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- Walked Sally around 6am after having a go at filming the sunrise. . . forced down a huge bowl of muesli and eventually to bed around 8am. .only managed a couple of hours before woken by the noise of the bin men. Uh oh - how is that possible? Seem to have somehow sprained my ankle in my sleep! . . . spent the whole day messing around with the camcorder and videos, trying to reach a point where I can wind up DVD number 3. .BB called. . . . .walked and stopped for cod and chips takeaway and a can of coke on the way home . .TVd while sucking squares of chocolate, SO tired I just couldn't move. . BB called . . . TVd until bed around 11pm. s
30 - Up around 7am. Aching a bit. :o( . . .walked . . . removed the last bit of ceiling joist near the bottom of the attic stairs . . . tidied up and vacuumed some of the dust . . . sat around - lots! . . . PCd . . . ate four burgers with all the trimmings . . . napped until 8pm! . . .walked late . . . BB called . . . TVd until early and then messed around with videos and the camcorder, what turned into ALL night without sleep!!!!!!? s
29 - Woken by Sally around 8:30am. . .walked . . . pushed on with the attic DIY work and got round to a bit of nasty cementing I've been putting off. The old stairs wall in the middle of the house, which kinda holds the whole house up, around which I've built the attic staircase, turned out not to be in any way keyed into short joining wall (or the main side walls for that matter!! Just a huge/tall stack of 'free standing' bricks!!!!!!!) Having removed the old back bedroom cupboard lintel hasn't helped. If you hit that wall with your fist, you can tell by the tone of the thud, it isn't right! So - I used the electric drill to cut out several areas of dust mortar near the hole I need to fill where the lintel used to be, and carefully fashioned a couple of metal brick wall ties into shapes that would fit into the grooves. Cut up bricks to fit and then cemented the whole lot up, tying at least THAT section of wall into the joining wall. Once that has all stabilised and gone hard, it would probably benefit from a couple more, above and below. The way these houses were originally just thrown together - incredible!! If we had earthquakes, this street simply wouldn't be here! . . Also cut a couple of bricks to fit the hole in the side wall where the other end of the old cupboard wooden lintel used to sit (half way up my attic stairs) , and at last, cemented that up (that's my temporary ash-tray gone then! lol) . . I was gonna call it quits for the day at that, but somehow I ended up pushing on and having a go at working out where the floor will go. The huge big tongue and groove floorboards have all just been layed temporarily, loose up till now - but with the stairs and all but one of the floor joists now in their final position, it is possible to actually now work out where the floor needs to go.

cleaned up and walked Sally around 7:15pm. . Mum called briefly . . couldn't resist doing a couple more runs of the floorboards and ended up back up in the attic working at laying them until around 9pm. That's pretty much all of them temporarily laid 'in position', except for all the narrower pieces that will need to be cut for along both end walls. :o). . . BB called . . . finally cooked and ate a meat pizza with extra mushrooms, onion and cheese at 11pm!! . . TVd with coffee and biscuits until bed at 12:15am. s
28 - HomelessWoken by Sally just before 7am . . .walked. Up the top of the field was what appeared to be a big heap of rubbish laying conspicuously on the grass. I made a bee line for it, just in case it was 'interesting' stolen dumped stuff. It wasn't. Turned out to be some drink problem/homeless guy sleeping on the grass!!! Around here! Jeeze. He's taking his life in his hands sleeping there! Used his presence for practicing my 'upside down viewfinder/unseen under-arm video' work! . . . PCd messing around with videos and such. I'm determined to finish off my 'Clips' DVD number 3 in the very near future. Spent a rediculous amount of time 'hanging' myself, to get the silly picture for the main menu!! lolol . . . ate chicken sandwiches with two bags of crisps and half a tray of jaffa cakes . . . napped until woken by PS leaving an ansaphone message around 6pm. . .walked . . . LB popped down with some buffet left overs and then phoned to get her guy down to have a look at my Airbus A320 video. Ended up showing them the progress in the attic. They know steeper, 'proper' stairs - which made me feel quite happy. :o) LB remarked on 'the bags' under my eyes!! Yeah - well - I've been under 'a bit of stress' of late! :o( . . . BB called . . . PS popped round. Forced him to sit as I proof watched the DVD I'd test burned. Just a whisker off an hour running time, so I think that will just about do for a finished disc . . Much CCTV watching of police cars driving up and down and around outside. Something going on somewhere! . . ate LBs buffet . . . TVd/PCd until birdsong. s
27 - Up at 6:45am . . .walked. Stopped off in the local newsagent and invested 20 on some mobile phone credit. Madness! Aside from quite literally one or two other calls, ALL of the last credit I put on it (around the time Dad was dying I think) has been spent on calls to the police!!!!!! Grrrr. . . PCd pretty much all day really, trying to delete/get some files in order (I've filled up my 300GB drive already!). :o( . .did a couple of test burn DVDs to see how things look on the TV. I really can't quite get my head around why all the videos I do, look SO much better on the DVD player/TV than anywhere else. . . walked just a little earlier than of late, and without 'incident'. Phew. . .cooked up a huge plate of two ham rings, mushrooms, three eggs and two fried potatoes and over ate with two pieces of bread and butter . . . TVd . . . BB called . . . TVd until bed around 11pm.
