange dot on the far horizon, and soon heading in. Filmed as it made its way back, and even managed to get a 'conjunction' as I call it, of both the lifeboat and HMS Mersey in a single shot, as Mersey made her way back out of the bay after having anchored over near Torquay. Although spectacular as always, it turned out to be not 'particularly' wavey. . eventually carried on down to the harbour and started to head out towards the breakwater, but the day seemed to largely degenerate into a quick succession of nasty showers, and we ended up just turning around and heading for the shelter of the old fish market roof for quite a long while as the rain fell. Eventually just straight back home through town after buying a few going-cheap supplies . . . PCd for ages and eventually posted pictures and the heavily edited-down lifeboat footage to FB. . . drank red wine and ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese . . lay down to nap quite late, only to supprisingly have difficulty sleeping. . . back up with the alarm at 8pm . . . TVd the evening off. Ate just half a reduced-price/ going out of date vanilla cheesecake. . to bed around 1am.
4 - Up around 7:50am. 14C in, 8C out. Cold and windy but mostly sunny to start . . .walked BGdns, the harbour, along to the breakwater, back to the harbour and then straight home through town, dodging the worst of the showers all along the way . . . ate the last of the stew with four pieces of bread and butter . . . napped . . . PCd boat pics and eventually did multiple posts to Fb . . .PCd/TVd until to bed near 4am!! By that time a gale was blowing and I ended up not being able to get to sleep for ages, and then kinda only half snoozing and frequently waking again.
3 - Up around 7:15am. 15C in, 8C out. Gale of wind and rain. . jeeze, I'm aching and stiff REAL bad, just after yesterday's little bit of garden work. :o( Annadin for breakfast . . walked BGdns, the harbour and along to the marina to have a look at the seal before back to the seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Straight home through town . . . PCd and edited down yesterdays seal footage and eventually set the video uploading to Fb. .messed around with the Silva marine band radio I once scored in a charity shop, investigating what sort of intrenal battery supply it has (which appears long past its best), and whether or not I could replace it.

. ate a bowl of stew with a bag of crisps. . . left the PC uploading and napped until just gone 7pm . . PCd . . guitarred/TVd . . ate jaffa cakes and chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around 2:30am.
2 - Up around 8:15am. 15C in, 5C out. Sunny. . .walked BGdns, out to the breakwater and then back to the seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . shopped for a few supplies and then through town to the pet store for dog food supplies on the way home. . .worked in the back garden cutting back the overgrown hedge above and behind the pergola for the rest of the afternoon. Climbed up on top the pergola to weild the hedgetrimmer at arms length. Nasty stuff.

next door's drain blocked and emptying into the wall and through into my drain!!!!

three bin-loads of cuttings to now somehow get rid of. :o( . . TVd feeling utterly exhausted. . guitarred . . . ate stew with four pieces of bread and butter followed later by bowls of co co pops . . aching/exhausted to bed before midnight.
1 - Woken around 7am by next door's piano again. Snoozed on then up around 8:45am. 14C in, 6C out. Grey and a bit of light rain. . slow getting going. PCd a few pics before heading out late . . .walked BGdns, out to the breakwater and back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . visited the town camera shop and finally got round to getting some photos done (6!) for my imminent driving licence renewal. Shopped for a few reduced price supplies before heading home. . cooked up a pressure cooker of beef mince and mixed veg stew. Ate a bowlful with four pieces of bread and butter . . slept late until 8pm . . PCd recent fishing pictures etc for hours and eventually posted to FB . . . TVd/guitarred . . ate a pack of reduced price apple pastries. . . to bed around 2:30am.