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- Up at 8:30am. 22C in and 20C out. Overcast with some sunny spells. . woke at the PC. The local coastguard team are pointing out on their facebook page that they have vacancies for volunteers! That was 'unsettling' to me to read. Oh HOW in a different life I would have LOVED to have had a go at that. Even if I wasn't obviously very much automatically excluded by virtue of 'my personality', having Bella and now my knee/joint problems means it's of course utterly out of the question. Lack of 'local knowledge' too actually. SUCH a shame. :o( . . walked BGdns as things turned to mostly sunny again. Damn - spotted a flea on Bella again, which explains the deteriorating state of her skin again - AGAIN! :o( Wrestling the ball out of her mouth at one point, I also got one of her teeth stuck straight into the middle of the blister I developed doing the gardening yesterday. THAT bloody hurt! . . . gave Bella a flea tablet with a lump of cheese. . PCd this. It's many days behind again. I'm just finding it SO difficult to have to sit here in the heat and do it at the moment - and frankly, although I AM somewhat improved from my recent/latest 'down' episode, the overwhelming feeling of having nothing to say to anyone about anything remains and firmly encompasses this . . . How weird - I can 'just' hear what sounds like bagpipes being played over in the general direction of St Marys . . .PCd this for ages. Early afternoon the CRT troops and eventually the ILB were mobilsed to recover a 54 year old female with an arm injury on the rocks across the bay at Hopes Nose . . . ate ham, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps and biscuits . . napped until gone 7pm . . TVd . . walked BGdns and sat around until well after dark. Eventually back home nearing 11pm . . TVd . Used the file on my nail clippers to grind off a little bit of my lower denture where it had begun to REALLY hurt my gum. Only ground off the tiniest bit but it definitely seems to have improved things. Fingers crossed. . . drank a glass of red wine while cooking. Ate cold ham, fried potato and mixed veg in melted butter . . to bed around 2am.
30 - Up with the alarm at 2:30am!! 22C in, <17C out and still very starry and dark of course. . . woke at the PC for a bit before then loading up Bella in the back of the car and driving up to Mums to pick up Sis2 at around 3:30am. . drove to the airport without incident - although I confess it was a bit of a worry for me, not having driven much for so long etc, etc. I also found it particularly dark! At that time of the night most of the local street lights are turned off these days. That, combined with my getting-old eyes which seem to need more and more light just to see as time goes by, made certainly the first part of the journey really quite nasty for me! . . by the time we eventually reached near the airport, there was already increasing light in the eastern sky. . Just following the road signs for the airport, and as far as I recall never having driven there myself before, I did actually get briefly a little bit lost and took the wrong turn off a roundabout and had to turn around and retrace my steps for a short distance. Despite the fact that it IS a 'small' local airport, without question, the signposting for the place was really quite appalling. Nevertheless, we eventually got there well before 5am. It appears they have 'stitched car drivers up' for even when just dropping passengers off like I was, and we appeared to have no choice but to enter one of the short stay car parks and pay 1 for just the few minutes I needed to stop there! . . used the bathroom, saw Sis2 safely checked in, said our goodbyes, and quickly got straight back on the road. Promptly turned the wrong way out of the airport and ended up having to drive all the way back again! TERRIBLE road signs. . .drove straight back towards Brixham as the daylight gradually increased. . had a good look at the common up on Churston as we drove through. As had been reported in the local press and on facebook pages etc, a large number of gypsies were camped up there. Grrrr. Every year they descend, gain acess to the common, help themselves to a free holiday, 'sh*t' the place up with litter and dumped rubbish/faeces etc, have the council run around checking after their welfare and then applying for court orders to have them removed etc, etc, etc. EVERY year, regular as clockwork. It REALLY irritates me that our council tax is so much, everything is being cut back, and yet they can throw so much money away after those people every year. EVERY year! It's astonishing to me that so many of the (young?) idiots that frequent that local facebook page, seem to think they should have every right to be able to park up there and have their free holiday and live the lifestyle they have chosen - despite not contributing in ANY way to the local cost of all that to the rest of us! :o( . . .Image of a Brixham sunrise stopped at BGdns on the return for a quick walk around and bit of ball play for poor Bella who'd spent the last couple of hours (apart from a VERY brief out at the airport) cooped up in the back of the noisy car. It was still really quite chilly out with plenty of dew on things, but very pleasant for that after all the recent hot weather. The sun was just coming up over the horizon beyond the breakwater shortly before 6am as we reached the lower part of the gardens, demanding I grab a few photos before playing ball and sitting for just a bit. Eventually returned home feeling VERY tired. . . PCd and attempted to 'fly along' with Sis2's plane to Manchester on the Flightradar website. . . lay down to sleep but couldn't . . . somehow ended up pottering in the gardens digging out all the weeds from the front lawn and then some rockery/border weeding out back . . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate fried potato and mixed veg with slices of ham followed by a square or two of chocolate . . .napped . . . TVd . .walked BGdns after 9pm for some ball play. Sat in the dark with my coffee on the higher seat being entertained by a 'domestic' from a couple on the seats under the roof. SUCH a shame I couldn't hear much of what 'he' said in reply to her fffing and seemingly rational-ish argument. I almost liked the sound of HER. He was lacking the ability to 'commit'. lololol . . Had the rare priveledge of the sight of a hedgehog scurrying down the pavement on the return. Had to 'restrain' excited Bella plenty. . TVd and ate biscuits . . BB called to touch base . . TVd/PCd until gone 4am before eventually to bed.
29 - A poor disturbed nights sleep then up around 6:30am. 20C in and 16C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns with Sis2 . . back via the store and then to Mums to have a coffee and 'play phones' in her garden - for ages as it turned out!! Tried as best as I could to explain how easy it was to use, but I'm not sure mum took it all in. Time will tell. I strongly suspect it'll almost never be used - like all the others 'bought for an elderly relative/little used' regularly auctioned-off on e-bay. . agreed to take Sis2 to Exeter airport in the car in the early hours of the morning, for the first of her connecting flights home, rather than her have to get a taxi. . . . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked up two burgers, fried potato, mushrooms and mixed veg and ate a big meal . . . sat around/PCd the rest of the day away. Should have napped but didn't because of the heat . . .TVd . . ate a meat pastry slice with crisps and some chocolate. .a big multiple coastguard teams, police helicopter etc search going on up the Dart for a missing woman. Good grief - even the Police helicopter apparantly resorted to using a mobile phone to call the search teams on the ground when they appeared to be having difficulties with their radio comms! How long before radio communication as we've known it for so long will be completely outdated I wonder. In fact - how long before drones take over from real manned helicopters too?! . TVd until to bed around 10pm.
28 - Woke earlier then up at 8am. 21C in and 18C out. Mostly cloud and a light shower of rain in the night it would appear. . walked BGdns and sat with coffee after ball play. Eventually back in sunny spells . . screwed around for ages looking at Mums new mobile phone. Although brand new, there was NO full manual in the box, and only a 'quick start' guide!?? That's bad. Had to go online and find it and then dowload the PDF before I could really make sense of it all. Ended up spending literally hours messing with it. God only knows what sort of a conversation they had with the salesman they bought it from. They'd ended up with the SIM from her old phone in the new one which makes perfect sense for keeping the old number etc, but they'd gone and bought another 10 PAYG credit which had been put on the NEW (unwanted) SIM!! SO frustrating for me not to have been at least 'consulted' before they threw that money away like that. . eventually had the phone set up for the best, a bunch of phone numbers added to the phonebook, a few test calls made and called it quits. .. . ate garlic sausage slice finger rolls with crisps followed by a little chocolate . . napped . . . TVd . . . drove to walk. Returned Mums phone on the way out. Drove to BGdns for a bit of ball play and sitting with my coffee . . . ate bowls of rice krispies . . . to bed around 1am.
27 - Woke earlier then up at 7:45am. 23C in and 21C+ out. Cloud and sunny spells. Bella wasn't in the room when I awoke. Downstairs the living room carpet was covered in fur where she'd been scratching and biting herself raw, and the kitchen was covered in poop. :o( Woke in the garden washing down a large number of the carpet tiles with the hose. . .PCd. Slow getting going. . .walked Bella with Sis2 to Elberry Cove and Broadsands and back, because Sis2 had never seen that part of the coast before. Not quite as sunny as it has been, but still warm enough to end up all drenched in sweat, despite taking things at a slower than usual pace! Plenty of sitting in BGdns on the return before eventually heading back to Mums via a brief stop at the local store for a few supplies. . coffee and chats in Mums garden for a bit before then heading home, complete with the new 'Doro' mobile phone she and Sis2 had gone out and bought the other day, in the hope I could learn how it works and program up the phonebook memories, etc! Ironic they'd gone out and bought pretty much exactly the one I'd been looking at for her some months ago, but which I'd eventually decided made absolutely no sense in her getting because it was so 'relatively' expensive and pointlessly 'limited'! It DOES 'irritate' me how whenever Sis2 visits, all of a sudden they seem to hire a car and rush out and buy 'stuff', seemingly without putting as much logical thought into it as 'I' think they should. Mum and her seem to have a totally different dynamic going on than do I. Ultimately it absolutely makes me feel rather useless. Aside from the phone, they'd also gone and bought for 'top dollar' a small only two-steps aluminium ladder in the local hardware store. They'd also paid 'over the odds' (versus internet prices) for an allegedly brand new but somewhat older style of bagged (??WHY not a bagless!) cylinder vacuum cleaner from a store in Paignton, which had a scratch on the plastic and a mixture of different makers names on the tools etc, making it look to me VERY much as though it was some sort of cobbled together 'second'!

. . . ate crisps, sausage rolls, a banana and biscuits . . napped . . . just sat in front the TV all evening again. :o( . . . tried to force myself to have a bit of a look at Mums new mobile phone but pretty soon gave up and left it till tomorrow . . ate sausage rolls, crisps, a mum donated box of kipling almond slices and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
26 - Up at 6:45am. 23C in and 20C out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns . . Mum and Sis2 called in with food donations etc for meaningless chats. Sad to say, SO glad when they left. . . ate a gala pie slice with crisps and a banana followed by a few biscuits . . napped . . .walked BGdns, played ball and then sat around until 10pm and watched the fireworks going off over Paignton. Part of carnival week on Paignton Green or some such. There was a fayre over there with rides and suchlike too. Had a good play with the camcorder whilst they were going on, experimenting with how to try to get the best out of it in such low light, but sadly all I proved yet again was how UTTERLY hopeless it is in anything less than sun-up daylight. :o( . . sat in front the TV . . drank a glass of red wine. Ate two ham finger rolls and crisps . . .to bed around 2am.
