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- Up at 8:30am. 19C in, 17C out. Grey and damp. Annadin tablet for breakfast again. Jeeze - I seem to be feeling ever more achey, stiff and exhausted as each day passes!! :o( . . . walked BGdns. Oh wow - two dog walkers I often speak to seperately were walking along holding hands!! Can they be 'an item'? I had no idea! That's not the first time I've had that sort of thing happen - and unfortunately whenever it does, I end up feeling 'bad'. It's ok when I think people are single - I 'almost' have somnething in common with someone - but when I'm suddenly confronted by them not being so, it makes me feel 'awkward' and oh so TOTALLY alone - and worthless, etc, etc, etc. I know I shouldn't - but it isn't a choice - it's how such a thing makes me feel - and I feel it BAD! :o( . . Eventually carried on down to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof with my coffee for ages. Felt pretty exhausted and awful - and down and alone - and soon headed straight home through unpleasantly busy (everyone 'with' someone) town . . . PCd this for a bit before getting sidetracked editing and uploading the few snips of 'plane spotting' video (including the precious never-to-be-seen-again Vulcan footage) from the front garden on the 28th and 29th. . PCd more of this, wasting away (or is that 'getting through') yet another pointless day . . . TVd . . . ate a bowl of defrosted stew with four pieces of bread and butter followed by chocolate biscuits and chocolate, and then later, bowls of creamy rice krispies . . fell asleep in the chair for an hour or so and actually woke and made it to bed after 1:30am
30 - Up around 8:20am. 19C in, 15C out. Grey and rainy. . still very stiff and aching . . .walked BGdns. Down to the harbour to shelter from the rain and drink my coffee, back to BGdns and then home via the store for a few supplies in some heavier rain. . . PCd pretty much the whole rest of the day away, messing around with the red arrows footage I'd shot on Wednesday. Generally lackluster footage I thought, but on reflection, 'I' reckon the soundtrack of what my scanner was picking up gives the footage a whole different 'edge' and IS worth keeping. Laboriously hacked away at the footage until I'd managed to trim it down to within the standard Youtube length limit, and ultimately compiled and started the file uploading to youtube . . . TVd while the file slowly uploaded to Youtube (over two hours!) . . eventually posted a link to the footage on a facebook page or two - but as is so often disappointingly the case (based on the 'likes' and number of views etc), it appeared to be almost totally 'unappreciated' or ignored. I can't help it (with my patheticly damaged ego) I AM, um - 'hurt' when people take a simple little photograph of something relatively lackluster and post it, only to get loads of critical acclaim and likes and praise, when a piece of video I've laboured over for SO MANY hours is so readily dismissed. Seems to me that taking still images of aircraft in flight in particular is a pretty 'easy' thing to achieve (especially if you are in the crowd, actually on the display line, with an expensive camera and lens, etc, etc). A couple of presses of the button during the event and you're done (apart from a minute or two of cropping on the PC later). I really don't think people in ANY WAY appreciate how unbelievably difficult (really nigh on impossible!) it is to zoom-in from miles away and consistantly follow a distant speeding aircraft when trying to capture video like I do. (On many occasions, it IS possible to hear on the soundtrack of my videos, me 'grunting' and gasping for breath with the sheer physical effort of what I'm doing!) Nor can they possibly appreciate how much effort and how many hours subsequently goes into the editing etc, etc. I don't get why people SO appreciate a single still image - but haven't the patience or ability to see the amazing collection of 'still images' which go to make up a video. With almost all my videos, I literally do 'see' the 25+ frames a second of still images - and in amongst all of those individual images, there ARE some really breathtaking scenes if you have the eye/mind for seeing them. Oh well - rant over with. I'm just feeling pretty down and worthless I guess. Self worth isn't born of Facebook/Youtube likes is it! :o( . . . cooked and ate four quarter pound cheese burgers followed by half a pack of chocolate biscuits and then some chocolate . . . to bed around midnight
29 - Up around 7:45am. 19C in, 15C out. Sunny. . . stiff and aching. Annadin tablet for breakfast . . . walked BGdns, down to the harbour for my coffee near the old coastguard station and then back home through town after having bought a 3 pair of new secateurs. . .pottered in the front garden de-weeding for just a while . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc . . . listened-in to a coastguard shout. Both lifeboats and ground troops were sent to St Marys bay to look for an overdue swimmer. The ILB found her safe and well returning to shore as they arrived on scene and started their shoreline search. Her partner was so relieved, he apparantly swam out to meet her. Another false alarm with good intent . . . stood out in the front garden with camcorder, scanner and coffee to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Vulcan now scheduled to display over Dartmouth around 3:45pm. Yayyyyyy - managed to get a few glimpses. Oh WHAT a BEAUTIFUL aircraft! A tragedy 'the nation' can't see fit () to keep such things in the air as part of our heritage. :o( VERY pleased to have had those few last glimpses of one. I remember as a kid cycling out to the Rolls Royce airfield at Patchway/Filton in Bristol and having the priveledge of seeing a white painted one used as a flying test bed for the Turbo Union RB199 engine (for the Tornado) taking to the air on more than one occasion. The RB199 engine was slung underneath in a large external pod where the bomb bay is located as I recall. A true spectacle/experience that was - standing against the fence at the edge of the end of the runway, directly behind the thing as it roared down the runway and into the air. I can almost smell it in the remembering. Same sort of smell my ancient old parafin heater used to make. lolol . . immediately messed around with the Vulcan footage and uploaded snips directly to a 'Devon & Brixham Photo's' Facebook page for anyone who may have been interested (and gratifyingly plenty were). . . the weather deteriorated to a bit of light showers, and I assumed the rest of the later scheduled air displays would be cancelled. Wrong. Ended up back out in the garden after 6:15pm when the outrageously loud noise of a displaying Typhoon fighter echoed all around the place. (It even drew the next door neighbour out for a look.) Wow - WHAT a display that guy was putting on. Sadly too small, fast and far away to really see or film ANY of it except for the briefest of glimpses. I missed getting it on camera, but just the guys departure from the area as it flew high overhead was a spectacle. Some distance out across the bay, he suddenly turned the power up and with a roar, went into a steep climb and rapidly disappeared out of sight through the cloud base and gone. . . around 7pm DF called in for coffee biscuits and arguments until around 10pm . . . TVd . . . cooked and ate two cheesburgers, two fairey cakes and chocolate . . to bed around 1am.
