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- Up around 6:30am coughing and gasping and feeling a bit sick. 20C in 15C out. Sunny. . . walked across town and picked up Bellas tablet supplies. . drew some cash out and carried on down to the harbour and straight on out to the small park just past the breakwater. Didn't feel good and was also short tempered and irritable. . sat around for quite a while. Out of the ordinary behaviour of a couple of the ferries and comms on the radio suggested there were dolphin in the bay, but despite straining to see and even using the camcorder zoom I just couldn't see any from there. . eventually decided to carry on all the way up to Berry Head to see what was about. . At literally the first vantage point as we cut through some woods heading up there I spotted a big pod of dolphin all heading out of the bay. Managed a bit of film before carrying on out to the end near the lighthouse, where I even managed to get some more footage. . hung around up there for a while but with a stiff breeze and a lot of cloud cover, it wasn't too pleasant and I actually ended up feeling rather cold and pretty soon headed all the way back! . . sat under the fish market roof to recover with my cold coffee etc. Bella worryingly seemed rather lacking in energy. Unpleasantly busy with lots of screaming kids around etc. . shopped and home through town . . . PCd the footage and eventually uploaded a video to FB . . . cooked and ate chicken coujons, peas and chips . . TVd . . to bed near midnight.
30 - Poor broken sleep then up around 8:30am. 21C in 18C out. Mostly sunny. . . walked BGdns and sat around for ages and then headed down to the harbour. Ate a bag of chips under the old market roof and sat around for ages more as some heavy downpours moved through before eventually heading home . . . napped until around 6:30pm . . .PCd . . TVd . . .ate cold ham, cheese and crisps followed by weetabix . . .to bed before 2am.
29 - Up around 8am. 21C in 17C out. rain . .walked bgdns and sheltered from the rain in the gun emplacement . . eventually carried on down to the harbour and sat on the floor in a corner behind the Saturday market stalls under the old fish market roof. . shopped for a few supplies and then headed towards home through town. . the rain had turned fairly heavy so it seemed prudent to pop up Mums before going home, to have a look at how her leaking roof was coping. . still leaking of course, but not 'too' badly. Put a tupperware from her garage under one drip to help stop the timbers getting too wet! . . ate a handful of chocolate biscuits . . napped until around 7pm . . .TVd . . drank wine, ate a pizza and immediately fell asleep in the chair! Woke around 2:30am all congested, coughing and feeling pretty bad. Soon went to bed but couldn't get to sleep for ages, having trouble breathing etc.
28 - Up around 7am. 20C in 15C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns in the rain to start with, overheating in my coat. Walking our usual route in Bgdns heading for the lower seat, I spotted some 'unusual' sea bird activity off the rocks. Oh NO!!!!! A juvenile seagull appeared to be somehow caught up in some fishing line and attached to an old pot marker buoy (or 'dan' as I think the fishermen call them). It was sickeningly flapping around and struggling to keep its head out of the water to breath, and all the while a large flock of other birds were assembled all around - with some dive bombing it as it fought to survive!!???? Horror. Sickening thing to powerlessly witness. Entering the water to go help DID even cross my mind, but I'm no swimmer and would most likely have drowned in the attempt. Once I'd briefly filmed, using the camcorder to fully ascertain what was going on, I felt compelled to attempt to go find someone with a boat who would be able to assist. Quickly started heading down towards the harbour, occasionaly running, jogging, or walking as fast as I could with my congested lungs and painful knees. On approaching the yacht club slipway, NC the club bosun was just helping get a rib into the water on the slipway. I rushed over and pleaded my case. Of course injured seagulls and the like is a pretty much daily horror and the initial response I got was understandably for them to quickly say sorry, no. Thankfully a little more pleading saw them relent and they said they WOULD go have a look, and as soon as the rib was fully launched, they did immediately slowly cruise off in the direction of the point. Already soaked in sweat and gasping for breath, I attempted to hasten all the way back along and up into BGdns. By the time I reached a vantage point, they were already on scene and had already somehow cut the gull free. They briefly stood by and observed as the gull made its way onto the rocks and just stood there for quite a while kinda recovering a bit. I saluted and waved my heartfelt and sincere thanks as they headed away back into the harbour. I sat and observed the gull on the rocks for five minutes or so before all of a sudden it took to the air and eventually soared away.