26 - Up at 7am . . . PCd the Sally-sat-in-the-river footage . . . walked in the wind and rain. Laying in the middle of the main road with the cars having to drive around it was an umbrella. Figured I'd retrieve it and put it in a nearby bin. Weird thing was, once I'd got hold of it, there was almost nothing wrong with it that I could see!? Kept it for passing on to a charity shop or some such. A quick slow, aching once round the field and very glad to be back home. . PCd this and uploaded the video. In fact - actually PCd pretty much all day on videos, apart from a brief tidy up in the attic!! . . BB called . . .test burned the videos and 'proof' watched them on the TV . . . walked. More strange goings on in the field. A group of guys hanging around waiting for their dealer again. . stopped for chips takeaway on the way home . . . ate chicken and chips . . . BB called . . .TVd until bed around midnight. s
25 - Up around 7:15am . . .walked . . . PCd . .Mum called briefly about a TV show I wasn't interested in . . . worked on the attic building site and managed to extract bricks and 'relatively' painlessly fit in the two short floor joist sections at the top of the new attic stairs, having made up my mind about how/where the floor should meet the stairs. Screwed/glued/nailed/cemented in place by mid afternoon. . Unexpcted sunny spells tempted me into giving Sally a decent long walk. Cleaned up, polished my boots and set off with Sally around 4pm. Down to Eastville Park (found a copy of todays Evening Post newspaper laying on a park bench - so I had that) for plenty of sitting by the boating lake before eventually up onto Purdown for plenty more sitting. Actually - I sat here and there all over the place along the way, because I was just SO exhausted!! Far too tired to do the walk really, but I figured I owed it to Sally. She's not had much fun of late, what with me doing the attic stairs and all. . sat down by the river along from Snuff Mills for a cigarette, and Sally sat in the river. She sat and sat and sat - IN the river! Ended up actually pulling out the camcorder and filming her, just to see how long she'd sit there like that. It was a long, LONG time! Chillin? Weird dog. lol :o) . .slowly, painfully along the river into Vassals and eventually back home through Fishponds. (Unfamiliar faces in the local field acting 'strange' - suspected druggies looking for their dealer again I think!) . back home by 8pm, utterly, utterly exhausted! . . out into the garden to take my boots off, because I'd somehow left my slippers out on the patio!!? Missed BB calling! :o( Briefly popped up LBs and returned the large bowl she'd given me her roast-dinner left overs in. . . ate half a chicken, half a tub of coleslaw and four pieces of bread and butter and then some chocolate while watching TV . . . VERY stiff and aching (actually difficult standing and walking!!) - gladly to bed just after 11pm. s
24 - Woken by Sally before 7:30am after just a couple of hours sleep! . . .walked . . .PCd. Oh NO!! I don't believe it!! That spycam has broken already!!! The camera still works but all the leads that come out of it appear to be falling apart. Well that didn't stand up to frequent use very well did it! Grrrr. :o( Funny how not having it, makes me feel so very vulnerable, even after such a short amount of time with it. . . dismantled the old heavy back bedroom cupboard door I've had laying around the place for ages, saved the two large pieces of hardboard in case they may be useful, cut it up out on the patio with the circular saw, and put it in the wheelie bin . . .PCd for hours (right through until the afternoon!) messing around with this mornings early hours recording of the dawn chorus, before uploading the poor result. . . ate a chicken sandwich and then napped for a few hours until around 7:30pm . . . walked in the rain around 8pm. Sally spotted a rabbit in the field (rare sight) and chased it all the way up, until it dodged under the fence of the new flats/old builders yard! . . .BB called . . . TVd . . .ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter and then a couple of bananas . . . TVd sucking chocolate until bed at 1am. s
23 - Woke at 6:45am again. Wonder why THAT time? Badly aching lower back. :o( . . . walked . . . balanced my accounts while sucking an Annadin tablet. Called the cable company and had their free ansaphone thingy turned off (again! They didn't actually do it the last time I asked.) I've never got into the irritating habit of having to check the line after every time I've used the phone or been on line, and often don't realise I've had a message left until the next time I pick the phone up - which can easily be a day or two later!! I'd rather people simply get engaged and know they haven't reached me . . .PCd a bit of this. Nice to be having 'a day off' from the building site, although I seem to find myself itching to get on with more!?. . .ate the remaining stew with four crusts of bread and butter. With hindsight - I think maybe that was actually enough for three meals! <burp> . . . pottered around/TVd/PCd/listened to a little music - and ended up getting tearful over a Barbara Dickson number - 'The Right Moment'! . .BB called . . . napped for a couple of hours . . . walked . . . TVd but ended up actually not being able to face watching Crimewatch UK!!! :o( Too many people ending up getting killed for no reason . . . BB called . . .PCd until daylight, finally getting round to facing up to compiling that abuse stuff from the 19th (3,491KB). Painful - much. :o( A few things about that incident/footage - which is actually really all about the audio capture. Yes - I DID lose my temper - BIG time - complete with foul mouth - but, well, after this last year I've been through, can you really blame me? The dark skinned girl (one of the main players) is the same one who once threw her litter AT me as I walked past, after having complained about her just throwing it to the ground. The 'house on the corner' of the street in which they ended up, is well known in the area as the source of much of the area's anti social behaviour - and is allegedly where the person lives, whos name was 'associated with' the stolen crashed car incident on the 6th. If you can make it out at this quality - listen to the very last words you can hear on the video - "I just broke my bail conditions", from a very little boy!! And one other thing. Don't try and tell me to 'just ignore it' like everyone seems to want to tell me is the way to deal with it. Listen to it again! How can anyone just ignore that? Could you? Really? If you lived on your own like I do? Could you handle the fear of what those chants could bring you in the dark one night? Oh, and by the way - when you DO attempt to ignore it, it actually gets worse don't you know! . . it really is increasingly difficult. Difficult justifying continuing to live in a world inhabited by such people. I'm not really sure I can any more - but then again - I don't suppose I've ever been able to! . . . lay down to sleep somewhere after 4am, but there was SO much noise from outside I couldn't sleep, and soon got back up and ended up in the attic with the camcorder trying to record the birdsong! . . . to bed again after 5am. ass
22 - Up around 6:45am again. . .walked and found 7p. . . there's been torrential rain the last few days, and more forecast for the rest of the week. Plenty of evidence of penetration around the front chimney stack where the roofers didn't do a decent job on their rendering! I'm gonna HAVE to attempt to do something about that (I'm gonna try a desperate 'coat-of-masonary-paint-botch' on the stack and buttress walls above the roof!), as soon as the weather/my energy level permits. :o( . .Right! Now - about these damned stairs into the attic!! I'm determined to reach a point today whereby I have a 'mostly' finished staircase that I can use - so I can relax and have a few days off from the exhausting pace I've been keeping!!! . seemed pretty obvious I was going to be short of a few lengths of timber and would need to go and buy more, but I decided to push on and complete as much as I could before heading for the store, so I'd know what lengths I'd be needing and be able to decide where to have the timber cut to be able to get it in the car. . My attic staircaseby late morning I had reached a point where at least all of the treads were pretty much in place, and I just couldn't resist any longer. I had to know if what I'd acheived was gonna work - I just HAD to see if Sally could get up and down them! A quick shake of