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- Up around 7:30am . .burned disks . . walked and handed out discs to the regular dog walkers. .carried on down through town, via a quick look at the port building site. .caught out in a heavy shower. Drew out some money and then on to the PC store and bought another 50 pack of DVDs for a tenner . .bumped into JK on the way back while I was sat having a smoke near the slipway building site . .briefly distracted by a small line of classic cars in the car park, which I had a bit of a go at videoing on the way home. . a guy passing me asked what I was up to and then asked if I was the person putting stuff on YouTube. Might be. :o/ He said he'd seen the fisherman video and he knew the guy and he had the floating pontoon next to his and such stuff. Somewhere in the conversation he said something along the lines of - 'If someone filmed me and put me on Youtube without my say so, I wouldn't be very happy'. Oh dear. :o( So - I'm in danger of alienating everyone in town now? I was worried about that possibility. (Actually - the particular video he referred to - I have given a DVD to the fisherman - and I rather think it is one of the outstanding ones I've done (pleasing to the eye), and rather makes him look pretty cool, at least from a tourist/outsiders point of view!?) Despite the guys comment, I think we parted on a relatively even keel when I gave him a copy of Volume 3 to have a look at . . burned more discs etc. . JK called to touch base . . walked and carried on to JKs for a coffee and chats. Actually sat on a seat nearby for a cigarette, to calm my nerves a bit before calling at his door. It occurs to me, that must be the first time I've actually 'gone out' to someones place like that, in several years! . Wow. WHAT an amazing view from his living room window. Must be one of THE best in town!! INNnnncredible. . walked back home via the remarkably peaceful harbour and arrived back by around 10pm. That walk back was a most bizarre experience for me. To pop over to someones place for a coffee like that, and then walk home along a sea shore, marina, harbour, largely deserted town centre, etc. - and all that without feeling 'particularly' under threat from possible violence or hassle, like you almost inevitably WOULD get in Bristol. It seemed positively surreal and 'other worldy'. Is it REALLY possible to live 'this' (whatever that may be) sort of life down here? I don't understand - and really have no experience of knowing what to do with it kinda. Sat in the back garden with a coffee and chocolate biscuits, trying to get a handle on things, and just enjoying the feeling of being 'ok' and the peace and quiet - not wanting to break the spell. . touched base with BB . . ate bacon sandwiches . .TVd until bed around 1:30am. s
29 - Up around 9:25am! . . I don't feel so good. I really need to try to eat a lot today I think. I've really been hardly eating of late. .PCd a bit of this with morning coffee and cigarettes. . .walked in the rain.Image of a vulnerable grass snake In a very vulnerable position on the lower path was a lethargic grass snake, around 12" long! I've seen a few of those since I've been down here. Felt obliged to relocate it, off the path and out of harms way. . PCd the day away, burning discs and sorting out a few packages for the post. Not sure how it all took so long, but it took until 5pm before I was ready to head for the post office! . mailed the handful of disks and did just a little more colour photocopying . . tried phoning JK to see if I could pop over with his copy of the discs, but no answer. . put JK discs in a pocket and walked, and carried on down to the harbour to treat myself to fish and chips. Ouch! Blimey!! 5 for a cod and chips takeaway!! I've lost touch with how much things are. That seems like a hell of a lot to me. I could feed myself for a few days on that much money! Won't be doing that again in the near future! . . carried my chips along towards the marina, before finding a seat still bathed in the warm light of the sinking sun. .as I was just starting to eat my chips, an attractive young woman walking along stopped to chat, and ended up sitting down next to me and freely chatting away for ages. I think it was Sally who kinda caught her attention, but it was most certainly a rather unusual experience for me! I have never in my entire life just started talking to someone like that, and sat down next to them for a chat! It just wouldn't EVER cross my mind to do so!


