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1 - Smashed school sports hall windowsWoken by Sally around 7:40am again. Seems to be her new routine wake me up time. . . uncomfortable overkill on the TV news (EVERY channel!!) about the failing health of the pope. There's something weird about all this saturation coverage - almost like the news companies just can't wait for him to die!! . . walked. Got talking to one of the lady dog walkers who 'thought I should know as well'. Huh? Turned out her six year old black labrador type dog called Drew (who Sally always tries to play with (just to wind him up so it seems) but who always seems to be in a bit of a bad mood and growls back at her as she bounces around him) has been diagnosed with bone cancer and will only live for a few more months!!!!! :o( . . . PCd music . . . pottered in the garden for a while and decided it was high time that potted Yucca (which has actually survived reasonably well outside - although is gradually being eaten by snails) got thrown away. It's a shame, but I'll not have it back in the house. It hasn't been my friend since it poked me in the eye and almost blinded me! Dragged the bin up the lane and cut up the Yucca and got rid of it. Dumped the tub of remaining compost in on top of my very full compost bin. Dragged the angle grinder out and cut up one of the slightly broken spare bathroom roof tiles. Made two little ramps to enable any trapped frogs to climb up the patio steps back to the garden. :o) . . microwaved potatoes and reheated under the grill lamb with gravy for lunch . . . napped . . . Mum called with some good news. Her long broken cooker door hinge had somehow happily been replaced by a guy she'd called in - and the local handy man she's discovered had been back and had mown her grass for her, for not 'that' much money. Cool. :o) . . . walked late. As I was walking down the far side of the field, I could hear the sounds of more rocks being hurled at the school sports hall windows!! Grrrr. Quickly changed direction and headed over to see who was doing it, but by the time I got there, I could see no sign of anyone - only broken glass and rocks littering the floor beneath more freshly smashed windows. :o( I really don't know why the authorities bother replacing them. Must surely be cheaper to the tax payer to fill them in and just have the lights on? I wonder - when they build the new school, if they are going to be intelligent about the design, and actively modify the plans to make it more difficult for such vandalism to be 'successfully' committed? Those windows are only being smashed like that because that hall is RIGHT next to the perimeter fence and road. If the windows were on the other side of the building, it wouldn't happen so often, if at all . . . touched base with BB . . . TVd . . . all of a sudden there was the weirdest of momentary power cuts! Somehow it affected the lights but nothing else!?? Suddenly sat in the dark watching the TV. How is that possible? Thankfully LB called asking if I'd also just had a power cut - so I didn't get plunged into my usual worrying about MY wiring! How easily we can all be caught up in believing in hocus pocus nonsense - both of us wondered if the pope had maybe just died! Thankfully he hadn't, or else I'd have had to have rung the electric company, just to see if god was on the graveyard shift, and to find out just exactly why that DID just happen! :o[. . . sausage rolls and crisps before bed around 1am. pa
2 - Woke around 7:15am . . .annadin and coffee in the garden, planning a nice day for Sally. . . out of the house walking in the sun by 7:45am and headed off on the long (painful!) walk down to Eastville Park and along the river Frome. Found a not quite empty 'baggie', and a lighter . a funny little dog running along loose with a jogger, took a liking to the stick I was carrying to throw for Sally. No matter how high I held it up or how carefully I hid it behind my back, no way was he gonna give up trying to get it! Sally tried her bluff of being all fierce and protective, but (because she's just a big softy really) once her bluff had failed, she just walked away and left us to battle it out!! Eventually the little dog ran off with Sally's stick, leaving me all covered in muddy paw prints!! Felt like I'd been mugged!!! lol :o) . . carried on up onto Purdown to sit for a while with a cigarette. Misty under the sun. On through Vassals and back via Fishponds. . .home around 11:15am. Fed the last of the roast lamb to Sally and then gave her the leg of lamb bone out on the patio. She made pretty short work of that! . . . cooked up four burgers and mushrooms for lunch. Took the risk and actually cooked up the mushrooms with a bit of the chopped up wild garlic from the garden! When was it I dug up some of that from the woods down by the river at Hanham and planted it around the pond? A year? Two years ago? Dunno quite how but it seems to have multiplied underground during the winter. Loads of little shoots have started to appear all around that side of the pond!! A VERY mild, hardly noticeable taste - but not bad. :o) . . . slept the rest of the day away until around 5:30pm and woke without food posioning. . . walked early around 6:15pm and sat for quite a while on the grass at the top of the field watching the sunset. When I finally got up to walk home I could hardly straighten up!!? Uh oh - seem to have put my back out a bit somehow!!?? . . . PS popped round with a DVD to watch - 'Alien Versus Predator'! Clever effects but utter nonsense. . . BB called . . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches. . .LB called briefly to say the pope had finally died! Well - don't take this the wrong way - but - good! At last! It was getting to be so horribly painful to see the poor guy in such bad health being wheeled out and propped up at various hospital and vatican windows by his followers and 'made' to try and say stuff and - be conscious! I swear at times it looked as though he was being poked with a stick from behind!! Have some peace at last! . . . touched base with BB before bed around 2am. pas
3 - Woke around 7:45am. Ouch - definitely got a bad back again! . . .walked and found 20p . . .PCd . . .Mum called to touch base . . dismantled the old wood frame and red velvet three seater sofa which has been crammed in behind me in the 'computer/bed room' for ages (and has been used by Sally as her napping bed) and managed to put it in pieces in the cupboard. Wow - really nice to have a little more room - and because it was in front of the window, it also makes the room much brighter. That settles it - that three piece is gonna have to go. Good grief - it must be WELL over twenty years old!!! In fact - I'm SO desperate to have less clutter around the place, I may well just dump it all off at some charity shop somewhere in the VERY near future. I think I 'may' do the same with that re-varnished pine table and chairs that is still cluttering up the other bedroom - don't think I can be bothered to have it all hanging around for ages while I try and advertise it for sale again. It's kinda worth 'paying' whatever money I could get for it, just to have it gone and some space back!! I think all the clutter of all these records and tapes around the place for SO long has kinda brought me down a bit - I'm definitely in the mood to try and clear it all up a little. Vacuumed layers of Sally hair and dust and tidied the PC room just a little. Put Sally's duvet cover and drying towels through the wash. . . touched base with Sis1 and told her I'd found her new camera guarantee card amongst all my stuff. She said she'd pop in tomorrow and pick it up . . . ate large corned beef, mayo, onion, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with two bags of crisps while watching a little of the grand prix . . . napped . . . walked . . . cleared up and vacuumed a little more . . . BB called . . . ate three defrosted sausage rolls with two bags of crisps . . .PCd records (trying to get a few done so I can return them to Sis1 when she calls in tomorrow) and a handful of cassettes until bed around 2:30am. pas
4 - Woken by Sally around 8:15am. . .walked . . . PCd records all morning . . . did a few dish washing chores . . . cooked up two beefburgers, mushrooms with garlic and chips with two pieces of bread and butter for lunch around 1:30pm . . . left the PC on converting some 175 WAV tracks to MP3 as I lay next to it around 2:30pm and napped . . . woken by Sis1 calling in around 4:30pm, 'just' as the PC was finishing the last couple of tracks!! Coffee and chats. She's back on with her man friend, despite 'what he did'!! Returned a small handful of her records I'd borrowed and have finished 'absorbing' into my MP3 music collection. . . PCd . . .walked after the heavy showers. Found an unmarked CD-R covered in rain laying in the field. Wiped it down and popped it in a pocket to take home and see what may be on it . . . PCd and made sure the virus software was all safely up and running before trying out the CD-R I'd found over the field. Wow - turned out to be a 'data' disk full of WMA music files! Full albums by Eamon, Kelly Rowland, Beenie Man, Black Eyed Peas, Anastacia, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Sean Paul, Evanesence, 50 Cent and a mixed bunch of others!! Hmmmm - so how do I convert (just some of those) WMA files over to MP3??. . . BB called to touch base . . .PCd/TVd . . . ate bowls of cornflakes before bed around midnight. pas
5 - Woken by Sally around 6:55am. :o( . . . walked . . .Oh good grief! Continuing, absolute saturation TV coverage of the death of the Pope and all that stuff. The TV channels seem to be insisting on raking over every little detail and doing meaningless live reports from anywhere anyone is showing an interest. Personally, I really don't understand it all at all. I can't see that he made any (positive) difference to anything in my life, AT ALL. There are still wars, needless deaths through hunger, disease, etc etc. Whatever he DID do, wasn't sufficient to motivate his followers to put an end to all that. Wasn't he more or less just the MD of a multi national multi million dollar 'business'? Why are people almost treating him like HE was a god? And now they are talking about making him a Saint? Blimey - sainthood comes pretty cheap these days don't it?!! No - I don't understand it at all. The older I get, and the more I have an understanding of how the world works, the more of a 'problem' I have with the orthodox religions and the people who use them to justify - umm - well - pretty much anything they want so it seems! . . . PCd this . . . I'm getting REALLY fed up with all the spam I'm getting through the site these days! Somehow they are now targeting my guestbook!!! EVERY single day I now have to log in and delete adverts for various drugs or on line poker sites from the bloody guestbook!! Grrrrr! Much more of this and I'm gonna delete the blasted thing!:o( . . .PCd music all day. Wasn't in the mood to bother messing around in the kitchen and somehow just skipped food! . . . walked. Stopped off at home for some money and then headed off in the direction of the kebab shop. Half way there before I remembered they are closed on Tuesdays. :o( Ended up walking aimlessly around the block before coming back home and eating the majority of a packet of biscuits in front of the PC - just to stop that 'shaking with lack of food' thing. . . BB called . . . eventually forced myself into the kitchen and knocked up some corned beef, cheese, mayo, onion, lettuce and tomato sandwiches . . . to bed around 11:45pm. Yep - I guess I was in a pretty grouchy mood today! pa
6 - Snoozed and then woken by Sally around 8:20am. BIG rain storm falling. . . walked in torrential rain and very glad when it was done and I was back home. As if to mock me, it very soon turned to prolonged sunny spells. . . balanced my accounts. Haven't done that for a while - took a bit of doing, but things are ok-ish! My on paper 'net worth', which has been steadily declining rather since I had the big bill for having the roof done, is kinda back up to the level it was in October of last year. Yeah - believe it or not, despite my 'modest' income, my 'insecurity over my future' and the fragility of my financial situation, demands that I still 'go without' and attempt to save some money each month (as I always have done)!!! It is these very savings which ensure I do not EVER qualify for ANY benefits or allowances or low income reduction in bills, etc etc. Actually - it's hard to shake off those Post Office years of analysing budgets etc. Can be quite an eye opener when you lay it all out in simple form. The fragility of my situation can be seen from a very few figures - for anyone who likes simple spreadsheets!! In theory, I guess I only have two bills over which I have no control or choice, the water and the Council tax. All the rest I can 'attempt' to cut down on or go without - heating, food, TV, etc, etc, etc. The annual increase to my income (post office pension) is 'allegedly' linked to inflation! I don't understand how, but magically so it seems, any bill which increases (and they ALL are - TV, Electric, Gas, etc.!) which I have absolutely no choice but to pay, somehow isn't in the calculation for inflation!! So - I'm on a slippery slope aren't I - mostly because of that outrageous council tax? All those years of denying myself things and going without, so I could save some money, is likely eventually gonnna be for nothing - I'll have to use my savings to cover the increased taxes/bills!!! It doesn't seem 'right'. Ok, ok - so I'm incredibly lucky to have been given a pension - and really should be out looking for work (aside from my 'personality' problems - Sally dictates otherwise) - but - it still doesn't seem right somehow. :o( . . . ate corned beef, mayo, cheese, etc sandwiches with several bags of crisps for lunch, and then some chocolate. . . BB called early . . . napped . . set the PC converting todays batch of WAV files to MP3 and then walked - got caught out in torrential rain yet again, but this time without my leggings on! Soaked! :o( Think I have my own little rain cloud sat outside waiting for me!! THAT'll teach me to have a 'rant' about religion on my journal!! lol :o) (when I was a licenced radio amateur - politics and religion were, wisely so I've learned, 'taboo' subjects. That is always strangely somewhere in the back of my mind when I type my journal. It DID come as some surprise that no one 'had a go at me' about my 'religion comments' yesterday. Maybe no one ever reads this! Oh well - 'I' do - sometimes. :o) ) . . .Mum called to touch base . . . BB called . . .PCd messing around, had a 'night off', and just enjoyed listening to music with the headphones on, until the early hours!! Damn - that faulty headphone socket on the front of that cheap PC case has given up the ghost already. I'm getting no sound out of the right hand speaker when I'm not using the headphones. :o( . . . ate bowls of cornflakes in front the TV before bed. pas
7 - Woken by Sally around 8am . . . walked . . . got inside the PC - disconnected the audio cable to the little front PCB, put the appropriate jumpers back on the main motherboard pins, and sadly reverted to NOT having a front headphone socket. :o( I REALLY should just buy and fit one myself to the speakers - and at the same time, make those stupid short leads longer. . . PCd records . . .used some of the 'waiting around between flipping sides' time and 'jacked up' my computer chair by an inch or so with a bunch of the rubber washers I'd rescued from the field, which had come from the builders yard. Had to laboriously 'drill' out each of the washer holes in the conservatory with the electric drill to get them to fit on the chair shaft. . . cooked and ate four small cheeseburgers for lunch . . . PCd more records . . .napped for a couple of hours or so and then woke with a bad, BAAAAAAD tooth ache! One of those loose ones the dentist said I should have had out, a while ago. Chewed annadins on and off for the rest of the day!! :o( . . . did dishwashing chores . . . walked and found 18p. Sally 'wallowed' in a muddy puddle just as we were on our way out of the field! Hosed and wiped her down out on the patio - could have done without THAT! :o( . . . touched base with BB . . . TVd whilst recording records. Ate biscuits and then a bag of crisps and three defrosted cold sausage rolls around midnight. Actually had great difficulty in eating with that nasty tooth and painful gum!!! . . TVd/recorded/ached until bed around 1:30am. paaaa
