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- Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8:40am. 16C in, 14C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns sucking an annadin tablet again. Very warm feeling when IN the sun - but still suddenly pretty chilly when out of it. Played ball for just a bit before heading down to the harbour to sit in the sun and drink my coffee. . .

bought shoes, slippers and dog food

trimmed my hair and beard etc . . . PCd . . a parcel deliverer unexpectedly called at the door mid afternoon with a very large parcel. It was absolutely my address and postcode, but not my name - and no, I had NOT ordered a wet suit! lol . bizarrely he ended up coming back later suggesting it may have been ordered by my daughter! . . . PCd just a bit of this. Wow - according to the AIS, just down south off Salcombe there are a total of SIX German patrol boats (including 'Puma' from yesterday) in convoy, and another bigger support type vessel just a little further off. Quite some excercise they are into. I bet this country couldn't even muster that many! . . . TVd . . ate two tuna and mayo finger rolls with coleslaw, a large packet of crisps and some chocolate . . . TVd until to bed around 1am.
29 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8:15am. 15C in, 6C out. Rain . . . walked BGdns in full rain gear only to find the rain was intermittant light showers, not worthy of all the gear. Played ball for a while and had a prod with the camcorder at the boat which was moored out across the bay.German Type 143A (Patrol Boat) P6122 'Puma' (S72)

. down to the harbour . . . felt awful. Terrible pain in my legs. . . straight home . . pottered around the house trying to gather up some stuff I no longer want, to get rid of, either on e-bay or more likely straight to a charity shop. . PCd watching the AIS map as another two German patrol boats entered the bay and hung around for a while before departing again . .

guitarred . . . TVd . . . ate four sausages with chips followed by a banana, biscuits and some chocolate . . . TVd until to bed around 2am.
- Up around 7am. 15C in, 4C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. . back to the harbour to sit near the Golden Hind for my coffee. A couple of tables and various ice bins had been set up under the old fish market roof, and for the first time in MANY years, fresh fish was being sold to passers by. Anyone choosing a fish to buy, then had the fish handed over to some yellow-booted white-coated man (their 'uniform') with a razor sharp knife, who skilfully proceeded to cut it into fillets and casually throw the remainder straight over his shoulder into the waters of the harbour, to the benefit of the gulls. I'll probably never buy any myself (not least of all because by MY standards, seafood ain't cheap!), but I DO like the idea - because of course once upon a time, right there is where it was ALL sold. That's why that roof actually exists. There are some amazing old bits of pathe film and old photos I've seen that show that roof over the REAL old fish market, with overflowing baskets of fish covering the whole area. Amazing how times have SO changed - not least in respect of how relatively few fish theree are these days! :o( . . . eventually walked all the way back to BGdns before eventually home . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate tuna and mayo sandwiches, crisps and a handful of mum donated pickled onions . . napped . . .TVd . . ate a defrosted bowl of stew, chocolate sponge roll and biscuits. . .to bed gone 2am.
27 - Woken by neighbour noise and up around 7:30am. 16C in, 9C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns for ball play. Bella still wants her ball in her mouth when we're down there, but the actual amount that she wants me to throw it HAS significantly reduced in recent times. Eventually carried on down to the inner harbour to wander and sit around for a bit. Popped into the Sue Ryder charity shop in the high street (where they seem to sell quite a bit of new stuff these days?) and bought a little packet of three guitar picks for 99p. More than the picks, I actually wanted the little black plastic holder they come in, with some double sided adhesive tape on the back. Long ago I'd bought one of those, and stuck the thing in a handy place on the body of my old Marlin acoustic guitar. It's turned out to be THE ideal little addition, with a pick always immediately unobtrusively to hand to slide out should I choose to use one. I wanted one exactly the same for my Stagg guitar. . back up to BGdns to sit on the higher seat and drink my coffee (as shower clouds gathered in the west) before heading home . . . mowed both lawns and briefly pottered in the garden doing a little weeding . . . for a while now, I've needed new strings for BOTH my guitars. Dunno what I do when I'm in the mood to make a noise with them, but I seem to always wear out the wire-wound G string on the second fret. JUST the G string. Although presumably 'dull' in tone (I STILL can't actually play anything, so that matters little to me!), all the rest remain 'serviceable'. I SO hate having to re-string the things, that when the G string starts to break and unwind on one, I'll leave it and move over to using the other guitar. Eventually I end up with BOTH guitars with breaking/unravelling G strings!!! Even then, I still put off the horrible chore of having to buy and fit new strings, by putting a capo on the third fret above the unraveling, and just playing it a bit more like that! THAT is the position I'm currently in - with BOTH guitars long since requiring new sets of strings. So - I finally bit the bullet and dug out my collection of new strings. Damn - turns out I only have one complete set of strings left - because I've already pillaged the G string from another set. Damn. :o( Went ahead and replaced just the one string on the Stagg guitar and also stuck the new pick holder neatly on the body just in front of the electronic tuner/preamp controls. Nice. . PCd and ordered via Amazon 2x "Ernie Ball Earthwood 2002 medium acoustic guitar strings .013 - .056 (2 PACKS)" for a grand total of 21.50 for the four sets. It IS possible to order single strings from various places, but sadly the cost for a single string is substantially more, especially with postage etc, so it just doesn't make sense. Actually - given that - I guess it would make sense for me to not be such a penny pincher and change the whole set each time, rather than just the breaking one - if only I didn't SO hate the chore of having to do them! . .PCd a bit of this . . .ate two beef baps with coleslaw and crisps. . . napped but somehow didn't get roused by the alarm and didn't wake up until almost 9pm! . . TVd/guitarred . . .cooked and ate four sasuages with four pieces of bread and butter and ketchup followed by a bit of chocolate . . . to bed around 2am.
26 - Woken earlier more than once then up around 9am. 18C in, 10C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns, out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, and back to the inner harbour for my coffee. Back to BGdns and then home via the store where I scored some going out of date/cheap chicken drumsticks. . . TVd. . . drank some red wine. Cooked and ate a whole pack of five chicken drumsticks with chips and mayo. Bella had all the 'bits' and the bones! The drumsticks were a mere 1.25. Potatoes and mayo easily covered by 50p. So - what I would call a decent big feed, for well under 2. THAT is why I have such a hard time with how much all the food outlets are charging for takeaways etc around town. I could eat for literally days, for the cost of one fish and chip lot in the Rockfish restaurant for example! . . . napped . . TVd . . ate two beef baps, crisps and some chocolate sponge roll . . . to bed around midnight.