25 - Up at 7:30am. 23C+ in and out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns and sat around in the shade for a bit. Had the briefest of sightings of a couple of dolphin in the bay heading off towards Broadsands way . . . walked up Mums to deliver a token birthday card. She and Sis2 were just about to rush down the solicitors to ammend and sign the LPA papers she'd recently had drawn up, so I pretty much just dumped it and immediately returned home - which was actually something of a relief. . . TVd, once again trapped in round and round 'sid' thoughts of escape. . drank the last of the vodka and then some red wine . . ate four burgers in buttered baps . . napped . . . TVd . . ate bowls of rice krispies . . to bed around 2am.
24 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8:40am. 24+C in and out. Sunny but dark cloud to the south and some distant thunder. Heavy rain out in the channel according to the rain radar, but as so often happens, just missing us here - which is actually rather a shame given the increasingly desert-like state of the garden! Boy my legs are aching!? I'd imagined I may have felt slightly 'rested' after a night off from the walk last night, but the opposite seems to be true! I just can't win can I. :o( . . .walked BGdns under hot, bright-grey skies, VERY eager to avoid having to talk to anyone.Played ball and then sat around watching for a bit, as cabin cruiser 'Third Eclipse' put out a pan pan when it lost engine power to both engines right in the entrance to the outer harbour. It was pretty soon towed safely in by a harbour launch, with Oscar 4 standing by too. . . arrived home to find 'Dartmoor Tree Surgeons Ltd' working in the garden of the bungalow opposite. Oh wow - they were taking the tops off those enormously overgrown fir trees which fill much of the view from all my windows. Those trees are utterly huge (around a 100ft up from the ground?) and have long been on borrowed time in my opinion. Looking into that woman's garden at ground level, its amazing how thick the trunks had grown. Bit of a shame as the cutting of ANY tree is in my opinion, but on a purely selfish level, it'll be real nice to have the view in front of my house opened up a bit. It's long been a source of a little irritation that my house was the only one in the street that didn't actually have a direct view out across the valley opposite, because of those damned trees. By the time I got home, much of the tops had already been taken off, and there was only one tall bit left to do. Wow - those guys must have nerves of steel climbing up so high, tying themselves on and then without holding on, weilding hand saws and chain saw etc. Just another day at the office for them I guess. . uh oh. Around 1:15pm they all suddenly disappeared, leaving the trees (still as high as my bedroom window) with just the tops cut off! Well - that looks a horrible mess from all the upstairs windows and still FULLY blocks any view from the living room. I do hope that isn't all their gonna do! What would be the point of that?! That looks worse than if they hadn't bothered. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this. Uncomfortably up around 27C at the desk despite having all the windows open. .all I want to do is be asleep. :o( . . . ate gone-off salad, crisps and biscuits . . napped until around 6:30pm . . . TVd . . walked BGdns after 9pm and aimlessly sat around miserable for ages as darkness fell. Eventually moved to the higher seat for more sitting and drinking of my coffee. Some old guy got out of a car and walked down the path right past me at one point, no further than six feet away, completely oblivious to the fact that Bella and I were both sat there in the shadows. Something about the way he was hesitantly walking and looking about as he disappeared down the path and out of sight, seemed a bit weird. He eventually ended up walking all the way back up. As he drew level with me, he eventually spotted us and I realised it was DM. Uggh - no offence, but boy was I not AT ALL in the mood to be having to make polite conversation with ANYONE given the mood I was in. I did my best at being polite and 'pretending' as best I could, but I could hardly be bothered and I'm pretty sure he fairly quickly got the idea that I was not very pleasant company! . ended up sitting for a while longer after he'd gone, to 'recover' from having had to endure the 'absolutely ZERO in common' company! :o( That really does very much sum up how I am feeling about the whole of the rest of humanity - that one way or another, on a fundamental level, I have absolutely nothing in common with ANY of them. A feeling of TOTAL isolation. I 'endure' having to act the part with any meaningless conversation I have with anyone. :o( . . .TVd - with the horrible sight of all the cut off tops of the trees opposite visible through the windows either side of the TV screen. Really looks a horrible eyesore. :o( . . . ate a couple of bananas, a lump of cheese, crisps, two slices of ham and a little chocolate . . to bed around 1am.
23 - Up at 7:45am. 23C in and out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to drink my coffee after a bit of swimming and ball play for Bella on the slipway. . .TVd / just sat around again. Christ I'm SO very down right now - having a real hard time with it. :o( . . ate a bowl of salad and two warmed buttered pitta breads with haslet . . napped . . . skipped the walk. TVd . . . ate ham sandwiches, crisps, mini cheddars, biscuits and chocolate . . TVd/PCd until to bed around 4am.
22 - Woke earlier overheating then up around 7:15am. 22C+ in and out. Sunny . . .walked the beach, the woods and BGdns . . . received the shopping. Almost all there this time thank goodness. Only some soup and a couple of packs of Annadin tablets short/out of stock. . . ate salad and a couple of buttered pitta breads filled with haslet slices warmed in the microwave . . . napped . . . walked with Sis2 the arduous climb over the hills to Mansands and back. VERY hot, but eventually cool on the beach as the sun sank out of sight. Eventually back via St Marys etc around 10:30pm. . . TVd . . ate a banana and bowls of rice krispies . . . to bed at 1:30am.
21 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:35am. 22C in 18C out. Sunny. . . walked FGn . . . ordered online shopping . . .did laundry chores . . . just aimlessly TVd/PCd/sat around feeling very down and entirely unable to muster the energy or see the point in doing anything at all!! :o( . . . drank a swig of vodka - from the bottle. . ate salad with some grated cheese, crisps, chicken pieces with mayo, rice krispies and some chocolate . .ignored ansaphone calls from Sis2, Mum and BB at various points throughout the day. I just feel unable to speak with anyone at the moment. There is a 'cost' to me when I have to 'pretend' and converse with people. I suddenly feel utterly overwhelmed with how much of a one way street that is. There is absolutely no one on the entire planet with whom I feel I could talk freely and be at least a little bit understood, and thereby 'gain' something from, rather than have to 'pay a price'. I feel UTTERLY alone. I can find 'pleasure' in absolutely nothing! As such, nothing is all I can do..

. . to bed before 2am.
20 - Up around 7:15am overheating. 21C in 17C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for my coffee. Eventually back to BGdns and then home via the store for a few supplies. . . drank a couple of swigs of vodka . ate chicken pieces, chips and salad as a rain front passed through barely damping the ground again . . .napped . . .charged the phone and camera batteries and then walked up Mums to hand them over for them to use tomorrow when they are driving up to Bristol to see some long lost sole surviving relative of Mum's side of the family etc. . walked BGdns with Sis2 quite late . . .TVd . . . ate two salad pitta breads, crisps, chocolate biscuits and a little chocolate . . .to bed around 2:30am or later.
19 - Back up around 8:40am. 22C in and out. Bright but grey. . . walked BGdns . . .PCd . . Mum and Sis2 called in with the papers and food donations for what somehow turned into heated 'arguments'! . . .ate a slice of gala pie with crisps, a banana and some chocolate . . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . walked BGdns . . TVd . . ate mayo, grated cheese and ham finger rolls, crisps, banana, a pack of kipling almond slices and a little chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
18 - Woke earlier, tossed and turned for a bit then up at 7:45am. 21C in and 16C out. Misty grey. . . walked. Passed Mum and Sis2 on the way out, heading out to pick up a hire car they'd booked. Walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater as things rapidly warmed-up to real humid but still overcast grey. Plenty of underlying swell on the waters of the bay giving some of the ferries a few problems. . eventually back via town and a stop in the grocer for a few 'salad' supplies. . Mum and Sis2 suddenly pulled up in their hire car as I was walking home. lol . . . did dish washing chores for hours . . .ate ham sandwiches, mini cheddars, a banana and some chocolate . . napped . . DF called in for coffee and chats . . . TVd . . . ate a banana, a large bag of crisps, a steak and kidney pie and chocolate biscuits . . aimlessly PCd until to bed around 4am. Some thunder and lightning before I got to sleep I think.
17 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:45am. 21C+ in and out. Sunny spells. . As I'd heard suggested on the scanner yesterday, sure enough the big 'Shagangfirst Power' cargo vessel HAS left the bay, and is already way out in the busy channel shipping lanes south of Lands End, and heading for Brazil according to the AIS map. . .walked FGn and ended up sat around on the grass under the shade of a tree for quite a while and then to drink my coffee. Back via the store for a few supplies. Also asked-for and bagged a bit of carpet from atop someones wheelie bin. I have it in mind to cut a section out to put on the floor beneath my PC room desk for Bella. I've alternately tried putting an old sleeping bag and a duvet under there for her to lay on rather than the bare floorboards, but they just kept on getting slid around and in the way too much. Maybe just a bit of old carpet will be better? . . . TVd for a bit just wasting time. Yet again I felt VERY unwell and generaly awful, so I guess it IS just the 'stress' of having to visit the dentist which so badly affects me. :o( . . left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for my 12:30 appointment. When I finally got called in, the dentist told me which teeth she was planning to do fillings on, but also immediately pointed out that filling them in the way that was required, would very likely 'cause problems'!?? After a little further questioning from me, it became clear that she was intending to do these fillings for purely cosmetic reasons. (I wonder if she was kinda on autopilot, just intending to do what 'normal' people would want?) I suggested that since I was well aware that I was ultimately going to lose them all anyway and was resigned to that fact, and since I wasn't in the least bit interested in doing things for just cosmetic reasons because I had no one in my life to give a damn, was there any point? Under such circumstances it was quickly agreed we wouldn't bother. I paid the outsanding 32 NHS bill at the reception desk and headed home! Well - what a waste of anxiety, time and effort all THAT was! I can't understand why I seem to have such difficulty with our communication about what is needing to be done etc. ? :o( . . back home to find neurotic Bella had predictably gnawed herself bloody and raw during my short abscence! :o( . . hosed and shampood Bella down out in the back garden whilst overheating in wellingtons and full waterproofs! . . briefly pottered in the garden and had a go at transplanting a couple of little bits of self seeded campanula that had appeared in various bits of paths and between paving slabs. It's unlikely they will take/survive because I couldn't really dig any of the roots out, but I put them in the bare earth out front atop the garden wall nontheless. Also dumped a handful of big stones from my rockpile on some of the bare earth, just to discourage the birds from continualy having dustbaths and knocking all the earth down all over the pavement below. Swept up the pavement - again! . . . ate going cheap/off turkey slice sandwiches with mini cheddars and crisps followed by a little chocolate . . .Image of lightning over Brixhamnapped until the 6:30pm alarm . . PCd. Skipped the walk due to the likely imminent arrival of rain and thunder etc. . . TVd as a big thunder cloud drifted by across the bay slightly to the east, giving no more than a sprinkle of rain here, and sadly barely enough to even damp the ground. Actually a bit disappointing because I need some water on the garden, and I also ended up having the camcorder all set up on the tripod looking out the living room bay-window, hoping to catch a good lightning display. Only caught one or two rather unimpressive flashes before it passed. Ended up with some pretty gusty winds throughout the evening, but no more rain or thunder etc. . . cooked and ate a steak and kidney pie with chips followed by a Sis2 donated punnet of strawberries with milk and MUCH sugar. . TVd eating a bit of chocolate until bed around 1am or soon after.