the biscuit barrel and the slightest bit of encouragement, and up she went without a problem. More cruicaly, could she get down?! Popped down and said the magic word - 'CATssssssss', and down she flew. EXCELLENT! Sat in the attic with a coffee, biscuits and Sally. Funny dog - she had a bit of a sniff around the place here and there, but pretty much took it all in her stride and ended up laying down covered in sawdust for a bit of a snooze. lolol . . managed to somehow 'botch' a couple of the offcuts of wood and eventually succeeded in acheiving an acceptable interim result, WITHOUT having to drive to the store for more timber! Yayyyyyyy. Cool. THAT will do for a while - I SO need a rest! . . filled the bin up, cleared up, vacuumed and tidied up all around the house . . did half of the mountain of dishwashing chores until around 7pm. A large part of the reason I've not been eating much of late is the fact that I'd used up ALL the dishes/cutlery/plates (everything!) - and just couldn't face the chore of having to wash them all, after having done a long day of running up and down building stairs! NOW I can eat! . . . walked . . . the last time I was in ASDA shopping, I was absolutely amazed at the incredibly low prices of some of their 'Smartprice/Value' tins of food, so I bought a handful to experiment. Cooked up a large saucepan of what I would describe as a stew. A tin of new potatoes (17p), one of peas (14p), one of mushrooms(34p), one of stewed steak (74p) - all just thrown in a saucepan, heated on the hob and ready to eat within five minutes! It wasn't brilliant, but it sure wasn't bad - eaten with a 44p ovenheated garlic-butter baguette. Probably would have benefited from draining off some of the liquid - or maybe thickening it up with a spoonful of instant gravy - but - quick/easy/amazing for THAT money, and even more amazing is, I only ate half and have more than enough in the saucepan for ANOTHER big meal!!! :o) . . .'popped' up in the attic with a coffee (because now I can. lol ) and 'sat with my acheivement' for a while, and visualising what to do next. Funny how I have to do that, whenever I do DIY stuff. 'Sit with it' for a bit - often. lol . HUGE amounts more to do all over the place, but having those stairs in, actually makes it almost like just another half finished room at long last. Happy. :o) . . BB called . . . TVd . . . ate biscuits and chocolate and TVd until bed at 11pm. s
21 - Up at 6:45am. Coffee, cigarettes and Annadin tablet for breakfast . . . walked and found a rucksack. . . worked on the stairs through until around 5pm. Six steps forward, three steps back! :o( Disappointing - I was hoping to have cracked it today, but I think I'm gonna need to buy yet another length of timber, before I'm through! . . Got all of the possible top steps done and ended up with 'just' the lower awkward corner steps to do. Called it quits and left a couple of the wide corner treads, screwed and glued to dry. . With enough of the stairs done to visualise the finished article, I was able to actually have a bit of a re-think about the final 'square' top step area I was planning. It suddenly leapt out at me (given the way the steps run in relation to the roofslope) that it was pointless!! (and pretty obviously so!! Dunno why I didn't see it earlier?) I think there is 'just' enough headroom for the flight to simply go straight up to the attic floor, rather than force that final 'right turn' into the room. So - a bunch of yesterdays work was probably a wasted effort. I should have been putting in a couple of short lengths of floor joist instead! Oh well. . . cleaned up a little. My weight seems to have gone right back down to around 10 stone (140lbs) when I get in the shower! . . walked. . . vacuumed . . . loaded up as tall as I could, a meat pizza with extra onion, mushroom and cheese - and feasted once it was cooked, with half a tub of coleslaw . . . BB called . .TVd . . ate bowls of cornflakes . . . to bed around 11pm. s
20 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . . . walked . . . worked on the attic stairs all day, straight through until around 6:30pm before calling a halt. Glued the remaining little noggins in place. Spent most of the time working on putting in supports for the first step down from the top, which is going to be pretty much a square platform I think. Lots of screwing gluing, cementing, supporting because I'm gonna have to reduce the depth of the front bedroom ceiling rafters in that area by around half an inch or more. . . ate a couple of bananas just to stop the shakes. . .walked - 'fully loaded' (spycam, phone, MP3 recorder etc.). Typical - a quiet night without incident! . . BB called . . . ate a liver pate sandwich with two bags of crisps. THAT isn't enough food for a day!!! . . TVd but felt utterly exhausted. . . early to bed before 11pm. s
19 - Woken by Sally long before 6am but managed to snooze on until up around 7:45am . . .PCd a bit of this. . .walked. It would appear it was the last day at school for a bunch of the kids. Large groups of them, both male and female, were all dressed up in 'schoolgirl' outfits - dark tights, mini skirts, white shirts, etc. Something somewhere got out of hand, and as I made my way back home from the field, the police were in attendance! One policeman ran down the road after a couple of boys dressed in their schoolgirl outfits, complete with wigs - and when he caught up with them, searched through a 'handbag' they were carrying. His partner was surrounded by another large group and as I passed was saying something about there being bigger trouble if they carried on climbing over the fence to get into the school. It appeared, the teachers had locked all the gates and were refusing any further entry!!? Mayhem! . . . tranferred some savings money over and then left Sally at home and drove to Longwell Green to pick up some more nails and wood glue from Wickes (12.37), a 17KG sack of PAL complete (17.95) from the pet food store and then a major groceries (55.61)and tinned dog food (48 tins of Winalot @ 19.92) shop in ASDA. .on the way out of ASDA one of their DVD recorders caught my eye. It was only around 70!! How cheap is THAT! One of the boxes was open so I cheekily parked up my overloaded trolley and had the unusual luxury of being able to extract the instruction manual from the box, and leaning on my trolley, read it all - cover to cover. Not bad at all! Very VERY tempting! If only it was possible to put it on an automatic 'loop' record (for my CCTV camera), I would have bought one and replaced both my VCR and DVD player with one cheap, small, slimline unit. Managed to resist. Guess I'll have to wait until the hard disk recorders come down in price. . . back home to unload the mountains of shopping and then put in a couple more hours of work on the attic stairs . . . ate most of half a garlic and herb flavoured chicken with four pieces of bread and butter and half a small tub of coleslaw around 4pm . . . napped until around 7:30pm . . .

walked. Just as I crossed the main road on the pelican crossing,

and was followed down the streets by a 'screaming' group of up to half a dozen little girls, chanting at the top of their scream, 'paedo, paedo, paedo'. . . . . . . . . . . Hell is people. abuse (3,491KB)


finished the walk without further incident, but admittedly fighting back tears! :o( . . back home to promptly throw up! :o( . . . PS popped round for chats, but I was lost in my own little world of hell for the rest of the evening, and not really concentrating on his conversation or whatever ended up on the TV in front of us. . . ate liver pate sandwiches around 1am . . . couldn't sleep and PCd until birdsong and daylight. ss
