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1 - Decided to have an easy day and sat in the garden - BUT a baby blackbird and a blue tit and a sparrow came and sat on my fence as if to prove there ARE hungry birds in the area!! Took the hint and started trying to make a bird table that would mount on a pole in the washing line socket. Spent hours wrestling with the MIG welder making up a bracket out of a piece of scaffold pole and some rusty iron bar from the lane. Finally created a thing and then set about building a flat table from my 'old peices of wood that will come in handy some day' collection. Eventually seemed to work out ok and I set about trying to weather proof it with hammerite and varnish . . . TVd/PCd (4/10)ps
2 - Shopped. Sat on a seat for a smoke and got cornered by Roger Berry, Labour MP for Kingswood who insisted on shaking my hand!! Brave man who I am sure regretted it when he felt my blister from digging the line post hole! Escaped quickly!!!!!! . . . couldn't resist buying some bird seed and peanuts for when the bird table is finished. Drilled some drainage holes and applied more varnish. Wish I'd made it differently now it is too late!!!! . . . PCd . . . put the bird table out complete with seed and peanuts and waited. Not a single bird in sight!!!! Typical!!!!! . . . slept till birdless evening! . . . TVd . . . PCd (4/10)p
3 - Dunno if it is the prozac or the sun but I seem to be on a roll-'doing things'! The weather forecast is good for a couple of days so decided to at long, long last have a go at modifying the rainwater downpipe. Very, VERY hot work in the sun fixing a run of bits of old drain pipe to the garden wall and then spent ages and ages trying to make a hole through the garden wall so the pipe would dump the rainwater onto the pavement like lots of the other houses in the street have done. Noisy people opposite having a birthday party - music SO loud I could hear it above my drill!!!!!! Not fair. Then a bunch of them playing football in the street around my bike. Asked one to keep the ball away from my bike! Nasty people-making me colour prejudiced!!!!!!!!! Eventually made the hole without knocking down the leaning crumbling wall!!! Used the old rotten wooden ladder and moved the downpipe over to meet the new run out. Fiddly getting things to fit but all ok in the end - I think? Won't know till it rains. Cemented the pipe into the wall and used the left overs to try and do a bit of pointing and make the wall a bit less 'falling down'! Eventually all done but absolutely exhausted and acheing all over especially my back! Serves me right for doing nothing for years I guess. . . PS popped in for chats till early. . . PCd briefly but soon to bed absolutely exhausted! Oops - did I take one Prozac or two?!! Damn. (5/10)ps
4 - Noisy neighbours car alarm went off at about 8:15 and kept going for three quarters of an hour!! . . . Don't stop me now! Filled the bin up with more rubbish from the lane. Collected all the wood I could find and sawed it up into bite sized chunks for Sis1 firewood maybe? Decided to finally get rid of the two old rotten wooden ladders. Spent hours dismantling them and turning them into more firewood. Banging away with the hammer and electric saw in the back garden I noticed blue tits in the neighbours bush. Rushed inside to evacuate the garden- and - and -YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! The blue tit took a couple of peices of peanut from the bird table. YES! Watched as the two parents fed their fluffy young on the bush. Couldn't resist trying some photos but screwed it up. Wasn't sure there was film in the camera so I opened it and yes ther was - now ruined of course . . . Tried phoning Sis1 but all ansaphones. Hope she wants this much firewood - six large sacks!!!! Mid afternoon finally got round to doing what I had planned to do with the day. Used the aluminium ladder to start painting the front of the house with white textured masonary paint, to help with waterproofing and get a couple more years out of the cracked and useless pebble dash render. SO, SO hot in the blazing sun . . .paused to get chocolate biscuits from the cupboard and try and catch an emaciated looking stray german shepherd type dog that was running loose up the road but it was too nervous and ran off to it's fate . . . REALLY hard work - wished I'd not bothered - very glad when the paint ran out with only half of it done. First thing tomorrow I guess I'll have to take the bike and try and buy some more . . . IHB called and invited me over but just too hungry/covered in paint/exhausted to move . . . cleaned up/ate/TVd and VERY early to bed totally exhausted. (5/10)p