8 - Woken by Sally at 7:15am. REALLY bad toothache again - still - more. Hang on - my face is different!!!!!? Uh oh - I seem to have swollen up a bit where that tooth is hurting!! Crunched annadins and let the crunched up paste sit next to my bad tooth to anaesthetise it as best it could. . walked . . . recorded more of Sis1s records. . . having dismantled the old three seater sofa in the PC bedroom and stashed it out of the way in the cupboard, I've really rather enjoyed the extra space and less clutter. That settles it - that old three piece definitely has to go. Dismantled the two chairs and took the trouble to pencil on each of the pieces, which went where, to prevent confusion when someone puts it all back together. Hang on though - suddenly remembered that 'new' safety law about old furniture. How it has to be fire retardant - and if it isn't, second hand shops aren't allowed to sell it! That three piece has to be at least twenty years old (although because I've hardly ever sat on it, it's still in really good condition). . dug out the phone number of the 'cahrity' place I bought my kitchen table and asked about whether or not they'd be interested in having the settee and chairs. They confirmed my fears about the fire resistant foam, and said they wouldn't (no one would) be able to take it. :o( . Oh well - I've made my mind up it HAS to go - it's a tragic waste, but I'm just gonna dump it! Amazingly managed to squeeze the whole dismantled three piece, together with all the cushions into the back of the car! Sorted out a few things for a charity shop donation - some old car speakers, a carrier bag of the casettes I found over the field which I've already copied onto the PC (or rejected (gangster rap stuff) as not worth having), and the old SLR camera SH once gave me. . . Left Sally at home and drove to the Mangotsfield council tip and dumped the settee and chairs. WHAT a terrible waste! :o( . .stopped off in Staple Hill on the way home and dropped the stuff into a charity shop before having a look in each of the others. Bagged a long sleeved black sweat shirt for 50p :o) . . . detoured on the way home and stopped off at a nearby dentist that has been advertising as having vacancies. I'm not happy with my dentist - in fact I'm never happy with any dentist - so it really makes little difference to me who I see. Makes sense to see one as close to home as possible - the place I stopped is not far from my local dog walking field, and is only a ten minute walk away, rather than the drive down to my dentist at Hanham. Suprisingly, despite all that stuff constantly on the news about people not being able to find an NHS dentist to take them, I was immediately provided with the necessary forms to fill out, and was then able to make my first 'check up' appointment for next week! Cool. Sadly, ALL the dentists at the practice ARE of foreign origin, so I guess I still won't be able to understand them or engage in much of a conversation with any of them - the same as currently. Oh well - at least it'll be cool to be able to just walk over there. . hot on the heels of that 'success', I figured I may as well do the same with my doctor. Some years ago, the doctors surgery building closed, and a new building was opened up, twice as far away. Strangely, a new surgery then sprang up on the site of the old one - so, every time I walk or drive all the way down to see my doctor, I actually pass the closer doctors surgery (on the site where I used to attend) on the way! I've been putting up with this silliness for years because I was under the impression it was best to remain consistant and see the same doctor all the time and build upon the doctor patient 'relationship'. The recent nonsense, where I've found out it is no longer possible to actually make an appointment to see 'MY' doctor, together with (in my opinion) his refusal to take seriously the pain I'm in and joint problems I'm having (lets face it - surely there must be SOME blood test or some such to absolutely rule out arthritis, or in some way at least seriously attempt to definitively get to the bottom of why at the age of 44 I'm in CONSTANT neck/back/leg joint pain and having increasing difficulty in simply walking and navigating stairs!), has convinced me there is absolutely no point whatsoever in sticking with that same doctor. As long as whoever I see, is happy to continue to prescribe me my fluoxetine tablets for the forseeable future, for all the little help I ever seem to get when I need it, I may as well see absolutely anyone! High time I got on the books of that closer surgery (half as far to painfully walk!). Stopped off, asked a few questions, and eventually obtained the necessary forms to register there - although I think I may well delay and try and time it appropriately to fit in with my repeat fluoxetine prescription supplies. . drove to the pet store and bought Sally supplies. (15kg+2kg free sack of PAL complete for 17.95 and 36 tins of Winalot for 12.15) Also invested 69p in a small tub of fish food - in case the tadpoles in the pond needed it. . . haven't been eating enough potatoes of late - the whole little sack I've had laying around in the kitchen for ages is starting to sprout!! Can't stand waste so figured I may as well roast them all up and freeze them. Peeled potatoes - all of them - for ages!!!! Made a garlic and onion meatloaf out of some defrosted mince and then put the whole lot in the oven. Drank a glass of red wine while waiting for it all to cook . . .the tadpoles in the pond and 'nursery bucket' showed absolutely no interest in the fish food at all! . . . ate some meatloaf, a mountain of roast potatoes, peas and lashings of instant gravy for a huge feast. Stashed the rest of the roast potatoes in the freezer. . slept . . .uh huh - so - what is the 'latest' pain I'm experiencing???!!!! Oh jeeze - that feels very much like the site of my hernia operation!!???? Hmmm - think I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and just assume I've stretched or pulled something, moving that three piece settee to the tip. :o( . . . walked . . . BB called . . .listened to music . . . managed (with difficulty) to eat bowls of cornflakes, before bed after 1am. paaaasd
9 - Woken by Sally at 7:15am. Tried to snooze on but she insisted with little whines, and had me up by 7:40am. Dunno what the hell is going on with this tooth. That side of my jaw is really quite swollen (that side of my face reminds me of how Dad looked on the steroids - 'moon face'), but somehow it doesn't seem to be as painful as yesterday - more kinda numb!? Oh well - I'll settle for numb - beats hurts like hell :o( Gotta try and hold out till my dentist appointment. . . blimey - it's colder than it should be! Ice on the puddles over the field! . . . recorded records to the PC while doing a little housework and laundry. Sunny spells enough to get some laundry washed, out on the line, and back in dried, all in one go. . Mum called . . watched a little of the Charles/Camilla royal wedding on the TV as I PCd records. VERY low key affair - about as close to a 'private do' as is possible for them to have I think. Good grief - some people in the modest crowds were booing as they arrived at the registry office. Outrageous! Why on earth should anyone care that he's apparantly the 'head of the church' and she's divorced, and she can't be queen, and all that irrelevant nonsense? They make each other happy. They should have got together years ago and not been forced along different paths by the out of touch 'establishment'. Bloody good luck to them I say. Be happy. . .ate slightly warmed meatloaf and lettuce sandwiches for a mid afternoon lunch. . . napped until woken by Mum calling to say she'd bought her first CD - a Ray Charles special with lots of famous guests apparantly - including Johnny Mathis!! Oh what joy. !!!!!!!!!. . . more PCing/MP3ing/record splitting . . . walked late. Stopped for 2.10 sausage and chips on the way home, to get quick and easy food out of the way. . PS popped round for chats and coffee and biscuits. YET again, awful trash on EVERY channel on the TV!! I seem to be watching the TV, less and less these days as a result of these AWFUL schedules. Ended up with the living room PC and stereo on, listening to music most off the evening. Sorry neighbours! . . touched base with BB before bed around 1am. paaas
10 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am. . . walked . . . bashed on with MP3ing Sis1s record collection, absolutely determined to break the back of it today. Yayyy - at last - finished doing her records by around 2pm . . celebrated with a glass of Sainsburys own, cheap red wine and then a plate of microwaved meatloaf, roast potatoes, boiled frozen mixed vegetables and gravy . . . napped, unusually heavily dream laden, until around 7pm!!! (dreamed I'd finally managed to get hold of a second hand replacement for my worn out combat jacket in some store or other, but upon checking the pockets, I'd found a bunch of money and had decided to keep (steal!!) it. Like a fool, I'd mentioned it to someone and now the rumor was circulating and it was surely only a matter of time before the store owner got to hear of it, and I would then be in big trouble!!). . . walked. Entering the field with Sally, the sounds of more breaking glass and smashing of stuff greeted me from the builders yard. Ugggh. :o( Wandered straight over to the new opening in the security fence and watched, amazed, as cans of paint, pieces of equipment and 'till rolls' like streamers came flying through and out of the upper storey windows and went crashing into the littered yard below. For goodness sake!! I couldn't help myself - I phoned the local police number on my mobile and reported it - again! (What is it with the people in those posh new flats that live right opposite - that they can somehow ignore all that noise and mayhem right on their doorstep like that?!) As I made my report, I attempted to keep out of sight and hung around in the field not far from the break in the fence, in such a position that I had a pretty good view of the building, the yard, AND the street out front. No way would anyone get out of there without me seeing them. There was the sound of more smashing of glass and yet more 'stuff' came flying out of the windows as I was finishing my call. I attempted to do a video of stuff flying out of windows on my new camera, but am still not fully familiar with it, and I messed up and missed the action. In the distance I could hear approaching police sirens! Surely not - that can't possibly be for here, surely? Blimey - it WAS!! Somewhere, somehow - it almost seems as though the police have developed a different attitude towards things happening around here - they seem to be taking things more seriously. I strongly suspect, it's as a result of that bad publicity that was in the papers about the gangs of fighting youths outside the school a while ago. Just politics I guess, but so long as things are improved (even most likely just temporarily), I'm not complaining! . . remarkably quickly a police car was pulled up round the front of the builders yard. One of the policemen rushed round the building and saw me and called out. I motioned with my finger to my lips for him to be quiet because the perpetrators were DEFINITELY still inside. I told him what I'd witnessed. Other police cars had arrived and the officers all pretty much spaced themselves out around the building so there would be no escape. I pointed out the hole in the security fence and a bunch of them managed to squeeze through and with batons drawn, entered the derelict building from different entrances. There was a bit of banging and crashing from inside and a rather anxious wait on my part - but then eventually they all emerged and said there was no one inside!!! WHAT???!!!!! No way!! They were trained to 'clear buildings' - there WAS no one inside - and there was too much broken glass to consider sending a dog in! Bloody hell - I felt SUCH a FOOOOOL!!!! I apologised and apologised. They were very good natured about it and said it was ok. .I just couldn't believe they'd managed to get out without me seeing from where I was stood! They must have made their escape, through a small (child sized) gap under the entrance gates on the far side of the building, quite literally seconds before the police car had pulled up there. I just couldn't believe it!! How had I missed them? . . The police in the builders yard decided to do a quick search of the rest of the premises, before eventually all returning and squeezing back out through the gap in the fence. One of them (Australian accent I think he had?!) was all upset that he'd got paint on his shoes and uniform trousers. I apologised some more. :o( . . eventually they all left the scene of my 'false alarm'. SO convinced was I, that I couldn't have missed anyone sneaking out of that building, I actually ended up sitting on one of the boulders at the edge of the field smoking cigarettes for ages and keeping watch, just in case someone eventually emerged. No one did. Oh well - just goes to show what they say doesn' it? You can NEVER completely rely on an eye witness statement (even when it is your own eyes!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sobering lesson. :o( . . . got home to find a plastic freezer bag hanging out of the letterbox containing some muffins!? Guess I must have missed LB poping down!? . . touched base with BB . . touched base with LB and thanked her for the muffins. I told her they were nice. They were not - except to Sally! . . .PCd. Oh dear - I guess it was only a matter of time before I ended up having a serious go at it! Played around with a few different music tracks, actually using 'Sound Recorder' to sample bits and pieces and knock up a whole new, admittedly repetative, version. Silly - fiddley - doesn't take much skill! Can't understand why people who play at doing that, (DJ so and so's 'mix') have become as successful as the REAL talent who create the music in the first place. Played with 'sampling' noises until around 4am!! pasd
11 - Woken by Sally around 8am. . . thank goodness - my aching tooth/gum/face seems to be settling down a bit. I wonder if I maybe just got a piece of crisp stuck down between my loose tooth and gum? . . . walked and found 10p. Kids are back at school after their holiday - or at least 'some' of them are. Loads of groups of them all over the place playing truant! There was also a sad looking kid on his own playing truant, hanging around near the 'mine shaft' emergency fencing for quite a time. If I had to put money on it, I'd say he was likely playing truant because he was the victim of bullying - dunno why, he just looked that way. :o( . . . damn! I haven't finished doing Sis1's records after all - I overlooked a boxed set - got three more to do! :o( . . . was just about to sit and do some of my journal when I received an ominous brown envelope through the letterbox. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a letter from the Avon and Somerset Crown Prosecution Service, Witness Care Unit!!!!!!!

