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- Woke earlier then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 9C out, misty grey to start, soon clearing to sunny. . Still very stiff and aching! Coffee and annadin tablet for breakfast . . . walked BGdns. Jeeze - felt VERY unwell for a good part of the walk. Overheard a bit of comms on the scanner suggesting that maybe the diving work at the end of the breakwater has been concluded and they'll be packing their stuff up and having it all collected by a lorry later. . sat around just feeling awful for ages before eventually heading back. . .just sat around for quite a while again before eventually feeling just a little better, and then ending-up mustering the energy to have another bit of a poke at the landing ceiling. Labouriously scrubbed and washed it all down, removing all residual traces of woodchip wallpaper, before then painting on some PVA in places, to hopefully seal and stabilise some of the edges of the flaked off areas. . The postman delivered the ten e-cigarette atomisers I'd ordered. They look the same as any other, but I suspect after testing one, you get what you pay for - I don't think they are too good or are gonna last very well. . eventually applied some test bits of PVA/filler to the smaller flaked-off scars on the ceiling - and that was pretty much the sum total of the days activity for me today! . . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps and then biscuits . . . napped very late for a couple of hours until around 8pm . . . TVd the rest of the day off . . ate a microwaved curry and a large bag of crisps . . to bed at 1:30am.
29 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 10C out, fully grey and overcast to start with. . . walked BGdns (slowly!) as things brightened up to almost sunny spells . . I'm starting to wonder what's going on with me at the moment. I seem to be aching from everything everywhere - all my leg and hip joints - and my back in particular of course. Actually difficult just getting around! I can't see why I'm in such a state, because I really haven't done anything to warrant it. Bit worrying. Recovered from the walk in front the TV for bit with a coffee and a much needed annadin tablet. I don't think I have any choice but to just sit around and do very little today! :o( . . the postman delivered the fingerless gloves I ordered the other day. They'll do. Put the two pairs of my old worn-out ones straight in the bin. . . PCd a bit of this whilst monitoring radios. I don't make a habit of it, but I DID end up monitoring Kinloss Rescue for a while whilst typing here. At some point I overheard them in comms with Rescue helicopter 169, referring to an elderly female casualty who'd allegedly broken both legs, her pelvis and both arms, and how the nearest suitable hospital/landing site was going to be Frenchay at Bristol. Later-on, the national BBC news included a bizarre report about how a visitor on a rooftop tour of Wells cathedral had somehow fallen down between some towers, had been seriously injured and had to be airlifted out. .TVd/just sat around getting through the day, aching from everything and feeling very not with it . .ate a few biscuits . . .eventually cooked and ate a pot of boiled mixed veg and potato with a tin of stewed steak in gravy, together with four pieces of bread and butter and followed by some chocolate . . . to bed around 12:30am.
28 - Up around 8am. 15C in, 10C out, overcast . . felt very 'not right' and rather down . . walked BGdns and sat around for ages in what eventually turned into some decent sunny spells . . .gave the car a serious wash down - which took ages. Once all the dust and muck was off it, I fitted the new windscreen wiper blades. I was starting to get convinced at one point that I'd been sent the wrong sizes of wiper blades (two different sizes for the front windscreen pair), but all was ok and it would appear those originally on the car were the wrong size! I'd never even noticed before, but one of the originals on the passenger side was far too long and actually overlapped the windscreen surround rubber a little!! . started trying to check pressures and put air in all the tyres only to find the rubber hose on my footpump had perished and split. Had to suddenly mess around with that! Managed to dismantle things enough to be able to cut off the broken crimped end and then reattach the hose with a small jubilee clip. I'll have to get some new hose for it from somewhere at some point very soon, but for the timebeing it is now still 'just' useable again. Successfully checked and topped up the air in three of the tyres. The fourth was less of a success. It would appear the rubber valve on the tubeless tyre has perished, and as soon as I started messing with it, it failed, split and started letting all the air out. Damn. That meant I suddenly had to start swapping the wheel for the spare, and I'll have to have it 're-valved'! Eventually had the wheels swapped and all the tyres pumped up to around what they should be. Shut Bella safely inside for a bit and after starting the car up and warming it up for a while, drove it up and down the lane a couple of times, mostly making sure all the brakes were still working and weren't jammed etc. Checked all the lights, indicators and wipers, etc before eventually parking it back up under the carport. Well - 'I' reckon it has a good chance of maybe getting through an MOT as it is (once the spare wheel tyre valve is sorted). Called it quits for the timebeing. . .suddenly started feeling pretty unwell and aching, and lay down intending to have a nap for a bit. Couldn't sleep and soon ended up back up and on the PC. . after being all positive and upbeat about the apparant cost benefits of 'vaping' here the other day, it's sods law that it would appear that I am suddenly finding out it isn't gonna be as cheap as I'd initially thought! The red coloured atomiser I've been using for the strawberry flavoured e-liquid, appears to have developed a bit of a crack in the plastic together with an occasional hint of a leak, so that's gonna have to be binned and replaced pretty soon. I guess I may have put stress on it when I had it inappropriately stuffed in a trouser pocket some time, so my fault on that one. I also have suspicions that something's now not right with the first atomiser I bought! It seems to be tasting wrong - almost as though the heating element is burning out somehow (assuming I'm not imagining it, it reminds me of how my burned out circular saw smells!), and I have a horrible feeling I may actually be inhaling something potentially very toxic from it!! When I first bought the thing, I was surprised to be informed that those atomisers were 'disposables' and wouldn't last very long, but I certainly didn't imagine it lasting SO short a time! I guess it depends on how much you use it, and I suppose I HAVE been using it a LOT. I'm still definitely in the learning curve with all this. I think maybe I need to review how I've been carrying on with them, and come up with a slightly different long term strategy? . surfed e-bay and eventually went ahead and ordered 10 x 1.6ml ATOMISERS for 8.99 inc postage AND then went ahead and ordered two larger 1100mAh rechargeable batteries for 11.98 inc postage. . the local newspaper site had reports about the 'finger' shout I'd overheard bits of on the 26th. Dare I say 'fingers crossed' he makes a good recovery?! lol . .spotted the (mechanic) neighbour returning from work, so dashed out and had a word about the car (again). The other day he'd generously confirmed he'd be willing to check it over and IF all was well, get the MOT done as he has done before etc. I let him know I was now eager to go ahead with that, ASAP. Disappointingly, he said he was busy for the coming week, but had next week off, so he'd be able to look it over then. Damn - I don't want to seem ungrateful, but (assuming there is nothing that actually needs replacing or repairing prior to an MOT being done!!) that rather suggests I'm just gonna be sat around unable to do anything about it all for a minimum of two weeks - probably longer, allowing for booking up an MOT slot etc?! That's disappointing and hugely frustrating! :o( . he DID say he'd take care of getting the perished valve on the spare wheel replaced for me, so as soon as we'd finished the conversation, I popped back out to the car, got the spare wheel back out and just dropped it over the fence. . . walked BGdns in a frustrated irritable mood, and still feeling very not good. . . back via the store for a few supplies . . . TVd . . ate a six pieces of bread and butter pile of tuna, chopped onion and mayo sandwiches with crisps followed by four kipling almond slices . . . to bed around 12:30am.
27 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 6:30am. 16C in, 9C out, sun and showers. I'd woken earlier because Bella had unusually left the room and gone downstairs in the night - and stayed down there!? That in the past has meant I've woken in the morning to find poop all around the kitchen, so it was that expectation which added to my getting up so early. Thankfully all was clear, so maybe she just needed a drink - probably because my 'sudden' going to bed last night had taken her by surprise? . . woke at the PC and somehow ended up having a quick look at e-bay. I put a 'watch' on some cheap fingerless gloves a while ago, and e-bay's automated system reminded me by suggesting (more expensive - huh?) alternatives. For once that was quite welcome, because it drew my attention to the fact that the special discounted offer was soon ending. Went straight ahead and ordered '3 Pairs Of Black Thermal Magic Fingerless gloves' for 3.47 including postage. They're (hopefully) the same as I've had before. Cheap and not particularly very good, but good enough for that money. They aren't as warm as the proper thermal ones like I recently bought locally, but they have the advantage of being lighter, less bulky to stuff in a pocket, and entirely suitable for acting as 'windbreaks' and wearing all the time when out like I do (and during the winter, when in on the PC too!). The two pairs I'm still wearing most days, are now little more than threadbare rags fit for the bin. Be nice to get some replacements at last. (So - what'll go wrong with THIS order? End up arriving with only four fingers perhaps?!! lol) . . walked BGdns a bit early, in a chilly breeze and occasional bits of light rain. Played ball for a bit, chatted to a dog walker, and then sat under cover of the roof out of the showers, drinking my coffee and watching rabbits eating grass and the fallen bird seed under the bird feeder. . eventually back as things brightened up a bit . . . PCd/monitored radios. Briefly chipped-in on a conversation going-on on the GB3DR repeater. They were talking about 'interference' and 'blead through' on the 2 meter amateur band from aircraft transmissions. I chipped-in, because I too had suddenly recently been experiencing exactly that! I haven't been listening to the radios 'that' much of late, but on more than one occasion when I have been, I HAD become aware of a 'new' thing happening. Every now and then, the scanner would suddenly stop scanning on a pretty much random channel as the squelch was opened, by what appeared to be an aircraft transmission on a completely different frequency!!? In fact, it also appeared to get picked up and 'blead through' on my Yaesu FT-8800, no matter what frequency it was monitoring. The effect was similar to that you'd get if someone transmitting was kinda parked right outside. It's an 'occasional' thing, so difficult to get to the bottom of and be precise about. From the few times I've experienced it, the bits of garbled unintelligable speech I've heard, had made me suspect it was somehow connected with overflying aircraft and Jersey! My suspicion was that it was either an aircraft 'right on top of me', and/or an aircraft with a faulty transmitter that was putting out a big 'dirty', broadband signal. Anyway - it was good to hear that other people had been experiencing it (and actually 'some' distance away from me) and it has nothing to do with any of MY equipment. It even actually occurred whilst they were discussing it, and other people briefly chipped in to confirm that. Trying to see what aircraft were in flight right then, using http://www.flightradar24.com/ was of little use. Like I say - difficult one to get to the bottom of. Very intriguing. Whatever is causing it, I hope they fix it and it stops! If things were the other way around, and it was a radio amateur causing interference to the aircraft band like that, the authorities would be down on the offender like a ton of bricks in no time! . . . PCd this at length - monitoring largely quiet radios as frequent rain showers blew through. VERY quite. So quiet, I ended up with 'everything' on, 'spot' monitoring four seperate dedicated frequencies (including Kinloss Rescue!) AND running my usual scans and even including PMR and the 'local' airband frequencies!!! lolol . . ate two ham finger rolls, crisps, banana and biscuits . . . napped for a couple of hours . . . TVd . . . ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice with chips . . .to bed gone 2am.
26 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 12C out, sunny and windy between bands of rain showers. . . Image of repair work to the Brixham Breakwaterwalked Bgdns in rain gear. Only just up the road after leaving home, it turned into a torrential downpour. Got pretty cold and wet (legs and feet mostly) before even getting a fraction of the way there. Wow was that rain cold! . played ball in the mud for a bit, alternating between sitting on the seat between showers, and then taking shelter from the heavy rain in the gun emplacements. Horrible filthy weather, but that wasn't about to stop those roughty tufty guys from carrying on with the repairs on the end of the breakwater! Divers were down and yet another load of concrete was being poured all the time we were down there! Be interesting to know how 'little' they get paid. They sure earn it! . . Eventually back home as the MSI broadcast was warning of 'Gale force 8 imminent'. . . finally got round to opening up and inspecting the 'replacement' 15m network cable. I meticulously measured it, just to make sure! Just OVER 15m I reckon. . set about actually 'installing' it between near the TV in the living room and the PC/radio room. That meant firstly 'opening-up' the stud wall in the PC room by dropping a socket box back out, to enable me to drill with a VERY long and fat drill bit, a new hole inside the wall to beneath the floor, through which I could thread the network cable plug end. That was the really awkward bit. With that done, it was then 'just' a matter of getting under the living room floor and feeding the cable up into the living room via conduit to one of the socket boxes in the bay behind the TV, and then feeding the other end all the way up the length of conduit I recently put in the living room wall up to under the floor of the PC room. I was then ultimately able to feed it up through the stud wall to appear through the open double socket box where all my aerial leads etc emerge above the desk top. I 'just' had time to connect the PC via the new cable to the router in the living room and confirm everything was working ok, before Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc for a couple of hours. . . as soon as Mum had gone, I did a bit of further testing with the PC and radios that all was well, before then messing around with the long since not fit for purpose TV aerial lead I had coming into the PC room. Actually ended up having to lift a couple more floorboards right across the landing to enable me to 'withdraw' the existing tortuously routed and VERY long cable all the way down to under the living room floor, before then feeding it back up to the PC room through the same 'hidden in the wall' conduit I just put the network cable through. A MUCH neater, shorter and more direct route up from my four way TV antenna amplifier which lives behind the TV unit, which has proven to be the best way for me to feed the TV points in the living room, kitchen and NOW the PC room. Popped into the attic and withdrew the cable coming down from the 'spare' TV antenna I'd experimented with in the attic (which had proven to be not much use). Ultimately finished everything off, got the floorboards etc all screwed back down, and then re-soldered a UHF plug on the end of the PC room TV aerial lead before firing up the old CRT portable TV and freeview box for the first time in ages. . took me ages more to figure out how the hell to find and tune in all the available channels on that Humax freeview box, but eventually I got there by being forced in desperation to reset to default settings! . . right then - time to 'de-clutter' the PC setup. At LAST I can now finally put in the back of a cupboard my old, OLD dial-up modem AND now the USB broadband dial up modem and all associated cables and power supplies etc. . . PCd monitoring radios and watching TV etc as the wind and rain showers continued. Now I've finally gotten round to committing to using that TV aerial amplifier/splitter in the living room, and as a result have a full signal in the PC room, I'm really itching to get rid of that old heavy bulky CRT portable (the one in the kitchen too!), and get myself a nice new small flat panel LCD TV (or two)!!! Hmmmm - maybe I SHOULD 'treat myself' - and get one with a built in DVD player too? Hmmmm? Oh dear - s! . .ended up monitoring radios from 5pm onwards for quite a while, after hearing first Portland coastguard and then helicopter Rescue 106, both calling a blue hulled sloop called something like 'Shequell' (?) but getting no response for ages. It eventually became apparant I'd missed earlier comms (outside of my receive range) and that perhaps a mayday had gone out from it. Torbay lifeboat was soon answering the shout and heading out to sea. The helicopter heading for the vessel's last reported position out in Lyme Bay, pretty quickly found it, and I think made radio contact. It then also conned the Torbay lifeboat (with a doctor crewman onboard) onto it. To cut a long story short, it appeared from the little snippets I could hear, that a crewmember had suffered a nasty hand injury. The casualty was lifted from the vessel onto the rescue helicopter at around 17:55 (BST), approximately 30km eastnorth east of Torquay. Around that time, comms between the helicopter and coastguard were trying to sort out which hospital the casualty should be taken to. It was originaly intended to be Dorchester, but then it was determined "the casualty requires plastic surgery to save the finger" so Dorchester wasn't appropriate! At 18:05 it was confirmed they'd have to transport the 'walking wounded' casualty to Derriford. . 'Watching' developments on the AIS website as I had been, it then soon became apparant the helicopter which had been displaying as traveling at around 6knots while the lift was made, was now en-route to Derriford across Lyme Bay - at speed! 130knots according to the AIS site. There is of course something of a delay on the AIS website information. It was still showing the helicopter out over Lyme Bay when at around 18:29hrs, I actually HEARD it going loudly QUICKLY overheadish! . . . skipped the walk of course. . TVd . . . ate spam sandwiches, two small bags of crisps, two bananas, biscuits and a little chocolate . . .almost fell asleep in the chair yet again, so very suddenly to bed around midnight.