5 - Noisy neighbours car alarm went off at about 01:45 waking me up and kept going for about three quarters of an hour. They seemed to make absolutely no attempt to stop it whatsoever!!!!! Not a good nights sleep!!! Rode the bike to Wickes and bought another large tub of paint. Bungeed to the back seat I managed to get 'almost' all the way home before the bungees all slipped off!!! Saved it and gingerley rode the rest of the way one handed stopping it falling off. Spent the rest of the day painting! Put a coat on the awkward unfinished walls in the back garden! . . . cleaned up and went for sausage and chips. Put a few of the left over chips out on the bird table . . . upsetting e-mail from SA that someone had sent her an abusive e-mail because she had left a comment in my visitors book!!! Very upset by that! Such small minded unpleasant people in the world - but who?!! . . . To bed by eleven!! (4/10)p
6 - Up real early. A seagull bullied starlings out of the way and landed on the bird table and ate the chips!!!!!!!!! Rained in the night and looks as though the guttering join in the run across the front garden leaks a little - but I think I can live with that. Started work renovating the bay window with it's water soluble sandstone pillars!!!! Said hello to the woman from up the street as she passed by with her dog and asked how her husband was because I hadn't seen him for a while. Ooops!! He died from cancer 18 months ago! Rendered a repair to the sandstone pillars and started painting early evening just as the rain started!!! Gave up and watched as the garden turned white! . . . TVd/PCd (4/10)p
7 - Up real early again and straight out to paint the bay. As the first coat dried went on the bike to buy another tub of paint and on the way cast my vote in the general and local elections. Had a quick look around the DIY shop and then rode back with the paint safely bungeed on the seat in a big nylon travel bag with lots of handles and anchor points . . . got a phone call from the MOD!!!!!!! Am I still interested in a job? Blimey - um - YES I AM!!!!! They said there was an opening and they would write to me with details and a job description and invite me up to have a look around!!!!!!!! Bloody hell! Bloody hell!!!!! Scary as hell!!!!!!!! And I was just getting into the idea of being resigned to this life and maybe getting a dog!!!! Bloody hell! Bloody hell!!!!! . . . More painting! Got the angle grinder out and cut off a peice of the front garden wall cap stone that the garden gate hits when opened wide. Used up the last of the masonary cutting disk chasing out mortar between the cracked and moving wall blocks! Mixed up some strong cement and repointed the wall using mostly my hands!! Big mistake but really no choice under the circumstances. Cut my right hand especially to shreds and that combined with the acid from the cement I ended up in MUCH pain!!Relatively small wounds but SO painfull! Extraordinary!!! . . . Sis1 popped in for a couple of hours and gratefully took all the bags of firewood. Yay! . . . PS dropped off his computer for me to have a look at and returned later for chats till early. Hand causing me extreme pain!!!!!! . . . Not enough hours in the day!!! PCd briefly before bed. (4/10)ps
8 - Up early again without enough sleep. Labour had won the election. Put a coat of paint on the inside of the front wall wearing gloves to stop my bleeding hand hurting so much. Filled my bin with lane rubbish and found a quarter sack of useable sand which I kept for future cementing and several feet of angle iron which will come in handy for something, sometime, somewhere . . . Started looking at PS computer since my sore/cracked/bleeding hands now make it impossible to do any work. HUGE amounts of irreplaceable stuff/files/photos/etc. impossible to transfer on floppies!! Spent a couple of hours trying to connect my machine to his with a serial cable. Got there in the end and started copying over his entire 'My documents' directory! SOoo slow!!!! Phoned him and told him it would take at least three hours each way so he wouldn't have the machine back today. Left both machines running all day - more like seven hours each way!!!!! . . . swapped the bird table for the washing line and put some washing out much to the obvious confusion and disappointment of the wood pidgeon and starlings . . . went to go shopping but saw that someone was in so knocked on the door of the house up the road and asked if I could scrounge the bit of PVC window sill that was left in their garden for throwing away. The woman seemed delighted and directed me to also have a look in the skip in the back garden!!! Popped back home with my trophies of a peice of rainwater downpipe and the PVC . . . shopped . . . fell asleep next to the whirring computers . . . PCd until early trying to reinstal drivers etc. but what a pain!!! Nothing went smoothly!!!! Eventually gave up and decided to try again after sleep .(4/10)p
