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- Broken sleep then up around 8:15am. . walked. Bare handedly picked up as much of the broken glass as I could, from where the loud drinkers from last night had predictably happily smashed their bottle all over the path. .returning along the roads on the way home, there were a couple of bits of paper blowing about on the floor. Ignored the first and then curiosity got the better of me and I picked up the next to have a look at what it was. Turned out to be a final BT phone bill for someone, saying the bill was in credit and a cheque was enclosed for around 120. Walked back and picked up the other bit of paper and sure enough it was the cheque!! Ugggh - guess I'll have to try and return that to the payee if I can. Because the account was being closed there was no phone number I could call, so I figured it'd have to wait until I could look up the address and figure out where across town it was . . ended up doing more pottering in the garden - all day!! I can't figure out how just messing around like that trimming a few things and re-potting some plants can be SO time consuming. Seems SUCH a waste of time. And then there's all that nonsense of having to continually water everything! The price of water down here is SO expensive, if it weren't for the rainwater butt, I simply wouldn't even consider it . . eventually PCd late afternoon and looked up the address on the phone bill .Image of me and Sally, chillin in the sun walked with Sally in the heat across town, eventually found the house (damn - needent have walked so far!), knocked at the door and was able to reunite the cheque with its owner . carried on through town. Tired and flagging in the heat a bit, I treated myself to a can of Redbull to try and inject a little energy into myself. Jeeze that stuff is expensive. 1.20 something I think it was, just for a little tin. You can buy alcoholic drinks for less! No wonder the company have money to burn, sponsoring all the big sporting events and such . . Sat in BGdns on the top of my favourite gun emplacement for ages, just watching the world go by again, smoking, drinking my redbull and playing with the camcorder just a little. Made sure Sally was comfortably hydrated using the small bottle of water I'd brought with me, together with my 'custom dog bowl' trick. A plastic freezer bag. Slips in a pocket so is like me not having to carry anything, and when rolled into a shallow bowl like shape, is just perfect for her to have a drink from. I've spent a lot of time up there of late. Not a bad way to while away the hours, although I never seem quite able to really relax and just enjoy it. Always feel strangely kinda guilty and unsettled, as though I really should be doing something else!? . . . ate pizza, a banana and a Mum donated mini cheesecake. . touched base with BB . .ate bowls of cornflakes . . to bed around 1am. s
29 - Up around 8:30am. Very warm already. Looks like the forecast of a bit of a heatwave for this week is gonna be right. Seems like we've had a pretty good 'summer' already. . walked and carried on down town and bought a bunch more Nimh batteries in the covered market . . guitarred in the garden . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches, crisps and chocolate . .napped . . walked. As we passed his place, K said he had a bone for Sally which he'd leave by his car for me to pick up on the way back. Sat in BGdns for ages, just watching the world go by, although my favourite spot on top of the gun emplacement was occupied by a couple of rock-loving guys with a stereo, so it wasn't as pleasant or peaceful as it could have been, and then got worse when a small bunch of young people insisted on being obnoxiously loud as they proceeded to get (more?) drunk on top of the other nearby gun emplacement. 'Litter duty' in the morning I bet! . . stopped by Ks on the way back to pick up the bone, but it wasn't there. He'd left a piece of paper on his windscreen saying how a seagull had swooped down and made off with it!! lololol . . TVd . . touched base with BB . . ate salami and lettuce rolls, Mum donated jam tarts and chocolate . .to bed around 1:30am. s
28 - Back up around 9:30am. Overcast. . walked in a hint of light drizzle here and there. . sat in the conservatory having a coffee when I returned, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. No more than three feet away, having a look about on top of some recently moved oblong stone planters, was a (the?) mouse! It eventually disappeared from sight only to reappear a while later on the nuts. In broad daylight! Ended up attempting to film it all the rest of the morning, although the resultant clips sadly weren't really worth all the effort. . had to relocate a frog, out from under the drain cover again!!!?? I'm gonna have to do something about that to stop it being possible for them to get trapped in there, although I'm really not sure how on earth they are getting in. I SO want to have a pond in the garden again like I used to in Bristol. The area where the garden shed was, really would be perfect, depending on what may be underneath all the concrete slabs. I suspect roots from the nearby tree may be an obstacle - and I'm not sure I could physicaly cope with all the work involved any more!. . . ate two thirds+ of a huge Mum donated pizza . . napped until around 7:30pm . . drove to walk . .BB called breifly . . TVd/PCd . . knocked up the quick 'cloud' video . . touched base with BB . . ate the remaining slices of pizza and a mini cheescake . . to bed after 2am just before a heavy rain shower passed through. That's good - the garden needs rain pretty bad.
27 - Up around 8:30am . . walked in the heat . . totally out of character, Sally had a bit of a go at a small dog that came wandering by. Turned into a bit of an unpleasant scene - like she 'almost' meant it!!? To be honest, I rather suspect it was simply because the little dog acted wrongly (in 'wolf'/dog-body-language/behavior terms) and ran away from her yelping and snapping at her - which simply had her instinctively chase after it!! It's kinda like that sort of 'wrong' behavior gets an underdog attacked by a pack. Nevertheless, it was totally out of character for Sally, and extremely embarassing for me! The poor woman owner of the little dog was somewhat distressed and I had to go rushing in and grab Sally by the scruff of her neck and haul her away. I don't make a habit of it, but on this occasion I confess to slapping Sally across the muzzle before roughly leashing her back up! :o( . thankfully the woman took it all pretty well. . pottered in the garden re-potting yet more . . Mum called in with food donations for chats etc. . guitarred . . ate salami and lettuce rolls . . PCd/TVd . . touched base with BB . . TVd/PCd until bed around 2am. . hardly any sleep for hours because of restless Sally pacing around the house!? Back up around 4:30am to let her use the garden with a bit of an upset stomach. Suprisingly misty out. ss
26 - Up real late around 9am . . drove to walk. Stopped at the store on the way home for milk, tobacco and two pepperonni pizzas only 1 each! . . did laundry and pottered in the garden all day trying to sort things out a bit, in particular all the garden pots. I've pretty much deliberately neglected them all since I move in here, because there were just SO many of them. They really are absolutely EVERYWHERE. Figured it was high time I tried to sort though them all and maybe attempt to salvage anything which still hints at being alive by re-potting it. Unbelievably time consuming nonsense. With very rare exceptions, I reckon everything should be in the ground somewhere, just getting on with growing - not all potted up and fragile requiring constant attention! On top of that, I have absolutely no sign whatsoever of being remotely 'greenfingered' , and haven't a clue what plant is what. A few of the bits and pieces which may yet survive which I've re-potted, I strongly suspect are actually weeds anyway! . at some point I lifted the drain cover just to make sure it was still all clear and not threatening to block up again. Oh my god!!!!! Trapped down in the drain enclosure, sat on top of the metal grid was a frog. Poor little thing!!! All the outflow from the kitchen waste pipes was dumping down on top of it, and it had no escape!! Even the hot soapy water from where I was doing laundry was pouring all over it!!!!!! Frantically rescued it, and another trapped on the patio nearby, and quickly re-located them both to the dark relative safety of debris under the garden hedge. . pottered