25 - Woken earlier by Bella changing position on her bed again then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 11C out. Mostly cloudy . . . walked BGdns and then on down to the harbour. Image of trawler Emily Rose and film crews in BrixhamA lot of people appeared to be unusualy milling around the fish market. Someone professional looking was doing some filming on the market harbourside, complete with big 'studio' type lights! Beam trawler 'Emily Rose' all freshly painted (with a guy on board even still painting!) appeared to be being used as a prop in their production. I don't think I've ever seen a trawler looking so smart and rust free! lol Interesting elaborate gimbled hand held rig the cameraman was using?? Only later by reading various facebook entries etc did it become apparant that they were filming for the latest Mitch Tonks Rockfish Restaurant video blog/update type thingy. The takeaway part of the new restaurant is already open, with the main eating space opening some time in the next few days I think. Doubt I'll ever be eating there because of their prices. Even in just the takeaway part, a standard cod and chips is around 6, a large one 8!!! Gonna be even more expensive to sit in and eat of course. . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations, including a slab of gala pie treat for Bella - which she woofed straight down, and was even then encouraged to eat some of her regular food. . . . did dish washing chores and vacuumed around the place a little . . . ate a meat pastry slice with crisps and coleslaw . . napped . . DF called in for arguments until gone 10:30pm . . TVd/PCd for hours, recovering from the company. . .ate a banana and bowls of rice krispies before finally to bed around 4:30am. Overall, Bella ate an 'acceptable' amount today I guess.
24 - Woken earlier by restless Bella then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 10C out. Misty . . . walked BGdns and then down to the quiet harbour for my coffee. Eventually returned via BGdns and a stop off at the local store for some bread, etc. . . TVd and recovered from the walk for a while after having put laundry on. . ended up monitoring radios and on the PC shortly after 1pm, when the coastguards and Torbay ILB were tasked to a person (suicidal again?) in the water off Odicombe Beach over Torquay way. Casualty safe on the beach by 13:28 and all the troops stood down . . . aimlessly PCd. Bella had a bit of a cough at some point and spat up some phlegm - very much like when I was first persuaded to head for the vets! :o( Dreadful gurgling from her stomach all day. . .ate a pasty, crisps and a banana. . .napped until 7pm . . . TVd . . .managed to get Bella to eat a tiny amount by cutting up and mixing into her bowl, some American fruitcake. Little more than a small fist-full of food. The gurgling noises from her empty stomach continued all evening, loud and disturbing, with her laying around hardly moving. Later on, just as I was in the middle of preparing some food for me, she ended up being sick on the carpet in the conservatory, and I had to stop and try and clear all that up. It does seem as though she's taken a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse these last few days! :o( Inexplicably she WILL eat any treats or morsels of MY food I give her, but she steadfastly refuses to eat any dog food I fill her bowl with. . . ate corned beef slices and grated cheese covered by a layer of mashed potato followed later by biscuits and a little chocolate . . . to bed gone 1am.
23 - Up around 7:45am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns, out to the seat above the end of the Breakwater and then back to the harbour to sit and drink my coffee before home through town . . . drank wine while doing a fry up. Cooked and ate fried potato, mushrooms and a whole pack of bacon! . . . napped . . . TVd. Listened-in at some point as the coastguard troops were tasked to meet up with the police at Long Quarry over Torquay way, to deal with a 21 year old male threatening to jump from the cliffs (whilst totally feeling as though I should join him! :o( ) . The ALB, in the bay on a routine training excercise, was also tasked to attend but keep discretely out of sight. The guy was predictably pretty soon 'talked down' and all the troops stood down. . .ate a meat pastry slice, crisps, mini cheddars, bananas, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 2am. Bella ate absolutely nothing today, despite me mixing her food with the bacon fat - which of course would more normally have seen her (any dog!) woof it all straight down. :o( This business about having to stand idly by as she slowly starves herself to death is really getting to me. I even lost my temper this evening and tried to 'force feed' her a bit by stuffing some down her throat (like I have to do with her tablets twice a day)! It didn't work of course. I don't know how much more of this 'I' can stand, never mind her! :o( Feel as though I'm in a VERY bad place 'moodwise'. My perpetual low mood 'baseline' has significantly dropped in the last year or so. I seem to be unable to 'function' in any meaningful sense at all at the moment, and really haven't done so for ages now. I'm 'just' managing to aimlessly walk about a bit each day, and that's pretty much it! Going to sleep is the highlight of my days. EVERYTHING else is just empty and pointless and far too much effort to even attempt (often food included) - day after day after day. :o(
22 - Woke earlier, lay there for a while then up around 6:45am. 16C in, 10C out. Sunny and easterly breezy . . . walked BGdns in the sun under a clear blue sky. The bay was nowhere near as 'boisterous' as I was expecting, given I'd earlier read that the ferries weren't running because of the weather. Actualy a little disappointing from a camcorder point of view. Still a bit chilly in the breeze when in shade. . carried on down to the harbour. Some guy on the harbourside near the Rockfish restaurant was walking towards me wearing a white trilby type hat. Just as I was about to pass by him, the wind caught it, took it off his head, and dropped it straight down over the railing and into the water of the harbour, well out of reach. Couldn't resist trying to assist, so quickly walked along to the old fish market roof and grabbed one of the longer bits (10ft or so?) of square section metal framework which they have all piled up there, for when they put up the temporary market stalls. Raced back to where the guy was waiting and with little ado, managed to swiftly lift his hat out of the water and straight back into his hands. lol :o) I can't imagine it'll dry out very well or still be of use, but it was very satisfying to be able to get it back for him nonetheless. Noisily returned the length of metal framework to the heap and then continued on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to sit and watch the waves, with just a few breaking and blowing over the breakwater a little at high tide. . back to the harbour to sit by the Golden Hind for my coffee before heading back through town, with a quick stop for milk and some reduced price bacon on the way. Actually, I also bought another pair of 'reading' glasses in one of the cheap shops. +2.5 magnification or whatever that means. My eyesight has become SO bad, I can't read or focus on anything within arms reach anymore (including the camcorder screen!!), and having a pair of such glasses to hand ALL the time is now VITAL to me. I already have two or three pairs (all differing magnification I suspect, unfortunately!) and I always carry a pair with me in a coat pocket when out, but it's nice to have a pair laying around everywhere I need them. At just 1.99 a pair, I 'impulse bought' another pair. . . PCd this . . .TVd/aimlessly sat around . . . ate a small bowl of stew, crisps, mini cheddars, bananas, biscuits and chocolate . . to bed around midnight.