. . tried phoning JK on the mobile but once again he wasn't in. I was so close, and with the discs in my pocket, I figured I may as well just walk up and pop them in his letter box. If I didn't get rid of them soon, the way I'm going, I'd end up giving them away to someone else before he ever gets them! . . tried calling again just once more outside his flat but he was still out. At least I knew I had the right place - I could hear the phone ringing. lol . . jotted a note on the discs and just posted them through his letterbox before heading home . .touched base with BB . . TVd and ate chocolate biscuits until to bed around midnight, unable to face having to sit in front of the PC for another second today! I feel as though I've spent weeks on the damn thing almost non stop. Actually - I HAVE!! I'm sick of it. And must be utterly crazy to be doing all this, and spending all my money, just to be able to give it away to people! s
28 - Up around 6:45amImage of Sally and a stray dog and stray dog and policeman. . burned a couple of discs. . walked (WITHOUT the tripod and absolutely determine NOT to video anything at all! I happily suceeded. ) . .yobs had been out in the night. :o( Smashed glass from beer bottles and debris, littered the streets along the way I go. .a house down the road on a corner, with a well tended garden, has a pair of ornamental 'carriage' wheels propped against it's front house wall. One of those wheels was out in the street, along from the house a bit, and propped up against a garden wall with the ornate face inwards!!? Figured I'd better return it to the owner. Turns out the damn things are actually made of concrete! Very heavy. THAT's why the yobs responsible hadn't carried it further. 'Lightweight' yobs round here! The woman who answered the door (to me AND some garage guy who just then turned up to collect her car for a service or some such?) seemed 'suprised' and understandably confused by my being there knocking on her door carrying her waggon wheel, so I briefly explained and just propped it back in its rightful position, and carried on my way as she dealt with the garage guy and her car. . carried on down town (got caught in a shower) and priced up some DVD-Rs in Woolworths before eventually buying a 50 pack in the computer store for 10 . . trawled the charity shops and succeeded in getting hold of a bunch of half decent empty plastic CD cases for 5p each. .enquired in the only place I know of that does them down here (an estate agent), how much their colour photocopying would be. Yikes! 1 per A4 copy!?? That makes the cost of printing them out on the printer look not 'so' bad! :o( . . treated myself to a jumbo sausage roll breakfast. . started to head home via the harbourside, only to notice a small dog apparantly running loose! Asked a couple of people who were walking along but it wasn't theirs - it WAS running loose! Damn - if I'd know I COULD have grabbed it when it passed us. Eventually ended up following in hot pursuit, although it was going our way anyway. Attracted the attention of a dog walker up ahead and luckily she managed to grab hold of its collar. No name or address on the collar (I confess there is never any collar on Sally at all these days - but then SHE doesn't stray does she), so now what? Used the invaluable little strap I always carry (for tying Sally to my belt, and street furniture when I want to go in a shop etc.) to hook to his collar, and ended up with a makeshift short lead. Cute little chap, didn't seem to care at all that all of a sudden he was walking with Sally and I! Sally as usual took it all in her stride - after all - been there, seen that, done that, all before - more than once! . headed back into town hoping I'd see someone all panic striken looking for their dog, but that wasn't to be. Exchanged a word or two with a couple of people who wanted to be helpful, but vague comments about having seen someone with it some time somewhere weren't what I needed. What to do???? Made our way to the little local part time police station type counter, and as luck would have it, they were open Monday mornings. I got the (mistaken?) impression, the officer behind the counter no longer dealt with such things and he phoned someone. Whoever he phoned, halted his explanation and suggested it was one that had been reported as lost from somewhere not 'too' far distant. Phew. Thank goodness for that. Left the dog with the policeman (who just happened to have a lead handy - and actually seemed delighted to have the little chap stay for a visit) and bid him farewell and thanks for unburdoning me. He HAD said he'd phone me (or the dog owner would) to let me know the outcome, but he never did. .back home to find an ansaphone message (number withheld) from a doctor, saying I'd asked her to call me, and she'd call back. Huh?. when she called back, she said Terry Jones had called earlier this morning and asked her to call back on MY number!! I said it was nothing to do with me, but she seemed insistant at first that it WAS me who'd called! Given my 'psychiatric' type records, I couldn't help but feel she just thought I was a nutter and or attention seeker. I assured her I hadn't gone crazy, and it absolutely WAS NOT ME who'd called. I did point out that I now was feeling very uneasy and concerned (understatement!) that someone had provided BOTH my name AND my number. (Was someone trying to 'mess with me' in some bizarre manner? All the fear and paranoia I experienced, in those last days in Bristol, was immediately reignited in me! Horrible feeling of insecurity. :o( ) . . . Mum called to touch base . . with my paranoia getting uncomfortably out of control, I HAD to call the doctor's surgery back, explain what had occurred to the receptionist, and try to get to the bottom of the detail of what may or may not have ACTUALLY occurred. To cut a long story short, it WAS possible the receptionist had 'filled in' the phone number FOR whoever had called from their computer system records - and there WAS more than one Terry Jones on their books. I laboured the point about how wound up I was (and how in that case there was probably some poor guy called Terry somewhere who was ill and still waiting by the phone for the doctor to call!!) so the woman on the phone promised to look into things and call me back. Thankfully she was true to her word, and confirmed it seemed that WAS what had happened and put my mind at ease. Phew. Thank goodness for that. That REALLY had me all wound up pretty badly there for a while! . . printed out some pristine copies of all three volumes of my DVD covers (with ink low warnings showing on the printer again! I haven't any replacement cartridges as yet!) and then popped up the local post office to buy some padded bags and have a look at their photocopier. Wow - turns out it IS a full colour copier, and does really rather decent copies for 'just' (!!) 50p each. Right on my doorstep - and half the price of down town. How cool is that. (If I was only doing cheapo black and white cover copies, it'd be a mere 6p a cover!) Relatively effortlessly copied a bunch of the covers before returning to PC for hours, burning discs and making up copies of Volume 3 to mail to possibly interested people (or maybe not!! lol) . . back up the post office to mail 'the foreign' DVDs I'm sending and to do a few more cover photcopies. . . ate a banana . walked. .knocked on the door of a nearby house that has an interesting looking skip in the front garden (they appear to be clearing out their choc-full garage), and asked if I could plunder their throw outs later . .along the walk, a girl riding past on the opposite side of the road on a push bike suddenly came to a clattering halt as her derailleur gear mechanism disappeared into the spokes of the back wheel! She didn't 'get' what had happened and started trying to roll the bike backwards looking at the front cog. I urgently called across to her to stop, and tried to explain what I could see and that if she continued pushing it backwards it would just tear the wheel spokes and gears to pieces. Ended up wandering across and getting oily hands, but it turned out a quarter of one of the rear gear mechanism nylon sprockets was actually missing, so there was no easily riding that anywhere anymore. She ended up carrying it back home. Apparantly she was on her way to work!!! Good grief. I'd have thought she was more likely on her way back from her babysitter! I'm getting old. . Image of sunset storm clouds and camcorder filmingsat in BGdns watching the clouds as a huge classic 'anvil' shaped storm cloud hung in the air, changing shape and colour with the sunset. Actually even videod it for a while, but the results didn't do it justice. . Image of a skip-salvaged mechanics seat.stopped off to look in the skip on the way home and came home with a mechanics seat on wheels (which I may actually give to the mechanic next door. Not sure yet.), and just one or two other small bits and pieces. I get the impression from what I've seen in passing, that the guy who lives there has reached an age where he is no longer particularly 'mobile', and that his poor wife is having to clear out the garage of a lifetimes collection of working man's stuff. What that seems to mean is, almost everything (useful/valuable or not) is going straight in the skip! Hard for me to walk past THAT every day! (It's the same house that some time last year, I saw a 'trapped verticle antenna' like I used to have for the amateur HF frequencies, just thrown away in a skip!). . touched base with BB . . ate Mum donated pate and lettuce rolls with crisps and biscuits . .PCd until early before bed. . All in all, today has reminded me much of being back in Bristol!!!! Unsettling! :o(
27 - Up around 7:15am for some reason, and then only to find the PC had 'recovered' (yeah right!) from a critical error in the night and had re-booted itself! Bugger. PCd until gone 9am and managed to cajole the PC into compiling both disc images to the hard drive, Yyayyy.. . walked in the warm sunny spells. .stopped at the store on the way home for a tin of RedBull to help keep me going. Straight back to the PC to burn the first two DVDs.

proof watched, full screen, the whole twin disc set, through from beginning to end (disc 1 - 72mins / disc 2 - 70 mins.) , to make sure it was all ok and nothing leapt out as a problem. Wow - sure is quite a trip when you do it like that. :o)

laboured on with paint shop pro and finished off the DVD cover -/dropped a disc off at Mums . . walked . . /- . . uploaded the last few videos I'd done to finish the Volume off. The sea horse survey (YouTube link) , the silly 'flying machine' one (YouTube link) , the bluebells (YouTube link) and finally, to be the 'bookend' final video on the volume 3 DVD, the cute rabbits (YouTube link) . . I am UTTERLY exhausted and burned out! No more videos for a while. :o|

ate ham and lettuce rolls with crisps, a miniature microwave fudge pudding and some chocolate. . TVd ('How to make a cathedral'!! I watch some weird stuff these days with so much rubbish on.). hardly able to remain conscious, I am SO exhausted. . briefest of words with BB before to bed somewhere around 10pm. . almost or maybe actually asleep already when Mum called (I HAD asked her to report back) to say she'd only watched some of it, but it appeared to run ok on her DVD player.
26 - U. . .Mum called in before midday.

walked . shouting idiot beating a fish!

eventually to bed around 3am, leaving the PC running overnight, compiling a disc image of DVD Vol 3 disc 1. . saa
25 - Up around 9:30am!!! . .walked real late. Home via the store and Mums to drop off the hose pipe attachment . . . PCd all day on the sea horses . . walked. . straight back on the PC. . ate sandwiches around 11pm. . 'no seashorses' on the news! lol . . rejigged disc 1 of the next dvd. Strange order to this volume, but I'm determined to use up every byte of space and not waste any. . .after hours of work on the 'rabbits', the file went corrupt and I lost it!! Grrrr. Oh well - at least it wasn't one of the more 'precious' ones (to me).