25 - Up around 8:45am. 16C in, 12C out, sunny spells but mostly cloud again. . . walked BGdns . . . bit the bullet and started having a serious look at the landing ceiling above the top of my stairs etc. All the other ceilings throughout the whole house have been artexed or plastered or painted ? with a stipple type finish - but NOT that one! That one had been covered in ugly wood-chip wallpaper - and plenty of bits of that wallpaper were not properly stuck to the underlying surface, with even edges and corners peeling off and hanging down in places!! It looked AWFUL! . . I had hoped to be able to save me lots of work and maybe just get some glue under the bits that weren't properly stuck and then just get a fresh coat of paint on it all, but on closer examination, that just wasn't going to be possible. Bits of the underlying ceiling were coming away!! Ugggh. :o( . . spent painful hours atop a step ladder slowly oh SO slowly damping and eventually scraping off the painted woodchip wall paper from the ceiling - together with a good few sizable areas of the ceiling plaster - or whatever that thin layer of fragile old stuff is!!! . . at some point early afternoon the postman delivered the car wiper blades I'd ordered, together with the replacement 15m network cable the e-bay company had relatively painlessly said they would send me to correct their mistake. I get to keep the 2.5m one they sent in error, so I guess I shouldn't complain - although the cable they're both made of IS obviously VERY cheap stuff! . up to my eyeballs in bits of wet woodchip wallpaper and ceiling debris trodden all over the house, I left opening both packages until some other time! . . at length, I managed to get all the woodchip paper off the ceiling. That ceiling is NOT in good shape!! Plenty of patches will now require filling and smoothing - but worst of all, there is a huge ugly crack going right across it, with plenty of bits of the ceiling flaking off and missing all along its length!! Dunno what I'm gonna be able to do about all that?! No matter what I may try to do or how much work and effort I may put into it, that crack is BOUND to reappear! :o( I may end up just applying some filler, a covering of lining paper and paint, and live with it as is! We'll see - I'm in no hurry to go through the hell of sorting all that out! :o( . . clearing up the enormous mess all over the landing, down the stairs and throughout the hallway (and trodden around through much of the living room and kitchen) took AGES! :o(. . . showered . . quickly oven heated and ate five chicken drumsticks with four pieces of bread and butter followed by a buttered hot cross bun. I dared to let Bella have all the bones again . . DF called in with biscuits for chats and coffees until around 10pm . . .ate the last buttered hot cross bun as rain poured with a strong wind. .to bed before midnight. Gusts up around 60mph during the night.
24 - Up around 8am headachey. 16C in, 11C out, mostly overcast grey. . . walked BGdns as things brightened to hints of sunny spells. I have a whole new habit when walking down there now. Climbing onto the rocks looking for a greeny dingy to suddenly magically re-appear! lol . . . PCd and surfed looking at mostly e-liquids and the like on e-bay. That strawberry flavoured stuff I ended up buying (expensive) locally, I can't wait to be done with. It's not to my taste at all. I'm much happier with just the tobacco flavour. I don't think I'm liable to experiment with any of the other flavours which are out there. The choice of flavours is mindboggling and overwhelming (and who knows - some 'could' be nice?) , but it means buying a whole potful just to be able to try them, and if like me with this strawberry flavour you find you don't particularly like it, either you've wasted your money, or your stuck using it up for ages. I AM also now keen to buy some which has a zero nicotine content - so I can switch between the two and 'maybe' gradually attempt to reduce my actual addiction. The 'confusion' and disorientation I feel when I wake first thing in the morning with nicotine withdrawl etc, IS crucially 'adequately' 'smoothed-out' somewhat by plenty of vaping using 18mg nicotine content. So - what I'm thinking is I should be vaping on ZERO nicotine for as long as I can go, and only vaping WITH the nicotine when I really start climbing the walls and going carzy. My habit of 'chain smoking' at the PC in particular, has now turned into 'chain-vaping' - so that in particular is a time when I really should be trying to vape with zero nicotine methinks, because that surely has nothing to do with the actual blood/nicotine level and my 'functionality', and is more likely to do with some other part of my addiction? Blah blah blah - anyway - I AM gonna shortly be sending off s for more e-liquid I think! How long has it been now? - a couple of weeks - and only allowing myself a handful of real smokes during all that time? Although I'm using two different flavoured pots of the e-liquid at the same time, overall, I've probably gotten through only a single pot so far. The saving in the cost of tobacco, theoretically really has very nearly paid for all the e-cigarettes expenditure ALREADY! Who'd have imagined. . . ended up messing around with the living room window again, and ultimately, at length, slightly modified so it went in place better, and then re-fitted the piece of trim I'd removed the other day. Managed to just 'glue' it back in place on the wall/reveal and hard-up against the frame, using that 'The Works' sealant/adhesive stuff I bought to stick the antenna insulator back on the roof ridge-tile when it became dislodged. The fact that the insulator after all those storms is STILL on the roof, when just 'stuck on' with that stuff, amazes me, and HAS rather made me a fan of the stuff. I think the guy in the builders yard WAS right, when he suggested that it'd hold pretty much anything! Anyway - apart from a solidified plug in the end, that almost full, carefully wrapped in plastic tube, was thankfully still fully useable, and made light work of the sticking the trim back in place over all the filler I put in the gap etc. Ultimately for purely cosmetic reasons it'll need some white silicon beeding adding at some point in the future (especially since the window fitters didn't cut it to size/fit as accurately as they should), but it's certainly better than it was, and DEFINITELY draughtproof in at least that one area now. . . mowed and strimmed both lawns, and then on my hands and knees using mums pointy trowel, dug out more of the weeds from the front one - leaving unsightly bare earth patches, uneveness and holes all over the place! There are SO many of those spreading weeds, I think I'm gonna have to aim to dig them out bit by bit, each time I have to mow the lawn. Ultimately I'm gonna have to come up with some earth to try to fill some of the uneveness and holes, and even drop in some grass seed!! Load of time-consuming nonsense! . . . ate a couple of buttered hot cross buns . . . walked BGdns with a coffee . . .vacuumed . . TVd . . . ate a large bag of crisps with some chunks of cheese and most of a tin of spam on its own, followed by a banana, some chocolate, and finally another two buttered hot cross buns . . to bed around 1:30am again.
23 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up after 9am! 16C in, 10C out, rain and wind . . . walked real late in waterproofs only to end up overheating and overdressed as the weather improved to some sunny spells. . I was just heading down through the upper part of the gardens, when one of the usual dog walkers called out to me. She seemed keen to let me know that the green 'tender' dingy was floating adrift and on the rocks again! What?! Headed straight down the paths and onto the rocks to have a look, and sure enough, there it was, 'almost' in the same position it'd been the other day, although this time a bit further along and definitely out of reach. Well - what utter F***ING idiot did that yesterday then? What pointless stupidity! That must have taken some idot kids/yobs quite some effort to remove it from where it was wedged, drag it down over all the rocks, and dump it back in and set it adrift again like that. For what? Oooh - makes me SO angry. Could easily have resulted in people making phone calls and harbour boats and coastguard troops all being deployed for nothing again! . stopped and watched it for a while, to see if it was liable to drift within reach, but there was precious little in the way of waves, and it was pretty much just staying where it was, occasionaly bouncing off the rocks, so there really was nothing to be done about it. . Image of Bella, drifting boat and sealretreated back to our usual seat and played ball for a bit, before then ending up sat on the rocks in the sun for quite a while, just watching the boat infuriatingly bobbing around and going nowhere. Actually quite nice sitting there in the sun for a while having a vape, albeit a bit too hot in all my waterproofs. It also soon became apparant that we were not alone. A seal was just hanging around right nearby, and actually seemed to be inquisitively keeping watch on the boat aswell - and also occasionaly rearing up out of the water to have a good look at Bella and I! It even submerged and reappeared closer to us at one point. I thought me drawing her attention to it and winding her up and Bella barking at it had scared it off, but it soon reappeared back near the boat and continued to just hang around by it for ages. . after a while, voices in the distance drew my attention to a flotilla of canoeists all apparantly out on a paddle around the harbour. As they eventually came closer, I waived and shouted to attract their attention, and eventually called out asking if they could maybe grab the drifting boat. A woman struggled with it for a bit, before then with a minor bit of a helping nudge from a guy's canoe, eventually managed to drag it over to the waters edge of the sloping rocks on which I was stood. Damn - it was heavy and awkward! It was a bit dangerous doing it single handed like that, but at length, I managed to drag it right up the rocks and well away from the high water mark. Had to do it in a couple of stages and take a breather in between. VERY awkward. In all my wet weather gear and multiple layers, and in the sun, I ended up overheating badly and ringing with sweat! Nevertheless, I was absolutely determined to attempt to put it back where the coastguard guys had left it, if I possibly could. Trouble was, the last few feet of steep uneven rocks, which I didn't think I was going to be capable of managing, and which ran the real risk of having the thing fall all the way back down - and me with it if I wasn't careful!! As luck would have it, I then spotted two couples of what I presume were holiday-makers, sitting on one of the nearby seats enjoying the sun and view. I quickly explained what was going on and managed to rope in the two elderly guys to help with the final lift up over those rocks, and then the propping-up of the thing next to the yacht hut, exactly like the coastguard guys had done the other day. Yayyyy. All back as it was. :o) Although - all back ready for some brainless yobs to undo it all over AGAIN of course!! . . by this stage - wow - was I overheating - and actually feeling a bit unwell from all the unexpected exertion. Played ball for a bit to recover before eventually heading up to one of the higher seats to sit in the shade and recover some more - at length. I'd really overdone it! . . .back via the store for a few supplies. . . arrived home to find the network cable I'd ordered had been delivered by the postman - or NOT! It was obvious at a glance without even opening it, it wasn't what I'd ordered. I'd ordered and paid for a 15m cable - I received a 2.5m cable. There we go YET again then. Why is it EVER thus for me?! More pointless aggravation to have to sort out. :o( . . . PCd and briefly started a 'item not as ordered' case on e-bay. . phoned and actually got straight through to the local coastguard station, and let them know about the green boat all floating free again etc, and kinda tried to suggest they may wish to make arrangements for it to be moved, lest kids or yobs should inevitably end up putting it back in the water - AGAIN. . I was monitoring radios whilst doing all this of course. At 12:30pm, the Sidmouth ILB with rescue helicopter 106 in attendance was in the process of attempting to recover the body of a male who had 'fallen' from cliffs on the east side of Sidmouth. By 12:43pm the bagged body and all the crew were back onboard the Sidmouth lifeboat and were returning to Clifton Beach to rendezvous with police etc. The helicopter was stood down and returned to Portland. :o( . . . PCd this at length again. . . . ate chicken slice sandwiches, crisps, banana and a little chocolate . . napped until the 7pm alarm. Difficulty waking and up nearer 7:30pm . . . walked Bgdns with a coffee. Well - the little plastic tender boat is NOT where I put it this morning and appears to be gone. I did walk down onto the rocks and have a good look about, just in case it was drifting nearby again, but I couldn't see any sign of it. I wonder if my phone call to the coastguard had the desired effect, or if it's been thrown back in or just 'looted' by someone? Whichever - I'll never know of course - lets just hope that's the last we see of it. . played ball and sat around until after sundown before ending up on the higher seat until well after dark, drinking coffee, vaping, and watching the star filled sky between many scudding clouds. Shame about the clouds - a perfect time of the day to be seeing things orbiting. In spite of the clouds, and just keeping watch on the little bit of sky in the vicinity of 'the plough' or big dipper or whatever it's called, I spotted at least eight orbitting objects in the space of only around fifteen minutes or so. . eventually back home by around 10:15pm. .Oh my god - I really AM going dangerously senile!!!!!! On entering the house in the dark, a barely visible 'light' in the living room informed me I'd left the living-room gas fire on, on its lowest setting!! That must have been on since last night!!!!!!!! I had no idea! Jeeze - never mind the danger - how much has that just cost me?! :o( The fact I didn't even realise it was on, just goes to show how little it warms the place up! Dear oh dear oh dear - I really am starting to lose the plot aren't I! I'm gonna have to become deliberately 'OCD' about checking THAT now aren't I - just like I have deliberately already made myself whenever I use the gas hob. :o(. . .TVd/PCd . . . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate two quarter pound cheeseburgers with chips . . . to bed around 1:30am.