for hours and hours making seemingly no progress at all . . eventually called it quits for the time being and showered all the grime off. . checked mail on the PC and found to my great concern and unease that some 'cunninghamguy ' character had more or less copied the housefire video I'd shot, stuck it together with a copy of the news video from the local paper, and then re-uploaded them (as his own?) with some crappy backing music under the 'entertainment' tag!?? That got my back up quite a bit. Aside from all the other issues, it just seemed so pointless!? I ended up putting a 'restrained' comment on his video suggesting it was plagiarism, and 'why would you do that'? (What I SHOULD have done was put him in touch with that 'Pilgrim' guy who objected to the video in the first place on moral grounds! lolol) . Apparantly, although I didn't return in time to see it, this had the effect of him 'labelling' his video to reference back to the original(s). At some later point (either late tonight or early tomorrow), I received a message saying "TAKEN OFF YOUTUBE. I AM SORRY ABOUT PUTTING YOUR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE THERE FOR I HAVE TAKEN IT OFF " All very weird (I can't help but wonder if he actually took it down simply because the music he used was flagged as copyright?). Glad that is off my mind now. . .walked with the camcorder, tripod and my hip flask of red wine and sat in BGdns on top of the gun emplacement for ages watching water skiiers, fish jumping, seal, etc, etc, etc. Filmed a bit of a big storm cloud building in the distant sky over Torquay, with a timelapse video in mind. . . ate microwaved roast beef and left over potatoes, stuffing peas and gravy etc. . popped out in the garden at some point and would you believe it - what appeared to be the same two frogs from earlier had made their way back down onto the prison of the patio, and one was even on top of the drain cover (how on earth did it get up there?)!! Re-located them once again back up onto the higher garden. I'm gonna have to change something somehow or this is going to be an ongoing hassle! . touched base with BB . . TVd trying in vain, to avoid the unsavory saturation coverage of the Michael Jackson story. I think some of his music really was VERY good, but I fail to understand the bizarre reaction many people seem to have had to his death - and I really don't think the news channels should have devoted SO much time to it all. (Of interest to many perhaps, but surely not 'in the public interest' to be informed of all the minutia?) Why did the authorities release the 911 phone call? Why would people suddenly rush out and buy his albums cause he died? Why were people queuing up to have their smiling photos taken next to his Hollywood boulevarde 'star' and piles of bouquets? All very weird I thought - and somehow rather distasteful/unpleasant? a
25 - Woken by 'a bang' (next doors front door again maybe?) around 7:30am . . walked . . worked in the back garden all day trimming all the hedges. A 'major' trim, which will hopefully keep things in order for while at least. Too much debris for my bulging compost bin, I'll be having to do a tip trip soon. :o( . . ate Mum donated pizza with extra mushrooms, onion and cheese . . drove to walk. A gaggle of sail boats were out on the water but struggling to find wind and all kinda tripping over each other as they hardly moved.Image of Western Lady II, recently returned to Torbay 'Western Lady II' was moored up on the edge of the outer harbour! What's she doing back? I thought they'd been sold off to private owners and were long gone for good? They should never have got rid of them! There's something about those original Western Lady boats. They have a certain look - and of course their own WWII history. Don't know quite why but even 'I' have a fondness for them (as do most people in the area I gather) and I was glad to see it sat there, albeit looking a little in need of a paint job! (Surfing the local news site later, it appears the local ferry company has somehow managed to buy her back (I'd love to know how much!) and they'll be doing a bit of a refit and then she'll be back in service in the bay. Yayyy. Quite right too. :o) ) . . bumped into one of the dog walkers I speak to who'd previously told me about how he's done some painting. I'd asked to see sometime, the album of photos of his work he said he had. He had the album with him and I was able to satisfy my curiosity. Oh my goodness! I'd expected to have to 'just be polite' and offer appropriate praise, but what I hadn't bargained for was just exactly how good his works were! I think snobs of the artworld look down on people who can 'only' paint from photos, but I have no problem with that, as long as the finished painting is good. And boy, were this guys paintings good! VERY good as far as I could tell from the photos. Without question, he could make money from that talent if he so chose, and yet he hardly ever picks up a brush any more apparantly. . I ended up with my usual feelings of inadequacy following such a chat. I wish I had a talent for something - just something - ANYTHING!! :o( . . 'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett died this day (of cancer of the anus apparantly!!!!! Of all the things you can get cancer of, that sounds like a particularly unpleasant one!!!! Be a real bummer to get that one!!!!) . . TVd . . JK called to let me know Michael Jackson was dead! Really?! Got off the phone pretty quick and tuned into news channels for a while before touching base with BB . . TV/PCd until well gone 3am. s
24 - Poor fitful sleep for only a few hours then back up around 8:30am. . Sunny and very warm . .walked . . gardened in the front garden, hedge trimming, de-weeding and got round to planting some potted fir trees into the ground. I'm really not into all this 'having things in pots' all over the place, like the previous occupants were. Too much high maintenenace all the time. With all the sun we've been having this year, those pots have continually dried right out, and I was in danger of allowing the trees to die. (The 'mind your own business' I'd planted around the tree bases HAS all died.) I think they'll have a much better chance of surviving in the ground. . was just moving stuff in from the front and heading out to do the same sort of work in the back garden early afternoon when Sis1 and Mum called in, preventing me from carrying on, which was probably just as well because I was exhausted already . . cuppas and chats. Happily got rid of just a couple of the old planters and hanging baskets littering the garden, which Sis1 seems keen on having. I definitely have absolutely NO intention of EVER doing hanging baskets! . . declined the suggestion I should accompany them down town for fish and chips, because I was tired and filthy, and stopped half way through everything with tools and stuff everywhere, really not in the mood (and seldom am at the best of times). Mum suggested they could bring me some back, which seemed like an excellent idea. . showered and cleared up and then ended up feeling faint from lack of food all day, and having to just sit around waiting, not eating anything or able to get Sally's walk over with, because I had no idea when they'd be returning! The longer I had to wait, the hungrier and more short tempered I got (ungrateful sod!). If I'd known they wouldn't be returning for over three hours I think I would have declined Mums generous offer and just got on and eaten something when it suited me and then walked Sally! . . . at long, long last they returned for a cuppa and more chats as I ravenously devoured my cod and chips. SO hungry and 'shakey' by then, I could easily have eaten two! . .skipped the walk . chats, and had a look at all Sis1s India holiday photos on her laptop, etc. Interesting I guess, but absolutely NOT a place I've EVER had any desire to visit. I'll happily go to my grave without experiencing at first hand, all that horrific poverty, suffering and polution thank you very much. I just can't handle it . .Eventually bid them both farewell long gone 10pm . . touched base with BB . .TVd. Because of the elevation of my house away from the road etc, I've gotten into the habit during the summer of watching TV with the curtains left open. Means I get to see the nightly circling of bats over my front garden, the 'high beam' of distant aircraft tracking up from the South, the moon and stars and clouds etc. Tonight I saw a pretty neat and bright shooting star falling, south south east. :o) . . exhausted to bed around midnight.
