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- Woke earlier but snoozed on then up around 9:20am!!! That's a long sleep for a change - although I don't feel any better for it! 13C in 6C out. Grey and damp. . PCd . .did a bit of vacuuming and cut my hair etc . . somehow ended up back on the PC and then monitoring developments for several hours via the radios and the AIS website as sailing ship Provident put out a mayday. Someone on board (with his wife and daughter) had suffered a cardiac arrest and they were doing CPR!!!! The local lifeboat was just finishing a yacht tow back type shout as things started. The salcombe lifeboat and rescue helicopter rushed to assist. The casualty was airlifted off and taken to Derriford, with the family members remaining on board Provident which quickly then headed the long sail back to Dartmouth. 'Unresponsive' CPR had gone on for 'at least' half an hour or more before the casualty was I think transferred to the lifeboat for winching etc. It seemed pretty obvious by that point that the guy was gone. What an awful experience for the family, having to then sail all the way back to Dartmouth!! They were apparantly met by coastguard and police, with I believe a police car to take them to Derriford! . . unsettled. Ended up aimlessly surfing for hours and soemhow didn't get to bed until gone 5am!!! No appetite and today I ate NOTHING!!
30 - Back up around 7:40am. 14C in 1C out. Grey and damp. . PCd . .I 'thought' I'd be able to just pick up my repeat perscription paper from the doctors surgery today, so I decided to take a walk. . walked in the light rain to BGdns with a rucksack on my back. Hung around for a bit in the gun emplacement taking photos before then heading down to the harbour to take more. Tide was out so couldn't resist a bit of a walk around on the harbour floor. Carried on out to the breakwater and then back to sit under the old market roof for coffee and cigs . . scored a lumberjack type shirt for 5 in a charity shop . . shopped for a large bag of potatoes and all manner of supplies before struggling home carrying everything. The doctors surgery was closed and is to remain so right through the bank holiday weekend until Tuesday!! 'Just' enough tablets left to see me through. . . PCd for hours before uploading all the photos I'd taken. Some bloody good ones 'I' think. . TVd/guitarred . . ate Sis1 donated Tuc crackers and sugary bowls of weetabix before quickly struggling to bed before falling sleep in the chair well before midnight.
29 - Up before 7am headachey. 15C in 5C out. Rain showers. . PCd and ended up wasting a whole nother day just clearing up more snips of video and photos to post to FB from the other day. . . guitarred a bit after having put an old spare string on the new 10 guitar. Entirely useable for that money. :o) . . heavy showers and rainbows to end the day . . eventually pulled myself away from the PC and TVd/guitarred the evening off . . ate soup with bread and butter, crisps and crackers followed by a few biscuits. Immediately asleep in the chair until gone 3am before struggling to bed!!
28 - Up around 7am feeling exhausted and not good. 15C in 5C out. Grey and damp. . PCd the whole day through just non stop editing down the shout footage from yesterday. A long hard slog to cut it down to under 15 minutes but got there in the end and then set it uploading to FB for around five hours. . . guitarred/TVd . . ate biscuits and then mixed boiled veg with some chopped ham and butter . . to bed before minight after having set the shout video uploading to Youtube overnight.
27 - Up around 7:30am still feeling very unwell. Threw up just a bit. 15C in 9C out. Grey and damp . . PCd . .rang the doctors surgery and suceeded in making an appointment for a blood test . . became aware from the AIS website another trawler'd had an incident and the rescue helicopter had just lifted a casualty for transport to Derriford! The trawler then started the long tow back towards Brixham by a lifeboat! . . rare to know in advance there was going to be a local lifeboat shout (to take over the tow) so I ended up heading straight down towards the breakwater. Got down there 'just' after the local lifeboat had started away from its pontoon. Managed to catch a bit of footage of it heading out. . hung around waiting in JGdns for ages before eventually deciding to head out to the end of the breakwater instead. A good move as it turned out.