28 - Woke earlier, up around 7:30am. 19C in, 15C out. Sunny. . walked BGdns to sit around and play ball as some heavy showers passed nearby - at times completely obscuring sight of the other side of the bay, but thankfully missing us apart from a few drops. A seal was basking on one of the usual exposed at low tide rocks again. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee before heading back up over Fgn. . bought a 12kg sack of dog food at the local pet store and ended up carrying it home over my shoulder. . mowed both lawns. Very overdue and the mower was only 'just' capable of coping with the length of the grass! Brief rain showers during the end of mowing the front! . Worked in the top of the back garden deweeding all the feet of long marsh grass type stuff that constantly appears all around the place - especially between all the paving slabs which have been just layed loose on the earth up there. I've been putting it off and ignoring it for so long, it'd grown up to two, three or even more feet in places! Ended up cutting armfulls away with secateurs and then even using my old lawn mower to mow over the slabs!!!!! Having all that regrow there is a flippin pain in the ass, and ultimately makes for high-maintenance and huge amounts of garden waste all the time. A real pain those uneven slabs weren't layed 'properly'. :o( I SO didn't want to do so, but I ended up having a go at making things just a 'little' bit less work in the future (as I've already done to the slabs at the very top of the garden where my rotary clothes line stands). I lifted a whole few rows of the slabs, cut and dug out all the marsh grass, and then layed out bits of dog-meal plastic sacks on the earth before putting all the slabs back down on top. It isn't a complete cure for the problem, but based on the top bits of the garden which I've already done, it DOES 'lessen' the amount of stuff which grows between the slabs. . I only managed half that tier of the garden before just HAVING to call it quits I was so tired and blistered, etc . . . I was already aware that because of the recent Shoreham air display crash which killed eleven people on a nearby road last weekend, the 6pm scheduled Red Arrows Dartmouth display had been essentialy cancelled and all they were going to do instead was a hugely disappointing flyby or two. Has health and safety (or worse - 'social media') killed airshows now? Madness!!!!!! :o( Nevertheless, as I always do, I ended up out in the front garden armed with my scanner, video camera and a cup of coffee, hoping to catch sight of them (again). I was out there from way early and caught glimpses of a Spitfire and old Swordfish in the sky beforehand. Ultimately the Red Arrows arrived for their flybys. I heard them on the scanner, I could hear the noise of them in the air, but just doing a fly-by deep in the Dart valley, there was no sign of them. Doubly frustrating when I could even 'just' see distant red smoke rising up into the air on the breeze! At length, it seemed pretty obvious I wasn't going to get to see them this year. Just then, from a completely unexpected direction, the 'diamond nine' suddenly appeared and briefly flew directly over the house and were gone. Oh well - better a 'glimpse' than nothing. . . loaded the wheelie bin up with carrier bags of garden refuse! Tut tut. . . PCd. Oh wow - reports in the media that the last flying Vulcan is going to make a hitherto unscheduled appearance at Dartmouth tomorrow!! Ooooh - I GOTTA see if I can see any of that. It'll be my last chance to ever see one flying! . . .exhausted and hungry, but no appetite kinda. Eventually ate a left over cheese on toast crust from yesterday followed by chocolate biscuits, bananas and chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
27 - Up around 7:45am. 18C in, 14C out. Grey. . .woke at the PC monitoring radios. Small luxury cruise ship MV Hebridean Princess in the middle of Lyme Bay called the coastguard requesting medical assistance. (That luxury cruise ship has apparantly often been chartered by the Royal family!) An elderly man had allegedly fallen down some steps and was 'less than fully responsive' still some time after he was discovered. A ship to shore radio/phone conversation was had with a medical professional at a hospital, and after hearing what medication the guy was already on, he decided it would be best to have the casualty lifted off the vessel by helicopter and transferred straight to a hospital. Coastguard helicopter Rescue 106 was apparantly being tasked from Portland. . . . walked BGdns. Sat and played ball for a bit in the occasional hint of a light shower, constantly scanning the far horizon in the hope of catching a glimpse of the cruise ship and or rescue helicopter. (A seal was basking on the rocks below again. Been there, seen that, done that. lol) Some dark clouds and big showers out there making for poor visibility, but sure enough, I eventually spotted it - and eventually the helicopter orbiting above it too, albeit little more than a frequently disappearing dot in the distance! At first the Hebridean Princess was making good speed (around 11 knots) straight towards Brixham, with the helicopter paramedic already on-board assessing the casualty, but frustratingly as it started to get closer, it suddenly veered off towards the south to almost immediately disappear behind Berry Head - JUST as the helicopter was apparantly lowering a stretcher onboard. Only managed to get the briefest of glimpses of both the helicopter and the ship in a single frame with the camcorder on full-zoom, before they were lost to sight behind Berry Head. Wow - HOW frustrating was THAT! If they'd continued on their original course, I'd have had a grandstand view of the whole thing!! :o( . Comms on the scanner suggested it'd be a while (20 minutes) before they were ready to actually lift the casualty, and the helicopter indicated it was going to briefly land somewhere on a headland to conserve fuel. Ended up sitting around looking at nothing for ages - with intermittent scanner comms because of the high headland between us. At length the cruise ship apparantly carried on with its out of sight journey, and a short time later the helicopter flew overhead on its three minute journey to its landing site at Torbay hospital. Unusualy it didn't even raise its wheels for the short hop across Torbay . . . eventually carried on down to the inner harbour. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee (busy - 'Pirate Thursday') before shopping for a few supplies in town and then heading straight home . . . PCd and e-mailed a couple of screen captures of the ship and helicopter image to the local newspaper news desk - because they were suprisingly already reporting the incident on their website (with just some stock images of the ship). . . PCd this as the weather improved to good sunny spells . . .ate a large sausage roll with a large bag of crisps . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate a pack of small going cheap sausage rolls, crisps, banana, biscuits and chocolate and then later-on three thick crusts of much cheese on toast. . . to bed around 1am.
26 - Up at 7am. 18C in, 13C out. Grey after rain. . . walked BGdns. Sat and played ball for a bit before starting to head down towards the harbour. That got delayed when I spotted three seal basking on rocks down below. Seeing a lone seal has become a common, almost everyday experience for me, but seeing a trio all happily laying around and being 'filmable' like that was just too good an opportunity to be missed. Ended up perched on the rocks below Battery Gardens filming them for quite a long while. At length, the rising tide covered their resting places and they all slipped calmly back into the sea and disappeared. A priveledge to see - and I even heard/caught one of them 'calling' briefly once or twice. . . carried on down to the harbour and sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee and then headed back up into BGdns heading home. Stopped off for more tripe mince supplies for Bella at the local pet store on the way home. The smell of that stuff when defrosted is stomach churning awful, but (touch wood) regularly mixed with a raw egg, it seems to absolutely guarantee Bella WILL eat her evening meal - and even clean out the bowl like a 'normal' dog. . . PCd and ultimately uploaded a snip of the seal footage to Youtube whilst charging batteries etc .
-//- . . walked just after 5pm and headed back to BGdns with Bella, tripod and radios to hopefully listen-in and film the red arrows displaying over Torquay (again). .