22 - Up around 7:30am. 15C in, 10C out, overcast grey . . . walked Bgdns and sat and played ball and drank my coffee for ages in occasional sunny spells. Very pleasant and calm, with little wind. The waters of the bay were like a millpond. Chatted briefly to some old guy walking his dogs who mentioned there had been a fire out along towards Berry Head earlier!! According to what he said, somewhere around 7:30am three fire engines had gone racing out there to attend. Given it was by now approaching 9:30am, it didn't even occur to me to leave our seat and start trying to see if there was anything to be seen in that direction. . eventually got up to start heading home and briefly walked down to the yacht hut to see if that green plastic 'tender' boat was still propped up there from the other day. It was. Purely by chance I then happened to glance across the harbour in the direction of Berry Head and - oh wow - there was STILL plenty of smoke in the air rising up from where the fire had presumably been! Oh dear - looks as though it'd been a 'proper' house fire!!!!!Image of a distant view of damping down after a house fire on Berry Head Road, Brixham Pulled the camcorder out of my pocket, held it against the back of one of the seats in an attempt to keep it still, and then zoomed-in, pretty much near maximum to have a closer look. Difficult to tell from so far away and from that perspective, but it looked as though it was one of the exclusive/expensive houses which are largely hidden from view behind high stone walls and gates, on the short stretch of road immediately leading up to the enormous Berry Head hotel. In the picture inset here (which also shows how good the 70x optical zoom is on my old 'low res' camcorder, and why I still always carry it), the buildings bordering the open air Shoalstone swimming pool adjacent to the car park above, are at the bottom of the frame. A fire engine and either an ambulance or a mobile fire command and control vehicle was also parked-up in that car park. The building on the left next to the little block of roofed seats is the public toilets (which I briefly stopped at when returning from doing that long walk the other day). The Berry Head hotel looms imposingly over the scene in the background. Slightly further down the road from the car park, a fireman up a ladder with a hose can just be made out still damping down. Impossible to really tell from such a distance, but it DID look as though whichever expensive property had been alight, was SERIOUSLY damaged, and quite likely a TOTAL loss!! :o( Gonna have to trawl Youtube and keep an eye on the local news sites to see what the story is. Someone MUST have videod it on their phone, surely? . . . PCd this at length ('vaping' lots!). Had to rush out and move the now wetter again dog-duvet, under cover of the carport, when showers arrived initially unnoticed around midday . . . aha - there we go then - a Herald Express news artical with videos , re the fire on Berry Head Road. When I was in BGdns and talking about it with other dog walkers earlier, 'T' had suggested it 'may' be the house (or very near) of 'Terry Dart' - the guy who owns the town's electrical store in the high street. (http://www.terrydart.co.uk/) . What IS it about people living on that road? Second devastating house fire along there that 'I' know about in the relatively short time since I've lived here!??. . .ate ham, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps and a couple of buttered hot cross buns . . . napped until around 6:15pm . .TVd and made a point of watching the local BBC news. No mention of the fire of course. Very rare for Brixham to ever make the local news, no matter what happens! Messed around with my one-cup coffee flask whilst watching the news. I hadn't realised until recently, that the INSIDE of that metal flask was actually painted black like the outside. Unlike the outside, the paint on the inside was all wearing away and flaking off! I must have drunk a load of it!!!!! I 'think' the thing is made of stainless steel, so I can't imagine why they would have painted the inside like that. Did my best at removing most of the remaining paint with some abrasive paper. Doesn't seem to have made it taste metalic, so no need to have to try to order a new one just yet. . . walked BGdns with a coffee. Oh wow - it looks as though the green 'tender' boat has finally disappeared from where it was propped up against the yacht hut by the coastguards, and has presumably been taken by its owner. Played ball and 'vaped' and sat around watching the rabbits etc until around dark . . . TVd . guitarred a little . . touched base with BB at length . . . ate four buttered hot cross buns and bowls of rice krispies . . TVd until to bed around 3:30am.
21 - Woken around 6:15am by a weird noise I couldn't make sense of. Turned out I'd left the thermostatically controlled electric fan heater on in the PC room! Damn - that'll have cost me a bit in electric! . Snoozed on then back up around 9:45am. 15C in, 10C out, cloudy grey and breezy. . .walked BGdns real late as the weather gradually brightened somewhat. . . did laundry and got it all out onto the rotary clothes line . . .put the old immersion heater on for a while to heat up some water, and then set about attempting to wash one of the old single duvets I used to have as a bed for Bella in the back of the car. It's been laying around in the garage unused for ages. Figured I'd attempt to wash some of the appalling amounts of mud off it, and then maybe find a cover of some sort, and put it folded up on the floor beneath the desk in the computer room where Bella always lays these days when I am PCing/radioing etc (so I can keep an eye on her and stop her scratching, etc!). I don't think she really cares, but it can't be particularly comfortable for her, just laying on the bare boards for so many hours. . filled the bath with a few inches of warm water, added some washing powder, and then put the duvet in to soak for a while. Eventually stripped off my trousers and socks, and then walked up and down on the duvet in the bath for ages, 'treading grapes' stylee! lolol Repeated that entire process a couple of times. Despite the enormous amount of mud which came out in the water, it was NOT particularly successfull. That duvet has been SO saturated in mud from wet dog(s), that it appears that no amount of cleaning will now remove the disgusting permanent staining! To be honest - I don't really care too much about that. I was rather more concerned with attempting to make sure that no fleas or suchlike were going to be introduced from the garage to the house. . eventually called it quits, and hung the soaking wet and still filthy looking duvet out on the pergola to start drying a bit in the by now mostly sunny spells. . . sat in the garden for quite a while, and even with the guitar for a bit . . . walked BGdns a bit early and sat around in the sun. In the full sun, and in shelter from the wind, it was VERY pleasantly warm there for a bit . . . brought still damp laundry back in, and then draped the still soaking/dripping duvet over the rotary clothes line. Bit embarassing that I felt. It's SO disgustingly filthy and stained - I do hope the neighbours don't think it's what I use on my bed!!!! lololol Left it out there overnight. . . . drank a glass of red wine . . cooked up two small garlic butter chicken kievs with mixed veg and boiled and fried potato chunks, all in melted butter. Ate big, eventually followed by the other half of the Mum donated cherry and almond sponge cake thing . . TVd nothing, struggling not to fall asleep in the chair. . .to bed just before 11pm!
20 - Up around 8am. 15C in, 7C out, cold grey and windy. . .walked BGdns in light nylon waterproofs, even though it wasn't raining to start with. Good move - shortly after sitting on the lower seat to play ball for a bit, it started raining. A big swell on the waters of the bay, with the biting cold wind gusting up around 40mph+ and plenty of breaking waves on the rocks etc. Comms on the scanner suggested it was all too much for the ferry companies, and they appeared to cancel operations for the day. The Fairmile on it's mooring at the entrance to the outer harbour was being thrown around all over the place, threatening damage to equipment onboard, and it was eventually moved to better shelter in the inner harbour. The green plastic tender from yesterday was still propped up by the yacht hut, as yet 'unclaimed'. .the strong wind meant there was little shelter from the blown rain, even on the seats under the roof, so we didn't hang around and pretty soon headed home. . . Wow - I'm all stiff and achey after yesterday's walk! Recovered from the walk with a coffee and annadin tablet . . . PCd, aimlessly surfing e-bay and the like for a bit . . . PCd this at length, 'vaping' LOTS thoughout, as rain fell for much of the day! . . . ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, crisps, banana and biscuits. . . napped and had difficulty waking. Back up long after 7pm. . . TVd/PCd the night away . . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches, two bags of crisps, and half a cherry and almond sponge loaf in the early hours. . . eventually to bed well past 4am!
19 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8am. 16C in, 8C out, some sunny breaks but mostly threatening cloud to start with . . . woke at the PC as usual as the cloud mostly drifted away and turned to sunny. . . walked BGdns. Wow - that sunny was deceptive. Blowing a really cold Easterly breeze gusting up to around 28mph. Just as I was entering BGdns and put my scanner on, a vessel was reporting a dingy adrift and up against the rocks - just off Battery Gardens! That hastened my pace. Headed straight down past our usual lower ball-playing seat and onto the rocks near the yacht club hut to have a look. Bizarrely I couldn't see a thing. Actually walked around a bit of the coast path trying to see whatever it was that had been reported, but I just couldn't find anything. Ended up back on the seat playing ball briefly before I realised one of the harbour boats had come out and was just off the rocks and informing the harbour office that the dingy was so close into the rocks, there was no way they could get a line on to recover it. Huh? Stopped playing ball and headed back down to the rocks, and this time actually climbed down just a little. Aha - THERE it is - where I'd thought it would be! I'd missed it before because it was in SO close under the cliff, and washing hard up against the rocks with the heavy swell. A single piece of moulded plastic, it was clearly a 'tender' from some vessel or other, and since it had a pair of oars neatly stowed in their plastic mouldings, had most likely just come adrift from somewhere in the wind and heavy swell. Image of a drifting dingy and coastguard recovery off Battery Gardens BrixhamThe BerryHead Coastguard Response Team were being mobilised to attend to assess the situation (and at least attempt to establish if it had a name identifying which vessel it may have come adrift from, etc.). Figured I'd 'stooge' around for a bit. I DID of course have a strong desire to attempt to capture it if at all possible, but it had no lines attached to maybe get hold of, and I soon judged that the swell and waves breaking over the slippery rocks were FAR too dangerous for me to make ANY attempt. Whilst hanging around watching the dingy frustratingly 'marking position' just out of reach, the Torbay lifeboat exited the harbour and headed off on a shout to a vessel in diffculty just outside Dartmouth. Pretty soon the CRTs arrived. It actually suprised me that they didn't have some sort of grappling hook and rope type deal with them for such occasions - although I guess in reality, such a thing would seldom be of use, and would probably be more of a danger than a help perhaps? The three guys stood on the rocks assessing things for a while. Incredibly just then, the dingy ended up drifting towards them, and in an amazingly skillful and swift movement, one of the CRT guys suddenly just took a couple of steps down onto the wet rocks and casually reached out and managed to get a hand on it, before the next bit of swell and waves even got his feet wet! Wow - nicely done! In no time at all they emptied out some of the water, and then carried it up the rocks to well away from the high water line. There was no identifying name anywhere on the thing, although there was a code number on some harbour sticker or other, which they relayed back to the coastguard for them to attempt to trace the owner. If they DO trace the owner, he's gonna have a bit of a job getting his boat back - they just left it safely stowed on its side and held in place by some metalwork and guy wires, up against the yacht club hut at the top of the rocks!! That's a LONG steep walk up to the road!!! . .played ball a bit before then heading back up and sitting in the sun on the higher seat for a bit with hat and gloves on, warming up a little. Typical of when it's an Easterly, there was really quite a swell on out in the bay. Ferry passengers are gonna be cold and have a 'boisterous' ride today! . . . PCd this until Mum arrived with the papers and food donations for chats . .the postman delivered the latest electronic cigarette I'd ordered. Turns out it has a slightly smaller battery than the other one, but otherwise is pretty much identical, so no complaints given the price and how I intend to use it. Messed around charging e-cig batteries and filling them all up whilst chatting to mum. . . the forecast for tomorrow is a deterioration in the weather, and typically not so good for the bank holiday easter Monday either. Felt obliged to try and force myself to do at least 'something' with the day, and not waste the good weather. Maybe a long walk would give me a kick up the ass and help 'push back' my recent down mood. Ummd and ahhd for ages trying to muster the energy - which I definitely don't ever seem to have these days. . Ate a banana whilst gathering up cameras and scanner, making a coffee for my flask, filling a bottle of water for Bella, and then filling my bodywarmer and coat pockets with all manner of 'stuff' - including half a packet of chocolate biscuits as a rare treat to go with my coffee out somewhere! That wind had been real chilly this morning, so I eventually set off a little before 4pm, in the full sun in multiple layers, with even my wooly hat and gloves in pockets. Figured we'd do the long circular walk we've done before - across town and up over the Southdown Hill and down to the beach at Mansands, and then follow the coastal path 'anti-clockwise' all the way back to Berry Head, and then all the way back down and along to the breakwater, harbour, through town and home. . in all my layers and in the full sun and shelter from the wind amongst all the houses crossing town, I was of course pretty immediately overheating (as I'd expected). If you look at a map, as the crow flies, the walk across to Mandsands doesn't look far at all, but it's all the hills which make it a VERY arduous walk. The first thing I do when leaving home and heading in that direction is to drop down the valley to cross the main road into town, which isn't far off sea level. It's then start climbing up the other side of the valley across town towards St Marys. That's steep and hard enough in itself, but that's nothing to how steep the road gets as you leave most of the houses behind and actually climb up over the Southdown Hill. As far as I can tell from Google maps, it's gotta be in the region of 360feet above sea level - and it gets that high in a VERY short distance. Suffice it to say, it's HARD and painful to do - which is why I don't (can't!) do it very often! Such a shame, because