24 - Up around 9:15am! . .walked and on down town. All seemed pretty quiet thankfully. Scored some bones for Sally in the butcher. . sat on a seat for a gigarette and was joined by 'J' for a chat. Interesting guy. Swapped phone numbers! . .headachey. PCd the whole day away non stop until around 6pm, working on the 'concrete and steel' video from yesterday. Incredibly time consuming editing down the hour-plus of footage, into mostly three second clips!! Amazing how a selection of SUCH short pieces like that can be cobbled together to tell such a long and drawn out tale. . did dish washing chores during a lengthy test video-compile. Worked out ok I think. In fact - I think I WILL push on and try to include some of the releavnt footage from an earlier date, to give a decent impression of the progression of things kinda. Almost timelapse in effect. . ate a banana and yet another annadin tablet and then walked. Damn - missed it! Just entering BGdns, both the lifeboat and the pilot boat were returning to harbour. . sat and watched a warship creep into the bay . . cooked and ate, chips, 3 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 burgers and a piece of fried bread . . J called to chat and confirm he didn't think anyone involved would be offended by the 'jamming' video, as I'd expressed I was worried they may be. Despite what I do with these videos, I'm absolutely NOT in the business of deliberately offending anyone in any way. In fact, on occasions, I have to reluctantly NOT include some brilliant footage (and at least one entire potential video!), because I deem it may. (Like the fisherman having a pee off the side of his boat - or a bored crane driver, on full close-up, picking his nose! lololol) . .touched base with BB . . PCd on and finished and uploaded the concrete and steel vid.(YouTube link) just before 2am!!!!! That was SO fiddly and time consuming - and one of the unfinished ones I have yet to return to, is gonna be similar in the multiple editing! Ugggh! To bed around 3am!! aaa
23 - Up around 8:15am . .walked and then on down towards the harbour. . videod around the slipway ALL morning and into the afternoon, after being tipped off by one of the workmen that the crane would be lifting some of the reinforcing steels into position on the end of the slipway later (and because I wanted to try and get a piece of the divers entering the water, like I'd missed the other day, to maybe be useable in its place - 'continuity' allowing)! . . PCd . . ate corned beef, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps and a banana . . skipped the evening walk (because we were out most of the day anyway!), PCd yet more and polished off the 'jamming' video (YouTube link) at getting on for 10pm (rather than attending to the two or three I have STILL half finished from yesterday and some time ago! ). Shame about that video - it's actually more worthy of a smile if it's watched in real time, but of course that goes on for far too long! One thing's for sure (like the fishermen) - those guys sure earn their wages!!! . .bowls of cornflakes before to bed
22 - Up around 8:45am . .yayy. Webcams on the 'harbour regeneration work' site (http://www.brixhamfishmarket.info/). . walked - and walked! Summery. Ended up videoing coaches in the car park!?!. .footage for yet another timelapse in the harbour . . back to PC . . touched base with Mum . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . back out to walk the woods and see what state the bluebells were in. Bit too early yet - or maybe not a very good show this year?. . ended up sat in BGdns videoing rabbits ! lol . . PCd. . touched base with BB . . PCd ever onwards and knocked off the little 'harbour timelapse' video (YouTube link) before 1am. (I look upon such videos as my DVD equivalent of 'postcards' kinda.) Too many timelapses for comfort on this next 'volume' I suspect. Oh well. :o| . .I think I want to do two or three more little videos now (with the footage I've already filmed), and that'll be a full set of 18 each on the twin discs - same as volume 2. Exhausting but I'm SO wanting to get it done and 'share' that storm footage with people, before I maybe have a hard disk crash or some such, and lose the lot!
21 - Up around 8:45am . .drove to walk Sally in the rain. I just couldn't face getting all cold and drenched again . . PCd and knocked up what will be the DVD menu image and paper cover for Pebbles On The Beach Volume 3. It's the picture of Sally in front of 'Lone Wolf' in the harbour. . PCd the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon away doing the 633 Squadron video. (YouTube link) Should have gone for more cuts and trimmed it down 'sharper and punchier' (too long at the beginning, weak ending, etc), but I'm feeling pretty fatigued (understatement!) and just couldn't put in the extra effort to trawl through all the footage and work it all out. .walked feeling really pretty unwell and wobbly . .cooked burgers, bacon, egg and chips and ate lots with four pieces of bread and butter . . PCd sorting out a few of the varying volume levels on the latest videos, adjusting and recompiling them to try and make them more even. . BB called . . to bed by around 1am. s
20 - Woken by the fridge freezer sounding like a pneumatic drill around 7:15am. Sorry neighbours! Gave it a good beating (I actually don't care if I break it - it would at least then 'force' me into stumping up the cash to replace it!) and returned to bed . . woken by insistant Sally around 9:45am . . walked real late, after having watched a few of my latest videos for breakfast! . wow, what a different feel to today. So much calmer, and dare I think a little warmer? Carried on rather aimlessly down to the harbour. All the concrete the workmen had been laying on the end of the slipway on the 17th had predictably been 75% scoured away by the tide! I guess somehow they're gonna have to try to rectify that, but I can't imagine how now it's such a mess!?? Carried on out past the multiple arriving coachloads of people, around the harbour and along past the lifeboat station towards the breakwater beach. .I thought at first the station was open for people to look around but on enquiring it turned out it was a special 'do' for the local Lord mayor and party! . . sat on the beach for a cigarette. Having been spending hours and hours working on all that storm footage over the last couple of days, the breakwater seemed like a strange and quiet, unfamiliar place, with people wandering up and down it in the 'almost' sun . . walked back past the layers of oil drifting in rainbows across the putrid waters of the marina and inner harbour. Sat in BGdns for a while and watched the relief pilot boat heading out, perhaps returning to it's usual home port, now that 'Celia T' is back home? . . .PCd . . drank a tea cup of red wine . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches with crisps, a mini treacle pudding and some chocolate . . napped. Woken before I'd even really fallen asleep by a neighbour (I think) returning one of the sets of DVDs I'd given out . . napped until woken by the alarm at 7:30pm . . TVd a strangely interesting program on one of the BBC channels, all about the Guttenburg press with Stephen Fry! . .skipped the evening walk. Grey and miserable outside. . spotted another frog in the garden when out encouraging Sally to do her thing. . touched base with BB . . watched ALL the latest set of my videos through on the TV with the stop watch running, to get a feel for where I am in terms of fitting them on disks. WOW - how tame the footage of the breakwater I took on the bank holiday looks, which I'd until this week, thought was rough. . Good grief! I knew some of them were long ones, but I had no idea I had done enough to fill another TWO, hour long DVDs (and that with NOT including the nasty seagulls eating a dead bird one)!!!! This is potentially getting a bit costly and out of hand. . ate a banana and four Mr Kipling apple tarts before to bed around 2am. d
19 - Up just after 9am . . PCd a bit before venturing out in the rain. Shame - it was supposed to be some sort of weekend of 'local attractions welcoming local people' with a bunch of stuff going on - and I HAD planned on maybe having a look at some of it. Think I'll pass. . walked and got soaked. A guy looking over the cliff at a lot of floating debris told me one of the boats moored in the outer harbour had slipped its mooring and had been wrecked on the rocks and lost! . . PCd and did a 'quick and easy' video of the breakwater waves as filmed early yesterday, when it was actually still pretty dark. (the footage I took over the best part of an hour, was broken into two by the camera, automatically changing exposure as it got lighter at some point, giving two segments of very different hue! Actually not a bad thing as it turned out. ) Did scan through the hour long footage looking for the best bits, but in the end it was all pretty much as spectacular as the rest, so just used an easy chunk which happily included the 'Celia T' pilot boat going past the lighthouse as a dot in the distance (probably not visible on anything other than the full sized TV version) . (YouTube link) . . Mum called in with the paper and food donations, for coffee and chats and inevitably to watch the latest videos on the TV . . cooked and ate Mum donated bacon in buttered bread rolls and a little chocolate. . napped until the alarm at 6:30pm . . walked in what was more like fog than fine rain. .brought down the new sack of dog food I've been keeping in the garage to feed Sally. I dished out a measure of food into her bowl, and - EEewwwwWWW!!! There was a dead mouse in amongst the food!!! DAMN! I guess it was already in the sack when I last moved it (up onto a bucket so mice couldn't get to it), and was trapped and crushed by the food/move. :o( I'm gonna have to think more carefully about what I store in that garage. . PCd . . BB called . . PCd the night away until 3am before uploading the 'In From The Storm' video (YouTube link)(with the little shakey hand held footage of the pilot boat 'testing in the rough', filling up the pointless drum solo which I was originally going to edit out) . . ate corned beef sandwiches gone 3am! . .eventually to bed around 4:30am! a
18 - Image taken early morning during filming of waves over Brixham breakwater Up with the alarm at 5am! Actually thought better of it and tried to sleep on but just couldn't. So - I've moved through the 'addiction' phase of this video making thing, and ploughed headlong straight into obsession!!! . . set off after sunrise around 6:15am and drove with Sally in the car to the vantage point above the breakwater for yet more filming, 'just' after high tide. (Left Sally safely in the car this time - and no, that ISN'T my car in the picture. I wish!). Pretty much a repeat of yesterday evening with all the big waves breaking over it, but without such good light. (The pilot boat 'Celia T' reappeared inbound while I was filming the breakwater. I've gathered the impression she's been absent somewhere for a while. A replacement (much quieter) seems to have been on station for a few days instead). . had a quick 'prod' at the views near the open air pool, before calling it a day and driving to BGdns to give Sally her once round. I'd only just got out of the car and started walking round when I could hear the distant roar of engines. Turned out to be 'Celia T' idling across the outer harbour. Rushed to get to a vantage point and set up the camera and tripod to get what WOULD have been some neat footage, but sadly she appeared to be just testing her engines or something and didn't set off seaward. A quick circuit outside the breakwater entrance with a good revving (which actually sounded a bit iffy to me - but I put it down to the heavy swell) and she headed straight back in. . PCd the whole morning away until mid afternoon, working on the 'salvage something from the missed lifeboat footage of yesterday'. Not at all the sort of video I've always had in mind and wanted to make, but with an unexpected choice of music, I think it 'works -ish'. There WILL have to be another some other time, if I EVER manage to be in the right place at the right time to do it justice in a rough sea - EVER!! :o/ (YouTube link) Damn! Turned out to be yet another rather long one! In fact, incredibly, I ended up with an audio track three times the size of the original! . . ate ham rolls and cheese nibbles . . grabbed a couple of hours sleep until woken by the alarm at 7:30pm . . couldn't face the evening walk (or maybe couldn't face ending up with even MORE video of interesting stuff to spend hours editing!) and poor Sally had to make do with just using the garden. . straight back onto the PC to have a go at that extraordinary 'breakwater' footage from yesterday, while drinking a tin of Red Bull to keep me alive! . . touched base with BB. . called it quits on the breakwater video around midnight. VERY difficult to cut that down to so few minutes. Hard to discard the rest of the half an hour or so. Utterly AMAZING footage I think. (YouTube link) If ever there was a video of mine worth looking at, I reckon that one has to be up there near the top of the list. (Bet YouTube recognise the 'third party content' on that one! Hope they don't insist it's removed! :o( ). .to bed and then back up to eat bowls of cornflakes around 3am! . TVd a bit before bed again at getting on for four!
17 - Up at 6am . PCd a bit of this and then got bogged down on the ITV news website, trying to capture the local ITV news report that was aired on TV last night. Managed it in the end - and oh my goodness - just over the shoulder of the guy being interviewd, a dot in the distance sat on a bench was me! I'm famous now then! lololol . .spent so long messing around with that, I was later getting out than I knew I should have been (given the weather forecast and tide times. They are forecasting a strong Easterly wind. I've already learned (more than some who've lived here longer!?) , THAT is what makes for neat waves and rough stuff on the breakwater and neat film opportunities for boats heading out directly into the waves. The wind from every other direction (no matter how strong) mostly just seems to blow the local sea flat calm. .stationed myself in the shelter of my favourite gun emplacement and had a bit of a go at videoing whatever was about . . I don't believe it. In the wrong place at the wrong time all morning and missed the very footage of the lifeboat heading out in rough sea which I've been waiting a year to get!! What a b*****d! :o( I could kick myself!!! . carried on down around the harbour. Some guy in a car on the harbourside behind me made to do one of those fast/agressive three point turns, but didn't see the big metal post behind him, and with a loud crunch, reversed straight into it!! The whole back of his car, bumper, hatchback, everything was completely stoved in and wrecked!! . . walked out to the lifeboat station and asked if they were out on a shout, or if not, did they know when they'd be back. The guy I spoke to suggested something along the lines of they were out in the rough weather doing a photo shoot, referring to the 'eight lives saved', 'Ice Prince' rescue they'd done in January. . walked out to the Shoalstone pool and then back to the new vantage point (dangerously derelict and fenced off, roof covered seats) I'd discovered just off the road above the end of the breakwater and lifeboat station. . some difficulty getting Sally up to it, but with a bit of encouragement, she made a leap, and I was able to push her back end up! Brilliant dog. she WOULD have made a good police or military dog. . spotted the lifeboat out in the distance on its 'jolly' around the bay, but sadly almost all of the film I got was with it running WITH the waves and not against them, so wasn't particularly impressive (unlike what I'd missed earlier! Hmmph! :o( ) . .raced down from our vantage point (not good for poor Sally's bad front right shoulder, jumping down into the road from such a height!!!!!) and actually ran clutching the tripod and camera and took up position near the lifeboat station to get 'at least' get some shots of it coming home. Eventually ran out of battery power and headed home via the harbour and BGdns . . PCd and figured out I 'may' be able to salvage something of this morning's missed opportunity. .surfed and checked on the tide times etc. . touched base with Mum and suggested she should come out with me to see the impressive seas and waves etcImage of rough waves over Brixham breakwater. .

