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1 - Shopped for food . . . PCd . . . slept . . . TVd watching the news and lunatics rioting all over the place to celebrate May Day!! What on earth is the point? . . . PCd till early. (4/10)p
2 - Woken early by the sound of the deisel engine of a lorry parked opposite, engine running! . . . popped a moving home card in the post to SA . . . PCd and chatted with SA and found out the move has all gone bad!! Ooops! . . . Sis1 popped in briefly with her Grandchild . . . TVd. Headache and felt exhausted all day. (4/10)p
3 - Woken early again by the sound of a deisel engined mail van parked opposite with the engine running!!!? . . . messed around in the garden and chopped down the overgrown holly tree . . . with M/D coming up I imagined we wouldn't be eating till later so quickly stuffed myself with corned beef sandwhiches to keep me going . . .M/D arrived bearing a couple of potted SLOW GROWING trees for the garden, a surplus to requirements black and white portable TV, and 'bought for a song' charity shop trophies. A rechargeable beard trimmer and a tidy leather coat. Sis1 arrived after getting her car back from having an overdue service. M/D presented Sis1 with a new hedge trimmer they had bought her - and me some money to, as always, make it equal and fair!! Unusually decided to go for our meal early! Typical! . . . went to the Golden Lion at Frampton Cotterel. Excellent LARGE meals - better value than the Harvester! Very full!!!!! Even came away with a 'doggy bag' of left overs for tomorrow . . . back to my place to pick things up and load up Sis1 car with all the logs from my trees. Decided since we were all here to help to have a go at trimming Sis1 trees!!!!!! . . . spent the next several hours with Dad up a step ladder and trimming the monsterously overgrown trees in her garden!! Exhausting. . . Sis1 and Mum went out to the shops to buy cakes and broke down!!!! Luckily sorted out by the garage real quick - something to do with the car service? . . . Sis1 man PH joined us. Finished chopping trees and clearing up and sat around with wine/cheese/tea/cakes and chatting till late. Dropped back home by M/D with an old pine bedside type cupboard Sis1 donated for putting the portable TV on in my bedroom. No longer have to try and peer past my feet as I watch TV in bed!! . . . absolutely exhausted!! Struggled to stay awake to receive the usual "home safely" phone call from M/D. . . .TVd and PCd breifly before bed. M/D really are good people - but I find it impossible to simply say 'I love you' to them!!? They are starting to really show signs of their age, Mum especially, and - well - I guess I'd better learn to say it pretty soon if I'm ever going to!!! (4/10)p
4 - Woken too early AGAIN by the dustbin men!!! . . . put the rest of the garden rubbish in the bin and tidied up hot and dirty in the sun . . . PCd . . . my website had disappeared-all my pages replaced with the ISP page!! Phoned the ISP and assured it was a temporary fault . . . nice lunch of microwaved yesterdays doggy bag left overs . . . got an e-mail from TS about her in a car-accident!!!!! Phoned her up. Usual whiplash but sounded ok . . . .ML and PS popped in for chats. Noticed flashing lights through the curtains. All went outside to watch a fire engine pulling up just down the road to put out a car that was on fire!!! Dunno who's. Looked like it 'could' have been a genuine electrical fault - seat of the fire beneath the bonnet? Probably kids or an insurance fraud! Life in the ghetto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ML left pretty soon after in his Land Rover. Didn't blame him!! . . . PCd till early. Website had happily reappearred. (4/10)ps
5 - Up late with a headache! . . . PCd . . .went shopping but saw SH on his way down so got a lift back and had chats and coffee before getting dropped off at the shops . . . slept . . . TVd . . . PCd. Lots of late night rowdy drunks in the street! (4/10)ps
6 - Only managed to stay awake for an hour or two before feeling SO tired and falling asleep again! . . PCd . . . ate and fell asleep again!!!!!! . . . TVd/PCd till early . . . phoned Sis2 to touch base.Seemed ok.(4/10)ps
7 - Up around 9:30. A very sunny bank holiday Monday . . . picked up around 1pm and went for a drive with S&DH, AC and his lady. Went to Lyme Regis and returned the surviving fish to the rock pools. Had fish and chips, walked about a bit in the sun and cold breeze, had an ice cream. Drove round the coast and ended up in Exemouth for a few hours watching the sun go down. Stopped and had a look at a fair but what a sorry example! We were almost the only people there and almost no rides there at all! Seemed remarkably quiet for a Bank Holiday. Kentcuky fried chicken and eventually the long drive home by midnight . . . Interesting to see how peoples relationships work. Don't think I understand at all!! . . . PCd/chatted to BB by phone before setting my alarms and bed.(4/10)p