it would be such a cool place to walk Bella more often. So near but so far. :o( . .gasping for breath half way up the hill, I spotted a 2p coin in the dirt of the gutter. Stopped to pick it up, and ended up finding four coins totalling 34p. lol . . one of the good things about that hill of course, is how good the radio reception is up there. The scanner was all full of comms as lots of the coastguard troops and the inshore lifeboat were apparantly searching the beaches and coastline all along from Torquay, looking for a possible suicidal female. I couldn't help but wonder just exactly what it was they were actually looking for? Given the sunny weather, bank holiday weekend, and all manner of people liable to be out and about doing who knows what on beaches, rocks and coastlines all over the place, how on earth is anyone gonna readily spot someone thinking of 'doing the deed'? I guess they have to show willing, but - well - it all seemed rather futile to me?! . . eventually crested the hill (oh thank god!) and then started dropping down the other side and was soon leaving the Southdown Road behind and following the rough Mansands Lane footpath all the way down to the spectacular beach. I'd made a point of keeping an eye on my watch, and we incredibly reached the beach in only around thirty to forty minutes from my front door! Image of Bella on Mansands beach, DevonSO close - and yet SUCH hard going - such a shame I can't do that every day! . as is so often the case, despite the beautiful sunny day, there were VERY few people down there. Perhaps only a dozen in total across the whole long stretch of beach and rocks. It was however blowing a VERY cold wind straight in off the sea. I WAS right to have worn all my layers, no matter how absurd it may have looked when walking across town all sweating in the sun. . played ball with Bella for a bit, and then sat around on some of the big pebbles at the top of the beach (having a 'vape'), just enjoying the spectacular change of scenery for a change. Boy was that wind cold! . eventually bit the bullet and started the horrendous climb up the mountain-like hill rising steeply up from the beach in the direction of, ultimately, Berry Head. Boy am I getting old and knackered. I think I ended up having to stop at least three or four times during that climb, to give myself a breather and ease the pain from my aching legs and back, although the view back down made stopping obligatory anyway really. Truly breathtaking scenery from up there, with the beautiful seemingly 'soft' rolling green Devon hills stretching off into the distance in one direction, and the open sea dotted with occasional vessels en-passage in the other. Image of Bella on the hill above Mansands beach, DevonImpossible to resist trying to capture at least a flavour of it with the camera, but no matter how you try, the resulting photos NEVER do the scene justice. In the panoramic I've included here, it may be 'just' possible to spot a bit of a white blurr out at sea on the horizon above the peninsula of rocks? That was the enormous Panama registered 'Helsinki Bridge' container ship, actually heading in towards Brixham to rendezvous with the pilot boat a couple of miles off Berry Head and drop off the pilot. Image of Bella and Berry Head in the distanceFor most of my walk, that was a looming/shadowing presence to my right - ultimately overtaking me. Amazing how just a few brambles and bits of undergrowth at the cliff edge could act so effectively as a windbreak. Back to overheating and sweating as we carried on, all along the South West coastal path in the full sun, enjoying the stunning scenery. The next image I've included here, if I remember correctly, was taken I think around Sharkham Point, which is somewhere around the half way mark-ish between Mansands and Berry head. It's pretty much the first point you reach along that walk that you actually finally get to see your target of Berry Head in the distance. It may be just possible to make out a white pixel or two on the top of the cliffs in the far distance. THAT is the lighthouse and nearby lookout/radio mast buildings, etc. . There WERE a few other people walking along the way, but suprisingly not very many. Most of the people that we did encounter were clustered around near all the holiday park homes etc near St Marys bay. Plenty of people down on the mostly in-shade beach still, so easy for me to decide NOT to climb down all the steep steps to the beach, and to just get away from there and keep going and push on for Berry head before intending to have a proper sit-down break and a drink, etc. . . at length, we ultimately reached the napoleonic fort and headland areas of Berry Head and then as seems almost obligatory whenever we go that way, made our way all the way out to the very end atop the cliffs by the lighthouse (the highest/shortest allegedly of course). Got there at somewhere around 6:30pm, as the 'Helsinki Bridge' having already dropped off her pilot, was heading away back out to sea towards the East and ultimately to Hamburg I think. At somewhere around this same time, comms on the scanner suggested that the EXTENSIVE coastguard and ILB search for that possible suicidal female which had been ongoing along much of the Torbay coast throughout our ENTIRE walk, had FINALLY been concluded - with nothing found I believe! Well - they can't be criticised for not trying!!! . Yayy - at last - time for a sit-down break and a drink etc. Sat on the floor with my back against the lighthouse railings, and gave Bella a drink of water from a bowl fashioned from a plastic freezer bag I had stuffed in a pocket for the purpose. Wow - she needed that drink. Pretty much got the whole bottle of water down in one go!! With Bella sorted, I then had my hip flask of coffee and my rare treat of chocolate biscuits - sharing a few of course. I really should have moved and sat elsewhere, NOT looking directly out to sea, because I had my back to the sun and with the stiff cold wind, it really was quite unpleasantly cold. Ended up with my hoodie pulled up and my fingerless gloves on, but still got frozen, so didn't hang around for long after having 'vaped' my e-cigarette for a bit! Much back and leg pain and stiffness getting back on my feet!! As soon as we were heading back along the track to the Berry Head fort guard house entrance etc, we were facing the sun again and quickly warmed up my wet-with-sweat layers. . briefly sat on a seat in the full sun 'inwardly' overlooking Torbay for a bit and having another bit of a 'vape', before then heading back down through the shaded woods and thence briefly onto the road past the busy and bustling Berry Head hotel (think I saw a bride in a wedding gown amongst the crowds sat outside enjoying the sun). . a brief stop at the public toilets near the Shoalstone open air swimming pool (closed and empty of water) and then headed along the paths and down onto and across the Breakwater beach. A couple were sat on the beach in the sun, supping wine from a couple of wine glasses. Very 'civilised' - and I remarked as such as we exchanged cheery acknowledgements in passing. . plenty of people around, but not 'too' busy, so as usual, we walked all the way back alongside the marina walkway and into the inner harbour with Bella off her lead. Eventually back straight through town, up the high street and home. Home by somewhere around 7:30pm, very sweaty, VERY achey and very tired. .there we go then. Just look at those token images from that walk. WHAT a stunningly beautiful place it is I'm living. How incredibly lucky am I to have all I have and also have that on my doorstep. And yet - despite all that - I spend most of my waking hours feeling down withall!! Makes no sense. Makes no sense at all does it! The madness of that is enough to make you feel down in itself for goodness sake!!!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :o( . . . recovered from the walk with a coffee (and vaping) in front the TV for quite a while . . drank the last glass of red wine from the box - and ultimately also had a cigarette. . . TVd nothing . . .Suprisingly not particularly hungry, but a gurgling stomach and light head demanded I have 'something'. Unfortunately yet again I just couldn't be bothered to 'do' anything, so ended up eating a large bag of cheese and onion crisps and just some slices of ham followed by a mum donated buttered hot cross bun somewhere near midnight . . .promptly fell asleep in the chair! . . to bed after managing to wake enough to do so, around 1:30am.
18 - Woke around 6am, snoozed on then cuddled with Bella for a bit before up around 7am. 16C in, 10C out, sunny. . . walked the woods. That bit of old wall which had been knocked down alongside the new development site by the holiday camp, is all being rebuilt already, so it DOES look as though knocking that down wasn't part of their plan. Amongst the trees, the bluebells are all starting to appear, but some time to go yet before they are all up and at their best. In shelter and in the sun it was real pleasant, but when the sun went in behind the occasional clouds, the north easterly breeze coming straight in off the water was really quite unpleasantly cold. . a bit of ball play and sitting in BGdns before heading home . . PCd a bit of this - after having spent an absurd amount of time trying to clean my appallingly filthy and dust layered keyboard a bit with a paint brush, some soapy water and cloths and tissues, etc. . couldn't knuckle down to typing this and ended up wiping up bits of dust and then pottering around acheiving nothing. Popped out into the garage at one point and saw the daughter of the neighbour hanging out washing - which gave me the opportunity to ask if I could maybe have a look at something they were throwing away, which I'd noticed dumped out in their front garden with other junk. It was 'something' material, but the reason it'd caught my eye was because of the colour (which I am ALWAYS on the lookout for in charity shops etc). Whatever it was pretty much matched my living room curtains, cushions etc. I don't necessarily have any immediate use for anything like that, but I 'could' perhaps use some matching-ish material to maybe sometime recover my old footstool or similar? Anyway - it turned out to be a pair of old curtains, with the bottoms sadly roughly cut off. Too close a colour match and too much useable material to ignore, so I bagged it 'just in case' it'll come in useful!! . . PCd this, miserable, 'vaping' lots, and really VERY much wanting a proper smoke! :o( . . popped up to the car a couple of times to check on the type of wiper blades it has. If I AM gonna think about maybe trying to put the car back on the road for a while, at the VERY least, it's gonna need new wiper blades all round to have any chance of getting through an MOT. Went back on-line and eventually ordered three replacement wiper blades for 13.33 inc postage. Also finally got round to ordering a 15m network cable for 3.64, for eventually maybe coming up with a more permanent arrangement for hooking the PC and TV up to the router. . when popping up to the car earlier, I noticed that the new fence-post timber uprights are all showing signs of splitting down the middle, where they are bolted to the round posts and under added pressure because they aren't in-line, so that's all gonna need to be revisted in the near future! FFS! Also - the filler I just put up alongside the living room window has all seperated from the reveal and cracked badly, so like it or not, I am gonna have to attempt to replace the trim I removed!! Jeeze - feels as though everything I do is doomed to failure and just a complete waste of time even trying! :o( . . . ended up being a VERY bad day 'mood' wise. 'Bottomed-out' really badly. Plenty strong 'S ideation'. :o( . . . sat around/TVd . . ate biscuits . . smoked tobacco. . TVd . . . ate a four egg cheese, ham and onion omlette with four pieces of bread and butter around midnight. . . to bed around 1:30am.
17 - Up around 7am. 15C in, 7C out, sunny. . walked FGn and sat around in the warm sun for quite a while . . . did the big mountain of dish washing chores for hours. . . started the car up and ran it for a while, just to make sure it still did. I AM starting to wonder if whilst it is still maybe able, I should burn some of my savings and try to put the car back on the road for as long as it may last? Would you believe it - whilst messing around with and gently poking at this and that on the car, the window mechanism in the rear passenger-side door finally fell apart - allowing the window to fully open and not be able to be closed and wound back up again!!! FFS!! When I bought the thing, the guy had told me he'd replaced the right hand one, and he'd given me some bag of parts to allegedly enable the left hand one to be done. With the window now stuck open, I had NO choice but to suddenly dig out that bag of parts and then attempt to dismantle the door!!!! (and all blind - without any sort of a Haynes manual etc) . THAT took F***ing hours and oh boy, did I end up in a foul, FOUL mood!! :o( Nothing is made to be 'repaired' these days is it! How exactly the window winder and door opening handles are SUPPOSED to be removed to allow removal of the inside door trim panel, is completely beyond me. I strongly suspect their removal was never considered. Whoever it was who'd done the same job on the right hand rear door, had obviously encountered exactly the same problem - and had caused a similar amount of damage on that side to what I ultimately did - although I actually ALSO damaged and snapped a piece off the plastic door opening handle plate!!!! . ultimately I revealed the COMPLETELY rusted away window winder guide plate that is supposed to grip the bottom of the glass. TOTALLY rusted away - but the rubber appeared salvageable and I DID have that part in the plastic bag I'd been given when I bought the thing! . replacing and refitting the thing shouldn't have been 'too' difficult - but it turned out to be infuriatingly so. I tried and tried and tried again, using washing up liquid and all manner of levers etc, but I just could NOT get the glass to fit back into its rubber seal and into the 'grip' of the new part. That stupid stupid battle went on for ages - and I really did reach and pass the point where I would happily have just made a phone call and had the whole damned thing taken away for scrap! :o( . . somehow, with much brute force and swearing, at some point I managed to get the thing seated and sufficiently working for me to be able to wind up and close the window. WHAT a waste of a f***ing day!! . eventually refitted everything, only to then realise I'd forgotten to replace the big plastic sheet (water/sound proof?) which covered the inside of the door behind the interior trim panel. No way was I gonna attempt to undo all that again. That bit went straight in the bin! . in a foul foul mood withall . . ate a tin of soup with four pieces of bread and butter . . . napped. Trouble waking feeling very tired. . . TVd the evening away feeling very cold even though it wasn't . . . ate corned beef, grated cheese, chopped onion and mayo sandwiches, crisps, a banana and some chocolate . . .turned the radio on late and heard the coastguard response teams and the ILB out of Teignmouth I think, out on a shout. Apparantly a group of kids were needing rescuing from 'Long Quarry', the other side of Torquay. One of them, a thirteen year old girl, was apparantly legless drunk! The Teignmouth all weather lifeboat eventually picked them all up and returned them to Torquay harbour to rendezvous with an ambulance and police around midnight! I hope the parents were given a hard time by someone. 'I' think they should be billed! . . to bed shortly after midnight.