drove with Mum and Sally to watch the weather. Started off at Shoalstone and then parked up on the road above the breakwater. . . . . /Oh MYYyyy GOdddd!!!! There was a man out there - ON the breakwater as it was being lashed and pounded by those enormous waves!! . . . treated to cod and chips by Mum. Sat in the car in the harbourside car park to eat, watching the waves still breaking over the breakwater opposite. .

. . PCd and transferred all the footage to the PC. Just incredible!!! How I didn't end up videoing a dead guy on that breakwater, is utterly beyond me. It's gonna be SOOoooo hard to try to edit that down shorter. Maybe I won't? Almost worthy of a TV news item that!. . PCd. I'm goin' a bit crazy here! I just can't keep up!!!! There's just too much going on I 'need' to capture!!! I need more hours in the day - every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lost count of the number of videos I have yet to produce, from the footage I've already got - and then there is tomorrow ! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!!Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!!Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!! Actually - this one just seemed so amazing to me, I couldn't bring myself to cut it down any shorter, or actually do anything to it other than just share it as it is. Nothing added - a good few minutes cut off the end. (YouTube link)

Eventually to bed past 2am, AFTER having set the alarm for 5am!! The same sort of weather is forecast for tomorrow, and high tide is around 6am. Can't resist having another look at it. It was SO late, I actually considered not going to bed at all, but I was just exhausted after all the day's running around and HAD to. s



16 - Up at 8:30am . .coffee, cigarettes and annadin tablet for breakfast . .walked and on down town. Nothing much going on so eventually headed back along past the crane, only to find an ITV camerman filming and lots of people milling about?! Turned out divers were about to do an underwater survey looking for seahorses!? . ended up hanging around for absolutely ages, filming them 'getting ready', and then missed the shot of them actually entering the water because the camera screwed up, just at the vital moment! "Communication Error" (with the battery!) Would you believe it! Well - 'some' consolation that the ITV camerman missed the shot too. He and the woman (presenter?) he was with, had got tired waiting and had decided to go off and get some lunch!! lol . . returned home to PC and charge batteries and then ended up back out around 4pm, heading back down town to draw out some money and, I have to admit it, to check I wasn't missing something interesting. I wasn't - well, not 'particularly. Ended up filming 'interesting' seagulls! lol . .back via the store, the house that was due to have it's paths 'scrubbed' today, and then Mums to report on how it looked. I wasn't impressed.
ate ham rolls, crisps a Mum donated Mars bar and a Mars chocolate milk drink. . SO tired - I just couldn't move from the sofa. . BB called briefly to touch base. . in bed by 10pm!
15 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up at 7:45am. Seem to be regularly (every day?) waking up with a bad back. :o( . . walked and down to the harbour and town . . sat around near the bus stops . . PCd . Mum called telling me she'd arranged to have her cavity walls filled and had also had a guy call at the door trying to sell some sort of garden stone path washing/sealing thing!!?