21 - Woke real early before sunrise to escape from a very real feeling drowning nightmare!!?? I think I HAD to wake to start breathing again, because I was clearly too deep to be able to make the surface!??? Weird and nasty. . Snoozed on for another few hours then up around 8am. 17C in, 13C out. Sunny. . .annadin tablet for breakfast. . walked BGdns. Warm enough in the sun, but still chilly in the shade in the brisk ENE type breeze. Bella wasn't up for much ball play. Carried on down the harbour in search of warmth and shelter from the breeze and eventualy sat near the Golden Hind to drink my coffee. Felt 'heady' and tired and really not particularly very well at all. :o( . . straight home through town . . . TVd . . . PCd a bit of this whilst monitoring radios. I've a horrible feeling from snippets I heard, somwhere over Lyme Regis way, someone may have unrecoverably lost their dog over cliffs! :o(. . . wow - that Leader in rough seas video has received over 1500 hits already - although, deservedly so I think! Makes the effort and many hours of work I put in, well worthwhile. For all its faults, it ranks up there as one of the best bits of footage I've ever managed to capture I think. . . TVd . . .pressure cookered up a large pot of stew. Beef mince, onion, mushrooms, potatoes, frozen mixed veg, garlic salt and instant gravy. Ate a bowlfull with four pieces of bread and butter followed later by a whole pack of six mum donated jam tarts and some chocolate . . .mixed some of the stew into Bella's food and eventually suceeded in getting her to eat a 'reasonable' amount today . . . to bed around midnight.
20 - Up around 6am, well before the 7am alarm. 16C in, 4C out. Sunny already! . . . walked BGdns and back, actually limping a bit from a LOT of pain in my legs for some inexplicable reason!??. . . definitely haven eaten enough this last few days. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so bad? Unusualy ate a couple of boiled eggs with crusts of bread and butter before having a quick shower and then driving with Bella to pick up Mum . . arrived in Torquay way early again so drove up to Daddihole Plain to throw Bellas ball and sit for just a while before heading back through town to the health centre. . waited in the car, parked where I shouldn't, until Mum reappeared within just ten minutes. . . straight back to Mums. Sat in the garden and had a coffee and sorted out a baroken hoselock fitting on her leaking garden hose (again!) . . started to feel very not good and aching all over - my legs in particular. Really quite unwell . . soon drove back home. . . PCd for hours trying to edit down the shout footage from yesterday. . got there in the end and set the latest shout video uploading to Youtube around 6:30pm . . . left the two hour upload going and walked BGdns. Eventually on down to the harbour as the sun impressively set in a cloudless sky . . sat around near the old coastguard station drinking my coffee. A very quiet, pleasant evening, with the tide all in filling the harbour. Eventually back through litter strewn town. . . Bella refused all her food as soon as I put it down for her! :o( . . . PCd until around 11pm! . . . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with grated cheese and barbeque ketchup followed by a couple of squares of chocolate . . . almost asleep in the chair and quickly to bed around 12:30am. The Youtube app on my damned TV was terminated today, so just like that, no more can I watch Youtube videos on it. I'm really pissed off that they can suddenly just decide to do something like that. :o(
19 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 9C out. Sunny and breezy . . .walked BGdns, down to the harbour, out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, and eventually headed back. The sea, already much calmer than yesterday, seemed to be noticeably calming down even further all the while we were out. Oh wow - as we started to head back from the breakwater, I spotted Leader returning from Dartmouth and coming back into the outer harbour and ultimately heading for the usual 'heritage pontoon'. Too good an opportunity to miss, so eager was I that the people on board should know that a Youtube video exists, I sat on a seat overlooking the pontoon waiting for a suitable moment to walk out and have a word with one of them. Sat there for ages before eventually walking all the way out along the pontoon and politely getting the attention of someone on deck. He confirmed he was 'crew'. He also confirmed that going out in such conditions as yesterday wasn't particularly unusual for them because 'the boat can handle it'. I explained I was speaking to him because I'd videod part of their journey and wanted to let them know it existed. Incredibly, he already knew! Someone on board had already discovered it online. lolol Ain't modern technology amazing! . . headed straight back all the way to BGdns and eventually headed home. .I was just up the street almost at home when a shout for assistance went out on the radio from fishing vessel Mysha Lucy with water in the engine room off Berry Head. After a bit of a pause listening-in stood on the street corner, I ultimately couldn't help myself returning at speed all the way back to BGdns to point the camera at - whatever? . . . Just in time to hear the distant launch siren as we descended through the trees, I managed to film from atop the usual lower searchlight/gun emplacement as it passed the end of the breakwater and headed out to sea. Damn those overgrown self seeded trees obscuring the view - unusualy raced to the top of the other bunker to attempt to grab some distant shots as it disappeared off round Berry Head. . decided there was ample time to relocate to a better vantage point, and headed off at speed, back down around the harbour and out towards the seat above the end of the breakwater. Comms on the scanner suggested the Rescue 106 helicopter was also being scrambled to attend and stand by 'just in case'. That had me consider carrying on walking in the direction of Berry Head, in the hope that maybe developments would be well within sight of my camcorder from up there. . before we'd even reached the pool at Shoalstone, the lifeboat had reached the casualty and confirmed that the helicopter was not required. The casualty vessel was so close and not in immediate danger, the lifeboat was going to tow it back to Brixham (with the guys on board bailing with a bucket!!) before putting pumps on board in calmer waters. . hung around in the sun near the Shoalstone pool and waited until they both became visible after rounding Berry Head. . Image of the Torbay lifeboat and Mysha Lucyfilmed - at length, as the two vessels headed back. I even ended up pretty much 'chasing' them back, even running here and there as best I'm now able to do, to try to film from various locations and not miss too much of their passge! lol (How sad am I!!) Filmed from by the pool, ran and filmed from near the seat above the end of the Breakwater, ran and filmed from the marina walkway, ran and filmed from atop the inner/working harbour viewing platform!!!! The lifeboat brought the vessel right in alongside the working harbour and the fire brigade were called, because the lifeboats pump was giving off too much in the way of fumes in the confined spaces aboard to be safe for the crews. The fire brigade pumps were better suited and safer etc. . the whole business went on for several hours. Determined to get my 'bookend shots' of the fire engines actualy leaving, I stuck it out and waited. . at some point, someone in a group nearby eating takeaways started fussing Bella (who was fixedly glaring at their food) and she ended up getting a good portion of a burger and a whole portion of chips - which she woofed down ravenously!! :o) Go figure - and she's leaving all her normal food all the time of late!? . . FINALLY got my end shots and headed home somewhere after 4pm, utterly exhausted . . . PCd editing for a few hours, but pretty soon had to just give up for a while. . . TVd . . . bizarrely Bella seemed to have an enormous appetite this evening, so I pretty much gave her as much as she wanted - which WAS lots more than a normal meal! . . . ate two beef baps, crisps, banana and biscuits . . . to bed shortly after 11pm, after having set the alarm for 7am. Gotta drive Mum to the Torquay health centre again tomorrow morning. Uggh.
