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1 - Woken (eventually) by insistant Sally around 8am . . . walked and carried on walking round to the polling station and cast my local council election vote, for what it's worth. Found 7p along the way. I always seem to be in that 'in between' group of people that NEVER benefits under ANY controling party (or budget, or - um - anything!!)! I did vote differently this time - certainly NOT gonna vote for a party that is responsible for a 9% increase in local tax. Grrr. . . spent the whole of the rest of the day feeling down and sleeping, only waking to eat and watch a bit of TV here and there, before sleeping some more!! . . . PCd this and modified (censored) a little more of the archive. . .walked in the rain. A couple of tons of earth/topsoil seem to have been deposited in the rugby field car park. I do SO hope they are gonna do some maintenance on the field and maybe fill in some of the huge puddles. Three ducks were happily floating around on one of the puddles! Sally chased them of course! . . . BB called . . . PS popped round for chats till early. (2/10)as
2 - Up just before 8am . . .walked . . . fed LBs cats . . . did a little on the building site living room and cemented some damp proof membrane under the bricks in the right hand alcove . . . SH phoned to touch base . . .napped for an hour or two . . . BB called . . . walked and detoured to go have another look at the sandstone effect decorative Buddha that has appeared for sale in a local builders yard. I've wanted one for years and ever since spotting this one, I've been thinking about it. I think I may have to waste some money . . .TVd and watched cement dry till bed around midnight. (3/10)as
3 - Up just after 6am! . . .walked. The second car of the same neighbour who had their other car damaged two weeks ago, had been vandalised in the night!!! The drivers wing mirror had been broken and both rear windows of the estate had been smashed!! Damn - I thought I'd heard something as I was falling asleep last night - but I was just too tired to look. My car seems ok. Was about to knock on their door to tell them but spotted a beer glass and dustpan and brush full of glass near their front door so figured they already knew the bad news. The woman saw me and popped out (she seemed ok - I felt SO sorry for her) and told of how three drunks from the pub had been walking up the road around midnight smashing up parked cars as they went. She'd called the police (she'd even retrieved one of the intact beer glasses for finger print evidence) but the police said they were too busy to attend, wouldn't be taking any action and apparantly told her to blame expenditure cuts!!!! Jeeze!!!!!!! How are we supposed to live like this? It is absolutely only a matter of time before my car ends up getting damaged - again! :o( Detoured up the road with Sally to see if any others were damaged - saw nothing except one more car with an 'altered' wing mirror but probably not actually broken. Bashed wing mirrors is a daily occurance - I now ALWAYS park my car outside the house with the drivers door against the kerb with my already damaged wing mirror folded flat in against the car door . . . it HAD to be done - left Sally at home and drove the short distance to the little builders yard. Inspected the only one they had, figured the crack near the base wasn't terminal, handed over the 13.99, and drove home real careful with my buddha in the back of the car. Actually for all I know it may not actually be a 'buddha' - but it is now for me. As I parked up outside the house, the boyfriend of another neighbour was out trying to fix his damaged wing mirror!!!! . . . vaccuumed out the fireplace ('shrine'?!!) and then played buddhas. One 'more' thing!!!?? Ironic considering. :o) . . .felt all lacking in energy again and ended up falling asleep for most of the afternoon . . . dabbled just a little with the bay wall, experimenting by applying a bit of filler here and there, to see if that will do to smooth out my bad plastering . . . walked . . . BB called . . .TVd . . . sat attempting to meditate for twenty minutes . . . TVd/PCd till around 2am. (3/10)a
4 - Woken by insistant Sally around 7am! . . .walked and found a penny. Picked up the weird 'sporting' gloves, covered in mud, that I'd seen laying in the grass last night, that were still there. They look like childs gloves. Figure I'll wash them and drop them off at a charity shop . . . decided to have a go at wiring up the new 13 amp ring main sockets in the bay, despite the walls probably requiring more 'smoothing' attention in the future. Lifted some floor boards in the bedroom and managed to position the new piece of ring main and get it to the fuse box and down through my new conduit in the wall, with not 'that' much difficulty (apart from finding some wet cement had sometime found it's way into the conduit and had plugged it about six inches from the bottom!). Wrestled with a bad headache all day, popping annadins like usual. Eventually got to the point where I had to turn off the power, so missed part of the grand prix. Used temporary wires and the multitester to absolutely confirm that I knew what I was doing, and that the old double socket in the alcove and the bit of ring main beneath the concrete floor could now be disconnected and left safely. All sorted, temporary strap under the carpet to reinstate a ring, and power back on around 3pm just as the grand prix (Schumaker show) had ended. Felt real good to have, at long long last, replaced a bit of the dodgey wiring that started all this nightmare . . . tried touching base with DS but I seem to have the number wrong? . . . slept for an hour or so and woke with slightly less of a headache . . . removed the disconnected socket in the alcove, bashed the cut off wires down into the concrete to lose them, painted a coat of rubberised damp proof course along at floor level in the alcove ready for pouring in a little concrete to rejoin the floor to the wall . . . walked in the drizzle. Another idiot on a trials type moped roaring all over the field. Grrrr . . . touched base with BB . . . 'sat' for fifteen minutes . . . TVd till midnight. (3/10)aaaa
5 - Up around 7:30am . . .drove Sally to the Avon at Hanham for Bank Holiday walks in the sunny spells. Carpets of bluebells out in the woods and everything real green. Lovely. . . drove home via DIY stores - bought another TV socket, blank plate, and double telephone socket for the alcove, and light bulbs to replenish my dwindled stock (one of the bathroom bulbs blew the other night - luckily the light contains two bulbs) . . .spent far too many hours (until mid afternoon!!!) trying to connect up the new telephone socket in the bay! Did what AC had suggested and used the small phone socket he'd given me to de-solder and strip off the components (resister, capacitor, diode?) needed to make up a 'master' socket as opposed to an 'extension' socket, which is all the shops seem to sell!! (Until AC told me I didn't know there was a difference!!) Soldered the components onto my new double socket and made up my new 'master' socket. Meticulously wrote down wiring diagrams of all the existing colour coded connections before carefully disconnecting them all and wiring up the new socket and - hey presto - nothing!!!!! Uh oh!! Checked my diagrams but couldn't see a problem. Ended up going through every socket I had with the multitester before concluding that the colour coding for