18 - Woken by Sally around 7:45am . .slow w/aching up. . walked . . . returned Mums ansaphone call from yesterday . . .back to the stairs work (after having put the camcorder on charge)! :o( I have it in mind that hopefully today I'll be able to make enough progress to actually rough in some of the framework for the last but two steps. That third step from the top is gonna be a nasty fiddle to do, because my measurements dictate that step will need to be 'cut into' the top of the front bedroom wall by 20mm or so. Lots of dusty disc cutting!! :o( . . . increasingly stopped working getting on towards midday, to look out of the skylights, in the hope of seeing the A380 flypast in the distance. It was all over the local news yesterday that the new 'largest commercial passenger plane in the world' was visiting this country for the first time, and would be doing a fly past of the Filton aircraft works where they manufactured parts of the wings (and thereby over much of Bristol). . Airbus A380 Bristol flypast May 18th 2006 Sure enough - somewhere around midday, I heard someone down the road calling out to his neighbour and pointing into the distance - and just disappearing below the rooftops in the far distance was the tailplane. Uh oh - was that it? Did I miss getting a picture? Thankfully as I scanned the horizon, the plane re-emerged from its low level fly past of Filton airfield and climbed back up, to fly over the city and do another circuit - or three I think it was in the end, accompanied by a 'chase' plane. :o) Nice one. Raced from skylight to skylight, back and front, trying to grab a little footage with the camcorder. Nasty blowy cloudy weather didn't afford particularly good footage, but I managed enough (all shaky - high zoom - brick dust all over the camera!) to enable a couple of decent stills. BIG plane - slow flypast - high angle of attack. Impressive. . .carried on working on the stairs and eventually pretty much succeeded in acheiving the target I'd set myself for the day. LOTS more to do, but I've actually succeeded in reaching the point where I had to withdraw the ladder I've been using all these months to get up there. Once the glue drys, it 'should' be possible to actually walk up the framework now. Milestone. :o) A few more lenghs of timber and some little noggins and I can slow down, and take it a bit easier again. . . tidied myself up and collapsed around 6pm. . PCd briefly and transferred the camcorder footage of the flypast onto the PC, while watching the local news showing much similar amateur footage. lol . . . . walked between rain showers. Stopped for sausage and chips takeaway on the way home. S in the chip shop suddenly threw a piece of cod into my lott as he was making it up!? Huh? Appparantly he thought that piece of cod was starting to look a bit 'crunchy' and when that happens (so he said) he either eats the fish himself or throws it away. So - he let me have the cod for nothing!! Cool. :o). . ate - lots. It DOES appear that I've lost a bit of weight recently. I'm definately expending more calories doing this building work than I'm taking in. . BB called . . . vacuumed a little of the layers of dust from around the house . .ate biscuits . . TVd exhausted, until early to bed before 11pm. a
17 - Woken by Sally around 6am - snoozed on until up around 7am . . . walked. God I feel tired and achey! Very slow walking around the field. :o( . . . My attic staircase projectworked on the stairs project again, straight through until around 4pm. Progress is oh SO slow - but I AM making progress. Now I have a good two thirds of the over-engineered framework 'roughed-in', up which I can comfortably climb, it does at least prove that it IS gonna be 'reasonably' ok for walking up, despite the steepness and 'unsafe' corner. I even suspect that Sally 'may' be able to negotiate it (certainly up) which has always been in my mind as the REAL test of it's useability/success. :o) . . cleaned up and finally got round to having a quick look at the little hard disk that was in one of those PCs dumped in the hedge the other day. It turned out to be a 4GB hard disk with Windows (98?) on it - and absolutely nothing else. Not a single 'user' file to have a 'snoop' through. Awwww. :o/ Oh well - think that'll find its way into the bin. Actually - I rather suspect the whole lot will eventually find its way into my bin! Should have left it in the hedge!!! Oh well - just put it down to more 'litter duty'!! . . . next door called in and picked up the parcel her son had ordered, which the delivery guy had left with me - because I was home - again. . .felt very 'iffy' and headachey and just HAD to lay down for a bit. . back up around 6pm, still not feeling so good and aching all over. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this, putting off venturing out in the rain. . . walked and stopped for cod and chips on the way home. Ate with four pieces of bread and butter . . . BB called . . . TVd . . . ate a tray of jaffa cakes . . . cut my overgrowing hair and beard . . .PCd and ended up getting all caught up looking at cheap property in France until around 2:30am! aas
16 - Up just after 6am . . .walked. God I feel tired . . . left Sally at home and drove to Kingswood to bank this months 50 PSB win, and to withdraw some cash. Drove on to Longwell Green and bought more timber - B&Q (4lengths @ 35.56) and then Wickes (4 x 47x100mmx2.4m @ 14.76) . . .cramming the timber in the car in the car park, I discovered the car has been keyed - again - along the passenger door! Sorry Dad. :o( . . . worked on the stairs until mid afternoon . . . ate mayo, grated cheese, luncheon meat and onion sandwiches around 4pm . . . BB called . . . eventually napped through (with ineffective tissues stuffed in my ears in desperation) next door's dog barking until around 6:30pm . . .ripped LBs Rod Stewart CD and then set it burning the couple of copies she wanted. Walked. . .TVd . . . ate the last of LBs roast dinner with a pint of gravy . . . BB called . . .TVd until bed around 12:30am. s
15 - Litter IT!Woken by Sally at 6:30am. . .walked. Laying in the hedge on the edge of the field were two computer carcasses! I presumed they'd been stolen. Had a good look at them and could immediately see that the memory and one or two other useful parts had already been removed, but one of the machines did still have a hard drive in place! Oooh. Just then, cycling up the street no more than six feet away went a policeman on a bicycle (probably the school officer, but I wasn't sure). As he cycled by I called out to attract his attention to the computers. He looked round without stopping, said something I didn't quite hear but which I think included 'I'll be back to look at that later', and then he just continued on his way! In short, I felt as though I'd been brushed off - as though I was just being a nuisance!! :o( . Ok - I just left the computers laying there. . .worked on the next bit of the attic stairs project, stripping off layers of the old dust render in preparation for cementing, gluing and bolting a couple of lengths of timber on the wall at each side. Not much to show for all that work, but had the timbers fixed by late afternoon. SO tired, I couldn't even muster the energy to fix some food, and ended up having to just go and lay down to recover. Slept for less than an hour before finding myself wide awake again - but very achey! Actually, I think it was the thought of those computers just laying in that hedge that was preying on my mind - as it had been all day! . . decided to walk with Sally and if the computers were still there, I'd have a go at salvaging them, and if they weren't, I'd give Sally a long walk. Unluckily for Sally, and I found it particularly suprising after a day of all the school kids passing by, the computers were STILL laying there! Very embarassing and it was a hell of a struggle, but somehow I managed to walk back home carrying them both (I didn't bother picking up the battered cases or broken fronts). . . had a quick look at them out in the conservatory. Turns out they were probably just dumped (as in fly-tipped!) rather than stolen, based on the specs. .one had a sticker on the inside of the case which listed what it was! Mesh ATX Midi, AMD Athlon 650MHZ CPU, 32MB SDR Gforce NVIDIA, etc etc. It DID have a soundblaster sound card, and a modem which may be useful if they work. The other machine had a badly damaged case, and on closer examination also bore evidence of something having burned out in the power supply, so I quickly dismantled all of that, kept the Intel motherboard, CD/DVD drives and all the other components and screws, and crammed the remainder straight into my wheely bin

. . . walked. The police guys who popped round the other day, vaguely suggested that 'ASBO kid' 'wasn't around at the moment'. I swear I saw him tonight, hanging around in the bushes at the edge of the field, as all the local losers always do - even when its pouring with rain! . Was it just a coincedence that the WHOLE field was absolutely covered in tyre treads from where someone had been driving a motorcycle around during the day? . Passing by where the kids had all recently been stood, there was a half penny laying on the floor. A penny cut in half that is! Uhuh - so - which one of that merry little group had a set of bolt cutters with him?!!! :o(. . . ate half of LBs left overs with a pint of gravy . . . BB called . . . remained collapsed and exhausted in front of the TV eating a little chocolate, until bed just after 11pm. s