23 - Woken by Sally clatter around 8:15am. . . walked the long walk through the woods, down to both beaches and then sat on my favourite gun emplacement roof in BGdns for a while, 'having a day off' so it felt after the last few of non stop filming and PCing/editing etc. Beautiful warm and sunny, and relatively peaceful still. . got chatting to a pleasant woman, on the path below me. Eventually at some point she suggested she'd use my camera to take a picture of me and Sally sat there. I have few, so accepted her offer. What I didn't realise was how much hassle it was going to be. For her to be able to reach up to take the camera, she had to take a step up onto a slight grassy embankment. With what turned out to be somehow dodgy legs, this entailed her pretty much crawling up it very slowly on all fours, and then down again - twice! Agonising to watch - and really could have made a funny video, poor woman! Sadly, it wasn't worth all her bother since the two shots I ended up with, were somehow unfortunately pretty lackluster and not really even worthy of inclusion here . . needed food pretty bad. Haven't been eating anywhere near enough these last several days! Did roast potatoes and stuffing and defrosted some beef from the freezer. Quickly mowed the lawns while the potatoes cooked. . drank a glass of red wine and eventually ate a huge roast dinner, with peas and a pint of gravy. . napped from around 3:30 until 7:30pm, and probably would have carried on sleeping if not for Sally coming up and clattering around the room!! . . sat in the garden for a bit. Skipped the evening walk. PCd this all evening . . touched base with BB . . PCd this until around 2am. . ate liver pate sandwiches and crisps . . TVd until daylight before bed! s
22 - Woken by Sally clatter on the bedroom floorboards around 7:30am. .woke up with a coffee and cigarettes while PCing, trying to work out how to tackle the soundtrack for the trawler race video!?? The fact that I've decided to go with varying degrees of timelapse on almost the entire thing makes for a real awkward fiddle with the real time audio, to keep it in time, continuity wise. . walked and stopped for milk and tobacco on the way home. While in conversation with someone, it was suggested that the local pub IS closing down due to a lack of punters - and in fact it wasn't open on the weekend! Of course I never go in them, not least of all because I can't afford their amazingly high drink prices (and I'm a smoker), but for some reason I am somewhat saddened THAT one is going. On the occassions I have been in there (or perhaps mostly outside having a cigarette), it's always struck me as a pretty nice place to have a comfortable relaxed (as much as I ever can be in a pub) drink and a bit of food, WITH Sally being quite welcome. Despite generally hating pubs and drunks, I can recognise that the country/society is much the poorer for having lost almost all of its unique local pubs. :o( . . PCd the day away doing the soundtrack as best I could. Pretty much worked it out in the end, without losing too many maroon bangs and trawler hoots. (Damn that wind noise - and that is WITH the 'wind-cut' function on the camcorder ON! Maybe it just goes to show it really WAS very windy from that Northerly wind and why I was SO cold up there on the day.) . did dish washing and vacuuming chores in the processing 'down time' . . eventually had the thing done, split into ten minute chunks and started uploading them to YouTube around 5pm . .ate a Mum donated Mars bar to try to keep me going on my starvation diet . . left the PC on, uploading the last of the files and drove to walk around 7pm . . TVd feeling utterly UTTERLY exhausted! . . ate pepperoni pizza and chocolate . . TVd . . touched base with BB . . PCd breifly before bed. The local newspaper website had reports of how a young (probably 'in drink') guy had fallen overboard from one of the boats and been rescued during the race. I wonder if that was why the lifeboat sprang into action and transferred someone back into harbour in the middle of the race (included in my video). There had also been a big mass brawl by young people outside a harbourside pub in town after the race - and then a few other assaults around town later in the evening!!! Well - that's not the publicity the event organsisers were wanting is it! Wow - thank goodness I trusted my instincts and didn't go down there and witness or get involved in any of that (although WHAT a video opportunity some of THAT may have been!). . to bed around 12:30am. sa
21 - Up around 8:45am. .coffee, cigarettes and annadin tablet for breakfast . . walked. Grew overcast but felt warmer than yesterday I thought. Surprisingly little (only one carrier bag full of) litter to pick up. The council workers had been round already. .found 1. . PCd all day trying to trim the trawler race video footage down to a 'reasonable' chunk of interest. Trouble I had with it was, as far as I was concerned, the whole thing was an extraordinary spectacle, with almost ALL of the footage 'pleasing' to at least MY eye, and therefor NOT discardable. The 'ruthlessness' of being a film editor, is something I'm not so good at. I mean - YOU try cutting down around four hours of such a photogenic spectacle, to a three minute or so 'soundbite' type clip!!! One mans out-take is anothers perfect shot. . ate six pieces of bread and butter sandwiches with tuna, mayo and crisps . . Mum called breifly to say Sis1 would be down later in the week . . PCd through until gone midnight . . touched base with BB . . ate biscuits . . watched a test of the trimmed down to thirty minutes video, before eventually to bed after 2am actually feeling really rather unwell. Trouble sleeping. a
20 - Up at 7:30am with the alarm . .walked early to get it over and done with, so I had time to get back home and drop Sally off before heading straight back down again before the start of the 11 o'clock trawler race. . left Sally at home before 10am and returned to BGdns with the tripods, cameras, batteries and a couple of camcorder tapes (I'm gradually recording over 'precious' stuff from last year!! :o( ) to have a go at filming the trawler race. Headed straight down to the top of my favourite gun emplacement via my newly discovered short cut, 'off path' through the undergrowth. Yayy - what a relief. No one up there yet - my reason for getting there so early - it's all mine! Hah. :o) . set up my tripods in the optimum position (on the best corner of the roof, so my camera views would be unobstructed if others turned up there) and then sat around with cigarettes waiting for the off. .some guy appeared out of the bushes with a camera at some point and started hanging around next to me chatting, just as the first small fishing boat began making its way to the race start point. I didn't mean to be rude but made it very clear I wasn't going to be chatting while I was filming (obvious isn't it? For gods sake shut up fool!) He pretty soon retreated to the bushes and disappeared. lol . .plenty people all watching from around about below me . . my vantage point was in the shade from the occasional sunny spells that breezed through on the strong Northerly wind. So long not moving, I ended up feeling absolutely frozen!! Damn - I knew it, from previous filming experience - I SHOULD have worn my hooded fleece, despite everyone else being all dressed in shorts and T shirts. Even had my coat all done up and gloves on! Frozen! That damned wind was SO strong, it was buffeting the tripod, and with much of the filming done at maximum 25x zoom, it was impossible to keep the camera still! :o( Nevertheless, I managed to record what I thought were some pretty damned neat shots (a collage of stills from four of my favourites included below here). For me there is something particularly satisfying about the first, because I managed to get the Paignton steam train going past behind the trawlers in the distance. Just a BIG scene somehow. -//-

Images of the 2009 Brixham trawler race

. . dabbled a bit with the idea of walking back via the harbour and town, despite my decision based on last years experience, to give it a wide berth because of all the alcohol being consumed by everyone down there, and the unpleasant atmosphere of threat that makes for me. A big part of me wanted to try and capture some of that unpleasantness on camera, for maybe making a suitable music video out of it, but in the end I went with my instincts and stayed the hell away from it all and headed straight home. Didn't get back home until around 2:30pm!!?? How long WAS that race?! Ended up with somewhere around three or four +hours of video all told!! . .sat in the garden with a coffee recovering from the considerable physical effort of the filming, actually reviewing a little of the video I'd tried to take as an experiment on my digital stills camera. . started the long, LONG process of transferring all the video to the PC . . did dish washing chores and cooked and ate a ham ring and chips in the 'down time' . eventually realised the PC was having problems. I'd made the mistake of trying to do too large a file at a time and the video was having trouble keeping up with the audio. Damn. What a waste of a couple of hours! I'd have to start all over again and do it in smaller chunks! . . lay down but couldn't nap. . back on the PC . . JK/Mum called to touch base. . drove to walk. Loads of yobbish kids were in gun emplacements and all over the place in BGdns, drinking, 'smoking', littering and being generally drunkenly loud and obnoxious. No surprise I guess, considering the 'adult' example they'd just had all day of how one should behave! . . PCd. Guitarred while footage transferred, until I was just too tired and aching to carry on. . touched base with BB . . ate just a couple of biscuits . .TVd until bed around 2am. s