16 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then woken and up abruptly just before 9am with someone at the front door. Turned out to be the lady in the motorhome who'd lost her keys. Somehow someone (from one of the doors I'd knocked on last night?) had let her know I had them. She has been in the area visiting her sister somewhere nearby apparantly. They were apparantly actually a spare set fallen off a hook from inside one of the doors - but she was glad to get them back nonetheless, because she was heading 'home' (up country somewhere) today. Cool. Glad they're off my back and the issue happily resolved. :o) . . 21C+ in and out. Bright but cloudy . . . walked BGdns with Sis2 real late. VERY warm and humid . Played ball and sat around with coffee etc. Eventually returned getting damp in a long drizzle shower. . briefly swept up the pavement out in the street. A bunch of small garden birds have been using the bone dry soil atop the front garden wall for having dustbaths, and a good dustpan full of the soil was all littering the pavement (because I haven't yet planted campanula cuttings to hold it all back). . . PCd this, absolutely determined to get on top of it and bring it up to date today, come what may! Up around 24C+ in and out and brightening up to sunny spells and even warmer. . .Sis2 popped in briefly to drop off some strawberries after her lengthy wander around down town . . PCd this for hours. All day really! . . sounds as though that huge 'Shagangfirst Power' cargo vessel in the bay has finished with its underwater works and will be leaving around 11pm tonight. . . walked. Just as I was setting off, one of the neighbours who's door I'd knocked on the other evening pulled up, and confirmed it was them who'd spotted the lady in the campervan and let her know it was me who had her keys. :o) . Walked BGdns with Sis2. . .for goodness sake! The pavement out front was all covered in earth and debris from my garden again thanks to the birds having more dustbaths! The weather forecast is warning of possible torrential thunderstorms and such like towards the weekend. The gardens sure need some rain now, and 'I' would welcome some to hopefully stop this from repeatedly happening! . . TVd . . .drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate a couple of small garlic chicken kievs, fried potatoe slices and mixed veg in butter followed by a few squares of chocolate . . .to bed around midnight.
15 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up just before 8am. 21C in and out. Mostly sunny. . jeeze - still two of the big files have yet to upload to Youtube. That's gonna be around midday before they're done, and means I'm loathed to do anything else on the PC until they are, because it inevitably slows everything down a bit, and also means I run the risk of making a mistake with some mouse click or other and screwing it all up!!!!!! :o( . . woke at the PC and actually sat and watched the last but one file finish uploading before eventually walking. . . found a weird set of keys laying in the gutter just up the road. Left them hooked on a stone atop a garden wall nearby . . . walked Bgdns with Sis2. Already plenty hotter than comfortable for my liking. Played a bit of ball and sat around with coffee for just a while before trudging back in the heat. . the keys I'd found earlier were still on the wall up the road, so rather than just leave them there, I took them home and eventually actually put a 'found keys' post on that local facebook page complete with a picture - after the last Hapnin' file had FINALLY finished uploading to youtube that is of course! . . Amazingly only a short while later, someone commented and suggested they were for a Renault camper van. Aha - that makes sense. There's been one parking up the road there for a few days of late, presumably visiting a nearby house somewhere. Popped up the road and banged on a couple of doors in an attempt to find someone who knew whos it was but sadly to no avail. Just to cover myself, I DID actually ring the 101 non emergency police type number intending to inform them I had them, but when I got through they said I'd need to ring a lost property number instead, and the wait time before being answered on that number was currently over an hour!!???? Huh? How can that be possible? They suggested I should use their website instead to report it. I didn't bother, preferring instead to have a go later at knocking on more doors in an attempt to find whoever it is local who would know who owned that camper. . somehow pottered around, letting a couple of relevant people know about the Hapnin' videos, and doing various 'you may be interested' type mails etc for hours!? I even did positive e-bay feedback and messaged the guy who'd sold me the replacement camcorder, giving him Youtube links to the latest lifeboat shout and one of the Hapnin' videos, in case he was interested to see what 'his' camera was now about doing and how it was ultimately going to be 'worn out' like my previous one. lol . I DID also end up just sitting and watching a whole bunch of those Hapnin' videos all over again too of course . . . ate a microwaved curry with some mini cheddars, two crusts of buttered bread, a banana, and then some chocolate. . . napped until the 6:30pm alarm . . . PCd just a little of this - which is falling way, WAY behind again! . . . walked. Knocked on a couple more doors looking for the owner of the camper van keys but suprisingly without any success or leads at all. Eventually gave up and carried on to BGdns. Before I'd set off from home, the scanner had suggested there was 'an incident' involving the police, happening part way along the Breakwater! At some point, 'guarded' coastguard comms confirmed someone had been taken into custody. Shortly after reaching our usual lower seat, an ambulance was leaving the Breakwater car park with the casualty. My assessment from the little I heard, was that it was likely a 'threatening suicide'/call for help type incident. Funny place to do it though - half way along a busy breakwater in full view of much of the town! . Played ball and sat around for quite a long while before eventually heading back after my coffee etc. . . TVd. Nothing on took my fancy so I actually ended up using the internet connected TV to watch the whole lot of six chunks of Hapnin' video I'd uploaded, one after the other all the way through - including the two rather less successful '3BF' chunks (Chunk5, Chunk6) I managed to get before having to bail out. At least in those last two, I managed to include some shots of the so called 'super-moon' in the sky at the time. lol . . I found sitting back in a comfy chair watching those videos all 42" widescreen, suprisingly VERY enjoyable - particularly in respect of the four 'Jefferson Archive' videos (Chunk1, Chunk2, Chunk3, Chunk4), which was of course their ENTIRE set. Absolutely MY sort of music, and boy, was that lead guitarist good (despite the slightly distorted camcorder audio from it all being SO loud through the PAs!) . Maybe anyone else watching those videos wouldn't 'get it', but what I was also utterly blown away by was the fact that those videos - um - actually now exist! Think about it. I mean, what are the chances that someone sitting on the grass with their dog would single handedly go to the bother of actually trying to capture a whole live performance on a cheap little camcorder like that, and then how utterly miraculous it was that they actually suceeded in being able to do so, complete with all the zoomed-in close ups and having all the drunken crowd stay out of the way etc, etc, etc. It IS incredible. A little bit of 'magic' happened over there that evening when filming them I reckon. Egotistically I dare to say I also think I did a pretty damned reasonable job of the filming, given I didn't have a clue what song was next or what was liable to happen when or where, etc etc. My sense of acheivement and ego was further boosted when I viewed a couple of videos that other people had filmed at the Hapnin' and recently uploaded. They were distant, shakey and blurred mobile phone type footage. Frankly awful. Mine looked at times 'almost' semi-professional in comparison 'I' thought! lolol :o) Anyway - I reckon those vids are a VERY worthy part of my Youtube video 'stamp collection' as I see it. Over 500 videos uploaded now!!!! I must be crazy! The hours and hours of work I've put into them all is shocking. Waste of a life? :o| Nevertheless, if ALL viewed as a 'body of work' kinda, a remarkable capturing of 'moments in time and place' I think. . . . aimlessly PCd a bit until early . . ate bowls of rice krispies before to bed around 4am.
14 - Up at 8am. Around 21C both in and out.walked BGdns. Straight back home to work on the PC and get the Sunday lifeboat shout video edit completed. Took ages - and then ages more to put a meaningless soundtrack on most of it, in place of all the radio comms I'd inadvertantly recorded which I dared not include. It was late afternoon before I was finally in a position to upload it to youtube. Set the near two hour upload going and then walked away leaving the PC to carry on. . showered. Ate two buttered and mayo ham baps, crisps, banana and chocolate . . napped for almost a couple of hours until the 7pm alarm, by which time the file had FINALLY finished uploading. Ended up PCing some more doing a couple of 'you may be interested' e-mails etc. .with hindsight, it was actually a pretty low-key, run of the mill, 'nothing' of a shout, so hardly likely to be of interest to ANYONE (but me of course. lol). It's also way overly long of course, but I was determined to include the 'after the shout' fueling up etc etc, because you don't usually get to see all that sort of routine stuff. It ALSO in my mind alludes to how much even the smallest and mundane of shouts must cost the RNLI in terms of fuel, etc, etc. . . I've been keeping tabs of late on the local 'Spotted Brixham' facebook page. A bunch of posts on there today eventually built up to kinda shocking me in terms of the evident small-town, lynch-mob type mentality of some of the people involved! Something along the lines of someone posting that a young guy was going door to door with a holdall trying to sell some stuff, and 'warning' people. It then soon developed into people suggesting it was this same guy that was responsible for a recent burglary and they were informing the police, and then others were allegedly 'going out' looking for the guy, with the implication they were intending to do him harm etc, etc, etc. Shocking to me! 2+2 = whatever the hell they wanted! Sickening and particularly scary to me! :o( . . . drove to BGdns to walk real late. Actually quite grey and breezy and not so nice tonight . . .straight back onto the PC to try to clear up some of the bits of video I did at the Hapnin' and get them fit for uploading with some light editing and working out of chunk lengths to fit Youtubes maximums, etc. Took a while but eventually set a 'batch' of six big files all uploading at once around midnight or gone. I don't recall ever having attempted to do a big batch upload all in one go like that before! It 'may' be a mistake. The way my slow internet connection is going, I calculate that could well take in excess of twelve hours straight to complete the upload!!!!! :o( . . . left the PC to it and withdrew to the TV for a bit . . ate a tin of hotdog sausages in four slices of bread and butter, a banana and some chocolate . . to bed getting on for 3am, leaving the PC uploading to Youtube ALL night!!