14 - Woken by Sally just before 7:30am. . . walked . . . worked on the attic stairs for a few hours - pretty much until I realised I need more timber before I can carry on. . .BB called . . . ate luncheon meat and mayo sandwiches with crisps . . . napped . . .walked . . .LB dropped in the CD (Rod Stewart!!!) she wants copied together with a big bowl of roast dinner left overs. . . BB called . . .PS popped round for chats . . . ate luncheon meat and mayo sandwiches and biscuits . . .ate bowls of co-co pops before bed around 1:30am. ss
13 - Woken by Sally at 7:30am. . . walked . . . worked on the attic stairs . . . ate 'six-slice' tuna, onion, tomato and mayo sandwiches with two bags of crisps around 4pm and then napped . . . woke after 8pm! . . LB called promising me a Sunday dinner if I'll burn a couple more CDs for her tomorrow . . . walked. A group of 'kids' were calling out 'informer' at me again!! :o( So much for the security guards on the new school building site. A bunch of kids were racing out of the school grounds as I walked towards the field, and on my way back, the remnants of a hard hat were strewn around the place . . . sat in the garden briefly . . BB called . . .TVd . . . IHB called in on his push bike, not far off midnight, on his way home from a pub, as drunk as a skunk! Apparantly he's recently back on the anti-depressants, so all that booze was on top of those!! I guess he doesn't seem too happy right now. :o( He confirmed it WAS his wife I'd seen on the local news the other night. They were doing an article on that crazy " people wanting 'Bristol' to apologise for the slave trade" thing!?? She'd been stopped in the street and asked her opinion. She'd said something along the lines of, rather nicely I thought, 'I don't know who should apologise or to who'. . .ate biscuits and chocolate after he unwisely wobbled off into the dark on his bike. . . to bed around 2am. ss
12 - Woken by Sally more than once, then up just before 8am . . .walked - and ended up being accompanied round the entire walk, AND during my cigarette sit, by the young lad with the black labrador who I think lives in the pub. He didn't have to go to school until later because they were having a school trip - to the Mall at Cribbs of all places! . . .received my new passport - hand delivered at the door by someone (presumably because they can't trust the post office any more?!! Sheesh - how this country has changed!!) . . .touched base briefly with Mum. . . finished off the storm footage video - which took ALL morning and into the afternoon!!! (Why DO I bother??!! Not much to show for all those hours - and I didn't even get as clever as I'd really wanted with the mixing of the sound tracks! Oh well.) Funny how doing some of these video things, having to play the music over and over and OVER again as I build them - I can often get absolutely sick of it. This one just grew on me more and more. :o) . . .ate 'six-slice' tuna, onion, tomato and mayo sandwiches with two bags of crisps while watching the news. Another female police officer (a special) has been killed! :o( . . just then the local beat manager PC finally returned my call, but given what was on the news, it put all my silliness into perspective and I said I'd had a visit from a couple of officers yesterday, and there wasn't much point in him seeing the video I had . . .napped until just before 8pm . . .LB called asking me to burn her a couple of copies of her latest CD. . . walked late. . popped up LBs and picked up the CD she was raving about. . BB called . . . ate tuna, onion, tomato and mayo sandwiches with two bags of crisps . . . ripped and copied the CD and popped it straight back up to LB . . . PCd until around 3am before bed. s
11 - Woke just after 6:30am . . . walked. . . did a little laundry, vacuuming/tidying chores and checked out the CCTV and camcorder footage I took of the storm last night. Predictably mostly pretty disappointing. Didn't get much of the really neat stuff at all. Should have filmed it from the field! . . .received an official notification in the post from the Witness Care Unit of the CPS, informing me of the result of the Xxxxxx court case! . . Shortly before 10am the police arrived to take my statement - two of them!! What a crazy waste of police time and money for such a pointless 'I saw a broken window one morning' statement. More CPS madness I gather. . seized my opportunity and 'let' them watch my latest DVD 'evidence' type DVD compilation, which got THAT off my mind. 'Anonymous tip-off' was mentioned about a bit of it, so that was good enough for me. . In the midst of reading them my journal entry for July 18th last year and the statement being written, I made some reference in our wide ranging conversation, to the incident of March 18th last year when those druggies with the stolen car were arrested taking stuff out of the local builders yard. Would you believe it! One of the policemen I was currently talking to was actually the arresting officer on that occasion - and he pointed out which one was him, on the photo I took! lolol Funny old small world, innit. :o). . . did a tiny bit more DIY on the attic stairs before very soon stopping. Just not in the mood. . . ate a tin of spaghetti bolognes - cold from the tin, and two bags of crisps . . . napped for a few hours . . . walked and found 10p. Sat around in various parts of the field for a while and ended up taking lots of pictures of the sky. Neat sunset with a large glowing cloud front. . TVD . . . ate defrosted roast chicken and roast potatoes with a pint of gravy. .BB called . . . TVd . . . PCd and got all caught up in attempting to make a video out of the tiny bit of that thunderstorm footage that was worth keeping. Very difficult trying to make a collage out of cuts of an ever changing sky. . eventually to bed around 4am!! s
10 - Woke around 6:45am . . . walked . . . phoned up the timber supply place intending to order a bunch more timber for the stairs build, but they said they couldn't deliver until at least Friday, so I called off the idea. . . left Sally at home and drove to Wickes at Longwell Green to see what timber lengths they had. I was allowed to 'borrow' a 2.4m length to take out into the car park to see if I could fit it in the car somehow. It did - just - with the headrest removed and the passenger seat layed flat. Back in and bought six lengths (47x100mm x2.4m @ 22.14) to keep me going . . . worked on the stairs project for the rest of the day and actually made a 'bit' of progress . . Spectacular thunder storm :o)somewhere in the middle of all the work, I received a phone call from a policeman wanting a statement about the neighbour's car break in last year - as she'd warned me they may. Arranged an 'appointment' for 10am tomorrow. . . worked through on the stairs building site until gone 6pm. The trouble with the part constructed stage I'm at now - it's made it REALLY difficult to get up over it, onto the ladder to get up in the attic!! :o( . . . Shortly before setting off to walk Sally, a tremendous thunder storm and some heavy rain rolled in, which saw me delay the walk and race to the attic to try and catch a bit of it with the camcorder. Poor Sally had to cross her legs for half an hour or so. . . walked late and found a penny. The view of the lightning from the field, in all different directions at the same time, was even more spectacular than at home in the attic. Stopped for sausage and chips takeaway on the way home. . . BB called . . . TVd in a bit of a state of collapsed exhaustion . . .coffee and a bunch of biscuits before to bed at exactly midnight. I was SO tired, I could easily have gone to bed hours earlier - if I hadn't been just too tired to move out of my chair!! s
9 - Bike Cop Patrol :o)Woken by Sally before 6:30am!? . . .walked . . .PCd this - which took a while!!! - and even then, I just couldn't be bothered to type 'everything'!! . . .couldn't mustyer the energy to do anything on the stairs project, and eventually ended up leaving an ansaphone message for 'the bobby on a bike' , asking him if he'd like to come and have a coffee - and watch some DVD!! . . . vacuumed a bit . . . ate chopped salad and bread and butter while TVing . . . napped until woken by Sally around 5pm . . . walked - wired! Oh myyyyyy goddddddd - a motorbike on the cycle path again! lololololololololololololol
HOOOOOORAYyyy!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! A policeman on a
bike, patrolling the area. How cool is THAT!