Date: 08 April 2005 Ref: xxxxx

Dear Terry Jones,

R -v- xxxxx xxxxx
Offence:Handling Stolen Goods on 11/3/05
Listing Date:
xx/5/05 (Your attendance is not required on this date.)

The defendant in this case has pleaded Not Guilty. You, as a witness in this case may be required to attend court and give evidence once a trial date has been set.

Can you therefore urgently please let us have your inconvenient dates, when you will NOT be available to attend court. The period it should cover is three to four months from the date of this letter as the trial can be set on any day within this period. We still need a reply from you even if you do not have any inconvenient dates. A reply hereunder will suffice.

A pre-paid enevelope is enclosed for your convenience. Whilst writing please advise us with any mobile or business telephone numbers in case we need to contact you at short notice.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
xxxxx xxxxx
Witness Care Unit

I must confess, the affect this letter had on me, was surprising to me!! It absolutely plunged me into a terribly 'down' mood. What was largely going through my mind was my recall of how things had been when I was on jury service. The prospect of me really now actually having to face standing up in a witness box in front of loads of people and be torn to shreds by some clever defence lawyer, was utterly horrifying. I immediately felt physically sick with nerves. It kinda felt like somehow now, this nauseating person (the female) who'd been caught absolutely red handed breaking the law, was working the system and was managing to make a 'victim' out of ME!!! Given my knowledge of how things worked during my jury service - given my recollections of the events - IF she has pleaded not guilty to actually handling the stuff that was being removed from the builders yard in the blue 'ton bag', I reckon she'll get away with it. Can I be absolutely sure that SHE actually 'touched' that bag at some point? I 'think' she did (helping stuff it in the back of the car) - I'm pretty sure - but is that good enough? If I were on oath - on that small 'technicality', I may have to say I NOW was NOT sure! An element of doubt. She'd get away with it. All MY fault! Arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!! Oh HOW I wish it were simply a case of putting her in control of and behind the wheel of the stolen car. Of that there was NO doubt! . . I felt AWFUL!!!! I ended up back in bed. My mind seemed to be racing and I just could NOT sleep, no matter how much I wanted to! :o( Couldn't 'escape myself' so figured I'd give Sally a long walk and try and improve my mood with excercise, and to tire me out enough for sleep. Set off around 12:30pm on the long walk down to the lake at Eastville Park and then along the river Frome to Snuff Mills. (Yes - I admit it - it DID go through my mind, that if I was to suddenly have a heart attack and drop down dead somewhere there along the river, that would suit me fine - just to escape having to stand up as a hopeless witness before a court!!!!!! Doesn't take much for my brand of depression to come bobbing to the surface through my fluoexetine does it!) Yobs on some 'serious' off road motorbikes were roaring around in the woods ruining the peace and quiet and drowning out the birdsong. Had to be all up tight and on look out to ensure Sally's safety. :o( . . hadn't eaten for a while (DEFINITELY with hindsight having a SERIOUSLY negative effect on my mood!!) and got all fixated on the idea of eating some chicken and bread and butter!? Probably something to do with the dog walker lady I spoke to this morning - the one whose dog is dying of bone cancer. She had scraps of chicken in her pocket - she had to give her dog three steroid tablets, and was gonna use the chicken (that Sally didn't beg from her) to encourage him to take the dose. I recommended she try using slices of cheap corned beef - very easy to wrap around some medication and then kinda screw up in your hand and make a dog-swallow sized lump. Works every time with Sally. :o) . . Cut the walk short (didn't crunch enough annadins this morning - very painful foot) and detoured straight up from Snuff Mills to Fishponds and stopped off at the supermarket and dashed in and bought two ready cooked medium sized chickens for 5. Found 2p on the way and then back home by around 3pm . . ate four pieces of bread and butter and ALL of one of the chickens, with huge amounts of salt and lots of mouthfulls of water. Best way to eat a cold (actually still quite warm) chicken. Definitely made me feel slightly happier. :o) . . . napped . . . woke around 7pm . . . walked. Rounding a corner on the way home, there was a small fire, just happily burning away in the middle of the pavement!!!!???? (There are times, walking around this place, when I have to pause to examine my own sanity - because I can hardly believe what I'm seeing! My website and journal have all become something of a part of that. Kinda like - I need to 'share' some of the things I experience, complete with photos to PROVE it 'actually' happened - because I can hardly believe how mad my world has become.) Strangely I couldn't see any kids around. Because of this and other things I've witnissed in the vicinity (like that car that was smashed up with building blocks - that was right opposite where the fire was - the owner has recently bought a similar replacement vehicle - already been 'keyed'.), I strongly suspect some increasingly delinquent kid, lives in one of the nearby houses or flats. It seemed appropriate to try and put the fire out, rather than leave it unattended and perhaps allowed to spread to the nearby wheelie bins. Turned out to be one of those stupid designer aluminium fold up scooter things that were all the rage a little while ago. Wow - those tiny nylon wheels sure are combustable - big time!! The tiny little wheel had melted all over the pavement into something like a two feet square patch of molten goo, and it was THAT which was all aflame! Had a test go at stomping on some of it. Bit dodgy - but 'do-able'. Stomped and stomped and kicked the burning wheel around a bit until all the flames had gone out and then carried on home to examine the damage to my shoes. Yep - definitely knocked a few months of use out of the slightly melted soles of those Doc Martins shoes!! :o( Turned out that Sally also had 'splashes' of molten nylon stuck on her fur!!!!!!!! Jeeze - what an idiot I am!!! Thankfully she's ok. She's a brilliant dog - takes all such nonsense in her stride - more than I do! Brilliant dog. :o) . . . PCd this . . . BB called . . .had to have a break from the PC to go and drink some more. Think I massively overdid the salt on that chicken earlier. Checked her all over and groomed Sally and removed all traces of the molten nylon from her fur! . . . sat in the garden briefly. . . PCd more of this. . .wow - I really HAVE overdone the salt intake today!! Can't stop drinking - and every time I go down to make a cup of coffee, I end up having a mug of water first as well. Considering my lifestyle, heavy smoking, poor diet, lifetime of anxiety, etc, etc. - it absolutely amazes me I haven't had a heart attack 'yet' - really!!!! . . . couldn't be bothered with food and just ate a large number of biscuits with coffee before bed around 1am. pas
12 - Woken by Sally around 8am. . . walked. Lots of the 'till rolls' from the builders yard had been thrown around in the field like streamers all over the place! More goings on in there during the night - via the gap in the fence! There be a hole!Heyyyy - at last - some (coal board?) workmen were parked up in the field, had moved the safety fencing, and were showing an interest in the depression and 'my' hole. Couldn't resist walking over and having a word and making sure they knew exactly where 'my' hole had appeared, and how the 'depression' they seemed more concerned about, hadn't really altered for years. Carried on walking Sally around the field like usual but couldn't resist walking back up to watch the workmen digging and reveal whatever it was they were going to reveal. Yeah - I'm pretty sad - I need to get a life - but there IS just something about a hole isn't there - you just GOTTA look into it! They'd pretty soon excavated with their JCB where I'd said I'd found 'my' hole, and thankfully DID uncover something (see - I didn't make it up - just like I'd described - a stone arch with a void beneath!) - what I think they called a 'drift'. An opening going down into the ground which was perhaps once an air shaft into the mine.The brave guy who must have drawn the short straw! . . I'd mentioned to the workmen the old dog walker who'd told me he could recall excavations there in the past, and who'd said there was a large metal cover over the top of the old mine shaft, which was presumeably under where the depression was. He eventually appeared in the field so I suggested they should go and have a word with him, to get it 'from the horses mouth' - which they did. One of the workmen must have drawn the short straw that morning and ended up getting into the hole to have a look!!! Dangerous stuff, although I must confess, if they'd let me, I would have jumped at the chance of getting down there and having a look in too. (What WAS that beeping electrical device one of them was carrying? Gas monitor perhaps?) They were clearly used to much bigger and more dramatic stuff, and seemed to quickly conclude that the little bit of subsidence that had revealed the small hole, was of little concern. Just needed back filling. "There I was . . diggin a hole . . hole in the ground, it was big and sort of round . . .it was a great big hole . .  "Quite some responsibility, making such decisions I guess. Get it wrong, peoples lives could end up being put at risk!! . . They turned their attention to the nearby depression and started digging. They dug and dug - and actually dug down as far as the reach of the machine, which was quite some depth, but apart from removing a few bits of buried rusty angle iron, they found nothing! (that was NOT the site of the top of the mine shaft!) A bit of a disappointment I thought - but kinda confirmed what I'd said about that depression having been there for years and wasn't doing anything. Intriguing nonetheless - just exactly why WAS that depression there, if there was nothing beneath it? Strange. The JCB driver soon started work on filling it all back in and packing it down. Actually felt a bit sorry for him - he'd been working pretty hard with that machine for ages, while everyone else just stood around looking into the holes he'd dug! . . That was apparantly gonna be pretty much that. With no sign of any serious shaft collapse, they were gonna get some rubble to fill 'my' hole and leave it at that. . I'd been in that field in a hint of drizzle for a couple of hours - I was freezing and my back was aching loads. Time to go. Oh well - that's my excitement for the day over and done with. . . passing a bunch of truanting school kids hiding behind a wall near the school gates, I was asked the time. I told them and then half joked that it was 'time for school'! I couldn't resist engaging in a VERY non-confrontational conversation with them - I explained I was just interested - I just wanted to 'know'. How was it possible they were all there playing truant? Don't the teachers keep a register? Haven't I seen on the news that parents of truanting kids can now be fined? Don't they let their parents know they skip classes? Etc. etc. The 'good natured'-ish replies confirmed that