19 - Up around 8am. . . walked . . guitarred trying very hard to knock up the piece of strumming I'd been working on to go with the 'HMS Edinburgh' footage, but eventually just gave up in total disgust. It just isn't going to happen! Sounds sort of ok when I strum it, but when I record it and play it back, it shows it up for how truly awful it really is!! :o( . . PCd and after several hours work, uploaded a video using an old 'second rate' bit of music from my collection that I figure is liable to be safe from the copyright police. :o( . . terrible headache! . . ate ham sandwiches with crisps and chocolate. . napped real late for an hour or two, only to wake with the same headache . . drove to walk and stopped at the store on the way home for tobacco and a couple of pizzas . . straight back on the PC . . BB called breifly . . PCd and knocked up the 'mouse on the nuts' video snip and uploaded it shortly before midnight. A crappy video without a doubt, but worth doing from my point of view because of the spontaneous/gotcha nature of how I captured it. None of that putting in hours and hours of work 'staking out' the nuts over several days. It was a rare case of stumbled on it - went and got the camera and managed to get a little of it. (I must confess - in case another opportunity arises some time, I HAVE now trimmed off just a little of the bit of a branch that was putting the scene of the action in shadow from my garden floodlight) . . ate pepperoni pizza with extra cheese . . touched base with BB . . to bed around 2am or later. aa
18 - Up around 7:30am. . sunny. Walked the woods as a loud unseen jet flew around low overhead above the canopy . filmed Sally sat in the water. That footage would make another 'et'cetera' ending, type video some time maybe. . given left overs meat for Sally from K on the way back, although I have a horrible feeling I may end up freezing and eating it myself on this occasion . . gradual clouds building . PCd. . JK called and said he'd be letting Mr B (the actual owner of the house concerned) have a copy of the fire DVD at some point. That prospect pleased me greatly. Seems only right he should have it, even if he never wants to actually watch it. . guitarred pretty much the whole rest of the day away. . ate cheese, ham, mayo and onion sandwiches with crisps . . napped just, for around an hour. . skipped the walk and carried on guitarring until my fingers were literally too painful to carry on!!!. . touched base with SH . . TVd . . touched base with BB . .ate bowls of muesli . .Image of a mouse on the bird feeder at night let Sally out for her final garden visit of the evening around 12:45am and stumbled upon a mouse having a go at the nuts in the birdfeeder hung in the tree. Funny thing was, it didn't immediately dart away like I HAVE snatched a glimpse of it doing once or twice before. It just sat there and carried on trying to tease the nuts through the wire, even as Sally passed a couple of feet underneath on her way to the lawn and I watched from the patio by the kitchen window! I guess maybe it's seen more of Sally and I from its hiding places than we have of it. In fact it stayed there SO long, I was eventually even encouraged to bother having a go at getting the camcorder from my coat pocket, hung up inside the house. Incredibly on my return it was STILL there, and remained so JUST long enough for me to grab a little footage of it. Beautiful little thing. Fragile, oh SO fragile existance! Even SO much more so than mine. :o( . . PCd . . eventually to bed after 2am. s
17 - Woken by Sally earlier, snoozed on then up around 9am. .just up the road a few doors away, in an almost identicaly fronted house, a neighbour was having all the windows replaced!!! Damn it - the ones being torn out and destroyed were better than mine!!!!!! Replacing already PVC double glazed with new!!!!!! Oh boy - it was SO tempting to go and ask to have the old ones. I ummed and ahhd and agonised over that all morning pretty much, but eventually let the opportunity pass by. Part of me still regrets that, despite it probably making sense. Trying to fit them myself would have been a bugger, and they may well have been 'slightly' different in size, and perhaps leaking anyway - and for sure, the window guys weren't in any way concerned about getting them out undamaged. Lot of hassles. Nevertheless, I probably should have had them to maybe use when I have to make up a new conservatory out back! Yeah - I regret missing that opportunity I guess. .walked and got bogged down in doing just a little videoing. It appeared that everyone from the local college was doing a sponsored walk along the coastal path to Paignton. One of the views of them all climbing up the steps from Churston caught my eye - although since I'm no longer prepared to do videos that'll be censored because of the music copyright, I don't know why I bothered. There's nothing much I can do with it without an appropriate backing track. Really SO frustrating to me. I have several bits of footage laying around that would make some good videos set to the right bit of music. :o( . . PCd/guitarred as rain moved in . . .drove to walk as the rain cleared back to sunny . . drank wine and cooked ham ring, beans and chips with four pieces of bread and butter . . TVd feeling exhausted . . BB called breifly . . early to bed around 11:30pm. d
16 - Up around 9:30am. Blue sky sunny. Still feeling a bit down . . walked late and carried on out to JKs for a cuppa and to pop through the letterbox or hand over a couple of copies of the fire DVD. Cuppa and chats. . . walking back along the car park/outer harbour in the sun, I let Sally off her lead as is our habit, despite quite a few people being around on this occasion. After having had a dip in the sea at a couple of the slipways, Sally was all wet and dripping. She unfortunately started having a sniff at a couple of old ladies on a bench, because they were eating some 'enticingly rustling' bagged food or chips. One of the old women got a little put out by this apparantly life-threatening risk of being made a little wet by a large dog, and in an irriated 'stage voice' remarked to her freind "that dog should be on a lead!". She was of course quite right, but being in the mood I was, I had the uncharacteristic desire (which thankfully of course I would never submit to) to retort back "well you should be in a HOME shouldn't you?". Made me smile. :o). . . guitarred in the garden . . cooked and ate bacon, sausages, beans and chips followed by a little chocolate. . fitfully napped for a few hours . . skipped the walk . . TVd/guitarred . . touched base with BB . . ate corned beef and mayo sandwiches, a Mum donated mini trifle, biscuits and chocolate. . TVd/PCd until bed around 3am. s
15 - Woke earlier then up around 8:30am again. Very warm and sunny with big rain clouds building in the west. . walked feeling 'blah' and felt just a drop of rain as dark clouds breezed through . . PCd/balanced my accounts and did paperwork. . drank three quarters of a glass of wine while cooking bacon, sausages and chips. .napped . . drove to walk in clear skies and a lowering sun. Images of D97 HMS Edinburgh off Brixham breakwaterWhile sat on a seat in the lower part of the gardens, all of a sudden a huge warship came into view around Berry Head, and then hung around for a bit in front of the breakwater (they weren't of course, but it sure looked as though they were checking out where the fire had been - and a couple of guys on the helicopter deck at the back appeared to be taking photos of it!) before effectively doing a three point turn and then eventually racing back out to sea, around the point and out of sight. I think that has to be the most impressive ship I've seen, close-in, since I've been down here. According to dog walkers etc, there have been lots (more impressive) in the past, but I've never seen them. Really was impressive - and SO fast as it cruised away. Couldn't resist videoing a little. . PCd/guitarred. Went on line and looked up the 'D97' ship (and ended up on the Royal Navy website watching a video all about HMS Edinburgh - and especially its armament. Jeeze - if they'd felt so inclined, they could have pretty much removed Brixham from the map! (Awwwww - well - ok, as long as you do Torquay first - and get all your mates to do Plymouth before that! lol :o) ) Definitely impressive and also because of what it represents about the society and the country in which I by-chance find myself, and all that 'out there' infinitely complicated 'moment in time' evolution/philosophy/psychology/sociology stuff!! (Do other people always have such spontaneous overwelming depressing thoughts when confronted by such an impressive/kinda beautiful sight?). . TVd . . touched base with JK and BB . . ate biscuits. . PCd until bed around 4am. ds