13 - Back up at 9:30am. Around 23C both in and out. Some sunny spells through clouds. Woke at the PC as a shout was going on, on the river side of Dawlish Warren. 'Enpass 44' police helicopter on scene to search the dunes! Casualty located by CRTs. Teignmouth ILB and ambulance required. Enpass 44 landing to collect a paramedic because they cant/won't fly the casualty out until they've had medical attention. . paramedic to accompany the casualty via ILB to the boathouse circa 10:15. Enpass 44 left scene. Ambulance being (re)tasked . . .walked very late BGdns with Sis2 . . carried on down around the harbour and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to chat and drink my coffee. Damn - I'd not had the scanner on monitoring stuff like usual! All of a sudden I realised that 'something' was going on with a vessel in distress not that far off Shoalstone. Council RIB 'Oscar 4' was already alongside! Damn - I couldn't resist. Gave Sis2 charge of Bella (tied to the seat) and dashed across the road and got the (new) video camera set up on the wall to 'maybe' film events. It turned out a 38foot 'ketch' (who's name I missed) with two people on board was taking on water. Oscar 4 gave them use of a pump and they started pumping the many gallons out - and did start to make some progress. One of the ferries loaded with passengers and the yacht club shuttle boat ended up standing off nearby in case they were required to assist - but neither were ultimately required. The all weather lifeboat was launched and was quickly on scene, by which time I believe the people on the casualty vessel had somehow managed to 'patch' the leak (which I believe was ultimately found to be something to do with the prop shaft having been put in the wrong way round?) and pump out enough of the water to remain safely afloat. As Oscar 4 was diverted to yet another broken down vessel somewhere nearer Torquay, the ALB eventually lashed the ketch alongside and brought it back into harbour and eventually deposited it alongside the town pontoon (which meant I had a VERY quick walk with Bella back past the marina, to be able to continue filming - with Sis2 having to ctach up with me later). Once the boat was safely moored alongside the pontoon, the lifeboat then went and refueled before ultimately returning to its mooring - which meant another brisk walk for me back the other way again! lol Anyway - blah blah blah - for what little it's worth, I unusually captured the WHOLE sequence of events - the whole shout from lifeboat launch, to back on the mooring, fuled-up, hosed-down and ready for service! The price I paid for that, was some significant pain, discomfort and hopefully only temporary 'functional degradation' in the use of my legs as a result of all the crouched down near kneeling motionless long period of filming on the harbourside walkway! By the time I was done in each of the locations, I genuinely had trouble standing back up and couldn't easily walk!!!!!!!!!! . . recovered sitting on a bench with Sis2 for a bit before eventually back through town between all the Sunday market street stalls of food and home. . . PCd the shout video for hours, trying to be ruthless with the edits again. Nothing much actually happened, but boy is that a toughie to edit down for some reason!? . . skipped the walk . . TVd . . . cooked and ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with chips followed by a whole smalll bar of caramac chocolate . . TVd until to bed before 1am.
12 - Up around 8:30am. Well in excess of 22C both in and out already. Sunny. . . walked BGdns. Back via the store for milk . . .returned home just in time. The postman was outside trying to deliver the camera lenses I'd won on e-bay into next door because I wasn't in. . . immediately eagerly opened up the packet and then VERY quickly confirmed I'd completely wasted my money! Utterly useless. Nothing actually wrong with what I'd bought, but preditcably useless when fixed to the camera. The body of the wide angled one was too long at the front, so ended up actually appearing as a black circular border around the picture! Only way to loose that was to zoom-in past it, which immediately defeated the object of and counteracted the wide-angle effect. Shame, because otherwise it 'may' have been of use on occasions because it did seem to give a reasonable wider perspective on stuff. The telephoto lens quite frankly simply didn't work. At maximum zoom it just appeared to blurr the image. At less of a zoom it was ok, but that too of course entirely defeated the object. So - money down the drain, and SUCH a disappointment. . . . Mum and Sis2 called in with food donations for chats etc . .Ended up all listening-in on the radios to what developed into a BIG search going on over Torquay way for an alleged faller on the cliffs. Seemed to end up involving absolutely everybody!! Both lifeboats, Oscar 4, multiple CRT teams on the ground, medivac AND police helicopters etc etc!!!!! As time passed, it started to look as though there was rather more to this shout than first met the eye, because they simply could find no trace of any casualty. Eventually the pace of things appeared to calm down and various 'assets' were stood down. We even saw out of the front window the Police helicopter in the distance just checking out the quarries near Berry Head before withdrawing. Ultimately it was confirmed that the whole vast expensive search appeared to be a malicious false alarm!!!!!! Sheesh! Aside from the dangers to all involved, just imagine how much all that cost!!!! . . . ate a thick Mum donated gala-pie slice, crisps and a banana . . . napped . . very cloudy and threatening. Sadly, despite 'the hapnin' still being in full swing, I felt all worn out and ended up just wanting a night off from everything, so I skipped the walk and just stayed at home . . . TVd the whole evening away. Bit more in the way of a gusty breeze this evening (with even a bit of mizzle at one point I think), which meant I experienced that really weird effect of the sound from the Hapnin' occasionaly drifting across town and getting louder, before ebbing away to hardly audible again. Definitely recognisable snippets of 'the Beatles' up until around 11pm. lol . . ate two ham and mayo finger rolls, banana and chocolate . . . TVd until early before ending up on the PC and aimlessly poking around until there was light in the sky! . . to bed well after 4am.
11 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up at 8:30am! 21C in and out. Sunny. .slow getting going . . .walked BGdns with Sis2 and coffee etc . . eventually back to Mums.Image of a pavement post Couldn't resist taking a quick photo of that utterly absurd plastic post the council had suddenly decided to cement in the pavement opposite that guys campervan. Aside from the insanity of the whole concept, I'd been critical of the distance it'd been placed from the kerb and how much it actually now blocked the pavement. Turns out from looking at other posts near the shop further up the street, there 'may' be a standard distance, because they all seem to be similarly blocking much of the pavement!? How much did that cost I wonder? It's been quite the talking point for people in the street. I've even seen mention of it on the local 'Spotted Brixham' facebook page. The council refuse lorries (apparantly through necessity deliberately designed to be able to get down narrow roads) can 'just' get down through there WITHOUT going up on the pavement so aren't actually affected. It remains to be seen what will happen to larger lorries that may end up coming down that way and can't get through. If I lived at Mums, I'd just HAVE to put up a CCTV camera trained on it. lolol Although I do 'disapprove' of that guy just having that camper (legally?) parked there ALL the time, I can't help but think that if I were him, just out of bloody mindedness and to show how absurd and wasteful the council have been, I'd start parking it a short distance away down the road, or maybe even just on the other side immediately next to that new post, to see if the council would suddenly appear and plant another one opposite, etc. The world HAS gone utterly mad! :o( . . . All sat in Mum's garden chatting for a while. Sis2 suddenly shared some news she's been keeping secret for a while. After asomething ridiculous like a thirty year battle, she has FINALLY somehow managed to get a 'green card', and has even taken out a loan to buy her own apartment!!! Good grief! Lets hope at last, things are 'coming together' a bit for her. Sadly all a bit late I fear! . . .eventually returned home with a Mum donated packet of haslet slices. . . ate the last little bit of the salad with crisps and haslet sandwiches . . . napped for almost a couple of hours before waking up dreadfully overheating . . PCd. Still up around 24C out by 7pm! . . . walked with a tripod slung across my back, across town to St Marys park and 'The Hapnin'. Just bloody typical of Bella to be a nuisance , we reached the park without her having pooped! No way was I going to go in amongst all the crowds only to have the embarassment of her pooping all over where people were gonna be wanting to sit on the grass! Messed around for ages playing a little bit of ball around the fringes of the field, in an attempt to get her to poop, but she just wouldn't. Bloody typical!! Eventually paid the 3 'donation' entrance fee but still hung around on the fringes trying to encourage her to go. She was having none of it! Arrrgggh. Infuriating. I missed one of the bands because of all that! In sheer desperation I eventually left the park with her and headed up the road and steep paths onto the hill overlooking everything (where the guy died from a horsefly bite). At last she 'performed'. About time! Thank god.Image of Shagangfirst Power in Torbay Sat and took in the view and grabbed just a little footage of the scene across the town and wider bay. Enormous Panama registered cargo ship 'Shagangfirst Power' (what a weird name) was moored out in the bay for underwater maintenance/diving operations . . eventually carried Bellas poop bag all the way back down to the field and a bin, and then finally had the chance to safely wander around and have a look about at whatever there was to see. Food sellers and drunk people mostly! . . Eventually ended up sat on the grass immediately in front of the barriers surrounding the sound system mixing desk in front of the stage, although quite a distance back from it, intending to catch a performance from a group called 'Jefferson Archive'. I'd tried to have a peek on the PC/youtube etc at some point, of which bands playing tonight may suit my taste in music, and that one had definitely stood out. Good old fashioned three piece rock music. They were due on stage at 8:45pm, which was still early enough for most people that were there, to NOT be thronging right in front of the stage. Too good an opportunity to miss. I set the tripod up on the grass at it's lowest height in front of me kinda between my outstretched legs, and got the 'new' camcorder ready for it's first bit of 'in earnest' filming. . . to cut a long story short, despite having to wrestle with Bella a bit to get her to lay down for so long, and also occasionaly having to have a bit of a conversation with drunken people nearby wanting to fuss her, I somehow miraculously managed to film the band's ENTIRE set!! And bloody good I thought they were too. There were times I just left the camera locked off pointing at the stage whilst I just sat there enjoying the familiar music and tapping my feet (Hendrix numbers mostly. lol) . . . as darkness really began to fall, the headline '3BF' band appeared on stage - albeit I think one member short for the first couple of songs. The saxophonist eventually turned up a little later. This band were clearly popular, and it wasn't long before the drunken crowds all moved in to fill the area in front of the stage. I did my best at capturing a couple of their numbers, but it wasn't long before it became clear that further filming was going to be 