there IS an electronic register done by the teachers, but 'the teachers in there are dumb' and it's easy to get around that! Untrue bravado perhaps, but one of those kids was said not have attended certain classes for months!!! . . whatever the truth behind all that, it confirmed my suspicions from what I have observed over the years. There is DEFINITELY a problem in that school - a problem with its 'management'! I even surfed a while ago and had a look on line at the school 'league tables'. NOT a pretty picture!! . . Found 2p and a rather useful small drill-bit on the way home. Absolutely frozen! Put the heating on and drank hot coffee. Yayyy - 2 x 50 PSB wins in the mail. :o) . . . PCd this . . .ate reheated meatloaf, mayo and lettuce sandwiches with two bags of cheese and onion crisps for lunch . . . napped (more or less through the ansaphone taking a call) until around 5pm. More heavy dreaming!! (dreamed I'd found a Post Office Rem unit pouch with bundles of cash in it, hidden in a phone box. In the dream I apparantly decided to keep (steal!!) the money, so I sorted through it all, took the money and left the rest behind!!!???) Weird how the mind works. Tempting to see these recent dreams as my mind dealing with guilt over having had those people arrested, 'looting' stuff from the builders yard! Despite being essentially honest - I have to accept (especially after having been exposed to all the illegality that goes on in the neighbourhood) that if I ever DID come across an unattended big pile of cash, it would be an awful dilema - I really would be sorely tempted to keep it - although if I did, my conscience would torture me severely for the rest of my days!! Don't think I could face that. Must be something in that meatloaf!?? . . returned BBs call and touched base . . . PCd a little more or this. Hang on - that isn't right!!!!!!! I was about to type about the Witness Care Unit letter I'd received when I realised the offence date wasn't right!!!!!????? It says she has pleaded not guilty to handling stolen goods on 11/3/05. I witnessed all that stuff on 18/3/05 !!????? That's weird! Tried phoning the Witness Care Unit but it was a bit late and I ended up with an ansaphone, so I figured I'd call again tomorrow and ask for clarification of things - and maybe even express my concerns about being a hopeless witness, guaranteed to lose the CPS its case!!! :o( . . . walked and found 6p. Wow - someone has tried to be intelligent. Temporary fencing (similar to that put around the hole in the field) has been put across the front of the builders yard premises. Bit pointless really, considering they haven't sealed up the gap in the security fence next to the field, where anyone who wants to can now easily climb through!! Sheesh. . the holes in the field have been filled and it's now just an area of loose earth - but still cordoned off by the fencing. Sally got playful with a couple of dogs, got all bouncy and ended up wallowing in a muddy puddle again!! Arrrrggghh!! Much hosing and wiping down out on the patio. . . PCd this but wasn't in the mood and ended up sat in front the TV for the rest of the night . . .BB called . . . TVd . . . ate four pieces of bread and butter with half a cold roast chicken . . . to bed around midnight. paas
13 - Woken by Sally at 7:30am . . .uh oh - PC seems to be 'acting up' a little!?! . . . phoned the 'Witness Care Unit' at 8:05am and expressed my concerns over the wrong date of offence and such on their letter and asked for clarification of the details. Referred to my computer records (my journal!!) as the woman on the phone looked up hers. Turns out the woman-accused has a string of offences all pending from different dates!! Offences relevant to usage of the stolen car on the date that I was a witness (and another charge of 'refusing to stop' only a few days later!!!!), she HAS apparantly pleaded guilty to - so it is unlikely I will need to be called. She's pleaded NOT guilty to earlier offences of handling stolen goods. Good grief - what sort of a life is she living!!!! A one person crime wave - and lets face it - whatever she does, she isn't very good at it - she keeps getting caught!!! The conversation allayed my fears and very much put my mind at ease. I think I'm gonna revert back to firmly believing I will NOT be required to attend as a witness. Phew - and even if I do, it'll 'only' be the magistrates court - so that won't be 'quite' so intimidating - maybe?!! . . .BB called briefly to touch base . . . walked and found 7p. The smashed sports hall windows were all being replaced - again. Job security for someone! Looks as though a demolition company is getting serious with the builders yard and starting to finish the job the kids have largely completed for them. If that weird looking trailer affair is their 'site office' - they know what to expect. It's built like an armoured car!!!! . passed ten kids all playing truant!! Blimey - that's most of a class isn't it? Surely even those teachers can't ignore THAT!. . re-placed the advert for the pine table and chairs in the local free ads paper . . . PCd this, determined at long last to bring it up to date. Trouble with getting all behind with it is, I forget some stuff, and then I run out of steam when typing it and don't bother to include some stuff I otherwise would. Like when I mentioned the death of Terri Schiavo the other day - I neglected to include as I'd intended, that if I ever wound up in such a situation, I ABSOLUTELY would NOT want to be kept alive like that for SUCH a long time. Quickly get the facts, make the decision - pull the plug!! And if I'm not actually conscious as 'me' at the time, so much the better thank you very much! In fact - too much more tooth ache and I'll have to consider stopping using MY feeding tube!! . . .PCd this all morning!! . . .ate three defrosted, cold sausage rolls with two bags of crisps for a mid afternoon lunch . . . napped until around 6:15pm . . . walked . . . BB called . . . TVd . . . ate four pieces of bread and butter with half a cold chicken. Mmmm - I could almost eat that every day! . . .PCd listening to a little music . . . TVd until late . . . PCd looking at property on the Isle Of Skye and such until bed around 2am. pas
14 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . . .walked and found 2p and a dog tag. Detoured on the way home, pounded various streets and had a serious go at photographing the builders yard (almost left it too late - proper demolition is well under way - won't be there much longer!) from various different vantage points - although there isn't a REALLY decent vantage point to be had - anywhere!! Wish someone in those flats opposite would give me a key - THAT would make a PERFECT vantage point for a bit of 'time lapse' stuff. . .phoned the dog tag telephone number. Turned out to be one of the old women I talk to most every morning! Agreed to let her have it when we next see each other - probably tomorrow morning. . . PCd the pictures (panoramics - all VERY disappointing) I'd taken - only to find that my suspicions about that damn camera (2.1 Mega Pixel. I.T. Works IT Shot-2070) were right - sometimes it kinda beeps and clicks but does NOT take the shot, when you think it has!!! Grrrrr. Gonna have to be far more careful when using it and do EVEN more 'redundant' shots to be sure to get what I'm after. Unimpressed. :o( . . .developed an awful headache. . . ate a couple of pieces of bread and butter with a microwaved beef curry for a quick lunch. .brushed my teeth, hosed myself down with deoderant, left Sally at home and walked to the nearby dentist for my first appointment there. . . Near the school (loads of kids milling around 'in the middle of the road' (!?) because it was lunch time) a kid saw me walking along and somehow made a show of quickly pulling out a chocolate bar from his pocket, stripping off the wrapping all in one go, and then throwing the litter to the floor. I completely ignored him (watched from the corner of my eye from behind dark sun glasses) and carried on my way. "Awww he didn't see" said his laughing friend!! Good grief - what was all that about? What on earth was the point of that? What goes through these idiots tiny brains? . . . the dentist visit didn't go too bad. Had a full 20 minute examination. Had a 'proper' x-ray (a machine that actually rotates around your head taking an x-ray of the full set of teeth. Don't recall ever having a 'full' one like that before). The dentist WAS 'foreign', but seemed quite happy to engage in a bit of understandable conversation/discussion. He recommended I have two teeth removed (top right rear, and bottom left rear - the one that recently gave me the swollen face. Both are useless because those above and below have already been removed, so there is nothing for them to bite on anyway!) - and recommended two fillings - and for the first time ever there WAS the mention of a possible future denture! :o[ . . was soon on my way back out to reception to make a future appointment for the two extractions (the fillings would be done some other appointment for some reason. I can never understand why they have to be done at different times like that. Surely it makes sense and would be cheaper on anaesthetic and such to hit it all in one go? I'll ALWAYS remain convinced, splitting appointments like that is a money making excercise - against the NHS mostly, but me too of course!). Wow - they had a cancellation and could fit me in on Monday morning - that's neat. :o) . . another thing that was VERY neat, was the little computerised appointment slips they give you, and even a full A4 printed 'Treatment Plan Estimate'. SO nice to have it all clearly layed out like that.
Appointment 1
: Examination Extensive 8.72 ; Panoral 8.92
Appointment 2: Extraction - Lower Left Molar 5.76 ; Extraction - Upper Right Molar 4.64 ; Surcharge For Extraction Per Visit 4.68
Appointment 3: Amalgam Filling - Upper Right Molar 16.04 ; Amalgam Filling - Upper Right Premolar 12.12 ; Scale And Polish 9.20
Total: 70.08
Oh well - that's this months premium bond winnings gone then. There are pros and cons for each - but on balance - I think I feel happier about sticking with that one, than I do about returning to my dentist in Hanham . . . returned home and pretty immediately napped in an attempt to shake my (stress) headache. . . woken around 5:15pm by noisy kids screaming at play in a nearby yard - forgot to close my window like usual to guard against that . . Sis1 called sowing the seed of a suggestion that we should maybe have Mum up and all go out for a meal around her birthday, because it's her seventieth!! Hmmmm? . . . split and MP3d a couple of the music cassettes PS brought round last time he was here . . . set one of Sis1s records playing/recording and then walked. Found 1. Just leaving the field I became aware of the sounds of stuff being smashed in the builders yard, and looking in that direction, above the hedge could see an airborne orange chair!!!? Uhuh. :o( . I AM aware that 'me/the local yobs/the builders yard thing' is starting to look like something of an unhealthy obsession - nevertheless, I find it SO hard to just ignore all this anti social yobish stuff. Damn it all - why should I have to - EVERY single time I step out the door, so it seems? Having said that, the builders yard and buildings are now in such an advanced state of demolition, I no longer feel that calling the police and wasting their time on such nonsense is 'appropriate'. I guess it's reached the point where it's more of a 'danger/safety' issue for the kids involved.