. . walked up Mums and removed the tree and ended up clearing out all her gutters up the ladder! . . PCd. Unable to copy over a 5GB+ file to the external drive?? . . walked . . TVd . . ate pork pie, ham rolls, salad, chocolate . . touched base with BB . . PCd the bus stop footage until bed at 2am. (YouTube link) Actually speeded that one up SO much, I'm not sure it's worth bothering with - but I just couldn't bring myself to set it to the music I originally had in mind, and end up with yet another long, eight minute video.


14 - Up at 8:30am . wow - cloudless blue sky. . walked and hung around down town for a bit, as has become something of a worrying addiction! Soon clouded over and showered a bit . . eventually back home to PC for a few hours. Actually finally got round to unwrapping that new external hard drive and temporarily copying over a few files to make some room. Works ok, and not 'too' slow for a USB type connection (although doing an initial full backup type transfer, will have to be run at length overnight some time I think). .pcd this mornings video. (YouTube link). Actually something of a rehearsal for another attempt in the 'height of summer' some time. It's actually more difficult than it looks - to do that for such a long period of time and not have people get totally 'in the way' and wreck it half way through - which is precisely what happened on this occasion! I'd been sat on one of the seats for at least ten minutes with the video camera running, all perched precariously on the church wall above my head, slightly propped up on one of my gloves - when a strangely large woman with a red streak in her hair felt obliged to stand directly in front of the (unseen) camera and have a very long conversation with the mentally impaired guy sat next to me! Image of a distant pheasantFelt obliged to stop recording her - and then started all over again after she'd moved away. Just then, two guys stopped in the middle of the street, in the middle of my shot filling the frame, and just stood there motionless for around five minutes having a chat! Arrrrrggghhhh!!! . . walked the woods and back via the nasty dangerously narrow 'top road', hunting for pheasant! The fields around here are absolutely full of them! Ridiculous trying to do wildlife filming with Sally in tow, so got nothing, but saw at least eight male and female pheasant along the way - one (brightly coloured male) on the other side of the roadside hedge, unaware I was peeking through, only ten feet from me (but impossible to video). .passed groups of 'youths' all walking out (carrying the obligatory louds of alcohol) on the way back. Apparantly all heading to the beach! Picked up some of the trail of litter they'd discarded along the streets on my way to the store. .drank a tea cup of red wine and then ate four sausages with melted cheese and onion in bread rolls and a little chocolate. .TVd struggling to stay awake. . touched base with BB. . TVd until bed around 11:30pm. d
13 - Up late getting for 10am I think it was. . walked and carried on down and back via a VERY quiet town. Popped up to the All Saints church on the way back (as I often do only to find it closed) and low and behold - a miracle - it was open! Had a quick look inside (complete with Sally) for the first time since I've lived here. Couldn't poke around too much because some sort of church 'review of accounts' meeting was going on inside, but I saw enough to get the impression it was, as churches go, pretty bland and uninspiring. .PCd the whole rest of the day away non stop, until getting on for 7pm, on the 'busker' video. Actually, considering how it was cobbled together using the stills camera to record the audio, and how that presents all manner of 'syncing' difficulty, etc, etc, etc, I'm pretty damn pleased with how that worked out in the end. Very bouncy - very foottappy. lol A worthwhile, hard-won battle methinks - even if in total it probably cost me 5!!!!!!!! 3 for the CD and then another handful of change for the 'money in the case' shot!!!! lol :o) (Jeeze - he should be paying ME (that 'titles' screen is the closest I'll EVER come to doing an 'advert' for someone!)!!) (YouTube link). Dropped him an e-mail and gave 'Andrew' a call to give him the 'heads up' he was now on youtube doing his thing . .walked. Felt a bit unwell. I've overdone it this last day or so, and no food yet today. . ate ham rolls, crisps and a little chocolate. . ended up drinking a teacup of red wine (almost finished that box already). .struggled to stay awake feeling utterly exhausted, and then somehow by pressing the wrong button on the remote, ended up listening to part of a program on Irish radio!!? (traditional folk songs etc.) . . BB called . . to bed at 12:30am after having watched a couple of my own videos again. I do SO like that 'Run to you' one of the pilot boat (despite the poor videoing). Seems to SO sum it up for me, always dashing back and forth. And I STILL have to wait when I see it coming, if I'm done walking Sally and wanting to head home, because I just can't resist the sound of that engine when it's revved up and 'on the plane'. Almost a tingle on the back of the neck - like you get with the sound of the engines with drag racing or tractor pulling - that sort of thing. d
12 - Up around 8am . . Image of Sally and 'Lone Wolf' moored in Brixham Harbourwalked the woods to check on the progress of the bluebells. Almost - quiet a few out - very soon be time to take photos. :o) . carried on walking towards the harbour, but by the clifftop roads, to check out possible new vantage points for future videoing maybe. .attempted to set up a photo of Sally in front of the 'Lone Wolf' fishing boat, moored in the harbour. . On the harbourside, a couple of the memorial seats (one with a seat slat missing! Vandalised?) were festooned with flowers. Felt uncomfortable doing so, but felt obliged to take a few photos. I was just having the nerve to get the camcorder out and set up, when a guy turned up with more flowers. Exchanged a few words to check it wasn't too 'frowned upon' for me to video the scene. Turned out he was the florist. He didn't seem to know anything particularly specific about the circumstances surrounding the loss of whatever boat it was the two Marks were on, but he said that every year an order was placed for flowers to be put on the seats. I did my videoing. :o( . heading back through town to be in time for Mums usual saturday visit, I came upon a guy playing a mandoline type thing, busking in the high street. Just stood and listened for a bit before inevitably just HAVING to get the video camera out. Tried filming a bit by just placing the camera on top of a bin, but pretty soon became obvious all I was going to be picking up was the conversation of the old deaf people next to me shouting at each other! In a tuning pause by the performer, I 'bought favour' by buying his group's CD for 3, and confirmed he had no objection to me attempting to film him while having a go at recording the audio with my new stills camera. (Had to suddenly learn how to record audio on it for the first time, there and then, on the spot all 'critical it works' like!) Left the stills camera recording on his abscent wife's open violin case, while I retreated to a suitable distance and set up the video camera, on the tripod perched precariously on top of a waste bin!! Recorded what actually turned into quite a long set - and hopefully grabbed enough video to make something of it - IF it comes out ok!! . . rushed home calling Mum on the mobile to apologise for maybe not being there. I HAD missed her but she got my ansaphone message as soon as she got home and came straight back down for coffee, chats and to watch the latest videos . . ate a Mum donated pastie, cheese, pickled onions and crisps . . napped until the alarm at 6:30pm. . walked. . PCd and spent hours and hours desperately attempting to do the seats footage justice. Should have had the nerve to get more (and more thoughtful) footage. Nevertheless, I think the result is 'in appropriate taste' and not in any way offensive to anyone. (YouTube link) . lots of noise from next door all night. Much slamming of doors for some inexplicable reason! The parents are away I think - and the girl is making up for her quiet Birthday party by having some guys round! Still banging away (the doors!) at 4am as I type this! . . ate a Mum donated pastie and susage roll . . Eventually to bed even later/earlier, despite itching to get on and have a go at seeing if I can make anything out of the OTHER bit of videoing I did today, which does look promising!
