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- Up around 7am. 19C in, 12C out, sunny . . .

headachey and suicidal. VERY! Annadin tablet for breakfast. . . researched the 'pedo' woman and all her family as best I could, chain smoking - but then again, what the fuck is the point. Either she's a brainless evil bitch - or maybe even someone else posted (and removed) the comment using her account, etc etc etc. There's absolutely NOTHING I can do about any of it is there - but just suffer whatever consequences there may be! :o(

lay on the couch for a time wrestling with suicidal thoughts - because really - that IS the ONLY answer isn't it! Tears.

I have to see Bella out first.

. . . eventually mustered the courage to walk to film the birds. Walked straight down across FGn. . blazing hot sun - Yayyyy - first chick flights!! :o) . .

sat and walked around the harbour for a while grabbing a couple of photos of boats for the Brixham Fishing facebook page. . bought a ready cooked chicken on the way home through town, in the hope of being able to get Bella to eat some of it!! . . . PCd. Oh wow - the Breakfast TV tombstoning video (on Facebook) which included the bit of MY recent video. . . . . napped with difficulty on an empty stomach for only half an hour or so at max . . .

walked down through town. Bella threw up an enormous amount of liquid on the way!!!!! :o( . . . past all the steam engines just leaving. As I passed through the not 'that' busy harbour, the lifeboat was just pulling in on a very high tide to attend it's blessing ceremony thing. Didn't hang around and just headed straight for the swallows nest. . filmed for an hour or so. Wow - what a high tide. . eventually back through a litter covered harbour . . .PCd briefly . . . deboned the chicken I'd bought earlier. . drank the last of the red wine in the house followed by some Baileys while cooking for Bella. Pressure cookered the chicken bones and made the most of every last bit of meat before picking out all the bones. Cooked a 'pottage' of chicken stock, a bit of chicken meat, rice, chopped onion, a cup of Alpen and an egg!! . gave Bella half and she promptly ate it down. I gave her more mixed with the biscuit she left but she left that. . . to bed round 2am. Today 'I' did not eat apart from a couple of annadin tablets.

30 - Up around 7:10am. 19C in, 14C out, sunny . . . walked BGdns. . filmed the scaffolding . . filmed the birds . . back to BGdns to film more of the scaffolding until it was all down .freezing!! . . finally back home around 3:30pm . . charged batteries etc . .PCd and mailed the BBC person re the tombstoning video. "In principle I have no objection to your use of my recent Youtube tombstoning footage from 4th July 2015 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TANpAPlCr4E). Making the assumption that your film will be the 'usual' anti tombstoning fare, I do however feel obliged to point out it is my belief the youths in the film are 'locals', and as such will have grown up with a significant understanding of the possible dangers, the times of the tides and the associated water depths, the specific 'safe' jumping off points, etc, etc. Generations of locals have undoubtedly engaged in such activities without incident or injury.
I would also point out that none of those captured in my video have given their consent to its publication on Youtube.(You 'may' wish to refer to an older video of mine on the same subject, originaly edited to music but now copyright muted and quality reduced by Youtube re-coding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukQgU1TcMw0 ) Sincere Regards T
" . . .

utterly exhausted. Lay down on the sofa for a while but with the scanner on listening-in to a coastguard shout over wherever the fuck it was. Boat in distress - well meant false alarm . . . walked down through town to film the birds. . back via a guys house for a mackerel to cook . . . Bella refused to touch her food, literally before I'd even put it own for her! Lost my temper with her again, and shut her out in the conservatory with her food . . cooked and ate the most part of the mackerel. Yucky . . PCd. Received notification of a new comment on the tombstoning video (completely unconnected with the recent BBC approach - just extraordinary timing!)

You have absolutely NO idea how THAT made me feel.


. . .

the mother of one of the people, who's already commented saying it was them IN the video.

shed a tear or two . . .

bizarrely, despite having recieved that notification, when I looked at the comments on Youtube, it was NOT there!????? Had it been deleted - or is it simply not showing because it's showing up somewhere else - on Google+ somehwre maybe? I've no idea - I dodn't 'do' Google+, and I've no idea how all these things seem to be joined up these days after all teh takeovers etc.

to bed around midnight.

29 - Up around 7am. 18C in, 14C out, sunny spells . .Bella appears to have unknowingly peed herself while laying in her bed again! :o( . . . walked BGdns and then on down to film the swallows. Poor results, shooting into the sun again. :o( . . . sat around down the unpleasantly bustling harbour for my coffee, feeling exhausted and very VERY low again. I really am having a real hard time of things at the moment moodwise - ongoing - day after day - week after week - and feeling mildly nauseas most of the time too. All I want to do is sleep. :o( . . . SH called to touch base . . . forced myself to PC just a bit of this (whilst smoking) but predictably soon just couldn't be bothered with it (along with EVERYTHING else) - again - and returned to bed until around 6pm . . .drank a cup of milk while eating half a dozen or so chocolate biscuits . . . walked down through town to film the swallows for an hour or two . . sat under the old fish market roof for a little while listening to the male voice choir whilst drinking my coffee before heading home . . . PCd and transferred footage etc. Received an unexpected message via a Youtube message!! "Afternoon. I'm making a film for BBC Breakfast TV about tombstoning and we would love to use your footage from earlier this month. Would this be possible? You can reach me on b****.m******@bbc.co.uk. B**** M****** ." Hmmm? I need to think about that for a bit don't I. What completely unexpected 'hassle' am I liable to encounter if I say yes I wonder? . . . .TVd . . . Bella refused her food again. . . drank a glass of red wine . cooked and ate a bowl of mince stew . . to bed around 1:30am.
28 - Up around 6:45am. 19C in, 15C out, mostly cloudy but bright. . . walked BGdns and then on down to film the birds. . headed towards the inner harbour and bumped into Sis2. . sat and chatted briefly while I drank my coffee near the old fish market. As we sat there some sort of church group brass/marching band turned up and started playing!?? . . left Sis2 to continue her shopping and headed back up to BGdns to sit for a while looking out for dolphin. I'd overheard one of the ferries saying they were in the bay (again), but I couldn't see any sign of them. . headed back to Mums to have a look at all the garden clearance work she'd paid to have done yesterday. . stopped in at the pet store for more mince for Bella on the way home . . left Bella home alone and walked to the builders yard to buy two tubs of dark oak fence preservative for Mum . . .ate a piece of gala pie with crisps and coleslaw followed by a couple of biscuits . . napped until around 6pm . . .Image of swallows nest Image of feeding baby swallowswalked to film the birds for ages. A lot cooler this evening. Even had my fingerless gloves on for much of the time. A coastguard shout went out at some point, about a 'swimmer in the water' somewhere off the Berry Head hotel. The ILB was launched and attended, but it was pretty soon confirmed it was a diver from a nearby dive rib, everyone was fine and it was another well intentioned false alarm. . sat in Bgdns to drink my coffee gone 9pm before eventually heading home . . . TVd . . . ate re-heated chicken pieces with some chips followed by a bit of chocolate . . .to bed around 1:30am. Bella refused to touch her food again today - although DID eat a couple of the chicken bones I dared to let her have. :o(
27 - Broken sleep again then up around 8am. 19C in, 17C out, sun and showers. . had to rush Bella back outside when she started to throw up. Got her outside just in time, but that means she'll have thrown up the tablets she just took! :o( . . .walked BGdns, filmed the swallows, sat down the harbour to drink my coffee, bought a few supplies and then back home through town . . . cooked and ate two cheeseburgers with chips . . slept until around 6pm . . . TVd . . .thankfully Bella ate 'ok' today . . . cooked and ate going cheap/out of date chicken pieces followed by some chocolate . . back to bed around 12:30am.
26 - Woke around 4am and had trouble getting back to sleep for ages. Back up around 8:30am. 19C in, 11C out, heavy rain and gusty winds. . . postponed walking because of the really awful weather. . lay back down and tried going back to sleep for quite a while . . eventually walked BGdns in the rain in full weather gear around midday. . some dickhead has been around the place graffitting everything! FFS! :o( . . the boat moored directly in front of the swallows ladder was thankfully gone. WHAT a relief! SUCH a HUGE relief. Still raining and not possible to sit and film, so carried on down to the harbour - just as the rain stopped. Returned to film the birds for a while, sitting on the soaking wet ground. So much for my waterproofs - ended up with all the rainwater just seeping straight through and making everything I was wearing soaking wet. . . had a welcome 'off the record' conversation with a lifeboat crewman about the 'new' Solent/Falmouth Coastguard stations and their operating efficiency in comparison to the now closed Brixham coastguard station. He confirmed everything I'd gleened from my monitoring. Someone needs to be a bloody whistle blower about how dreadfully poor things now are!!! Outrageous that the service is now SO VERY poor!