9 - PCd - what a nightmare. Eventually made progress and started the transfer of files back over again. Both machines running ALL day!!!!!!! . . .received the MOD job description in the mail. Blimey!!!!!!!! What on earth is all that about!!! Instructions to ring up and confirm I am interested and a 'visit' will be arranged. Worry , worry, worry . . . moved all the CX500 bike spares out of the conservatory and stashed them all under the stairs out of the way. All that needs to go now is the push bike and I'll have my conservatory back useable! . . . welded up a threaded pole, painted it and fixed it to the fence post next to the back gate for eventually hanging the bird feeder on that mum and dad have promised me. . . TVd /PCd and succeeded in breaking the power socket on my PC speaker power supply! Bugger. Soundless! (5/10)p
10 - Up early and spent the whole morning messing around with PS computer. Eventually got it to a point where I was happy to give it back complete with a couple of burned CDs which would enable him to restore the whole thing again with rather less trouble if needs be! Only thing I couldn't figure is why it will not close down and turn itself off like it should?. . . Couldn't resist and yet again filled the day with 'jobs'. Welded up a threaded pin on the front gate to stop people stealing it but which can be much more easily removed for when I want to get the bike out . . . PS arrived and took possession of his PC complete with hastily thrown together website! Only later did I realise I'd made a mistake and that the background image was looking to the C drive! Rushing! Managed to persuade him he had no use for the spare 56k modem he had so I now have a faster one for my old machine - when/if I have time to fit it!! . . . at long, long last modified and fixed an old sliding bolt to the back garden gate although the wood is SO rotten!! . . . TVd/PCd but very exhausted.(5/10)p
11 - Nervously rang the MOD about the job only to be told they would get back to me - yet again!!! . . . The way things are at the moment I haven't got time for a job anyway!!!!!! Not enough hours in the day. Lots of unanswered e-mails and things to sort out, bills to pay and finances to balance!! Haven't a clue what my bank balance is doing after having bought all the paint!!!! . . . Spent the entire day repointing and repainting around the next door neighbours front door!!!! The painted sandstone around her door joins an area of my house that I wanted to paint and it seemed best to offer to do it for her so I could make sure my walls were going to be watertight. I underestimated the work involved!!!!!!!! It was in a worse state than mine. . . Sis1 popped in and took away the push bike that I had borrowed from her before I had the motorbike. I have my conservatory back unclutered - Yippee! . . . finished working on next doors house and managed to get a couple of coats of paint on it before she returned home. Sneaked out later to put black paint on the house numbers I had painted over! . . . BB called to touch base. . . painted the garden gate bolt and fixing screws to prevent rust . . . once again the postman had delivered my mail next door and the neighbour had to bring it round! Something about my website??! Uh oh! I'll look at it some other time!!!! . . . having missed lunch I finally went for a kebab . . . PS turned up unexpectedly and dropped off his old wrought iron garden gate that I had asked for because he no longer wanted it . . . PS popped back for chats till early. (5/10)ps
12 - Worked on the bay window. Re-rendered the falling to bits sandstone window sill . . . rode the bike to the shops while the render set and picked up my bird photos many of which had amazingly come out despite opening the camera with the film in! Bought a cheap container of creosote to help keep the garden fence alive for another year -maybe - just!! . . . painted the bay, creosoted the back garden gate, painted the low retaining wall in the back garden . . . rode the bike to St George and got a Miss Millies chicken dinner . . . painted a little more . . . PCd. Seems a little strange the neighbour hasn't called in to say - at least 'something' about all the work I did around her door!!! Oh well, it WAS a job well done and I feel pretty satisfied about it. Seems like I haven't stopped doing things for days. Amazing!! Haven't been like this, all active and doing stuff for the longest time!!! I think I like it - apart from the constant and really rather severe pain from all the open sores on my battered hands which now have the texture of course sandpaper!!! It MUST be the prozac . . . tossed and turned unable to sleep because of the pain of my hands!!! Got up at 2am and took an Anadin tablet and then eventualy fell asleep! (5/10)p