11 - Disturbed sleep (that 'Run to you' song / pilot boat video was going round my head in my sleep!???) and then eventually up just before 10am!!! Suprised Sally let me sleep on so long, although I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a proper sleep herself if I'm up late doing stuff. .walked mostly between showers. Seemed pretty quiet in town, probably because of the weather. No sign of any coastguard pickets (although I DID see the union rep driving past) despite it being another day of industrial action I think. . PCd this. . ate corned beef, mayo, onion, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with crisps and then the last of the fudge. That didn't last long! Delicious stuff. So good - I was even tempted to dig out an old cookery book to see how it's made. I may have to give that a go . .napped until the alarm at 6pm . . walked and stopped in at a local store on the way home to buy a small pot of cream and some vanilla essence! . . touched base with BB . .bit the bullet and had a go at making fudge (after having read it up in an old cookery book and had instructions from BB)!!!! Used one tea cup of ordinary milk and two of white sugar together with 'some' flora (haven't got any weighing scales any more it would appear) and stood by the stove for ages giving it my best shot. (Listening to the classic rock radio station on the satellite system as I did so, it made me laugh when 'Run To You' came on! ) Suffice it to say, things did NOT go well! For whatever reason, the sticky goo I ended up with, all over everything everywhere, did NOT set solid as it should. I blame the weak watery milk you get these days, and the spreadable Flora I used - rather than proper milk or cream and butter. I even retreived the box from the fudge I bought the other day from the recycling bin to read the ingredients. "Traces of nuts"? AHA! That's what I need! Traces of nuts!!! lol . That mess is gonnna take some washing up!! WHAT a waste of sugar! And I was SO convinced it must be easy to make. :o(. . PCd but ended up just sitting watching all my latest videos through, trying to be 'just an audience'. VERY difficult. All I ever see is all the jerking and faults, rather than whatever anyone else may see (whatever that may be?). . eventually to bed around 1am. s
10 - Up at 9:30am!!. .boy I'm tired - Sally too I guess, to let me sleep on so late . . checked my bank account and then walked. Carried on down around the harbour, and then up to the car acessories store to buy a small tube of 'Plastic Padding' filler. At some point in the future, I'm going to have a go at repairing/altering/painting the front gate, and I'm probably going to 'touch' it with a bit of weld here and there where it has rusted badly. My poor welding ability dictates I'll need to run a bit of filler over the repair (and elsewhere) before smoothing and painting it. IF I actually get round to doing that at some point, and IF it goes ok, I'm probably going to have to have a go at Mums as well (a MUCH bigger job!)! :o( . went into the PC shop and bought the external hard drive. A 'Freecom Classic' 500GB, 16MB Cache, USB 2 drive for 75.99. Crazy way to spend my money (what is that equivalent to which I have/will deny myself? - 50 cups of coffee in a cafe? 20 fish and chip meals? etc etc!!) - but I just HAD to do it. Getting one had become a matter of some urgency to me, thanks to the MASSIVE size of the chunks of video I'm playing with. (For example - the total disc space eventually used up by JUST todays videoing, and the various processes I use to actually create a finished 'music video', amounts to around 5.5GB!!!!) I've pretty well used up ALL my storage/backup capacity, and have actually already regretably deleted some stuff which I've successfully managed to keep ('for reference') for the past several years!! People and events, gone at the click of a mouse, forever to now remain unremembered/non existant, such is the state of my memory! :o( . . walked back to the inner harbour, up the steps to 'THE' seat overlooking it, and sat for an hour videoing, with a timelapse in mind (although the inner harbour is more about all the people milling around, which of course doesn't work with a panorama type view from such a distance - and would be better done in the height of busy summer. Nevertheless, the movement of the moored boats as the tide began to recede made the timelapse worthwhile I figured). . treated myself to a small 1 box of toffee and fudge on the way home . . drank a tea cup of red wine while preparing fried bacon, black pudding, potato, onion, bread and half a tin of baked beans. Ate - much. Not a habit I can particularly afford to maintain, but getting just a little blurred and typsy on a tea cup of high % wine, just before eating a big meal and then sleeping, seems a very acceptable way of spending a good part of the day. :o). ate some fudge . napped until the alarm at 7pm . . walked . . PCd todays video and worked at finishing off the couple I've had half done for the last couple of days. (Spent a VERY long time trawling through and listening to lots of my music collection trying with much difficulty, to find 'appropriate' or 'fitting'(ish) pieces for the sunset/lights, and the inner harbour tiumelapse ones). . touched base very briefly with BB in the middle of things, promising to call her back later . .PCd continuously until almost 4am and eventually finished off and uploaded the Pilot boat 'outbound' video(YouTube link) . .the Fisheries Patrol boat video (YouTube link) . . the sunset/lights video(YouTube link) . . the inner harbour timelapse video(YouTube link) . . the rainbows video (the third 'scene/cut' was the REALLY vivid rainbow the like of which I've never before seen, although I'm not sure the video (blurred/low-light/rushed-hand-held-shakey) really does it justice) (YouTube link) . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches with pickled onions around 4am before constnatly getting the engaged tone when trying to call BB back . . eventually gave up and to bed with the birdsong!!!!! d
9 - Broken sleep and up once around 5:30am and then woken by Sally around 8am . . walked and ended up just sitting around by the inner harbour for quite a while watching the world go by. Rather fewer coaches and people milling around today, but still pretty busy. .popped into a local PC store and enquired about the price of their 500GB external hard drive. . bought another small 50p bag of a couple of bones for Sally and some black pudding for me in the high street butcher before eventually heading home around midday. .checking the TV paper, I spotted a show (a follow up to a program years ago about a young autistic guy, with a sevant ability to draw from memory in acute and accurate detail) I was sure Mum would want to see, despite it being on 5, a channel she doesn't currently have. Gave her a call and suggested she pop in later to watch it. Mentioned the view I'd newly discovered the other day and eventually somehow persuaded her to come for a walk and see it for herself. .walked (again!) with Mum up to the vantage point. . treated by Mum to a large lot of fish and chips, sat in the sun on one of the harbourside seats. Went down VERY well - I was starving! Followed that up with a large ice cream! Like being a proper couple of holiday makers!! lol I'll have to walk with Mum again!! lolol Actually, it WAS ok. Mum seems to be having a bit of a hard time, getting older and missing Dad and stuff right now. I don't 'help' much. :o( . . eventually headed back along the outer harbourside. The big crane was doing interestiung things with a large metal structure, which, if I'd been on my own would have seen me stop and sit there for an hour or more hoping to maybe catch something interesting with the camera. Oh well - can't capture everything (but oh, I SO want to!!??) . . .all sat in BGdns for a bit, admiring the sunny view before eventually heading home . .napped for just over an hour before woken by the alarm at 7pm . . did dishwashing chores . . Mum popped down to watch the TV show. The guy had a fifteen minute helicopter flight over London, and then spent the next few days drawing entirely from memory a massive London skyline, in totally accurate photograph like detail. Utterly amazing. . walked Mum home before sitting in the garden with a coffee for a bit (to 'recover' from having so much company in one day!) . . touched base with BB . . TVd and ate a bar of chocolate. . PCd, surfing, looking at hard drive/PC prices and the like until around 2am before bed. Actually, when you take into account the postage prices and such, the local price of that external hard drive doesn't seem too bad.
8 - Up at 7:30am. walked in the sun and carried on out along the breakwater for a play with the camera and whatever events occured. (Ended up with just pretty mundane/poor shots of the pilot and fisheries patrol boats heading out to sea). . back through the crowds of people. LOTS of people! At least six coaches were parked in the car park. . drank a tea cup of wine while cooking - bacon, potato, eggs, onions, bread and baked beans. Ate a piled-high plate full . . napped until the alarm at 6pm. . . walked . . PCd . . touched base with BB briefly . .PCd on through until around 3am messing with a couple of videos, pretty much completed all but the 'titles' screens. . touched base with BB briefly . ate a banana before to bed at getting on for 4am. d
7 - Broken sleep then up around 7am to wipe off the condensation from all the windows . .walked in the cold sun and ended up walking out along the breakwater and back. Detoured a little on the way back towards town, exploring 'vantage points' a bit. There's a whole bunch (I think) of really neat places to get some good views I've yet to 'use'. .Image of Brixham's outer harbours and Torbay beyond


'Mrs B' and a cup of tea - AND shortbread biscuits, no less!!!!!!!!!!