Fan-bloody-tastic! :o) Brilliant idea! :o) So THAT's why it feels quieter out tonight! lolololololol I even 'caught' a picture of him on my buttonhole spycam as he went by!! :o) . . . carried on walking with a bit of a spring in my step. Even springier when he 'pulled' a car next to the field, because his numberplate system (I overheard them) had indicated the car was untaxed. As it turned out, (sadly??) the guy had papers to prove all was in order, and he was soon on his way . . . much police activity/helicopter etc. around the area for quite a while!. . . PCd this . . . BB called . . . touched base with Mum . . .ate bowls of cornflakes and then a microwaved tin of stewed steak with bread and butter immediately before bed around 12:30am. THAT was a mistake! I woke in the night 'almost' being sick!! s
8 - Woken by Sally around 8am. walked in the rain and found 3p . . . PCd and compiled a new DVD set, to include the more recent stuff - just in case I get a visit from that 'beat manager policeman again some time - although I doubt I will despite what he said. I never DID get a call back from that schools police liason officer, as he'd said he would, did I!! Grrrr. . . . . touched base with Mum . . . put in just a little more work on the attic stairs, but it isn't going well. That wood I'm using is warping SO badly, I'm not sure I'm actually going to be able to continue with it! One of the pieces even split and had to be discarded and replaced, as I tried to screw it down flat. Why the hell is it warping SO much, so quickly?? :o( . again, spent hours doing nothing and just looking at it all, trying to think things through and figure out how to do it! Nasty tight corner. So THAT was why we were taught all those angles and things at school! Shame I can't remember any of it!!. . . walked. . . ate the last of the chicken with four pieces of bread and butter. . . TVd and ate multiple bowls of co-co pops. . . to bed before midnight. as
7 - Woken by insistant Sally just after 7am. . . walked and found 2p. . . DIYd but didn't get much done and ended up having to stop early afternoon with a nasty headache and to let the glue dry. . . ate a stick of garlic bread with a couple of chicken legs . . . napped for a couple of hours . . . walked and found 6p. . . touched base with BB . . . TVd . . . ate a bowl of chopped salad with grated cheese doused in vinegar with four pieces of bread and butter and then some chocolate around midnight . . . TVd until bed around 1am. aas
6 - Woke earlier - snoozed on, then woken by Sally at 7am . . . walked in the sun and found 5p. Last nights' unpleasant hoodie incident was still filling my mind, and I was in a foul, FOUL mood - not helped by the mountains of beer cans and litter all over the field! To be honest - I'm not sure why particularly this morning, but I felt like I was starting to 'lose it' and was very near 'the edge'!!!! I'm not sure anyone would understand - but I really feel as though I've been subjected to more than my fair share of all this utterly pointless antisocial stuff going on recently (it HAS completely taken over my life!!), and despite my best and considerable efforts to keep a handle on it, it IS starting to adversely affect me, psychologically, quite substantially!!!! :o( . . I don't really want to type this next bit. I'm ashamed of it. But I guess I better had, to be true to the honesty of my journal. I did litter duty and cleared up all the stinking beer cans and debris from near the seat (now with the swings gone, the only remaining target for destruction by vandals). As I neered the entrance to the field and the cycle path, I was armed with a bulging carrier bag of litter and was in the process of picking up yet more discarded plastic drinks bottles. Two guys on bikes came cycling into the field on the cycle path. One was drinking something from a plastic bottle, and once he'd had his fill (people around here ALWAYS leave a bit in the bottle) casually threw the bottle straight onto the grass ahead of him. There was no 'conscious' thought process on my part. Just uncontrolled rage. The plastic bottle I had in my hand that I'd just picked up - I threw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw it AT them! I thankfully missed and the bottle sailed into a nearby bush, the noise attracting their attention. I got away with it. It all happened in such a way that they were obviously pretty sure about what I'd just done - but presumably weren't 'entirely' certain - so all I got was some prolonged staring from one of them in particular. Jeezuz christ! What the hell am I turning into!!! I really am 'losing it'!!!! :o( Get a grip - for gods sake get a grip!!! Slank back home, hating myself. . . After last nights upsetting 'intimidating hoodie' incident, I had a good look at my new spycam and my sleeveless jacket with all the pockets, and came up with a quick compromise position for the camera. Made a small slit in a bit of the material around stomach height by a pocket, and then did a bit of sewing - effectively making a buttonhole through which to position the camera. Quick and easy. A bit of the wire still shows, but it's good enough to be useable and 'almost' unnoticeable while I test it out. Until I can figure out how/where to get hold of another camcorder AV lead to modify, there's little point in doing a 'proper' more permanent instalation. . . left Sally at home and drove to Wickes for three bags of sand, one of cement, and another pot of wood glue (16.45) . . . put in some more hours on the attic staircase project. IF I can even manage to do it - it's gonna take absolutely ages, bit by bit, by bit! :o( . . . ate three bananas throughout the day and then a little chocolate in an attempt to keep the lack of food shakes at bay . . . walked at 7pm giving my spycam a proper test. Half way round the field there was a loud CRASH sound from over by the new flats building site. Either a car crash on the other side of the flats or some of the scaffolding had collapsed!! Couldn't see what had made the noise but it was LOUD! Carried on round the field like normal and then when nearing the exit to the field, had a look down the road where the noise must have come from. Sure enough, the police were in attendance dealing with another stolen, crashed, abandoned car and all the devastation it had caused!!! The car driver had somehow lost control on the bend, crashed into all the temporary barriers in front of the new flats, punctured both nearside tyres, and then ended up sliding across the road before coming to rest on the opposite pavement, 'just' missing a nearby garage!! Wandered down with Sally to rubberneck and take a couple of photos. Bit of a wake up call for the owners of those new flats. Welcome to the neighbourhood guys! Repent at your leisure! :o( . I bet that group of kids that was sat on the boulders at the edge of the field when it happened, saw exactly who it was that ran off. They would have seen the car drive right past them and would have had a clear view down the street once alerted by the loud crash! The police should have rounded THEM up to start with! . . . stopped for a bag of chips on the way home, and on entering the chip shop, flippantly asked if anyone had recently been in, out of breath (because for some reason it seemed pretty likely to me, whoever had run off from that car, could well have ended up in there). Incredibly, the answer from S behind the counter, was YES!!! An individul known to S by name (KS), had recently been in, all red faced and out of breath. When asked what he'd been up to, he allegedly replied, nothing. A young assistant in the shop was also involved in our conversation, because his Mum had just texted him, asking about KS driving some car around (and that assistant and his Mum live in a street 'just' a short distance from where that car was crashed!). I was all for letting the police know, but S didn't want to get involved!! Grrrrr. I despair! . . . Ate a couple of chicken legs with the chips while watching my spycam experiment footage - all the while agonising over whether or not I should have gone back and let the police know about the 'rumors on the street' of who 'may' have been involved. I didn't. . The spycam works ok, but definitely needs to be mounted higher up on my coat, so it'll be less prone to bouncing around as I walk. . BB called . . . PS popped round to be subjected to my awful despairing frustration, and compulsive CCTV watching. . had a conversation with PS about properties on the Isle Of Skye, and I ended up showing him some of them on the PC in the back bedroom - with the CCTV on the portable TV next to it, as we surfed. Would you believe it! As we were sat there, a group of girls walked past the house, and as we watched and listened to the CCTV, they threw a stone at what turned out to be next door's window!! Hard to explain, but somehow I always figured girls 'are better', when it comes to mindless yobbish behaviour. Well - not these days they aren't. Just listen to them! Clip (943KB) . SCUM! Good job PS was here, or I may have ended up chasing after them - which of course would have got me in all sorts of trouble!! Girl yobs are even more immune to ANY attempts at stopping them from doing such things, and holding them to account, than the boys!! Absolutely and completely, untouchable - able to do whatever they please!!! (actually - how about - a water pistol, filled with foul smelling fish oil to squirt at such people? Would I get arrested for that? Yeah - probably. The only people who the police ARE able to successfully prosecute these days, are the ones that ARE mostly law abiding - but pushed into being otherwise by such frustration and utter despair! The easy targets!). . . miserable and up tight for the rest of the evening, mostly watching the CCTV. . . touched base with BB before bed around 1am. sa