. . saw a dolphin in the outer harbour . .sadly I was too busy filming the swallows to get my camera onto it, other than the briefest of glimpses of its fin with a distictive chunk missing from the top of it. It eventually reappeared for quite some time amongst the moorings down towards the old Astra Zeneca building, resulting in quite a little crowd of onlookers all along the harbor's edge . .

eventually back up to BGdns and eventually headed back home via the store for a few supplies. Overcharged on some reduced stuff and had to walk all the way back up there for the sake of 50p. FFS! . .ate crisps, a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, some slices of turkey and a couple of biscuits . . napped . . . TVd . . ate a tin of sausages in baked beans and some chocolate . . . to bed around 2am. Bella refused all but a mouthful of her food again.
25 - Woke earlier, tried to sleep on, then up around 7:45am. 19C in, 16C out, sunny. . .walked. Stopped off at Mums to say happy birthday and give her the token card I'd got. . . walked BGdns and soon on down to film the swallows nest. . eventually carried on down to the harbour to sit near the old fish market to drink my coffee. . back via BGdns and headed to Mums to sit in the garden chatting with Sis1,2 and Mum etc . . TVd/PCd briefly but felt SO tired, ended up laying back down to nap and then slept through until around 6pm . . .walked straight down through town to film the birds.

Unusual activity from the parent swallows, fluttering around near the nest but NOT going TO it!!!??? - a motor boat was moored directly in front of the swallows ladder! :o( For quite a while it appeared quite possible the distant nest was all still and devoid of life!!!! Wow - I AM so VERY emotionally caught up in all of this bird nest nonsense. I felt just awful. . at last, things settled back down to more 'normal' parent bird behaviour, and the heads of all four chicks re-emerged from the shadowy nest! Phew.

Damn - because of the enormous awning on that boat, if it's going to be left there overnight, come high tide, it will be COMPLETELY blocking access to teh nest!!! :o(

eventually headed home, feeling awful about whatever fate had in store for the birds this night! :o( . . . ate buttery mixed veg and corned beef again. . . Bella unexpectedly refused her food this evening after a long run of eating ok. :o( . . .-//-

to bed around 1am, leaving Bella shut in the kitchen with her uneaten food!!!! :o(
24 - Up around 7am. 19C in, 12C out, heavy rain as forecast. . .walked BGdns in full waterproofs in the torrential rain. On down to have a quick look at the birds and then sat under the old fish market roof with my coffee. Sat on the ground in a puddle!

back along to BGdns and headed home. Stopped at the pet store to buy a 12kg sack of dog food for delivery later . . . recovered from the walk and eventually put on dry clothes . . drank a glass of red wine and ate chicken and chips . . did dish washing chores for ages . . lay down on the sofa for less than an hour until DF arrived . . coffee biscuits and arguments until around 10:30pm . .listened-in, and watched the lights across town, as Rescue 169 landed at Berry Head and apparantly transfered someone to hospital somewhere. It actually flew right overhead as it left the area just after DF had gone home . (local news reports later suggested it was some person who'd set fire to his clothing!!!) . .TVd . . ate mixed veg and a couple of slices of corned beef doused in butter, a banana and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
23 - Woke around 7am. 21C in, 19C out, sunny. . .walked BGdns, on down to film the birds, and then sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee.

Bought a 99p 'Three' SIM and 10 credit . . . played with the Samsung phone for ages

ate corned beef, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches with crisps . . .napped until 6:30pm . walked to film the birds with Sis2. Eventually home via BGdns after 9pm with a few drops of rain in the air. . . TVd . . .ate a large amount of cold chicken, on its own covered in salt - followed by a large amount of chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
22 - Woke earlier then up around 8:35am. 21C in, 19C out, mostly sunny to start . . .walked BGdns feeling exhausted and down. Carried on down to film the birds. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Sat there for even longer, sheltering, when a prolonged rain shower passed through. .bought a few supplies and then home through town . . TVd/PCd . . the postman delivered both phone cables I'd recently ordered. . Managed to charge the battery up a bit and messed around for quite some time having a poke at Sis1s old Samsung GT-I5500. Given a new SIM, it would appear to be a go-er, although sadly it's locked to '3' so if I am going to start using it, I'll have to stick with them as a network provider - and of course buy a new battery I suspect. . . ate a chicken leg with chips . . . napped until 6:30pm . . . TVd . . .'browsed' throughout the evening and ate a chicken leg on its own with salt, crisps, pickled onions and cheese, banana, biscuits, bowls of co-co pops and chocolate . . to bed around 12:30am.
21 - Up around 8:10am. 21C in, 19C out,mostly sunny. . .walked BGdns and then on down to film the swallows nest for a bit. Scudding clouds, but much of the sitting there was in the unpleasant full sun again. . eventually on into the inner harbour to sit in the shade under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Bumped into nephew JM, his partner and the kids as they passed by. Sis1 and her daughter were allegedly at the cafe on Fishcombe Cove or somewhere around Bgdns. Must have only just missed them earlier. . had a quick poke in a charity shop before heading home, looking through a tub of various leads and power supplies, in the hope I may find a miniature USB lead - but sadly not. I'll frustratingly just have to wait for the one I've ordered to turn-up, before I can continue messing with that Samsung phone to see if it 'may' be useable. . straight home through town in the sweltering heat . . . TVd recovering from the walk . . . PCd this . . .ate a bag of crisps, a banana and some biscuits . . . walked with Sis2 to film the birds some more


nauseating kids dumping rubbish ALL the way along the footpath up and into BGdns

on up into BGdns. Motor cruiser making a call to the coastguard about a kayak they'd found