I wandered over towards the hedge and spotted one kid just outside one of the holes in the security fence (there are now at least two along that side of the field). He was attempting to burst a small black fire extinguisher by smashing it repeatedly against the metalwork of the fence!! Can't they go bang?!!!! Jeeze! Figured I'd 'mess with their heads' (if there is anything IN them!) and 'persuade them to leave' by taking some photos. One of them saw me - raised the alarm - and they all ran off around one of the buildings out of sight further into the yard. Immediately they began running, in a clearly 'practiced' way, they were pulling up their hoods and shirts to hide their faces!!! Blimey - I never learned to instinctively do 'that' when I was a kid!!!! Proper little yobs!. . I sat on one of the boulders at the edge of the field for my cigarette, and ended up talking to some other dog owners. As we talked, I could see the yobs emerging from yet another big gap in the builders yard fencing (security of that site is an absolute joke), further up the road. They arrogantly all wandered up the road and right past where I was sitting chatting, all staring and making 'comments'. I soon headed home as usual but had to walk up the road in the direction of the group of yobs up ahead. They started shouting abuse, called me a paedophile, and jeering and one even started lowering the back of his trousers and baring his ass at me!!!! :o( I honestly DID attempt to ignore all that, but eventually I DID slightly alter my route home and walked in their direction - which saw them all run off again - before re-appearing some distance behind me as I walked. I had a pretty good idea that at least some of them lived in the street just down the road, which I had to pass to return home. I decided to stop on that corner, roll a cigarette and stand there and smoke it. Aside from winding THEM up being between them and their homes, - I absolutely did NOT want them to see me going into MY house just then!!! There was a bit of a stand off, with each of us looking at the other from different ends of the street, but eventually I finished my cigarette and managed to quickly walk the last little bit and get in home without them seeing where. WHAT on earth am I turning in to?!!! The trouble is, it's just lots of tiny little things over a long period of time that kinda grinds you down. That woman in the news (a respectable middle aged teacher I think she was?) who was recently jailed for firing an air gun 'in the direction of' HER local yobs - well - I feel SO sorry for her. NO WAY should she have been given a custodial sentence. Punished, certainly - some sort of mental health 'counselling', oh yes - but a custodial sentence? No. No way! I can only guess, that those who make such decisions - the magistrates and judges etc, are lucky enough () to have absolutely NO knowledge of what it's like to live/be trapped in such an area, having to face the constant barrage of destruction, hassle, and abuse from such 'unstoppable/untouchable' yobs - on a daily basis. It WILL change you - it WILL fill you with frustration and despair - it WILL make you do completely out of character 'crazy' things. And what happens - the 'helpless victim' who has finally cracked under the pressure, is the one who is locked up!!! T'ain't right what's going on. The meek shall inherit s**t! :o( . . . PCd a bit of this . . . BB called . . .TVd . . . ate bowls of cornflakes . . . BB called. . . to bed around midnight. pas
15 - Woke around 7:30am . . . walked. Returned the lost dog tag to its owner. Chatted to the old dog walker guy - who also seems to be putting up a fight against the local yobs dragging us all down into anarchy. Apparantly yesterday mid morning he called the police (again!) because he was 'certain' (yeah, yeah - I know all about 'certain' don't I!!!) that someone was down there in the woods by the brook (where lots of truanting kids often hang out smoking their stuff) firing a shotgun!!! Apparantly the police turned up rapidly - in force, but no one with a shotgun was caught. Thank goodness I wasn't around at the time, or I'd have gone blundering-in having a shoot out wouldn't I - shotgun versus camera!!! :o( Took another set of shots of the deminishing builders yard buildings. . .PCd a bit of this but felt kinda 'blah' and soon couldn't be bothered . . . Mum called to touch base. More hassle with her boiler! Sneaked into the (long!) conversation her age, and managed to confirm it IS her seventieth this year! . . . mashed up a large grated onion with a tin of tuna and mayo and made up a huge pile (six slices of bread and butter) of sandwiches for lunch with two bags of crisps, followed by a bunch of chocolates. . .napped until woken by Mum calling the ansaphone about something or other on TVs 'Richard and Judy' right then. Something about digitising all your record/photo collection or something. I missed it by the time I'd woken and stumbled downstairs. . . walked - and I must confess with just a little trepidation about what I was gonna be subjected to this evening!! . .as I entered the field, the same group of kids as last night were all there - I heard one announce to the others 'Here he is' as I approached. :o( They were throwing 'stuff' around and being pratts, but strangely all pulled up their hoods and walked away, as I ignored them and started walking round with Sally. They only shouted out a 'little' abuse as they walked off. Actually - they looked very much younger to me this evening for some reason. Just stupid kids. Walked all round the field and even exchanged a relatively good natured word or two with another bigger group of kids sat near the swings. I ignored all the litter they'd produced and which lay around everywhere - I'll probably pick some of that up in the morning as I look for money and baggies they've dropped. I was more concerned with Sally insisting on running over, scouring around between them and eating all their widely thrown, pieces of left over kebab and pizza!! Grrrrr. On the way back up towards the exit of the field, the bunch of yobs were once again hanging around near the builders yard fence. I ignored them and headed for my usual boulder (when the seat by the swings is occupied) to sit and smoke my cigarette. As I sat there, the kids suddenly all pulled their hoods back up and started running off across the field and away, looking back at me!!? Weird. Hang on - oh NO!!!!!!!!! Something was on fire!!! (actually, I'm absolutely amazed that someone hasn't torched the builders yard buildings long before now. If I was a 'yob' - I'd feel obliged to have done so by now! In fact - now - it would really help out the demolition company, and save them having to remove that huge bonfire like pile of combustable junk - aha, that'll be why they haven't. They couldn't possibly do anything that would be useful to anyone could they!!) I sauntered over to look down the slope - aha, some temporary wire fencing has been put up to block the holes in the fence - that's why they weren't in there. What they HAD done was set fire to the undergrowth along the fence there!! I hesitated with my phone in my hand and watched for a little while, because it kept threatening to burn itself out and there really wasn't much of anything in any direction that was in jeopardy. Someone WAS also watching from the gable end window of the flats opposite. It DID occur to me that it probably looked as though I had maybe set the fire - with me just stood there taking photos of it!! In fact - I bet every time they look out of their window, they see that same weird dog walking guy, who always seems to be 'making up' a reason to call the emergency services!!!!!!!!!!!! The fire kept flaring up and wasn't far from whatever that cable was - to hell with it - I dialled 999 and asked for the fire brigade and made the report - but DID make sure they knew, it could well have gone out by the time they got there. I think the call handler mentioned someone had already called it in. A fire engine very soon turned up, reeled out a little hose and quickly dealt with it. I exchanged a joking word or two with one of the firemen and explained some kids had set the fire. "Oh but they're just misunderstood!" he said - with a hardly noticeable wry smile. Yeah - he understood. . . so - things 'crossed a line' tonight - I reckon it was ME who was the 'catalyst' for those events occuring! Those kids did that for 'MY benefit' (like the kid throwing down his litter yesterday!)!! So - I've somehow ended up being the CAUSE of yobish behaviour!!??? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about that. :o( . . .Sally (perhaps remembering stomped on splashing molten nylon the other day) sought safety from the fire in a nearby deep muddy puddle and had a damn good wallow while my back was turned making the phone call! :o( Lots of hosing and towelling out on the patio again . . . PCd this feeling sick and tired of it all. Is that why people have kids? So that by the time they reach the end of their lives, their kids have made sure that being finally released from this world, is not an entirely unwelcome prospect?!!!! :o[ . . BB called . . .PCd this - and then not . . .ate tuna sandwiches . . . TVd. pas
16 - Woken by Sally around 7:30am . . . walked and did 'litter duty'. Sat on the bench by the swings with a cigarette (once I'd cleared up all around it!) and - wow - I see what that old guy meant! That really DID sound like a shotgun being used somewhere down the brook in the distance!! No - I just couldn't resist going for a walk down that way and having a look. Sure did give a whole new feeling to just 'going for a walk' - damn startled wood pigeons noisily flapping into the air above me as 'we' crept along the path, 'hunting'. Heard no more bangs and saw no one with a gun - probably wasn't one. Found a baggie with a little 'dust' left in it, to be added to my collection - and discovered the end of a roll of barbed wire, with a few feet left on it dumped by the brook. Ended up salvaging it and embarassingly walking home carrying it. Sadly my garden fence is all rotted out and due for replacement, but when I do, there 'may' be enough barbed wire left on that roll to put a little twist of it along the top of the fence by the lane out back. Not to deter intruders - just to stop the local cats from so easily walking along and coming into the garden and grabbing the frogs. . . fed a few more scraps of lettuce to the tadpoles in the pond and bucket nursery. They seem to be giving 'surviving' a damn good go this time. Fingers crossed. . . PCd some music and finally polished off the last of Sis1s records. . . did vacuuming chores while music recorded, but was a bit clumsy and got the corner of one of the bed sheets caught up in that neat vacuum driven brush head attachment Mum gave me, and ended up snapping the little drive belt :o( Damn - I'm gonna HAVE to try get a replacement for that (although it is such an old attachment, I rather doubt I'll find one). Gonna be heartbroken if I can't. That thing has revolutionised my vacuuming and is SO good and effortlessly effective at picking up the Sally hair, I've actually enjoyed vacuuming of late!! (sad man!) . . . ate the last of the tuna in sandwiches with bags of crisps . . napped for a couple of hours . . . PCd more music while watching 'Doctor Who' on TV. First episode of that new 'glossy' series I've managed to catch from end to end - and I WAS actually rather impressed with it. lol :o) . . I have to be honest - I watched that episode right through, as much to make myself walk Sally a little later than usual, as anything else. I just figured if I walked a little later, maybe I'd not run into any 'yob activity' tonight - I just feel I need a rest from it all! Finished watching the TV - put another record on recording, then walked around 7:50pm! Oh no - surely not!! Just out of the house, and in the distance I could see smoke rising! I bet - I just BET that's the builders yard!!! My paranoia demanded I examine whether or not I had an alibi, just in case someone DID think it was too weird that I was always around when 'stuff' is happening over there. I figured having knowledge of the just finished Doctor Who episode, and the 'save' times on the music files on the PC would be good enough to prove my innocence if necessary!!! Sure enough, it WAS the builders yard - but once again it was NOT the big ready made bonfire of combustable stuff in the yard. It was one of the warehouses over the back! Yet more arson!I'd missed all the excitement really. By the time Sally and I got there and joined the crowds of onlookers from far and wide,(weird almost 'party' atmosphere) it was all pretty much over. Grabbed a bunch of panoramic photos - 'just for the record'. Four fire engines in total!! Aside from everything else - musta cost the tax payer a fortune! :o( Rumor has it that the warehouse was chosen by the arsonists, because it contained some cylinders of gas (although if true, they did NOT explode)!!!! All I could see from round the other side in the field when walking Sally, was a bunch of smoke as the firemen damped down, and a large burned hole in one of the asbestos roofs. I trust that burning asbestos wasn't 'too' much of a health hazard to all the onlookers who breathed it in - me included!!!!!!!! :o( . . . eventually returned home feeling rather despairing (although just a little pleased I'd not been over there when it all happened - again!) and turned to the red wine. . .picked up the phone to call BB and found an ansaphone call from PS, hours earlier, saying 'tonight?'. Ooops. Called PS back and said yes. . . touched base with BB . . .PS popped round for chats, TV and biscuits. . .ate four sausage rolls and two bags of crisps . . . TVd with biscuits . . .PCd until early. Finally got round to checking up on tadpole stuff on line and figured what I'm doing with the lettuce, 'should' be ok. pasd