filmed for ages

. . sat on a seat to recover near the lifeboat station and drank my coffee, feeling not very well at all. . walked back to the harbour and sat on the steps in the sun for a brief while. . back up to BGdns and eventually home . . PCd for a while. Over an hour and a half of footage to try to edit!!! Ugggh . . TVd . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps and coleslaw followed by biscuits . . to bed well before midnight.
26 - Up around 7:25am. 15C in 4C out. Sunny . . PCd . . . walked to the doctor's surgery to arrange a repeat prescription and to broach the subject of maybe having some sort of health check up like the doctor had suggested. The woman on reception said they don't do that any more!?? I then asked to make an appointment to see a doctor, only to be told I would have to ring up in the morning!! FFS! . . carried on down around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater in the hazy sun for a while. Eventually back around the harbour and then out to BGdns to sit around for a while. G4PWO was in the gdns on one of my usual seats with his radio gear and a 2m beam on a tripod experimenting with E-M-E comms!!! Grabbed a bunch of photos of course . .sat on the higher seat for my coffee and then back via the local store for a few supplies . . PCd all the photos from today and posted to FB etc . . . TVd . . ate a pastie, Sis1 donated 'crisps', cheddars and coleslaw . . immediately asleep in the chair until around 3am. Felt sick and awful. To bed but trouble getting back to sleep for ages, coughing and spluttering and feeling sick.
25 - Back up around 8am, although 9am now the clocks have changed. 15C in 7C out. Hazy sunny . . PCd . . messed with the radios and after a long battle with incompatible windows 10 drivers, finally managed to get the programming lead working with the 897 and put the old VHF memories etc back into it. It DOES appear the VHF 'crashing' noises have stopped, so maybe it was the antenna? Time will tell. . . ate yesterdays left over fish and chips . . napped . . TVd . . ate Sis1 donated weird carton of chicken soup with cheddars and then lots of chocolate! . . . to bed around midnight.
- Up around 7:15am. 15C in 6C out. Mizzle . . PCd . .Sis2 called in for a cry and chats. Whilst she was here the postman delivered the painting of Bella . . Eventually drove with her down town to buy fish and chips for us all in the chip shop on the harbour front before then back to Mums to eat. Showed Mum the painting etc . . Sis1 and then I eventually headed home . . napped until the alarm at 7pm . . TVd . . set the painting up next to Bella's ashes and took a couple of photos and then messaged the artist woman to announce it had arrived and say thank you . . posted a couple of images I'd taken when waiting for the chips . . TVd/guitarred . . ate lots of Sis1 donated cheddars and chocolates . .PCd until to bed deep into the early hours.
- Up around 6:15am. 15C in 4C out. Sunny . . PCd . . . walked down town intending to buy some guitar strings and to get the soap Mum was after. A wasted journey. Neither in stock! Sat on the harbour steps for my coffee and then shopped for a few supplies on the way straight home . . N called in briefly for a coffee and chat . . napped until 7pm . . TVd the night off . . Sis1 called to touch base - she's at Mum's overnight. . cooked and ate a chicken breasts and stuffing oven meal with potatoes followed by ice cream and biscuits . . back to bed before midnight.
22 - Back up through door slamming around 8:10am. 15C in 6C out. Mostly grey . . . PCd the WHOLE day away non stop posting all the pictures etc I took yesterday. Over a thousand photos!!! How is that even possible?!!!! . . . TVd . .ate ham sandwiches crisps and biscuits . . to bed before 11pm leaving the PC uploading to Youtube overnight!