the main line in to the house and that for the extensions, was completely different!! Where is the sense in that? Hooked it up all different and this time got it working, proved by calling myself with the mobile. (Used to do such tests by calling Dad and getting him to call me back. :o( ) Only trouble is, I have connected the wiring back up as it was, using only two of the incoming four wires, and according to AC that isn't correct and I should be using three. One of those other two wires is supposed to be an earth to guard against lightening or some such. There is no way I can tell which one, because as far as I know it was never connected up by the engineer in the first place!!! I'm gonna have to try and get in touch with AC and ask. Never mind - it works as good as it did before I touched it - it'll do . . . poured the small amount of concrete along the floor in the alcove . . .fell asleep for a couple of hours. Lots of unremembered dreaming (I think I was a prisoner of war on the run - again!!????) . . . PCd this . . .walked. The lady who gave Sally the bandana was over the field - with her new dog. A young female greyhound called Daisey. :o). . . BB called . . . PS popped round for chats till early. . .TVd till around 2am.(3/10)as
6 - Up around 7:30am . . .walked and found 5p . . . couldn't face doing anything serious on the living room building site, so ended up doing washing chores. Had a go at washing my super warm sleeping bag before storing it away somewhere. Did that 'treading grapes' type thing in the bath again. Gonna take ages to dry but sunny spells forecast, so it can stay out on the line for a while. . .slept for a few hours . . . BB called with the latest on her broken new laptop nightmare. Looks as though finally Gateway are gonna give her a new replacement machine. . . walked and found 2p . . . briefly popped up LBs intending to have a look at her cable phone socket to see what the wiring on hers is. Unfortunately she had no socket and just a bunch of bare disconnected wires, so that was no use at all . . .TVd till late. (3/10)as
7 - Up around 7:30am again . . .walked and found 2p . . . mustered up the energy and got serious with the living room building site. Shut Sally safely out in the kitchen and garden, took the curtains and lampshade down and moved most of the stuff out of the room, then set about cutting the groove down the brickwork in the inner alcove for the wiring conduit. Horrible job I've been putting off for a while. Awful dusty mess ALL over the house, despite the towels I'd layed across the bottom of all the doors in an attempt to stop it. Lifted a floor board in the bedroom and managed to 'drill' a long angled slot in one of the joists, to give wiring access to where the tops of the conduits will appear. Finally got to the point where I could cut to length the five nylon conduits I've had stored in the conservatory for weeks. Oh NO!!!!! They were so long I'd had them propped up from one side of the conservatory to the other and had occasionaly used them as a drying rail for wet Sally towels. The recent sun and weight of the towels had warped them!!! All five! Spent ages trying every trick I could think of (hair drier, brute force, gas stove, etc) but absolutely NOTHING would bring them back straight. They were SO banana shaped there was no way I could cement them into the wall! (One would have been ok, but in the alcove I need five abreast!!) I'd have to go and buy more!! What a waste! Too late in the afternoon with all that clearing up to do, so the whole days work came to nothing. On top of that I've pretty much worn out my expensive diamond tipped stone cutting disc!! . . All cleared up and back straight, and showering off the thick layers of grime (and picking tiny fragments of brick, out of my sore eyes - I'll spare the details of what may have been coming out of my mouth and nose!!!) by around 6:30pm. Ended up in a pretty down mood about it all. . .walked. Got to the field just as another couple of dog walkers were going in. Near the entrance was a scruffy looking dog all absolutely PLASTERED in mud from where it had obviously been wallowing in one of the disgusting, festering muddy puddles. No one was anywhere near and it looked to us all, as though he may be there on his own! We all grabbed him and had a look at his collar which indicated he WAS micro chipped. Ummd and ahhd and I really didn't want to, but I ended up putting Sally's lead on him intending to walk him round the field and then, if no one came running up to claim him, I'd be heading for somewhere with a chip scanner?!!! As I crossed the field, a young couple who'd been sat on a grassy mound way off in the distance, casually got up and started towards me carrying what appeared to be a dog lead. I shouted out 'Is it yours?'. One of them kinda nodded without calling anything back, so I just released the dog and it ran back to them! Really weird. They'd presumably just sat there watching, as their dog ran almost out of sight, wallowed in a toxic puddle, became the centre of attention of a small group of concerned dog walkers, got put on a lead and walked away by a stranger!!!!?? People are weird. As I walked around the field and came back up to them, I made a comment about not kidnapping their dog but was concerned because I'd thought it was a stray. They said nothing back! Weird. . Workmen had been busy during the day, and some of the piles of earth that had been waiting in the rugby club car park, had been spread (rather poorly) in the dips and hollows of the two rugby pitches . . . salvaged a little of my declining mood by cooking up a huge mass of stew type stuff and gorging myself. . . BB called . . .TVd . . . exhausted to bed (dusty sheets!!) before 11pm. (3/10)a
8 - Up around 7am . . .walked and found 2p. An elderly lady dog walker came over to warn me that the fence all along one side of the field next to the road had been removed and there was nothing stopping the dog from running straight out there!! I guess the playing field organisation that has taken 'ownership' of the field from the council is actually starting to do some work on the place? About time - but I do SO fear that what they do wont in any way consider anyone other than the shouting, foul mouthed rugby players, who only use their pitches maybe twice a week or so - compared to all the dog walkers who use the place on a twice daily basis. The woman seemed to want to chat for ages!! She's lived there next to that field for a LONG time - bought her house cheap when it faced onto the open quarry, before it was land filled (hence the constant subsidence and appearance of enormous dips and hollows) and grassed over and turned into a playing field. Before my time - and my time goes back some twenty years now!!! Jeeze I'm gettin old. .as I walked back out of the field the workmen had arrived to do more pitch maintenance - couldn't resist popping over and asking if they could maybe put any spare soil they may have left over, into the huge puddles. They said they were only contracted to attend to the pitches, so I guess it wont happen! :o( . . . checked my bank account and shockingly found almost nothing in it!! Already?!!! Transferred some dwindling savings over and then left Sally at home and drove to the DIY store and bought 5x200mm round black 3 mtr conduit - 7.45, and another professional 110mm diamond cutting wheel - 19.99. . . spent the next several hours eventually getting the conduit cemented into the alcove wall. . . grabbed some reheated stew with four slices of bread and butter and succumbed to the desire to sleep for a couple of hours, around 3pm . . . PCd this . . .walked and found a penny. Yayyy - those workmen over the field DID dump some earth in the big water filled puddle. Bit of a mess, but time should improve things. Excellent. . . BB called . . . TVd/PCd before bed around 2am. (4/10)as