. rain showers and poor visibility across the bay . . flat display . . . did my best at capturing things on the camcorder, but it was pretty obvious I wasn't getting the results I wanted - AGAIN - and as a result, kinda missed just being able to sit back and watch.

-//- . . sheltered in a gun emplacement for a while as heavier rain and rainbows returned. A couple of drinking(drunk) holidaymakers from up North also ended up sheltering in there, and having to make polite conversation with them had me soon decide to leave as soon as the rain eased. Eventually ended up deciding to head down to the harbour instead of straight home. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee as the rain poured, and then straight home through town in a dry spell . . . PCd. Wow - all manner of absolutely STUNNING photos of the red arrows had been uploaded by - um - well, everyone it seems. SUCH stunning pictures, it really does make my pathetic totally failed attempts at filming them quite laughable. I really need to just accept it isn't something I can really do, stop trying to do so, and just sit back and enjoy watching (and listening to) them instead I think. :o( . . TVd . . ate a large bowl of stew, a large sausage roll and chocolate . . to bed around 12:30am.
25 - Up at 7am. 17C in, 13C out. Grey. Headachey . . . walked BGdns in rain gear in just a hint of drizzle to start with. Carried on down to drink my coffee under the old fish market roof as the heavy rain arrived in earnest. Trudged home in the pouring rain getting drenched through . . .put a couple of meals worth of the remaining stew from the pressure cooker in the freezer . . PCd/TVd/aimlessly sat around the whole day through . . . ate an oven-warmed pastie with chips followed later by bowls of rice krispies, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . to bed well before midnight.
24 - Broken disturbed sleep then up around 8am. 19C in, 13C out. Rain. . . walked BGdns in rain gear but found the rain pretty much easing off. Sat and played ball for a while before heading down to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Back home through town after buying a large container of vegetable oil . . . right then - operation chip pan! I'd let the vegetable-oil level in my trusty old chip pan get down real low, with a view to cleaning the thing up before replacing the oil (rather than just keep topping it up as I usually do). The whole pan and wire mesh basket was COVERED in layers of burned-on oil, and a thick sludge of burned bits of chips filled the bottom of the pan! In short - disgusting and LONG overdue for a clean/oil change. The sludge was easily poured into an empty plastic milk container for putting into the wheelie-bin. Much washing and scraping followed, but the thing was in SUCH a state, no amount of such treatment would remove the burned-on vegetable oil. At length I decided to hell with the grey painted outer surface - I'd be better off just abrading it all back to bare metal! So - out with the wire brush on the drill in the garden! . . to cut a VERY long (all day???!!) story short, I eventually managed to take all the paint and burned on oil off with the drill brush, rub it all down with some abrasive paper, and get the thing 'acceptable' looking in scratched bare metal. Looks rather 'used', but better than it did, and now easier to clean up again in the future. . . cooked up a large pressure cooker pot of beef and mixed veg stew. . . TVd . . .ate a large bowl and a bit of stew, followed by a banana, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
23 - Woke earlier then up around 7am. 20C in, 13C out. Rain. . . walked BGdns and sheltered in a gun emplacement for a while before carrying on down to the cover of the old fish market roof to sit and drink my coffee. The weather slowly improved slightly and we eventually headed back up to BGdns before finaly home . . . PCd the Ocean Majesty footage. Eventually uploaded a video to Youtube . . . ate a slice of gala pie, mini cheddars and crisps . . headachey and feeling rough . . TVd . . ate a banana, a pack of six jam tarts and a little chocolate . . . to bed after 1am.
22 - Woke earlier then up before 7am, tired out and rather headachey. 20C in, 15C out. Thick mist soon clearing to good sunny spells. . walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. Lots of people and 'things' going on around the place. A big tent full of plates of food was set up near the lifeboat station, with a sign saying it was a private (christening) function - presumeably for family of one of the lifeboat crew members. The Breakwater beach was also all full of people and boats, all getting ready for Gig racing off the breakwater. . . eventually headed back to drink my coffee on a seat near the old coastguard station . . returned to BGdns and sat atop the gun emplacement idley filming a bit of the far too distant gigs out behind the breakwater. . spotted the cruise ship MV Ocean Majesty coming into the bay and heading for Torquay for a visit - and because such cruise ship visits are relatively rare and unusual, couldn't resist pointing the camcorder at her as she transited the bay and eventually moored up off Torquay. Even ended up calling Mum on my mobile and requesting she call in for her usual Saturday morning visit, a little later than normal . . . eventually headed home. Immediately PCd and charged batteries etc etc whilst monitoring the radios. The Torbay lifeboat was called out on a shout to a small fishing vessel called 'Highlander' which had apparantly suffered a complete steering failure way out across Lyme Bay.

. . . an absolute shambles on the radio as the lifeboat tried to get details from the Coastguard! Even multiple people calling in on channel 16 saying it was a disgrace and they should bring back Brixham coastguard!! All I could do to stop myself keying up my radio and agreeing!!!! . . .

The shout turned out to be a lengthy but straight forward tow back to Brixham. . . Mum called in with food donations for chats etc . . . ate a banana and then back out to BGdns hoping to catch glimpses of anything going on at the far distant (actually out of sight behind the Torquay headland) Dawlish air show. Too misty and rainy to see much of anything at all - and certainly no aircraft. . Didn't even see the lifeboat in the murk until it was almost back. Filmed it towing Highlander back to just off the breakwater and then coming into harbour. What WAS notable to me about that otherwise rather featureless tow-back, was the woman (K) on board the lifeboat filming the shout! It would presumably appear another documentary type film is being made about the lifeboat crew, etc. (Subsequently heard various references to her during other shouts, needing phone numbers of casualties involved for permissions etc, so it would appear to be an ongoing thing. Lucky b****! lol) . . . PCd the Highlander/lifeboat footage and uploaded it to Youtube. . . TVd . . ate two ham finger rolls, crisps, mini cheddars, two small fairey cakes and chocolate . . to bed after 1am.
21 - Woke before 5am, all congested and feeling short of breath!!!!!! Couldn't get back to sleep. 20C in, 15C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns feeling absolutely dreadful, mostly from lack of sleep. .eventually on down to the harbour for my coffee before home through town. . .TVd/PCd/sat around waiting until it was late enough to have some lunch before fully intending to attempt to sleep the rest of the afternoon away. . . ate four sausages and chips. . the new next door neighbour lifting floorboards and hammering put paid to my plan of trying to get some sleep until quite late in the afternoon!! SO tired! :o( . . . eventually managed to nap for just an hour or two . . . DF called in for arguments coffees and biscuits . . . drank a glass of red wine and ate bowls of rice krispies before to bed around 1:30am.