16 - Up around 7:15am. 15C in, 10C out, sunny but with that strong chilly breeze still. . . walked BGdns and back via the store for a few supplies . . .PCd this . .surfed e-bay for a bit, dabbling with the idea of buying another battery for the e-cig. Ended up spending 5.90 (inc. postage!) on a whole nother eGo-T in its entirety instead! At that price it seemed worthwhile. It'll be nice to have one live permanently next to the PC/radios, etc - which is where I seem to need one the most. Right - I need to spend no more on any of it until things run out and or stop functioning. I've invested so much now, it'll take me a good few weeks of reduced or no tobacco smoking, for me to have paid for it all kinda!! I do NOT regret the investment at all however. If I didn't have so much tobacco (all that duty free stuff bought from P) still stockpiled in the house, although NOT easy, I reckon I could have ALREADY made the transition to just 'vaping' instead! Once that transition is made, it seems like a pretty small step to then start gradually reducing the nicotine content of the liquid and ultimately potentially end up on zero nicotine, and thence ultimately just not bother vaping at all of course. We'll see. . . ended up finally getting round to having a poke at a part of the living-room bay window. What those cowboy window fitters have done to me here is just shocking. Really surely almost criminal! I could spend the rest of my life botching fixes and trying to sort out the mess they've made of this house. :o( The short of it all is, I really need the whole lot replaced and done all over again - properly! That of course I can't afford, so I'm stuck with rubbish and a lifetime of trying to make the best of their bad job. A bit of the pathetic trim they stuck around them all, has long since seperated from the silicon up the side behind my curtain, and the wind has been blowing 'freely' through the resulting narrow gap!! If I open the back door and allow the wind to blow in, it even makes a whistling howling noise through that gap!! Clearly there is nothing between the inside and the outside other than a bit of silicon and some capping!!! It's no wonder that any heat I put into that room dissipates in minutes as soon as the fire is turned off. :o( (There IS also a noticable draughty gap around the old broken back door to the conservatory, which ensures I get a good draughty blow right through and out!! That door I can't replace until I can figure out what I can do about replacing the conservatory - because the existing rotten/leaking/falling apart conservatory has been built ontop of and across that bloody doorframe!! That broken door opens inwards, so I can't easily remove/rebuild a conservatory without having rain pouring in during the process! CATCH 22 AGAIN!!! :o( ). . carefully inserted an old butter knife behind the capping strip and relatively easily managed to tease it away from the wall and ultimately remove it altogether, without doing 'too' much damage to the bit of plasterboard 'reveal'. That exposed the 10mm or so gap all the way up between the wall and the window frame. Even just running my bare hand up alongside that gap, I could feel a lower temperature. With the backs of my hands lightly wetted, I could more accurately detect 'wind' ALL the way up! FFS!! Every window they've put in is gonna be just like that. Bastards! :o( . quickly climbed up into the attic and grabbed a big piece of fibreglass insulation, and then spent the next hour or two using a flat bladed wallpaper scraper and various other implements, to push as much of handfulls of the fibreglass into the gap as I reasonably could. Took ages. At length, I'd stopped the draft, and had the insulation sufficiently solid and pushed back into the gap enough to be able to consider how best to now proceed. Although it'll undoubtedly crack and move, I decided to actually mix up a whole bunch of filler to fill up the gap between the wall and window frame! Ultimately I could of course put the capping back in place over it all, but initially I think I'm gonna have a go at just making good with the filler (it'll need a bit more here and there) and try to make that bit of wall just smooth up to the window frame. Whatever I do, at least it isn't now letting the howling wind through like it was - and it IS of course actually entirely hidden behind the curtain anyway. Utterly soul destroying having to keep trying to make the best of SUCH a bad job! I really probably should try and remove the capping everywhere else where I reasonably can in both the living room AND bedroom, and try to do a similar botch!! :o( . I really am feeling increasingly trapped and stuck in a black hole at the moment with regard to the state of the house - and it all seems to be particularly connected to not having transport. One of the MANY things which is constantly preying on my mind of late, is the state of the front garden wall. All the natural stones along the top of that wall are in a loose and dodgy state and need re-cementing in place. Perfect weather for doing such a job of late - but I can't do it because I can't just pop up the road to the builders yard and bring back the handful of bags of sand and cement it'd take. To have it delivered would cost me 10 - which is probably all the sand and cement would cost anyway! It's infuriating being 'stuck' like this - and similarly stuck about so much else that needs doing. It's driving me crazy just watching the place fall to bits, and over and over again being stopped from doing anything about it because ultimately I can't just pop out to a DIY store or suchlike. I've even VERY seriously considered getting the car out and driving to the local builders yard for sand and cement to do that front wall - ILLEGALY! It's just SO close - and yet so far! It'd be illegaly on a public road for a total of a mere two hundred paces for goodness sake (in my frustration I HAVE counted, when walking home with Bella!!)! Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! What am I to do? What AM I supposed to do!??? :o( . . . ate corned beef, mayo, chopped onion and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps, banana and a little chocolate . . . napped until around 6:45pm. . .skipped the evening walk for no reason other than I fancied a night off from the chore! . . .TVd/guitarred a little - and treated myself to a real smoke. . . cooked and ate a four egg, chopped onion, ham and grated cheese omlette, lots of biscuits and a little chocolate . . to bed around 1:30am.
15 - Woken by a neighbour slamming their front door earlier again, snoozed-on then up around 8am. 16C in, 12C out, sun and clouds and much more of a chilly south easterly breeze today. . . walked BGdns. Picked up two carrier bags of litter and found 5p. . Back via Mums to borrow a slim pointy gardening trowel . . pottered in the front garden for a while trying to remove some of the big spreading weeds which pretty much make up almost the entire lawn. I can't understand why it's only my lawn so covered in them and everyone elses doesn't seem to have the problem. Dug out and removed a bucket load before giving up. All I seem to be succeeding in doing is making a big lumpy mess of bare earth patches all over the place - and I totally begrudge wasting so much time on it!! . . got nylon overalls on and set about painting fence paint on all the bare timber of the front garden post and rail fence I put in - good grief - two years ago now was it!!! It took a while and was a bit awkward because of the proximity of next doors hedge, but I eventually managed to paint both sides of all the timber - and because of the full sun drying it all real quick, even managed to get two coats on much of it. Used up all but a drop of a whole 5litre tub of that fence paint, on just that little bit of fence!!!! . . . defrosted, cooked and ate a pasty and chips followed by a banana and a square or two of chocolate . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . walked BGdns with a coffee and sat around until moonrise and then the space station passing over again at around 9:01pm. . .eventually back home to find an ansaphone message from Mum. Turned out she'd gone out into her garden and also watched the space station going over again! lol Dunno why, but it 'pleased me' she'd been interested enough to bother. lol :o) . . . had to charge the battery on my eGo-T electronic cigarette today. I'm still kinda learning how it all works and acts etc. It would appear that as the battery is approaching needing a charge, even though it isn't yet warning of the fact with its flashing light, it gradually delivers less and less vapour. Actually a bit of a relief that, because I'd been starting to wonder why I wasn't getting from it what I'd started to become accustomed to. So - the way I've been using it (which I 'think' may be quite sparingly - and of course I HAVE been using the other one aswell) - that's something like three days-ish use on a single charge? . . TVd . .ate biscuits and bowls of rice krispies . . to bed around 1:30am, without having smoked ANY real cigarettes today.
14 - Woken by a neighbour slamming their front door at 7:30am then up at 8am. 17C in, 12C out, sunny. . .walked FGn and sat in the full sun for a while . . .coffee in the garden to recover from the walk and then balanced my accounts all the rest of the morning. . trimmed my hair and beard etc . . .aimlessly TVd/PCd the rest of the day off . . .walked BGdns a little early. The workmen at the end of the breakwater finished work at around 7pm this evening. . . cooked and ate four quarter pound burgers in cheesey baps with grated cheese. In the middle of eating the burgers, one of my few remaining teeth (front top left) suddenly broke and fell out of my mouth - leaving much of the rotten root still in my gum I think!! :o( . . . in conversation the other day, it'd become clear that Mum had never seen the international space station passing overhead. Of course I don't think she's actually particularly interested, but since it was a beautifully clear evening again with a star filled sky and bright full moon and not a cloud in sight, I decided to walk up Mums and 'force' her to see it as it passed over at around 9:49pm. She seemed up for it and we eventually ended up sitting in her cold dark back garden waiting for it to appear in the Western sky. I was actually a bit uptight in case I'd got the wrong time or was looking in the wrong direction, but soon enough it made its appearance more or less where I'd worked out it would, and then tracked across the sky for the four visible minutes or so of it's orbit before dimming and 'going out'. Mum seemed happy enough to have finally seen it. . . straight back home, caved-in and ended up having my first and only real cigarette of the day. . TVd . . ate three Kipling viennese whirl pastry things . . .struggled to stay awake and to bed around midnight.
13 - Back up at 8:45am again. 17C in, 14C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns and sat in the sun for a bit (feeling mentally 'confused', and toking on my Tornado-T e-cig.). Plenty of sailboats all racing about, and 'warship' HMS Enterprise moored over by distant Torquay. . . back via the local newsagent to see what they had in the way of vapour flavours etc. According to the young girl behind the counter, strawberry flavour is the most popular seller. As just a regular lifelong smoker, having strawberry flavoured 'smoke' seems like a VERY weird idea to me, but I figured I'd better give it a try, so I went ahead and bought a whole new atomiser/tank/mouthpiece part for 4.99. (Actually - that IS rather expensive! Plenty cheaper on e-bay!) I chose a pink coloured one, so I'd know at a glance which one had the 'flavour' in. I then bought a strawberry flavoured 18mg nicotine pot of e-liquid to try, and two more regular tobbacco flavoured ones - all for 12. Like I've said before, it's far from cheap, but it's GOTTA be (slightly) less than just carrying on smoking tobacco like I was. Unless/until I actually commit to stopping smoking altogether (at some point - maybe!), it's actually rather difficult/impossible to attempt to work out how much it'll be costing me on a per week type, direct comparison basis. Whatever - I clearly AM now s committed to trying to carry on with the thing(s). . . Image of my e-cigarettes collection!sat in the garden with a coffee and filled up the new pink atomiser with strawberry flavoured vapour, swapped it onto the battery part of the eGo-T, and then gave it a go. Hmmmm. No - no - that doesn't really work for me at all. What a shame. Wonder why people like that flavour so much? I can't see the point in that much at all. It's not at all a strong strawberry flavour, and I think on balance I just prefer the regular tobacco flavour. It isn't 'unpleasant' however, so I WILL eventually use it all up, so thankfully money wasn't wasted. . . . PCd a bit of this, 'chainsmoking' the strawberry vapour - and trying to resist the STRONG desire for real cigarettes of course. Actually - just for the record, here's an image of my whole new electronic 'smoking' kit, I've spent all my money on of late!!!!!!! (Perhaps only a hopelessly addicted smoker can appreciate all this?) On the far left of the image is the 'Vapourlite' e-cigarette I bought from the chemist a while back, which swiftly proved to be ABSOLUTELY hopeless and a complete waste of money as far as I am concerned. Next to that is the excellent little, mostly all-black 'Tornado-T' I found up on FGn a long while ago (actually probably my favourite). Next - two unopened, one in-use, pots of Tobacco flavoured e-liquid for filling them up. One 'spare' eGo-T atomizer/tank with tobacco flavoured e-liquid in it. Next is the new eGo-T, loaded with strawberry flavour e-liquid. Finally the screw-on USB charger lead and mains adapter, which DOES appear to happily charge both. In fact - the batteries even appear to be interchangeable with the two different types of atomizer. Anyway - all a substantial 'investment' for me, and I'm sure, the importance and significance of it all is something only a hopeless 'addict' could fully understand! If you ARE a smoker looking to cut down or give up, and haven't tried these things yet - do so - do so NOW! It's mid afternoon after having wasted most of another day at the PC, and so far, although it hasn't been easy - I've managed to resist having a proper smoke! AT the PC is where I usually automatically chain-smoke the absolute most. Normally after this amount of time sat here, I'd have probably rolled and smoked upwards of twenty, easy - at least! The only drawback? - um - well I DO find myself strangely drawn to go buy and eat a pot of clotted cream and maybe watch some tennis!! lolol - just jokin'. I think I'll go have a few real cigarettes to celebrate now!!!! :o( lololololololol . . .ate two corned beef, mayo, chopped onion and grated cheese finger rolls, crisps, banana and a couple of waggon wheel chocolate biscuits. . . napped until the alarm at 7pm . . walked BGdns and sat around until after dark. A clear starry sky with a pretty much full moon. Treated to the sight of the international space station orbitting overhead and heading kinda south east just after 9pm . . . TVd briefly and 'treated' myself to my first real cigarette of the day shortly before 10pm . . PCd . . . drank a glass of red wine and cooked and ate four sausages, fried onion and chips . . . to bed around 1:30am.