13 - Up early after not enough sleep. Repaired a bit of next doors wall where it joins my conservatory and tried to stop the fascia from further decay by rainwater run off. Repaired the leaking gutter join. Creosoted one side of the fence and ran out of creosote. . . stopped for a sandwhich and overcome with exhaustion fell asleep for a few hours. Painted the new cement work until I ran out of paint . . . sat in the garden and watched as the wood pidgeon ate from the bird table only six feet away from where I was sat. Such a priveledge. . . suddenly remembered it was my neices birthday tomorrow and I had forgotten to send the card!!! Popped round the post box and went for sausage and chips. Sat in the garden feeling ok. Rain forecast for the next few days. Thank goodness - I need a rest and time to catch up on e-mails and my accounts!!! . . . Anadin tablet before bed to take the edge off the pain of my hands. (5/10)p
14 - Up around 6am!!!!! Breakfast in the garden with 'Woody' woodpidgeon. Balanced my accounts - floating. Completed the Nominet.uk registrant reply form for my website Registration Certificate!??. . .Watched as the council workers resurfaced the road. As requested everyone had moved their cars EXCEPT for the nasty, noisy, 'the world revolves around me' neighbours opposite who had left one of their choice of many cars, a BMW parked in the street. SO wanted it to be towed away as the notices warned it would be, but sadly they simply lifted it up onto clever castors under each wheel and pushed it out of the way and then straight back again once the new road surface had been layed. Some small consolation at least that it is now half blocking part of their driveway . . .took the bike and got more paint. Arrived home to find some people from the guy opposite's workplace had been sent to move his car but couldn't understand how the road had been laid under it before they'd moved it. I explained to them how it was done and pointed out that they should maybe move it back from blocking his driveway. They phoned to confirm and pushed it back out of the way. Me and my big mouth - can't even be nasty when I want to be . . . rode for more creosote and creosoted the rest of the fence with the Stranglers tune "Golden Brown" going round and round in my head . . . painted some more to cover up the creosote splashes!! Make note for future - NEVER splash 'golden brown' creosote on white garden furniture - it doesn't wash off!!!! . . . tried to return a call to CW but ended up talking to cW instead!! First time in years - a little awkward!! . . . phone call from BBs daughter saying BB was in hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Much messing around with wrong numbers but finally got through and spoke to BB to find out what the hell was going on!!! She'd had surgery but hadn't told me beforehand to prevent me from 'needless worrying'??(5/10)p
15 - Shopped and bought handcream, lipsalve and protective heavy duty rubber gloves!!! Phoned CW to touch base . . . started dismantling the living room with a view to doing a temporary 'Changing Rooms' type botch to see how it would look all white and light colours before getting into 'serious' replastering/redecoration mode. . . touched base with BB who seemed much better although still very uncomfortable. (5/10)p
16 - Painted and filled and plastered in the living room . . . fell asleep for a few hours . . . more painting etc . . . eventually got hold of BB who had been released from hospital already and who seemed all the better for it. (5/10)p
17 - Painted and filled and plastered in the living room . . . fell asleep for a few hours . . . more painting etc . . . crazy people nearby letting of fireworks just before 11pm and crazy LB ringing me up to tell me!!!!! . . . difficulty sleeping. (4/10)ps
18 - Nervously rang the MOD about the job only to be told they would get back to me - yet again, AGAIN - and of course they didn't!!! . . . filled and painted in the living room all day and managed to get it back to a reasonably habitable state by late evening but feeling pretty lazy and lacklustre . . . went for a kebab . . . tidied up. Remembered SH birthday tomorrow too late to post a card!! . . . PCd till early surrounded by clutter and stuff from the living room that I really don't want to put back in there. Definitely need less 'things' - and a big mirror over the fireplace, and lighter curtains and, and, !!!!! (4/10)p