20 - Woke around 6am, up around 7am. 19C in, 15C out. Misty. . . walked BGdns, down to under the old fish market roof for my coffee and then bought a few supplies on the way home through town . . .PCd . . did a bit of the mountain of dishwashing chores but ended up stopping half way through because I just didn't want to be stood there doing it! . . . walked back down town to buy a box of red wine - taking the old packet of out of date Alpen from my cupboard with me. Bought the wine (16.99) and then carried on up into BGdns. Sat and played ball for a little while before then heading up to near the seats under the roof to dump all the old Alpen on the ground near T's bird feeder. Would you believe it - despite Bella's recent/ongoing lack of appetite, AND the fact that she left a whole bowl of meat mince mixed with a bit of that muesli the other day, she insisted on eating a handful of the muesli as I was dumping it out!!?? She's driving me nuts! :o( . . . napped briefly for only an hour or so . . . TVd . . . ate four sausages, fried mushrooms, two fried eggs, a whole box of Kipling almond slices, a banana, and large amounts of chocolate. . . to bed just before 1am.
19 - Up at 6:15am. 19C in, 15C out. Sun peeking through the clouds, rain and rainbows. . . walked BGdns in the light rain. Brief glimpses of a dolphin. . on down to the harbour to sit under cover for my coffee before eventually heading straight home through town in the heavier rain. . . TVd/PCd as the rain poured all day. . . ate a ham finger roll, crisps and a banana . . . napped . . . TVd . .ate a ham cheese and mayo finger roll, crisps, banana, bowls of rice krispies and chocolate. . Bella acted hungry like a 'normal' dog today and ate plenty . . . to bed around 1am.
18 - Up around 6am. 19C in, 13C out. Sunny. Why on earth do I keep waking so early? Constantly feeling utterly tired out! :o( . . walked BGdns and sat around for quite a while. Eventualy headed down to the harbour just to sit and drink my coffee under the very quiet old fish market roof before heading back up over FGn to the local store for a few supplies and then the local pet store for four more frozen squares of tripe mince. The smell of the stuff when defrosted is utterly appalling, but it seems to be doing the trick, and Bella has been eating it and the dry complete I mix it with, 'almost' 'normally' of late . . . finally got round to balancing my accounts - which took a bit of doing, because I'd neglected to do so for several months!! What a relief to finally get on top of that . . . PCd just a bit of this . . . ate a small bowl of stew . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate the remaining stew, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
17 - Woke earlier, up just before 7am. 18C in, 10C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns and then on down to the harbour to sit for my coffee. Shopped in town for potato and mince supplies and then straight home carrying the heavy carrier bags . . .aimlessly sat around/TVd/PCd yet another day away. . . napped for almost a couple of hours . . . TVd . . cooked-up a big pressure-cooker pot of mince and mixed veg stew, and ate a big bowl full followed by a whole pack of jam tarts and some chocolate and then later on some more of the stew! . . . TVd until to bed around 1am.
16 - Woke earlier, up at 7am. 18C in, 8C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns, out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to the inner harbour to drink my coffee by the coastguard station, back up to BGdns and then home via the store for a few supplies . . . cooked and ate a large pack of going cheap/out of date bbq chicken drumsticks. Dared to give Bella all the bones etc and she ate the lot. As if to prove how risky that is, she managed to get a long piece of crunched-up bone stuck awkwardly in her mouth! Luckily I was able to quickly find and remove it once I realised what was going on!! :o\ . . . napped . . . TVd . . .Bella ate tripe mince and biscuit for her evening meal and overall probably ate a good amount today . . ate co-co pops, banana, mini cheddars, and very large amounts of chocolate! . . . to bed around 1:45am.
15 - Up at 6am again! 18C in, 11C out. Sunny . . .walked BGns quite early. Carried on down to the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. Back to a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee, back up to BGdns and ultimately home. . . did bed linen laundry. Re-made the bed with clean linen while the washed stuff dried on the line, and finally got round to opening up the pair of flat white sheets I'd scored in the charity shop for 5 the other day. Yayyyy - they are entirely useable. I was rather worried they wouldn't be the correct size, but it turns out they are really quite large and do the job of seperating me from the duvet cover very nicely, even almost reaching the floor on either side. (I wonder if they are actually king sized rather than doubles? When I next need to buy some, I'll have to check the sizes.) . . dug out from the garage the old ugly green loose sofa cover I never got round to throwing away, and crammed it into the washing machine for a wash before getting it out onto the line to quickly dry in the sun. I have it in mind to have a go at covering my leather sofa with it, and then 'relent' and dare to let Bella lie on the sofa if and when she pleases. She seems to want SO much stroking and fussing at the moment, having to keep leaning out of my chair when watching TV to reach her laying on the floor next to me has become a bit of a pain. With the leather sofa 'protected' with that ugly old cover, I may start having to sit on the sofa to watch TV, and have Bella up next to me, like we used to do before I bought that suite. . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc. . . ate haslet finger rolls, crisps and a little chocolate. . . napped until around 7pm . . . TVd the night away. . . ate crisps, mini cheddars, a steak and kidney pie, banana, two small fairey cakes and some chocolate. . . drank some baileys before to bed around 12:30am.
14 - Up around 6am. 20C in, 18C out. Rain . . delayed walking because of the filthy weather . . ate a bowl of what turns out to be, definitely gone-off muesli!!! Blimey - no wonder - the use-by date is 18/05/2012!!!!!! Still - seems a shame to throw it away. I wonder if the birds and rabbits in BGdns would eat it? . . . walked BGdns in the light rain. Sheltered in gun emplacements for a while before carrying on down to the harbour. Sat under the old fish market roof at length for my coffee. . picked up a carrier bag of litter from the harbour wall steps . . popped in a couple of shops and scored a pack of two unused white bed sheets for 5 in a charity shop, and managed to find a replacement 'Lady Jane' metallic sponge thing which has become my indespensible favourite for washing dishes, Bella's bowls, etc in the kitchen. . .trimmed my hair and beard etc . . . PCd/TVd . . . ate a small tin of salmon with chips and mixed veg followed later by large amounts of biscuits. . Bella ate a fairly decent amount today . . .TVd until bed around 12:45am.
13 - Woke around 6am and up a short time later when I couldn't get back to sleep. 20C in, 16C out. Rain . . . delayed walking until the rain had eased off. Walked BGdns. Carried on down to the harbour, taking photos of all the graffitti along the way, 'for the record'. It really is absolutely EVERYWHERE. :o( How is it possible no one saw whoever did all that? . Drank my coffee under the old fish market roof, feeling very down and pretty rough. Straight home through town . . .PCd . . back to sleep until around 6pm. . .managed to get Bella to eat some tripe mince . . TVd . . .ate most of a pack of chocolate biscuits followed by two cheeseburgers and some chocolate . . to bed around midnight.