18 - Woken by restless Bella around 6:45am, and up shortly after. 16C in, 8C out. Sunny spells and blowing quite an easterly gale. . . Image of waves over the Brixham breakwaterwalked BGdns. Wow - as ever when we have an easterly component to the wind, it was quite a 'boisterous' sea out across the bay(s). . carried on down around the inner harbour and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to sit and watch the waves breaking up over the breakwater just a bit. Shame we didn't get out earlier. The tide was rapidly falling and things quickly became significantly less spectacular along the breakwater than they obviously were earlier. Loads of people (mostly on their phones) all stopping to take photos/video nonetheless. . despite the cold and uncomfortable wind, we eventually carried on along and down to the open air Shoalstone swimming pool to see whatever there was to see. I'd read something suggesting the local fire brigade were gonna be using their pumps and hoses to help clean the place up this morning. Sure enough, a small crowd of fire guys were all assembling just above the pool as we walked along, although no sign of any fire engine, so not sure what they were 'actually' going to be doing. Waves were still breaking up over the rocks and washing water into the pool, so whatever they were going to be doing, they'd be having to wait for the tide to get lower yet. . didn't bother hanging around, and eventually headed all the way back to the welcome shelter from the wind of the inner harbour for my coffee . . ultimately headed all the way back along to BGdns, and recovered from the climb up on the usual higher seat. . with the easterly wind and boisterous seas, all the time we'd been out, I'd of course been scanning the harbour for any signs of any of the boats heading out, hoping for a 'in rough seas' filming opportunity. Sadly absolutely NOTHING was moving anywhere. Image of Leader leaving BrixhamThat was until, all of a sudden, 'Leader', one of the old heritage sailing trawlers appeared from behind view-obscuring trees and appeared to be making along the fairway for the outer harbour entrance! Surely not!??? Are they nuts?? Quickly hooked Bella to my belt and rushed just out of the entrance gate to a slightly better vantage point, looking over the top of the roof of the WWII Battery control centre bunker. Perched the camcorder atop my rice-bag camera-mount on top of the thin stone wall and started filming. Image of Leader in rough seasWith a whole bunch of people apparantly sat on a rib on the open deck, it did indeed put to sea! I was amazed that such a boat (ANY boat?) would willingly be setting out in such conditions. From a filming perspective, I was utterly delighted. lol . it's real unusual for me to attempt to film anything from that particular location because of the tall trees obscuring lots of the view, but as pure chance would have it, on this occasion it worked out to be the perfect position because of the open deck, the conditions, the route they ended up taking, etc, etc, etc. I think that's what I really find amazing about doing some of the filming I do - how SO many little things have to happen in JUST the right way for me to be able to capture what I eventually end up with. If the boat had gone a different route, the trees would have been in the way. Any lower down and I wouldn't have been able to zoom in on the people on the deck like I did. An infinite number of little things all miraculously coming together to make such a unique record of that moment in time possible. Extraordinary! I even managed to just about keep on filming when some holidaymaker started asking me if the ferry's were running today! Errr - not likely mate! . . regretably I eventually decided I'd better stop filming and rush home so as to be there when Mum arrived for her usual Saturday visit. Even THAT worked out okish from an end of filming shot point of view. I stopped filming and zoomed out just as Leader was more or less directly in line with the end of the breakwater, presumably heading across the bay towards rounding Berry Head?. . . . rushed back via the store for potatoes, etc . . Mum soon called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc - and ended up having to sit next to me and watch my first viewing of the remarkable footage I'd just captured. Oh yes - I think I got that GOOD. :o) Checks on the AIS website confirmed that Leader had already made it all the way round into Dartmouth! . . . straight back to the PC after Mum had gone, eager to try to edit down and 'share' the spectacular footage of Leader from earlier. All in all, I'd recorded almost fifty minutes of their passage. Cutting that down to a standard Youtube fifteen minutes maximum was gonna be tough, because the whole lot was just amazing to me and I didn't want to cut ANY of it. Took me hours to trawl through it and try to select what 'I' imagined were kinda stomach churning highlights. . . FINALLY done and uploading to Youtube by around 7pm for a couple of hours . . . TVd . . . ate cold sliced beef in two buttered baps with crisps and coleslaw . . .the Leader footage eventually uploaded and I quickly e-mailed who I thought may be interested parties, and also posted a couple of links on a couple of Facebook pages. Ooooh - HOW amazing for any of those paying people on board, to somehow sometime discover that a video of part of their adventure exists. What an incredible and unexpected 'souvenir' for them to share with people they know. lol Love it. :o) . . . TVd, but ended up watching the Leader footage on Youtube several times, increasingly imagining what it would have actually felt like to be onboard. lol I would have been horribly ill and absolutely terrified I'm sure. I swear there is one bit just after the three minute mark, which if you watch REAL close, a guy on the port side in a light coloured coat came uncomfortably close to going over the side! . . . TVd until bed around 1am or later.
17 - Woken earlier and again just after 7am by Bella moving around on her bed. Thankfully suprisingly she'd managed to NOT have any 'accidents' in the night, and appeared to be pretty much back to normalish with regard to her peeing. I'm going to assume that the cause of whatever that was, was some random infection, unrelated to her other health issues. I can't express how much of a relief that is! If she had actually suddenly lost control of her bladder, and that was going to be an ongoing problem for her, I really don't think I could possibly live with it. Given how we've always been pretty much inseperable night and day, and given the construction of the house etc, I WOULD have had really no choice but to call a halt to her life right now! Having to confront such an iminent possibility had made the last few hours pretty tough for me. :o( . . . 17C in, 11C out. Cloudy and breezy . . . walked BGdns and ended up hanging around for ages pointing the camcorder at a couple of trawlers and this and that.

-/ unfinished /-

. . . on down to the harbour to drink my coffee before back through town and a quick stop off in a store for some milk and going cheap beef mince . . . PCd . . . ate a pastie and crisps . . . napped until around 7pm. Woke feeling a bit unwell . . . TVd . . . ate chocolate and bowls of rice krispies . . to bed before 1am.