8 - Up early with the alarm.Another sunny day - Sis2 is right - it does make a difference and make the world seem 'brighter'! . . . went to the doctors (drugs dealer?!). Gave me a perscription for two months supply of Prozac and instructions to get a repeat perscription after that. So I see him again in about four months! Nice one. . . sat in the garden in the sun . . . PCd . . . ate and fell asleep. Woke up five hours later!!! . . . PCd and read before yet more sleep!! (4/10)p
9 - Woken by the postman delivering next door's mail through my letter box. Breakfast in the sun on the patio . . .PCd/TVd/Read until early.(4/10)ps
10 - Woken late by the stupid woman who visits opposite and ALWAYS blows her car horn twice as she leaves! Grrr! . . . PCd/slept/TVd. Felt a bit down for no apparant reason . . . PS popped in till early. A very warm night - warmer outside than in! (3/10)ps
11 - Opened the curtains and saw a pile of plastic garden chairs had been put out by their rubbish bin by a neighbour down the street. Tempted. Showered and then noticed the neighbour trying to put them in his car boot presumeably to dump them? Couldn't resist and went and knocked on their door and asked if they were throwing them away. They were - with a table so I had them!! Terrible condition probably only fit for throwing away but maybe with some scrubbing? I guess rubbish is better than nothing! Phone went so I jokingly picked up and answered "Not now! I'm being Steptoe and Son!" Women from the library was a little taken aback but announced that Kantor's 'Distancing' had arrived. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rushed straight out and walked to the library and picked it up after paying the 70p fee. Marvellous. On INTERloan from the British Library BUT - MUST be returned by 21st May!!! Bloody hell! Not much time! . . . shopped.Very hot and sweaty! . . . PCd . . . started reading. Slept for an hour but woken by M/D telling of the 'Human Zoo' program on ITV later. TVd - excellent psychology type program.Fascinating! . . read . . . PCd a little till early. (4/10)p
12 - Up late. Another hot sunny day! Sat in the garden in the sun and tried to read but so much easier to just snooze! . . .TVd/Read/PCd till early. Sat out in the cool of the dawn before bed listening to the birdsong. (4/10)ps
13 - Up too early with a headache after not enough sleep. PCd . . . SH popped in for a couple of hours . . . tried to sleep off the headache . . . read a little more of the book. Not impressed - disappointed with it so far. . . PS called with PC/modem problems and came and picked me up to have a look at it! What the hell do I know?!!!! Reinstalled the drivers and got it connecting but not working properly - or was the phone line faulty? Gave up!! If it was me I'd wipe the machine and go for a clean instal. . . walked back home with PS for coffee and chats. The excercise seemed to clear my head and wake me up. LB phoned and popped down to join in the chats! . . . PCd till early. Not enough hours in the day?!!!! (4/10)ps
14 - Up late. Read . . . phoned CW to touch base . . . PCd . . . read, read, read, slept, read, read, FINISHED! Not too impressed! . . . dropped my unwanted herb plant from the garden into LBs . . . Started trying to capture some of the book with the scanner so I can re-read it at my leisure . . . sat on the patio in the still of the night feeling pretty ok. Not sure why! . . . PCd (4/10)p
15 - Spent all morning scanning in the book! . . . PCd . . . finished the scanning nightmare . . . filled the wheely bin up with other peoples rubbish from the lane! Relocated three small toads to my garden. Scrubbed the garden table down some more before some torrential rain - seems to have come up quite ok . . . slept for an hour . . . TVd feeling a bit down and schizoid?! STILL haven't replied to several outstanding e-mails. Feel guilty but it feels like a chore!? Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow! . . . sat in the conservatory in the still of the damp night watching herds of huge snails rampaging around the garden! . . . PCd before bed (3/10)p
16 - Up late. PCd and caught up on a couple of mails . . . shopped and ended up buying yet more cheap books from the charity shops . . .dropped 50 into LB for her to try and get me some cheap tobacco when she goes to France next week . . . A 'happy' evening. Guitared/TVd/PCd/watched snails/read till early (5/10)ps
17 - Woken real early by the awful weather torrential rain and blowing a gale through the open window! Got back to sleep and slept until very late . . . PCd . . .slept even more . . . TVd . . . PCd. IHB called in for a beer. PCd chatting woth BB till real early. Discovered my Yaseu scanner wa sat in a pool of water!!!!!!!!!????? Rain? How?!!!!!!!!!!! . . . finally exhausted to bed, only to find as soon as my head touched the pillow I couldn't sleep! (4/10)p