12 - Dreadful night of tossing and turning and very little sleep, then up at 7:30am. 20C in, 17C out. Hazy sun . . . walked BGdns, the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to the harbour for my coffee and then back up to BGdns to sit around for a bit before cutting up through the trees heading home. Oh FFS!!! Whoever was responsible for recently covering the whole town (literally!) in graffitti, has also done a major number on the WWII (generator ?) building up in the woods behind the lower searchlight gun emplacements! BASTARDS! :o(

ate two beef finger rolls, crisps and coleslaw . . napped . . . walked BGdns and just sat around on top of my favourite searchlight gun emplacement as daylight faded.


Collected up all the hypodermic syringes and left them on top of the refuse bin up near the main entrance.

. . . TVd . . . ate buttered mixed veg with grated cheese . . to bed whenever? Bella refused her food and ate nothing again today.
11 - Woke earlier, up at 8am. 20C in, 14C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns. The sharps containers were gone from the gun emplacement (although I spotted one I'd missed, laying in the nearby undergrowth). Carried on down to the harbour, out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to the harbour for my coffee, back to BGdns (sheltering from unforecast rain) and then back home via the pet store for more frozen mince for Bella . . . PCd . . .ate the last of the chicken with chips . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate chocolate biscuits, bowls of co-co pops and chocolate . . . immediately before heading to bed, the lifeboat was called out to a becalmed yacht with engine failure. Sounded like a straight forward tow-in to somewhere, so carried on to bed in the middle of things around 1:45am. Bella ate little more than chicken stock today.
10 - Woken earlier by the noise of the rain, snoozed-on then up around 8:30am. 20C in, 15C out, raining. . headachey and feeling rough . . . walked BGdns in waterproofs in the rain and briefly took shelter in the lower searchlight gun emplacements. Some idiot has now graffitied inside the higher of the two searchlight gun emplacements, scrawling 'respect the past' on the back wall! Makes me SO angry. :o( There were also two 'sharps' containers dumped in the undergrowth - and part of a syringe nearby!? I wasn't at all in the mood to be having to deal with all that (and don't know what one should do in respect of sharps containers anyway), and I just left the sharps containers in the bunker. I DID have a 'bit' of a scrape at the graffitti paint, and with some effort it probably would have been partially removeable (albeit likely damaging the underlying paint), but I soon gave up. . carried on down towards the harbour. Stopped along the way to have a prod at some other graffitti which was recently sprayed here and there along the route. Used my thumbnail at length to eventually successfully remove ALL of the graffiti from one of the council signs. :o) . . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee and an annadin tablet as the rain continued, before eventually heading straight back home, all wet through - at which point, sods law, it started to clear to sunny spells. . . PCd a bit . . ended up making a phone call to 'Tor2' and informing them of the sharps containers in the searchlight bunker earlier. They said they'd attend to it! . . PCd/TVd the day away . . .ate a packet of jaffa cakes followed later by cold chicken with chips and then some chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
9 - Woke earlier, snoozed-on then up around 8:30am. 21C in, 20C out, sunny spells but threatening dark clouds all around. . .walked BGdns, on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee, back to BGdns and ultimately home via the local store. . .ate two large sausage rolls with crisps. . . dabbled with the idea, but just couldn't muster the energy to go back out to see the late afternoon Lifeboat Week SAR demo off the breakwater beach - especially since the poor weather and low cloud made it most likely there would be no helicopter attendance - yet again. . napped . . still feeling all exhausted (as ever!!??) I couldn't muster the energy to head back out to see the end of Lifeboat Week fireworks off the breakwater. . TVd. . watched the film 'Pi' that was on. Superb effects and all that, but what a tedious load of utter nonsense again - like all recent films seem to be? . stood in the garden briefly when the breakwater fireworks started-up ('just' visible behind trees in the far distance), and big flocks of calling seagulls all took to the air and flew over the house . . deboned the chicken and boiled the bones in the pressure cooker for ages, trying to make a stock - for Bella . . ate chicken in two finger rolls, mini cheddars, jaffa cakes, chocolate biscuits . .Bella had a bit of chicken, but mostly left her food, despite me trying to encourage her to eat it by mixing in an egg and also the burger bits and fat from the frying pan. Even eventualy pouring some chicken 'stock' over it didn't make any difference. :o( . . TVd monitoring radios as usual. Shortly after midnight the coastguard response teams were called out to a 'swimmer in the water off the breakwater'! The guy was assisted ashore on the lifeboat slipway by the lifeboat crew just as they were about to launch, and was taken into the lifeboat station to warm up and 'be spoken to' etc. (later, news reports suggested he was drunk and had swum all the way around the breakwater from the breakwater beach!!!) . . to bed around 1am.
8 - Woke around 5am, snoozed-on then up around 7:15am. 20C in, 15C out, sunny. Achey!! Annadin tablet for breakfast . . . walked BGdns under a blue sky in the hot sun. What idiocy has been going on in the gardens? All the stones that I've been meticulously collecting-up from all around the place and depositing in the 'trench' which Bella has made in front of our usual lower seat, have been picked up and strewn all over the grass AND thrown all over the floor of the lower searchlight gun emplacement! FFS. IDIOTS! . eventually headed on down towards the harbour. . Just in front of the Plymouth University (ex Astra Zeneca Brixham Environmental Laboratory) building, a couple of women with dogs were peering over the cliff. Turned out they were looking at a collie type dog which was stood on a submerged rock below!! Having learned my lesson from the kayaker in difficulty event last week, I quickly enquired if anyone had done anything about it yet. They told me that the owner had gone off to seek help, they had got help, and they were heading back in someones boat. Sure enough, someone was already rowing towards us in an inflatable, with what turned out to be the lady owner onboard. I determined ('perhaps' unwisely with hindsight - again!) that everything was in hand and a call to the coastguard wasn't immediately required, because it'd likely all be over with before the coastguards got the message or the ILB received their launch instruct, etc.Image of an owner rescuing her over the cliffs dog So - I (and Bella) took up a position on the nearby rocks and grabbed a snip of video as events unfolded. I 'think' the partner of the woman in the inflatable, was one of those on the cliff above the dog. Whoever the rower was, he sure had some strength! That was a long way to row 'I' thought. As detailed in the video, it all ended well, and the woman and the dog were soon being deposited safely on dry ground via the redundant slipway nearby, with the dog apparantly happy and uninjured. . carried on walking towards the harbour, and ended up getting just a bit ahead of the inflatable rowing guy heading back, so grabbed a snip or two more video of him. Wow - that WAS a long way, and looked like HARD work in the heat and sun. The dog owners ended up having a brief sit on a bench not far from the Oxen Cove slipway, and I had the opportunity in passing to ask if the dog was ok and if they'd mind me positing video to Youtube, etc. They had no objection - so I jotted down my Youtube username on a bit of paper and gave it to them. The dog's name was Penny. The male owner met the inflatable guy on the slipway and obviously attempted to offer him some sort of payment for his services, but he appeared to refuse. Jolly decent guy. :o) . . briefly sat under the old fish market roof behind the Saturday morning market stalls, but it was uncomfortable sat almost on the ground in full sun, and we ended up heading around the harbour and all the way out towards the seat above the end of the breakwater. . lots of people and stalls and the like were all around near the lifeboat station, all setting up and getting ready for the last but one day of the busy fundraising Lifeboat Week events.A couple of seemingly immaculate OLD lifeboats were moored up near the ALB (which was open for onboard tours). Wow - how old and fragile they looked compared to todays Severn class. Just imagine heading out in rough seas in something so old, small and comparatively breakable!!! Imagine!!!! . . Sat on the seat above the end of the braekwater for a while before heading back to the inner harbour. Both sat on a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee . shopped for a couple of supplies in town before then heading straight home . . .PCd video and ultimately Youtubed the dog rescue video from earlier . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats etc . . . PCd and posted links to the dog rescue footage on the 'Torbay Dog Lovers' Facebook page, etc. . .PCd a bit of this . . .spoke on the VHF radio briefly for the first time in a year or so! . . ate a thick slab of gala pie with crisps and a banana . . . couldn't muster the energy to walk again as I'd intended, and ended up just TVing the night away . . . ate cold chicken with two pieces of bread and butter, a couple of small fairy cakes and some chocolate. . . to bed before 3am.