5 - Woken by next door's dog barking at 6:30am. :o( . . .walked . . . finally managed to summon up the energy to have a dabble with some DIY and started tackling trying to build a staircase up into the attic. It's been a mental block for a long, LONG time. I figure even if I end up cracking up and just put the house up for sale by auction, having 'some' form of staircase in there before I do, is gonna be desirable from a sale value point of view. . .walked. Tonights name calling from some kids I passed included shouts of 'Informer!'!! That saw me spending the rest of the night (and following days!) with that old 1993 tune, 'Informer' by 'Snow' going round and round my head!!! Grrr. . Sat on a boulder for my cigarette('a-licky-boom-boom-down'), the same group of kids way off across the field, suddenly started calling out all manner of foul mouthed unpleasantness. Couldn't figure out why they'd suddenly started up again - until I realised it wasn't directed at me on this occasion. Can you direct me to my police station please?From behind me, a young police officer in a white short sleeved shirt had started to walk across the field along the cycle track! Blimey! A police officer - around here - at this time of evening?? Is he lost??!!! In response to the abuse that was being called out, he detoured and went to have a word with the few kids who DIDN'T make off. A rare sight indeed! Couldn't resist a quick picture or two (on the camcorder - high zoom) because, if it wasn't for the rather different reality of what it is actually like around here, the image would have been worthy of some 'we are tackling youth misbehaviour by working with the community' type police propaganda leaflet! . . it WAS a beautiful warm evening. Only maybe a year ago, I would have enjoyed sitting around like that. I don't any more. I HATE having to walk Sally every day now. Every time I put my coat on and get ready to take her out, I tremble with nerves, and uncontrollably sweat profusely from my arm pits. How has it come to this? :o( . . . needed food -bad! Walked with Sally up in the direction of the kebab shop. As I walked up the street, coming towards me on the opposite side of the road were a couple of youths/kids. They pulled their hoods up to cover their faces and then crossed the road directly towards me. As they came closer, they ran 'at' me, veering off at the last minute, swearing, jeering and calling out abuse!! Not good for my jangley nerves. I turned away from them and carried on walking, as one of them stood in the middle of the road and appeared to be attempting to drop his trousers to bare his ass at me!!!! :o( . . . bought a kebab and chips and returned home to eat - albeit, now with no appetite. . . BB called. . . cctvd until bed at midnight. as
4 - Woken by a leaflet being put through the letterbox around 7:45am. It was advertising a car-wash event at a local church! Sheesh - what sort of a world do THEY live in? They'd be better off having a 'panel-beating' event for all the criminal damage done to all the cars around here (and what about that alleged water shortage?). THEY should have a word with their god about THAT - he's no ear for anything I say!! Ha! . . .PCd a bit of this while waiting for the schoolkids to clear . . . walked . . . my new camera arrived in the mail. . walked with Sally up to the local PC store to see if they could identify the socket on the end of the AV lead that came with the camcorder. I want another lead that I can modify, and despite surfing and looking around all over the place, I just can't seem to find one with such a plug on the end. They couldn't help . . tired. So much for yesterdays unexpected burst of energy. PCd a couple of pointless identical videos - but they pretty much sum up my dodgy state of mind at the moment. . . TVd and ate chicken sandwiches with two bags of crisps followed by chocolate . .BB called briefly . . . napped through LB calling until woken by Sally around 7pm . . . BB called . . .walked. Some young, early twenties guy, ended up joining me on the seat over the field for a chat! He seemed SO happy, chatty and 'bouncy', in our conversation I 'suggested' he had been 'chilling out' having a smoke or something. (More like on speed actually!) He said he hadn't - he'd just been round a friends place and'd had a very good day. (Blimey - how is that acheived?). It was an unexpected rare delight to just have a 'normal' friendly chat to someone like that for a change. The funny thing was, it turned out according to him that he had 'mental problems'. He seemed to me to be far more 'normal' and sociable than ANY of the yobs you get around here! Has it REALLY reached the point, that anti social behaviour is now the norm, and anything other than that can be reguarded as a mental problem??!!!!. . . drank a glass of red wine to get tipsy. . . ate some chicken with four peices of bread and butter and a tray of jaffa cakes . . . TVd until bed around midnight. Blimey - more or less a 'day off' from the anti-social nonsense. sad
3 - Woke around 7:30am. . . walked when the coast was clear. Found 11p. Walking down the field, the local beat manager was cycling up the road on his push bike and said hello. I think he regretted it, after I'd ranted and raved about the events the other night and how no police had been round. He said he'd pop in next week. Yeah - we'll see - by which time I'll probably have further 'incidents' to recount! . :o( . the 'parks' person has finally got the message, and the remnants of the last two remaining vandalised childrens swings have been removed, leaving just the empty frame behind. . . Blimey - what a different frame of mind from the last few days!? Inexplicable - but I just felt as though I had some energy and was a little 'lighter'. Just the difference a warm sunny day makes? . . grabbed my notes and a tape measure and a pencil and drove to the Longwell Green DIY stores. On the way at a set of traffic lights, that bobby on a bike was sat in front of me. Tooted my horn and waved - which with hindsight is probably NOT the right thing to do to a copper! Illegal use of a car horn? Probably allienated him now. lolol . . Bought a couple of packs of wall fixing bolts in Wickes (8.38) and then on to B&Q to explore their timber shed. Checked out the 'free cutting service' counter to see how many cuts you get for free and then selected three long lengths of wide timber and measured and marked them up for where to have them cut, to fit in the car. There was some nonsense about not being able to cut such wood on their machine, but eventually the guy had a go and succeeded without problem. Through the checkout with my six lengths of timber (26.67) and then out to load up the car. Some old guy from the car next to mine was sawing a piece of wood prior to attempting to get it in the back of his car. While he did so, he'd left the rear doors of his car open, and one of those doors was resting up against the paintwork of MY car! Grrrr. In my current, TERRIBLY short tempered mood, that inconsiderate act was 'unwise'. I had a 'bit of a go' at him! He acted regretful which was really just as well for him (His car was in a lot better condition than mine), since if he'd given me ANY grief in response to my outburst, I absolutely WOULD have used my drivers door to damage his car as I got in! . . . So - do I attempt some work on the house, or - ?? No - no - it's just far too nice a day to waste it like that. Poor old Sally has been much neglected of late with my depressive mood and weird hours of sleeping - she deserves a long walk. Difficult to imagine doing anything more worthwhile with a day, than make a happy dog. . Set off walking in the warm sunny spells around 12:30pm. Walked down to Eastville Park for some sitting by the lake and then on along the river and up onto Purdown, to sit around on the grass by the monument for ages. Very summery and pleasant. Spring done sprungScanning around watching for wildlife and such, I suddenly spotted through the trees in the small patch of woodland behind the monument, a strong hint of blue. Oooh, ooh - bluebells? Had a wander around in the woods - fragrant even to MY smokers nose. Beautiful place. I want to be a bluebell, and hide me in a woodSat here and there and messed around with the camcorder lots. That has to be one of the best little patches of woodland for bluebells for miles, despite its proximity to the new houses that have sprung up in recent years all around the area. Weird - that rank of expensive new houses that backs onto the woodland - they had a huge high wooden fence between them and the woods! If I lived there, that fence would have to be replaced with, at the least, a chainlink one that you could see through - and definitely a gate straight out into the woods - and probably some access points to encourage wildlife to come into the garden to feed (on camera of