19 - Up early and got the bike out and rode to SH house and popped a birthday card through the door. Went to 'Wilkinsons' in Kingswood and after a lot of umming and ahhing decided to take a chance and buy a large ribbed natural coloured throw over for the settee for only 12.99. Raced home and - um, well, threw it over the settee!! Looked ok once I'd got used to the idea. Some more umming and ahhing and got back on the bike and rushed back to the store and ended up buying two more to cover the armchairs too. Completely transformed the room for under forty pounds! Much brighter! Almost tempting to buy another to throw over the Harley but I really should try to force myself to get it finished and out of the house! Maybe next year - again! . . . PCd a little until M/D arrived to visit bearing car boot sale/charity shop gifts as usual. A 'new' leather jacket for the bike for only a couple of pounds and when Dad got it home he apparantly found some small change in the lining so it only cost about 1.50!!!!!!!!? For a biker jacket? Amazing!!!!! Presented with M/Ds spare bird feeders and a bird nesting box Dad had made. He'd also made a huge great free standing bird table but I just couldn't face having more 'clutter' in the garden and was happy to agree that Sis1 could have it. All suitably impressed with the changes to the house and garden. Sis1 joined us and after giving her approval to my 'changing rooms' feasablity study we all went to the Golden Lion at Frampton Cotterell for a meal. Excellent value for money - huge meals! Rather embrassed but couldn't see it go to waste so smuggled all our left overs out wrapped in napkins!! All enthused about my decorations and taking advantage of the transport we all went to Rajani's to look for a mirror for my fireplace. Bought a Pine frame one 36"x24" for only 23.95! All sat in MY garden chatting with coffee - whatever next!! Headed for Sis1 house, Mum in her car, me and Dad in his. Persuaded Dad to let me drive cause I haven't for AGES!!! Still can, although Dad had a real hard time being a nervous passenger! Proved he has no problems with his heart! Surveyed Sis1 garden wall building project and plans for decking etc. and positioned Dads bird table. Shifted bags of sand and cement from the front garden into her shed out of the weather and away from thieves. Had a rumage in her shed because she was threatening to turn over the contents to the builders for clearing out!!!!!! Grabbed a few bits and peices she didn't want including an ornamental brass fireplace surround. Kind of agreed to pop round during the next week to sort out more stuff for her. Pointed out her pond nearest the house looked VERY low as though there was maybe a leak! Dad set the hose pipe going to fill it up and then moved it to top up the biggger pond. Eventually drove M/D and the 'stuff' back home. The fireplace surround fitted ok and looked pretty damn good. Eventually said goodbyes as PS arrived for chats . . . Received a phonecall but no one spoke. Eventually figured out it was M/Ds mobile phone but they didn't realise they had called me!!! So much for smartass voice activated dialling!! Try as I may I could not cut them off or attract their attention so for some time I sat and listened like a fly on the wall as they drove down the motorway arguing about hosepipes and maybe pulling in to a services to either call me or Sis1!!????? Very strange feeling to be listening in with them unawares. Eventually realised they were worried about having left the hose pipe topping up the pond so I used my mobile to try and call Sis1. She was engaged!!! At long long last M/D somehow hung up and my phone was freed so I called them straight back and explained and then called Sis1 again only to find she was well aware and had used the hose pipe to water the plants after we'd all left!!! Muchado about nothing but all quite amusing . . . touched base with BB who seemed VERY much better. Morphine?!! (5/10)ps