21 - Up around 7:25am with a bit of an upset stomach. 14C in 2C out. Sunny . . PCd . . replied to a nice PM I'd recieved from the guy who was the actual airlifted casualty on the Stephanie the other day. Very pleased to have got that PM.. .while trawling all the latest FB posts, I re-encountered an advert on the local for sale page. I'd seen it a few days ago when it was first posted and really should have tried to buy it, but at the time I was just too overwhelmed with everything else I was dealing with. It was for a cheap 'charity shop' acoustic guitar complete with a carry bag, (needing new strings of course) all for only 10!! This morning the person selling it had 'bumped' the post, because they had obviously been let down by someone who'd said they'd have it on Tuesday. This time I posted that if it didn't go, I'd like it. Within a few minutes the seller said ok and after a couple of messages back and forth, it was agreed I'd have it and walk to pick it up. Turned out the woman lived just down the road at the old cricket ground estate! Perfect . . . walked and bought the guitar (without even looking at it) and carried it straight back home. It's cheap quality and needs a set of strings etc, but for a mere 10, that'll do me very nicely. :o) . . . set the PC uploading various recent files to Youtube and then headed out for a walk, with the intention of trying to buy some strings and maybe do a little more shopping down town. Hung around in BGdns for a while taking photos etc before carrying on down to the harbour. Drew some cash out and then headed out to sit on the breakwater for a while. That ended up turning into a mamoth photo taking session as many of the day boats all started heading back in . . lost track of the time and eventually missed the shop closing time, so no shopping as I'd intended! . . sat on the harbour steps for my coffee before shopping for a few food supplies and then home through town . . left the PC STILL uploading files! TVd . . . ate a trio of ham sandwcihes with a whole tub of coleslaw and some crisps . . promptly felll asleep in front the TV and didn't wake until around 2:30am!!! Struggled up to turn off the PC and then to bed, only to be unable to sleep and toss and turn for ages before finally back to sleep for a short while.
20 - Woke earlier and up around 7:15am. 12C in 0C out. Sunny so hopefully that'll clear the remains of the snow and the ice. .. PCd the day off just working on the weather video from 18th . .eventually just kinda gave up and set an almost finished version uploading! . . ate a pack of susage rolls with two bags of crisps . . . napped leaving the PC uploading (7 hour upload?) . . up with the alatm at 7pm only to find that once again, Windows 10 had taken it upon iself to reboot the PC in the middle of an upload!!! FFS!!!!!!!! . . set it uploading again all evening! . . TVd the evening off . . ate caramel cake and bowls of rice krispies . . . back to bed once the video had finally finished uploading, somewhere after midnight. A very 'dwon' day again!
19 - Up around 6am with a bad headache and not feeling good. 12C in -1C out. Grey with a lot more fresh snow on the ground!! . . PCd the day off. Edited down and eventually uploaded to FB the Stephanie video and 'apology' post! . . ate two going cheap sandwiches and crisps . . napped until woken by N calling in for coffee and chats . . ate half a caramel cake before back to bed before 2am.
18 - Up around 6:45am. 13C in -1C out. Grey with a little snow on the ground and roofs . . PCd as the snow returned with a vengance - blizzard like!! Posted a short clip on Fb and determined to stay in out of it . . . overheard the very tail end of a mayday call and looked up what was going on, on Marinetraffic. Trawler Stephanie out in the channel had just had an injured crewman lifted off and taken to hospital by the rescue helicopter!! Foolishly I quickly posted a screen shot to FB BCF. That post remained there for a few minutes before I had second thoughts and with better judgement deleted the post!! The last thing family members need is learning of a tragedy from a post of mine like that!!! The trawler started making best speed back to Brixham. I coudn't resist!!! Ended up getting all clothed up in mulriple layers and eventually headed out in the light snow cover for BGdns!!

almost no snow left on the ground at all! . .eventually home gone 7pm. . .PCd and reviewed all the pictures and video. . edited and eventually posted a seal glimpse video together with a bunch of photos to FB . . TVd briefly while eating stew, crisps and bread and butter . . to bed before midnight.
17 - Up around 7:15am. 15C in 6C out. Grey . . . ended up PCing the whole bloody day away!!!!

PM re Bella and then the Solar Minimum nonsense!