to Mums to argue and get angry :o(

. . TVd . . ate biscuits, a couple of bowls of co-co pops and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1:40am.
20 - Up around 7:45am. 21C in, 18C out, overcast and damp after rain. . .walked Bgdns, on down to film the birds for a short while in a bit of mizzle . sheltered under the old fish market roof for ages with my coffee before heading back to BGdns and eventually home as things improved to sunny. Felt utterly tired-out and rather down . . TVd/PCd a bit . . napped briefly as dictated by all the neighbour noise . . . laboriously carefully measured out and mixed up a batch of my toffee flavour e-liquid to keep me going for quite a while. . . PCd and eventually managed to identify one of the phones Sis1 had given Sis2 to either use or get rid of. A Samsung 'Europa' GT-I5500 - and it IS a touch screen smart phone ( a 'few' years old)! Oooh, oooh, oohh! The bad news was, it would NOT turn on. IF it's just a case that the battery is dead, it may still be VERY much worth me pursuing - especially since the batteries are suprisingly relatively inexpensive (just a few pounds). THE most frustrating part was that I didn't have a USB to miniature USB lead in the house as far as I could find after having searched all over, so I couldn't even attempt to get some power into it from the PC (or even by borrowing one of Sis2's USB power supply/plugs). Ooooh, HOW frustrating is that! Ended up going back on-line and ordering '1M LONG MICRO USB LEAD SYNC CHARGE DATA CABLE' for 99p inc delivery. Gonna have to contain my excitement for a few days before I can play with all that some more. Fingers VERY much crossed. Oh yeah - one other thing I discovered when poking at that phone, was that Sis1 had unknowingly left the removeable 1GB micro SD card in the thing - complete with a load of old 'family' type photos she'd taken a couple of years ago!!! Tut, tut! Copied those straight off to my PC in case she wanted them sometime, somehow. . . . cooked and ate two cheeseburgers with a large pot of buttered mixed veg followed by chocolate . . listened-in well after midnight as the ALB was sent to help a yacht with alleged engine failure, somewhere round towards Dartmouth. It was taken under tow and safely brought back to Brixham - with some comms comments suggesting it had simnply run out of petrol!. . TVd until to bed around 2am.
19 - Woke earlier then up around 8am. 20C in, 17C out, cloud clearing to sunny. . .walked BGdns and then on down to film birds for a while. Uncomfortably hot in the sun and 'busy' around the area. Didn't sit there for 'too' long. . carried on around the harbour and sat on a bench near the old coastguard station for my coffee. I would have sat under the old fish market roof like usual, but a small crowd of hymn singers were assembled under there, and being around that was more than I could stomach.Image of fishing vessel Thankful being painted Image of fishing vessel Thankful being paintedThe advantage of sitting where I did was that I was able to watch across the harbour, more work being done on the town dock on the small fishing boat called 'Thankful', for which I have a soft spot. A woman/artist was in the process of touching-up the mermaid painted on either side of her bow. Grabbed some footage and a couple of stills, for a Brixham Fishing mermaid 'thankful for a makeover' type facebook post later. Some of the images I captured really did look as though she was having eyeliner, lipgloss and nailvarnish applied. lolol :o) . . . eventually back along and up into BGdns to cool off in the shade on top of my favourite gun emplacement for a while. Touched base on my old mobile phone with Sis2 at Mums. Sis1, her son, his kids etc had all arrived . . walked to Mums and sat in the garden with them all chatting for quite a while. I returned home when they all started heading off to go for a meal. I just couldn't handle the pospect of all that. I HAVE become 'worse'. Even just chatting with 'family' eventually had me feeling as though I needed to 'escape' and get back to being on my own with Bella!!! . . . PCd. . ate a banana and a square of chocolate. . .walked straight down through town to film the birds again. Mostly innactive - just sheltering the babies from the sun. Straight back home through town . . .cooked and ate a beef mince, mixed veg stew with two crusts of bread and butter. . TVd . . ate two fairy cakes, followed by a bowl of creamy co co pops and some chocolate . . . TVd until to bed around 1:30am.
18 - Up around 8:40am. 21C in, 20C out, sunny. . . walked straight down through town to film the birds for a bit. Too hot to sit there for too long in the full sun. .dipped Bella in the sea on the slipway for a bit to cool her down. Back up into Bgdns to sit around for a while before heading home. Stopped off in the pet store for more dog mince supplies before home . .headachey . . messed around some more with Sis2's now fully charged Ipad, setting it up to be able to connect to my wireless router and get online etc. Wow - what a slick piece of quality kit that is. Makes my cheapo tablet look VERY poor in performance and feel etc, etc. I even managed to fire up her Iphone and get THAT online through my router, albeit without a SIM card to be able to actually use it as a phone of course. Again after having read up on stuff online, I concluded that Sis2 did NOT have the appropriate (slightly older style) USB data sync/charger lead to be able to charge her Iphone - although she DID have the power supply/plug. . . Mum and Sis2 called in with the papers and food donations and to have her iPad back to play with - fully charged, and with the loan of my US two pin to UK three pin adapter plug, etc. . . ate a slice of gala pie, crisps, mini cheddars and a banana. . PCd and ordered a 'Sync Data Charge Cable' for Sis2's Iphone for 99p including delivery. Should be here by the middle of next week - and then Sis2 will be all equipped to go, both here and back at home in the US . . napped until around 6:30pm . . .DF called in for coffee, biscuits and arguments until gone 10:30pm. . . ate two ham finger rolls, mini cheddars, banana and chocolate.
17 - Up around 8am. 20C in, 18C out, cloud clearing to sunny. . .walked BGdns and then on down to film the birds. Headed down into the harbour but then heard comms on the radio that a broken down trawler was being towed back in by another, and the pilot boat was going to meet them off the breakwater and bring it back in alongside. Ended up walking back up to my favourite gun emplacement roof in lower BGdns to film developments (for some 'stills' posting to Facebook later). . back down to the inner harbour to sit under the old fish market roof with my coffee. Saw Sis2 and both sat and chatted for a bit before carrying on my way, buying a few supplies in town, and then heading home. . . PCd . . ate a pack of small sausage rolls with crisps and a banana . . napped on the sofa for maybe just an hour . . . walked with Sis2 down to film the birds some more. Eventually back via BGdns and stopped off at Mum's on the way for chats in the garden. Sis2 showed me what she'd brought with her from the states, which she'd been given by someone, and which she hoped I'd be able to help her start to understand and maybe use! Oh wow - turned out to be an Ipad AND an Iphone4S!! Lucky b****!! lol