20 - Started off the day sitting in the sun in the garden intending to have a relaxing day - but couldn't resist playing with the stuff from Sis1 and missed breakfast. Used some of her bits to repair my foot pump. Polished the brass plant pot thing for my room. Fixed the double socket she'd given me to the end of my extension lead. Creosoted the old wooden bird feeder from M/D. Eventually got round to looking at hanging the mirror. Went really well and all done neatly and pretty effortlessly, flush to the wall with hidden fixings. Some 'fairground mirror effect' from the cheap mirror flattering to fat people I think - although maybe I have lost a little weight of late. I can live with that. Like a completely new room!! I like it - but I MUST get new curtains to match!!. . . Finally mid afternoon ate the left overs from yesterdays meal and immediately fell asleep for three or four hours! Got up and played around for a bit hanging the old wooden bird feeder on the fence. Pretty pointless really since all I seem to be doing is feeding hundreds of wood pidgeons from miles around! Nice to have the company though. Polished the brass fire surround a bit . . . feeling very much happier about the house and getting some of the odd jobs out of the way that I haven't been doing for so long! Keep popping into the living room just to admire it!!?Still feeling pretty schizoid and not inclined to use the PC or e-mail etc. Feel somewhat guilty about that - but I'm 'busy' - can't stop yet!! . . . summer solstice tomorrow! Tempted to go somewhere and face the dawn cause it 'should' be a clear sky, but don't feel up to it because of the inevitable crowds. (5/10)p
21 - Couldn't sleep because I hadn't eaten enough and ended up eating mouldy cheese sandwhiches with onion until 3am!!! . . . up again around 7:30 after not enough sleep at all! . . . shopped and couldn't resist buying the 30 curtains to match my room after making sure I could return them if they were not right. Rushed home and put them up. They look GOOD! Impossible not to get out the bike and go back up the shop for the matching tie backs and a new matching uplighter lampshade. Got the drill out and fitted the tie backs. What a different feel to the place!!!! Excellent . . . advert pushed through the door from Safeway which included a chordless digital ansaphone for only 25!!? Spending money like I have some, got back on the bike and went and bought one and suggested M/D go do the same. They did alhough Mum is apparantly not keen on the 'new fangled' gadget! . . . very hot and sunny weather with a light wind so forced myself to have a look at the radio antennae. Totally rusted on and I have lost my nerve a little and didn't fancy climbing to the top of the twenty foot scaffold pole with the angle grinder!!!!! Not a good day to die! Took the 'easy' way out and slackened off the mounting bolts and bit by bit lowered the whole thing and chopped two foot sections off the bottom with the grinder until it was down to roof level and more manageable. After several hours I managed to get the whole lot down and dismantled in the garden with only slightly burned arms from the showers of sparks! Left a 12 foot section of pole in place for easy access to the roof. A great relief not to have that still hanging over my head - but what to do with it?. Sidled up the roof on all fours and surveyed the party wall sandstone capstone which is crumbling away! Removed a bucket full of rubble in a VERY dangerous manouver! Survived. . . . tested the new ansaphone and called M/D and wandered around the house at the same time - because I could!? . . . TVd . . . pushed the bin out near the gate for bin day tomorrow. I've overfilled it and am rather concerened they may refuse to empty it - IF they can actually move it!!! . . . PCd breifly but SO exhausted again. (5/10)p
22 - Up too early again!! Bin men emptied the bin ok so I went straight back out into the lane and filled it up from the 'tip' again, although hopefully it's a little lighter this week. . . Nervously rang the MOD about the job only to be told they would get back to me - yet again, AGAIN, AGAIN!!!!!! I was a little stroppy on the phone and amazingly it seemed to do the trick and a little later she DID ring me back only to tell me the department she had contacted about a 'visit' hadn't got back to her. No surprises there then! . . . Got the bike out and went in search of an outside light for the front of the house at the DIY stores in Longwell Green. Stopped in at Wickes but not a very nice selection and at least 20! Walked over the road to Homebase and couldn't believe my eyes. A large white 'half lantern' for 15.99 - exactly half the price of the same one in black?!! Checked at the counter that I wasn't mistaken- but I wasn't, so I bought it real quick together with a large long masonary drill that would reach through the main house wall. Spent the rest of the day on operation 'Outside Light'! Difficult and awkward but managed to be about done by 8pm except for the on/off switch in the living room! That will have to wait for some time! As a temporary measure I wired it up in my bedroom wardrobe to my old emersion heater timer that I had retreived from Sis1 shed but the timer seems to be faulty!!! Typical!! The bulb in the light may be too strong! Makes the front yard at night like a sunny day!!! Sat around in varying degrees of brightness before briefly PCing and bed. (5/10)p