'difficult' - to say the least!! Never mind the fact that I was losing sight of the performers for the most part, 'I' just wasn't happy being amongst that sort of a drunken and boisterous throng. With little ado, I just stopped filming mid number and quickly got outta there. I did at least have the opportunity to get 'something' in the videos of the zoomed-in full 'supermoon' that had appeared in the cloudless sky above the trees to the right of the stage. It'd been mentioned in the news/press recently. Something to do with the closest it gets to the earth in its orbit and appearing particularly full and bright etc etc. .Night image at the Brixham Hapnin' briefly stopped a little distance away to prop my stills camera atop a wheelie bin, to try to get a couple of no-flash stills of the night scene just for the hell of it. Propping it up on the wheelie bin, and using the self timer to actually take the shots ensured I was hands-off, and the relatively long-exposure image wouldn't be blurred. So - there I am with it all meticulously precariously set up on top of a bin, the little red warning light on the front flashing the timer count down, and lo and behold, just then someone had to cross the field and put something in the adjacent wheelie bin. So - that was no use. The second attempt was worse, with someone deciding they just HAD to put something in the very bin I was set up on top of right then! At length I managed to get a shot or two, but the result really was hardly worth all the effort (although WAS better than any attempt at using the flash of course)! lololol Believe me - despite how it may look in the image I've included here, it was actually pretty much darkness by this stage. The big light in the sky in the centre of the image was the 'supermoon'. . Not easy to just walk away in the middle of things like that, but by then I really had had enough of all the people and noise. . . on the way towards the exit of the park I passed a group of 'youths' (I think) going in the opposite direction. One of them appeared to point at me with that two fingered 'rock' hand gesture people do at concerts, and called out "Telsweb!" in recognition!!!! Wow - that freaked me out a bit! I've NO idea who it was. I'm well aware there are enough shots of me on my Youtube channel for me to be recognised, but what I found particularly weird was that whoever it was had actually even remembered my user ID! Why would anyone bother? Who has THAT sort of a memory? Yeah - that freaked me out a bit! I kinda smiled and just pointed back at them as I carried on towards the exit. A policeman was stood leaning on a wall near the exit with his back to me as I left, poking at something apparantly very interesting on his smartphone! . . . . found a pile of copper coins in the street on the way back (20p or so) and had the humiliation of stooping to pick it all up whilst observed by a couple of drunk guys making comments . . .BB called to touch base not long after I arrived back home. Wow - that was a tough call - I could hardly hear anything she said!! I hadn't realised just exactly how VERY loud the music had been where I was sat right in front of the stage. Haven't been that deafened by such a thing for years. Wow - that'd better be temporary or I'm in big trouble!! . . . PCd and reviewed all the video I'd shot. Shame I couldn't get more for posterity but I was pretty content with what I had. The 'new' camera worked ok at least. . . ate haslet and mayo sandwiches and a pack of mini cheddars . . to bed well after 3am.
10 - Up late around 9:30am! 21C in, 19C out. Sunny. .still plenty of irritation from the bee sting site on my side. I wonder if I may have a piece of that bee stuck in there?! . . walked BGdns quite late. Very humid. Wow - NOT having a high-zoom camcorder in my pocket really is an uncomfortable feeling for me. I'm almost 'frightened' of something spectacular suddenly happening, and the prospect of having to just stand idly by and watch without being able to capture some of it. lol Weird . . . sat around hoping for postal deliveries, but after the postman walked straight past, and a parcel delivery van cruely called next door and not here, I guess sadly not today . . . PCd a bit of this. Ok - I take that back - at 13:15 the postman delivered my e-bay bought, second-hand camcorder replacement. Yayyyyy. . well, as far as I can tell, it looks in 'as new' condition, and at the moment 'appears' to work as it should. It came with two batteries, but I strongly suspect at least one of them (the original Panasonic one) IS a duffer. Time will tell after I've had a go at charging it. Sadly it did NOT come with a memory card, which WAS something of a disappointment. Of course I already have a couple of batteries and 16GB and 4GB memory cards anyway, so not at all an issue. I need to get out and start playing with it for a bit to really be happy it's all ok and see how useable the provided batteries are, etc - but so far, I can't fault it. It's identical to my old one - but just looks in far better condition and has a less worn feel to all the controls. lol . . whilst reading through all the pristine manual again, I DID spot a little comment 'perhaps suggesting' it won't be any use with one of those telephoto lenses, like I bid for on e-bay and am now expecting in the post (although the wide angle one 'should' be ok I think). Awwww. We'll see. . . difficult to see behind tall trees in the distance, but while I was messing around with the camcorder, the stage has been put up already in St Marys park, ready for the weekend's 'Happenin' concert event. What a shame - that would have made for a cool timelapse video of course, like they ALWAYS do for the bigger events. Now I have a camera again, maybe I should walk Bella over there (on Sunday morning when its all over?) and have a go at the dismantling maybe? lol . . . walked BGdns early with the new camcorder and a tripod. Played a bit of ball before then giving the camcorder a proper test to make sure it all works ok, etc. Just pointed it at all manner of nothing worth filming, giving it a proper work out and seeing how long the battery lasts under my usual constantly zooming into stuff conditions. . . eventually back home to immediately review the footage. Actually unusually did so on the TV, by just putting the SD card into the slot on the side of the TV. All appeared to be ok. :o) In fact - on the TV like that, even some of the footage with the digital zoom engaged at around 150x + magnification (which I always usualy have turned off) was 'almost' acceptable, albeit a bit blurred around the edges, etc. . . TVd . . ate a bit of salad and then a tin of hot dog sausages and chips followed by a few squares of chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
9 - Up around 8:30am. 20C in, 18C out. Sunny and breezy. . . walked BGdns. Part way to BGdns, a towel has been laying around here and there in the street for a few days, alternately laying in the gutter and draped over peoples garden walls. Whoever may have lost it has had more than enough time to reclaim it, so on the way back today I bagged it - for Bella if not for me. . A short distance from where I picked up the towel, a Post Office van was parked up, with its driver briefly off somewhere delivering something I presume. Dropped in the road nearby was a packet! Ended up just leaving it on his windscreen. . . mowed both lawns, and then trimmed along next doors hedge out front with the hedge trimmer. Somewhere near the end of doing the trimming, a bee somehow got up inside my untucked long sleeved sweatshirt, and gave me a sting on my lower right side!! God knows what the neighbours must have thought - with me all swearing and going frantic pulling my shirt off on the front lawn! Somehow, although I wasn't immediately aware of it, the bee ended up disappearing down into my front trouser pocket!!! At length I eventually managed to get it out without being stung again. I'm afraid the by then 'damaged' bee, was quickly despatched! Boy does that silly little sting hurt! I also have to confess, after being stung, that guy on the hill who died from a horse fly bite was prominent in my thoughts, and I did start to wonder what 'may' happen next!!!! . . . spent hours on my hands and knees on the front lawn, trying to dig a bunch of those awful weeds out. Eventually dug a good few bucket loads out, leaving more unsightly bare earth patches than grass! :o( . . Mum called a couple of times through the day, keeping me updated about Sis2s progress, returning home from the states for a visit. Her original flight to Scotland (?) had been cancelled, and she'd ended up flying straight into London. She'd then managed to get an earlier coach than she'd thought would be possible, and in the last update mum gave me, Sis2 was in Paignton and getting on a local bus for Brixham. . as I'd thought she may, she eventually appeared at the bottom of the garden dragging her suitcase up the road. She briefly stopped for a drink of water and a quick chat before carrying on up to Mums . . . microwaved and ate yesterdays uneaten cheeseburger with crisps and then a bunch of chocolate biscuits . . . eventualy managed to nap for a while, despite a remarkable amount of continued soreness from the bee sting. . .drove to the local store for milk and then carried on down to BGdns to walk . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate a grated cheese salad with rice wine vinegar and a large bag of crisps followed by chocolate biscuits and bowls of rice krispies . . . TVd until to bed around 2am.
8 - Up at 8am. 20C in, 18C out. Sunny . . walked FGn. A significant NW breeze putting quite a chop on the waters of the bay. Played ball for just a while. Carried on down town to settle my 'will' bill. Turned out they wouldn't do it via a debit card, so I had to draw cash out of a nearby cash point and get it over and done-with that way. Returned carrying six tins of dog food. . . PCd this - STILL feeling awful, tired, woozy and all bunged up. :o(. . . oh dear. It's fatal me going anywhere near e-bay isn't it! I'll never learn. Here's me without even a working camera at the moment, and I end up putting a bid on a couple of second-hand screw-on camcorder lenses - and 'won' them, for 7.19 inc postage. That leaves my paypal account very nearly emptied of all my e-bay sales money now. A 'Telephoto and wide angle lens set for palm sized camcorders' (37mm screw fit) they were listed as. I've wanted to try one of those telephoto (x2) ones in particular, for pretty much as long as I knew they made them. I'm sure they are a load of rubbish and of no actual use, but for that modest price, worth having a play-with and a laying of the issue in my mind to rest I thought (assuming I get a working replacement for my camera of course! It is allegedly in the post now. <worry>). IF that lens actually works at all, in 'theory', that should achieve a possible 140x optical zoom on the camera!!!! Imagine!! That'd be utterly outrageous for looking out across the bay or at the moon, etc (NOT handheld of course!). That just can't be possible - surely?. . Actually - worthy of note here, with the blank view screen on my broken camera flipped out, rotated round so it faces forward, and then layed back flat against the side of the camera with the screen facing out, I DO then get picture on it, and in that configuration, IS then otherwise all still fully functioning! (Owwwwa - that must be SO repairable if I only knew what and how!) Difficult to imagine how I could actually ever use it like that for anything, but certainly NOT yet fit for the bin. . . wasted away yet another day at the PC, doing nothing but continually blowing my nose and feeling not good. Just an annadin tablet for lunch. . . walked BGdns . . . TVd/guitarred just a bit . . .ate a whole box of kipling sponge slices . . drank the last splash of wine from the box - literally 'wringing out' every last drop from the plastic bag from inside. lol . Cooked and ate a trio of quarter pound cheese burgers, a banana and some chocolate. . to bed around 1:30am.