ended up eventually heading home with Sis2s equipment to try to sort out, because I was sure I had a US to UK plug adapter somewhere which would enable her to charge it and start using it. I ALSO took the two old, allegedly 'fit-for-the-bin/recycling' mobile phones Sis1 had given her in case she could have somehow managed to use them whilst she is here. If only Sis1 hadn't 'thrown away' the bloody chargers etc. What on earth was she thinking? I hate to admit it, but it actually rather 'irritated' me that it hadn't even crossed her mind to to let ME have them - despite me long ago pleading with her that if she ever upgraded her phone, I'd VERY much be interested in her old one! I don't know, but it looks to me as though one of those phones IS actually a Smart phone, VERY much more up to date than what I carry! Ooooh - IF it still works, it 'may' well be worth investing in a new battery, power supply etc. I am going to HAVE to look seriously into identifying that one.
. . PCd and nervously messed around with Sis2's Ipad and the unidentified bag of leads and plugs she had with it, and after reading-up on this and that online, using a two pin US style to three pin UK adaptor, eventually managed to get it charging (in spite of some confusing on-screen battery icon stating it was NOT charging when it actually was??). -//-
. . . drank a glass of red wine . .touched base with Sis2 more than once, to put her worried mind at rest and let her know her Ipad was quite safe and WAS now charging etc. . ate a meat pastry slice, mini cheddars and a banana . . to bed around 2am - actually daring to leave the Ipad still charging, because it was going SO slowly!? It ultimately transpired, I think I had started off using the lower wattage USB power supply for the
phone rather than for the Ipad, which is why it was taking SO long. Much quicker once I'd identified the right plug to put the USB lead into.
16 - Woke earlier then up around 7:30am. 20C in, 15C out, grey. Headachey. . walked BGdns - with a saw! The dreadful neglect that the whole of the gardens has been suffering in recent times has really started to get to me. The whole of the top part of the gardens up near the roof over the seats, is now all SO overgrown, it's pretty much a lost cause, and none of the seats offer much of a view of the bay any longer!! Scandalous! The whole 'point' of that place is that it's been a lookout point for hundreds of years. One generation of complete neglect with regard to all the self seeded and overgrown trees and budlea , and it's been completely ruined - and no one seems prepared to do a damn thing about it. The lower part of the gardens is fast going the same way, and every morning I sit there straigning to see around the obstructing growing trees, it drives me crazy. All the vantage points I've been using for the last several years to film stuff, are gradually disappearing behind the new weed/tree growth, and at least two of the lower memorial seats are never used because trees have grown directly in front of them on the cliff tops. Image of cut down saplings One of those seats in particular was my target, and the reason I took the saw with me this morning. The tree which was growing in front of it was still small enough to appear to be 'fairly' easily cut down. As it turned out, probably because my saw is blunt and needs replacing, it was still a hot and difficult little job to cut through the arm sized main trunk at ground level. At length I managed it in the end and dragged and dumped the cuttings unseen amongst the jungle like woods higher up. Sat and recovered from my exertions for a while, actually feeling a bit overheating and rather unwell as a result. Eventually cut down a couple more 'manageable' saplings from the slope immediately beneath one of the lower searchlight gun emplacements, because they were starting to completely block any sort of view from within the bunker. I left those cuttings where they fell. Of course I have absolutely no actual authority to do any of this, so I made sure I took photos of the before and after, just in case anyone started getting funny about it, so I could argue my case and justify what I'd done. Thankfully a few passing dog walkers and passers by did agree with what I was doing. In the little thumbnails I've included here, the top pictures are pretty self explanatory. The lower pictures are of the saplings in front of the lower gun emplacement, but actually looking down the cliff from on top the roof of the bunker, so it doesn't really show how much they 'needed' cutting down. Sadly the other trees which similarly need removing (much more so!) are pretty much already too big for me to manage, and are also on reasonably dangerous cliff edges, so I don't think I can do anything about them. My favourite vantage point for sitting and filming atop the higher of the two lower searchlight gun emplacements, will soon be a complete loss because of three large saplings. They have already made filming from inside that gun emplacement (like when it's raining) pretty much impossible now. A real tragedy that. Just unforgiveable penny-pinching neglect by the council! :o( . . . eventually carried on down towards the harbour to film the swallows for a while. . since I've been regularly (most days) going down there filming, one large yacht in particular has been moored alongside the yacht-club pontoon, with a guy pretty much living on board. I've had a few 'polite' conversations with him about the birds, etc. Eavesdropping a conversation he was having with the yacht club shuttle skipper, he revealed that he'd been woken around 8am this morning by a 'dinging' sound as something hit part of his boat. Up on deck he'd found an airgun pellet (.177)!!!!!!! That's bad news and really unsettled me. The likelihood is that someone somewhere up higher behind the yacht club building had been shooting at a seagull perhaps? It utterly appalls me how many barbarians around here seem to think nothing of trying to kill the seagulls, which they have chosen to regard as 'flying vermin', etc. All 'attached' to the swallows, hearing this news was EXTREMELY worrying to me of course. :o( . eventually sat for my coffee under the old fish market roof. Bought a big heavy bag of potatoes and then straight home through town . . on arrival back at home, the 'new' neighbours next door were in the final moments of actually moving out. I had a very brief word and was told the new people were a couple of teachers with some young kids. Phew. Hopefully NOT a 'rental' then. Fingers crossed it'll be ok, noise wise. . Before their van had even pulled off, the new peoples removal vans pulled up behind them and the moving in soon started. I haven't seen the new people yet - and frankly have no desire to have to make a conversation and be all polite etc. All in good time. . . . Mowed the back lawn. Did laundry chores . . ate corned beef sandwiches and crisps . . napped until around 6:30pm . . . TVd the night away. . cooked and ate two cheeseburgers and chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
15 - Up around 7am. 20C in, 17C out, grey . . . walked BGdns and then on down to film the birds a bit. A big plume of smoke inland behind Paignton suggested another bad fire somewhere - which seemed to continue most of the morning. Ended up under the old fish market roof sheltering (no raincoat) when a prolonged rain shower arrived. Sat there drinking my coffee and just watching the world go by for ages before finally the rain stopped. Eventually home back up through Bgdns. . . PCd . . .trimmed my hair and beard etc. . .the 'sale agreed' sign which has been sat in next door's front garden for a bizarre number of months has finally been changed to sold, and it does look from the appearance of a hire van etc as though they are fixing to be gone pretty soon. Worrying. . . the grey and drizzly weather of earlier suddenly seemed to improve and turn to sunny spells come early evening. Next door had workmen in giving their overgrown garden a sudden noisy tidy up before the new people arrive. Too noisy for comfort, and just the right sort of light for filming the birds, so ended up heading back out and walking straight down to film them again - for ages. Unfortunately despite the good light, they didn't seem particularly active this evening for some reason. I get the impression that when the low sunlight is 'almost' full on them like that, the female adult sits on the nest at length, spreads herself out and trys to actually sheild the chicks from the direct light and heat. . eventually home via BGdns well after 9pm. . .TVd . . .drank red wine while cooking and then ate a bowl or two of mixed veg and beef mince 'stew' followed by a square of chocolate or two . . . to bed by 1am.
14 - Woke earlier then up around 7am. 20C in, 17C out, grey . . . walked BGdns and then soon headed off down towards the harbour to film the swallows for an hour or so. Actually experimented some more, with seeing if I could get away with applying just a bit of digital zoom, desperately trying to get just that 'little' bit 'closer' to the gloomy crevice. With the camcorder maxed-out on its 70x optical zoom, I can just get the whole top ladder rung in the frame - but the effect of the zoom in anything other than low late evening sunlight, makes the image all 'washed out' and a bit out of focus. Sadly (as fully expected of course) the digital zoom just makes it look grainier and even worse - although up to a 100x zoom is 'just' about watchable-ish. SUCH a shame I can't get 'IN' there just a tiny bit more. :o( . . . sat under the old fish market roof to drink my coffee before heading back home via Bgdns, well after midday yet again! . . . PCd and ended up editing a quick short snip of this morning's swallow footage and uploading it straight to Youtube. Wanted a short snip to prove the chicks have hatched, so I could include a link to it in a couple of e-mails - one to the MTS Group (operators of the pilot boat etc) and one to the Brixham Yacht Club. Dared to mail them as follows, in the hope that just 'maybe' they'll care enough to 'try' to not moor boats in front of the nest, etc, etc. "Unusual Swallow Nest Location :- You 'may' be aware that a pair of swallows have made a nest in an unusual location on the Brixham harbourside in the vicinity of the Brixham Yacht Club slipway / MTS building/pilot boat mooring. The chicks have now hatched (3+, circa 11th July 2015) and the parents are feeding them. Young swallows fledge in approximately 20 - 22 days. A short snip of video recorded on the morning of Tuesday 14th July 2015 is available to view via the following Youtube link. The precise location of the nest is revealed at the end of this video. (Image of location also attached to this e-mail.