As she'd said she would, she'd left her front door open, so when I'd finished drinking I duly popped the mug just inside on the floor, and then pulled it shut before I set to leave. Gosh - how oldy worldy trusting (really nice) - and oh so terribly vulnerable! Tapped on her window and gave a cheery wave as I left. Remarkable.

just down the road was a flock of seagulls all milling around at the end of a long trail of what turned out to be peanuts!!?? I got the impression from some other debris nearby it'd probably fallen out of the large nylon refuse sack a couple of bin men were dragging down the road!?? The bin lorry can't fit down that street, so it appears the refuse collectors just drag that huge nylon bag along and fill it with all the houses rubbish before dragging it back to somewhere where the lorry can pick it up! Nasty for them. The peanuts looked slightly past their best, but still a damn good feed or birds or something, and there was so much of the bag left in tact, I couldn't resist popping it into a poop scoop bag and carrying it home (which still left a long trail and substantial pile for the seagulls to clear up).


. . mowed the back lawn while playing this mornings video onto the PC. .mowed the front lawn and trimmed a bit of the hedge along the back lane . . PCd . . touched base with BB . . PCd more and finished off the 'Torbay' video. (YouTube link). Not my original choice of music, but with the video (over an hour!) speeded up so much, I couldn't fit it to what I had in mind while filming it. Really is a neat view from up there. What those little houses must be worth - and WHAT a view they must have from the upper floors (and houses up higher)!! Incredible! I'm gonna be spending quite a lot more time up there - I can see it happening! Imagine sunsets from up there - and night lights - and, and, and -!!! I haven't even scratched the surface of this place yet have I! . . dug out the last of the 'found in BGdns' cans of beer from the fridge and, determined to have a night off from feeling obliged to try and capture everything on video all the time, left the tripod at home and headed for BGdns with Sally, to just sit around for a bit and enjoy the view. . Image of a TMS towed crane out at sea on the distant horizonwell - where to start? First of all, that'll teach me not to trust my insticts and take the tripod with me! Out to sea on the far horizon, those crazy TMS guys were at it again! They were towing a big crane/JCB type thing across the outer bay (presumably heading back to the Dart estuary/river). I'll never cease to find such a sight, utterly bizarre. Tried filming it, but without the tripod, and on maximum zoom, the footage was too jerky for any use (except to screen-capture this blurred distant image). On top of THAT, the sky was doing utterly amazing stuff. Oh boy, HOW I should have returned to that newly discovered vantage point of earlier! Image of amazing skys over TorbayFirst of all there was a storm cell passing over Torquay in the distance, with visible rain (or maybe even hail) falling from it in great streaks, as it made its way out to sea in a kinda south easterly direction. I only suffered a drop or two from a trailing edge. The sinking sun gave it a 'brooding definition' and then all of a sudden there were two verticle 'pieces' of rainbows in the distance past the breakwater. The piece on the right was THE most VIVID rainbow I have EVER seen in my life! Just stunning. With the sun pretty much set, everything was constantly changing with astonishing speed and the storm cell went through all manner of colour changes in no time at all. As darkness began to fall, there was the breifest magical period of perhaps no more than sixty seconds, when the edges of the clouds in the sky turned to absolute raging fire (the picture here was NOT during those sixty seconds!)! Just incredible. All of it. Just absolutely incredible. . eventually finished my beer and rather frozen, headed home. . touched base with BB . . ate ham rolls, crisps and chocolate. . TVd until bed around midnight. ds
6 - Up around 8:30am just in time to see it snowing!! Blizzard like for a while - and then it was gone!!!!. . walked in the sun! What bizarre weather. Winter and summer, all in the same hour! Sat around in BGdns for ages hoping the snow would return, but apart from just a few flakes from the odd small passing cloud, there was no more - and was actually more sunny than not. Looked as though inland places to the far East were copping it, from the look of the clouds. . drank a tea cup of red wine, TVd and PCd a bit of (with hindsight, really pretty unimpressive) sky video (YouTube link). .too late for a nap. Ate ham sandwiches with crisps and then struggled to stay awake and got increasingly bad tempered as a result. . couldn't face the evening walk and just ended up TVing nothing all evening . . ate bowls of cornflakes . . touched base breifly with BB but SO didn't want to have to be talking on the phone and brutally and abruptly ended the conversation short . . to bed just after 10pm. d
5 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8am. . walked. Image of a small gathering in the Grove to mark the Brixham Heritage Environmental Art TrailThought I remembered reading something somewhere about a possible gathering this morning, in the woods by the carved tree stumps, to mark the opening of some sort of 'Heritage Environmental Art Trail' thingy, so after a bit of a sit and chat with the usual dog walker crowd, I headed off down to the woods for a look. Actually ended up walking down the cliffs just in front of a small group of four people, one carrying a bunch of balloons and giving out leaflets, who were heading for the carvings. One of the group of four (a teacher at the local college I think) had actually been involved in the creation of the carvings when it was first done a couple of years ago, and I was able to eavesdrop and learn just a little more about the background of how and what went on when it was done. One other guy turned up, who was in some organisation or other, and had also had some hand in the site's creation. Other than that, no one else turned up! Seemed a bit sad - what with happy shiney people with balloons and all! . Much of the conversation seemed to be about how remarkably well it had all survived, despite the inevitable influence of drunken partying yobs. (The tree carving of the bearded face (looks a 'bit' like me doesn't it?), has actually had a couple of bronze coins added by someone in the eyes!) I guess they are right. Something like that back in Bristol would have been a smouldering pile of ash within days. They all pretty soon left and headed off to visit the other points of interest along their 'art trail' across town. . Image of a cold sunset across Torbay walked the long, less steep way back through the woods, stopping here and there to grab a minute or so video of whatever spring flowers caught my eye. Carried on doing the same thing at a few peoples gardens on the way - including the 'bedside cabinet' guys garden. Embarassing when he came out and started wanting to give me something again! He offered a bottle of wine. I put up a polite token struggle of refusing before eventually accepting with much thanks. Ended up walking home with a bottle of 'Altivo, Rioja, Tempranillo' (?) spanish red stuffed in a pocket. . PCd . . Mum called in for coffee and chats, with the usual very welcome mountain of food donations . . PCd more and knocked up the rather colourful little 'flowers' video out of lots of little snips (actually didn't use lots more). (YouTube link) . ate Mum donated pork and stuffing slices in bread rolls with crisps and some chocolate . . napped until the alarm at 7pm . . as per the forecast, it feels like back to winter. Walked in several layers, hat and gloves, in the moderate but very cold breeze . . PCd this . .touched base with BB . .PCd more trying to get this at least a 'little' up to date-ish. I keep on running out of steam with it these days, and just make a note to myself it's 'unfinished', and then forget what the hell it was that happened and never go back and finish it! . . TVd and ate mum donated kipling slices before eventually to bed after 1:30am.
4 - Up around 8:30am . .weird bank of sea mist enveloping some of the houses in the distance . . walked in sunny spells. Wow - there IS a sea mist - or is that actually a thick fog? BGdns was all clear and partially sunlight, as was much of the wider bay in the distance, but out to sea and across part of the town in a strange angled line, a thick blanket of fog obscured all else. Very atmospheric. .sat for a while before eventually setting off to head down into town. Just setting off down the path and rounding a sharp corner, Sally suprised a young rabbit, naively out in the sun eating the grass. There was the breifest of chases before Sally caught it!! :o( Crunch, crunch, crunch and it was despatched. Poor little thing. It was at the least, a relatively quick death I guess. Sally really is amazingly, instinctively efficient at doing that. Still - it upsets me. Pointless suffering and death. :o( Dragged Sally away from her prize and left it for a fox or the crows (or more likely someone elses dog!) . .walked back via the harbour and town . . PCd as the temperature noticeably plumetted and the mist closed in all around, to be more of a thick fog. Extraordinary how it seemed to have a marked downward effect on my mood as it obscured the sun and closed in. More than one report on the news later, of the fog causing real trouble out at sea. . PCd the 'ferry video'. (YouTube link) Now THAT sort of effect is more of what I had in mind for the 'walk along the breakwater' type video which I failed to acheive. A smooth, zoomed-in, continuous pan, along the length of that shoreline. Sadly, from the vantage point of the ferry, the last bit becomes rather pointless because all you can see is the concrete dock side, rather than a decent view of the town. Oh well. I take what I can get . . Mum called to touch base on more than one occasion, initially to inform me she'd arranged to have the big overgrown fir-tree in her garden chopped down today, and then to give me progress reports as the work was ongoing! lol (I had offered on more than one occasion to do the job, but it was always 'not now, not now' as it always is, no matter what!). . ate ham, lettuce and mayo sandwiches with crisps and then a bunch of biscuits . .briefly touched base with Mum one more time to confirm the job was finished and the tree was gone, and then napped until the alarm at 7pm . . popped in Mums to see the absent tree. A bit bare, but definitely right to have it removed. And actually Mum was quite right - no way could I have easily done that. It was bigger than I'd thought. The stump which remains, and will have to be ground away by some specialist some time in the future, is at least a couple of feet across!! . . walked with Mum and sat in BGdns, chatting for quite a long while, as darkness fell. As we sat in the dark, a bunch of 'kids' with torches appeared at the entrance and then came wandering down the path a short distance away, irritatingly often shining their torches directly at us, blinding us. Very much the wrong thing to do I always think - shine a torch straight into someones eyes like that when you're out in the dark. That had me all up-tight. Made various disapproving comments to Mum in conversation that they were probably on their way to join some drunken gathering or other (some distant shouting indicated there was one), or were waiting until we'd gone before setting about vandalising the roof over the seats some more! When we soon after started back home, we ended up walking a distance behind them as they made their way back up to the road. They got back into their police car and drove off! lolololololol How old have I become - that the police look like yobbish 'kids'! lololololololol :o) . . back home just before 10pm! . touched base with BB. . TVd . .ate a microwaved tin of stewed steak with four pieces of bread and butter . . TVd until to bed around midnight.
3 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:45am. . .incredible cloudless blue sky, and already feeling pretty warm in the sun.Image of sands and sea through the spring growth Image of Sally on a glorious spring day overlooking Torbay from Battery Gardens, Brixham