heading back down towards the harbour, I did manage to have a brief word with NC along the way and properly thank him for the bother he'd gone to over the seagull. He confirmed it was all cuaght up in fishing line which he'd cut away, but also said it'd had a hook in its mouth, and it rather sounded as though the hook probably remained in the bird, so it probably won't survive, despite 'appearing' to be none the worse when it flew away. :o( . . walked down through the harbour and straight to the post office to pick up the parcel I'd missed delivery of yesterday. (The shoes and new leggings I'd ordered). toured a few charity shops looking to see if any had a cheap PC mouse, but none did. . returned to under the old fish market roof and sat around on the floor there coolong off, drinking my coffee, and attempting to recover from my earlier exertions - and really feeling rather unwell as a result of all that unacustomed running about. Eventually briefly shopped for a few supplies and then headed straight home, struggling a little with the awkward large box . . . PCd and did a rather angry post to FB with a couple of snips of the seagull footage etc. If it were within my power, I WOULD absolutely ban angling!! The suffering, death and destruction it causes is incalculable - but considerable even from just my local observations . . touched base with Mum . . . TVd. . .aimlessly PCd until early . . forced down two packs of crisps with a tin of sausages in baked beans and some grated cheese followed by a pack of kipling cake slice things . . . to bed with light in the sky well gone 4am.
27 - Up around 7:15am. 20C in 15C out. Grey . . . rang the vets requesting more supplies of Bellas tablets which I'm soon to run out of. . . walked BGdns. Headed down through the harbour and to the post office before 1pm to pick up the post they'd tried to deliver the other day when I was out. (the cup flask and light bulbs I'd ordered). . sat around under the old market roof for a while but it was so busy with the Thursday pirate activities etc I soon fled back to BGdns. . sat atop the usual gun emplacement for my coffee and a pack of jaffa cakes before eventualy home feeling tired out and not so well. . .napped until 7:45! . . TVd . . .ate just a couple of bowls of co co pops and four pieces of toast with some marmite and marmalade. Both the marmite and marmalade were over ten years past the best before date!!! How amazing that was even still edible. . to bed before 2am.
26 - Up around 7:40am. 21C in 17C out. Grey and damp . . . walked Bgdns in a bit of mizzle, but nothing bad enough for a coat. An impressively large cruise ship 'Seven Seas Explorer' was moored over by Torquay demanding plenty of photos despite the poor visibility. Eventually carried on down to the harbour and drank my coffee under shelter of the fish market roof. Ended up having multiple conversations with various people who recognised Bella from some of my FB posts etc! Things brightened up a bit so eventually ended up carrying on out to sit on the breakwater for a while. Bit breezy sat there making it difficult to grab a few shots of the ship as it left the bay late afternoon. .a brief rest under the fish market roof again and then home through town . . .PCd and posted the ship footage/photos . . N called in for coffee, biscuits and chats until around 10pm . . cooked and ate two chicken kievs with chips . . to bed around 1am.
25 - Up around 7:30am. 21C in and similar out. Sunny . . . PCd . . walked up the pet store and back with Bella to buy supplies . . . walked BGdns and the harbour for plenty of sitting around. Bought some flavoured milk and a pasty and sat under the old market roof to eat them before then heading home via FGn feeling really rather down. . . snoozed for a bit on the living room sofa . . . TVd/guitarred . . ate soup and two ham baps followed by a handful of chocolate biscuits . . .to bed by 1am.
24 - Up around 7am. 20C in, 17C out. Sunny . . PCd for ages editing down the lifeboat shout video and getting it up on FB etc. Mowed the lawns in some of the down time . . .eventually walked BGdns mid afternoon in the blazing sun. Bit of a stiff NW breeze blowing in across the bay. . carried on out to sit on the breakwater for a while before ending up back under the fish market roof for my coffee and to just sit there for ages. Uh oh - once again a kind passer by offered me treats for Bella which I gratefully accepted, and then tried to give me some money, presumably thinking I was homeless!! I declined and thanked them much of course. . shopped and home through town . . . guitarred/TVd the evening off, mostly watching random Youtube videos again . . ate a couple of packs of going cheap cheese and ham sandwiches with a large bag of crisps followed by chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around midnight.