14 - Up around 8:30am. Sunny .. walked and sat in BGdns for ages watching loads of people fishing. Seemed like every other person that walked past was carrying a rod! Almost shoulder to shoulder on the rocks! That puts me off the idea of having a go. . sat in the garden . .messed around with the solar lights salvaged from the tip, but soon gave up since it really does look as though none of them are worth keeping. .PCd and watched a program on the BBC Iplayer that I'd missed last night . . ate salami rolls , crisps and chocolate . . guitarred/TVd/PCd the whole day away feeling increasingly down and paranoid (about THIS in particular)!?!. . skipped the walk . . TVd all evening hardly moving. . BB called to touch base breifly . . ate Mum donated bananas, jaffa cakes, biscuits, chocolate. . to bed around 2am. ss
13 - Woken by Sally clattering around the bedroom somewhere around 6am!!? Tried to ignore her and sleep on but she seemed restless and I assumed needed the garden so eventually I stumbled down and opened the back door before returning to bed! . .woken by her again around 9am and gave up and got up . .annadin, coffee and cigarettes for breakfast . . walked in warm sunny spells, feeling utterly tired out! :o( . . PCd a bit of this . . Mum called in for a cuppa, chats etc. . ate a Mum donated slice of gala pie, a large sausage roll and a bag of crisps. . napped fitfully until around 6:30pm only to wake feeling about as bad and headachey as I did earlier! Another annadin . . drove to walk . . PCd this for hours! . .touched base with BB . . ate a Mum donated pastry slice with crisps and then some jaffa cakes . .TVd until bed around 1:30am. aa
12 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:30am . . drove to walk, to get it over and done with as quick as possible. Funny 'fine mist' drizzle type weather. That sort of weather where the clouds are pretty much just sat on top of the land. . loaded the car up with timber from the shed demolishion and with the back of the car full and even some crammed in the front passenger footwell, eventually left Sally at home and drove to the council tip. (Stopped for gas on the way home. 25.02ltrs @ 25. Trip meter reading was 159 miles, 39903-3 total mileage. 28.85MPG?) . . repeated the excercise and actually managed to dispose of the entire broken up shed in just the two trips. It may be a funny little car but with the back seats down like I do, it really does have an impressive 'small van' type carrying capacity. . took a much needed breather and sat around with a coffee before sorting out just a little of the mountains of junk I have laying around in the garage and then did one more run. SO glad to have that all done and over with. I so HATE going to the tip. On this occassion I must admit I didn't have to wait in queues too long, but I still hate it. Something about being unashamedly confronted by the horror of the throw away culture we all live in - and of course I always see stuff being dumped which is better than stuff I make do living with! :o( Just before I left on that last trip, I couldn't help asking the refuse guy in attendance if I could have the bag of old plastic solar garden lights someone had just dumped. He had no objection. (Breifest of conversations with him. He used to work for an antique store - so I guess he has a pretty good eye for 'interesting' stuff being (mistakenly?) dumped. He whisked away a cuckoo clock from the rubbish heap pretty quick. I couldn't work there (although wouldn't mind) - I'd spend my entire day just going through everything!) . . ate bacon sandwiches. . got clean and then lay down to nap. Couldn't sleep for some reason and ended up just uncomfortably fitfully snoozing for a couple of hours . . drove to walk and stopped at the store for tobacco (50g @ 11.90) on the way (and bought some going-cheap garlic sausage). .Sally had a large bowl of K donated left-overs cottage pie with gravy and her usual - which went down VERY quickly. She really DOES eat better than I do!! :o) . . TVd/guitarred . . BB called to touch base . . too tired to cook so just ate garlic sausage sandwiches, crisps and biscuits . . TVd until early . . PCd. For goodness sake - that 'pilgrim74' dude who has taken exception to the fire video on YouTube, had copied his video comment and sent it to me again as a personal youtube message to my inbox!?? He really does seem to have gotten a bee in his bonnet over it doesn't he. Very strange. Well - under the circumstances, I guess I'd better delete the video to keep him happy? Yeah - right - NOT! Hard to imagine what is going through the guy's mind. Does he know 'Mr B' who lived in the house perhaps (he hasn't said so)? Does he really expect me to suddenly 'see the light' and delete it just because HE thinks it inappropriate? Obviously there is nothing to be gained by engaging in any form of correspondence with the guy, so under the circumstances it seemed best to just use the Youtube 'block user' function which 'blocks a user from commenting on your videos and channel or sending you messages'. I've only done that a dozen or so times so far - mostly when someone has commented on a video in abusive terms, and most of those have been by idiot members of the local community college aiming abuse at members of their MIU band! . . eventually to bed around 4am! s
11 - Woken at 7:30am by someones car alarm going off. Stiff and aching from a bad lower back again . .walked in the sun and came back with a tupperware of left overs for Sally from K . . PCd and after several hours (!!) had a 'quick' data disc and DVD of the fire all done and dusted. Even applied the software 'anti handshake' setting and managed to improve on it just a little. . proof watched it while eating the other half of the cold sausage and then ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps and biscuits. . napped until around 6:30pm . . phoned the fireman to confirm I'd let him have the video and then as suggested (since it was the local fire station training night) walked and headed for the fire station to either hand it over or simply post through their letter box. . as I approached the station the fire engines were all just leaving! Raced up to a fireman shutting the doors and was told the guy I was after was actually in the nearby waiting fire engine. The guy who'd asked for the video actually jumped out and met me half way as I rushed towards it before it drove away, and I was able to give him the discs and get THAT over and done with. . walked through town, around the harbour and along the sea wall back towrads BGdns. Would you believe it - I actually passed all the firemen who were gathered in the car park doing their training! lol If I'd known they were heading there, it would have saved me quite a bit of walking. lol . . . sat in BGdns on top of the gun emplacement for a while watching the regular Thursday evening sail boats doing their thing in the bay before eventually heading back. . TVd . . touched base with BB . .ate left overs pork pieces in batter and then bowls of muesli to easily fill me up. (The left over pork pieces were actually meant for Sally, although K said they 'should' still be fit for human consumption. Actually quite nice microwaved up and heavily laden with salt) . TVd until bed around 1am.s
10 - Up at 8:30am. .walked. Really warm again and the cloud clearing to sunny. . mowed the lawns. Sat around umming and ahhing a bit before finally deciding to have a go at dismantling the huge old rotten garden shed. It was rotten, leaking and falling apart when I moved in here, and at some point I actually moved one of the huge stone flower tubs against it to help hold it up because it was leaning over threatening to collapse! I'd long ago transferred anything worth keeping, out of it into the better shelter of the garage. The only reason I hadn't tackled the removal of it long ago is because it was actually holding up a large piece of trellis fencing intertwined with a large honeysuckle bush which acts as a divider for THAT piece of the 'compartmentalised' garden. The trellis and honeysuckle will also have to go at some point, but as a temporary measure I've just left it precariously free standing where it is, propped up just a little bit by some awful old amateur made wooden bench seat. There's SO much to this garden, and all of it is so poorly planned and laid out with mature trees and shrubs, it really is almost impossible to come up with a viable plan for alterations!! :o( . . Image of my rotten garden shedstripped out hinges and shelves etc and then started the dismantling by having a look at the roof. Blimey - no wonder the thing has been threatening to topple over. Huge great inch thick+ slabs of particle board (like is used to board up derelict buildings or shop fronts with broken windows) had been somehow laid over the top of the original thin roof, and more than one ineffectual layer of tar felt had been secured over it all. Nothing had been done to in any way strengthen the sides of the structure, and rain had gotten in and soaked the particle board, so it was unbelieveably top heavy and unstable as a result! No way could I remove those slabs of board from the roof where they were, so there was little choice but to knock out just a handful of the side cladding timbers before removing the big flower tub support and then just giving the thing a bit of a push. That was all it took. The whole thing collapsed to the floor - dangerously guided very slightly as it did so, by me pulling on a corner in an attempt to stop it bringing down the adjacent garden fence! . once on the ground it was then just a long, LONG process of dismantling (mostly with a claw hammer - although much by hand it was so rotten) and then cutting everything up into car sized chunks with the circular saw. I HAD imagined I'd be