18 - Woken after only three hours sleep by the dustbin men! . . . PCd capturing Kantor's book . . .tried to snooze but failed! Then LB phoned up asking me to go up and take some mincemeat out of her freezer that she had forgotten! Obliged . . . went to give blood. Loads of people there - took over an hour and a half!!!!! . . . shopped . . . PCd/TVd . . . kinda finished capturing Kantor's book.LB popped in wanting a knife sharpened!!!?Obliged. Posted on the Yahoo groups to share the book while it is there, before the 'copyright police' arrest me! . . . assumed by strategic placing of paper towels that the water was getting into the radio via the aerial lead acting like a hosepipe in the rain!!!!!! Letting the radio dry out for a few days before seeing if it still works!! That aerial is gonna have to go!!! . . . PCd with BB till early but SO exhausted soon went to bed earlier than of late. (4/10)p
19 - Up late after lots of sleep. Weather looks ok so decided to have a go at painting the garden walls white! Mediteranean style? Finished two of the three. The other difficult one can wait. Decided to get serious with the lane out the back. Asked a neighbours permission and buried the big stone outside their gate that made getting the wheely bin through difficult. Went ok so decided to go the whole hog and move the big pile of rubble and spread it around so the lane was flat - but slightly higher!! Filled my bin with other peoples dumped rubbish! Decided that the single length of aluminum ladder that has been out there for more than a year really is 'dumped' and decided to try and 'appropriate' it! A bit nervous of being accused of theft and imagining that the whole neighbourhood was watching, I moved it up the lane to outside MY garden! I'll leave it there for a while to see if anyone moves it back. If not, it's mine! Replanted some "Mind Your Own Business" in the bare new earth to encourage it to cover it in green ground cover. . . finished clearing up and sitting about admiring it by about 8pm. Celebrated with a kebab. . . TVd . . . PCd . . . sat in the garden in the cool of the night by candle light! Real peacefull apart from the drunken singing from a party across the way. SH rang to see if I wanted to go with him and DH tomorrow to a 'dolls house fair'!!!!!!!? I think not!!(5/10)ps
20 - Up at a reasonable time. Very warm and sunny. Sat on the patio. Now the neighbours tree is gone I get the early morning sun again. Blimey, reflects off all the white walls - BRIGHT!! Poor old snails are gonna need sun glasses!! . . PCd . . . sat around and then decided to catch up on an outstanding e-mail reply. Sat in the graden with the laptop. . . PCd and chatted with SA although the chat seemed to end rather abruptly . . . TVd . . . ended the day feeling real down and avoidant!!! Can't figure out quite why? . . . Neighbour burning stuff filled the house with nasty acrid smelling smoke before I could close all the windows!! YUK!! . . . PCd and relatively early to bed (3/10)ps
21 - Warm sunny morning. PS rang to ask if I'd pop over and help him look at a fault on his motorbike . . . got my motorbike out and took the book back to the library. Briefly stopped to draw some money out in Kingswood. Walking down the high street all dressed in leather jacket and dark glasses I spotted a huge cucumber in the middle of the busy road?!! Couldn't resist. Ran straight out into the road stopping traffic and rescued the cucumber!! Huge great thing all perfectly wrapped in cling film with not a scratch on it. Asked a woman at the bus stop if she had seen who had dropped it, but I guess the sight of me 'the bad ass biker' approaching her waving such a large cucumber was reason enough for her to be stunned into silence?! Stuffed it down my jacket and rode home!! . . . cucumber causes me indigestion so I rode to PS and gave it to him for his rabbit and guinea pigs. Played with the dogs - investigated his bike problem and eventually came to the conclusion it was likely the starter solenoid switch cause it worked with a thump. Expensive!! Recommended he keep thumping for a while just to be certain that IS the problem . . . back home and fell asleep for a couple of hours . . . PCd . . . Neighbour burning stuff again filled the house with nasty acrid smelling smoke AGAIN!!! YUK!! . . . PS phoned and popped over for chats and TV till early . . . PCd till threeish! (4/10)ps