7 - Woke around 5am with Bella not in the room. Checked downstairs and sure enough she'd peed in the kitchen! :o( Put carpet tiles outside teh back door to deal with later and returned to bed to try to get more sleep. Tossed and turned for ages. Back up around 8am. 20C in, 16C out, sunny. Hosed down carpet tiles and put them up the top of the garden in the sun to dry - again. . . walked BGdns and then on down towards the inner harbour. No swallows to film again . . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Shopped for supplies and an expensive ready to eat cooked chicken again before heading straight home. . .mowed both lawns, trimmed next doors 'growing-through' hedge out front, tidied up around the place just a little. . . ate a meat pastry slice, two bags of crisps and a banana. . . napped . . .TVd nothing all evening. . .ate cold chicken with chips, chocolate biscuits and some chocolate. . Bella ate a 'reasonable' amount of tripe mince and complete biscuit mixed with a raw egg, and a couple of the chicken bones today. . . to bed around 1am.
6 - Woke earlier, tried to snooze on then up around 8am. 19C in, 15C out, turning to sunny . . . walked BGdns, overheating in a nylon raincoat as things turned to prolonged sunny spells. Soon carried on down towards the yacht club to film the swallows as usual. All the GP14 Nationals racing yachts and their support/safety boats were all in the process of launching on the Oxen Cove slipway and heading out into the bay. . oh wow! Nothing to film this morning!! It would appear that the swallow chicks have moved somewhere else! There was neither sight nor sound of them from my usual vantage point! Well - that was a surprise, even if I always envisaged it'd end up that way sooner or later. I guess I WILL still keep going down there for the forseeable future, just to see if there are any further glimpses of them, but with a bit of luck, that's 'it'. Mixed emotions, but it WILL be rather a relief to have it all over and done with. It HAS been a hell of a time consuming commitment. . eventually carried on down to the harbour to sit atop the viewing deck on top of the public loos watching and photoing more heavy-metal work going on on a trawler in the working harbour. They were re-fitting one of the beams to trawler 'Jacoba'. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee before walking all the way up the painfully steep steps to the high point across the harbour, to grab a snap of the 'aerial' view of the working harbour with Torbay stretching out behind - all for a possible later Brixham Fishing Facebook post. . cut down unknown side streets and successfully managed a short cut on the way up to the vets to pick up the latest supply of Bella's tablets.

-//- They've allegedly gone up! s more than last time FFS!!!!!! :o(

straight home across town. . . returned her ansaphone call from earlier and touched base with Mum. Sis2 is safely home. . .Reports on the news that George Cole (Arthur Dailey) has died. . . defrosted a quarter of a pack of dog beef mince and mixed it with some of Bella's complete biscuit, in the hope I could tempt her to eat like yesterday. She IMMEDIATELY refused it and walked away. Hiding a chicken bone amongst it got her interest back, but she only ate a mouthful or two on her way to finding the bone before leaving the rest - to be thrown away later - again! :o( . . . PCd . . .napped . . walked straight down through town to see if there was any sign of the swallows.

-//- Lots of swallows??? OTHER swallows! Filmed for quite a while nonetheless.

eventually called it quits and started to head along towards BGdns. One of a group of holidaymakers was getting the rest of the family to pose for a photo along the harbourside, so as is my frequent habit, I offered to take a couple of them ALL together on their camera. They gratefully accepted so I did my best to oblige, with a bit of the impressive Torbay sunset in the shots alongside them hopefully. I carried on walking but ended up shouting and jesticulating back at them, when I spotted a seal eating a fish on the surface a short distance away. They rushed to get sight of it. :o) 'Intervening' like that was even more gratifying when the young lad that was part of their group, told me it was the first time he'd seen a seal. I do LOVE to occasionaly 'share' and have appreciated some of the amazing stuff I've grown SO accustomed to seeing on a nearly daily basis. I even tried to get arty farty with MY camera and a nearby seagull, but unfortunately it was so dim by then, (with the flash turned off) I just ended up with predictable blurrs . . sat in Bgdns for my coffee before eventually heading home. Blimey - I'm gonna have to start carrying a torch again! . . . TVd . . .mixed a chicken bone and a raw egg with some mince and biscuit and managed to get Bella to eat a reasonable amount. . . ate two ham finger rolls, crisps, mini cheddars and chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
5 - Up just after 7am. 19C in, 14C out, grey and rain showers. . . walked BGdns after the rain had passed and soon carried on down to have a look at the swallow chicks. All four still 'in the vicinity', occasionaly flying about, settling in different places, and being fed etc. Breezy - with the yacht club GP14 Nationals apparantly having a day off. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee as another shower passed through. LOTS of people about with their nauseating brats, all crabbing from every bit of harbourside rail. The trouble with where I sit down there, with Bella sat up next to me on the two foot high stack of market stall timber sheets, is that it DOES make her highly noticeable and seriously cute looking. LOADS of passers-by want to come up and fuss her and have a stroke and a chat - including peoples children!!! It all got a bit overwhelming and VERY uncomfortable for me this morning, and I soon HAD to leave. All the time we WERE sat there, Bella was preoccupied with 'staring' at every person that walked by with food - acting as though she was absolutely starving and desperate for a feed! As always (when we are out - NOT always when at home), she ate every gravy bone treat I gave her or gave to passers-by to give her! Arrrrrggggghhhhh. This not eating her regular meals thing, but seemingly still wanting to eat everything else (that isn't dog food) is driving me absolutely nuts. I can't deal with the seeming 'abscence of logic' to it! I just can't understand what the hell I'm supposed to be doing for her. :o(. . . called the vet receptionist and asked for a repeat (one month) supply of tablets made up for Bella. Also asked if I could maybe have words specifically with the vet I've been seeing of late, to broach the subject of Bella not eating (again)! The receptionist suggested he'd maybe give me a phone call later (from his more usual Paignton surgery). . .put out the near tin's volume of rejected dry complete from Bella's last night's meal for the birds - and then, because of how Bella had been SO 'interested' in every passer-by who was eating anything down the old fish market earlier, I figured I'd better chance my luck and see if I could get her to eat - 'something'. Defrosted a half packet of frozen tripe dog-mince, mixed it with some dry complete and a raw egg in her bowl, and nervously gave it to her around 1:45pm. As has become my uncomfortable habit whenever I put food down for her now, I then sat all uptight and hardly dared to move or breath whilest - yayyyyyyyy - she ate 'most' of it straight down - only leaving much of the dry complete. Go figure. Still - that was a fairly decent amount - and I have every intention of giving her some more of the cold chicken later tonight. :o) . . .PCd a bit more of this, filling in just a little of the many 'unfinished' bits . . . napped until 7pm . . . TVd the evening away again . . . cooked a pile of chips and shared them and the remaining cold chicken with Bella - which she woofed all down, only leaving some of her complete biscuit. :o) . . . ate biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed before 2am.