23 - Up at 8:30am. 20C in, 17C out. Sunny . . walked BGdns. Filmed as the lifeboat was called out to a small boat with engine failure off the Ore Stone. By the time they got there, it was already under tow back to Torquay harbour from a yacht - and even ultimately managed to re-start its engine and make its own way into the harbour entrance etc. The lifeboat stood by as the tow was done, just in case, but once again, ultimately they all turned out for nothing. . carried on down around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater for a while. Ended up back under the old fish market roof for my coffee, just sitting around for ages again. A small group of Salvation Army people turned up mid afternoon and did a tamborine banging sing song!! Impossible to ignore and I eventually ended up taking photos and even filming just a bit of them too!! Eventually home through town . . . PCd for hours editing footage. Eventually ended up with a short medley video and posted it up to FB with some stills. . . ate two ham and mayo baps with crisps followed by a handful of sugary weetabix . . to bed somewhere after 1am once the file had uploaded to Youtube.
22 - Woken by the neighbour drilling their house wall out back at 8am. :o( 20C in, 16C out. Sunny spells but mostly big shower clouds. . . quickly sewed up a hole in the pocket of my bodywarmer, and used the left over bit of thread to sew up a bit of my ancient and worn out/fit for the bin coffee flask belt holder. . . walked BGdns in waterproofs in the rain and sheltered in a gun emplacement for a while. Passing showers but a miserable feeling grey day. Eventually down to the harbour and bought a bag of chips and sat and ate them under the old market roof as more showers passed through . .shopped for supplies (and tobacco!) and home through town . . .PCd and at length eventually ordered shoes, light bulbs and a new coffee container from amazon . . . TVd but somehow ended up just watching all manner of nonsense on Youtube the whole evening! . . ate four (but gave most of the last one to Bella) quarter pound chicken burgers in buttered baps with mayo followed by a pack of jaffa cakes . . to bed soon after whenever.
21 - Woken earlier by the neighbour banging something on the floor again. Managed to snooze on then up at 9:30am. 21C in 14C out. Wind and rain. . . couldn't face going out in the bad weather and somehow mostly PCd the day off instead. Compiled and uploaded the last few swallow nest videos to youtube. . . napped. . woken by Mum calling and leaving a message on the ansaphone. Water pouring down the inside of her bathroom wall!! FFS! . . .felt wobbly and awful. Walked with Bella up Mum's and reluctantly had a look in her attic. As I'd suspected, the roof had been leaking beneath the valley that seperates her bedroom roof from the rest of the house. Essentially, exactly the same issue she had before on the mirrored valley which she had fixed a while ago. At least the area beneath the fixed bit appeared all fully dry. Nothing I could do about any of it again. It's a job for a roofer - which Mum promptly rang to get the ball rolling. . pulled back the soaking loft insulation and mopped up as best I could and then as a desperate measure, wrapped some cloth around the valley rafter in an attempt to 'lead' further rain ingress into a bowl! Cleared some of the moss and debris off the valley outside just to assist the water to run off slightly more freely - maybe. Nothing else I could do. Poor mum with a load more hassle and expense. I didn't help matters by criticising the relaying of the path stones she'd had done in front of her bedroom. The guy who did it didn't pay attention to the desired slope away from the house, and that area after rain now has a huge puddle of standing water sat right up against the soaking wet house wall bricks!! NOT good. . . eventually back home feeling pretty down . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate two cheeseburgers in baps and a couple of chocolate biscuits . . . to bed at getting on for 3am.
20 - Up at 9am. 21C in and out. Sunny . . walked BGdns and ultimately around the harbour and out to the park past the breakwater and then back to sit under the old market roof for my cold coffee. The odd touch of a spot of rain but otherwise a pleasant day. Eventually shopped and headed home after having been out for many hours, and taken hundreds of photos - again! . . .PCd the evening away doing FB posts . . . ate four quarter pound burgers in buttered baps followed by co co pops. Almost immediately fell asleep in the chair!! . . woke around 4am and stumbled off to bed!
19 - Up around 3:30am!!!! PCd through until daylight . . . 21C in, 17C out. Misty grey . . . walked Bgdns. Dampness in the air and real poor visibility across the bay. Pretty soon headed down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee before eventually home . . .ate six buttered crumpets with cheese on top . . .napped . . . guitarred/TVd . . drank wine and ate pepperoni pizza and chocolate biscuits . . to bed gone 2am.