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWdPfei_89g (A longer piece of video recorded on 4th July 2015 BEFORE the eggs hatched is available here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeu07-MlD6Y ) The UK swallow population is estimated as something in the region of 375,000 pairs, and although they are still widely distributed, their numbers are in overall decline. The main reason for this is believed to be deterioration in the quality of feeding habitat in both their breeding and wintering grounds. Another factor is diminishing availability of suitable nesting sites as farms are modernized and other ramshackle buildings are renovated or demolished. The swallow is now an Amber List species which means it is of medium conservation concern and has a population or range that has declined moderately in recent years. Swallows and their nests are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which makes it an offence to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird. It is an offence to intentionally take, damage or destroy the eggs, young or nest of a swallow whilst it is being built or in use. The Act allows for fines or prison sentences for every bird, egg or nest destroyed. I would greatly appreciate any help you are able to give over the coming few weeks, which could ensure that the nest remains 'undisturbed' and the chicks are given the opportunity to survive. Sincere Regards T". I think that's really as much as I can reasonably do on their behalf. (Of course I'm painfuly aware that 'publicising' it like that, could even have the absolute opposite result!!) I DID even forward a copy to a BBC Springwatch e-mail address, although I hardly think for one minute they would have time to even read the e-mail, let alone actually be interested. Shame though - imagine what shots THEY could get with their 'unlimited' resources/high tech cameras, etc. It must SURELY be a most unusual location, and SUCH a rare opportunity to be able to film them like I have been, etc. . . ate a trio of small sausage rolls with crisps . . . walked with Sis2. Headed straight down through town to film the nest for a while before along and up into BGdns and then home . . . TVd . . ate beef sandwiches, crisps, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed by 1am.
13 - Woke around 7am, snoozed on then up at 8am. 20C in, 18C out, grey . . walked BGdns. Image of a Brixham sealSpent quite a while pointing the camera at a basking seal on the rocks at low tide just off the gardens, before heading down to film the swallows for a while. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee before heading home through town after having bought a few going out of date/cheap supplies. . PCd . . cooked and ate two quarter pound cheeseburgers. . . napped until around 6:30pm. . .Sis2 called to touch base from Mum's . . . TVd the night off . . ate three mini sausage rolls, bowls of rice krispies, biscuits and chocolate . . to bed after 1:30am.
12 - Up at 8am. 20C in, 18C out, drizzle. . .feeling pretty rough! Set some more video files copying over to my new hard drive and left things running. Walked BGdns in waterproofs and mostly just sheltered from the light rain in gun emplacements for a while, before ending up carrying on down (briefly checking on the swallows on the way) to sit under the old fish market roof with my coffee. Eventually headed back up to BGdns when comms on the radio suggested a trawler had some sort of gearbox trouble or some such, and was unusualy going to be assisted back into the harbour by the pilot boat. . grabbed a brief snip of footage before ending up sheltering on a seat under the roof for a while watching the birds and a rabbit eating birdseed under the feeder . . . PCd and posted a bunch of screen caps of the trawler/pilot boat to Facebook's Brixham Fishing . . PCd a bit of this . . . jeeze am I hurting, tired and woozy!!! The side of my foot where I stumbled and hurt it the other day, has actually turned a bruised purple colour in part. I really did come SO close to being carried out of there. It's still rather painful, but not so much when just walking thankfully. :o( . . .napped . . . TVd . . drank a glass of red wine while cooking. Vacuumed. Ate beef slices with roast potatoes, two small yorkshire puddings, stuffing, mixed veg and gravy. . . TVd . . ate bowls of rice krispies, biscuits and chocolate . . TVd until to bed around 1:30am.
11 - Up around 7:30am. 20C in, 18C out, sunny. . . walked straight down through town to film the swallows in sunny spells. Bit of mayhem down there with some sort of yachting event for kids being staged I think. Had a bit of a conversation with the BYC Shuttle skipper, who agreed to tell people about the nest and not to use the ladder etc. He suggested that all the timber surrounding that nest is soon be removed!!!!! :o( . . eventually back up to BGdns to sit around for a bit, before home to review footage and charge batteries . . . Image of a swallow feeding its chickMum called in with the papers and food donations for chats - and to watch a bit of the swallows footage . . . ate a piece of gala pie, crisps and coleslaw. . . napped on the sofa for maybe just an hour or so . . . walked straight down through town to film the swallows some more. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so I think I'll be having a (much needed) day off from filming them - although if it was possible, I'd be down there filming them ALL the time! . . 'Hints' of THREE young now (at least), and the parents doing a 'bit' of feeding - although, not as much as I'd imagined they would be? In the little video frame I've included here, that little grey shadow at the end of the parent's beak, IS a chick being fed. :o) It's all oh SO vulnerable. Just a bad easterly storm would see it likely all washed away, never mind the greater risk of boats mooring against them, and people climbing up their ladder, etc, etc, etc. I seem to feel in a constant state of elevated anxiety (and exhaustion) as a result! Called it quits around 8pm and headed home via BGdns . .stood out in the front garden cupping my ears for a while, listening to a rather good Hendrix tribute band playing across town at the Hapnin. . .reviewed footage, charged batteries etc . . TVd . . . ate a whole small pack of going out of date/cheap sausages with buttered mixed veg, followed by chocolate and then a couple of mum donated capuccino fairy cakes . . to bed around 2am.
10 - Woke earlier then up around 7:35am. 20C in, 15C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns. . down to film swallows etc for a bit . . back home via BGdns and the store for supplies . . . PCd. News of a scalloper 'JMT' having gone missing out of Plymouth with a two person crew!! Big search going on, and upsetting posts from people who know the crew desperate for more information on Facebook - but then a body found. :o( . . the postman delivered my new hard drive somewhere after 1pm. Just left it unopened/untouched, to look at some other time . . . ate two cheese covered toasted crumpets with mini chedders and a banana. . . napped . . . walked straight down through town and filmed swallows for a couple of hours despite a bit of rain from a passing thunder storm. Eventually home via BGdns well gone 9pm . . PCd the swallow footage and yayyyy - confirmed at least two eggs have hatched. . plenty of noise from the Hapnin drifting across town . . TVd . . ate two haslet finger rolls, crisps, coleslaw, banana and a whole bar of chocolate! . . to bed gone 1am.
9 - Woke around 7am, up at 7:30am. 20C in, 17C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns, down to film the swallows and then to the harbour to sit with my coffee. Eventually headed back again. Played ball with Bella on an outer harbour slipway, throwing it out for her to swim for. Just off the rocks of the slipway was another big barrel jellyfish up to two feet across, although it didn't appear to be moving so looked deceased to me. .back up in BGdns I stumbled on some uneven ground and twisted my right ankle rather badly. Very very painful. . . PCd . . . ate corned beef, mayo and grated cheese sandwiches, crisps and mini cheddars . . . napped - with difficulty, because of the pain from my slightly swollen looking ankle . . .TVd . . . ate corned beef and mixed veg with melted butter followed by a banana and chocolate biscuits . .the stage has already been set up in the field across town for this weekend's 'Hapn'in' . Although at a side-on angle, but for a large dead looking tree in the way, it's 'almost' possible to zoom in right across town with the camcorder and actually see the stage. I don't think I can face attending any of it this year. . to bed around 2am..
8 - Woke around 6:30am, up before 7am. 20C in, 16C out, broken cloud. . . walked BGdns a little early with occasional hints of light drizzle. Feeling down. . carried on down towards the harbour and checked on the swallows nest on the way. A young seagull was sat on the yacht club slipway right in front of me, with a bloody broken wing! :o( Already feeling VERY down, having to witness that awful suffering didn't help one little bit!! Filmed the swallows for just a couple of minutes, before managing to simply walk away from the nearby suffering seagull and head towards the inner harbour. VERY difficult for me to just walk away like that - but I really needed to use the public loo down the harbour, and if I HAD managed to catch the seagull, without a car again, it would have been a VERY difficult and long upsetting walk up through town to the vet to have the thing destroyed. :o( . Sat around and drank my coffee, feeling oh so VERY miserable, and all the while 'agonising' about the injured seagull. Ultimately ended up reluctantly heading back to the yacht club slipway to see if I could capture it. Filmed the swallows for a bit when I found they were BOTH there again, with the male sat on his usual ladder rung in front of the nest. . Eventually tied Bella to a fence and started to have a go at getting close to the baby seagull - by now moved onto a rock down nearer the water at the bottom of the slipway. I got REAL close - so close in fact, I really SHOULD have captured it, but I then somehow blew it, and it took to the water and was soon slowly paddling away and well out of reach. Poor thing - but also a tinge of relief that I didn't have to deal with it. . .bought supplies of mixed veg and chocolate on the way home through town . . . PCd this at great length . . . TVd . . . ate a ham sandwhich, crisps, pickled onions and a banana. . . to bed around 12:30am.