7 - Woken earlier by my blocked nose, snoozed on then up at 8:45am. 21C in and out. Mostly sunny to start between threatening shower clouds. Wow - I feel tired out, and pretty awful again/still. :o( . . . walked BGdns and just sat around feeling awful and like I could've just layed down and gone to sleep right there. Eventually dragged myself back, mostly missing the odd bit of rain . .received my copy of my will in the post, together with the bill. Jeeze - the way I'm feeling at the moment, a good job too! . . . did vacuuming and a bit of dish washing chores. Somewhere around 1pm a helicopter medivac shout was going on over St Mary's bay way. I ended up briefly stopping doing the dishes and pointing my camcorder at the helicopter in the distance as it disappeared down below the house roofs as it landed somewhere. And right then - my camcorder broke! :o( No screen display at all when the screen is in its normal folded out filming position, so all of a sudden given it only has a screen and no seperate viewfinder, rendered completely useless and fit for the bin. :o( What irony - and SO typical of how things work out for me, given my feelings and comments about yesterday, etc. :o( I've had a camcorder in my pocket pretty much everytime I've gone out anywhere, getting on for almost ten years now! I'm not sure I can handle the prospect of doing without! :o( FFS! :o( . . . carried on doing the dish washing for a while before suddenly just stopping half way through and heading for the PC. It's no good - having a camcorder in my pocket 'just in case', has been far too integral a part of my life for too long (especially living down here) for me to so easily just give it up and do without. I AM going to 'HAVE' to replace it. :o( It could be argued, now would be a good time to start looking at upgrading and getting a new/better full High Definition one like they all are nowadays - but I've come up with a handful of reasons (all linked to s of course) why I don't think I'm yet prepared to go that route. Top of the list in my conciderations is the optical zoom. I've got SO used to having that amazing 70x optical zoom on my Panasonic SDR-S26, that I really can't stomach the idea of having to go for less. It IS possible that a full HD camera with less of a zoom, would work out about the same with a bit of digital zoom applied, given the higher resolution etc, but I've no real way of knowing. Then there's the cost of a new HD one. Up to 300 + ish? Spare batteries etc seem to be utterly extortionate in price. I 'assume' HD video would end up being utterly huge in terms of file size etc, which would likely pose issues for me in terms of file storage and probably force me into buying more hard drives, SD cards etc. Then there's the issue of the editing software I currently use. I don't even know if it works with full HD video - and it's pretty buggy and glitchy with regular video as it is! I'd probably end up having to go buy a different one. Already I have trouble uploading stuff to Youtube in terms of my slow internet connection. Imagine how long it'd take me to start trying to upload even bigger, full HD files!!!! It just wouldn't be practical/possible. Like I said - pretty much all money related, but this IS my line of thinking. On balance, my conclusion about it all is, it makes sense to 'me' to simply attempt to replace my broken one with exactly the same Panasonic SDR-S26 model for a slittle money as possible - because I know what it does, I know it works with what I have, I already have all the chargers and spare batteries, etc, etc, etc. Given my appalling track record, it's a risky strategy, but I'm minded to start watching on e-bay for people selling them second hand. When people advertise them as pristine and 'hardly used', I AM inclined to believe them, because there can't be many people in the world that use their camcorders as much as I have mine. I REALLY have used mine to death - pretty much almost on a daily basis one way or another! (With its high zoom, I've gotten into the habit of using it as 'binoculars' to just look at distant stuff when I want to, etc. ) Most people probably genuinely only pull theirs out of the cupboard a handful of times during its life with them. . bang, bang, bang. Somehow I ended up on e-bay searching and 'learning' the market, and then just went straight ahead and did a 'buy-it-now' on one which was recently listed for 70.50 inc postage!! Many go cheaper, but mostly 'collection only' ones - and some are listed for plenty more, so, we shall see. <sick with worry> I'm even tempted to start keeping an eye on such listings, and maybe even try and pick up another if a suitably reasonable deal crops up!? . . . ate a couple of awful Mum donated crumbly buttered bread baps with a tin of soup, a banana and some chocolate . . . napped until after the 7pm alarm. . . TVd . . . PCd and ended up surfing anything I could find about my camcorder. As far as I can tell, it seems pretty likely what's gone wrong with mine is either a faulty dip switch inside, or a broken ribbon cable to the viewscreen (because the screen still works when folded right out, twisted round and folded flat back against the body of the camcorder!?) . Those ribbon cables are even available on e-bay for less than 10! Unfortunately I've been unable to locate a free service manual for it showing how it all comes apart, and even if I could, it's all miniature stuff and my track record at trying to repair such things is hardly good. 'Successfully' - non-existant actually! Yeah - I STILL think it makes sense to try to get a 'hardly used' second hand replacement. . . ate a couple of buttered bread baps with all the remaining cold chicken followed by a square or two of chocolate in the early hours. . . to bed around 3am.
6 - Up at 9am. 20C in, 18C out. Some good sunny spells but rain forecast for later. . .slow getting going. Oh wow - at last - an article on the local news site about that body found by Warship Northumberland which I witnessed getting recovered back to shore on 19th January. Finally identified by DNA - a 56 year old Ukrainian who went missing from a Dutch ship which was struck by a 10-metre wave in December last year. So - at least a 'slight' easing of the pain of his family I hope. :o( . . Walked BGdns. Oh wow - all the coastguard troops were on the beach and swimming out into the water right at Fishcombe Cove, doing 'swimmer in trouble' rescue training! Took a seat on the step at my usual vantage point there, and pulled my camcorder out of my pocket. Just then it became rather uncomfortably apparant that my presence there had been spotted, with various of the troops on the beach indicating to the others I was there! Hard to explain here, but in that briefest of exchanges amongst themselves, it seemed clear that my presence (and the liklihood of my capturing events with the camcorder) was liable to 'have an affect' on their normal behavior. I was SO uncomfortable about that, I simply immediately stood up and walked away with Bella, and headed for our usual seat for ball play, leaving them to it. There's that 'line' again - that tightrope I've been precariously walking. If my videoing stuff is going to start being a problem to these guys, then I just MUST stop doing it mustn't I? Ended up playing ball with Bella, well away from the cove, feeling all paranoid and down about stuff. I am no longer the 'invisible man'. Have I actually become a 'nuisance' to them? I've no idea, but that's what I feel - and that's the LAST thing I would want. SUCH a shame. From that vantage point and in the perfect light, it really would have been a cracking little record of their training, which in itself in that setting, WAS a real little interesting spectacle. Maybe I should just stop carrying the radios/camcorder and really 'back off' from it all?! Ended up feeling VERY paranoid, down and confused about what I may or may not be 'allowed' to do without getting into some sort of 'trouble', etc. :o( It's a shame they don't have some sort of passive 'observer/recorder' branch for their PR. THAT I'd be interested in - as long as I could take Bella! lol . . .Very busy - loads of boats on the water and people walking and sitting all around the place making the most of the nice day. Eventually headed for the high seat intending to sit (out of everyones way!) and drink my coffee. Image of Oscar 4 rescuing out of fuel 'True Blue' in Torbay Around then a shout went out from 'True Blue', a 28 foot motor boat in the bay with two people and a dog on board. They'd run out of fuel and needed assistance! FFS! Another plonker? The Torbay Council rib Oscar 4 had just gone out on its day long patrols and ended up responding and speeding to their assistance (once they'd figured out exactly where they were). Turned out they were quite a little distance out, and even on maximum 70x zoom with the camcorder, I could only 'just' follow the distant events. I ended up heading back down through the trees to the top of my favourite gun emplacement vantage point to sit and watch for a while. It wasn't long before Oscar 4 seemed to be lashed alongside and they started to head slowly all the long way back across the bay to Torquay. In the little maximum-zoom screen capture I've included here, two of the four enormous marker buoys for the wreck of the Emstrom can be seen at the top of the image, with a dive support boat moored nearby, with divers currently diving the wreck. Council rib Oscar 4 is nearest the camera alongside True Blue. . a short distance from the top of the gun emplacement, tossed in the undergrowth and covered in snails, was a guitar!!!!? It was quite heavily damaged and had obviously just been dumped there by some partying youths at some point recently. I very nearly just left it where it was rather than have to bother with clearing it up and carrying it all the way to a bin, but I then figured that 'maybe' some of the parts 'could' be useful. The machine heads in particular maybe, because the whole neck appeared to be in relatively good nick - and I DO still have a classical guitar in a cupboard somewhere, which has stiff and dodgey/bent machine heads? Ugggh. I ended up walking all the way back up through the trees and then home carrying the damned thing!! Yet more clutter around the house to deal with some time. :o( . . . PCd a bit of this . . .drank a glass of red wine . . ate chicken in a pitta bread, salad, crisps and a banana . . . napped . . TVd the whole evening off. 'SId-ish'. :o( . . ate a whole box of Mum donated kipling cakes, some chocolate and then a large packet of mini cheddars . . . to bed around 2am after almost eight hours straight of sitting in front the TV hardly moving, constantly blowing my blocked and streaming nose, and generally feeling pretty bloody awful in every respect.
5 - Up at 8am. 20C in, 19C out. Broken cloud and breezy. .slow getting going. PCd a bit of this . . . walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the Breakwater again, to sit around for quite a while and eventually drink my coffee before ultimately heading back through town. .I'm having BIG trouble with simultaneously streaming and blocked nose/sinuses etc at the moment. :o( . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc. Apparantly her vacuum suddenly fell to bits the other day for no apparant reason? She also told me the council had put a bollard in the pavement right outside her house!?. . eventually followed Mum back to her place to have a look at her vacuum, but also to see the new bollard. . Oh good grief! WHAT on earth are the council thinking!? That's around two feet in from the kerb edge! Ludicrous. I wonder if wheelchairs or some pushchairs could even get past that now! I need to get photos of that! What's going on there is that a whole length of the pavement has been seriously damaged by lorries and the like continually driving up onto the pavement to be able to get past a campervan which is always parked on the narrow street opposite. The campervan hardly ever moves, but it IS all taxed and road legal, so I guess they have every right to park there outside their house - even though it makes it a bit of a single-file squeeze for everyone who drives down there. Its large delivery lorries in particular that have a problem with it, and go up on the pavement, and the pavement really is in an awful cracked, broken and subsided state as a result. Arrows and paint marks have appeared on the pavement of late, suggesting the council are going to soon be having to make expensive repairs, including of a large depressed area of subsidence near a fire hydrant type drain cover right in front of Mums driveway gates (which 'I' have regularly 'stumbled' over it's so deep and dangerous)!! But never mind all that - the council have suddenly presumably gone and cemented-in this big black plastic bollard immediately opposite that guys campervan, to stop the lorries going up onto the pavement! Madness. Utter madness.