18 - Up around 7:30am. 21C in, 19C out. Sunny to start . . woke at the PC and read that the ferries had all cancelled today because of the easterly swell. . walked with a rucksack of drink/coat AND with my guitar and headed straight out to JGdns just past the breakwater, to sit in wait for any boats going out in the choppy swell. Not too much activity, but DID get some neat footage of old sail boat 'Provident' heading out. . the forecast rain arrived a bit early and saw us head back to the cover of the old fish market roof to sit around and drink my coffee etc. . eventually straight home through town to PC footage etc . . . TVd . . ate a couple of pieces of bread and butter with crisps and cocktail sausages with garlic and onion dip followed by jaffa cakes . . . to bed before midnight despite the thunder and lightning. . . woke around 3am all bunged up and feeling yuck. Too hot and stuffy to get back to sleep!!
17 - Up around 7:30am. 21C in, 19C out. Bright but mostly grey again . .PCd . .walked BGdns pretty late and sat around for a while before heading towards the town. Spotted a dog toy in the undergrowth off the steps near the laboratory and managed to climb in and retrieve it. At the bottom of the steps whilst I was making to grab a photo, Bella dropped the toy and it promptly rolled down over the rocks! I wasn't prepared to give up my prize so easily and got her to wait while I VERY carefully climbed down and managed to retrieve it from it's resting place in a crevice. Damn me if Bella didn't pretty promptly do exactly the same thing again!! Once again I managed to climb the rocks and retrieve it - this time it remained in my pocket until we got home! . . Ended up down the harbour again and decided to spend some of the 10 Mum had given me the other day on some fish and chips as she'd suggested. Thought I'd try the popular Rockfish place. Big mistake that turned out to be. Very expensive and a tiny portion. It was only after paying I also discovered an extra 1 had been automtaically added to the bill as a donation to Pride In Brixham!! Bloody cheek. Won't be buying anything THERE again! . sat under the old fish market roof and ate my small, expensive meal. . home through town . . . napped . . .TVd/guitarred mostly. . .ate cocktail sausages with dip and coleslaw followed by the remaining ice cream from the freezer . . .to bed around 1am.
16 - Up near 9am! 22C in and out. Bright but grey . . Mum called. Kitchen tap problem! THE last thing I want to be messing around with FFS!! :o( . . slowly woke at the PC for an hour or so before having to get under my own sink in an attempt to see what tools I may need!! . eventually walked with Bella straight up Mums in a foul mood because of it. A painful awkward squeeze upside down in a narrow cupboard, but eventually managed to get a small shifting spanner on the single loosened (?!) fixing nut enough to be able to tighten it all up just a bit. Phew - thank goodness I didn't have to disconnect all the pipes. No idea why that would have become loose, but hopefully it'll be ok for a while again. . . pushed on and mowed both Mum's lawns before sitting for a brief coffee and chat. Cloudy but VERY warm! . . returned home and dropped off the tools etc and made a coffee before then walking BGdns. . unexpected misty showers of rain were drifting in across the bay and we ended up having to take shelter in the gun emplacement for a while . . eventually carried on down to sit under the old market roof. A visiting brass band was just finishing playing under there so I grabbed a few photos before they finished. Amazing how quickly they all packed up and disappeared. . sat on the floor under the roof for ages just watching people walking by . .briefly shopped and then straight home . . .TVd/guitarred . . cooked and ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with dip, colelsaw and crisps followed by four apple pastries! . . fell asleep in the chair before waking and letting Bella out for a pee. Sat on the old sofa in the conserrvatory whilst she did so, and promptly fell asleep for another hour!!! . . eventually woke and stumbled straight off to bed around 1am or later!
15 - Up around 8:30am. 21C in, 19C out. Grey . . . PCd the day off editing and uploading the shout homecoming footage from yesterday etc . N popped in mid afternoon for coffee and chats etc . . .finally walked BGdns in the evening and even took my guitar . . sat atop the gun emplacement making a bit of noise for an hour or so before straight back home . . .TVd . . ate chicken coujons, mayo, ketchup, colelsaw and chips followed by ice cream . . to bed around 2am.