course lol). .eventually back down to the river at Snuff Mills and treated myself to a 60p can of fridge cold coke from the little snack bar, and then sat (at length) on a bench by the river to drink it and have a cigarette. I could have happily stayed down there for a VERY long time. So warm and pleasant - like a full-on summers day. . eventually along the river and then back up through Fishponds. . . stopped in Morrisons in Fishponds on the way back through, and bought two ready cooked chickens for 4. Found 10p. Back home just before 5pm. . drank a pint of water and pretty soon had to go and lay down for a short while. Woke around 6:30pm . . ooh, ooh, ooh - received an e-mail saying my new buttonhole camera has been posted. . . walked. A group of half a dozen rowdy 'youths' were walking up the road past the chip shop, throwing and kicking a rugby ball about, without any concern for what it hit (shop-fronts/cars/etc.) as they did so. Pretty common (obnoxious) behaviour around here, so I paid no attention and carried on walking - carried on that was, until I heard one or more of the group saying "Come on Luke" and similar things, referring to their passing/kicking the ball around. Oh yes - THAT is a name I recognise!!!! In fact - that entire trio of words and even the way in which they were grunted, was EXACTLY the same as on that CCTV footage from the other night!!!!! Argue innocent coincedence all you like - but 'I' don't think so. My tiny little world really IS very, very tiny (from my living room to the edge of the dogwalk field takes me a total of only seven minutes!! All THIS crime and anti-social behaviour in the footprint of a postage stamp! Incredible! :o( ) - what are the chances of two yobs called Luke in the same little patch? Had to be. HAD to be. .As the group carried on up the road, I desperately searched for what I'm supposed to do with what was happening now! I ended up swiftly walking back home and jumping in the car to cruise round the block with the camcorder on the dash-mount. WHAT am I supposed to do? Ignore the fact that the likely perpetrator of the car-damaging incident is walking right past me, and just be quiet about it and do nothing like a good little victim of crime? Or maybe I should call the police? Ha ha - yeah right. :o( At the least - at the VERY least, I wanted to know what those guys looked like - on my TV! Funning thing with me and taking this video footage, as I've had to. Once I've watched a piece with 'people' in it, a couple of times - remarkably for me - I am liable to be able to recognise them again, if I pass them in the street. Sadly, seeing someone just once, doesn't do it - a couple of times and I'm good. . . the group, interestingly including two girls (listen carefully to that CCTV footage from the other night and you can clearly hear heels) , walked up the streets and then disappeared into a small field to play their ball game. Saintly innocentsI did my best with the cam-corder, but it wasn't really worth the bother. Couldn't get TOO close in the car without being painfully obvious, so I just got blurrs in the distance pretty much. . I had to. I just couldn't not, with those guys right there in front of me. I ended up calling the police, just to explain what was going on, and see if there was anything they could do. At length - there wasn't. The guy I eventually ended up with on communications, was very understanding, and refreshingly honest - and did actually 'fess up' that these days, unless you are actually able to stand up in court and say ' yes. I saw so and so do such and such right in front of me.', you haven't a hope of getting anywhere with it. He said there were something like 1,500 outstanding enquiries (whatever that meant. Not phone calls tonight, surely?!!!) and really, there was nothing they'd be able to do - although he'd log my request for action if I wanted. He was so honest, after a brief bizzarre chat about what to look for to avoid in an area when buying a property, I ended up saying, ok, never mind then. Don't bother following up my call!! :o( . . . drove straight home in disgust. . LB and another neighbour joined me for a brief word. The neighbour said I'd be maybe receiving a call from the police some time! Huh? Turns out, it was me one morning who knocked on her door to tell her, her car had been broken into. Apparantly, in some bizarre circumstances, the police think they have found the offender and may need a statement. I somehow doubt me saying I saw a broken window one morning is gonna be a clincher for a prosecution case, but at least it was good to hear they'd bumped into the theif! . . . walked and found 6p. . Another bizarre (unrecorded) conversation with loud mouthed abusive kids at the edge of the field. One of them (oh so VERY young) said he wanted to be a gangster and go round shooting people. That was how he saw his future. . there IS absolutely NO reaching these kids in such circumstances. In the light of recent conversations - you can attempt to construct the most simple, or elaborate premis, in an attempt to make them understand the pointless futility of such behaviour - but you won't get through - not even close. I dunno what it takes, but its nothing I've got. . carried on walking and knocked on the door of the house who'd had the window broken, and with minimal explanation of why I was there, I handed over a copy of my latest 'evidence' style DVD. Not sure why. I think something along the lines of - seeing that DVD and my accompanying abbreviated written account, any 'personal insecurity' (fear, actually) that 'could' have been caused to the householder by having had such a thing inexplicably happen to him, should be alleviated by knowing it was random yobbishness - and simply turned into understandable increased anger. IF they are the type of person to be affected in such a way - that would be easier for them to deal with. I KNOW about such things!!!!! :o( . . . touched base with BB . . . sorted through a couple of cupboards before eventuallly finding my old buck knife in the conservatory, amongst my 'cutty things' tools. Strapped it on for the first time in years (just to see if it could fit on my wide 'webbing' belt. It does.) :o( Undecided. . .TVd and ate half a chicken with four pieces of bread and butter . . . PCd a bit of this . . .sat in the quiet of the garden with a coffee around 2am until a rain shower usherred me to bed. s
2 - Woke around 8am. . . PCd just a bit of this, wasting time until the school kids had 'cleared' . . .walked . . .uh oh - poor Sally has a bad stomach. VERY gurgely. She was sick a couple of times in the conservatory and garden throughout the day!! :o( . . . sat around feeling tired and yucky and lost, and eventually ended up back in bed. Difficulty sleeping and just lay there and tossed and turned for a couple of hours. . . ate a couple of bowls of muesli, watched Hill Street Blues and then eventually managed to get to sleep . . . woke around 7:30pm. Walked and found 4p and a couple more trashy earrings. Wow - they've started the preparatory site clearance work, where they are gonna be building the new school, within the existing school grounds!. . touched base with BB . . . TVd . . . ate a corned beef, cheese, onion, tomato and lettuce sandwich with two bags of crisps . . . TVd/PCd until bed just after 1am. s
1 - Woken by Sally just before 8am . headachey - annadin coffeee and cigarettes for breakfast . . . walked and found 3p . . . sat around . . Mum called. It IS everywhere isn't it!! Mum said one of her local shops was strangely busy - the reason being that a sister shop just across town was temporarily closed while the police did an investigation. Turns out some guy had been stabbed by a bunch of hoodies outside the shop!!! So - that's another place to cross off the list of where I could live. . . left Sally at home and drove to have a look around DIY stores for 'stairs' wood and such. Huge traffic jam just to get anywhere near the stores! Parked up in Wickes, had a look around inside amongst the crowds and then WALKED to the nearby B&Q. Soon gave up and returned home to sit around feeling - well - frankly - suicidal some more! . . . cooked and ate four cheeseburgers and half a big bar of chocolate before napping the rest of the day off . . .walked and had to endure mindless 'taunting' from more idiot kids . . . BB called . . . surfed property in Skye, attempting to formulate a direction in my life. I really think I have finally arrived at a place in my mind, where I have absolutely ZERO desire (could almost put a full stop here!!) to have anything else to do with ANYONE, and really WOULD like to live in a place of extreme isolation. Depending on what I get for my house (and right now, I'm in such a state mentally, I suspect I'll end up simply putting it up for auction, as-is, and take the 'loss' - worth around 100,000 maybe? Not sure. ) Skye seems to be pretty much the only place left in the UK, I could afford a property with the desired level of isolation - assuming I end up REALLY hard up with no savings left to my name, and maybe even in debt to Mum. . . ate roast chicken and potatoes with a pint of gravy around 1:30am . . . pcd more until daylight before laying down for a couple of hours around 6am. When most are asleep now, is the only time I can have any sense of relative peace and security . aasss