22 - Warm sunny morning again! Woken before 8am by some lazy idiot blowing his car horn outside someone's house. Made sure my recycle bin was out for clearing, full of the hundreds of other peoples beer bottles I had cleared from the lane! Neighbours must think I'm an alcoholic!! . . . Very sunny. Shall I, shan't I, shall I, shan't I?????? SHALL!!!. . .packed a bag, made sure I didn't forget my Prozac, and headed off in the sun down the motorway to M/D for a couple of days on the bike. Haven't ridden any such distance for years. With the beautiful warm sunny weather, gradually got back into the swing of it although trouble with airflow over my new helmet and the strain of my neck keeping my head on in the 80mph wind!!? Seemed to force a jet of wind into my right eye all the time! Very watery and blurry . . . pulled up and parked just up the road out of sight and called Mum on the mobile and pretended I was at home as I sneaked up and rang the doorbell. 'Surprise!!!!!!' It worked. lol Dad was out but soon came back to the shock of me undoing the bag from my bike in the drive. Introduced to all their new furniture and equipment and suitably impressed with the big new leather settee and the smaller fold down bed settee which I would be sleeping on. All went out for a fish and chips meal at M/Ds 'usual' place. Sat in the garden before bed with a cigarette watching a hedgehog rampaging around. Hilarious/wonderful. Slept really quite well on the new bed settee. Great improvement on what they had before. (4/10)p
23 - Up with a VERY itchy horribly bloodshot eye!!! Went for a long walk with M/D in the sun down through the ancient woods that lead to the beach like I'd walked the last time I was there. Beautiful woods all bluebells, rich green and birdsong. Walked and sat, walked and sat. Saw what I convinced myself was a buoy in the sea but eventually realised too late it had been a seal sat in the water looking around before disappearing beneath the waves. A large group of dolphins was swimming around the bay just outside the harbour. Brilliant to watch. Everyone on the cliffs was stopped and watching. A guy on a jet ski drove out to get a closer look and sat there only yards from them all, as he bobbed up and down chatting to someone on his mobile phone!!!! All went into another M/D favourite restaurant for a HUGE all day breakfast. Ate LOADS!! Sat in the garden in the warm evening air watching the birds and mice feeding and frogs and newts swimming in the pond. Not a bad place to live. Tempting in fact!! (4/10)p
24 - My eye seems to be calming down somewhat. Wrote a couple of postcards and dropped them in the post box, although the news is full of reports of postal strikes! Auntie and uncle popped in briefly to say hi. Both looked very well even if they may not be!! . . .M/D neighbour moved out to their new place. Some concern over who may have bought the house . . . Toured a few local garden centres looking at the types of trees and stuff I should get for my garden. Coffee cake and coffee at one in a lovely small wooded area more like a holiday camp than a shop!! Eventually ended up on the sea front at Paignton in a pub/restaurant for another nice meal. Sat on the front watching the sea for a while and tried calling BB on M/D mobile but got the ansaphone. Just as well - couldn't hear anything but the waves, and almost got wet!! Back to sit in the garden - M/D met their new neighbour. Seemed a very pleasant woman with a couple of lovely dogs, one with only three and a half legs from birth! M/D seemed quite relieved at how pleasant she was, which was VERY understandable. (4/10)p
25 - All packed up and ready to head home, decided to check my mobile phone was all charged up and working. Text message from Sis1 sent yesterday saying she will be popping down to join us for the day!! M/D phoned her and confirmed she was on her way. So much for me leaving early. Snoozed for a bit till she arrived. Shame about the weather - much cooler and all overcast. All called Sis2 to say hi. All went out for a meal. Some slight argument between M/D which made me feel like I was nine again!! Excrutiating!!! Sat on 'Sis2's seat' overlooking the bay for a time chatting and called Sis2 on the mobile to tell her where we were. Eventually back to M/D for a drink and then I set off about a quarter past five. Think I may have managed to splutter 'I love you' but not sure it was noticed thank goodness!! lol Briefly stopped for petrol at the nearest station and then hit the road. Possibly the longest distance I have been at such SUSTAINED high speeds. Hardly dropped below 85mph all the way back and mostly up around 95mph swooping in and out playing with the traffic. Amazing little machine although something wrong with the forks now I think and maybe a blown exhaust - backfires on the overrun!? Stopped to buy milk and back home before 7pm without TOO much damage to my eye again. The neighbour I had begged the old garden table from stopped me in the street and asked if I was interested in a three piece sweet they had thrown out 'cause I was hard up'. Very thankfully explained I'd only just been given one and declined their kind offer . . . phoned M/D to confirm safe arrival . . . living room net curtain pole had fallen down in my abscence!? . . . TVd. Sat in the watered garden and opened nice long awaited letter from BB. Guitared (poor neighbours!!) . . .PCd and got annoyed by 'AvPD misunderstanding' inspired off line messages from BB but all thankfully sorted out later PCing till early. (4/10)ps