9 - Woken by Sally around 7:30am . . . walked . . . skipped breakfast and lunch and spent the day on the living room building site - again!!! :o( de bricked and then cemented up the socket box recess in the inner alcove. Pulled the floor up in the front bedroom and put in a new run of wire to connect up the new power sockets in the outer alcove. Same problem with the conduit, blocked part way down by a bit of cement!! I'm not a very clever guy - I guess it doesn't take much thought to actually forsee such a thing, and plug the conduit with something while cemening it in! Live and learn. Modified my temporary/emergency ring main hook up and made it just a little safer and more robust. All done by around 4pm. Cleaned up, fried up a meal, ate, then set the alarm and lay down for an hour . . . walked and found a penny . . . touched base with BB . . . PS popped round for chats till early. (4/10)as
10 - Woken by Sally around 7am!! . . .cable e-mail is STILL down!? Been down for a couple of days now?!!! . . . walked and found 3p. Walked with Sally up to Kingswood to draw out some savings and shop. Passed LB on the way back home and she remarked how Sally looked rather fat!! Uh oh. It had occured to me she was looking a little podgey - what with all the building work, we haven't been going on such long walks of late and I have been neglecting to keep an eye on her weight. . .tackled the awkward brick in the corner of the inner alcove that was the last one left, to get some damp proof course under. Real awkward, right in the corner where the central stair well wall joins the alcove wall. Spent a ridiculous amount of time on my hands and knees shut in the under stairs cupboard hacking away at the concrete floor and wall! Briefly stopped cutting up a piece of brick with the angle grinder out in the garden, and moved a couple of the potted fir trees around. Looks like the dead one really is dead and will have to be thrown away. It occurred to me that the dead one was one of a pair that M/D had bought for me. Tempting to imagine it represents Dad. . Finished cementing and cleared up – the last piece of the jigsaw required before I can really concentrate on rebuilding that alcove wall. The whole job – extracting and re-cementing that ONE brick - took four hours!!!!! A prime example of why this is all taking SO long to do. Battled through with a real nasty headache. . grabbed a sandwich and then slept for three hours . . . walked and found 3p - again. . . sat in the garden for a while. Looks like most of the tadpoles have disappeared - seemed to mostly happen when we had all that rain the other day. Something weird about that pond - maybe the fall out from that straggley bush next door is toxic, or maybe some nasty larvae that prey on tadpoles - or are frogs cannibals? :o( . . . decided to drag out the bathroom scales and try working out Sallys weight without damaging my back. The scales may be inaccurate but - wow she IS heavy! Me - 63kgs. Me carrying Sally - 108kgs. Blimey Sally has ballooned to 45kgs!!!!!! Gave her slightly less food for her evening meal! . . . PCd this . . . BB called . . .TVd/PCd until the early hours. (4/10)a

11 - Woken by Sally around 7am again but managed to sleep on until after 8:30am . . . walked and found 4p . . .PCd a bit and ended up going through a load of the old journal entries and getting them back up on line. Amazed at how I have changed over the last couple of years - and not for the better! Don't seem to have the 'feelings' I used to!? :o( . . . decided to have a day off from the living room building site - except for hooking up the phone sockets in the outer alcove, just for 'pleasure'. . TVd . . .slept all afternoon until early evening . . . walked. A nice new chainlink fence has been put up along the side of the field next to the road. . . sat in the garden/conservatory for a while. Amusing to be hidden behind a house plant in the conservatory and see two wood pigeons perch on the fence. I've recently been putting the bird table back out with food on it - some cheap nutty breakfast muesli which I just couldn't stand the taste of. As Sally and I watched, the male wood pigeon started doing its courtship dance - the female seemed unimpressed and pecked at him. Henpecked. :o) Eventually he must have done something right because the female ended up perched atop the nest box with the male perched atop her - making eggs! :o) Never a camera to hand when you need one. . . cooked up a load of corned beef hash and ate real big . . . BB called . . .TVd till late and ended up watching 'Alien' again. (4/10)as
12 - Woke around 6:30am!? - maybe the noise of the heavy shower . . . PCd this . . .waited till the shower had stopped then walked around 8am. Managed to muster the energy and carried on walking down to Eastville Park - excercise to assist Sally's weight loss program. The old boating lake was back full of water - didn't look at all improved despite all the work they'd been doing, and the bird islands remain ugly muddy lumps stripped of all their undergrowth! :o( Carried on along the river and stopped for a cigarette at the wooden table and bench just over the river bridge between Eastville park and Snuff Mills. Very suprised to see a small dome tent set up near the trees with a german shepherd sat alongside! One of these days I'm just gonna have to try that. Would have liked to have asked whoever was in that tent how they managed to carry everything - and dog food?! . . carried on along the river (Sally swimming plenty) to Vassals Park and back through aptly named Fishponds in a heavy shower. Hadn't taken a rain coat - both got drenched!! . . walking back towards the house, I make it a habit to glance up and keep an eye on the state of the roof and such. Uh oh - spotted something not right with the front chimney stack!!! Grabbed my binoculars and went back out to have a closer look. Hard to tell from the ground, but looks as though the render around the chimney pot is coming away!!! Damn!! The new living room fireplace demands I alter the chimney to prevent rain from getting down, and I was planning to get up there at some point and maybe remove the chimney pot and replace it with some bricks and a ridge tile - may have to attend to that sooner than I'd planned. Damn!! :o( . . Sally is definitely out of condition and seemed pretty tired out by the two and a half hour walk/run/swim/stick chase/squirrel chase/etc, etc. . . an appointment for the dental hospital in the mail (only for an initial consultation? They're gonna make a long drawn out deal of this then!) - coincides with my possible jury duty so had to battle through the constantly engaged number to eventually get through and reschedule a different appointment date. . .strangely I felt 'ok' and kinda still full of energy (god that is rare!), so skipped a late breakfast and lunch (didn't dare eat - cause food would have made me sleep - and I'd probably awake feeling not so 'ok' again) and tackled a bit of the living room building site and started the long drawn out task of building up the inner alcove wall. Cemented up a couple