able to maybe salvage some of the timber but it turned out not a single piece was re-usable for anything. Actually, before I started the cutting up, I walked to a nearby neighbours house and knocked on his door. He has a wood burning stove and a big wood pile in his garden, and in passing once I'd confirmed he would be interested in having the shed timber. Image after demolishion of my rotten garden shedNow I'd actually dismantled it, did he still want it and if so, what would be his preferred size of cut up pieces (to save HIM the work with his dangerous 'no safety guard' miniature table saw). Sadly, because he already had SO much, he didn't actually have anywhere to store mine, so I was unfortunately 'lumbered' (lol) with it. Shame - that would have been SO neat to have been able to just shift it all up the lane. Oh well. . Took ages and a horrible filthy job, hot in the sun. Happily managed to save a few frogs and even one newt from the destruction. Took most of the day but eventually I had it all reduced to just a big heap of cut timber, ready for multiple trips to the tip. Exhausted and absolutely filthy! . . cut my hair and beard and showered . . drove to walk in a light shower of rain! Stopped at the store on the return and bought a 'going cheap' pre cooked sausage ring. . .TVd. . PCd breifly only for it to turn into a hour long session!!! I'd received a YouTube message from a fireman at the local fire station! "I wanted to know whether there is any possibility i can get hold of this video clip (fire at Berry Head Road 29/06/09) so we can put it onto our station computer." Funny that, hot on the heels of someone objecting to it being on there. The Youtube video is of course a short cut down version of what I actually recorded - with a modification done to the audio so as not to include me talking with dog walkers during the recording. I assumed the fire guys would rather have the whole thing (terribly shaky as it was), which almost (all but a few minutes) pretty much shows the whole event, from the black smoke at the start of the fire before they'd arrived, to the white smoke once they'd got it under control - and then a bunch of random shots of them damping down etc. once I'd walked up there. What I needed to do, was review the footage (just under an hour!) and listen to the 'actual' soundtrack, to make sure there was no reason I couldn't simply give them a full copy as recorded. . tedious having to sit through it all, but thankfully as far as I could see, there was no reason to censor any of the captured 'sad old men/dog walker type' chit chat. . . touched base with BB . . cooked and ate a pepperoni pizza with half the cold sausage sliced, extra cheese and onion. Didn't get the cooking quite right and ended up eating it luke warm and a bit 'wet'. :o| . guitarred/TVd . . ate half a chocolate swiss roll . . TVd until bed around 1:30am. s
9 - Up around 8:15am. . walked in the grey and chilly . . Jk popped in for a cuppa and to pick up the two copies of the local paper I'd saved which contained the reports about the housefire which he'd said he wanted so he could send them to people he knew. . in conversation I mentioned the nauseating facebook page taking the piss out of that local guy, and I fired the PC up to show him. Logging onto the facebook default page, which somehow makes suggestions as to who you may wish to add as freinds, I was utterly shocked to find they were suggesting Charlie Boyce (the yobbish son of the yobbish Lee Boyce who assaulted me back in Bristol!). That was extremely unsettling to say the least. I seem to recall around the time I fled Bristol, having a Yahoo messenger invite or some such from him - which of course I deleted immediately I recieved it. The ONLY way I can imagine that Facebook is somehow 'linking' us, and suggesting him as a possible 'freind' for me, is because of THAT unsolicited invite from him some three years ago!!!!! (Has Yahoo bought out Facebook?) That's really REALLY upsetting to me - not least of all because of the apparant several YEARS retention of such records! So - every time I went back onto facebook, his ugly face was there apparantly laughing at me. (As I type this a few days later, it is apparantly now going through all HIS frends list, suggesting THEM as possible freinds for me!!!!!!!!) I'd always known that this type of 'social networking' site wouldn't be for me. In fact, being a 'schizoid avoidant', social networking sites by their very nature were pretty much going to be the antithesis of anything I would ever want to have anything to do with! This absolutely clinches it for me. I WILL be cancelling my account! 'People' ARE repulsive! . . in the news today there was plenty of reporting of how the BNP have managed to be elected into the European parliament! They'd arranged a press conference on the green near parliament in London. Anti BNP protesters had turned up throwing eggs and had forced the BNP leader to flee, with people trying to attack him and kick his car as he did so. They're all as bad as one another!!!!!. . .ate ham, cheese and mayo rolls with crisps and then some biscuits . . napped until the alarm at 6:30pm. . drove to walk. As we walked, a couple of energetic (gun dog type) labradors went racing past and headed straight down to the water, leapt off the rocks and went swimming out to sea chasing a small group of ducks that were bobbing about there. What was noteworthy about this was how far they kept on swimming after them. They really DID appear to be heading out to sea!Image of NYK Sirius moored off Brixham in TorbaySo much so, I actually called out my concern to the owners who'd not noticed what was going on. Without 'too' much concern they began calling after them and when the ducks eventually got fed up with being chased and flew a short distance away, the dogs did start swimming all the way back to shore. Apparantly doing that sort of thing wasn't unusual for them, and they'd even had a small crowd watching a similar event at Dartmouth once. Thank god Sally doesn't do that sort of thing. They really were far enough out to have been in danger from passing boats! . . .the big NYK 'Sirius' container ship that's been at anchor pretty close in for weeks because of the downturn in global trade, had finally slipped away some time during the day. It'd been mentioned in the local paper I bought the other day, and they'd said how it was soon going to be leaving. What they didn't mention was that its sister ship 'Olympus' was pretty much going to moor up and take its place, albeit MUCH further out to sea on the distant horizon. . . PCd breifly . .guitarred . . touched base with BB . . cooked and ate two cheese burgers with onion and then a bowl of Mum donated strawberries and cream! . .TVd until bed around 2am.s
8 - Woken at 9:30am by the ansaphone taking a call from JK. . walked the woods real late. Actually rather breezy and chilly. . down on Churston cove was a (stolen?) garden bench seat just dumped there, presumably by some of the local drinking yobs!? One of the ornate metal ends was actually broken, but the varnished wooden slats were all in pretty good shape (much better than those on my front garden bench, which is in need of significant time consuming renovation and even replacement of rotten slats!). If it hadn't been so heavy and such a long impossible walk back up the cliffs, I would have had that. I reckon I could even have repaired the broken ironwork with my welder! Difficult to just walk away from and leave there to be destroyed as it inevitably will be. What a waste! :o( . . . returned Mums ansaphone message and declined the suggestion I may wish to go up and see her cut down 'tree' stumps being ground away by the guy she's called in to do it . .PCd and had a bit of another poke around on facebook and searched and had a look at a few 'local' pages which have been set up on there. I was utterly aghast to see someone had set up a 'Penny Picker P. (Brixham) Appreciation' page. Basically a page of comments, complete with photographs, about a local somewhat 'out of the ordinary' guy (homeless maybe?) who is it would appear known to pick up small change he finds in the street! When I was doing all that filming last year, he was down and around town ALL the time, and I got into the habit of saying hello and exchanging a few words with him on occasions. Always seemed like an ok kinda guy, whatever his 'issues'. (He was alongside me chatting when I filmed the dancing Santa.) I couldn't believe that someone had gone out of their way to set up such a page. Whichever way you cut it, they ARE just taking the piss out of him! There's something of the 'bear baiting' and bullying about it. REALLY unpleasant - and 744 members!!!!!!! Hard to believe. Even harder for me to understand was how when someone suggested in a post what they were doing was unpleasant, others denied it in an unpleasant and aggressive manner which suggested they really actually didn't GET it. They really didn't think there was anything wrong with what they were doing! People HAVE been pushed to suicide over less! Awful. Horrible. Made me feel sick looking at it. And yes - on reflection, 'I' haven't seen him around for ages either! I wonder why. :o( (Has anyone yet done a horror film based on such a premise, where all the members of such a group are tracked down and picked off one by one by an avenging killer? THAT would be amusing!). .cooked and ate bacon eggs and chips followed by chocolate and chocolate biscuits. . JK called. .napped (eventually - still angry/unsettled about that facebook page!) until the alarm at 6:30pm . . TVd/PCd a bit of this. A whole nother day gone by where I've actually somehow done absolutely nothing - and felt as though I only just about had the energy for THAT!! . . guitarred . . touched base with BB . . ate Mum donated pepperoni rolls, crisps and half a chocolate swiss roll . . guitarred/TVd until bed around 2am. s