7 - Dreadful disturbed sleep then up around 8am. 20C in, 16C out, sunny spells after rain. . . walked BGdns. Had to shelter from the rain in a gun emplacement for a bit. Yikes - the first gun emplacement we went into unexpectedly had the old homeless guy asleep in it (surrounded by his empty bottle of booze, glasses, even his coin money!), so we soon ended up in the other nearby. . Eventually carried on down to check in on the swallows nest before then to the harbour to sit around for a bit, occasionaly poking at this and that with the cameras (with possible Facebook submissions in mind). Image of fishing vessel Thankful in BrixhamThe small fishing boat 'Thankful' was in the process of being lifted out of the water by the crane on the inner harbour dock - clearly for some much needed anti-fouling/cleaning work to be done on the hull. Poked the cameras at the scene and couldn't believe my luck when one of the guys helping lift it out and get it securely sat on blocks, briefly pushed against the front of the boat to make sure it was secure on its blocks. He hadn't at all realised that his hand was directly on the part of the bow which had a naked breasted mermaid painted on either side. Brilliant screen capture! Definitely worthy of a Facebook, 'Brixham Fishing' post! lolololol . . . ultimately returned to BGdns and then home via the pet store for more frozen dog mince supplies . . PCd and posted the 'Thankful' video screen capture to Facebook with the caption "Quite a handful . . . of work to do I meant! Thankful out this morning." lol :o) I did actually then after having watched one of my own old videos, go on to comment on my own same post. "I filmed this boat back on 13th February 2008. Although Youtube have since re-coded it and ruined the quality, it still ranks as one of my favourites." Brixham Fisherman I can hardly believe it was THAT long ago I filmed it!! Incredible! . . Oh FFS!!!! I finally received a reply from the school about the Slacklining Video. "Dear Terry, Thank you for your email. However, we would like to kindly request that you remove the posted video from Youtube because of restrictions regarding data protection of our pupils. We have some children who are not allowed to be photographed of filmed. Many thanks, Sally O'Dwyer Administrator West Alvington Church of England Primary School". I suppose I SHOULD have seen that coming? What UTTER politically correct insanity. As if anyone could be recognised from such a distant blurry SD video - and especially given the chilkdren were largely dressed as pirates etc. UTTERLY infuriatingly ABSURD (but - then what would one expect from 'Church Of England School' religious types! <spit>) I really really didn't want to delete it - but it just didn't seem worth 'upsetting' anyone over it. I did reluctantly delete it straight away - and replied "Video deleted as requested. SUCH a shame. Such a cute little innocent moment. :o( I do however feel obliged to point out that I do not believe you have any legitimate legal basis for your request, since the events occurred in a public space and I was most certainly not the only one taking photographs/video around the harbour at that time. Regards T". "Dear Terry, Thank you very much for your co-operation with this matter. Regards, Sally O'Dwyer". . felt obligated to let the Slacklining guy know, so I copied their letter to him and commented "Much to my despair/disgust, the school has requested the Brixham Slacklining video be removed! Rather than cause any upset, I HAVE deleted it. Sorry about that. Sincere Regards T :o( " . . that all saw my 'mood' go straight down the toilet! . . . . retreated to bed in total isolated despair. Difficulty sleeping, involuntarily arguing the case of reason to imagined mad people (which EVERYONE is!), before eventually napping until shortly before 6pm . . . TVd . . .PCd briefly. Oooer - read local news (and Facebook) reports that someone had intended to hold a large 'rave' on Churston Cove this evening, and the police were intending to prevent them doing so, etc, etc. A good evening for me in particular NOT to be walking down there I think! . . . ate two cheeseburgers with mixed veg followed by a couple of bananas and half a packet of chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 11:15pm.
6 - Woke earlier, poorly snoozed on then up around 8am. 20C in, 15C out, cloudy . . . walked BGdns. Some idiot angler on the end of the breakwater had gone past the scaffolding barriers and was fishing from the very end. He managed to snag his line on the scaffolding and safety netting and climbed up the outside of the scaffolding to retrieve it - TWICE! Managed to capture a brief snip of video to hopefully be able to 'share' an image of it on Spotted Brixham later. Betcha THAT will get some comments! lol WHAT a plonker! . . carried on down towards the harbour and did a bit of swallow filming. Poor light again made for lack luster results. The tide was high and I ended up getting well splashed by a small wave breaking on the slipway and adjoining rocks. That one little 'well aimed' splash actually got the camcorder soaked! Damn - bit of a panic there! Managed to mop off the water with a paper towel (in my pocket from long ago in case I needed to poke around in Bella's 'irritable' ears!) without any apparant damage thank goodness. . eventually headed to the cover of the old fish market roof for my coffee before ultimately heading back to BGdns on the way home. . I forget exactly when it was (I 'think' it was about now) - but when heading towards the exit gate of BGdns, I detoured down under the trees to pick up a 'noticeable' bit of litter that was laying there. Turned out to be a long hand-written letter of some sort. I ended up, just out of curiosity, sitting on a nearby bench reading it before intending to pop it into a bin. The rain had dampened it and made it hard to read in parts. Yikes! I could have done without reading that. Emotionaly 'disturbing' I found! I even couldn't bring myself to bin it right then and there, and ended up carrying it home with me!!??!! Oooo I wonder - could that maybe have been written by the homeless guy who was sleeping in the hamoc nearby the other night - and who I've seen around the place since? Probably not, but I think it's very sad - and 'disturbing' whoever? "I know I cant be making you proud and what I have done and am doing you would be ashamed of. I have taken a wrong turn somewhere and I need you here to put me straight but this time its for good and I cant see a way out of it. I do anything I can to find you -/unintelligible/- of a cigarette, the bottom of an empty vodka bottle or the front of my mind at 3am. I just wanted to say I miss you more than anyone could understand. Im still here, taking the blame for both of us everyday whilst your at rest, I'd rather be on the front line defending you for everything I can to make you happy. You are my absolute world. I love you more than you ever could have realised. You took me in when I had no one, you were there for me at my worst and you've seen me strive and achieve things Id never thought Id do and -/unintelligible/- would never come as -/unintelligible/- me to find peace within myself. We've laughed together and cried together and you taught me to be happy. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up to the -/unintelligible/- thing on my mind you did not realise your importance and took your life too soon. I could go on writing about you for a million years but no amount of words could ever describe how much I love you and would do anything to be with you right now. I love you so much (small heart icon)
If love could have saved you you would have lived forever
(large heart icon)"
. . . PCd and despite trying not to spend really anything much until the 'Bella thing' is done and dusted, went ahead and ordered from PC World another external hard drive! All this recent picture taking and videoing I've been doing, has meant my hard drives have rapidly begun to fill up again/as always - and I'm no longer in a position to be able to attempt to safeguard things by making copies, etc! I need more hard drive storage - and as much as I can get my hands on!! Ordered a "
SEAGATE - Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive - 4TB, Black" for 99.98 inc postage. . PCd at length. Edited and uploaded to Youtube the snips of the