of verticals either side, as the level to aim for - jeeze that wall is leaning in at least an inch or more at the top, and is gonna take several layers of cement to bring anywhere near level before I dare plaster!! More work, more time!! Uggh! Regretted having a 'day off' yesterday. . . cleaned up and decided to go knock on the door of a nearby house (owned by a builder) that had a rubbish skip in it's garden with what looked like a decent toilet thrown away, complete with seat. One of the hinges on my toilet seat is not so good - and I'm not so proud as to pass up the chance of a free replacement. Sadly the seat was no good. . . eventually ate around 5pm . . . set the alarm and slept for an hour or so . . . walked and found 4p . . . BB called and confirmed she's booked a flight! :o) Everything messed up and complicated by the prospect of this damned jury service! . . . TVd/PCd till early . . . called DS to touch base . . .to bed around 2am. Weird 'up' day for no reason!? My body (always aching) ached less - I didn't feel so exhausted - food tasted better - my sense of smell was better. Weird - but very welcome. (5/10)
13 - Woke around 8am . . .walked and found 2p. . .decided to have a day off from the DIY and let the cement dry out on the alcove wall a bit . . . sorted paperwork, balanced my accounts, finally got round to filling out my income tax refund claim for last year. Popped it straight round the post box. . .ended up sitting around in front the TV feeling lacking in energy. Spent five minutes applying a handful of cement to the alcove wall. . .grabbed a sandwhich and decided to have one of the pickled onions I'd found in a long forgotten jar in the back of a kitchen cabinet. Uh oh - 'best before' date of some time in 1999!!!! Tried one, but it was all slushy and really didn't taste too good - added the rest to my compost bin!! One less jar. . . slept all afternoon . . .LB called wanting to moan about the state of the neighbours parking in the street!? . . . walked . . . BB called . . . TVd . . . SH returned my call and confirmed that my telephone socket wiring (only two wires into the house connected - three on the extension ring) appears to be correct . . . to bed around 1am. (4/10)s
14 - Dog day bluesUp around 7:30am . . .sunny morning and heavy rain showers forecast for the rest of the week, so mustered up the energy again and walked Sally via Conham Vale (past the vandalised, increasingly derelict house! I'll have it if no one else wants it!!), all the way down to the river Avon at Hanham for walks and swims and squirrel chases and the usual rampaging around. Everything is green and growing - the white flowers of the wild garlic bulbs (the ones I dug up last year and transplanted to my garden have come up nicely too) , and bluebells carpet the woods - the best time of the year. Tried to get a photo or two near to my usual place to sit quietly for a cigarette, but none of them do the scene justice. Was all shouting at Sally to stay sitting amongst the blubells while I took photos, when suddenly a heron startled by my commands clumsily took to the air and lumbered off from it's hiding place only twenty or so feet away. Scared me half to death - great big flapping pterodactyl like thing!! :o) Back home pretty exhausted after two and a half hours of walking. . .cemented up a layer on the alcove wall . . . PCd this . . . slept for almost a couple of hours but woken by the gurgling noise coming from my stomach!! . . .did washing dishes chores . . . walked and found 3p . . . BB called . . . TVd till early. (4/10)as
15 - Up around 7:30am again . . .walked and found 2p. . .took all the curtains down and moved loads of stuff out of the living room again in preparation for using the angle grinder. Shut Sally safely out in the kitchen and used the grinder to cut in the conduit channels for the inner alcove socket boxes. I'd completely forgotten that the new recess now gives access into the understairs cupboard. Went into the kitchen for a break and a cup of coffee only to find Sally happily asleep on the floor in the midst of a huge cloud of dust emanating from the cupboard!!! Oh no!! Everything in the kitchen was covered in dust!! Shooshed Sally out into the garden and opened all the doors and windows in an attempt to clear the air. What a mess!! . . cemented some angle bead to the bottom of the alcove wall to give me the level/depth to aim for when I fit the socket boxes. Kinda nice to 'know' what I'm doing, having done this all before with the other alcove. Gonna have to wait a day or so for cement to dry now. . AC unexpectedly called by to help sort out the problem I had (SH had told him I had one) with the phone wiring. He confirmed right away that only two incoming wires are used - so everything I've done is fine. :o) I must have got the wrong end of the stick somehow - worried unnecessarily. . . spent more time clearing up all the dust everywhere, than I did actually doing the work! Forgot everything in the kitchen was covered and ended up pulling some freshly washed white sheets out of the washing machine and into the laundry basket only to have them end up all red with brick dust!! Arrrggh!! Found a 'quick' rinse selection on the washing machine and made do with that, before getting them out on the line, less than entirely clean . . .LB called telling of some nasty looking bike accident at the end of the street this morning. The ambulance had driven away without lights or siren, so I guess there'll be flowers pinned to some nearby lamp post pretty soon. . . overcome with a real feeling of absolute exhaustion and HAD to lay down for an hour around 6pm . . . BB called . . .walked . . .sat in the conservatory with a coffee watching the rain. I feel a bit weird - not quite with it - and oh so very tired. . . TVd/PCd. Intended to go to bed early but ended up staying up till around 1am messing around with past journal entries!! (4/10)a
16 - Up around 7am. Coffee and cigarettes in the conservatory watching the rain, and a blackbird and starling grabbing some muesli from the bird table :o) . . .walked in the rain - Sally chased the three ducks again that seem to have adopted the field as their home!?? . . . spent from 10am - 3pm meticulously lining up then cementing in, the socket boxes and conduits in the alcove. Time consuming and headache inducing but went ok . . . ate then fell asleep from 4:30pm until around 8pm!!! . . . touched base with BB . . . walked in the rain. There is often evidence of people smoking dope over the field - roaches, sealable plastic bags, that type of thing. No big deal - but tonight there was a syringe left in the grass!! That's bad! Gingerly picked it up with finger tips and left it on top of one of the poop scoop bins!! :o( Got all paranoid about my finger tips and ended up 'washing' them off by rubbing them in the wet grass! . . . TVd/PCd till early, periodically watching cement dry and feeling rather satisfied with todays building site progress. (4/10)a
17 - Up around 8am . . . walked between showers and found a penny . . . sat around doing little. Eventually dabbled with hooking up the new cable TV wall box outlets in the bay and the alcove. The cable TV bit went ok (modifying with the angle grinder, a three way splitter that AC had given me - making up patch leads, etc. ), but modifications to the rooftop aerial lead didn't go so well and I ended up with a less clear TV picture on just one of the channels!? Not surprising really - running four TVs off ONE aerial without a distribution amplifier!! Gonna have to revisit that after I've given it some thought . . . fell asleep late afternoon until early evening after a bite to eat . . . walked in the drizzle . . . BB called . . . cooked burgers and chips, then TVd till early . . . PCd this till earlier. . . light in the sky and birdsong when I finally went to bed. (4/10)as