7 - Up around 9am again. Someone had left a bizarre comment on Youtube about the 'house fire' video! "thepilgrim74 has made a comment on Brixham House Fire 29/05/2009: i honestly think that putting a video of someones house and ultimately their life going up in smoke is completely innapropriate. TelsWeb - I suggest you remove this. It should be of interest to no-one and is offensive. How would you feel if it was your house that was on fire, posted on the internet?" Wow - I'm gonna have to resist responding to THAT. What a nutter. Hmmm - where shall I start. I think it's more of a valid upload than most of the others I've ever done. It was I think a significant (low key reported) item of local news - and as such the video was edited and uploaded in a 'no comment', simple 'witness' type format - and unlike almost all of my other uploads which are categorised on YouTube as 'Entertainment', I categorised this one as 'News & Politics'. Under such circumstances I can't imagine why anyone would regard it as innapropriate. I wonder if they e-mail the BBC etc everyday trying to censor their content? Almost seems as though the guy is misprojecting the unpleasant feelings watching such a thing can invoke, upon the cameraman! Kinda like - don't shoot the messenger?As for 'It should be of interest to no-one' - well it's had a fair few hits considering; I find it particularly interesting, especially considering I know JK who I thought I was videoing being burned to death at the time; It WAS apparantly of sufficient interest to 'the pilgrim' for him to click on it, watch (at least some of) it and then go out of his way to leave a comment!? - "How would you feel if it was your house that was on fire, posted on the internet?" Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - poor man - he's asking the wrong person the wrong question there isn't he! lololol If that was MY house - I'd want a high quality DVD copy of ALL the unedited footage taken, copies of every photo taken by everybody anywhere, and copies of the local paper, etc etc etc. lol Surely THAT is more 'normal' than not? Oh well - how would I know! . . walked - utterly convinced it was Monday rather than Sunday!?. . PCd and scanned in the tab booklet that accompanied the 'Rock Guitar' DVD I'd borrowed. . received some sort of automated reminder from Facebook, encouraging me to join, because someone (SH?) had presumably allowed it to scan through their address book! Figured after all this time, I may as well join and have a look to see what all the hype has been about. .signed up only to then have great difficulty in making sense of the thing. It seemed to constantly try to encourage (trap?) you into opening up your e-mail address book to it, to enable it to search for everyone you've ever e-mailed! On top of that, it appeared that there was very little you could actually do or see without becoming 'freinds' with someone, and therby getting all hooked into some pointless wider association with all of their freinds - and theirs etc etc ad infinitum! Well - no wonder people on there have huge lists of alleged 'freinds'. It's meaningless! Pretty soon gave up without actually finding ANYONE I ever knew! I'll have to have another look some time, just to check that it really IS SO crap!. . . walked and returned the guitar DVD and then carried on back to BGdns to check out the D-Day commemoration museum barbecue thing. It HAD been due to be held yesterday, but ammendments to the signs on railings said it had been postponed to today because of the bad weather yesterday. (Actually a little ironic - since that was pretty much what actually happened with the D-Day landings themselves wasn't it - postponed for a day because of the weather?) A small number of people were all milling around in the sun outside the museum, several dressed in period uniforms, and a bunch of burgers etc was being cooked on a large barbecue. As soon as I walked up with Sally, a woman caught my attention and asked if I'd like a free burger! Free? Well yes please then! Sat on a chair in the shade and slowly ate the burger while listening to a guy singing along to pre-recorded backing tapes. I'm sure he was very good and all, but it really wasn't at all to my taste and suprisingly to me, the choice of songs I heard didn't seem to have any relevance whatsoever to what the commoration was all about!? (Don't know what it is about that sort of 'performance' but for me it always seems to lack the very thing that a live performance should be about somehow. Hard to explain. How about if I said it's like a live vocal version of lift music - or maybe the sort of thing you'd expect to see in Peter Kays sitcom 'Phoenix Nights'). All in all, I was frankly terribly disappointed that they had maybe somehow wasted an opportunity to make it something more special. They SO should have somehow expanded the thing up and into Battery Gardens. There were more people just sat up there in the sun enjoying the view than were down by the museum. Shame. . pretty soon escaped and went and sat in BGdns on top of a gun emplacement for a while. As I sat there I eventually decided I could definitely hear music coming from somewhere in the direction of town. I was missing something! Couldn't resist and walked down to the harbour to see what was going on. . as I'd seen advertised, the 'French Market' was in town and several stalls had been set up under the old fish market roof selling various foodstuffs. Surprising to me as I walked through, how many people actually appeared to be speaking in fluent French - the stallholders and customers alike. Eventually headed up the high street and sat for a cigarette on a bench, not having found where the sound of the music I'd heard earlier had been coming from. . bumped into a dog walker who informed me the 'freinds of shoalstone pool' were having a do with a barbecue and live music etc. along by Shoalstone beach - but it was due to be finishing about now. Oh well - missed that one then. I didn't see that advertised anywhere! :o( . . returned via BGdns and eventually back via Ks to pick up some left overs meat and give him a copy of the Rock guitar tutor DVD. .ate bowls of muesli. . napped until the alarm at 7:30pm. . TVd . . PCd . . touched base with BB. . ate Mum donated pepperoni rolls and crisps . . TVd until bed around 3am.
6 - Up just gone 9am! . . walked. Felt a spot of rain or two . . did dishwashing chores as the rain set in . . Mum called in with food donations for a cuppa and chats etc. . Image of an old unidentified Jaeger Le Coultre automatic watchwhile showing Mum the info I'd found about the watercolour painting, we got into conversation about my grandfathers old broken 'Jaeger Le Coultre' watch. Although the glass is cracked, it appears not to work, and there is a very unnatural rattle from inside if you shake it, it'd been kept because there was some suggestion that at one time it WAS an expensive watch and 'could' be worth having repaired. Attempted to have a surf and look it up, although without actually knowing what specific model it was from Mums vague description, I knew I'd be fumbling around in the dark. . . eventually left Sally at home in the dry and walked back with Mum in the torrential rain (got soaked immediately!) to return her spade and have a quick close look at the watch in the hope of maybe being able to identify the model. Sadly I couldn't find anything on it which gave me the model type. . Surfed. Yikes - watches by that maker ARE expensive!! Poked around all over the place but consistantly failed in identifying it. Interesting. . HEAVY rain and lots of it. So heavy it washed moss and debris down from the roof which at one point blocked the drain in the back garden. Luckily I spotted it and was able to wade out and clear the block before any damage was done by water getting in the airbricks. . . ate a Mum donated pastry and chicken slice . . touched base with JK breifly to see if his partialy burned roof was leaking. Miraculously not. . .napped . . drove to walk . . guitarred/TVd various comedy shows on different tv channels all evening. .ate a pizza with extra cheese . . touched base with BB . . TVd (old Richard Pryor stand up) until bed around 2:30am. s