Tombstoning video, and then couldn't help myself uploading a straightforward chunk of Swallow nest footage, set to Leonard Cohen's 'Waiting For The Miracle'. Of all the filming of them I've done, that little sequence of really absolutely nothing happening, probably had the best light, and gives a sense of what I'm spending SO much of my time doing at the moment. Just sitting - anxious - watching - waiting - hoping! I'll probably end up deleteing/replacing that video in due course - but I just HAD to get 'something' of it up to share right now. lolol . . I DID submit posts to Facebook's 'Spotted Brixham' of the plonker catching the lighthouse, AND a link to the Tombstoning video. They refused to post the link to the tombstoning video!???? I just haven't a CLUE what criteria the person applies to what does and doesn't get posted on there. That kinda sums up Facebook and even people/society in general for me. I NEVER have a CLUE how people will react or what's 'possible' to happen as a result. It's confusing to say the least - and even frankly increasingly 'terrifying' for ME, even having just this level of interraction with 'people'!!!! Impossible to fully explain. It really IS almost like on the spectrum of autism almost isn't it? . . .back out again after 7pm once the Swallows nest file had finished uploading. Walked straight down through town to sit and film more swallows. Eventually called it quits and headed home via BGdns. Home gone 9pm . . immediately PCd, transfering camcorder footage over to the computer and charging batteries - again! Monitored radios as I did so, as the ILB and coastguard teams were called out on a shout. A couple of adults and a bunch of kids cut off by the tide over Goodrington. All quickly safely rescued. .read a report on Facebook that someone tried to break into the Battery Gardens Heritage Museum on Sunday!!! "Attempted break in ..Members came to open up on Sunday.to find our security cameras broken and one of our small storage buildings open..on checking our camera footage it clearly showed a male climbing the flag pole and destroying that camera .Checking the whole site we found one of the buildings open..The main buildings are all alarmed,so weather he decided to just go for the other buildings or someone came along we don't know. The police have all details and footage .Will keep you updated". That's bad news! Hmmm - what evening was it I passed a group of youths all hanging around near and 'testing' the locked gun emplacement overlooking the old Astra Zeneca building, before all heading off in the direction of the paths to the museum talking about AK 47s and ammunition??!!!! Or the hamoc sleeper? Wish I could see their CCTV. . . TVd . . drank a glass of red wine . . ate the other half a tin of chopped ham and pork cut into cubes with mixed veg doused in melted butter . . to bed around 1am.
5 - Up around 8:20am. 21C in, 19C out, sunny . . .walked BGdns and then carried on down towards the harbour. Filmed the birds nest for a bit before carrying on to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee.Image of a 1 hour + illegaly parked car in Brixham Near to where I was sitting, a white mercedes with its hazard warning lights on was parked half on the pavement, half on the road, on top of double yellow AND kerb lines. i.e. in a no parking at any time (and restricted times for loading) place. It's a narrow road at the best of times, and this person's inconsiderate parking was 'inconveniencing' not only all the lorries, coaches and general traffic, but also pedestrians because of the adjacent bins and seats etc etc. It isn't unusual for people to stop there and maybe dash into a store for a minute, or more usualy briefly load/unload something, but what particularly got my back up about this one was how long the thing stayed there. I got such a bee in my bonnet about the inconsiderate self-centred person who'd parked it there, once I'd finished drinking my coffee, I even delayed carrying-on and continued to sit there, determined to see what sort of a person it would be who considered themselves to be so 'above' the rest of us. It was parked there for over an hour to MY knowledge!! (Never a parking warden around when you want one!) I was trapped in conversation with a passer-by when the owners did eventually return, and I missed getting a good look at them. A youngish (arrogant of course) looking guy driving, with a female and two dogs as passengers. The driver appeared to have his left ankle at least in plaster, and was armed with a couple of crutches. In their mind, that is presumably what 'entitled' them to park there? NOT! Arrogant, self centred a*****e! . . back to BGdns and eventually home. . . PCd briefly, feeling tired and exhausted. . Yayy - the slacklining guy had seen the video I did of him with the schoolkids. "Thank you telsweb, i never expected this.." . . napped . . . did dish washing chores. . . TVd . . ate a small pork pie, crisps, mini cheddars and a banana followed later by half a tin of cubes of chopped ham and pork with mixed veg doused in melted butter . . to bed around 1:30am or later.
4 - Up around 7:30am. 21C in, 19C out, mostly sunny . . . walked BGdns and then (after checking on the swallow's nest) on down to the harbour for my coffee under the old fish market roof, squeezed-in behind the Saturday morning market stalls. Ended up having a brief conversation with 'the' local photographer (Chris Slack) who was selling his images on one of the stalls, and told him about the swallows nest in case he was interested. He indicated he WAS interested. I've no hesitation in telling such people about it, because it really is such a rare opportunity, and I'm only too well aware that I don't have the equipment to do it justice. If I had some way of getting the BBC interested ('Springwatch' type) I would - but I can't find any appropraite way of getting in touch with whoever that could be- I HAVE looked!. . . back to BGdns.Filmed a bit more, when some kids appeared in the distance down the coast towards Elberry Cove, 'tombstoning' from the cliffs in an area known as the 'Seven Quarries'. Awfully dangerous and all that, but you have to admire the nerve of those kids. That was a drop WELL in excess of twenty feet I reckon!! WHAT an amazing childhood kids around here must have. A crippling 'lack of self-confidence', if it even exists at all, is clearly an extreme rarity around these parts. I suspect I may even be the only one! It certainly feels that way to me. :o( . . Mum called in with food donations for chats etc until late afternoon . . . ate four cheese covered buttered crumpets . . . PCd/monitored radios. I'm trying not to be all 'attached' and up-tight about the precarious and vulnerable swallows nest - but I AM failing! I HAVE become VERY attached to them already!!!!! When I heard radio comms and saw on the AIS that MTS tug 'Vanquish' was heading into Brixham, I became oh SO concerned that it would possibly be mooring-up right in front of their nest, I ended up quickly gathering up all my stuff and heading back down there with Bella! Thankfully the tug was deemed to have too much of a draught to moor there, and it ended up a little distance away near 'the ice plant' instead. Phew. . Filmed the swallows nest - for hours!! Still getting a feel for how 'things' work down there - and even experimenting for the first time (really!) with some of the hitherto unused menu/backlight options on my camcorder! Early on a sunny evening is by far the best time to film them, with the low sunlight shining in towards the nest before it disappears down below the 200ft cliffs of the nearby Freshwater car park etc. SUCH a shame it's impossible to get ANY closer. The camcorder has to be on maximum (70x) zoom to get anything of them - and that is undoubtedly NOT the best image it can acheive, etc. . whilst sat there all that time, a small zodiac inflatable 'tender' boat that was tied up on the yacht club slipway started to cause me 'concern'. The rising tide meant it had re-floated, was bumping up against the rocks, was threatening to slip one of its oars, and the tied line which was holding it ended up completely under water. At the very least, anyone perhaps soon coming back to use it to get back to their yacht was going to have to get wet to untie/retrieve it. I know nothing about such things of course, and certainly wasn't going to start messing with it, but it caused me enough concern that I eventually headed up the nearby steps with Bella and actually went into the yacht club to let someone know!! As soon as we walked into the club, the first person I approached informed me that dogs weren't allowed in the club. Grrr. I told them why I was briefly there and quickly returned to my filming. A couple of guys did soon after descend to the slipway and move the inflatable to a more secure position. . . called it quits after 8pm and headed back home via BGdns . . . pulled the SD card out of the camcorder, put it into the slot on the living room TV, and actually sat and watched some of the raw footage of the swallows nest on the TV - for quite a long while! Oh what fantastic little birds. SUCH a shame I simply can't hope to ever get footage of them actually on the wing. Sitting down there watching them doing their amazing aerobatics over the water and around the nearby buildings, back and forth, back and forth, really is a pure joy. Even just the audio I've captured, of seagulls calling, waves breaking, people walking past, etc is not unpleasant to sit and listen to. Sadly, the swallows are so far away and there is so much other noise going on, their calling to each other is barely ever audible. . . TVd . . ate a slice of gala pie, crisps, banana, two fairy cakes and some chocolate. . . to bed around 1:30am.
3 - Up around 8am. 21C in, 17C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns before heading on down towards the harbour. Some local girls grammar school or other was doing a sponsored walk from Brixham to Torquay. Literally hundreds of them all crowding along the outer harbour path all of a sudden. Felt as though Bella and I were invisible all of a sudden, given the numbers that kept pretty much walking straight into us or forcing us to stand aside! That sort of self-centred arrogant behaviour, which the young seem to exhibit the most, really gets my back up! . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee, chatting much of that time to a 'neighbour' from a little way up the road from home. Eventually back to BGdns. Ended up stooging around for hours pointing the camcorder at the scaffolders on the end of the breakwater again!! I need to get a life! lol Ended up being pretty windy (easterlyish) with quite a bit of swell developed in the waters of the bay again, and a thin layer of cloud dulling the sun. Filming was made more difficult than usual because the picturesque sailing ship Tres Hombres which had moored at the entrance to the harbour yesterday afternoon, was obscuring the view from my more usual vantage points. Ended up having to try to perch the camcorder on an awkward corner of the yacht-club hut, and stand on a rough slope all the while! It was also windy enough there to keep bouncing the camera around. Bizarrely at midday, someone transmitted on one of the marine channels, and relayed the sound of Big Ben chiming! I assume that was marking the minute's silence which I gather was being held across the UK to remember the 38 people - including 30 Britons - killed in the Tunisia beach attack a week ago. :o( . yuk - the scaffolding guys eventualy covered their metalwork with the inevitable orange safety mesh fencing. Boy is that ugly. I wonder how long for? And wouldn't it be nice to be able to film it all being taken down. Arrrrrgggghhhh - I AM going camcorder nuts (again)! . Eventually called it quits and headed straight home - around 2:30pm!! Jeeze - I'm hardly ever at home these days so it seems, and never enough hours in the day to catch up on everything I need to do when I am!? Hmm - I think I'm getting a bit 'crazy' with the 'recording everything' thing again!! I really could use some bad weather, to force me to stay in and get on top of stuff!! . . . PCd a bit of this. . Still not a peep of a reply to my mails and messages the other day from either the Slackline guy OR the school. That's a bugger. Feels like an 'open end' and means I'll never know if either actually got the messages or got to see the video (or had the opportunity to potentially request it be removed, etc!). Oh well. :o\ . . .PCd this at length for hours, trying to catch up YET again. The more behind I get, the more I actually forget/miss stuff out. But, then - like ANY of it matters! . . . TVd . . . ate two grated cheese, mayo and corned beef finger rolls with crisps, a banana, biscuits and chocolate . . . TVd until to bed around 1am.