18 - Woken by Sally around 8:30am . . . walked in the drizzle and found a penny. Strange pile of newspapers, magazines, a phone bill and such left in the rain on the seat over the field!? Suspicious. Collected up any papers worth collecting with a name and address on, put the rubbish in the bin and took the rest with me. . on the way back in a street near home (unconnected to the paperwork?) I came across a back pack and some childs clothes all strewn in the street!!? Collected them up and returned home. The back pack is 'slightly' broken but may be useful for light shopping trips - the clothes I guess I'll wash and deposit at a charity shop. . called the number on the phone bill but got an ansaphone and didn't want to try and explain in a message - hardly seemed worth it - just figured whoesever stuff it was, may wish to know where their stuff had ended up!! The phone rang as soon as I'd hung up and it was the owner of the paperwork doing a return call. She seemed a bit vague as I explained why I'd called. Agreed to dispose of it cause there was nothing sensitive or of value - she offered no suggestion as to how it may have come to be there. Weird start to the day. . . PCd this and pawed over a couple more of the old journal entries. . . sat around all tired in front the TV. Watched the Austrian grand prix and Schumaker win - again - despite stopping for a 'smoke' in the pits! . . . slept all afternoon as torrential rain showers breezed by. Very full pond! . . .cooked up a pizza and unusualy had a glass of red wine . . . quickly walked between showers and found 2p. Field is absolutely waterlogged again - the recently 'filled' huge puddle is a pool of muddy water with ducks on it! . . .PCd this . . .touched base with BB . . . TVd til early watching the 'Aliens' film again.(4/10)asd
19 - Woken around 7:30am by the noise of a workmen unloading stuff and going into next door. Something to do with their new kitchen I suspect . . .walked and found a penny . . .left Sally at home and drove to Wickes to buy three more bags of sand and one of cement and a bunch more socket boxes, switches and such (23.36) - this is all costing me a fortune! Stopped in the adjacent Jollyes pet food store and bought some more tins of Winalot for Sally and spent a while wandering back and forth looking for some bird food. I'm a bit picky about food for the bird table - it must be something that wont grow! That mixed seed stuff ends up growing all over the garden and is a hell of a job to weed out. Bought a bunch of chopped maize (2.35kg - 2.33). . . sat around lacking energy looking at the living room building site and really not wanting to do any of it - heavy rain showers blowing over, make mixing cement out in the garden a bit out of the question any way. Eventually just coated the alcove wall with some unibond in preparation and left it at that . . . made sure I'd had some breakfast and a sandwhich for lunch, and around 12:45pm left Sally at home and walked up to Kingswood to give blood. The session was supposed to start at 13:30 - I got there around 13:20 only to find the place already full of people!!!! I ended up being number 26!!!!! It was an hours wait before I got to lay down. Actually the hour seemed to pass 'fairly' quickly - I spent it trying to explore and analyze my feelings of discomfort and stress etc, stuck amongst that waiting crowd. Uncomfortable! . . shopped on the way home - bought too much and struggled back with 5kgs of potatoes, four boxes of pizzas, big tin of Nescafe coffee, etc, etc in the rucksac on my back and in handfulls of carriers. Managed to miss the showers. Home real hot and tired . . . touched base with BB . . . too late for a nap and feeling real hungry, ended up cooking up a HUGE saucepan of stew type stuff and having two bowls with loads of bread and butter!! . . . walked and found a total of 10p in small change along the way! Blowing a gale! Some idiot on a moped started driving across the field on the cycle track path. Couldn't help myself acting as though I was about to throw Sally's ball at him - he ducked as he drove by which was kinda satisfying. Less satisfying for me when he then drove across the entire field whilst doing a rude gesture at me (actually quite an acheivement!). . . TVd . . . seemed to feel rather hungry all evening and ended up eating lots of chocolate biscuits and finally a big four egg, cheese and onion omlette around 11pm!! . . . straight to bed around midnight. (3/10)
20 - Up before just before 7am! . . . I suddenly seem to be getting inundated (eight this morning!!) with virus e-mails via the site address!!!! The 'From:' field pretends they are from 'support@microsoft.com'!!!! That's nasty. Looked up a few of the the IPs on the 'RIPE Whois Database' - - NTL BIA - Hersham CAM DHCP Pool - Oxford University Computing Service - TELEWEST-HSD-AZTEC-WEST - NTL Internet - Manchester site

- blimey - that's quite a selection!!!!!???? . . . PCd this . . .walked. Tractor was out mowing the grass - seemed like no matter where I walked with Sally, he decided that was the bit he needed to mow next! Ended up walking round the field twice, much of the time with Sally still on the lead. Just heading home out of the field and Sally decided to do her really annoying 'go lie in a filthy stinking puddle' thing! Grrrr!! Ended up tying her to a chair and hosing her down out on the patio. . .feel so, SO tired and really 'not quite right'!? Decided to go lay down and sleep, only for next doors workmen to right then start drilling into the party wall. :o( . . .PCd a bit, ammending more old journal entries . . . ate an early lunch of re-heated stew stuff and then fell asleep all afternoon, despite the drilling . . . woke feeling a little better . . .the 'new kitchen' neighbour called round asking if I wanted a worktop which they had left over. Popped in and had a look but managed to decline because one piece of worktop isn't much use and I wouldn't want to use it and then have to try and match it when I do my kitchen. I'll probably regret not having it. DID however take the cooker hood they were also getting rid of. Not so much because I wanted it but more because it 'may' be useful as a 'template' or 'place holder' when I do try and do the kitchen. Yet more clutter around the house - I'm in a big mess! . . . felt a bit better and the rain had stopped for a bit, so mixed up a full bag of sand with cement and put a layer in the alcove. Didn't go well! Mixed it all up too wet and then tried to put too much on the wall at one time - sagging! May have to be hacked off and redone!! Had a bunch left over so used it up on tidying up the brickwork in the fireplace. Done and cleared up by around 8:30pm . . . walked late and found 2p. Whoever has taken over the field is actually putting at least a little thought into it - big boulders have been placed around one edge to stop people driving (stolen) cars out onto the grass . . .touched base with BB. . .TVd/PCd till early. Haven't felt right all day - kinda like being drunk part of the time!!? . . . BB and a mail from DS seem to have confirmed there is some new nasty worm type virus going round which would account for the recent rash of mails. Hopefully I'm still clear - these days I hardly ever do e-mails at all, and those I receive I am ruthless with. I use Outlook Express for my mails - I have the 'preview pane' turned off to prevent any instant infections - with any unsolicited mails I select Properties from the File menu, select the Details tab, press the Message Source button and have a look at what it may be and from whom - if I have ANY concern over them at all I'll delete them straight away, no matter who they may appear from. This way (together with up to date McAfee VirusScan) I seem to be able to avoid 'most' of the unpleasantness - except for the regular 'Message box' things which keep popping up when I'm on line - must have something nasty on here somewhere! Dunno what or where! :o( (3/10)