16 - Woken just after 7am by Bella being restless and apparantly needing to pee in the garden. 17C in, 11C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns. Wow - something really not right with Bella today. She wanted to stop to pee all along the way every couple of minutes!? . carried on down to the harbour to drink my coffee before heading home . . . mowed both lawns and pottered around de-weeding just a bit. Ended up in the back garden attempting to remove the smaller of the two thick exposed tree roots that spread out in a V across the lawn from the cut down cherry blossom tree trunk. I always have to try to mow around those great big roots, and then return to use the strimmer to cut back the remainder of the long grass that always grows up around them. It's a real awkward pain in the ass every time I have to mow the lawns, and is a constant worry I may hit and break the mower on them. Anyway - I used the electric drill to do loads of holes near to the trunk and eventually joined all the holes and laboriously cut through the arm-sized root and ultimately managed to remove the couple of feet of the above-ground section. That left quite a long wide trench across part of the lawn, so I filled that up with a little spare earth and then transplanted in some grass dug out from up the middle of the lane out back. All looks a bit of a mess at the moment, but it'll be ok in time. I'm very glad to have at least one of those out of the way. The other exposed root is even thicker/longer and is gonna be even tougher to remove, so I left that for some other time. . one other thing I had a go at was a piece of thick angle iron protruding from the ground on the edge of my lawn near one of the fence posts on the 'new neighbour's' side. I presume it was driven in there years ago to firm up a wobbling post? Every time I mow the lawn, the mower bashes up against it and stops me from being able to cut up as close to the fence as desired. Trying to use a lump hammer to just knock it down below ground level didn't work, so I ended up using the angle grinder to eventually cut off an inch or so. A silly little irritating thing, but I'm SO glad to finally have that too out of the way. . . ate corned beef sandwiches, crisps and a banana . . . napped late for not even a couple of hours, with Bella on her duvet bed in the bay window next to me as usual. Oh NO, what the **** is this????? As I roused myself from my nap, Bella came to me around the bedroom all dripping wet!!!??? Oh my god - from the big wet patch on her bed where she'd been laying (thank god for the waterproof duvet cover inside!) she'd obviously peed herself in her sleep, and one whole side of her back end was soaked and dripping! She appeared to be completely unaware. Poor dog - something VERY not right with her. :o( Ushered her quickly out into the garden and toweled her down a bit before mopping up the drips from around the bedroom etc. . . under the circumstances, I think we need to get out of the house for as long as possible!!! Walked BGdns and sat around miserably for ages until getting on for 10pm before eventually heading home. . . TVd, frequently letting Bella out into the garden, 'just in case'. . . ate the last of the stew, some mini cheddars and chocolate . . . to bed a little while after 2am. Bella ate almost nothing again today.
15 - Woke earlier, then up around 7:45am again. 17C in, 12C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns, the harbour and back and eventually home via the store for a few supplies. . . drank a little baileys while cooking up a pot of mincemeat stew. Ate a dish full with two crusts of buttered bread . . napped . . TVd whilst listening-in as the ALB was called out to a vessel called Boogie Woogie requiring assistance off Goodrington. Just broken down I imagine since it was quickly towed back to Brixham harbour. . . ate a pastie, crisps, biscuits and chocolate . . TVd until to bed around 1am.
14 - Woke earlier, then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 7C out. Fog! Hang on - fog out the front, sunny out the back! . . . walked BGdns. No view of the bay at all. Bella seemed to be noticeably rather less energetic this morning. Hardly surprising given all the walking we've done with her hardly having eaten for two days. :o( . carried on down to the inner harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. At length the fog thinned and cleared to warm and sunny. Headed back up to BGdns only to find the fog still filling the bay and drifting back and forth off the coast. Weird weather. The temperature noticably changed by at least a few degrees in intermitant pockets as we headed up. Hot one minute, cold the next . . . back into full sun by the time we got home . . . dumped Bellas full bowl of refused food out for the gulls. :o( . . . PCd this . . .TVd . . . ate two pastry and meat slices, crisps, almond slices and biscuits . . to bed around 1am.
13 - Woke earlier, snoozed for a bit then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 11C out. Sunny . . . walked. Headed straight for the local post office and got the DVD of the wedding-couple in BGdns posted. 95p!! Humphh! :o( . . . walked BGdns feeling real low again/still. Poked at this and that with the camcorder a bit before heading down to the inner harbour. . sat in the sun near the Golden Hind for my coffee before heading back up to BGdns for more aimless/discontented sitting around. A stunning sunny day, with the bay all bright blue, and a hint of clouds of mist sitting over Torquay in the far distance. Found a dog collar complete with name/phone-number tag hung on the back of the end of the seat. Obviously found somewhere by someone else, who couldn't be bothered with the hassle of trying to contact the owner. Reluctantly felt obliged to take it home and try to do the necessary . . . put Bella's untouched food from last night out in the garden for the crows and gulls to instantly devour . . recovered from the walk with a coffee and a smoke before heading for the PC. Had a bit of a go at trying to 'reverse lookup' the phone number on the dog tag online, but to no avail. Eventually gave up and just rang the number on the tag - and suprisingly/thankfully got an answer. Turned out to be a woman across town somewhere. I offered to just post it through a letterbox some time, but she seemed to be strangely reluctant to give her address, so it was agreed she'd pop over some time later to pick it up . . PCd . . the postman delivered the six gang switched extension lead I'd ordered. I'd been VERY picky when sourcing where to buy one, intent on buying one identical to the one I already have. What a waste of time that turned out to be. The one they've sent ('Eurosonic') although entirely useable, is subtly different (different style of switches WITHOUT red colouring to show when on, power lead emerges from the opposite end, etc, etc) - and absolutely NOT the one pictured in their advert! FFS!! :o( I'm not happy, but it just isn't worth it - to me - to start kicking up a fuss, so I'll have to make do with it. Why is it ever thus for me?!!! :o( . . .PCd - this at length for hours . .someone FINALLY called by for the dog collar. The woman had suggested around 4:30pm. Turned up at 5:30pm. Her daughter got out of the car and came to the door. I just handed it over and said goodbye. I hadn't meant to, but I may well have even appeared a bit rude! . . . TVd . . .an 'interesting' blanket of fog on the hills across the valley persuaded me to do an evening walk to see what the views around the bay looked like. Walked BGdns. Wow - still sunny in the gardens but a dark thick blanket of fog was lapping over and obscuring Berry Head and much of the town, and filling Lyme Bay further out. Same effect across the bay over Torquay too - with clear blue sky immediately above the fog banks. . ended up walking down around the harbour and on out to the Breakwater and then all the way out to the end of the Breakwater and back as the sun set. The sunset itself out across the bay was bright and clear and spectacular, and yet at the same time behind us, the fog had 'lapped' in some more, and for a time completely covered the whole town. All very atmospheric and something of a spectacle. I DID take a bunch of photos, but sadly none adequately did the scenes justice. . . back to the inner harbour to sit on the edge of a slipway and drink my coffee as the tide started to come back in, with my feet resting on the more usualy submerged harbour floor. As we were sitting there (listening on the scanner as always), a call to the coastguard for help was made by a yacht over Meadfoot Beach by Torquay across the bay. A sail boat with only one on board had apparantly fouled its propeller on some line or other and was drifting up onto the rocks midway along the beach! Coastguard teams and the Torbay lifeboat were paged and mobilised to attend. . ended up walking all the way back up to BGdns to sit on the higher seat listening-in. The lifeboat headed out and disappeared into the fog soon after we reached the seat. By this time Torbay was full of fog and there was sadly no possibility of seeing anything across the bay at all. Bizarrely, despite barely even being able to see the breakwater half a mile or less in front of me, the sky immediately above was clear and full of stars and I even got to see the space station and something else in orbit passing over! . . according to what I heard on the scanner, the ALB launched its Y boat and got the 'casualty' (fit and well) onboard the ALB and then the Y boat succeeded in towing the yacht off the rocks and back out into deeper water where it was taken alongside the ALB and ultimately brought back into Torquay harbour. I think it was determined it WAS damaged in some way and taking on water, so there was mention of it being soon craned out. Headed home somewhere around 10pm to continue listening on the living-room scanner, cold and damp with all the fog. . . DF called to touch base and say he wouldn't be visiting Friday. . . TVd . . .despite adding the remaining cold beef slices from the fridge, and even later some grated cheese in an attempt to tempt her, Bella left most of her food again today. WHAT a waste! :o( . . . cooked and ate two quarter pound cheeseburgers with coleslaw followed by three kipling apple pies . . . TVd until to bed around 1am.