17 - Woken by Sally after 8am . . . walked and was 'just' too late - the old dog walker guy helping clear up all the litter and thrown lager cans by the swings, found the small pile of dropped change by the seat. Enough for his morning paper apparantly. lol I was strangely jealous! lol . . Found two cigarette lighters by the base of a tree at the top of the field. Used to set last nights fire maybe? Can still smell the 'burnt' in the air. Took pictures of the builders yard on the way home for my 'time lapse' record. As I did so, I became aware of a guy in the yard, walking some 'stuff' (window frames maybe?) out from somewhere at the back of the yard to the front, before stacking them up ready for removal against the site hut!! Good grief - is there no end to this 'looting' - day and night?!!!!! Why on earth don't the demolition company just have an open day and let everyone have what they want, up front and above board? Just then a police patrol car cruised slowly by, so I waved them over and mentioned it. Their reply was, that they were expecting someone on site this morning anyway. 'Ok - I'll shut up' I joked. There seemed no point in pressing the issue - but I could have pointed out, if that WAS the case, the 'workman' had entered the site and then put the chain and padlock back on the gates - from the outside! Oh well - good luck to him! . . . dropped Sally at home and then drove (I WAS gonna walk - but I couldn't face the hurt) to grab some snaps of a couple of the building sites I've not really visited since last year (for maybe updating a bit of the Kingswood site some time) . . .LB called to touch base. Couldn't help myself and ended up asking if I could borrow her (mostly DSs so she says) record collection. . popped up LBs and carried the large box of records back home. Yay - some good old stuff like Sabbath and Rainbow and such to boost my collection. :o) . . . began recording a handful of the records. Wow - compared to my sisters horribly scratched ones, these are in really good nick. Cool. . . celebrated by drinking a glass of red wine (tipsy on one glass!) while listening to a couple of records as they recorded as WAVs to the PC . . .defrosted and ate four cold sausage rolls with two bags of crisps . . . LB called shortly after, as I was fighting to stay awake, asking if I wanted a free roast lunch! Do I EVER say no to a free lunch? :o) . . .managed to stay awake for another hour or so, until LB dropped the sunday roast beef meal in . . . napped late until around 7:30pm!!! . . .walked in the wind and drizzle. Found 4p and an american quarter dollar (similar to a 10p piece) . . .PCd recording music . . . BB called . . . recorded music and watched 'Panorama' on TV. Well - I HAD to didn't I!! It was all about law and order and the 'real' crime statistics. So - they really DO think crime overall is kinda static or going down! Can't say my experience of things around here supports that particularly. Blimey - I didn't realise this country was the crime/prison population capital of Europe - and is even worse than the USA per capita 'overall'!!!!!!!!! Blimey! . . . ended up 'back on the botttle' and had another glass of red before microwaving and eating LBs roast dinner - tough beef! Sally ended up eating as much as I did! . . . set the alarms for 6:30am - couldn't sleep and PCd till gone 1am splitting music tracks, etc. pasd
18 - Woken by Sally needing to use the garden (in the wind and rain) at some ridiculously early hour. She only had a pee before coming back in, so I thought that was that. Woken again before 6am with her 'more substantial' need to use the garden!! Yep - she's got a bad stomach - actually the first for a while. . . walked in the rain . . think I have a bit of an upset stomach myself!! Hmmmm - so what did we BOTH eat last night!!! Ah - uhuh! . . . crunched and sucked an annadin tablet to de-sensitise my mouth a little as I showered. Forced down some muesli and drank a cup of orange juice. . Bloody typical. The day of my dentist appointment, and my cheap Lidl electric toothbrush finally decides to pack up. What made it all the more difficult to throw away, was the fact that it broke - ON! Couldn't turn the damn thing off to put it in the bin!! Ended up having to smash it on the kitchen floor to shut it up - more than once - and even then, some more!? Almost like that 'Friends' episode, where Phoebe fights to silence a smoke alarm! lol :o) . .walked to the dentist for my 9am appointment. A very short wait and then called in by the dentist himself. . Wow - the first thing he said was 'do you want to see your X-ray on the computer?'. How cool is THAT! He actually showed me how my smoking has deminished my gumline and how they are almost all falling out. He pointed out the dark area of 'space' around both of the teeth I need removing (I've arrowed them on the photo of the VDU I took with my camera), particularly around that wobbly molar on the bottom left which recently made my face all swollen. Bloody hell - I really don't have very many left at all do I. How am I gonna chew stuff up? :o( . . I think it started off with the painful pain killing injection on my upper right hand side - and then he announced that he was gonna do the two fillings on that side that needed re-doing, while the anaesthetic took effect - THEN pull the tooth out. So he was gonna do everything all in one go? Yayyyyyy - how cool is THAT! This is looking gooooood. Much better than my last dentists. :o) . . the fillings were deeply unpleasant, with much biting of the poor mans rubbery fingers as I choked and gasped to swallow my 'smoking related unpleasantness'. I really AM a brilliant advert, to warn against the evils of smoking. :o( He was very patient with me. The actual extraction was SO painless and 'easy', in comparison to the last one I had out down in the dental hospital, I was amazed and full of praise - even if I didn't convey it very well, spitting blood as I was! . . Eventually he turned his attention to the left hand side. A couple of really nasty injections. A clean around my other teeth as that took effect. A good 'yank' on the tooth, only to find me almost airborne out of the chair - or was it pushed through the floor? - it still hurt like hell! A couple more jabs and then eventually (owwwwaaa) that one too was laying in his tray! . . all done. 'See you in six months'. Blimey. EXCELLENT. . . back out to reception and managed enough bloody mumbling to pay the 52.44 owing and then be told that they would automatically write to me a few weeks before my appointment was due, in six months. Wow, wow, and I think, definitely wow. I'm glad I changed dentists. :o) . all done and back out spitting blood on the grass of the field on the way home, within 45 minutes . . . touched base with Mum . . . TVd/PCd feeling a bit 'eeeww'. Eventually recovered enough to dare a coffee - and smoke (which the dentist expressly said I should not, for the rest of today!) around 11:20am!! . . . felt a bit iffy - eventually had to lay down and then slept until around 5pm!! . . .woke in a bunch of pain from the left side of my mouth - and still spitting blood! . . . recorded another record while TVing . . .eventually crunched and sucked an annadin tablet with a cup of coffee . . . PCd some of this . . .walked. Found a penny and a cheap, gold effect earring. Cold but a sunny end to the day, with a pleasant atmosphere made by plenty of people out in the field playing ball and walking dogs and such. Walked round and then sat on 'my boulder' for a cigarette. Oww no-wwwa - not again! A noisy ropey looking 'suspicious' car pulled up next to the builders yard security fence in the distance. Heavy frontal, nearside damage - and a blowing exhaust. The driver left his passenger in the car, got out and sauntered straight back down to the security gates, lay on the floor and squeezed through, before disappearing off into the yard! Ugggh. Shall I call the police?Is it really actually worth bothering? It's getting ridiculous - me calling them up all the time!! . another dog walker guy I've not seen for a while turned up and stopped for a chat. Quite a long one, but I wasn't really listening to him and was still debating whether or not to make the call. I even told him what was going on and we kinda discussed it a bit, but I don't think it would ever have occurred to him to call them (which seemed a bit weird to me!?). . the driver of the car had been gone in that yard for ages - and the dog walkers eyesight was a bit better than mine and he was able to confirm I was right about the registration number. Damn it - I just HAD to call it in! More because of the clearly unroadworthy state of the car, than anything else. It WAS tempting to just wait and see exactly what the hell was left worth looting from that yard - and maybe sneak a picture of it 'leaving', just for the - um - 'laugh'??! . . I made the call and carried on smoking and chatting - and anxiously watching the car out of the corner of my eye. Within around ten minutes (which of course seemed like an age) the first police car arrived and pulled straight in behind the car. Turned out it had two female occupants - both put into and questioned in the back seat of the car by the male officer. The female officer (another oh SO young looking 'slip of a lass') headed off, on her own, through the gap in the gates and into the builders yard!! I have MUCH respect for these people. . I felt it appropriate (although unfortunately 'higher profile') to hook Sally back up on the lead, walk past the car down the street, and take up a smoking position closer to and in view of much of the yard. Two more police cars turned up and officers thankfully joined the policewoman in the yard - and they then started a search of the nearest derelict building. Dunno why, but that 'thing they do', when they 'flick' open their extending batons - it kinda gets the hair on the back of my neck up. Something along the lines of - yeah - they mean business - this is REAL - bloody use them if you have to - and - well - maybe even sometimes when ya don't!! . . they found no one and pretty soon emerged from the gates. I crossed over the road (trying to be invisible - but oh so uncomfortably not!) and quickly told the policewoman that it was me who'd made the call - it was the driver of the car they had up the road, who I was unable to give a description of, who was the one who'd gone into the yard under the gate, and I'd not seen him emerge. At this I bid her goodbye and left them to it - whatever 'it' was on this occasion I'll never know! Oh dear - that policeman who was with the people in the car - I seem to be on nodding waving terms with him whenever I pass!! . . tried to figure some stuff out - like do those policemen think of me 'that bloody weird busy body nuisance with the dog again!' - or do they kinda understand why I call stuff in (and why other people don't?). Could it even be, that having that builders yard 'going on like this every night', is kinda acting like 'honey to a bee' to the yobs, and is helping them catch (or at least get intelligence on) habitual criminals who do other more serious stuff elsewhere? Dunno. I feel pretty bad about ME calling them all the time!! It's bad enough as it is - what I am NOT looking forward to, is the time in the future when there is actually a building site there, with all the equipment and supplies and stuff. The theives'll be queuing up in the street!!! Traffic chaos - gridlock for miles!!! :o[ . . . fed Sally the rest of LBs left overs, despite the 'possible' risk. . .PCd this . . . returned Mums ansaphone call . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . PCd this . . . eventually 'had' to have some food. Managed to eat a bowl of oxtail soup with four pieces of bread and butter. . . to bed around 12:30am. paaa??s
19 - Woken by Sally around 6:45am . . . set one side of a record recording and then walked . . .PCd more records . . .walked up Kingswood to bank the latest PSB wins and to draw out some shopping money. . . left Sally at home and drove to Sainsburys at Emersons Green to do big shopping . . . Mum called . . . ate corned beef, mayo, onion and lettuce sandwiches with two bags of crisps for lunch . . . napped . . . walked in torrential rain. Was on my way out of the field, relieved that the rain had kept 'incidents' from happening in the builders yard this evening, when a group of eight kids (can't they afford rain coats?) suddenly veered off the cycle path and climbed down the slippery muddy bank to the builders yard fence (someone has actually put something like a small wooden step ladder in the mud on that slope to facilitate the climb!). They quickly all squeezed through the latest gap and disappeared into the yard. Uggh. Is it worth my bothering to make a call - YET again? It was a combination of the large number of them (some of them really VERY young!), and the noise of smashing and destruction that soon eminated from the largest nearest warehouse, that persuaded me - against my better judgement - I would. I called it in 'like usual' on the 'non emergency number' at around 7:45pm - in torrential rain!! The rain shower soon thankfully eased off and I took up a sitting keeping watch position on one of the boulders and was eventually dry enough to roll a cigarette or two. LOTS of sounds of smashing of stuff from that warehouse - even the sound of 'explosive decompression' of something at one point - probably a fire extinguisher!! This went on for ages - although it did at least confirm they were still in there and hadn't sneaked off and away, out the back. I felt obliged to stay there and direct the police when they turned up - or - IF they turned up!! By around 8:15pm I called the police again - in a hopefully non confrontational way - just to ask if they actually WERE gonna turn up (because the people were STILL on site smashing stuff up), or if all this nightly nonsense has gotten too much for them and they weren't gonna bother any more - in which case nor would I. I was told it WAS their intention someone would attend, but they were very busy. . I carried on smoking, watching and waiting. . .

they spotted me - one of them called out to his mates "there's a man with a camera up there!". Soon after they were all running back away from the hole in the fence, back into the builders yard, disappearing round the corner of the big warehouse they'd been smashing stuff up in. I moved along the fence so I could see up the street to where they would likely be making their escap from. Hang on - for goodness sake - there is a police car parked out front!! And there - a couple of police in the yard - and all those kids have escaped and run off up the road!!! How in the hell was that possible? They must have run right past that policeman and woman (within fifty feet) as they were looking in the wrong warehouse!! Grrrrr.