21 - Up around 8:15am . . . walked . . .PCd this . . .ended up skipping breakfast and lunch and getting serious with stripping off the old dust render from the 'stairs' wall adjoining the alcove. Hell of a mess and real hot nasty work again. Doorbell rang at some point - the 'new kitchen' workman from next door had locked himself out and wanted me to let him through into the back garden cause he was sure he'd left their back door open. I figured it would be easier from the lane, and rather than have to get him past Sally suggested he meet me out there. Grabbed my step ladder and went out into the rainy lane. Waited for a while but no sign of him so I figured he'd misunderstood and was waiting round the front. Hopped up on the ladder and looked over next doors fence. The gate was locked but the back door was open so I clambered up over the fence and went through their house and opened the front door. No sign of the guy? Went out to look for him and lo and behold the front door blew shut behind me locking me out like it had him! Walked down the street and back up the lane - spotted the guy who'd taken a wrong turn in the lane and was wandering across someone elses garden. I offered to let him in the front - he looked a bit heavy for that fence climb. He said something about a bad knee so over and in and through I went again and let him in the front door!! :o) . . eventually put around eight sacks of dusty rubble out in the front garden, wire brushed a bit of the wall, cleared up and collapsed around 5pm, feeling really rather unwell!!! So much so - bit scary actually. Definitely a lack of food thing - all trembling and wanting to lay down and be asleep - anywhere! Dashed down a coffee with some chocolate biscuity things - did the trick and brought me back up enough to have the strength to go and cook double chicken kiev filled with garlic butter and chips . . . touched base briefly with BB . . . walked in the lightest of drizzle (quite nice) and found two pennies . . . PCd this . . .PS popped round for dusty chats till early. (4/10)s
22 - Up around 8am. . . walked in the drizzle and found 2p. Sally's reduced food intake seems to have reduced her pooping and she didn't go like normal (unless I missed it?). Ended up walking round the field twice before giving up. . . sat around for hours just looking at the living room building site and feeling rather down and overwhelmed by it all. Feels like all I've been doing for most of a year now! . . walked with Sally to the newsagent and bought a box of matches - ideal for wall plugs when I fix plaster bead to the walls with drilled holes and clout nails. Carried on walking to the local builders yard and bought two strips of angle bead. Found 9p in change along the way! . . .PCd looking at property in Scotland and Wales . . . just lay down to have a nap and IHB popped in for a coffee and a chat. He seems a bit down at the moment! :o( . . . walked in the drizzle . . . BB called . . . TVd till bed around 1am. (3/10)s
23 - Up around 8am again . . .walked and found 3p . . . started work on the living room building site around 10am. Managed to extricate the light switch wiring from the wall complete with socket boxes, saving me the hassle of having to immediately re-wire the living room and stairs lights. :o) Managed to leave the wires hanging from the ceiling complete with the switches, which I tempporarily mounted on a scrap piece of wood, out of the way enough to allow me to build in the new ones, but still connected and functioning. Excellent. . used the angle grinder to cut in new channels for the conduit from under the bedroom floor to the light switches, and up from the floor to the two new power socket positions. Dust EVERYWHERE again! . .eventually fitted new angle bead all along the wall as my levels to aim for, and firmed it all up with a bit of cement. Eventually finished around 8pm!!! Terrible mess everywhere to clear up. VERY exhausted but a good days work that went better than I'd expected it would . . . BB called . . .walked and found another 3p. Stopped for a jumbo sausage and chips takeaway on the way home . . . vacuumed a bit . . . TVd/PCd till early. PCing all ready for bed when suddenly heard Sally downstairs whining like I've never heard her do!!? Dashed downstairs to find her all submissive ears down and waggy tailed. Did she need to go out? Wow DID she!! Another stomach upset - she needed to go REAL bad! Praised her loads as usual - brilliant dog. . . eventually to bed around 2am. (4/10)
24 - Woken by Sally needing to go out with the 'runs' again around 7am. Poor dog - SO good she insists like that, but I SO need more sleep! . . .walked and found a penny . . . left Sally at home around 9:30am and drove for more sand and cement. Stopped off at the Lidl store (because it seemed unusualy quiet without the usual crowds of cars in the car park) and impulse bought some burgers and jaffa cake things. Wow - cheap shoes for sale as from Monday. May have to go queue up . . .mostly sunny weather so left the conservatory door open most of the day - Sally needed to 'squirt' on the garden many times throughout the day!! . . . positioned and cemented in, the new living room/stairs light socket boxes and all the linked conduit to them. Didn't have the energy to get on with things and spent ages doing not much else but look at it all and watch too wet cement dry too quickly and crack! . . . late afternoon cooked up four cheese burgers and followed them up with a whole carton of chocolate jaffa cake things - decadent. :o) . . . lay down for some sleep around 4:30pm. Woken (still a bad headache) by Sally before 6pm needing to go squirt in the garden again!!! . . . had an idea and modified the temporary piece of wood with the old light switches on, so that I could screw it to the new socket box at the bottom of the stairs - a little safer than hanging loose. . . walked and found 6p. Poor old Sally was all squirty and sick all round the field but still seemed happy enough in herself, ball chasing - and eating any old rubbish she came across!! How on earth can I stop her doing that? Fed her two tins volume of dry mix only, with a little gravy when we got home. Left the conservatory door open for her . . . PCd this . . .touched base with BB . . . TVd till bed around 1am. (4/10)aas