12 - Woke around 7am, snoozed on for a bit then up around 8am. 16C in, 11C out. Sunny and windy. . .received a reply from the wedding couple requesting the video be taken OFF Youtube. What a terrible shame - but of course I immediately did so. Something about concerns that part of their conversation could be overheard, and not wanting to spoil the suprise of the photos for others, etc. I mailed them to confirm it was deleted and that I'd try and figure out the best way to be able to let them have the footage. Far too big to e-mail and I don't have sufficient webspace anywhere to be able to temporarily upload it for them to download!! . . . walked BGdns - initially overheating in all my winter layers. Sat and played ball on the usual shaded seat for a while, until the cold stiff breeze made all my layers VERY welcome again. . carried on down around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for some more sitting (hood up in the cold wind). Returned to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee before finally heading home through town (and a brief stop in a store along the way for a few supplies) . . . succeeded in burning the 'newlywed video' file to a data DVD disc and then mailed them back again, suggesting my preference would be to just pop it through a local letterbox when walking the dog some time . . .they soon replied asking me to post it to a Paignton address!!? That's a bloody pain - and is actually gonna cost me money! Jeeze - I wish I hadn't bloody well filmed them now! It's just ended up causing me a bunch of hassle - AND now money! I dunno - seems just a bit weird to me that although they HAVE expressed gratitude and all that, that they seem to be kinda just expecting that I will for them. Unjustified and unfair of me perhaps, but it makes me feel as though that's just another example of how people these days seem to have an 'expectation' that everything - um - just happens for them as though it is their right. I dunno. -/unfinished/-

enveloped up the DVD (and a copy - just in case) and got it ready for posting tomorrow . . . drank red wine sufficient to get a bit tipsy. Cooked and ate going out-of-date/cheap breaded chicken pieces with chips. . . lay down for a MUCH needed nap. Just then, next door started up with a hammer drill!!? What on earth can he possibly be doing - considering the house has been sold and all? Sounded like he was putting new socket boxes on/in the wall! Ended up having NO choice but to get back up and suffer the noise . . . TVd feeling increasingly VERY down. :o( . . . ate some almond slices and chocolate. . . to bed around 12:30am. Bella has been eating fairly normally for quite a while now. Tonight she left all her food again! :o(
11 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 14C out. Sunny with quite a breeze. . .walked BGdns for ball play. Eventually carried on down to the harbour to sit near the Golden Hind to drink my coffee. I'd only drunk around a quarter of the flask full before putting it down on the bench next to me whilst I had a few puffs on my e-cigarette. Just then a small girl walking past with her mother managed to flail her arms around and knock my flask to the floor spilling the remainder all over the floor - AND some on her dress. I can't recall exactly what was said between us (I politely made light of it) but my overwhelming sense was that the mother was less than as apologetic as one SHOULD have been under the circumstances. She seemed more concerned with making a big fuss of trying to wipe down her child's dress! No hint of any suggestion that she should replace my spilled drink, etc. That really rather pissed me off - but of course I just let it go and expressed concern that the child was ok and then reassured her that it was only luke warm sugary coffee. When DID everyone ('younger') become SO self-centred and uncaring of others!?? FFS! :o( . . back up to BGdns before home via the pet store for a new very large rawhide chew for Bella. 5 - for a bloody chewy thing!!! Jeeze! :o( . . . mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats. . Showed her the footage of the bride in BGdns. She loved it of course. She liked it so much in fact, I was persuaded to start trying to do a bit of 'Sherlock Holmes' and use the internet to try to figure out who they were and make contact to let them know the video exists. . after a couple of failed phone calls here and there, ultimately it was clear that the ONLY 'hook' I had which 'could' enable me to eventually maybe get to the bottom of who they were, was the immaculately restored black and white split screen VW campervan they'd hired as a wedding car. Sure enough, somehow after searching for all 'local' companies hiring such a van (there WERE more than one!! Who'd have thought it!) I somehow bumped into someones twitter postings and photographs of the wedding couple. At length I managed to work out enough information to start looking for a local name and number in the phone book. Called a likely number across town and sure enough, it was the parents of the groom - and whilst I was speaking with them, they even had the groom on the other line! lolol Anyway - to cut a LONG story short, I was eventually able to e-mail them to let them know the Youtube film exists and to give them the link etc - AND of course the important opportunity to let me know if they had any objections. . . cooked and ate fried eggs, bacon, black pudding and potato . . . napped until around 7pm . . . TVd the night away watching nothing. . . ate two beef slice cheesey baps, kipling apple pies and chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
10 - Up around 8:30am! 15C in, 10C out. Misty again to start. . . the rarest thing in the world for me, but this morning for no apparant reason, I didn't feel 'quite' so pain ridden, and even felt as though I had just a 'little' bit of energy!??? . . walked the coastal path down to Churston Cove for a brief bit of ball throwing/swimming for Bella before then heading up through the woods and eventually back round and back to our usual lower seat in BGdns. Very warm. On down to the harbour to sit at length and drink my coffee before heading back along towards BGdns. Saw a blue and gold coloured barrel jellyfish in the waters of the outer harbour along the way .Image of Bella and a barrel jellysfish in Brixham's outer harbour Had a bit of a go at filming it for a while, although the windblown ripples on the water made that less than entirely successful. Good enough at least for a couple of still images for here and a submission to the Spotted Brixham facebook page. :o) It would appear that sightings of these things is becoming more and more common in our local waters - although they always still seem to end up getting mentioned by the local newspaper. I can't help but wonder how many of them are routinely caught and killed by all the trawlers. I HAVE overheard radio traffic from boats suggesting LOTS of some variety of jellyfish have been hauled up and have to be dumped! :o( Awful. Outrageous! :o( . . eventually ended-up sat back on the higher seat in BGdns taking in the views and recovering from the climb. All of a sudden I was confronted by what seemed to me to be the bizarrist of sights. An immaculately restored old black and white split-screen VW campervan bedecked as a wedding car had pulled up at the entrance to the gardens and a 'just married' bride and groom in their full wedding outfits started to walk down and past me into the gardens!