12 - Up at 8:45am. 16C in, 11C out, bright but mostly cloud cover. . . walked BGdns and sat around for a bit. German registered cargo ship 'ANTJE WULFF' has been moored-in big and close in Torbay for ages of late - possibly for even several weeks, and had almost become a 'bit of the furniture'. Funny how I hardly even noticed that this morning, all of a sudden it was gone. . Sat on my favourite higher seat in the sun for a bit. Ended up getting into a conversation with some guy on a mountain bike with a south african type accent which I had quite a bit of trouble understanding. I made polite conversation as much as I could, but we had ZERO in common of course. He was all into outdoor pursuits and socialising etc, etc. Actually a bit of a shame he seemed intent on stopping to sit and have a conversation right about then. Just past him over his right shoulder I could see TWO squirrels having a go at the bird feeder food - which I found FAR more of interest than anything he had to say (about himself), and made it doubley difficult for me to have to politely take in whatever he was saying (and sadly NOT reach for my camcorder)! . . . recovered from the walk in the garden with a coffee. . dug out the old Tornado-T electronic cigarette I found up on Furzeham Green ages ago, surfed reading up on it a bit, and then dared to screw its battery into the mains adapter/USB charger I recently got with the Ego-T. I 'think' it's the same sort of charger, so worth a careful/ under constant observation go. Of course the irony is, all the while I was cleaning, charging, filling with vapour and messing around with it, I was chain-smoking my regular roll-up cigarettes! IF that 'found' Tornado-T battery charges, and the thing actually still works (without leaking etc), I'll immediately have a 'free' backup/second one to experiment with, or maybe leave in my coat pocket for when I'm out, etc, etc. Fingers crossed. . briefly PCd a bit of this whilst waiting for Mum to arrive for her usual Saturday 'proof of life' visit. . Mum called in with food donations for chats until mid afternoon. .that actually didn't give the charger quite enough time to fully charge the Tornado-T battery, but I didn't want to leave it charging unattended (just in case!), so I unplugged it, put it all back together and gave it a go whilst Mum was here. Yayy - it worked perfectly. It'd obviously once had menthol vapour in it, and the 'taste' of that was still very evident, despite me having filled it with just regular tobacco flavour. Menthol is definitely an aquired taste - which I've never really gotten into with cigarettes/tobacco. It IS possible (based on those little detectable traces) that when it comes to vapour, it 'may' be something I may wish to try. Hard to tell or be entirely objective, but that Tornado-T almost seems to maybe be better in several ways, than the new eGo-T I recently got. Seems to maybe deliver slightly more vapour for the same length of button press. It's also rather plainer and with a smaller battery, smaller overall - which makes it much more suitable for slipping in my coat pocket. Well - who'd have thought I'd be able to start using that all of a sudden, after having had it sat around untouched for so long (because I didn't know how they worked and didn't have a charger etc.). Nice one. VERY pleased. :o) . . . ate a piece of gala pie, crisps, banana and biscuits . . napped until around 6:45pm . . . walked down through town for a change and then along and up into BGdns for ball play and then sitting with coffee after dark . . .TVd . . guitarred a little . .aimlessly PCd . . . ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, crisps, three kipling viennese whirls, and lots of biscuits . . . to bed just after 4am.
11 - Up at 9:45am!! 17C in, 15C out, mostly sunny. .Image of repair works and a ferry at the end of the Brixham breakwaterwalked BGdns. Work was still going on at the end of the breakwater - but NOW, one of those concrete 'squirting' machines was out there, complete with a big long hose going down towards the water. Aha - THAT would suggest that the bags that were being dropped down there yesterday, were indeed just probably sandbags to hold 'shuttering' in place prior to today's concrete pour? Amazing. . eventually carried on down town to tour all the likely few shops, looking for other suppliers of e-cigarette stuff. A couple of places had some pots of the different flavoured vapour, but NONE had any with a higher nicotine content than the 18MG that I've already got - and which I've found isn't anywhere near enough to compensate for MY heavy addiction. Everything you can imagine IS of course available on-line - and cheaper. Having said that, I'm actually not particularly unhappy about how much I gave for everything I bought in the local newsagent. Even on e-bay I don't think the prices are 'so' different. It isn't 'cheap' using these e-cigarettes and vapours (It IS of course cheaper than buying heavily taxed tobacco), and it's nowhere near like the real thing of course, but it definitely is a superb aid to cutting down and/or giving up regular cigarette smoking - the like of which I've never encountered in my life before. I AM impressed, and a 'bit' of a 'fan' already. No wonder they so suddenly became SO popular. I DO have every intention sooner or later of throwing some more money at vapour refills and a second atomiser/tank part, to enable me to try flavours etc. A long term investment of quite a few s - because of course I'm not currently prepared to give up smoking completely. Having said that, since I've been dabbling with this latest e-cig, my tobacco consumption really has reduced quite dramatically, so sooner or later if I can keep the willpower going and carry on like this, I'll have paid for it in savings - kinda. . . mowed the front lawn and then trimmed all the way down my side of next door's damned hedge, but on their side of my post and rail fence. That's a nasty awkward job to have to keep doing! Bella was necessarily shut safely in the house while I was doing all that, and true to form, when I next saw her, she'd been in there gnawing on herself! I swear it IS a psychological/self harm type thing with her!!! Part of her back and especially one of her back legs was literally bloody raw! Drives me to despair and makes me SO angry with her, I end up shouting and swearing at her! :o( . . mowed the back lawn and finished up tidying up and cutting up a few bits of hedge etc, before then getting all togged up in waterproofs and hosing and shampooing whining complaining Bella - again. :o) Boy that is a strenuous exhausting job. . eventually sat in the sun at the top of the garden for a bit towling her down, brushing her a bit, and then recovering with a coffee whilst she dried off some more. . . ate corned beef, mayo, grated cheese and chopped onion sandwiches, crisps and a square of chocolate . . napped . . . walked BGdns . . . TVd . .drank a glass of red wine and cooked and ate four sausages with fried onion and chips . . . PCd aimlessly surfing until early. . to bed around 2am.
10 - Up at 8:30am. 16C in, 10C out, some cloud then sunny. . slow getting going again, and ended up surfing e-bay looking at e-cigarettes and the like. lol . . .walked FGn . . did laundry and eventually got it out on the line in the diminishing sunny spells. Re-filled the 'mouse' feeder with peanuts - again! Boy - that mouse sure is getting through a lot of nuts! I wonder if it has babies - or if there are several visiting?. .I gave the new e-cigarette a good go this morning, to get a feel for how effective it is. It did NOT fully remove the 'mental confusion' I feel when I undergo cigarette withdrawl, and holding a coherent conversation with a passing dog walker was 'difficult' as a result (with me struggling to remember words - like I have alzeimhers!), but I DO have to say it really DOES do a pretty good job of alleviating the worst of such feelings, etc. FAR better than that other one I bought. If I was actually being serious about giving up, it really is a pretty good way to go I think. It's even tempting to go straight ahead and buy another, and/or a supply of the different 'consumable' parts (batteries and mouthpieces etc) to enable me to leave one in my coat pocket or next to the PC, and also start experimenting with different flavour/strength vapours, etc. I made it through until shortly before midday before 'treating myself' to a real cigarette whilst PCing this - and then promptly returned to my normal chain-smoking of course!! :o( . . PCd this . . .ate spam, chopped onion, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps and a large number of biscuits . . napped late for a couple of hours until woken by the 7pm alarm. Difficulty waking . . TVd until late . .drank the last shot glass and a bit of the baileys .PCd until early . . ate a whole pack of Kipling almond slices and TVd a little before to bed at 4am.
9 - Up around 8:30am. 15C in, 12C out, sunny. Tired and slow getting going . waking at the PC as usual, a Yahoo news article grabbed my attention. Someones e-cigarette had exploded and caught fire whilst they were charging the battery - and it'd been partially caught on CCTV! What irony that I was fully intending to go buy one later today! lol . . . walked BGdns and actually took my stills camera with me, because I was so disappointed in the quality of the image I got of the building site with my camcorder yesterday. Image of dangerous Fishcombe Cove cliffs below 'The Cove' building siteActually - from that viewpoint, it also makes the site look FAR smaller than it actually is, with a whole bunch more derelict/soon to be demolished buildings, hidden in a curve behind those you can see. (You'd really need one of those quadcopter toys with a camera on board, hovering high above Fishcombe Cove, to get a decent shot of the site I think.) . . walked straight down to the path overlooking Fishcombe Cove (tide WELL out) and grabbed a couple of shots of the site from down below, including the scarred bare-earth bit with a mini digger in situ, where all the trees have been cleared. The curve of buildings 'just' visible on the top of the hill, are all those that are being demolished, which you can't really see in yesterday's photo. It's a pretty steep bit of hill (even at THIS resolution the picture doesn't do it justice), and 'I' would absolutely NOT want to be working in that digger so close to the edge! If it is their intention to clear the few remaining trees on those dangerously unstable slopes, I imagine they'll have to be roped and tied on above, and abseil down with their chainsaws!! Again, it's hard to appreciate from this picture, but the cliff face in the upward pointing V shaped shadow in the centre of the picture (and to it's left), is a particularly dangerous bit, with BIG rocks already recently fallen to the beach below, others already dislodged and sat precariously on nothing more than a bit of foliage part way up, and whole other sections just waiting to come down, probably complete with the tree above in the near future!!! All VERY iffy for unwary kids, dogs and visitors to the beach - and all not at all helped by all that work immediately above, and the cutting down of the trees, etc.Image of an apparantly abandoned tent in Battery GardensPlayed ball for a bit before heading up the paths towards the holiday camp to take a few better shots the same as yesterday. (The hoarding was Bradleys Estate Agents - but precious little info on their site about it.) Whilst walking back up that way, I spotted a 'Park Warden' council van down by the toilets. Too good an opportunity to miss, so after taking photos, we walked down the steep access road towards the toilets and beach, and had a quick word with the council guy, informing him of the apparantly dumped tent, etc. in the hope it'll be removed by someone from the council in the manner of 'litter' or fly tipping. (WHAT a waste!) .crossed the beach and headed back up the steps and steep paths to the tent, had a 'bit' of a peek inside, and then grabbed a quick photo or two. As far as I could tell without getting too 'intrusive', there was just a sleeping bag and a bunch of litter inside it! . . eventually headed back via the local stores. Headed straight into the little newsagent, and with little ado, went straight ahead and bought one of their electronic cigarettes, like they'd recently let me have a free go on to try. Bought a 'Clearomizer eGo-T', a mains charger adapter, and an 18MG bottle of Tobacco flavour E-Saints vapour - all for a few pennies less than 20. Grabbed a couple of supplies in the other store before heading home . . . read the few e-cigarette instructions, filled it with vapour, and then PCd this whilst charging the battery. .well - it's certainly without a doubt, better than the one I mistakenly originally bought in the chemist, but I'm now SUCH an addict, I'm not sure it's gonna be good enough to be a substitute for my unique hand-rolled, golden virginia, liquorice paper, chain smoking habit! I have NO intention of suddenly trying to stop smoking right now - but if I can at least use that e-cig to help me gradually cut down (epecially at the moment, spending hours and hours at the PC, CONSTANTLY chain smoking!!!), then it'll have been worth the money. We'll see. I HAD to try it. . . jeeeezuz - I'm in a terrible mess here!!!! I'm totally losing track of what's where and which is which, what's the 'live' one, and what's not, etc, etc. I've also now got SUCH a nested bunch of directories on my hard drive, I seem to have encountered a hitherto unknown 'bug' in the WAY out-of-date little wysiwyg webpage editor I can't bring myself to update away from! Gotta get a grip on all this! Right - that's it - I'm shifting stuff back over to the tljones.co.uk address and deleting all the telsweb.com stuff. There ARE negatives at my end in doing so, but I 'think' it makes sense to me overall. WHAT a mess!!!!!! Made the appropriate changes and even then logged onto my previous domain host account (I STILL can right now), and deleted almost all the old site files, which are suprisingly STILL on their servers, and could apparantly STILL be reached if you knew what to put in as the address line in your browser!!!! I think I need to walk away from it all for a bit! :o( Headachey. . . . walked BGdns after 7pm with a coffee - and the new e-cigarette instead of my tobacco tin! . The tent HAS now disappeared, so maybe the council guy I spoke with earlier made arrangements, or even removed it himself? Image of evening repair works to the end of the Brixham breakwaterDespite the lateness of the hour, and the rapidly disappearing sun, guys were still working at the end of the breakwater this evening, continuing with whatever storm repairs it is they are doing. A big red tubular chute had been placed down into the water at the very end!? It was hard to tell from such a distance, even when zooming-in to the max with my camcorder, but looking at the footage later, it DID appear that divers were in the water below - hence the guy standing-by in the little white safety boat next to the red harbour entrance buoy.Image of evening repair works to the end of the Brixham breakwater The guys working above seemed to every now and then reappear from their shelter of the blue metal container next to the lighthouse (maybe they had radio comms with the diver in there?), and then race up to the end of the chute to drop more bags of something down it! Hard to see in this little image (especially with all the hungry seagulls surrounding the fishing boat in the near distance behind), but there is a large collection of those sandbags or whatever they were (readymix concrete maybe?) , all ready and waiting to be dropped down, near the top of the chute. Amazing to me that 'repairs' are done like that to such a structure. How DID they do such things, and build all the harbours etc around all the coasts, before there were divers?. . drank my coffee and toked my e-cigarette on my favourite seat as darkness began to fall, along with the temperature. Image of baby rabbits in Battery Gardens, Brixham Plenty of rabbits about, to give Bella something to occupy her attention. A couple of new baby ones gave me a bit of cause for concern, because at that age they haven't learned enough to keep out of sight when people and dogs are about! Bella had a couple of good runs at them, but thankfully they heard her coming (she usually barks in excitement during her run, silly dog) and HAD learned enough to quickly dive into the nearby undergrowth, through which she couldn't follow. She even eventually seemed to get the idea that she was NOT going to catch any of them, and at one point just sat watching a fully grown one which started eating the grass no more than ten feet away from her! . . . Oh - and yes - I AM being a bit 'frivolous' at the moment with regard to including pictures here. It's just SUCH a rare pleasure to have SO much file storage space to play with on the new domain for a change. For YEARS I've been agonising about running out of space - again! I long since had to remove parts of the site, and even spread some of the remaining data across different domains, because I'd maxed-out on my quota! For years I've been having to make any images I've been unable to resist including, rediculously small - or more frequently, not include them at all! I mustn't now overdo it of course. Even in it's current 'stripped down' state, this site consists of something like 1900+ files!! - and a whole vast bunch of those which are the years of diary entries etc (170ish?), I just had to manually edit the html of, because of one of my recent 'tweeks'!!!!!! Totally insane it all may be, (I AM fully aware of that!) but it surely IS absolutely extraordinary that some crazy guy has put in SO much effort over SO much time to consistently catalogue SO much 'minutia-of-the-day' nonsense! It is amazing to me to be able to go click click and then read what I was doing back exactly then. Because of how my 'broken' head works, I have absolutely NO actual memory of hardly ANY of it - REALLY - even the 'important' stuff!? It's largely all just a blank. All that, IS the ONLY reason I'm still trying to do it. :o/ It's breathtaking to me that other people seem to have the ability to store such stuff in their heads and remember/recall it all at will! What on EARTH must that be like? WHAT 'power'! . . . TVd/guitarred just a touch. . BB called to touch base . . . ate a large bag of crisps, chunks of spam with some onion, a box of going out-of-date/cheap Kipling almond slices and a little chocolate . . . repeatedly fell asleep in the chair in front the TV again! and then to bed around 1:30am or gone.