For much of the time while doing all that nonsense I had the radios on next to me and it became clear that the 897 repair has NOT been fully successful!! The iffy S meter reading and crashing noises persists on VHF! Just bloody typical of my life isn't it! . . . eventually got the Youtube email sent and promptly turned everything off. Headachey and feeling very down and paranoid . . .TVd nothing all evening, unable to concentrate on anything lost in dark thoughts . . ate stew and biscuits . . woke in the chair and to bed whenever.
16 - Up around 7am. 15C in 6C out. Sunny . . PCd and eventually got round to opening up my repaired radio and starting the nightmare of getting it all connected back up . . popped up the store for milk/bread supplies in case the weekend's forecast snow caused panic buying again . . back to messing with the radio and ended up doing a silly 'geeky' video of monitoring the Berry Head VOR to upload to Fb . . oh wow. Revieved a PM on Fb from someone I don't know who had painted a picture of Bella as part of her doing an art course!! She was offering me the painting!! I'll reply at length tomorrow . . TVd . . . ate a bowl of stew with four pieces of bread and butter followed by biscuirs and bowls of rice krispies . . asleep in the chair until around 2am before to bed.
15 - Up around 7am. 14C in 8C out. Mostly cloudy grey to start . . . PCd the whole day off editing seal footage and then posting it and loads of photos . .my repaired 897 was delivered early afternoon. Left unboxing it etc for some other time! . . did half the dish washing chores and then cooked up a pot of beef mince and mixed veg stew . . ate a bowl of stew with a bag of crisps and two pieces of bread and butter . . woke in the chair around 1:30am and eventually managed to get to bed.
14 - Woke plenty earlier, just lay there for a while and then up around 7am. 14C in 7C out. Grey and blowy. .PCd. Stephen Hawking has died! . . PCd much of the day editing the lifeboat training footage and doing uploads to FB . . TVd . . .ate a pasty with a tin of baked beans, crisps, grated cheese and a couple of pieces of bread and butter . . woke in the chair and to bed around 1:30am!!
13 - Up around 7am. 14C in 4C out. Blue sky sunny. . .PCd . .walked and sat in the 'Rose garden' overlooking the harbour for a while before then heading down to BGdns. Just sat around there for hours watching the many seal, boats, lifeboat out training etc before eventually ending up down the harbour on the harbour steps in the sun for my coffee and smokes . . shopped in town on the way home (bought mum a cheesecake to try) and then dropped the cheesecake off at Mums on the way home . . PCd/TVd . . couldn't muster the energy to cook and just ended up eating three tuna and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . couldn't stay awake and to bed just before 10pm!!!!
12 - Up around 7am feeling very lousy. 14C in 7C out. Cloudy grey. . . PCd editing and posting the reaminder of the video and pictures from the other day to Fb . left the PC uploading and popped up the local store for supplies . . . ate six sausage rolls with two bags of crisps . . .napped until gone 6pm . . TVd the night off, almost entirely on Youtube TED videos etc . .ate just ice cream and caramel cake! . . to bed around 1am.
11 - Poor sleep then up around 8:20am. 15C in 7C out. Misty grey . . touched base with Mum to wish her happy mothers day . . .PCd the morning away . . STILL receiving the rebroadcast comms on channel 31!!?? Dropped a FB message into the local lifeboat page informing THEM . . . mustered the energy to go for a walk. Walked BGdns and sheltered from the light rain in the gun emplacement and then sat around for quite a while. Eventually on down around the harbour and out to sit on the beakwater for a while. Photographed and filmed etc. Eventually back to sit on the harbour steps for my coffee until more light rain called a halt. . home through town. . . PCd editing video and posting to FB etc. . left the PC uploading the bit of 'Coastal Challenger' video to Youtube and TVd . . no appetite or energy to cook anything and ended up just eating cheesecake and bowls of rice krispies!! . . to bed around midnight. Ken Dodd died this day.