23 - This getting up after almost no sleep is getting to be a habit! More fantastic weather. . . got a bee in my bonnet about wanting a digital camera and sat looking at catalogues. Resisted temptation and rang PS and asked if I could borrow his for a few days. He agreed and I rode straight over to pick it all up. A Kodak DC3800. Back home sat around for an hour or so and read all the manuals to make sure I wouldn't do anything wrong. Installed the software and flashcard reader and was up and taking pictures in no time. Brilliant, brilliant little toy! Wonderfull! Rang PS and told him so!! Ran around all over the house taking photos . . . PCd till early doing my "A Walk Through Tour Of Terry Towers" until absolutely exhausted and in need of sleep. Damn - LB phoned rather 'tipsy' and popped in for black coffee and chats till the early hours. Dunno why she thinks I may be the least bit interested in her new 'boyfriend' but I pretended, to be polite, although it went on and on and on!! Kept up so late when I finally got rid of her I had to have food and didn't get to bed till near 3am!!!! (5/10)p
24 - Up around 7:30am to a cloudless sunny sky and SO hot all day! Breakfast in the garden with the wood pidgeons . . . Spent a few hours welding up a bracket and welding it to the top of the redundant line post. Mounted the bird box on it!! Neighbours must think I've gone nuts! Don't imagine any birds using it all exposed like that up on a pole so called M/D and suggested if dad wanted to bother I would be more than happy to accept another box for mounting under the eaves on the house somewhere. He seemed happy enough to be 'usefull'! . . . suddenly decided that some photos from the roof would be a neat idea so I got the ladder out and climbed up onto the roof and began inching my way up the tiles with hands and feet in a seated position. Got half way up the tiles, with people in gardens in the distance pointing and watching, when I realised the sun on the tiles had made them SO hot - I couldn't carry on!!!!!!!! Too hot for my hands to touch!!!!!!! Slid safely back down real quick! . . . watched a bit of the grand prix before having to fall asleep for a few hours. Woke up SO hot!!!! Popped a 'please don't park in front of my gate thank you' note on the nasty noisy neighbour opposite's car which was partially blocking it - AGAIN!!! Such selfishness! They have four cars out there today! . . . strange noises in the garden found FOUR wood pidgeons fighting over the food!!!! Neighbours are gonna get annoyed by this maybe!! . . . photod and PCd some more on "A Walk Through Tour Of Terry Towers". Should make a burglars life easier!!!! . . . my parking note was screwed up and thrown in my garden with obvious contempt ( a mutual feeling!!! ) but at least the car was moved. . . watered the garden and had the pleasure of meeting the frog who came out on the hunt. . . spent an hour or more sorting out an e-mail to Sis2 with recent family photos etc. Briefly rang to touch base and tell her to expect a big e-mail. Apparantly she isn't well - bubonic plague so she says!!!! Some skin disruption - sounds nasty whatever it is!! . . . to bed around 3am after eating two corned beef pasties!!! (5/10)ps
25 - Up around 7:30am again!! Blimey - was that EIGHT wood pidgeons all flying away as I came out!!! This is getting out of hand!! . . . rang M/D to say happy wedding anniversary. They received my card in the post whilst I was on the phone. . . VERY hot day!!! Far too hot to do much so tidied up, sorted stuff out I no longer want for giving to the charity shops, finished running around with PSs camera and completed "A Walk Through Tour Of Terry Towers" by mid afternoon. Damn it was hot up on that roof!!!! Amazing weather. . . sat around being too hot all over the place as the washing machine cleaned all the curtains I am gonna give away!! . . .got the bike out and went to the doctors just to drop in my repeat prescription for more prozac. On the way I passed a guy stood talking to some people with a python wrapped around his shoulders!!! Couldn't resist turning round and stopping and asking for a feel! Amazing creature - felt like velvet. Beautiful. Shame about the 'owner'!! . . . back home ate and fell asleep for a few hours. Woke up SO hot!!!!! 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the house!!!! . . . rode to Sis1 and watered all her plants in the garden and topped up her ponds. Stopped for a Miss Millies chicken meal deal on the way home. Another neighbour had partially blocked my gate but I managed to squeeze the bike through leaving a footprint on their car!!!!! Left a note asking them not to park in front of my gate . . . watered the garden and sat eating ice cream as the frog appeared. Tried feeding it a worm from the compost bin but not sure if it had it. . . PCd. Somehow said the wrong thing and upset BB yet again! Feel as though saying anything more is pretty pointless. (5/10)p