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like THAT there before!!! With the bride in heels and a full white wedding dress trailing in the mud, it struck me as THE most bizarre sight. How could I possibly resist. I 'sneaked' my camcorder out of my pocket and started to 'discretely' film them as they walked past, hoping to get enough for at least just a representative still maybe. The whole thing became even more bizarre to me, when various people round about didn't seem to bat an eyelid at the scene, almost as though it was some sort of common everyday occurance!!??? EVEN more bizarre when the bride, groom and photographer all carried on down the path and disappeared through the archway leading down the slopes to the lower part of the gardens!! It WAS of course someones private business, and I sat there trying to ignore it for some time, but eventually I just couldn't contain my curiosity, and I ended up heading down the way they'd gone with Bella. I 'came upon them' again as they were posing for more photos overlooking Fishcombe and Churston coves. Image of newlyweds in Battery GardensAt THIS point, 'noticed', I asked if they wouldn't mind if I also pointed my camera at them. They had no objection - so I filmed some more. They soon headed further on down the muddy path and around in the direction of the lower searchlight/gun emplacement. I followed a little way off, before ending up sitting on our usual lower ball-playing seat and filming them from that unobtrusive-ish distance. A breathtaking spectacle I thought. Quite beautiful and moving. What the professional photographs must look like I can only imagine. Superb I'm sure. Is this something common that people around these parts 'do' when they get married I wonder? . . they eventually called it quits and started the long climb back up the paths. I figured I'd already kinda overdone things, given I was 'intruding' on their special day, so I hung around on the lower seat for a bit before ultimately returning to the higher seat. By the time I got up there, they were pretty much done and getting back into their VW campervan up on the road. I managed a token shot or two of the camper as it pulled past the entrance gate and disappeared down the road. . well - that was all VERY unexpected! Eventually headed home and of course pretty much straight onto the PC, to review whatever I may have got of the scenes. . . PCd camcorder footage and at length, edited together footage of the newlyweds photoshoot. Easier said than done because of my damned radio scanner. It's an awful habit, but because I've just gotten SO used to having the thing chatting away in my pocket, I tend to forget all about it when I suddenly start trying to capture something of unexpected interest on the camcorder. That means I end up with all manner of marine-band radio traffic nonsense coming out all over the audio of the video - which I daren't include in any finished edit of course. Means I often have to get real creative with blending together various bits of bird song and gull calls etc etc. Time consuming and a real pain in the ass. . . ultimately ended up deciding I WOULD upload it to Youtube, because it seemed to me to be SUCH a nice bit of extraordinary footage, and in the hope that whoever they were would somehow sometime get to see it. . . quickly ate corned beef and ketchup sandwiches with crisps followed by a banana while the file continued to upload . . .DF called in for arguments, coffee and biscuits until after 10:30pm . . . TVd for hours, 'recovering' from the company! . . . ate a handfiul of biscuits before to bed after 2am.
9 - Woke earlier, snoozed for a bit then up around 8am. 16C in, 7C out. Grey and misty . . . walked chilly BGdns, on down to the harbour for my coffee and back through town . . . did laundry and got it all out on the line in some bright spells, although the sea mist soon returned and nothing much dried . . . did paperwork and balanced my accounts . . . PCd. Surfed around at length before eventually ordering an individualy switched six gang extension lead (the same as one I already have) for 9.75 inc postage. I seem to be ending up with all manner of different things which frequently require charging from their own dedicated power supply - camcorder, rechargeable batteries, e-cigs, tablet, etc - and I'm getting sick and tired of having to reach behind a storage chest in the PC room to get to an available/suitable socket each time. I figure having such an individualy switchable extension lead which I can position more within arms reach and leave plugged-in all the time is a much handier solution and worth the few s investment. . . TVd . . . drank a splash of red wine. Ate fried slices of spam with chips followed by a couple of bananas and biscuits . . . to bed after 12:30am.
8 - Poor dream laden broken sleep. Back up around 8:30am. 16C in, 10C out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns, the harbour, out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to the harbour for my coffee then back home through town after having picked up twelve tins of dog food . . . drank a glass of red wine . . fried and ate bacon, black pudding, egg and potatos. . . napped until just after 7pm . . . TVd . . .ate bowls of co-co pops, a chunk of spam and some chocolate . . . to bed around 12:30am.
7 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 9C out. Cloudy to start . . .walked BGdns. After overheating in all my layers yesterday, I didn't wear quite so much this morning, and of course was uncomfortably freezing cold in the overcast chilly easterlyish breeze. . sat around on the higher seat with my coffee for quite a while as things gradually warmed up. Ended up heading home before midday in increasing sunny spells . . . PCd this. . . . just sat around feeling very down again . . . retreated to bed. Napped until around 6:15pm . . . TVd . . .drank red wine. Cooked and ate two chicken kievs, mixed veg and chips followed by a little chocolate . . . TVd/aimlessly PCd until around 4:30am before bed.
6 - Woke earlier, lay there for a while then up around 8am. 16C in, 7C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns under a clear blue sky in the full sun. Eventually carried on around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for quite a while. Back to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for a bit. Absolutely heaving with people, I retreated back along to BGdns to sit around for ages more. People all around, plenty of boats playing in the bay, even people swimming from the rocks - albeit wearing wetsuits. A super 'summery' day. As usual on such a day, particularly when confronted by the sight of all the 'couples' walking around enjoying their time together, I ended up feeling painfully hopelessly inescapably separate and alone and at a loss for what 'I' could do with such a day. :o( Painful as always, but increasingly so the older I get so it seems! :o( . . . . mowed the lawns . . sat in the garden making ugly noise with the guitar for quite a while. Sorry nighbours. . .TVd . . . ate two buttered toasted hot cross buns followed later by a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, crisps, coleslaw, banana, biscuits and chocolate (nowhere near enough for a day (again!) but I just couldn't be bothered to do anything else). . . to bed around midnight.