walked along the coastal path all the way to Torquay!!

by the time we were just entering the outskirts of Torquay walking along the roadside pavements, I was actually pretty worried about Sally. She looked real tired and was positively dragging along on the lead behind me!

immediately (it was all about the journey - not the 'being' there) on the ferry for 3.

sat in the warm sun in Bgdns for a while on the way back from the harbour for a cigarette or two. Incredibly warm under the crystal clear blue sky. . stopped off at the store on the way back and treated myself to some expensive Kingsmill bread rolls and slices of smoked ham. . . ate ham rolls, crisps and chocolate. . napped for a couple of hours until woken by the alarm at 7pm. . wow - I think I actually have a little bit of sunburn on my head and face!! . .PCd. . touched base with BB briefly . . PCd until around 4am and did the 'run rabbits' video (YouTube link) and the 'train' video (YouTube link). That train video could be SO much better, with all the amazing vantagepoints along its length, but I wasn't going to spend the whole day just hanging around trying to video that for a couple of seconds each hour! Maybe I'll get serious with it again in the future!! s
2 - Up around 8am. . walked. Sunny. Wow - out of the breeze it really felt like a warm summer day! Walked around the harbour and out to the breakwater beach for a lounge about and then out along the breakwater. All along the way I was catching glimpses of seal in the water. I think there are a lot more of those around here than anyone realises. . defrosted the remaining bone I had in the freezer and gave it to Sally out in the garden. . ate sausages in baked beans, chopped onions, going-very-green cheese, and four pieces of bread and butter . . napped under just a sheet, and woke overheating! . . walked. The roof over the seats has been vandalised again and indelible marker pen graffitti scrawled on all the roof supports. :o( . .drank a tin of lager and TVd . . very quiet next door for an 18th birthday party! (I think it was tonight?) Cool. :o) . .TVd . .touched base with BB briefly . .ate ham sandwiches, crisps, pickled onions and four kipling tarts . . eventually to bed around midnight. d
1 - Disturbed nights sleep then up around 7:15am. Boy have I got a bad, aching back!! VERY bad! :o( Took a while to actually be able to get dressed - my socks in particular! :o( . . two paracetamol for breakfast. PCd a bit of this trying to sit very upright. I didn't see this coming. I felt ok doing the work yesterday, and didn't notice putting my back out at all. I'm sure in a bit of trouble now. . walked - slowly and painfully. Stooping to poop scoop is a bugger with a bad back! . blimey! The 'bedside cabinet' guy came out to have a word and enthuse about the latest DVd I'd given him - and tried putting money (paper money!) into my hand as thanks! I refused of course. Thanks enough to have such a positive reaction. :o) . .oh jeeze! One of the dogwalkers who had a small pack of dogs, told me the other day how one of them had an eye problem and was going in to the vets for an operation. Apparantly the operation had gone ok but the dog ('good friend of twelve years') suffered a heart attack when coming out of the anaesthetic and had died!! :o( Without a trace of a pause in his 'normal' conversation, he wiped away a tear from his cheek! In MY life, I cannot conceive of any greater sorrow than that of the loss of a faithful dog. With people, it's just 'different'. I can't explain. (Sally needs to live forever I think - lest she should take me with her when she goes!!). . Image of a polished brass sundial - around 2pm BSTfunny - just when I can't really be doing much, I get all into the idea of wanting to do stuff around the garden/house all of a sudden! Typical. . finally unscrewed it from the broken piece of ornamental masonary it was attached to, then messed around polishing the old, five and a half inch diameter, brass sundial I'd found in the front garden when I removed the bit of hedge last year. Came up pretty nice. It'll live inside on the living room window ledge for the time being I think. Funny having it loose like that. With the sun streaming in through the window during the morning, it was easy to actually adjust to tell the correct time (BST of course) lol . . PCd a bit of this. Must have sat in the chair all upright or moved in a certain way or something, but thankfully my bad back seemed to ease just a little. .drank a tea cup of red wine and then ate corned beef, mayo, lettuce tomato and onion sandwiches with crisps. . napped until the alarm at 6pm. . walked . . PCd . .ML called to confirm he'd had a baby boy yesterday! . . Mum called breifly followed by BB. Sheesh - on the phone for the best part of two hours!! . . TVd. . ended up after midnight before having another tea cup of wine while I cooked. Ate two sausages, two burgers and chips followed by a whole pack of mum donated chocolate fingers! . . TVd until bed around 1:30am.dd