26 - Up early again! Dropped off carrier bags of unwanted curtains and stuff at the charity shop. Shopped. Sat in the garden but SO SO hot despite the gusty wind that had blown up and kept flinging my lighter all over the garden!!! . . . fell asleep . . . ML woke me and popped in for a quick coffee and chat in the garden. So much cooler outside than in now. Most unusual! . . . sat around feeling pretty schizoid! Tired of all this PC/people stuff! . . . sat in the garden until the early hours sipping a beer! Dunno why I bothered - prefer blackcurrant squash. . . eventually to bed only to be far too hot and unable to sleep for hours! (4/10)ps
27 - Woke around half past seven again after only a couple of hours sleep!! Ate breakfast and sat around for a bit before eventually falling asleep mid morning for a couple more hours . . . PCd with BB . . . rode the bike to the doctors surgery and picked up my repeat prescription for more Prozac. Posted a birthday card to ML . . . spent a while cutting out wood panels and bevelling the edges with the angle grinder before glueing a couple of them to the inside of the front door. Should assist with insulation and prevent the condensation in the winter that has started the door deteriorating. . . TVd but so SO tired. PCd breifly before relatively early to bed. (4/10)p
28 - Woke around eight but still feeling awfully tired. It had rained overnight a little and had brought out some of the creepy crawlies. Stuck the last peices of wood panels on the door and determined to spend the day getting on top of outstanding PC stuff and e-mails. Best laid plans or mice and me and all that!!!! Spent all day working on the demo/concept web site for JB. Rang her to confirm a point or two only to be told not to bother cause she was getting a quote from a professional. Grrrrrr. Wasted the whole day!!!! MUST do mails tomorrow MUST <guilt>!!! . . . got the bike and rode to MLs to pick up the cables he had managed to get for me. Difficult not to seem ungrateful but they are so short it is pointless even experimenting with them. I need a LONG cable for experiments. . . Miss millies chicken on the way home . . . PS popped round till early. Returned the camera with due thanks. I want one!!! PS didn't want to carry it all home late at night so he left it with me for a while longer.(4/10)ps
29 - Filled the bin up with rubbish from the lane again. Also put some in a couple of the neighbours bins who said they didn't mind. They must think I'm crazy - and maybe aren't too wrong! Found a perfectly useable black nylon shoulder bag and two pennies amongst the junk? . . . spent the day messing around with the front door but acheiving almost nothing. Did maintenance on the latch and improved it no end. Chased out and glued some of the splitting door seems. Undercoated the inside. Polished some of the brass door furniture . . . did some washing and put it all out on the line just as it began to rain! In/out/in/out between showers - got it dry in the end. . . managed not to eat till late but fell asleep for a few hours as soon as I did!! . . . TVd . . .sat in the conservatory as it rained, frog watching . . . touched base with BB . . . PCd till early and then couldn't sleep because I was too hungry again. Ended up eating a pastie at three in the morning! (4/10)p
30 - Up with the mail delivery only to find yet again the postman had delivered some of next doors mail. He is no good and I am very tempted to ring up and complain. Who knows what mail I haven't got!! . . . put more water soluble glue on the outside of the door as the rain began!!!!! Damn! . . . PCd and used the camera to think about asset stripping! . . . PS popped round and picked up his camera - boo hoo. In conversation he mentioned that people at work had visited my website!! When he left that seemed to prey on my mind and I inexplicably felt extremely uneasy/unhappy/uptight/owned/down???!!!!! . . . fell asleep around 7pm and was woken by BB ringing just after midnight!! Came to - and PCd till early. Ended up eating, sitting in the garden in the still of the night and being up till almost dawn before bed. (4/10)ps