showed them where the latest hole in the fence was, where the kids had all got in . . . returned home, cold, frustrated and frankly angry. That was NOT good police work this evening :o( Don't think I'll be calling about anything going on in that builders yard again in the near future. Just a waste of everyones time and energy. . . BB called but I wasn't in the mood for chatting and rudely made that clear . . . PCd a handful of records feeling very 'weird'. Ok - all this builders yard anarchy and silliness is getting me down a bit - but I'm also pretty sure I AM in a down at the moment anyway, and the current brand of fluoxetine, isn't up to the job! I feel like my mood is walking that familiar tightrope. :o( . . . ate bowls of co-co pops and then a couple of toasted crumpets covered in butter . . . to bed around 1am. pas
20 - Woken by Sally around 6:45am again! . . .walked. Took a bunch of photos of the builders yard and actually ended up standing there and watching for a while as parts of the 'old' bit were torn down. So - who was it that suggested to me parts of those old buildings were 'listed' and would be remaining? Even the old brick works chimney was pulled down today. :o( . . briefly touched base with Mum about a TV show that was on that was maybe worth a look. . . PCd recording records . . .surfed looking for somewhere I may be able to get hold of the drive belt for that 'Turbinette' vacuum attachment (or even a modern replacement for the entire thing) but to no avail. Funny thing about doing Google web searches these days - I almost always end up with my 'own' journal included in the returned results!! Guess I must have 'goone on a bit' about most everything these last few years! . . . ate corned beef sandwiches with two bags of crisps for lunch . . . napped until around 6pm . . . walked and found 5p. Managed to ignore yet more people in the builders yard - despite being in the middle of a sequence of photos of the progress of the demolition - actually, I guess they may be in the photos somewhere as dots in the distance. Lot of helmetless kids racing, oh so dangerously, around the streets on deafening miniature mopeds again!! What parents!! . . not far from returning home, a couple of cars were stopped in the middle of the street, blocking it, as the drivers had a chat. A little eye contact and didn't feel at ease about going in home right then, so actually ended up walking down the street and up a nearby lane and then all round the block before returning. As I walked up the lane, a trio of kids were all hanging around in a quiet corner by the garages all looking guilty as I appeared. They were rolling their joint. Their behaviour was SO exagerated furtively guilty, I couldn't resist having some fun and poking my head around the corner right by them and saying - "you're acting VERY guilty. Aha. SKIN UPPPPPP!" before just walking away. :o[ . . . PCd . . . BB called . . . PCd more records . . . ate crumpets, bowls of co-co pops and coffee madeira cake before bed around 12:30am. pas
21 - Woken by Sally around 6:45am again! Resisted her - growled a bit - and managed to snooze on just a little until around 8:45am . . .walked and took more photos of the builders yard demolition progress. I guess it's kinda speeding up a little, now they've done a lot of the preparatory work and removed the asbestos roofing and such. More 'stuff' been taken out of there in the night, with bits of debris all around the field!! Some big double glazed window or door unit all smashed across the grass, with the rubber sealing strips all hanging from the bushes. :o( Found a penny - and two reels of sewing cotton?? Guess I'll add those to the contents of my sewing basket, although I find it hard to imagine I will ever have a need for some sewing thread in 'Frivolous Pink' this lifetime!! I'm really not a frivolous pink sort of person am I!! More a 'despairingly dark'!. . .PCd more of LBs records . . .Ooops - almost forgot. I think I said I'd draw out some money for LB before the end of this week - for her guy to hopefully get me some duty free tobacco when he crosses the channel on the bank holiday weekend - whenever that may be. . set the conversion from WAV to MP3 going, of all the latest records I've recorded and spilt (another 150 plus tracks), and then walked with Sally up Kingswood to draw out some money from my building society. Shopped just a little . . . cooked four sausages and a handful of mushrooms with a sprinkle of chopped wild garlic from the garden - ate with two fried eggs and four pieces of bread and butter . . . eventually the PC finished converting. Napped - dreaming. . . PCd and managed to 'tag up' and assimilate into my collection, all the latest tracks - a whole bunch of good old rockin Black Sabbath! :o) . . . walked. Saw LB in the street just as I was leaving and she reminded me about the money. Found a penny. .Chatted briefly to a bunch of the lady dog walkers. I got the impression some of them had been calling the police about the builders yard on a fairly frequent basis too!! Blimey - poor police - must be sick of the place. One of the women had even been in earlier today to have a word with the demolition company, to actually ask them if there was any point in calling the police about the 'goings on in the night'. She said their response was something like, they'd done what was required of them in respect of securing the site - if idiots broke in there and hurt themselves, that was their buisness - as long as their demolition machinery wasn't tampered with (actually, all their machines are fitted with protective steel 'armour' plates which are locked in position over the doors and windows overnight!!), they couldn't care less. Right then - that settles it - I WILL ignore all further 'goings on', unless I see something a bit more serious . . .missed BB calling the ansaphone . . . quickly burned a CD of one of LBs records which she'd said she'd been unable to replace on CD, and then popped up to give it to her and to hand over the tobacco money. 160!!!! . . Blimey - it seems her and her guy have finally decided - he's gonna move in and they're gonna live together. Cool. Hope it'll make her happy. :o) . . called BB back but she was out, and on the road on her way to somewhere. . . PCd intending to do more records but just couldn't be bothered and ended up just listening to some of the newly aquired Black Sabbath tracks . . copied the Sabbath 'Reflection' album to my MP3 player and ended up sat in the garden under an almost full moon with Sally, the tadpoles, the headphones on, smoking and drinking red wine. :o) Sally heard BB getting the ansaphone again - I did not! . . .eventually back in to the PC (maybe a bit deafer!) to do a bit of 'sampling' and 'mixing' of some of the raucous guitar from 'Hole In The Sky'. :o) . . . BB called. . . . TVd . . ate crumpets and coffee cake before to bed after 1:30am. . .tossed and turned for a while - dunno what it is with that wine, but I seemed to be particularly conscious of pain from my bruised jaw, and from my left foot. Hmmmm - maybe it's because I just didn't have my daily (!!!!!!!!!!!) dose of pain killing annadin tablets today? psd
22 - Woken by insistant Sally around 6:45am again! Tried to growl and resist like I'd succeeded in doing yesterday, but Sally was having none of it and (for the first time in ages) leapt straight up on the bed, lay down next to me and kinda wriggled until I was almost falling out of the side of the bed!!! Grrr! . . .PCd over annadin and coffee, having a look at a couple of the photos of the builders yard I've been taking. Not sure what I can do with these - that building site is SO big - there are such poor vantage points - and many of my pictures are done in SUCH poor light (early morning/late evening) - it's gonna be hard to figure out how any can be used. Shame . . . walked and since it was overcast sunny, headed off on a longer walk. Walked down to the lake at Eastville Park and along the river. Once again ended up cutting the walk short, because my foot was hurting like hell, and cut up through Fishponds and stopped at the Morrisons supermarket (I thought that was a Safeway or something? Another buy out?) and bought myself two ready cooked chickens for 5. . stopped to take 'todays' pictures of the building site on the way home . . . touched base with Mum and thanked her for her electric toothbrush which she'd posted up to replace mine, because she never uses it. She has a nasty cold!! . . ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter and the last of the coffee madeira cake with a coffee. . .slept until almost 5pm!! Blimey - like a different day - raining. . . PCd this . . .walked in the rain and found 7p. Two local yobs on horribly noisy miniature off road motor bikes came down the road and went absolutely tearing past me into the field and along the cycle path, inches from pedestrians, at what must have been those bikes top speed!! They then 'ranted' around the field to their hearts content!! Grrr. . a lady dog walker half way up the field warned me there was 'another drunken riot' going on up by the pub, which had even spilled over onto the other side of the road and into the field, so she said!! Another dog walker guy had apparantly escorted her safely into the field. I warned her about the motorbikes. . in the distance the lady dog walker was having to leash up her dog for safety as the motorbike kids carried on rampaging around the field. . doing a little litter duty (who IS it that, every day, throws an empty miniature glass bottle of wine in the field down there?) the moped yobs started coming down my way. Grrrrrr. Pulled my camera out of my pocket and did my best to catch a shot of them as they rode by, deliberately hiding their faces and, the first one of them, 'giving me the finger'! Grrrr. SO hard not to throw the litter at them!! Despite my actions, the second kid arrogantly decided to ride right by me as well!! I wound him up by lunging toward him with my camera at arms length pointing at him - but missed the half hearted shot. Of course I was given a tirade of abuse (including being called a paedophile - again!!! These little yobs seem to have learned, that is the first thing to accuse someone off to deflect interest in their own illegal anti social behaviors!) and gesticulations (and I think some sort of threat - but I couldn't hear what above the racket of their exhausts) as they rode out of the field back onto the roads and away. Jeezuz! :o( . .as I walked home, I became aware of someone (and a passenger) in a four wheel drive vehicle, on their phone, driving very slowly, behind, in front, nearby me - on their phone all the while. In short - I am certain this person was a relative of the yobs and was definitely following me for a period of time (NOT just my paranoia)!!! That, I found rather worrying. :o( . . . felt - um - well - 'sick' and down really! :o( . . .smoked and drank wine in front of the TV while recording a couple of records to the PC . . . BB called . . .ate the last of the co-co pops . . . to bed around 1am. passdd
23 - Woke earlier but managed to snooze on until around 8:15am . . . walked in the drizzle. Bumped into the same lady dog walker from last night and asked her to remember what she'd witnessed, 'just in case'! She was very disappointed I'd not managed to get a photo and confirmed some of the abuse they'd shouted and that they HAD threatened to do something to Sally!!! :o( . . . PCd records . . . ate a banana . . . did all the dish washing chores . . .forced down some orange juice and then cooked two sausages, onion, mushrooms and chips for lunch . . . napped until around 5pm . . .watched the second episode of the two part Doctor Who on TV while still recording more records to the PC . . the prospect of having to walk Sally around that field in the evening has now become a completely loathsome fearful chore. :o( Walked around 8pm and found a penny. A couple of kids made comments about how I had a 'beast of a dog'. I assured them she was a big softy really - and they ended up giving her a couple of the chips they were eating. :o) Otherwise the walk was without incident. Oh god WHAT a relief! . . . BB called . . . PS popped round for chats and biscuits until early. . ate a couple of corned beef sandwiches with crisps . . . touched base with BB before bed around 2am. Sir John Mills died this day. pas
24 - Woke earlier but managed to snooze on until getting on for 9am . . .walked . . .kept the stereo and PC recording records all day . . . did some vacuuming chores but without my broken turbinette attachment. Back to having to do a miserable amount of hard sweeping/scrubbing work with little improvement in the layers of Sally hair to show for it. . . . cut my hair and trimmed my beard etc. . . watched a little of the Grand Prix on TV while flipping and recording more of LBs records. I'm determined to break the back of the recording of them in the next day or so. The hours of track splitting and converting will then eventually follow in a big 'batch'. . . ate a banana, corned beef sandwiches, and a couple of getting stale toasted crumpets covered in butter . . . couldn't help myself and fell asleep next to the running PC for about an hour and a half until woken by Uncle TJ leaving an almost entirely uninteligible ansaphone message! . . . walked. I thought I'd gotten away with another night walking the dog 'without incident', but it wasn't to be. Walking round the bottom of the field I could hear the sound of a motorbike being driven all around the top! :o( I was absolutely engulfed by a horrible shakiness (full on adrenalin response! Horrible. Exhausting!). What a pathetic mouse I am. . I try to live such a small and simple life and pretty much ask nothing of anyone - all I ask of the world is that I can live in peace and walk my dog twice a day - in peace - I do NOT want to be exposed to all this unpleasantness all the time! :o( . . sure enough, it was one of the same yobs from the other night. I wouldn't have recognised him from Adam - it was the tiny, loud, off road bike with its weird rear mudguard/monoshock configuration that looked familiar. I sat on 'my' boulder for a cigarette and watched the group of half a dozen or so kids on the other side of the field, as one of his mates had a go at racing up and down the field. The owner then got back on and rode in a large arc across the field (and yes - that young girl walking her little dog with her mother WAS frightened, and ran to her mother for reassurance and safety!) and came towards me. He stopped his bike (seems like the engine cuts out every time it stops) about a hundred feet from me and began shouting out and 'taunting' me. "Come on - take my picture - I want you to get a picture of my face" he shouted. He really was too far away to bother, so I called back that he should 'come over here'. He made as if he was going to, and started his bike back up. He asked me what I thought I was going to do with the picture. I called back that he was breaking the law and maybe I would send it in to the police. He maintained he was not breaking the law (never mind the riding around the field - he's riding on public roads and pavements, underage, with no licence, no tax, no insurance, no MOT, no helmet, etc etc!) - I reaffirmed he was - he 'rudely gestured' and shouted abuse and rode back to his group! I sat and smoked my cigarette and figured I'd been there long enough, not to look as though I'd been inimidated into fleeing, before heading home as usual without further incident. Took a while to settle down and recover from that weird incapacitating adrenalin thing I go through in such confrontations! Makes me feel weak and sick. :o( . . . returned LBs ansaphone call only to find she was pretty drunk and didn't seem to know why she'd called me. She'd had a 'hard day' - apparantly her young rabbits had produced even more rabbits, some or all of which had then been killed by the father!!! Uggghh jeeze!! For goodness sake! :o( . . .BB called . . . TVd and kept the PC running recording records all evening. . . sat in the garden briefly . . . defrosted and ate a couple of chicken and mushroom pastry pies and then some chocolate bisucits . . . eventually to bed around 1:30am. pas