14 - Woke around 7 or earlier then up around 7:30am. 21C in, 17C out. Mostly cloud . . . PCd . . walked BGdns late afternoon. Rushed out towards the breakwater to watch the lifeboat return from a shout. The yacht English Rose had allegedly had an engine fire and had to be towed back. Sadly I eventually got into a filming position just a little too late to get any footage of the actual towing. Damn. . . sat under the fish market roof for my coffee . . drew money out, shopped and then headed home. Stopped in the little auction warehouse place on the way but apparantly so few people had shown interest in an actual auction, things were just for sale - and not at all cheap. .arrived home only minutes before DF arrived for chats, coffee and chocolate biscuits until around 10pm . . .guitarred until late . . ate sausage rolls and crisps followed by ice cream . . to bed before 2am.
13 - Woke earlier then up around 8am. 20C in, 17C out. Mostly sunny . . . PCd for a bit before walking BGdns quite late. Eventually carried on down to sit under the old fish market roof to drink my coffee. . around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater for a bit, despite the odd spot of rain which soon passed. .shopped for supplies on the way home through town . . .ate a peperoni pizza with extra cheese followed later by multiple weetabix . . TVd nothing/guitarred briefly, struggling to stay awake . . to bed well before midnight.
12 - Woken earlier by neighbour noise then up around 8:15am. 21C in 18C out. Sunny spells between threatening clouds. . . PCd a bit and then somehow ended up NOT walking and spending the WHOLE day catching up with swallow video edits etc. . briefly walked up the pet store with Bella for needed supplies while the PC was uploading a video. That was all the walk she got today! . . by evening I had finally managed to get on top of most of the things to post which I felt were 'outstanding' and called it quits. . . TVd/guitarred . . ate ham, cheese and garlic dip sandwiches with crisps followed by ice cream. . promptly fell asleep in the chair and didn't wake until around 4am or later with a terrible 'bent double in the chair' stiff neck!! Stumbled to bed and eventually managed to get back to sleep.
11 - Woken around 7am by banging noise from next door again, ffs!! 21C in 15C out. Grey. . at last, somewhere in the night, the PC had finished uploading all the blues band footage. Posted links and messaged the band etc, etc. .walked BGdns and sheltered from the light rain in the gun emplacement for a while before eventually ending up under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Shopped for cheap supplies and home through town . . PCd for hours just trying to catch up on stuff to post . . .TVd/guitarred a little . . . ate a whole large oven heated lasagne followed by a pack of jaffa cakes . . . to bed around 1am.
10 - 21C in 15C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns and ended up picking up carrier bag loads more rubbish!

band again

ran out of battery - gave me discs

ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps and some onion garlic dip . . napped until 7pm . . . guitarred/TVd the evening away as the PC continued uploading. I can't believe it's taken SO long!! . . ate ice cream followed by cold chicken with crisps and dip. . . to bed before 2am leaving the PC on STILL uploading the final chunk of video!!!
9 - Woke earlier more than once feeling like I was in danger of throwing up. Up around 7:30am. 22+C in and out. Blue sky sunny again. . .walked BGdns. Cleared up loads of rubbish laying around all over the place. Found a hikers walking stick type thing which although slightly bent at the pointy end, and rather old and weatherbeaten, seemed too good to just throw away. Sat around for ages before heading down towards the harbour.


PCd for hours and managed to edit down all the band footage into six 'within fifteen minute' chunks.


Fell asleep in the chair. Woke around 3am or later and set all the chunks of video uploading to Youtube before going to bed.

8 - Woke earlier then up around 8am feeling crap and exhausted/woozy. 22C in 20C out. Mostly cloudy to start. .put all Bella's uneaten food out for the gulls!! Given the metacam content, that could well be 'poisoning' the gulls, but I took the risk anyway assuming it wouldn't in such a small dose each?! . . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to film the swallows nest. The nest was empty! What I assume were the same adults were all still flying around catching food and I eventually managed to track them back to where the fledglings were! They were all 'hanging around' on perches inside the adjacent yacht club boat compound. I managed to film them after all. :o) That's quite probably the last chance I'm gonna get, but nice to at least get that footage. . treated myself to a 1.90 bag of chips and then sat on the floor with Bella in the shaded corner of the harbour to eat them and have my coffee and just watch the world go by for ages. . headed back through town and eventually home via the local store for a few supplies . . . uncomfortably hot again. Ate ice cream . . . napped until 7pm . . .guitarred/TVd the night off . . ate chicken sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, co-co pops and drank strawberry milk . . to bed before 2am.