25 - Up around 8am. Well - Sally didn't wake me up or need to rush straight out to the garden, so fingers crossed she is over the worst - again! . . .walked and found a penny . . . worked until mid afternoon positioning and cementing in, the two power socket boxes in the stairs wall, making sure they were all square, straight, at the same level as the rest, in line with all the angle bead, etc, etc. I seem to have reached the stage where all I can now do, is mix up bag after bag of cement and render layers on both the walls to bring them back straight. Loads of hard work (wish I had a cement mixer!) and dependent on some good weather - which today wasn't, with heavy showers much of the time. . . couldn't resist cooking up another four cheeseburgers, so good were they yesterday. Checked the shop receipt and figured I was eating four cheese burgers for around 80p!!! Wow that's cheap - may have to go buy more and make a habit of it - but what's that? They charged me 3p for the plastic carrier bag - and mistakenly charged me for it twice! Grrrr. . . slept for a couple of hours until early evening . . . walked in the light drizzle (typical bank holiday weather) and found a penny . . . PCd this . . .touched base with BB . . . PS popped round for chats till early. (4/10)aas
26 - Woke up with a nightmare (featuring Mum!) before 7am after only a few hours sleep! . . . walked . . .'unibonded' the living room wall in preparation for cementing but soon ran out of steam and just couldn't face all the hard labour involved in mixing up all that cement. Mum called the ansaphone but I didn't answer - why cause/willingly submit, to more unpleasantness? Moved the temporary phone extension and routed it through the new recess, instead of through the hole in the wall which I'm gonna render. Tidied up, de-dusting just a little, and then just sat around all lacking energy . . . ate a sandwhich then fell asleep all afternoon . . . walked and found a penny . . . sat in the garden for a while . . . BB called . . . PCd this. More childish stupidity in my guestbook from that RM* (-/ detail removed by request 19th January 04 /-) individual. Amusing he should slag me off, yet be compelled to return. Couldn't resist having a surf and checking him out, doing my amateur psychologist bit trying to figure out why he is attention seeking in such a way. (He outta do a web journal. :o) lol ) I come from the generation when naughty children were 'given a slap' to teach them a lesson, and couldn't help childishly fantasising about the multitude of ways that could be acheived with him - some subtle, some clever, some not so clever, some illegal (only an hours drive away :o) )! Actually quite enjoyed myself with the fantasy and spent several hours (longest time I've spent on the PC for months) surfing here and there, tracking him down and building up a 'profile' of him. Amusing to spot all his spelling and grammar mistakes. And then, the coup de grace - he'd entered a review on http://www.acne-treatments.net (complete with spelling mistake) for 'Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick- Light, a concealing agent for men'. lololol :o) I haven't laughed so much in years. Even had to call BB and laugh some more. Brilliant. Brightened up my whole day. :o) . . Thankfully my obsessive stalker behaviour was interrupted - LB calling at around 1:15am all drunk and upset. She said she'd pop down. Waited for ages and finally looked out the window only to see her wandering up and down the street outside!!?? Got her inside and sat her down and made her coffee and tried to get out of her what was going on. Apparantly one of her cats had gone missing and she was walking around looking for it - and a couple of hours earlier she'd crashed her car just down the road (driving home after four glasses of wine)!!!! She was too drunk for me to get a coherent account of events - I tried to say the right things but soon suggested she should go sleep it off, and escorted her back to her front door. Couldn't resist, and to Sally's delight, went on a quick walk down the road to have a look at her car at around 1:30am. Couldn't see any damage at all in the dark. Returned home and finally had to eat and ended up eating a microwave chicken curry after 2am!! Eventually to bed around 3am. (3/10)a
27 - Up feeling real tired just after 8am . . .walked in the light drizzle and found a penny. Had a better look at LBs car as I passed it down the road. Only a very light scratch all down the drivers side, but one of the front wheels was definitely pointing in a very funny direction - broken drive shaft thingy? . . . PCd this . . . LB called re-affirming how silly and lucky she'd been . . .slow getting going because I so SO didn't want to have to face all the exhausting hard labour, but eventually around 11am persuaded myself to have a go at rendering the big living room 'stairs' wall. Lost track, but I think it was almost five bags of sand I mixed into cement in the end. Back breaking work without a mixer - sweat pouring off me. Eventually finished and cleaned up after 7pm! The render is not the slightest bit flat or vertical, etc. I think I may have to sacrifice my standards and just accept it never will be. I just can't face having to do more layers and relive a day like today. Hellish hard work. :o( Tomorrow I do nothing! . . . walked. Beautiful summers evening feel to it - very warm and hot air balloons drifting overhead as the sun set. Nice. . . PCd this . . .BB called . . . finally ate around 10:15pm . . . TVd absolutely exhausted. To bed at midnight. (4/10)a
28 - Woken by Sally at 7:30am. Feel rather tired and achey. Annadin tablet for breakfast in the sun in the garden. Forecast is really good for a couple of days. Mustered the energy and walked Sally the three hours down to Eastville Park and along the Frome Valley walk to Vassals and back. Ignored the very new looking motorbike that had been dumped in the river! Vandals had thrown the lifebelt into the river near the weir in Easville - managed to climb over the fence and lower myself down over the water and hook the rope with one foot and pull it back up and leave it near where it should have been. Very warm - unusualy walked in shirt sleeves, but still ended up hot and sweating and exhausted by the time we returned. Think I got a bit dehydrated (more so after yesterdays exertions) and couldn't shift a nasty headache all day despite more annadins. Drank lots. . . Mad as hatters!loaded the car up with all the bags of rubble from the front yard and left Sally at home and drove to the council tip around 12:45. BIG queue all down the road - lots of sitting fuming with the engine turned off. Always SUCH a relief when I've unloaded and the job is done . . . sat around/did washing chores/TVd/PCd. Once again Sally notified me with her whining she wasn't well (must have picked up something on our walk?), and I rushed to let her out so she could be ill from both ends in the garden. Poor little woofer. . . touched base with BB . . . walked. Found 7p - and two hard hats!!!??? They were just scattered around the street, one actually laying in the middle of the main road? I ignored them on the way out, but picked them up on the way home. Kinda ironic considering how Sally and I have been living in a building site for the last year. In actuality I of course have no use for them at all, and will probably donate them somewhere appropriate in due course. . . TVd until bed around midnight, with the back door open just in case Sally was ill again, but she seemed ok. (4/10)aaas