8 - Woke earlier then up around 8:15am. 15C in, 10C out, sunny. Slow getting going. Found a couple of reports, including a BBC one, about yesterday's search and body find I'd overheard snippets of. . .walked BGdns with a coffee. Sat and played ball on the lower seat in the cool shade for a bit (after having collected up all the plastic bottles and drinks cans littering the area), before eventually ending up on the higher seat to drink my coffee and have some smokes in the sunny spells. Judging from the babble on the scanner (for the last few days), it would appear the summer season has started already. The ferries are all running again. . UK border agency cutter 'Searcher' was moored-up close out in the bay again. Whilst we were sat there, they contacted another vessel moored further out and across nearer the Torquay side. Russian registered cargo ship 'Sormovo 1'. They announced they'd be boarding her and arranged to have its pilot ladder lowered etc. A short time later their rib raced across to make their boarding. Dunno what the purpose was, but they didn't hang around and pretty soon were racing back to 'mother'. I can't help it - given how outrageously 'backward' and out of step with modern times Russia seems to have been behaving of late, what with all their archaic civil rights outrages, blocking international attempts to scale back the carnage in Syria, 'grabbing' Crimea, etc, etc, I reckon that EVERY opportunity should be seized to give anything 'Russian' a hard time - or a bit of inconvenience at the VERY least! (I wonder what life on board the space station is like at the moment, and how complicated all that has become of late as a result?!) . . eventually finished my coffee and had had enough of breathing in wood smoke! A big fire was blazing on the holiday camp demolition/development site nearby across the cove, with more of the felled trees and construction timber simply being wastefully burned away. Couldn't resist having a wander back down towards the holiday camps, to explore where it 'could' be possible to get a vantage point for some before and after type shots (although only using my appallingly low-res camcorder to subsequently capture images from a bit of video, I'm not sure there is particularly much point). As I'd suspected would be the case because of the lay of the land and all the trees etc, without wandering into kinda 'private' areas of the holiday camp and buildings opposite, it was difficult to find a decent vantage point. Of course as experience has also irritatingly proven to me in the past, if you're gonna really try to do such a 'sequence over time', you need to have studied the plans to make sure that part of the new building doesn't suddenly spring up directly in front of where you are stood, to block the 'overview' etc, etc. As with most everything these days - I really don't think I can be bothered with it all. Nevertheless, I DID grab a quick snip of video or two, 'just for the record' (too late really!) . Image of holiday apartment development at Fishcombe Cove, BrixhamIn the image I've included here, the main holiday camp (which includes the chalet where I briefly stayed with BB and Sally when I fled Bristol!) is out of shot to the left. The path which leads up to 'The Grove' woods walk, and thence down to Churston Cove etc, (part of the South West Coastal Path) can be seen just to the right of the BT engineer's ladder propped against a telegraph pole. Part of the nice old stone wall that runs alongside the right hand side of that path has been inexplicably knocked down and the gap fenced off - in the vicinity of the most distant guy in high-vis yellow! I really can't understand why they did that, because no vehicle can fit up there. I strongly suspect it was an accident when they demolished the nearby buildings. Many of the buildings that were on that site are ALREADY history - and they even appear to be excavating for new foundations already! Out of view down to the right in front of the site, is the steep area atop the rockfall prone Fishcombe Cove cliffs, which has now been largely cleared of all the big trees to give the new development it's unobstructed view out across the bay - hence much of the burning. The nearest guy in high-vis jacket is stood directly in front of the steep and narrow, council-use-only access road down to the public toilets, cafe (is it EVER open?) and pebbley and rockfall strewn beach of Fishcombe Cove. Everything else you can see on the right is the wonderful, 'tardis' like, Battery Gardens Heritage Museum. I AM gonna have to pop back down there, and get details from the hoarding by the entrance, of which company it is actually building/selling the apartments etc - just for interest. (I'm pretty sure I even saw the hoarding was boasting about the potential investment returns!!) For the life of me, I can't seem to locate any particular mention of the development on the net (it's GONNA be there - I just can't find it!), other than a local government document which does at least give an insight into what's going on. It IS of course absolutely BOUND to be just another opportunity for the rich investor to get ever richer isn't it. Worthy of consideration I think, is the impact the building work is liable to have on all the poor unsuspecting people booking expensive holidays in all the surrounding caravans, apartments and chalets etc! They start work there every day earlier than 'I' ever get down there. LOTS of noise - and smoke, etc! I wouldn't be very happy paying hundreds of pounds on a holiday, only to find THAT as my view, my peace and quiet, and my 'sea air' every day!! . . PCd this . . . ate ham sandwiches, crisps and half a small packet of mum donated chocolate hobnob biscuits . . napped for a couple of hours until woken by the sounds of the new neighbour mowing his badly overgrown front lawn. Wow - I should find out what sort of mower he was using, for when my old broken hover mower inevitably soon dies a final death. Amazing (compared to mine!) how well his mower coped with all the overgrown grass! . . . the local evening news briefly mentioned the rower guy who died yesterday. He was apparantly the Rev Bob Thorn - the VICAR from Burton Bradstock! (Bridport News article link.) It's tragic and sad and all that, and I probably shouldn't say this, but my knee jerk reaction to hearing that was - well - ''for gods sake - less 'faith' and more common-sense people!''. :o( . . walked BGdns with a coffee, played ball, and then sat around for ages until after rabbits, dark and stars. That dome tent is STILL there, through the arch and under the pine trees. I DID wander over to have a bit of a look (just in case there were signs someone had died in it!). It does rather look as though it's maybe not so much a tent, and more a lightweigt beach/picnic type 'shelter'. The remains of a disposable barbeque were strewn on the ground outside. I didn't want to actually walk right up to it and mess with it, just in case someone IS still using it, but it looked as far as I could tell through a bit of an opening at the front, as though there may be just a blanket or some such inside, and I strongly suspect it's all just been left behind by some partying idiot with more money than sense. Shocking to me how people can buy, use once and then just walk away from stuff like that without a care. I've previously found the remains of others, similarly abandoned, up in the woods, and off Churston Cove, etc. . . back home well after 9pm . . . PCd a bit of this. . BB called to touch base. She's recently been working away from home again, and because of the smoking ban in her hotels and suchlike, had bought and tried one of the new e-cigarette things (like I tried up the local newsagents a while ago). I'd actually been FULLY intending to bite the bullet and buy one these last few days, but hadn't 'quite' gotten round to doing so yet. BB (although still smoking) was all full of praise for the thing as a reasonably successful substitute. Well - that pretty much clinches it - I figure I'll make the effort and get round there to buy one tomorrow. Doing all this website work on the PC of late, has seen my chain-smoking get completely out of hand! :o(. . . PCd lots until early. I think I've finally decided that I AM going to aim to put this/the site all back up on the original tljones.co.uk domain name - for no particular good reason other than, that's where it's been for so very long, and there ARE maybe one or two old links to it around the web, etc. Sadly it's gonna take me a while and a lot of work my end before I do so, because of the minor 're-jigging' of things I've set myself to do! . . ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, crisps and the remaining half of the mum donated cherry and almond spongecake thing. . eventually to bed around 3:30am!! Windows XP support died this day?!!! :o\
7 - Woke earlier then up around 7am. 15C in, 10C out, rain and blowing a gale with gusts up around 37mph. . jeeze - seem to have trapped a nerve or something when asleep? Bad backache, more than my ever present usual, lower right!. . . STILL no sign of the TLJones.co.uk domain pointing to the right place, despite having received an email from Nominet yesterday confirming the registrar change etc!?? It's something 'I' have got wrong isn't it!?? A quick question of the support person on the Dataflame on-line chat help thing, THIS time quickly confirmed my suspicion. Damn - I could kick myself (although in my opinion, their nameserver manager thing 'could' have been less confusing under the circumstances a couple of days ago when I first 'added on' the domain). Right then - hopefully NOW I have FINALLY got things right. At least another 24 hours 'to propogate' before I'll know I think. :o( . . .aha - in the time it took me to type a bit here, it looks as though I now HAVE got things right. The single temporary 'test' file I'd placed ( at http://www.tljones.co.uk/links.htm) IS now appearing for me. Yayyy. NOW I have to get serious about what the hell I'm intending to put where (and why!??) - and maybe learn all about redirects and suchlike!!! I MUST be MAD! lol . . .walked BGdns in a mixture of nylon leggings and rubber long-coat, when it looked for a while as though things were easing off. That was a mistake. It soon turned back to torrential rain. Real unpleasant, and probably so also for whoever had pitched their small dome tent a little way off the path on sloping ground beneath the big pine trees 'through the arch' in BGdns!? (A poor homeless person, or someone doing the coastal path perhaps?) A smoke and a bit of ball play from within the shelter of the lower gun emplacement before soon heading straight back. . . back home around 10am with my feet and lower legs absolutely drenched through again, thanks to those useless leggings. . . recovered from the walk with cigs, coffee and annadin tablet . . . PCd and carried on poking at my site files. Not content with being in the disorganised mess I am now, I've also taken it upon myself to re-jig a lot of the pages!!! Hugely time consuming because of the way I originally did things, in ignorance of how it all 'should' be done of course. No common 'style sheets' for me - every single page is seperate and individually hard coded! Means editting pretty much EVERYTHING all over again. As for the actual 'content' of some (all?) of the pages - well - who on earth WAS I when I wrote them? Absolutely NOT the person I find myself today, that's for sure! I have definitely changed - and not for the better I reckon! :o( Not a doubt in my mind that much of me 'died' following and as a direct result of 'the Bristol events'. As a result, I need to re-write my comments on almost EVERY page, to perhaps more accurately reflect who I now am, and how I perceive the world and my existance in it, etc! Trouble is, the person I now am is very much NOT the sort of person who necessarily wants to spout all that stuff that I once did. In fact - it occurs to me - if I wasn't 'stepped in so deep' already, and if I was starting from scratch - I simply wouldn't! :o( As a result of all of that line of thinking, I'm 'stopped in my tracks' with regard to what I do about the TLjones.co.uk domain, and as such, haven't yet done anything about 'populating' or trying to redirect ANY of it! I'm really not sure what I'm doing here, 'there' and indeed anywhere! :o( . . .whilst poking at stuff, I was of course monitoring radios. At 11:19 a 'Mayday Relay' broadcast was put out by Portland Coastguard co-ordinating. A 59 year old 'lone rower' male was reported as missing (since Friday 4th April?), after an 11 foot dingy 'Emily' and personal effects were found east of Seatown around 07:37 this morning. Although largely outside of my listening range, for the next couple of hours, four lifeboats, five Coastguard Response Teams and the Rescue helicopter 106 were all involved in shoreline searches etc. By 14:32 it was apparant the 'casualty' HAD been found, and at 15:03 the general mayday call was cancelled. It appears from the snippets I could hear (including references to the coroner!), once again, it was NOT a happy outcome. :o( . . .PCd/TVd the day off. . . ate a banana and then corned beef, mayo, grated cheese and chopped onion sandwiches with crisps. Promptly fell asleep in the chair. . stumbled to bed around 1am. Peaches Geldof died this day - and the news also reported the death of Mickey Rooney.
6 - Back up not long after 11am, after VERY little sleep. 15C in, 11C out, rain and wind gusting over 40mph. Headachey and - sorry Bella - absolutely NOT going out in this weather this morning. Annadin tablet coffee and smokes for 'breakfast'. . PCd . . .drank a glass of red wine. cooked a dish of sage and onion stuffing covered in layers of chopped ham, mushrooms and onion, and finally topped off with grated cheese. Ate with a bowl of mixed veg and then finished off with a little chocolate . . . napped until 7pm . . . TVd nothing all evening hardly moving and feeling very detached from all . . ate half a sponge cake, bowls of rice krispies and chocolate . . to bed before 1am.
5 - Woke earlier then up around 7:30am. 15C in, 10C out, grey and rain. . . PCd this . . . walked BGdns in light waterproofs for a bit of ball play. Managed to pretty much miss the rain. Back via the store for a few supplies . . . PCd and even radiod locally briefly when called . . . Mum called-in despite the rain, with food donations for chats etc. . . ate four salami finger rolls and a large bag of crisps . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . TVd/PCd the whole night away not feeling so good. By the time I somehow finally went to bed, it was light and pretty much time to be getting up!