7 - Woken by next doors damned dog yapping again before 8am. Up around 8:15am. 23+C in and out. Sunny and uncomfortably hot again. . . PCd for ages before eventually walking BGdns real late. Really uncomfortably hot despite cloud cover eventually filling to only then give occasional sunny spells . . filmed the swallows for a while . . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee . . shopped for supplies and a cooked chicken before heading home . . . ate garlic sausage sandwiches with crisps. . napped briefly - on the floor of the living room!!! . . DF called in for arguments and to talk about himself. That didn't go well and I lost my temper loads, was very rude and suggested he shouldn't bother coming again. We subsequently kinda awkwardly 'smoothed' things over as the evening continued, but it remains to be seen how I'll respond when he next suggests he'll be coming over. I doubt it. . 'I' suspect because of the 'agressive' manner in which I'd been speaking/'shouting', all of a sudden this evening Bella refused to touch her food again. She even refused to eat a chocolate biscuit!!! :o( Uh oh - here we go again. :o( . . . guitarred/TVd/PCd until finally to bed around 4am.
6 - Woken around 6am by banging noise from next door again!! Snoozed on then up around 9am feeling terrible. 22C+ in and out. Sunny. . . walked Bgdns and sat in the warm shade for ages. . eventually headed down and filmed the swallows for a short while. Far too hot in the full sun to do that for any longer! . . sat in a shaded corner of the harbour with my coffee. Had the agony of observing a baby seagull wandering aimlessly along the harbourside amongst all the dogs and people! Too young to be wandering like that, another one that isn't going to make it. :o( . . . shopped for reduced price supplies and home through town . . . ate a meat pastry slice, two small sausage rolls and crisps . . . napped . . . N called and then popped in for chats until around 10pm . . . drank wine and ate two pieces of processed cod with peas and chips followed by ice cream and strawberry milk . . . to bed before 2am.
5 - Woke earlier then up around 7:30am. 22C in and out. Sunny. . . had little desire to go out in the baking heat, and ended up working on editing down the seal and swallow nest footage to something half watchable. A tough time consuming edit which took most of the day! Mowed the lawns, did dish washing chores and trimmed my hair in some of the processing/uploading down time . . . finally walked somewhere around 7pm. That didn't start off well. Just up the road a freshly injured seagull was laying in the road with what I assume was its mate stood next to it in attendance. It'd obviously been hit by a vehicle and was entirely unable to move except for a sickening barely controlled lifting of its head which then flopped from side to side. I couldn't just leave it there like that so eventually suceeded in carefully picking it up in both hands. By the time I'd walked the short distance to a nearby piece of grass on the edge of the industrial estate, it had breathed its last and died in my hands. I just lay it on the grass and left the body there. VERY upsetting! :o( . . sat around in BGdns mostly atop the usual gun emplacement for ages. Pleasantly cooler than the heat of the day, and a stunning almost windless and clear blue sky evening. Ended up playing with the camcorder and filming a bit of the sunset. . headed down to the harbour as darkness began to fall. Too dark to film the swallows. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Seemed very quiet around the place (apart from the drunken revelry in the pubs). Had a brief conversation with a woman who approached me whilst she was out of the nearby wine bar having a smoke. Turned out she was the one who'd given me and Bella a lift home when she'd spotted Bella ill and in distress that day back whenever it was. .I also even somehow ended up in conversation with a young welk fisherman from Gurnsey who was heading back to his boat with carrier bags of supplies! . . eventually home through town. . . PCd and spent hours knocking up the seal and sunset video from some of the footage I'd shot this evening. Eventually called it quits and set the file uploading to FB. Ate just a few weetabix but started feeling a bit sick, so that was all I ate today!!!!! . . to bed around 4am.