25 - Woken by insistant Sally around 8am . . . set another record recording and then walked. . what the hell is this on the floor in my front garden - broken egg shells? Oh no! OHHHH NO!!!!!!! The front of my house has been pelted with eggs!! All dried on - must have been some time last night I guess. (Some bloody guard dog Sally is!) . . .I absolutely CANNOT comprehend what goes through these peoples minds. SO outraged with me were they, for my objecting to their ignoring the law and just rampaging around doing whatever they please, that they went out of their way to go to a shop, buy half a dozen eggs, figure out which house was mine in the dark of the night and then throw all the eggs at the house! I just can't grasp what that is! . . . walked in the drizzle - frankly in f*****g misery. :o( Found 3p . . .dragged the step ladder out of the understairs cupboard, collected together various sponges and scrubbing brushes and a bowl of hot soapy water, and spent much of the next hour scrubbing dried-on egg off walls and windows out in the garden. :o( . . .PCd a bit of this on the living room PC while the other PC carried on recording records. I think I need to press on with this and get these records returned to LB as soon as possible - I'm not sure I can guarantee their safety in my house anymore! I need to return Sis1s real quick too. . They know where I live - I don't know who 'they' are or where they live. Every sound, every voice in the street, every car door, every moped that goes by, every time I leave the house 'unattended' (known to be twice a day of course) - there's no escaping it is there? So - I seem to have managed to engineer myself my very own little piece of hell to live in don't I. :o( . . .felt too up tight (ALL day!!) to eat. Finished off the last couple of bananas. Moved some stuff around in the front bedroom - guess I'll be sleeping back in there from now on - if I can sleep at all between leaping to the window to peer out every five minutes, day and night! :'o( . . . very unpleasant day of extreme 'uptightness', with full on 'stress response' going on ALL day! Upset stomach, sweaty armpits, headachey, shortness of breath - blimey - my physical response to a little stress seems to have gotten much worse than it ever was!! Shocked me rather. :o( . . attempted to nap but couldn't . . .sat around up tight, frequently looking out of windows . . . walked . . . still no appetite but I guess I must eat, so put an 'Iceland Frozen Foods' pizza in the oven with a little extra cheese. They've changed their pizzas somehow - definitely not as good! :o( . . . touched base with BB . . . ate pizza . . .TVd but ended up watching it with the sound down so low it was hardly audible - and then found myself frequently muting it and peering out of the windows at the sliughtest noise from outside. Can't recall any of what I watched. On one occasion peering out of a darkened window with Sally - we saw a scrawny fox happily trotting up the road. Cool. Glad there are still some around - despite the wheely bins having deprived them of much of their food source. I guess around here, there is always SO much litter and discarded takeaways, they still manage to find enough to just barely survive. . . exhausted to bed around midnight. pa
26 - Woken by Sally earlier but then managed to snooze on until nearly 9am!! . . . Nervously set off to walk. Something of a relief to find I'd not been made an omlette of, in the night again! Took progress photos of the builders yard on the way home. Sally had wallowed in a muddy puddle again so lots of hosing and wiping down out on the patio - again! . . . got serious with LBs records and finished off recording them and then put in the hours of work (non stop!) to split/name/trim all the WAV tracks on the PC . . . received a package in the post from Sis2!? Blimey - what's prompted that? Turned out to be a book she'd found interesting and thought I may too - 'The Noonday Demon - An Atlas Of Depression' by Andrew Solomon. Oh dear. I feel I've read my fair share of 'depression' books in my time - and rather imagined I wouldn't be reading any more. At around 500 pages, and feeling 'obliged' to read it, the prospect is enough to make me feel even more depressed! ha ha . . .Yayy. At last! Finished splitting all the LB records I'd recorded at some time after 3pm and set the processing run of the batch conversion to MP3 going. 341 individual tracks! That'll take a while! . . . cooked up two sausages, the last of the mushrooms and some onion and ate with four pieces of bread and butter around 4pm . . . napped next to the running PC for an hour or so . . . walked in torrential rain and found a penny . . .messed around with a tripod, the camera and various different light combinations, trying to get the best possible results from photographing all the album covers. The computer FINALLY finished the MP3 conversions around 8:30pm!! . . . BB called in the middle of me messing around doing the 'industrial scale' album art photos, so I said I'd call her back later . . . touched base with BB . . . carried on PCing until my eyesight and concentration started giving out and I just couldn't any more at around midnight. Only a handful left to do in the morning . . . ate bowls of cornflakes and then to bed by 1am. p
27 - Woken by Sally barking (serious guard dog type barking - poor neighbours!!) at around 4:45am! The front garden gate was 'ajar'!!! :o( . . . woken by Sally around 7:30am . . .walked and found 3p . . .uptight and headachey and couldn't resist looking through the Argos catalogue at close circuit security TV cameras. It's always been in the back of my mind that I'll buy one eventually - so I can see what's going on out in the street at the press of a TV remote control button - they really are now pretty cheap. Trouble is you can't see them working anywhere (at night particularly) - so I don't know if they are worth the investment (yet) . . polished off the 'assimilation' of LBs records into my music collection and then, around midday, carried the box full back up and dropped it in her house with a little thank you note. :o) My now 'completely outrageous' MP3 music collection currently stands at in excess of 13,000 individual tracks using 46.4GB of disk space!!!! Blimey! Don't think it's possible to live long enough to listen to them all! . . . spotted next door going into her house and managed to dash out and catch her and let her know about the 'problems' I've had with the local yobs, and asked her to keep an eye out. . . defrosted some roast chicken and potatoes and ate a large roast meal with peas and gravy around 1:30pm . . .napped until around 5:15pm!! Still headachey. . . PCd this. LB called to touch base and remind me about feeding her zoo over the weekend. Not looking forward to that, one little bit! Warned her about my 'local yobs' situation and that there MAY be a 'risk', with me going in and out of HER house! . . . walked . . . .popped round to my other 'next door' and also told her about my yob fears and asked her to keep an eye open too. Our conversation was cut short by her having to go and answer her phone, but she told me she'd had something delivered through her letter box really early yesterday morning. Blimey - what the hell is someone doing delivering stuff at that time of day? Could it be, that is who opened my gate but didn't actually push anything through the letter box because of the noise Sally was making at such an early hour? Wow - I DO hope so. That'll put my mind a little more at ease. Dare I even consign the 'egging of my house' to a one off childish prank that won't go any further? No - my 'tortured' mind won't allow that! :o( . . PCd . . . returned Mums ansaphone call and said I wasn't sure if I could stomach the TV show she'd suggested I may find interesting. All about a teacher going into various schools with hidden cameras, documenting the appalling pupil behaviour. I see enough of all that around here every day don't I!!! . Couldn't resist in the end and started watching the program. Just then Uncle TJ called to touch base. I may have been a bit rude and asked if I could call him back AFTER the TV show. That wasn't gonna be convenient so we just had a quick few words. He asked if I was interested in an old wood lathe type drill attachment he was getting rid of, because Dad had mentioned to him I was tempted to get one some time ago! Thanked him but said no thanks. That type you attach a drill to are useless (in fact I think Dad had one, and he may have let me have it to throw out). I was thinking of actually investing in a 'proper' expensive workshop type one - but times change and I'm no longer partciularly interested in all that work and mess. I'd need a bigger house for a start! . TVd the rest of the depressing program. No surprises really. Who in their right mind would want to be a teacher these days? The anarchy that reigns around here, extends almost unchecked into the classrooms as well. What hope is there for the future of society if this sort of behaviour is just gonna carry on. And what on earth sort of behaviour will the children of those children have?!!! I shudder to think. :o( . . BB called . . . PCd/TVd . . . ate bowls of cornflakes before bed. paas
28 - Woken by Sally . . . walked and found a lighter . . . PCd music all morning again. . . ate tuna, onion and mayo sandwiches with two bags of crisps for lunch . . . napped for several hours until around 5:30pm . . .set a casette recording on the PC and then walked. Kinda quiet out after the wind and rain of the last couple of days - 'almost' pleasant to sit on my rock and smoke a couple of cigarettes and watch the dogs running and kids playing in the field . . .fed LBs cats and rabbits. Usual disgusting heartbreaking mess! :o( . . . sat in the garden briefly with a glass of red wine . . . BB called . . . ate tuna, onion, mayo and (past its best going limp) lettuce sandwiches with crisps. Threw a few more leaves of the lettuce in the pond for the tadpoles - although it seems to be mostly the water snails that benefit from that the most. Never mind - 'so far' the tadpoles are giving life a damn good go, in both the pond and my bucket nursery. Keep wanting to empty the (rather more crowded than I'd intended!!) bucket nursery back into the main pond, to alleviate my weighty feelings of responsibility for their wellbeing! No sign of any legs as yet (no tadpoles in my pond have EVER yet survived to the 'got legs' stage for some unknown (dragonfly larvae?) reason) so I'm gonna try and resist for a while longer yet. Do tadpoles sink or float when they die? The first sign of any death in that bucket, and they all go straight back in the pond to take their natural chances. . . PCd/TVd until exhausted to bed. pasd
29 - Woken by Sally around 7:15am . . . set a record recording and then walked . . .fed LBs animals . . . kept the PC recording and left Sally at home and drove to the doctors to drop in my repeat fluoxetine prescription form . . . walked with Sally up to Kingswood to shop. Found another pair of tweezers on the way! Scored a neat looking five CDs boxed set of '101 Classical Masterpieces' from a charity shop for 5. Paid 50p to a guy in some funny little electrical repair type shop for a solder-in, stereo headphone socket - gonna try and fit it to my PC speakers some time . . . back home and eating a whole pack of small sausage rolls for an early lunch around 11:30am . . .PCd more records (yawn!). . .bin day. Couldn't help myself dragging my bin up to LBs dumping ground/overgrown with weeds front garden, and cutting up the pile of branches that have been sat there for goodness knows how long. Even ended up using my secateurs to slice up into pieces the horrible stinking old bedroom carpet she's had laying there rotting for the last year or so. Pretty much filled my bin up. . saw one of the bin men walking down the road in advance of the lorry, getting all the bins lined up on the pavements ready for emptying. Asked him if it would be ok to put out on top of the bin, the rest of LBs carpet. No problem - so stacked it up on top of a bin and then went back and got the bits of wood and old bath panel out of her garden and managed to get rid of all that too. I don't know why I bother - or why she doesn't!! . . . PCd more . . . walked and found 3p. Actually ended up having to walk all around the field with another dog walker guy I've spoken to on occasions - nice enough guy, but I'd rather have walked/sat alone. Didn't care to hear how he was living on sickness benefit because of his bad back, but had just bought a new car with some hush hush matured endowment or other!! Grrrr. :o( . . . PCd just a bit of this while listening to the new classical music CDs! (Probably the result of recording old Motorhead records all day!) I think it is fair to say I have identified an appetite for a bit of Bach now and then. (Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G major (apparantly) as I type!!!!!!!!) My appetite for anything Chopin is a given. Hell, I even went to his house in Poland once - but it was closed that day - the house, not Poland. :o) . . wow - what a really neat compilation that boxed set is. I'm not particularly a classical music fan , but it was startling to find that almost every single track was familiar to me. . couldn't resist calling Mum and playing lots of the tracks down the phone. She knew them all - and started coming up with stuff like 'oh my Mum used to play that on the piano ' and 'my Dad used to play that'! She'll end up with the CDs once I've ripped them all some time :o) . . .BB called . . . ate the last of the tuna, mayo, onion and lettuce sandwiches with crisps . . . TVd . . . to bed around midnight. pas
30 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . . . set a record recording and then walked . . .fed LBs animals . . . did vacuuming and laundry chores while recording my old records to the PC - pretty much non stop all day! Briefly touched base with Mum who'd ended up playing some of her old music on her piano as a result of my call last night. :o) . . Actually disconnected some of the PC set up in the living room and plugged in the old stereo to record some more cassettes, but somehow ended up with a nasty mains hum and couldn't be bothered to move everything around to get rid of it. . . cooked up three cheeseburgers for lunch . . napped. .PCd more records while watching TV. Watched another Doctor Who episode, but found this one rather silly and contrived. All about a depressed Dalek (who miraculously after all these years had managed to develope the ability to float up stairs!) who eventually committed suicide!! Silly. Bring back Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins and never any stairs! lol . . . walked and found 2p. Thundery warm out . . . fed LBs animals, and threw the dead, bloody mouse that was laying in the middle of her kitchen, back out into her garden!. . . touched base briefly with Mum . . . PS popped round for chats. Managed to keep records recording on the PC all evening . . BB called . . LB called to check the animals were ok and to confirm her man had managed to get me some tobacco (although not as cheaply as usual! :o( ) Told her about the advert in the local shop window for a two tier rabbit hutch for sale for 25 . . .gave PS a quick look in LBs to show how different the layout is to mine, etc. just for interest. . . ate a couple of chicken and mushroom pastry pies with crisps . . . .TVd/PCd until early as lightening flashed and thunder rolled around in the distance. .yikes! BIG thunder storm passed over around 2:30am! Biggest hail stones I've EVER seen. MUST be close to the size that could dent a car! Tremendous noise from the conservatory roof - actually wondered at times if it would break!! Eventually all quietened down and everything appears to be intact. . lots of drunken hoards noisily wobbling down the street until gone 3:30am - which of course saw me up tight peeking out of the window lots!!! pas