4 - Up just after 7am. 20C in, 16C out, broken grey and drizzle showers to start . . . walked BGdns and straight on down to have a look at the swallows without stopping. Had a very brief poke with the camcorder to do my usual 'chick headcount' before ending up heading for the cover of the old fish market roof when a squall of light rain passed through. . returned to film the swallows when sunny spells returned. . watched some of the work going on around the working fish quay (specifically on 'Constant Friend') and took a bunch of photos for a possible 'Brixham Fishing' Facebook post later, before returning to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Eventually home through town in the sun . . . PCd and then also tried to PC a bit of this, but yet again, I just can't bring myself to go over it all again. I DO however feel 'guilty' if I don't upload any update for ages, for the sake of the one or two people (literally!) who still check-in on it - so here is the unfinished current state of play with it - with LOADS of 'things to say' about lots of things, still unsaid. :o(. . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . .TVd . . . eventually deboned the chicken and then cooked a huge pile of chips to go with the meat. A plate for me, a large amount of the same in Bellas bowl, all cut up into pieces and mixed with some complete biscuit. She woofed it all straight down as though she was starving (which she IS of course!), but she picked around the dry complete dog food I'd also put in her bowl, and left all that behind (to be thrown out for the birds tomorrow morning)??? How can I possibly go on like this? What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't possibly keep buying expensive roast chicken for her every day?!!! :o( . . . ate bowls of co co pops and some squares of chocolate. To bed by 1am.
3 - Up just before 7am. 19C in, 16C out, grey and damp after rain . . . walked BGdns. Filmed the swallows, but only VERY briefly. Walked out all the way along to the end of the breakwater and back. Sat under the fish market roof for my coffee. Shopped for potatoes, a whole cold cooked chicken (5.79! ) and milk, and then struggled home with a VERY heavy rucsack. . .PCd/TVd . . did laundry, showered, etc. . ate two ham finger rolls with coleslaw, crisps and mini cheddars. . . napped until 7pm. . .TVd the night off. . . Bella refused her mince/dry dogfood and ate nothing again today!!!!! :o( . . . to bed at 2am.
2 - Up around 7:30am to find Bella was not in the bedroom. That could only mean one thing! Thankfully the mess on the carpet tiles in the kitchen wasn't 'that' bad. Hosed down tiles and left them in the garden to dry. Also put out the full bowl of complete biscuit and pottage Bella hadn't touched from last night. 19C in, 13C out, broken cloud and sun. . . walked BGdns (with wet socks from the hosing). Bella amazingly seemed to be acting rather better and perkier than yesterday. On down to film the birds. Actually not that much to film because after a flurry of flying about, they all settled in the top rung of the more distant harbourside ladder, and pretty much just sat in there partially out of sight for ages, just occasionaly being fed. . much activity in the nearby yacht club compound and aroundabout from crowds of people all preparing to take their (40+?) small sail boats out on the water for races later. The 'GP14 Nationals' apparantly. .whilst filming the swallows, I spotted a 'kayaker' IN the water next to his boat, way out near the main harbour fareway! Image of a kayaker 'in difficulty' being helped Things didn't look 'quite' right and I pretty soon wrenched the camcorder around and managed to get the quarter mile + distant dot in frame for a closer look. Seeing crazy people quite happily doing what 'I' consider dangerously crazy things (like tombstoning and coasteering etc) in and on the water, has become such a normal part of things I see every day, it took me quite some little time to determine that the guy really WAS in some 'difficulty'. With hindsight (ain't hindsight and reviewable video footage a wonderful thing!) I probably should have immediately started thinking about calling the coastguard on my new mobile phone or some such - but the thing is, carrying a working phone isn't something I'm used to doing, it simply didn't occur to me, and if I had, it would have taken me a substantial amount of time to get it out of my pocket, turn it on, figure out how to make a call, wouldn't know its number, etc, etc. I'm also from all my years of radio listening etc, quite well aware of just exactly how long it would have taken for me to battle through the 'system' and the 'chinese whispers' and get the coastguard to ACTUALLY task an appropriate response. FAR too long! Also - ironically, in the distance, just outside of the top left hand corner of the frame of my camcorder view, I could see the Torbay lifeboat just then heading out along the breakwater channel and out of the harbour! Boy - how powerlessly frustrating was THAT, not being able to just call them on a VHF radio and have them come straight on over! Where I was filming, right by the yacht club, there were safety ribs and the yacht club shuttle moored all around right in front of me, ready for the yacht racing later - and large crowds of people in the not far off yacht club compound and on the slipway in front, all getting their boats ready for launching etc. The ONLY thing which filled my mind was that I should get someone from the yacht club already afloat to quickly head over to help the guy. But - would you f***ing believe it - the 'usual' bunch of people I've been seeing for the last few weeks whilst filming down there, were nowhere to be seen anywhere near. I struggled to my feet, left the camcorder filming on the floor, shouted at Bella (tide to a post) to lie down, and immediately ran off towards the yacht club compound fence where all the people were.