29 - Woke before the alarm around 6:20am and got straight up. I'm gonna try and get to that Lidl store early and see if I can bag some of those cheap hiking boots they've advertised, before they sell out. Coffee in the beautiful blue skyed cool of the garden. . . PCd this . . .walked in the warm dew and low sun. Quick chat to LB who pulled up as she was driving by. . .left Sally at home and a little after 8am, drove in the car to Lidl at Hanham. Still shut? I thought they opened really early? Gesticulated through the window and ascertained they opened at 9am like normal. Drove round to a nearby DIY store that opens at 8am to look around and waste some time. Found a penny in the car park. Succumbed to temptation and ended up spending 7 odd on TV aerial splitters and sockets and such for when I rewire all the TV connections throughout the house. Eventually drove back to Lidl to find a crowd of some fifteen people or so, had assembled outside the store waiting for it to open!!! Uggh! Parked, rolled a cigarette to steady my nerves, and then joined the crowd. By the time the store opened there were around thirty or more people there, but thankfully many had formed a line behind me. Rushed in (couldn't help myself trying, just a little, to trip the old guy who pushed his way past me) and made a bee line for the 'special offers' area. A bit of a scrum as a couple of us pawed over the boots looking for the english size tens. Tried my best to remain civil but become at least twice my normal width! As I'd suspected (previous experience suggests they advertise sizes they don't have, just to get people through the door) there were no size tens or above!!!! Managed to grab the only two pairs of size nine and a halfs, retreat from the scrum, and head for a nearby quieter freezer section to try them on. Wow - plenty of room - plenty big enough, even with my thick combat socks on. Excellent. They'll do - I'll have BOTH pairs. Only 5.99 a pair!!!? Incredible. Made a dash for the freezer and grabbed the last 24 beef burgers and matching numbers of buns before heading all triumphant to the check out. I was soon paid and back recovering with a cigarette in the car, gloating over the receipt. Twenty four beef burgers with onion, twenty four burger buns, two pairs of hiking boots - all for 15.74!!!!!! Amazing. How is that possible? :o) And the store's leaflet is advertising training shoes next week for 3.99 a pair!!! Oh dear - I may have to go through all that again . . I am SO, SO VERY lucky to have my post office 'pension', which they recently notified me is going up to 95 a week - but it IS hard making ends meet on such an amount. Nevertheless, there IS a tremendous satisfaction in honestly managing to do so. I kinda like it. I never had that sense of satisfaction/acheivement when I was 'earning'. I fear it can't last (probably due to more council tax increases!)Four wheel drive.. . .recovered at home, trying on shoes with a coffee. They aren't the best quality of course, but for that money ARE an amazing buy, and should see me through a fair few miles of Sally walks. . I just couldn't resist - jumped back in the car and headed for the other Lidl store in Fishponds, not really expecting to find any left. I was wrong - ended up buying ANOTHER pair of size nine and a halfs, exactly the same. This lifetime, I will be mostly wearing, these shoes! lol :o) Ismelda Marcos eat your heart out! . . . walked with Sally up Kingswood to shop - not so much because I needed anything but more as a test for the new shoes. A good test - it was really hot and sunny, my feet were still aching from yesterdays walk, I was wearing new shoes. They were fine. Excellent. :o) Stopped off in the salvation army shop and donated the childs clothes, gloves and a couple of wooly hats that I've recently found whilst out walking. I washed them all yesterday - weird how incredibly uncomfortable I felt having a small childs clothing hung out to dry on the line, in case the neighbours should see. (Like, what is that weird old hermit guy with the dog, doing with childrens clothes? Must be some sort of weirdo paedophile pervert! Get him!) Stocked up on cheap 19p a loaf bread, 75p each chicken kievs, and 1 a piece pizzas, and walked much of it home in the back-pack I recently found in the street . . . treated myself to four cheeseburgers for dinner . . . lay down around 2pm for a nap, but the world was having none of it! Some nearby house burglar alarm kept going off (as it 'often' seems to - I didn't even bother having a look this time) and then around 3pm some door to door electricity service salesperson set Sally off and forced me to the door just to say a bleary eyed no thank you. . . PCd this feeling too warm - thermometer in the kitchen says 21C / 70F . . .received an e-mail addresed to 'Tina' Jones titled 'Thanks From Olay' saying 'Thank you for registering for a free Daily Facials Sample on www.olay.co.uk. Your request is now being processed and should be with you very soon.' !!!??? Uh huh. :o| . . . touched base with BB . . . walked . . . TVd till late. (4/10)s
30 - Woken around 7am by Sally . . . walked and found a penny . . . painted a little damp proof course at floor level in the alcove, in preparation for concreting up the gap . . . sat around and ended up doing nothing for the rest of the day. Felt 'spontaneously' really down for no apparant reason!? Tried to sleep but found it was a bit too warm for comfort and ended up just laying around pretending to be asleep!! Eventually napped for an hour or two late afternoon, before being woken by PS calling the ansaphone. . .walked . . . touched base with BB . . . PS popped round for chats till early. . . to bed around 1am. (2/10)s
31 - Woke around 6:30am. Sat in the garden with Sally and a coffee and watched as a cocky wood pigeon flew down and started eating some chopped maize from the bird table, no more than six feet away from us both. Nice. Felt in better mood than yesterday. Is that why they call it 'the blues'? Cause it just crops up out of the blue like that!!! . . . walked and found another useable lighter . . .cemented up the gap at floor level in the alcove. Mixed up far too much cement and had nowhere else to put it - couldn't resist (I'd thought about doing so often) trying to fashion my own little Buddha type effigy out of the left overs. Spent a rediculous amount of time sat in the garden with an old knife, trying my hand at it sculpting!! Needless to say it was a waste of time. Ended up with a very gruesome looking squat blob of a figure, as the cement slumped. lol :o). . . sat in the garden in and out of the sun for much of the day. Very hot by my standards - 86F / 30C in the shade! . . . PCd and ended up bumping into and having a 'chat' with BB on MSN! First one of those in a long time. . .ate, set the alarm and fell asleep for an hour. Woke feeling not so good and very tired - needed to be sleeping longer. . . walked and found 7p. The caretaker near the school has finally decided to prune the tree that sits in his garden and overhangs the pavement, the branches of which insist on poking me in the head as I pass. Maybe he'd seen me stopping to reach up and break off branches on occasions. Two of the enormous boulders that have been placed near the entrance to the field to prevent vehicles from driving in, have been moved!!! Vandals/idiots round here must work in organised teams!!! On the walk back it seemed like the whole neigbourhood was competing to see who could be playing the loudest music whilst they had their barbeques! Yuk!. . . sat in the garden with a glass of wine . . . BB called . . . TVd till around midnight watching yet another in the Sigourney Weaver comes back from the dead, 'Alien' series. Loada rubbish. (4/10)d