2 - Woke earlier then up around 8:30am. 21C in, 17C out, grey. . . slow getting going, waking at the PC, and then the rain arrived - lots! . . . walked BGdns late in waterproofs. Took shelter in one of the gun emplacements for a while, before having another bit of a prod at the scaffolders still erecting their scaffolding around the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater. Stopped filming when the mist and incoming rain largely obscured the view. . carried on down to the inner harbour in the rain and took cover under the old fish market roof with plenty of other people, when the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down. Waterfalls of water were pouring out of all the drainpipes set into harbour walls. So much for the nest I saw a couple of pigeons making in one of them the other day! :o( Sat there drinking my coffee for ages until the rain eased somewhat, and then headed back up towards BGdns. It transpires that not far from the yacht club, some sort of rainwater outfall emerges into the harbour not far below the water level at low tide. A section of the harbour waters there was all bubbling and spouting a little. Large numbers of seagulls were all sat on the nearby rocks, and a seal also appeared near there for a while. I later regretted not having tried to capture on film a bit of all that. If there was ever a good reason not to pollute and litter the drains and gutters in the streets, that would have shown it well. Imagine the pollution and filth that must have been flowing straight into the harbour right there! :o( Along the way back towards BGdns, with the tide nearing low, I spotted a cheap old mobile phone laying on some seaweed off the outer harbour wall near the old Astra Zeneca building, some twenty or so feet below the coastal path. More usualy submerged, it was only visible because of the low tide. Another irresistable challenge! Ummd and ahhd for ages, wondering if it was worth the risk, before eventually tying Bella to a nearby bench, leaving my long cumbersome raincoat on the bench, and then VERY carefully climbing down a nearby VERY rusted harbour-wall ladder!!! Carefully picked my way across the slippery seaweed covered rocks and managed to grab the phone before retracing my steps and climbing back up the ladder to the safety of the path. Turned out the cheap old Nokia phone had clearly been there for a while, so all rather pointless - except, that's the first time I've dared to drop down to THAT bit of outer harbour floor at low tide. lol :o) . sat around in BGdns some more, wondering what the big pall of smoke rising in the far distance behind Paignton was. Eventually headed home in a bit more light rain. . . PCd as things quickly turned sunny. Sods law that! . . . the local newspaper website had reports of a big barn fire over Paignton way, so that's what the distant smoke was all about. Image of an old Nokia 100 phone found in Brixham Harbour Messed with the phone I'd found and quickly confirmed it HAD been in sea water for quite a while, not least of all because it was a Nokia 100 model, which is presumably 'ancient' by todays standards? The battery was all swelled up and leaking some horrible aromatic toxic substance all over the innards. The sim card was largely corroded in place. I HAD hoped there would maybe be some sort of memory card in it which 'could' have still had retrievable data on it, but there was none. (Would have been such 'fun' to be able to trace the owner and return it, despite its current condition. lol) Oh well - straight in the bin with it. . . PCd a bit of this, and in so doing, finally got round to having a look online to see if I could identify what those damned beetle insect things are, which have been appearing in the living room and freaking me out a bit. My best (optomistic?) guess is 'Summer Chafer (Amphimallon solstitialis)' - and IF I'm right, there shouldn't be 'too' much to worry about! In an attempt to get a second 'definite' opinion, I did actually submit a post with the image to the 'Spotted Brixham' Facebook page! . . . walked BGdns and sat on top of the gun emplacement for a while, grabbing some more shots of the scaffolding around the lighthouse in the evening sun, etc. . soon carried on down to film more of the swallows nest. A beautiful sunny evening. Sat around filming bits and pieces for AGES! Sadly, given the nature of how small those birds are, and how incredibly quickly they fly and do unexpected aerobatics, etc., there really is no way at all I can ever hope to get footage of them actually on the wing, swooping around over the water in front of their nest. I don't think they'd be visible even as little dots on a wide angled shot. Real shame that. Wonderful flying display. :o( . eventually called it quits when some of the yacht club guys returned from their evening sail to the slipway I was sat right next to, and ignoring me completely, happily moved a small inflatable boat further up the slipway and deposited right in front of my camera! I just can't help it - there IS something about the yacht club fraternity which I absolutely do not like. It's NOT just my imagination, jealousy or feelings of inferiority because of relative levels of 'wealth'. There really IS an undercurrent of rudeness and arrogance about their 'we are superior' manner somehow in my experience. I don't like them. . back up in BGdns, someone (homeless?) appeared to be sleeping in a hamoc affair in the 'gated to keep people out' old main gun control building. Whoever it was had climbed in around the locked metal gate (easily done - so how pointless is that gate!), and had then fashioned a hamoc by tying one end to the inside of the locked gate, the other end to the central concrete pillar!! . . . PCd. My submission about the bugs in my living room had been posted to Facebook, and plenty of people had commented. I should have known better I guess. People are idiots/nuts! Plenty of utterly absurd responses - lots of others saying it was definitely this or that, even though it obviously isn't. Just one or two actually DID seem to know what they were talking about, so I think they definitely ARE Summer Chafers, and if I believe the couple of more intelligent comments, they aren't of ANY 'danger' or concern whatsoever. According to some of the stuff I read about them on-line, they fly around tall trees looking for a mate. The more I thought about that, the more sense it made to me that I'd seen such a number appearing down my chimney. My theory is, that they may well have mistaken my twin colinears on the chimney stack for tree branches whilst flying around, stopped to look for a mate, crawled about a bit and then somehow fallen down the open chimney pot, etc. Sadly, one can only guess how many may have ended up behind the uncapped old sealed flues (in both bedrooms) and ended their days in there. :o( . . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate two cheeseburgers with chips gone midnight! . . . to bed gone 1:30am. Reports of the death of Val Doonican this day.
1 - Up around 8am with some rumbles of thunder. 21C in, 18C out, broken cloud. . . walked BGdns. A car and a lorry were unusually parked-up near the seaward end of the breakwater, and workmen were starting to erect scaffolding all around the little lighthouse on the end. It's been a rusting graffitti covered mess for quite a while now, so I guess whoever is responsible for it is finally getting round to doing work on it. Of course I couldn't resist filming some of the spectacle, with a 'timelapse' type video in mind. . . eventually couldn't resist heading off down around the harbour and all the way out along to the end of the breakwater for a closer look (but as much as anything else, to be able to make a record of what scaffold company it was, in case I do end up doing and uploading a video). .ended up picking up a carrier bag of rubbish on the way back along. . sat on the seat above the end of the breakwater to recover from the long hot walk. It DID feel rather uncomfortably hot to me sat there (having just walked so far?), but it was ceratainly NOT the record breaking little heatwave they'd been forecasting, and which all other parts of the country appeared to be experiencing. . . . eventually back to the harbour for some of my coffee . . back to BGdns for the remaining coffee. . . home via the store for supplies . . . PCd. .turns out the jellyfish I'd seen yesterday were 'Compass' jellyfish, and they DO sting! Quickly produced and uploaded to youtube the little compass jellyfish video and then submitted warnings and a link to it to Spotted Brixham/Facebook, for anyone who may have been intending to swim to escape the alleged heatwave . . PCd for hours more, trying to do 'something' with the Slacklining footage I'd shot. Eventually called it quits and set the file uploading to Youtube . . . TVd . . PCd a little more once the slackline video file had finished uploading, and attempted to e-mail and/or message both the school and the 'Allan' guy with the link etc. .TVd . . ANOTHER beetle appeared on the window cill in the living room!! One assumes that was the one that went missing behind the TV unit the other day?FFS!!!!! . . . ate a pastie, pickled onions, crisps, bananas, chocolate biscuits and chocolate . . .TVd until to bed before 1am.