10 - Trouble getting to sleep and then I remembered I'd not taken my tablet so dashed down to quickly do so before returning to bed. Tossed and turned for ages before finally to sleep for just a while. Woke again more than once then up around 8:30am. 14C in 9C out. Rain . . PCd . . recieved another Fb PM from the global cooling person! They were all indignant I'd succeeded with my Youtube take down/copyright claim!! Searched and looked into those people some more before simply blocking THAT account (and her partner?) on Fb as well, without engaging in any reply whatsoever again. Dangerous people. .

. . .ate chips, peas and cold chicken . . napped until around 7pm . . .TVd/PCd . rang Falmouth coastguard to inform them of bizarre re-transmission of comms on channel 'ship' 31!! . . . ate cheesecake . . to bed near 3am!
9 - Up around 7:20am. 15C in 6C out. Grey and light rain . . . PCd for hours editing the HMS Westminster footage from yesterday. Set it uploading and walked in the light rain down through town and out to the lifeboat station again. Ths time the release letter was found so I just signed it, handed it back and headed back. Sat under the old fish market roof for a while drinking my coffee etc. Shopped on the way home through town. I 'deliberately' managed not to take any photos or video of anything!! lol . . PCd for hours more posting all recent photos etc. Listened in as the lifeboat and CRTs were all called out to search for a missing teenage high risk misper at Berry Head. Very soon after it was reported that she'd been fished out of the pool at Shoalstone!! Alive and well in police custody thankfully . . TVd . . ate cold chicken sandwiches and crisps. I HAD intended to eat more but immediately fell asleep in the chair!!! Woke around 3:30am before struggling up to bed!
8 - Woken earlier by some loud (neighbour?) noise or other then up around 6:45am. 15C in 2C out. Mostly sunny. . . woke at the PC for a bit before then heading out to walk down through town to the lifeboat house (I saw on the webcam all their parked cars so knew they were in) specifically to sign the video release/consent form the press officer had told me would be there. Rang the bell and was told they were all in training at the time. I said I'd return but a guy ushered me in nonetheless. He couldn't find any such form and ended up dragging MC out to have a look for it!! Boy - MCs expression seemed to change when he saw who it was and didn't seem happy at all (or so it felt to me)! They couldn't find the form so I said I'd call back in some other time and soon left. Damn - what a waste of time and effort that was! . . ended up sitting around for a wile nearby before ending up in JGdns and hanging around there for ages taking photos and video of all manner of stuff. Warship/fishing boats/scaffolding on the breakwater light/robin singing, etc, etc. Eventually headed back to the harbour steps to sit and drink my coffee, filming and photographing all along the way . . shopped for a chicken and supplies on the way home . . . PCd for hours editing video and doing posts etc . . . TVd and ate a chicken breast with a bag of crisps and pieces of bread and butter followed by half a caramel cake . . to bed near midnight.
7 - Woke before 6am feeling headachey and unwell and couldn't get back to sleep so up around 6am. 14C in 0C out. . . PCd . . deleted the shared post about the funnel cloud grievance and then blocked the person who'd PMd me and also flagged Youtube the copyright grievance . . . PCd photos and video for hours . .PMs back and forth from the RNLI about consent form for video release . . also did an online release for the funnel cloud video to someone! . . ate the remaining bowlful of stew. . napped . . TVd . . ate half a caramel cake and bowls of rice krispies . . to bed around midnight.
6 - Woke earlier then up around 8am. 14C in 2C out. Sunny . . PCd . . .walked BGdns and the harbour etc taking photos. Sat on the Xmas pontoon for my coffee watching the turnstones and tide coming in . got into conversation with a nearby fisherman and got him to take a couple of shots of me! lol . . .

received a PM about my grievance post

ate stew . . TVd . . .