4 - Up soon after waking at 7am. 15C in, 9C out, grey and damp. Slow getting going . . . walked BGdns with a coffee after 9am. Sat around with a coffee after ball play as the weather slowly improved to sunny spells . . . PCd and started 'asking questions' of my domain host via their on-line chat, regarding the 'nameservers' thing which STILL hasn't been resolved. Unfortunately their chat-line person wasn't a huge help, and I was directed to e-mail them with my question! Damn. I duely did so - but that just means I have to hang around unable to do anything about it all waiting for an answer - and at the end of the day, I'm pretty convinced that it's gonna be the Madasafish people that have to do whatever is necessary anyway - and of course that'll just mean a huge load of time consuming hassle with THEM again! Uggggh. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this . . .errrr - ok, I take all that back. It appears I had to do something with/via my domain host, and NOT Madasafish. I 'think' I've now done what I should, so I guess I'm back to waiting a couple of days (or however long it takes to 'propogate') to see what happens!? All very confusing to me. . PCd . . .walked BGdns for some ball play and then ended up carrying on down around the harbour and ultimately all the way out along the breakwater at sunset. Part of the reason for deciding to do that walk this evening, other than it was fairly pleasant out and wasn't a bad sunset, was to have a look to see what was going on out at the end of the breakwater near the light. From BGdns I'd seen a van and equipment working there these last couple of days. What I HADN'T seen from that distance was the temporary fencing which had been put up! That was irritating. Walk all that way only to find that the last fifty metres or so were blocked off to the public, and you couldn't actually reach the end. It would appear that some sort of storm-damage repair works are going to be done. Similar repair work had also been started at the Breakwater Beach end. . sat around for a smoke whilst the sun dropped below the horizon behind Paington. . walked all the way back and round to the harbour and treated myself to a small bag of takeaway chips (1.75!!) from the chip shop near the Prince William of Orange statue. Sat on the observation deck seating area overlooking the inner and working harbours to eat them and drink my coffee, under stars and crescent moon as darkness fell. . eventually back via the steep steps to FGn and home . . .TVd nothing . . . ate a bag of crisps, pastie, a banana and a little chocolate. . fell asleep in the chair more than once, before finally managing to muster the energy to actually get to bed at around 12:30am.
3 - Up around 6:40am. 15C in, 9C out, grey and rain again. A nasty headache, right from waking! Coffee chain smoking and annadin tablet for breakfast. :o( . . and STILL the nameservers are pointing at the Madasafish servers for the TLJones.co.uk domain!! That's disappointing - and is starting to get me a bit uptight. With hindsight, I should perhaps have planned it all in advance long ago, and taken my time over paying for the domain transfer, which would have then enabled me to have both domains up and running at the same time, with suitable links and notifications of an impending change on all the old pages etc - rather than suddenly having it just become unavailable like it is - and have who knows what links to it just suddenly die! But of course, I didn't know events were going to take the turn they did, and by the time I was forced to do something, I was in real and imminant danger of just losing control of the thing altogether and not being able to update any of it anyway. Oh well - to hell with 'what ifs' - too late now. Guess I'll have to give it another day or two before I start asking questions about what's going on re the updating/having the web look for it all where it should! . . .walked BGdns in wellingtons and full rubber gear in the pouring rain . . . poked at the site for hours, acheiving little, as rain poured all day . . Mum called to touch base and tell me to be careful with Bella when out walking. The local farmer guy 'Haddock' had been on the local BBC radio saying a German Shepherd/collie-cross type of dog had been observed harassing his sheep and killing some of his lambs close nearby! He was warning people that if he caught anyones dog loose on his land, he'd shoot first and ask questions later! . . . late afternoon drank a glass of red wine and cooked and ate two chicken kievs, mixed veg and fried potato in melted butter . . . napped late until 7pm . . . woke feeling pretty yucky and exhausted as usual, so skipped the walk. TVd 'nothing' the night away . . . ate a banana, biscuits and chocolate, and then later drank a bottle of strawberry flavoured milk drink which Mum'd actually bought for Sis1s little grandaughter when she came down the other day. She didn't want it so I had it. Pretty filling stuff. . ate some cheese and onion on toast in the early hours . . to bed around 2:20am.
2 - Up around 6:30am by wind noise from the window! :o( . . 15C in, 10C out, rain. . threw up . . woke at the PC, tweaking a bad link or two I'd missed on here. It would appear that the DNS nameservers still haven't updated (out of my control I believe), and they're still looking for the tljones.co.uk domain on the Plusnet (Madasafish) servers - so nothing much I can do about redirects or any of that yet. :o( . . . walked FGn in light nylon waterproofs. Ended up being glad of them when the intermitant drops turned full-on rain. Thankfully the gusty winds of earlier had somehow suddenly stopped, so I didn't get 'too' wet returning home in it. . . poked at the PC/website pages for hours, actually acheiving nothing, and ending up really wondering what on EARTH I'm doing with a website at all! :o( . . . somewhere around 1:15pm Mum called. Oh no! She was all up tight and needing a bit of help. A hawk had caught a pigeon in her garden earlier, and purely by chance, she'd gone out into her garden about then. That meant that the hawk flew off without having yet fully despatched the poor damn pigeon!!! According to her description, it was AWFULLY wounded, couldn't fly, and was hiding in undergrowth at the corner of her garden. She'd already called the RSPCA, but of course (as 'I' am very aware because of all the times I've had to call them for similar!) they understandably won't turn out for such a thing unless you actually have it already caught and 'contained'. Mum started-on about having to rush up the local store to try to get a cardboard box to put it in, etc. I'm well practiced at such things by now of course - so I recommended she just use one of her recycling bins, like I always do. (They really are just perfect for such occasions.) Damn, damn, damn. I could have done without another one of 'these' type of incidents - but of course I really had little choice but to drop everything and rush straight up there to try to capture it - rather than have Mum teetering around near her pond chasing an injured bird, and also to spare her the horror of having to 'hands-on' confront its agony and suffering! . . .Image of a hawk injured pigeon - soon to be humanely despatched by the RSPCA Mum kept Bella in her kitchen, whilst I went out into her garden to see if I could find and capture the pigeon. (I DID jokingly suggest that we COULD have just let Bella out into the garden - and let HER finish it off - like neither of us had the stomach to do!) Mum'd already emptied and readied a recycling bin out on the lawn, with even some newspaper in the bottom, and a pair of old marigold gloves to wear (which I didn't bother with). I quickly found the pigeon - and in an obviously non-survivable sorry state it was too - again! The hawk'd had a 'snack' at least!!! :o( . I caught it easily straight away and soon had it in the recycle bin, put a heavy metal grid doormat type thing from the garage over the top (because the elasticated nylon nets that come with those bins, are a pretty poor fit and 'could' get all tangled in a bird if it tried to flap its wings etc), put a doormat over most of all that, to give it some darkness and hopefully a sense of safety, and then used a couple of old plastic jam jar tops to give it the option of a last meal of bird seed and a drink of water. Meanwhile, Mum was calling the RSPCA again (and even ended the call by donating 10 on her debit card! lol) . . coffee and chats . . an RSPCA guy called at her door remarkably soon - in just the time it took him to get there from Paignton apparantly. With little ado, he cardboard boxed the poor, soon to be no more pigeon, and was quickly gone. . .back home by somewhere around 3pm I think it was . . . back to the PC to PC this. . Couldn't resist messing around with my old camcorder and franticaly trying to get my webcam software to upload to the new domain, when a BT guy turned up outside and started working on the telegraph pole in the street in front of my next door neighbours garden again. A guy was similarly working up there just a little while ago. Because of the hill on which I live, and the relatively long downward sloping front garden, the top of that pole is pretty much at my eye level when sat at my desk/PC/radios. Strikes me as weird to look out and see a guy stood there like that. Thanks to my careful timing of easing my slatted window-blind up a little to get a clear shot for my old camcorder sat on my desk, I believe he was NOT aware that he'd been 'caught in the act' like that. lol . . . poked at the PC some more, and somehow eventually ended-up uploading the files from my old Kingswood 'Royal Forest' site to my new domain space. I suddenly have the rare luxury of so much webspace to play with, I thought why the hell not. I put a LOT of work into all of that old site when I originally did it, seems a shame to just bin it. Trouble is, things have moved on SO much since back then, I'm not even sure it'll still actually work for anyone on the various new browsers that are around these days. It requires javascript enabled for all the 'image fade transitions' to work. It seems to still work ok with my version of Internet Explorer - but does NOT do the fades and has a slightly 'glitchey' drop-down menu operation when I use Firefox!?? Sods law - I've no doubt it does NOT work on others of todays various browsers (which I don't run). I of course have absolutely NO idea how all that could be resolved, and I have absolutely NO intention of trying to figure it all out (especially since I by now haven't a clue how I got the thing to work in the first place!). Shame though - it really would have been SO cool to get hold of lots of old photos/postcards etc, prowl the streets with my cameras, and then knock up a similar site for Brixham. . .whilst PCing and monitoring radios, I became aware of P from across town saying to someone he would be looking for some help to carry a heavy HF radio from his car to his house when he got home. I WAS just then toying with the idea of walking Bella, so I butted-in and offered to assist. He said he'd 'reward me' if I did. lol . . . walked down, up and across town to Ps. Coffee and chats before then quickly bringing in the radio from the passenger seat of his car for him. Heavy big lump it was too. Jeeze - he has SO much radio gear (ks) crammed in that room, you can hardly move! My reward for that little bit of nothing, was to be treated to a meal!!!! P was all cooking-up mashed cauliflower and potato, and bacon, cumberland sausages and onion in gravy, and pretty much insisted on giving me a platefull despite my resistance. lol And very nice it was too, thank you very much. . . eventually walked to the nearby St Mary's park and played ball for a bit as it turned to misty dark, before then heading home . . . TVd . . drank a shot glass of Baileys . . ate corned beef, mayo and chopped onion sandwiches with crisps and then just a little chocolate . . . to bed gone 11pm.
1 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 6:45am. 15C in, 4C out, grey and quite a thick mist, actually thickening to more of a fog . . .walked the woods. The redevelopment of the apartments etc overlooking Fishcombe Cove, next to the holiday park on the way up to the woods, is now in FULL demolition mode! (Prime site - BIG money - get away with anything stuff.) Loads of the trees atop the Fishcombe Cove cliffs have been casually felled, and many of the buildings are already history. What was utterly shocking when walking past the site (apart from the fact they've inexplicably demolished part of the 'ancient' wall alongside the footpath), was just exactly how much stuff is simply being destroyed and discarded. This morning a team of guys were on scaffolding removing all the tiles from an enormous roof - and incredibly simply tossing them to smash, into a bin held aloft by a big forklift type vehicle! Really painful for ME to walk past and see all manner of railings and equipment and really desireable 'stuff' just being trashed or ruined for scrap - never mind all those poor trees and all the wildlife that must have gone with them! :o( Time will tell, but I can't help wondering how much of those cliffs (which have already had some major rock falls onto the beach!) and the land above, was being held together and in place by the roots of those big trees. Maybe I should start carrying my old bulky, battery-hungry digital camera again, and try to get clever with some before, during and after development pics - although you can absolutely guarantee these days, that someone else IS and has been already doing so, so I probably won't bother. . back via BGdns for a bit of ball play before heading home . . . PCd a bit, brewed up to it, and then bit the bullet and tried phoning Madasafish, on their one and only advertised phone number. Picked my way through the usual automated options nonsense before ending up on hold. I was on hold listening to music for ten minutes before I actually got to speak to someone - but then had to go on hold again whilst I was transferred to another department. Ultimately, the entire phone call lasted twenty eight minutes!!! God only knows how much THAT 0844 number call has just cost me! Nevertheless, by the end of the call, I'd given my credit card details, paid the 25.28, given them the Dataflame tag info, and had been informed that their domain hostmaster people were allegedly going to do what had to be done within the next 72 hours. So - I guess I have to sit tight for a bit and wait and see what happens - and THEN do whatever has to be done, to add it on to my dot-com hosting package. It WILL of course inevitably be down for who knows how long during all this - and even if it goes quick and smooth, WILL likely need MUCH re-working before I can put it back up? Ah well. It isn't as though it has ANY importance much to anyone but me - but if you are someone who reads this, THAT is my current state of 'play'. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . did laundry chores . . . Aha - mid afternoon and I'm gone! Or at least the dot-co-dot-uk website via Madasafish is!! Quickly tried to make it an 'add-on domain' to my Telsweb.Com site, and I 'think' that worked - but to be honest, I'm all of a sudden deep into stuff I really know absolutely NOTHING about!! I'm 'assuming' that it's gonna take a while for necessary servers to be pointed at the new domain server - and THEN I'll have to do something my end to present them with something to actually find under the addon domain name? Damned if I know. lolol Oh well - I guess as a temporary measure, I could upload the little bits of the site I've already modified to run on the COM domain - basically just my daily journal pretty much - err - um - which is THIS if you're reading it!!! Damn - I'm gonna get in a hell of a mess here, not knowing what I've got where, and which is the 'current' one and which isn't!!!!!!! I MUST be utterly mad to be doing all this - AND now fully paying for the priveledge!!!!!! lolololol . . . had a much needed break from it all. Brought the still wet laundry back in off the line . . . TVd feeling all headachey again still . . .ate biscuits, a pastry slice, crisps, banana and bowls of rice krispies . . to bed around 12:30am.