5 - Up around 9am! . . Mum called to say she'd had a man in to cut down her overgrown bushes and take away all the debris. . walked real late. I was just leaving BGdns when a coastguard vehicle came rushing down the road with its blue lights flashing, and disappeared down towards the holiday camp. Couldn't resist rushing back down into the gardens just in casee I was missing something interesting. Hung around for a bit at a couple of vanatage points, but couldn't see anything going on and eventually headed back. (A news report later suggested it was nothing more than a couple of kids having become seperated from a walking group. Eventually re-located safe and well.). . stopped in Mums on the way back to see where the bushes were, no more. I think she said the guy had only asked for 45 for doing the work, which even by my standards sounded like a pretty good deal, what with having to take it all away and all. Shame she has to get another guy in with a special machine to grind down the stump/roots to below ground level. . Image of the label on the reverse of 'Welcombe Near Bude' a watercolour by Herbert William HicksShe's been trying to clear out a lot of old stuff she's had laying around for years, and we got into conversation about an old original watercolour that'd been passed down from grandma, which Dad had always liked. She'd suggested I may like it to put on one of my walls, but I declined because I'm really not a sort of person who can appreciate art, and I don't do the pictures on walls thing (If I DID, I'd hang prints of some of my own photos in charity shop frames). Seemed a good idea to jot down some of the information that was on the back of the picture, with a view to having a bit of a look on the internet to see if there was any information on the artist and try and guage if it was maybe actually worth anything. . heading home I got into conversation with someone who turned out to be a neighbour who wanted to compliment my pot hole filling efforts in the lane! :o) Her comments were well received and much appreciated. . . Image of 'Welcombe Near Bude' watercolour by Herbert William HicksPCd and surfed looking up the picture/artist details. Turned out to be very little out there, but 'just' enough to get at least a bit of a feel for who the artist was and what it 'could' be worth-ish (although to get more of an idea I would have had to submit my e-mail address and 'join' various auction sites, which I wasn't prepared to do.). "Herbert William Hicks 1880 - 1944. Painter in watercolour and gouache of moorland and coastal scenes, who was born in Exeter in 1880. A self taught artists, 'Herbie Hicks' was a prolific painter of many West Contry views in a similar style to F.J. Widgery. Many of the subjects were local Devon views and were usually inscribed wth the location on the reverse. Much of his work was sold through C. Samuel's Gallery, in Fore Street, Exeter. He was a friend of the Exeter artist, Frederick Parr and sometimes painted together in an attic studio. A fall in demand for the pictures in the 1930's forced Hicks to abandon painting and concentrate on his hairdressing business." There were a couple of pictures of his on the net, and even 'I' could tell they were done in a very similar style. Given the not brilliant condition of the one we have, I imagine it 'could' be worth anything from maybe 50 up to a hundred or two at the very most, depending on who may be interested at the time of sale. Presumably since it's of the beach at 'Welcombe' in Bude, it would be of greatest interest to someone local to there? Whatever - I guess it's definitely worth Mum hanging on to. . . while surfing I somehow bumped into a relatively new (I think) webcam. The Quayside Hotel Harbour webcam. Oh boy - a web cam covering the harbour like that, was SO begging to be done (I'm amazed the local tourist board/council haven't made available some of the CCTV cameras that cover the area. There's even one which stands at the end of the Breakwater and can look out towards the beacon at the end - which must have brilliant images in bad weather). Wow - it's even an internet controlled pan tilt one (ohwwwa - where's the zoom! lol)! I doff my cap to someone at the Quayside Hotel (even if the page is actually rather flakey and keeps hanging or losing the image - and can get real frustrating when a whole bunch of people are trying to move the camera at the same time). I wonder what the recent fireworks looked like on it. . . JK called to say it looks as though he'll be able to continue living there and they'll be rebuilding around him . . ate Mum donated ham rolls, crisps and chocolate. . . napped until around 7pm. . skipped the walk . . guitarred. . PCd and actually sat back and watched on the BBC IPlayer, an hour long program I'd missed the other night, which I think may be the first time I've actually done that. . TVd/guitarred. . ate ham and cheese sandwiches, biscuits and chocolate. . TVd/PCd until eventually to bed with light in the sky and the mass of birdsong dawn chorus. s
4 - Poor sleep (I think I was a bit cold - should have put the duvet back on the bed) then up around 7:45am feeling pretty awful . . much cooler and overcast. Walked. . guitarred and ended up on line looking at various videos and then knocking up my own version of a single side A4 tab-sheet for Bryan Adams 'Run To You', to make it easier for me to figure out what goes where and how many times-ish when practicing it. I really can 'almost' do the whole thing (badly) on the guitar now, but of course can't even attempt to do any of the singing. As usual, as soon as I even attempt to just 'think' about the lyrics, whatever I'm doing with my fingers just turns to mush. SO frustrating. I really just don't seem to have the sort of brain that can do the two things at once, no matter how I may try. :o( (Strangely enough - trying to whistle the tune of the lyrics is 'somewhat' easier!???? Go figure!) . . cooked a year past its best-by-date frozen steak and kidney pie and ate with chips. Still fully edible which just goes to show what a terrible waste it is when post best-by-date stuff is thrown away! . . napped until woken by JK getting the ansaphone around 5:30pm. . drove to walk and took the guitar and sat on top of my favourite gun emplacement (by the lower yacht hut) practicing mostly 'run to you' - over and over again until gone 9pm. No one around by the time I was done. lol Found 2p. Much cooler than the last few days, although the cloud which had been hanging around most of the day, pretty much cleared late on. Having an amazing sunset and a seal foraging in the water just below me is 'almost' taken for granted by now. Almost. I still think its pretty amazing. . PCd a bit of this . . BB called briefly . .PCD this for hours - till gone midnight! How on earth can it take so long for me to do this? I guess I go through SO much more than ever gets typed (believe it or not! lol). .touched base with BB . . ate a Mum donated sponge. . TVd until bed around 2:30am. as
3 - Up around 8:15am . .hot and sunny again. . walked. Sat on a lower gun emplacement in BGdns for quite a while just watchin the world go by again. . guitarred in the garden . . ate a chopped salad concoction (just to use it up because it was all threatening to go off) with crisps and a Mum donated pastry slice, followed by chocolate. . napped . . guitarred/TVd . . touched base with BB . . JK called to touch base. .ate salad, bread and butter, biscuits and chocolate. . TVd until bed around 1:30am. s
2 - Up at 7:30am . .hot and sunny again. . walked . . sat around in the garden . . did laundry . . sorted through and discarded a bunch of old paperwork/bills etc. - actually prompted by having misplaced my login details etc for my bank account!! Took so long sorting all that out, I didn't have the energy to actually balance my accounts as I'd originally intended! . . PCd . . . drove to walk and sat around in BGdns for ages. . guitarred/TVd . . touched base with BB . . ate ham, mayo and lettuce rolls with crisps and then bowls of cornfalkes later on. . eventually to bed around 1:30am. s
1 - Up at 9am . .hot and sunny . . walked. Spotted K's car was off his drive, so figured today and now would be a real good time to pick up the pile of old tarmac he'd said I could have to add to the lane. . left Sally at home and drove with plastic containers to pick up tarmac 'rubble' from Ks. .two trips (more left for a similar couple of trips another day) and then sat for the next few hours on the hardstanding at the top of the garden, breaking it all up with the lump hammer. A large amount but relatively easily broken up so eventually managed to get through it all in one go! Finally deposited it in a deep, long depression near the top of the lane. There is a tall breeze-block garden wall right next to that depression, and when you drive along the lane through the depression, the car leans over uncomfortably close to the wall at the top. Well - not now it doesn't. . showered off the layers of black dust . . JK called . . walked with Sally to JKs for a cuppa and chats, eager to see the state of his place following the fire. . wow - it was like an oven in his flat. His thermometer was in the 90s - and it felt like it! . Suprisingly, although there WAS a fine layer of dust on EVERYTHING, including in every cupboard and drawer etc, overall it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd imagined it would be. I was expecting like I've seen on television - every wall absolutely black. It wasn't like that at all. Yes everything would need a clean, but I've lived in far worse conditions after doing disc cutter work in the house back in Bristol. I think he's been pretty lucky and mostly 'got away with it'. . Had a bit of a close up look at the remains of his neighbours half million house. Amazing - almost TOTAL destruction. Even the front wall of the place was visibly bowing out towards the street! . . sits in Bgdns on the way back watching the impressive sunset. . TVd . . ate a bowl of stew with four pieces of bread and butter . . touched base with BB . . very warm in the house. 70+degrees F in the living room . .TVd until bed around 1am. Slept with the window open under just a sheet. Disturbed sleep woken more than once by the fridge requiring a beating! God I SO need to get rid of that damned thing! :o(