26 - PCd all morning as the washing machine did it's overdue best with my bed sheets . . . shopped. Overcast but SO hot and humid . . .screwed up the net curtain pole that had fallen down . . . brought the ladder in from the lane and made it mine after overhearing the neighbour walking up the lane commenting on the missing bin and rubbish. Introduced myself and explained all the rubbish out there was from their house's previous occupier and I had taken it upon myself to try and clear some of it! . . . sat around in the garden/guitarred. At least two of the frogs are still resident. Yay . . .TVd . . . BB phoned for a chat till early !!!!!!!! (4/10)ps
27 - Up quite late after lots of sleep but as soon as I ate I fell asleep again!! . . . PCd/TVd/sat in the garden. Tired all day. (4/10)p
28 - Up quite late after lots of sleep but as soon as I ate I fell asleep again, AGAIN!!!!! . . . PCd/ate/fell asleep again!!! . . . shaved my face for the first time in years just for the hell of it. What a chinless geek!!! Wonder how fast it will grow back!!!! Returned LBs tupperware and was told how horrible I looked! Went out for milk only to find the shop was shut and felt as though EVERYONE in the neighbourhood was staring at me . . . TVd/PCd/sat in the garden watching frogs and snails. (4/10)ps
29 - Spent some time in the lane clearing more rubbish, filling my bin up and putting half a dozen buckets of decent earth into my garden together with another small frog. Very hot! . . . PCd a little . . . sat around in the sun in the garden doing nothing!! Eventually couldn't resist having a look at the old rotary clothes line that had been dumped along with all the other rubbish in the lane. Surprisingly ok apart from a little rust near the base and no line. Sat around thinking. Returned to the lane later and took possesion of a rusty old scaffold pole and sawed a piece off the end and cleaned it up with the wire brush on the drill. Just the right diameter for slotting the clothes line into - but how to cement it into the garden without major works? . . . sat around. Phoned JB to touch base and offered to help with building her a cheap and cheerfull website for her business if she was interested. Proved the point by throwing a quick page together in five minutes and uploading to my cable webspace just to show her how quick and easy it can be . . . sat in the garden after dark . . . PCd a bit before bed very exhausted (4/10)p
30 - Another hot sunny morning sat in the garden. Couldn't resist it - OPERATION LINE POST!! Dug a hole for the post. Very hot work in the sun! Drilled some holes in the metal and put in a couple of cross pieces for support and eventually cemented it in using sand and cement I had lying around and a pile of chippings from the lane! Much easier than trying to bring back bags of post cement on the bike!!!!! Painted it with black hammerite to stop the rust. The lid off an old aerosol can fits it perfectly for when it's not in use and to stop creepy crawlies from falling down the tube. Went shopping and bought a cheap length of line rope for 1.49 and a basket of pegs!!!! . . . sat around feeling as though I had 'done something'. A sparrow continually returning to next doors plant, eating either bugs or flowers convinced me there are birds around here despite all the neighbours cats. My new line post socket would be ideal for a bird table when the line isn't required. Phoned M/D and asked them to keep the wood from their old fence panels when they have them replaced with a view to maybe making a bird table out of it! . . . ML called to invite me out tomorrow on a 'picnic'?! Declined . . . PS popped round till early. PCd briefly before bed. (4/10)ps
31 - Found another old metal pole in the lane that may do as a bird table post, but wouldn't you know it - someone has dumped more rubbish out there!!!!!!!!!!! I give up!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!!! . . . spent most of the morning laceing up the line with the new rope. . . PCd briefly and then fell asleep until 5pm!!!!! . . . washed lots of clothes just to be able to use the line although it looks like rain! Sat around watching clothes dry! Strangely pleasureable?!!!!. . . went for a kebab . . . PCd and forced myself to do a couple of outstanding e-mails but really not in the mood!! Seem to be feeling more and more content to be schizoid!! God bless the Prozac!! (4/10)p