4 - Woke earlier then up around 10am!! 22C in and out. Occasional sunny spells. . . walked BGdns real late. .eventualy carried on down to film the swallows for an hour or so. . popped in a store and bought some sausage rolls, crisps and strawberry milk and then walked out to sit in the small park just past the breakwater to eat my 'picnic'. lol . . ended up back under the old fish market roof for my coffee before home through town gone 6pm . . TVd/guitarred the evening off . . .ate chicken pieces and chips, strawberry milk, ice cream and chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 11pm!
3 - Woken around 6am by banging noise from next door. FFS! Managed to snooze on until up around 8:15am. 21C in 18C+ out. Some sunny breaks in mostly cloud. . .PCd . . walked BGdns real late. Sat around for ages before heading down to film the swallows for a while. The red plastic tag I saw the seal almost eat the other day was floating around in the water nearby and eventually turned out to be far too much of a temptation in terms of wanting to know what it's 'actually' used for. I eventually stripped off my shoes and socks, rolled up my trousers and waded into the water on the old disused slipway near the yacht club and succeeded in getting it. lol . . sat under the old fish market roof for ages drinking my coffee etc. A passer by gave me a bag of dog treats for Bella. :o) . . shopped for supplies and then home through town. . . TVd . . cooked and ate chicken breast pieces with chips, strawberry flavoured milk shake, ice cream and jaffa cakes . . TVd/guitarred listening-in as the coastguard teams, Rescue helicopter 924 and the ILB were tasked to a cliff faller at seven quarries. He was eventually airlifted from the quarry to a waiting ambulance up on the gold course. What was particularly interesting was how in the middle of the shout, the helicopter was informed it may have to immediately divert to a fishing vessel somewhere taking on water. Thankfully they managed to do the local rescue before having to rush away. . . PCd and managed to surf and find details about the red tag I'd got hold of earlier. It is a carcass tag for legal wild salmon sea trout. . . to bed around 2:30am.
2 - Up around 7:10am. 21C in 18C+ out. Sunny. . .delayed walking and PCd for hours posting most of yesterdays photos to facebook. .ate a bag of crisps . . eventually walked at getting on for 4pm!! Sat atop the gun emplacement in BGdns for ages before eventually heading down to the harbour and ending up sat on the floor under the old fish market roof for my coffee and a meat pastry slice which I'd brought with me. .headed back across FGn and then to the local store for a few supplies. In this morning's conversation with Mum on the phone I'd mentioned the rather nice, cheap 2 a tub 'strawberries and cream' ice cream I'd discovered in that store. I bought another tub and then stopped in at Mum's on the way home and persuaded her to try a quarter of it. She doesn't use a freezer so I left her to eat it and headed straight home to get it into my freezer. Mum called and agreed how nice it was, especially for the cheap price. . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate four reduced price 'frikadella' with crisps followed by the remaining apple pie and cream . . fell asleep in the chair and woke and to bed around 3am or later!
1 - Back up around 9:15am. 20C in 18C out. Sunny. . .walked BGdns real late. Stunning sunny day. Who'd have thought it was so blowy and grey yesterday. Briefly dropped down onto the busy FCove beach to say hello out of courtesy to the 'seagrass' woman I've photographed a few times, who was apparantly doing on site survey stuff on her paddle board again. Turned out the beach was so busy because todays long distance, across the bay swim event was actually turning around a buouy that had been placed in the cove. . sat on the usual seat for quite a while before ending up trying to get photos of the swimming event as they all headed into the cove with their attendant safety canoes to turn around and mostly head straight back out across the bay. That's upwards of an eight mile swim!!! . . eventually headed on down to the harbour and treated myself to 6+ lot of fish and chips. Sat in some shade in the corner of the harbour to eat them, out of the very hot sun . . put in an hour or so sat on the old slipway by the yacht club filming the swallows. That got all complicated when a seal appeared nearby too, attracted by a large bucketload of fish parts thrown into the water next to the fish quay by one of the workers! Reviewing the footage later, it appeared that those discarded fish parts included 'at least' one red plastic tag of some description. Hmmmm???? :o( . . back to BGdns and filmed as the ILB was launched on service to an inflatable off Roundham head. Turned out they weren't in any trouble and the lifeboat was soon stood down and returned to station. . home via the store . . . PCd a bit but soon caved in, just too tired to do the work on everything I'd captured today. . . TVd . . drank a whole litre of strawberry milk drink, ate a couple of toasted crusts of bread and then a bowl of weetabix . . to bed soon after midnight.