5 - Back up by 9am after really almost no sleep at all. 16C in, 9C out. Grey . . . walked Bgdns, down to the harbour, on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater and back. LOTS of people around. . threw Bellas ball into the water on the yacht club slipway for just a while on the way back towards BGdns. With the tide out, I bizarrely found a quite nice metal and plastic travel cup and some cutlery (forks mostly) in the lapping water at the bottom of the slipway!?? Couldn't resist getting my feet a little wet in order to retrieve them. It then became apparant that lots more of the cutlery was laying down in a crevice in adjacent rocks. By literally laying down on the side of the slipway and with my sleeve rolled up, I was 'just' able to reach into the space between the rocks and grab all I could see. Ended up being a real handful of knives and forks - probably the best part of an entire cutlery set!?? How on earth all that came to be washed up in there is anyones guess. Got a bit scratched and bloody for my effort - although was also rewarded, by finding a ball on a rope for Bella to add to her vast, largely untouched (because she just prefers tennis balls) toy collection. Ended up just leaving the cup and cutlery collection atop a nearby bin for either someone passing to 'loot' or the council to dispose of when the bin emptier arrived. . . back to BGdns to sit around for even longer. Finally back home via the store for a few supplies mid afternoon. . . ate three going off/cheap pasties with coleslaw followed by some chocolate . . . napped until gone 7pm . . . TVd . . . ate two beef finger rolls, crisps and chocolate followed later by a bowl of mum donated co-co pops . . . to bed around 1am.
4 - Up around 8:20am. 15C in, 9C out. Cloudy . . . walked chilly breezy BGdns and then on down to the more sheltered harbour to sit and drink my coffee. Busy with plenty of people milling around. Back home through town . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats . Whilst she was here, I used the tablet to go on-line and look up the estate agents advert for the house next door, to show her what it looked like inside etc. I'd already looked myself previously. It is of course MUCH bigger than mine, a semi detached, and an amazing FIVE bedrooms - on sale for 239,950. As far as I can remember/tell from all the new photos, the 'new neighbours' seem to have pretty much 'mostly' just tarted the place up and cosmetically 'updated' it a bit by making everything lighter and newly painted, etc. Just making it look a bit more 'modern' inside kinda? They hadn't even put in new double glazing or anything of the sort (which 'I' think it badly needs - especially if their loudly banging front door is anything to go by!). I was AMAZED to see the estate agents website was suggesting the house was ALREADY sold subject to contracts! Blimey - that was quick!? I was only 'aware' of one estate agent viewing! . . all rather worrying. Even Mum couldn't seem to grasp the potential significance/'danger' of having new neighbours moving in there again. It's impossible to relate to others how very VERY thin the walls are between these houses. Whoever moves in there, it really IS like I'm gonna be 'living with them'. If it's gonna be someone who is noisy or gonna be playing music all the time etc, etc, etc, it could easily make my life an absolute misery. :o( (For example - I am generally woken at whatever time (around 7-7:30am) the current people mostly go to work in the mornings. I've been FULLY aware that their little girl has had a bad hacking cough and has been up coughing and crying in the early hours on many occasions, etc.) :o( . . . ate a large bowl of all the remaining stew with four pieces of bread and butter . . . napped until around 7pm . . . TVd . . ate two small beef finger-rolls with coleslaw followed by two buttered hot cross buns and then some chocolate . . . guitarred/TVd/PCd the night away until deep into early, light in the sky and bird song before finally to bed.
3 - Woke earlier, snoozed-on then up around 8:15am. 16C in, 10C out. Cloudy . . walked across FGn playing a bit of ball on the way and headed straight for the road above Oxen Cove to look over and see whatever was to be seen of the 'sea cycle' challenge which'd managed to get quite a bit of publicity on the local TV news, etc. A small crowd was hanging around near the yacht club slipway, and a total of just three 'cycle boats' were ready to take to the water. Grabbed a tiny bit of video before deciding to walk down for a closer look. Stayed out of the way of all the photo taking by people from the local newspapers etc, but hung around on the path nearby waiting for the start. My plan was that I could maybe grab a bit of video of the start, and then leisurely wander along and back up into BGdns to grab a bit more footage as they cycled past and out into the bay. Image of the start of the Sea Cycle Challenge 2015What I hadn't considered was how fast they'd actually be going! Sadly one of the contraptions broke within seconds of the start, and that was the end of his race before it'd begun, but the remaining two, and the tandem in particular, were suddenly disappearing off into the distance! By the time I reached my usual vantage point atop the lower searchlight bunker up in BGdns, the tandem was already disappearing off into the distance around the bay (which seemed a strange lengthy strategy?). The other had a bit of a mechanical problem and lingered just below me for quite a while sorting it out, before he too was cycling away - although he took a much more direct route almost straight across. . eventually ended up sat on rocks nearer sea level for absolutely ages, filming their distant progress as best I could. A bizarre sight seeing people cycling on the water like that. Motionless for so long sat on ice cold rocks with a chilly breeze blowing, I ended up feeling absolutely frozen, despite my hat, gloves and layers! Despite being four miles distant and little more than just dots on the camera, I HAD intended to sit it out and try to actually capture them as best I could, both disappearing behind the Torquay harbour wall as they arrived and entered the harbour. Sadly just as they were both getting near, clouds descended and a bit of light drizzle began to fall, and I completely lost sight of them - so that was the end of that. :o( . . quickly headed home feeling utterly frozen . . . edited the 'sea cycle' challenge video for hours before finally setting a long slow upload to youtube going. The local newspaper website quickly had another story all about it. "Only two of the three starters made it across the bay on their floating tandem bikes after one was hit by gear trouble.Brothers Andy and Chris Lang won the sea-going race, finishing about half an hour ahead of Torbay Council candidate Mr Excell.After the race a jubilant Mr Excell said: "I wanted to prove a point that just because you are 70, you do not have to give up." Blimey - 70 years old!!! Amazing. I was barely capable of sitting on a rock just watching! . . . hastily forced down a small bowl of stew and a packet of crisps . . . DF called in for coffee, biscuits and arguments until around 10:30pm . . . TVd . . ate a couple of bananas . . to bed by 1am.
2 - Woke around 7:50am. Up soon after. 15C in, 10C out. Cloudy . . walked BGdns, down to the harbour and back . . . PCd/just sat around. . TVd . .drank wine. . cooked up a big pot of mixed veg and tinned meat stew. Ate a bowlfull with four pieces of bread and butter followed by chocolate biscuits and chocolate . . to bed by around midnight.
1 - Woken around 7:20am by neighbour noise. Up soon after. 15C in, 5C out. Sunny . . walked BGdns, the harbour, the seat above the end of the breakwater and back . . .drank some red wine. Ate cold ham with chips and two fried eggs . . . napped until gone 7pm . . . TVd . . . ate a pasty, crisps, banana and some chocolate sponge role . . . to bed around 2am.