5 - Up around 7:20am feeling very woozy and unwell. 14C in 6C out. Hazy sun . . woke at the PC before ending up laying back down for a while but couldn't sleep . . cooked up a big pot of mince and mixed veg stew. Ate a bowlful with two pieces of bread and butter followed by a handful of biscuits . . .watched a TV show on BBC1 all about Brixham fish market . . napped for almost a couple of hours . . . N called in for chats . . ate more stew bread and butter and biscuits . . TVd some Ted lectures before to bed around 1:30am.
4 - Up around 7:10am to the noise of next door's washing machine again! Tried to go back to sleep but felt rather unwell and couldn't so up soon after. 14C in, 8C out. Sunshine and occasional showers. . . woke at the PC most of the morning before mustering the energy to have a walk again, to see how around the place had coped with the recent weather. . walked BGdns and sat around there for ages. Actually ended up overheating by the time I got there, still wearing most of my layers. Remarkably springlike sunny weather for the most part. Filmed glimpses of the seal in CCove and photod all manner of whatever was moving. .eventually carried on down around the harbour and out to the park past the breakwater taking LOTS of photos! Threatening clouds saw me eventually head back to the harbour. Sat under the old fish market roof for my cold coffee as a hail and heavy rain shower blew in. Straight home through town . . . PCd photos for HOURS! Eventually got everything posted to Fb by near midnight!! . . quickly ate a trio of tuna and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . exhausted to bed before 2am.
3 - Woken by neighbor washing machine bad bearings noise and up around 7:15am. 11C in 5C out. Rain amd very little trace of any snow remaining . . PCd . . ate a meat pastry slice with a tin of baked beans, grated cheese and a bag of crisps followed by a couple of biscuits . . returned to bed (in the bedroom) and napped all afternoon!! . . PCd/TVd . . ate half a caramel cake followed by bowls of weetabix . . to bed around 2am.
2 - Woke a little earlier then up around 7:30am. 10C in -0.5C out. Still blowing strong and plenty of snow on the ground but definitely a hint of a bit of a thaw thanks to the relative rise in temperature, hovering around zero C . . woke at the pc . . walked again and filmed the waves over the breakwater and all the devastation caused by last nights gale!!

PCd editing the video for hours before finally setting it uploading . . . TVd . . N unexpectedly called in for a brief coffee and chat . . ate bowls of rice krispies and half a caramel cake . . to sleep in the sleeping bag on the floor around midnight.
1 - Woke on the living room floor around 7:20am. 9C in -4C out!! Sleet . . . woke at the PC and spotted a couple of trawlers on their way in on the AIS. I somehow mustered up the energy to get all layered up and eventually headed out into the light sleet and headed for BGdns. Damn - got there just too late to film the first boat enter the harbour. Hung around in the shelter of my usual gun emplacement for an hour or two and did manage to film a bit of the second trawler coming in, although it turned out to be nothing particularly spectacular and hardly worth the bother. With the strong wind and -11C wind chill, by the time I had finished filming it come in, my hands were painfully cold - although the three pairs of trousers and multiple layers did a good job of making it otherwise tolerable. I even eventually walked down to the harbour! Shopped for milk and a few supplies on the way home through town . . PCd and uploaded the bit of video and couple of pictures to FB and Youtube as heavier snow arrived . . the wind appears to have shifted slightly and is thankfully not battering the front of the house quite as bad as it has been, making for less noise from the draughty windows etc . . . . TVd . . listened-in a bit in the teeth of the gale with 50mph winds and light snow as the CRTs and a 'Rescue 924' helicopter were called out to conduct a search over Babbacombe way for a high risk missing person. Comms were intermittent to me, but I gather a winch was performed and a 60 year old male casualty was airlifted to Derriford!!! In THAT weather!!! Wow. Amazing . . ate a handful of biscuits and then two burgers, a tin of sausages in baked beans and a trio of bread and butter . . the snow blizzard suprisingly turned to rain at some point, although somehow it didn't seem to have too much effect on the lying snow . . .fell asleep in the chair. Woke around 3am and got into my cold weather sleeping bag/makeshift bed on the floor and soon to sleep.