-/ again, with hindsight, I have a STRONG suspicion that the guy I'd spoken to was all wrapped-up in his own little world of getting his yacht ready for racing, and quite probably actually did nothing - but perhaps that's being unfair, although I saw absolutely NO evidence of ANYONE from those crowds taking any interest in what had been going on, and I saw no-one approach the kayaker to make sure he was ok when he finally made land! /-

within a handful of seconds of getting back to my camcorder, sat unattended on the floor at the harbours edge (miraculously NOT stolen by passers-by), and getting back focused on the drifting by then well out of frame kayaker, to my ENORMOUS relief, a couple of people in a passing speedboat noticed the predicament the guy was in, turned around and came to his assistance (as other vessels happily sailed on by without even noticing!). Yayyyyyyy. With everything now assumed to be 'in hand', I just set about continuing to film events as best I could. Had to pick up the camcorder and change position more than once in the middle of filming, because of all the boats blocking my view across the harbour. With the help of the people in the speedboat, the guy somehow managed to get out of the water and back on his kayak, and was soon happily paddling STRAIGHT back towards land and the slipway. The expression on the guys face 'just' as he disappeared behind the rocks alongside the slipway said it all I think. Shocked and relieved.

quickly hooked-up Bella and walked along to the slipway and had a brief word with the kayak guy, just to make sure he was ok. He said 'something' along the lines of not having put a bung in on the vessel somewhere or other - but I suspect that was just a load of nonsense to cover his embarassment. . eventually carried on to the inner harbour and sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Comms on the scanner from RN helicopter and the ALB had me head back out and up into BGdns before I'd even finished my coffee, in the hope of being able to see whatever may have been going on. Turned out they were involved in a lifeboat demo out of sight over Teignmouth. The 'usual' fare of dummy rescues and helicopter whinch lifts, etc, etc. . . headed back home around midday and got there to find Sis2 and Mum already sat outside waiting for me with food donations - including two small pork pie treats which Bella woofed straight down! . . chats. Whilst briefly going on-line with the tablet to look at something or other relevant to our conversation, I bumped into the breaking news that Cilla Black had died! . . . PCd and ended up editing down the bit of kayaker in difficulty video and eventually uploaded it to Youtube. Frequent visits to the garden for Bella to have squirty poops!! . . bumped into a local newspaper article with warnings about an exceptionaly high tide tonight, so rang Sis2 and suggested she accompany me on the evening walk. . quickly ate a banana and square of chocolate just to keep me going and help stop my hands shaking so much . . All walked straight across FGn and down to the swallows, only to find the tide was significantly lower than it had been the last couple of nights! Didn't bother hanging around and headed straight back up to BGdns to sit atop my favourite searchlight gun emplacement for a while whilst I drank my coffee beore eventually heading home quite early around 8pm. Shifted a dead seagull out of the road along the way! Obviously been hit by a car, probably whilst eating flying ants, many of which came out today. During the walk, Bella had been acting really quite ok, and was even up for some ball chasing! How on earth is that possible after having recently been so ill and eaten so little? . . .TVd . . . made chips out of the last of the potatoes in the house and then split both the chips and remaining cold chicken in half. I ate half, and then Bella had the other half, all chopped up and mixed with some complete biscuit. She picked out all the bits of chicken and chips, and left all the dog food untouched FFS!!?? Oh well - at least she ate 'something' today. . .TVd . . ate a mum donated piece of chocolate spong cake and just a little chocolate . . eventually to bed around 12:30am.

1 - Up around 7:40am. 19C in, 13C out, a bit cloudy to start with. . Annadin tablet for breakfast . . . walked BGdns and soon on down to film the swallows - which were STILL all in the vicinity. . at some point unnoticed by me, Bella threw up all over the walkway behind me!! Got through several poop bags trying to clear up the embarassing mess. A guy from one of the yachts offered to help and produced a hosepipe from the yacht club awning behind me and proceeded to hose the remainder all away down the slipway. . eventually gave up filming (doubly difficult with the birds spread out all over the place and occasionaly flutterring around in the air and into different harbourside ladders) and started to head for the inner harbour. . just before passing the fish market fishmongers door/counter Bella let go at the other end!! A big embrassing watery mess that there was no way I could do anything about!!!!!!!!! . carried on down to the old fish market roof and sat in my usual place behind the Saturday market stalls to drink my coffee (and take a few snaps of a fishing boat for a facebook Brixham Fishing post later). Sat on the few not currently in use market stall timber sheets neer the floor drinking my coffee with Bella layed down mostly behind me, I suddenly became aware of a wetness around the back of my trousers!??? Oh NO!!!!! Poor Bella had thrown up again, and being mostly 'water', it had run across the timber and pooled around me!!!!!! Yeuch! Had no choice but to try to clear it up just a little. Ended up asking a father just finishing crabbing with his kids if I could make use of his crabbing bucket. Bizarre how reluctant (untrusting?) he was - but he eventually agreed. Rushed down the harbour wall steps to fill the bucket and then did my best at washing away the sick - making sure I didn't pour on too much water such that it could all run into the nearby market stalls!! . made a pretty quick exit and headed straight home - with Bella walking very slowly and obviously feeling very poorly! :o( . . . returned Mums ansaphone call - and let her know what was going on with Bella and how I felt as though we were acting out her 'end game'! :o( . . Bella pooped in the garden again - like a hosepipe coming out of her!!! . . . walked up Mums with Bella and sat in the garden with Mum and Sis2 chatting for quite a while. (Rather that than have Bella maybe be all ill IN the house!) Sis2 was all covered in splashes of fence paint, in the middle of painting ALL of mums fence panels!! . .Bella drinking loads . . eventually headed home. Bella did an awful watery poop right outside Mum's neighbour's driveway! Managed to drag her into the road and have most of it go down a nearby drain. Twenty or so feet down the road she threw up all over the pavement! . . . ate the slice of gala pie Mum had given me (meant for Bella but no way was I taking the risk of her having it!) together with a bag of crisps and some chocolate biscuits . . .napped poorly until around 6pm. Headachey+. . another annadin tablet . . more 'hosepipe' pooping from poor Bella . . . debated at length but eventually decided to have a go at walking with Bella to film the birds again. She seemed 'up for it' and although walking slowly, we eventually got down there by the shortest route directly across FGn for some more filming . . all four young still about - split up in different CLOSER ladder positions (making me move to a different slightly closer position for a while for the first time) - and then all taking flight and reassembling all together behind a different more distant ladder. . .Back via BGdns as darkness began to fall - with Bella actually suprisingly acting just a little perkier than earlier. WHAT a confusing emotional rollercoaster! . slow walk home . . . forced Bella's tablets into her like normal . .she refused to touch the remaining chicken and rice 'pottage' from yesterday . . . PCd this with Bella laying motionless on the floor next to me . . . TVd . . cooked and ate two thirds of a plate of chips with cold chicken. Gave the rest to Bella which she immediately scoffed down. I also ate a banana and gave the last little bit to Bella as usual . . .TVd until bed at 2am.