had a quick look at Mums vacuum and determined pretty quickly, it IS fit for the bin. Somehow all the plastic parts seem to have suddenly slightly 'deformed', and none of the catches/tags on the switches and various covers properly engage anymore. No way can the deformations be bent back into shape, so that's just sadly the end of it. Very weird how that can 'suddenly' just happen. It kinda makes you think it must have got really hot - but no way can it have got hot enough to 'melt' the plastic. Very weird - and doubly so given the coincedence that a filter cover on MY vacuum went the same way the last time I used it. Luckily, although not very clever, I've been able to lash mine back into useable shape by wrapping a velcro strip around the offending cover to stop it popping off. I DID try heating the plastic catch tags with my hair dryer, to bend them back into place, but it obviously just wasn't gonna work. I guess it's just a case of that sort of plastic moulded stuff having a (disgustingly short!) useable lifetime, and both our vacuums have reached the end of that time! :o( Luckily mum has a spare vacuum, so no great rush to buy a new one . . . returned home and ate a small pork pie with salad and crisps followed by a couple of bananas and some chocolate . . . napped for a couple of hours . . .as I was coming-to and getting ready to walk, the radios suggested there was a shout going on. It appeared from what I overheard, that a motorboat called "It Wasn't Me" (with no radio, no flares, etc, etc!) had telephoned the Torquay marina to let them know they'd broken down, and that information was then passed to the coastguard who I think put out a pan-pan broadcast for 'any vessel' etc. By the time I became aware of things, the coastguard were in communication with other vessels in the alleged vicinity of where it was supposed to be, and troops were being sent around the coast over by Torquay to see if they could see the vessel. For quite a while, no one seemed to be able to find any trace of it!? At length, around the time the all weather lifeboat was launched on service and leaving the harbour, the shore teams somehow managed to spot it - way off towards Exmouth, and really nowhere near where the first reports had suggested it was! Bizarrely the coastguard had finally managed to make 'some' contact with it - but only by text messages for some reason!!? . . walked. Arrived in BGdns just as the lifeboat was disappearing out across the bay into the distance past the Emstrom wreck marker buoys. . Image of Torbay lifeboat towing rescued 'It Wasn't Me' back into Torquay marina ended up sitting around for ages on the high seat as dusk fell, straining to intermitantly see the dot of the lifeboat in the very far distance. The casualty vessel was quickly put under tow and they started the hour-ish long trek back across the bay towards Torquay in the rapidly diminishing light. I would NOT have wanted to be the guy on that boat. It was clear from comms that he was gonna be given something of a hard time and plenty of 'suitable safety advice' by the lifeboat and shore troops. Rightly so too. What a plonker - no radio - no flares - reporting a wrong position etc, etc. I ended up sitting there all that time watching, and aimlessly dabbling with the camcorder (which is of course largely useless in such low light conditions). The casualty was dropped off at Torquay marina and the lifeboat came back across the bay and entered the harbour by almost exactly 10pm - the time that all the white lights on the Torquay wheel were switched off. .despite it being quite mild out, by this stage I was feeling pretty cold. Drank my coffee and then headed home . . . PCd a bit of this . . . TVd . . ate microwaved chicken in a pitta bread, a couple of bananas and some chocolate . . to bed after2am.
4 - Up around 7:45am. 20C in, 18C out. Cloudy . . . walked BGdns in the drizzle. Didn't hang around and back via the store for milk and supplies . . . PCd this, trying to catch up at last - and failing! . . It would appear according to news reports, that the 'body' search HAS been called off - because they still haven't managed to identify that there actually is liable to be one, or that anyone is missing from anywhere etc. Time and tide will tell I guess . . . . Monitored another Mayday call which went out at 12:07. 'Jane Irene' - fouled and stuck on its own anchor way out in Lyme Bay, and the single person on board suffering with the poor weather as a result somehow I think? Helicopter Rescue 106 was diverted and tasked and on scene around 12:22 and maintained an 'overwatch' whilst the Torbay Lifeboat was tasked and making its way to the scene. Throughout, I was unable to hear any of the comms from the yacht, but it seemed clear from the comms from the helicopter that the guy was pretty worried. The helicopter comms to him seemed 'particularly' calming and reassuring. Ultimately, short on fuel, the helicopter departed the scene shortly before the lifeboat arrived with the yacht at 13:11. By 13:37 the yacht was being towed very slowly back across Lyme Bay towards Brixham by the ALB and the mayday was cancelled, 'Silence Finit'. . . ate two going off/cheap chicken and mushroom pastry slices with a heap of salad and then a little chocolate as quite a bit of murky rain moved in. If it hadn't been for the rain, I 'may' have been tempted to get an early walk in, and maybe try to grab a shot or two of the lifeboat and rescued yacht returning, but it had really turned quite unpleasant out, so easy (and for the best!) to resist . . . napped . . . DF called in for chats until around 10:30pm . . .TVd/guitarred a little . . ate two thick haslet slices in buttered pita breads after having microwaved them warm. Actually THAT wasn't bad at all. Minus that awful salad I'd made up, those WERE 'vaguely' somewhat reminiscent of the kebabas I used to have back in Bristol. Followed that up later with a whole box of mum donated mini chocolate logs and then more chocolate . . .to bed around 2:30am.
3 - Up at 7:45am. 20C in, 19C out. Sunny. . .Image of a wooden cross near cremated remains in Battery Gardenswalked BGdns. Spotted another pile of someones cremated remains poured out onto the grass near the cliff edge by the yacht club hut. That sort of thing understandably happens all the time around those gardens, so fair enough, but what I did NOT like was the fact that someone had also left a small wooden cross there stuck in the grass! VERY inappropriate 'I' think! What on earth were they thinking? What DO they imagine will become of it? That's just kinda littering! . Played ball for a bit before heading down around the harbour and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to see what, if anything, may be going on THIS morning.Image of Police Divers-/unfinished/-

I had SO intended not to, but in the end, I just couldn't resist hanging around for HOURS filming events as they occurred. VERY hot and sunny.

A professional cameraman was there filming for a short while (from BBC s 'Spotlight' I 'think' I overheard).

A whole mass of little schoolkids on the beach on some sort of field day outing whilst the police were all looking for a body seemed strangely surreal.

A sighting by kayakers of 'an object' in the water off Shoalstone. Oscar 4 and the ILB responded. Ultimately all that was found was a large can of emulsified oil, brought back to the Breakwater beach by Oscar 4. The ILB was diverted to go rescue motor boat 'Black Pig' who'd suffered engine failure. They eventually towed her safely back into harbour.

Even managed to catch a snip or two of a seal popping up watching the police divers. lol


PCd the 'for the record' type video of the day for hours . . . around 4pm I caught a few snippets on the radio suggesting that Portland coastguard were tasking Lyme Regis lifeboat to a Wayfarer dingy 4 nautical miles east of West Bay and 1 mile offshore. From what little I overheard, it sounded as though it was that same Big-Issue seller guy and his dog!! Jeeze - at this rate it'd be possible to track his progress along the coast by all the lifeboat call outs!! . . . . damn - my milk's suddenly gone off - no coffee! Disaster! . . wow- despite such ruthlessly harsh, 'hachet man' type editing, it STILL ends up being around fourteen minutes long!! . . Set the (pointless?) video uploading to Youtube before hooking Bella up and dashing up the local store around 9:30pm. Damn - too late - they were shut already! . . . ate DIY 'kebabs' (NOT a great success) followed by chocolate . . . TVd until the video finally finished uploading a while after midnight. . PCd until early doing a few 'you may be interested's regarding the video, although I doubt 'many' people would be (apart from me). After all, nothing was found, so it all really is 'much ado about nothing' isn't it! lol Still, a couple of nice shots I reckon - or did I end up cutting those out I was so ruthless? lol . . to bed around 2am. -/unfinished/-
2 - Up at 6am. 19C in, 14C out. Sunny. . . walked the woods, BGdns and down to the harbour for my coffee . . shopped a bit. Bought a cooked chicken - AND some haslet, pitta breads and a bunch of salady stuff, with a crazy plan to have a go at making up my own 'kebabs' kinda!. . .PCd monitoring radios. Around 12:35pm a significant local coastguard shout started going on, just down on the Breakwater beach! It appeared that a couple of divers had returned to shore and asked the beach manager staff to phone 999, to report they'd allegedly seen the body of a diver on the seabed not far off the beach!! Both lifeboats were almost immediately on scene, with the ILB soon blindly trailing a grappling hook in the water, just in case they'd get lucky! Mention of the coastguard rescue helicopter attending, REALLY had me 'knee jerk' seriously consider heading back down that way with the camcorder - but because of all that nonsense with the local paper etc yesterday, I ended up very deliberately deciding most definitely NOT to. Also I judged, that given it was just off the Breakwater Beach, the whole area would likely soon be an overcrowded chaotic 'circus'! Despite that, I couldn't of course tear myself away. Image from the Breakwater WebcamI ended up glued to the radios, and trying to follow events on the Breakwater Cafe webcam (which I wasn't even aware until then, had come back into existance). . the helicopter was on scene in the overhead by 13:06 and somewhere around then the whole beach was cleared by the police and coastguard. It was very quickly determined that visibility through the water was poor, and the downwash from the helicopter was actually making things even worse for everyone, so the helicopter withdrew and low on fuel, landed for a while at Berry Head, in case it would be of use (if a 'casualty' needed transporting). By around 13:20 there was STILL no confirmation that any diver was actually known to be missing. As if to further complicate matters, or 'muddy the waters' if you'll excuse the pun, there WAS a suggestion early on in proceedings, that the coastguard were aware of an outstanding missing 'dummy', even with a yellow rucsack. Alongside the marina walkway on a scrap of ground immediately below the Grenville House Outdoor Education Centre, the 'Pride In Brixham Volunteers' have created the 'Bay View Garden', complete with fully booted and kitted out (dressed better than I am!) dummy rock climbers!! I believe it is one of those which has gone missing. Those pride in Brixham volunteers do a huge amount of work around the harbour, painting stuff and deweeding the walkways and the like, and really must be applauded. Nevertheless, I am NOT a fan of those bits of garden along there. All a bit weird and theme-parkish for my liking. I presume tourists and kids like it? Utterly amazing to me that they haven't LONG since been totally destroyed and all dumped into the harbour by night time drunken yobs. VERY surprising only one is allegedly missing!! . Around 13:35 the original divers had volunteered to return to the water and attempt to relocate what they'd allegedly seen earlier. By 13:50 they'd been ordered back out of the water by the police. Police divers had been despatched from Plymouth, and since it was now potentialy a 'scene of crime', they didn't want anything being disturbed by the public. The helicopter on Berry Head was going to be of no use so left to return to Portland. All nearby car parks were being cleared and checked for any remaining vehicles that may have diving gear inside etc. . . it was 14:42 before the Police dive team FINALLY arrived on scene! 15:34 (about the time of the webcam capture I've included here) before they entered the water to commence a search, by which time, the tide had by now gone RIGHT out! . . did laundry and got it out on the line in the sun to dry during a 'quiet' spell of when the police divers were searching . . . so - I pretty much spent the WHOLE day at the PC and the radios. Of course once the police had arrived (with their private 'Tetra' comms), there was really very little to be able to monitor. Little to be made out from the webcam and nothing on the radios. . . ultimately, with clearly nothing being found, I turned everything off and finally walked away from it all. . . TVd . . .drank a glass of red wine . . TVd . . .ate cold chicken and chips, a banana and the remaining half of the golden syrup cake . . . TVd until to bed around midnight.
1 - Up at 8:45am. 19C in, 14C out. Cloudy and a chilly easterly breeze. . .slow getting going. Eventually walked BGdns pretty late - 'just' after high tide it appeared. A chilly easterly breeze blowing uncomfortably straight in off the heaving sea, with a bit of a hint of rain in the air. Across the coves and 'beached' on the pebbles of Churston Cove beach was a small sailboat. Something not at all right about that! The tide was obviously going out, but it was still high enough to be having waves breaking over the side of the boat and into it! Very weird. Definitely worthy of a call to the coastguard that one, but there were plenty of dog walkers and other passers by around over in that direction, and it was of course quite late in the day now, so I assumed someone would definitely have already reported it. Sat and played ball for quite a while, before deciding to walk back down to have sight of the boat across the coves again, because the strangeness of it being there and me NOT having reported it myself, started preying on my mind a bit. Yep - definitely something not normal or right about that. Eventually decided to walk up the coastal path and head down onto the beach for a closer look. . by the time I reached it, the tide had gone out enough that the waves were no longer actually breaking over its side. They had however pushed a little heap of pebbles against the boats' hull, so it was fast becoming very beached there, and it was also full of water. In the water laying in the bottom of the boat was what appeared to be a sleeping bag, a tent and maybe some other belongings. Turned out it WAS actually tied to something - a large lump of tree trunk just above the high water mark. A long line had been taken across the beach and wrapped around the hunk of trunk several times, and a small anchor was laying next to it. Oh well - even though it's a bit weird to say the least, that anchor wrapped around the log suggests that maybe 'someone' IS well aware of it being there. Still - even like that, if it's still gonna be there at the next high tide tonight, there's easily enough rope there for the thing to just get smashed against the nearby rocks if/when it refloats!?? . grabbed a couple of photos for here, and then just walked away and headed with Bella up through the woods to return. Actually - not a bad idea to walk that beautiful walk all up through the woods of 'The Grove' while I still can! There was a newspaper report all about them the other day, which really REALLY upset me (and Mum - and many others I'm sure). The upshot of it was, a deadly disease 'Phytophora ramorum' had allegedly been identified as being present in the Larch and Sweet Chestnut of the woods, and as a result, up 30 per cent of the tree species in the woodland will all have to be felled, with a spokesperson saying "It is a significant amount and the visual impact will be quite devastating."!! That's devastating to me. That is SUCH a beautiful area. :o( That story also suggested they'd initially spotted the disease from an aerial survey, by means of 'large patches of brown canopy seen from the air'. I've absolutely no knowledge at all of such things of course, but walking through there, apart from the usual mess of neglected dead and fallen trees etc, there really was absolutely NO sign whatsoever of that alleged 'brown canopy' business - which really could 'almost' get you thinking all manner of corruption/conspiracy type stuff with regard to someone faslely manipulating things for future planning applications etc, etc? Anyway - so - just another of the few things I hold dear being destroyed/'taken away from me'. :o( . . eventually returned to BGdns for a bit of ball play and then a sit to drink my coffee before eventually heading home. I was halfway home when I suddenly detoured and headed back down to the harbour. All morning there'd been some loud voice booming out across town on a loudspeaker from somewhere. I assumed there was 'something' going on down town, and curiosity finally got the better of me, so I had to go see. As it turned out, it wasn't anything going on down town at all. It was allegedly an open day at some school or other (Eden Park over by St Marys perhaps?). Wow - they should turn that damned PA system down! Can't posibly need to be THAT loud! The whole town must be aware of it. . impulse bought supplies of a large bag of potatoes and had to struggle home carrying them in my arms as the weather gradually improved and turned to mostly sunny, albeit still a bit chilly when in the breeze . . . PCd, just wasting away YET another day, FFS!!!!!! Received another reply to my recent mail from the local newspaper person. "Apparently the reason we didn’t use the waterski video was the timelapse photography. For the website it is better for us to have a shorter, edited highlight, rather than a longer timelapse version – if at all possible." I eventually dutifully replied in a silly 'chatty' manner, but also included as a footnote "Oh by the way - there WAS a 'Barrel Jellyfish in Brixham Harbour' video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXe6UKK-t0Q), but I imagine we're all a bit sick of hearing all about those jellyfish by now! lololol" (I'd filmed that a little while ago now, but only mentioned it, because on the local BBC news there'd just been YET another story all about them - again!) . that sail boat on the beach this morning was still preying much on my mind, and a short time afterwards, I somehow ended up mailing her again- "Oh by the way . . . there was a wayfarer sailboat apparantly washed up on the Churston Beach this morning? It'd been tied to a nearby washed up tree stump, but was below the high water mark and in the surf at high water with plenty of waves washing INTO the boat. Inside the boat there appeared to be a sleeping bag, tent and other items - all saturated in the several inches of seawater. As the tide receded, it was going to be left embeded in a mound of pebbles. I 'assumed' one of the many other passers-by would have informed the coastguard earlier - so I did nothing. I wonder what the story is there and who and where the owner is? !!!! Images attached. " I'd actually assumed that 'newspaper' people would have 'sources' and insider information from the coastguard and suchlike, and by being 'nudged' like that, may end up doing some proper journalistic investigation and do a story IF one existed, etc. Actually sending that e-mail got my conscience all worked up again about how I hadn't bothered to report what I'd seen to the coastguard! Damned if I didn't end up looking up the local coastguard phone number and giving them a call, just to confirm that someone HAD already drawn it to their attention. Would you believe it! They had NOT had any report of it. In the middle of my call, I was suddenly handed over to someone else who suggested they 'probably' knew who it was. A homeless guy with a dog sailing along the south coast, who was rescued and towed into Dartmouth the other day. Oh wow - yes - I actually overheard part of that rescue on the scanner. I only heard snippets because it was pretty much outside of my listening range, but I DO recall it, because they mentioned the guy (who as I recall it, didn't particularly want to be 'rescued') had a small dog with him. It was agreed I'd immediately mail them a couple of photos (being easy - I mailed the same ones I'd just sent the newspaper person!) to enable them to assess whether or not they should get involved. . . . . uh oh! I received a reply from the Newspaper person. Not only had they put up a story and link about the jellyfish video (which very promptly saw a LOAD of hits) , but they had ALSO put up a story about the homeless big issue seller and yacht on Churston beach - but here's the rub - complete with the same two photos I'd just mailed to the Coastguard!!!!! F***K! That's bad news and made me VERY uncomfortable on a couple of counts. First and foremost, that's gonna make it VERY obvious to the coastguard, exactly who just apparantly went running and blabbing the story to the press!! Secondly, if that yacht is still sat there unattended, that 'live right now' type of story puts it in very real danger (in MY mind - given what things were like back in Bristol etc) of potentially ending up being very quickly destroyed by the local yobs!! . I felt awful. Just awful. Aside from making my name 'mud' with the coastguard, my well meaning but naive busybody type 'meddling' could well end up with some poor homeless guy losing his boat (or worse!) to some pointless yobbish madness? 'I' would have actually been the cause! . I ended up feeling terrible about it all, really quite panicky, and because of all the newspaper stuff (credited to me by name), really vulnerable and 'over exposed'. :o( . . . forced down a banana and half a Mcvities golden syrup sponge cake with some butter. . . walked BGdns - a little bit earlier than I have been recently. I made a bee-line for the vantage point of Churston cove, worried and eager to see if the boat was still there! Phew - no sign of it. It'd already somehow gone, just leaving the pile of pebbles and a 'scar' in the high water line of seaweed. What a relief. Oh my god, WHAT a relief!!!! A HUGE relief. . Wonder how he managed to get the thing off the beach and back into the water? Oh well - bon voyage to the guy! I think he's a reckless lunatic, and I especially feel VERY concerned for the safety of his dog - but at the same time, I am in awe of anyone who can live with 'nothing' in such a way, and I really do hope he safely accomplishes his dream - although I have to say, 'I' doubt he'll do so. He's taking such a terrible risk. I've seen/heard what it can do - I strongly suspect he (and his poor dog!) will ultimately be casually taken by the sea at some point! :o( . . . TVd . . .ate just the remaining half of some mum donated strawberries and cream with huge quantities of sugar . . . to bed at 1am.