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- Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9:15am. 22C in and 21C out, cloudy. . .walked BGdns feeling very down. Just sat around there for ages. Tree limb

owl man

home via the store for a few going cheap/out of date supplies . . . PCd for a bit . .napped - or just lay there for quite a while at least, just wanting not to be conscious. . . TVd/guitarred/PCd another night off. . ate two packs of chicken bites, coleslaw and a few jaffa cakes . .. to bed around 1:45am or who cares when.
30 - Woke around 10am, snoozed on for a bit then up around 10:45am. 22+C in and 24+C out, sunny with occasional big clouds. . .walked BGdns and then on down to sit under the old fish market roof.

Bought a circular white plastic mirror for 50p

straight home through town . . . PCd . . . TVd . . . ate sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw, co-co pops and almond slices . . . to bed by midnight.
29 - Up around 10:45am. 22+C in and 24+C out, sunny. . .walked BGdns and then down to the harbour to sit around on the floor under the old fish market roof for ages. .shopped for supplies and then home through town . . ate a couple of corned beef pasties with coleslaw and crisps . . PCd . . guitarred . . .ate the last corned beef pastie with colelsaw followed by half an apple pie . . . to bed before 2am.
28 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 11:15am! How much sleep was THAT again!??? Something about me really has 'changed'!?? 22+C in and out. Sunny spells . . . walked BGdns, and quite soon on down to the harbour. Grabbed a few photos around the fish dock before sitting on the floor in the shade of the old fish market roof. Caught a bit of comms on the radio that a boat had slipped its moorings in the outer harbour, so quickly headed back out that way to have a look.

Watched and filmed for a bit as a motorboat was pulled away from the rocks

sat in the shade on the floor under the old market roof for ages more, just watching the BUSY world go by. . bought a few mostly 'reduced' supplies on the way home through town . . . PCd pictures and footage and ended up doing multiple posts to Facebook pages! Extraordinary Pan-Pan from a guy on a yacht who'd spilt hot tea over his hand! The coastguard set up a duplex phone call to a doctor for goodness sake. Jeeze - a grown man! Needs to grow up!. . . TVd the news . . ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by a whole box of kipling almond slices . . PCd just a bit more but soon almost asleep at the desk and to bed around 2am.
27 - Up around 11:00am. 22+C in 20+C out. . . walked late. Sat around in Bgdns for a while before braving negotiating the crowds and carrying on out to the small park past the breakwater. Sat in the mostly quiet park for ages before heading back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Cooled Bella down by throwing her ball from the yacht club slipway a few times and then up into BGdns. . eventually head to Mums to touch base and have a coffee in the garden before finally home early evening . . . PCd . . . TVd . . ate the small amount of remaining cold chicken with a large bag of crisps. . . PCd briefly before to bed around 1ma or thereabouts I 'think'.
26 - Up around 10:15am. 22+C in 20+C out. Sunny. The Youtube uploads going well, but god, SO slowly!! Averaging four hours per 15 minute HD file!! . . .walked BGdns in the oppressive heat, on down to the baking heaving harbour to take a few 'fishing' photos, and then sat on the floor under the old fish market roof for AGES, just watching all the holidaymakers go by, etc.

shopped for a few supplies and bought a freshly roasted chicken on the way home through town . . napped briefly but woken by aircraft noise around 6:15pm, and Bella being a little disturbed by it and resting her head on the side of the bed for reassurance . . sat on the front step with the camera just in case any other aircraft were going to appear in the sky as part of the Dartmouth regatta, but none did . . TVd and guitarred just a little and then touched base with Mum at length whilst the PC finished off the final dolphin footage upload somewhere after 10pm. . ate most of a whole roast chicken, with crisps and coleslaw followed by a little chocolate . . back to the PC to post links to the dolphin footage on facebook, etc. Even ended up editing and posting a couple of silly snips of video from this morning to the usual page. Fish and fry in the harbour, pigeons above. . to bed gone 4am I think!!
25 - Up around 9:45am. 22+C in 20+C out. Cloudy . .headachey. Boy I feel tired out and not quite with-it. . PCd the dolphin footage ALL day. Drank wine . .I DID rush up the local pet store for tripe and rawhide bone supplies at one point, because I was completely out! . . .ate something or other. (Apple pie? Sausage rolls?) Can't remember. It's just a blurr of PC video reviewing, rendering and uploading throughout the entire day. Today we did NOT walk! Justtoo busy. At some point I got into a Facebook conversation about the dolphin and was shared a video of someone going in to swim with them!!! I didn't know THAT'd happened. :o(
24 - Eventually to bed somewhere around 8am. . Back up around midday feeling rough. 24+C in 27+C out. Mostly sunny . . .walked BGdns, the busy harbour and then out to the small park past the breakwater to quietly sit around for quite a bit feeling exhausted and headachey. Despite a bit of rain in the air, ended up taking a few pictures of an incoming Belgian trawler etc. . headed back towards the harbour as the Belgian boat came in and the rain increased to a proper bit of a shower . . . with the rain more or less passed, I ended up sat on the harbour steps near the Golden Hind for my coffee. . shopped for a few supplies on my way home through town . . PCd for hours reading all the insane comments on facebook about the dolphin, and even unwisely feeling compelled to reply to a couple! . .Mum and Sis1 called to touch base . . .ate a handful of sausage rolls with coleslaw before to bed somewhere around 1am or later.
23 - Up around 10:30am. 22+C in 24+C out. Sunny . . . messed around on the PC, slowly waking and poking at this and that for ages. Comms on the scanner suggested that Dolphin were in the harbour again! Walked BGdns and then fairly soon after headed down tho the harbour, scouring the outer harbour waters all the way looking for any sign of dolphin. .

sat and watched and filmed for HOURS

eventually home early evening. . straight on the PC to charge the camera battery and review footage and facebook etc etc. Before having even got the footage onto the PC it was clear that the dolphin had caused a filming/posting frenzy. lol What I had NOT expected was all the negativity in many peoples comments

ate apple pie

. . .worked at uploading two chunks of unedited footage ALL night!

22 - Up around 11:15am!!!!???? 22C in 20C out. Sunny . . .it was SO late already, I figured I may as well walk much later, so ended up working on the shout video some more - for hours. Finally had it done, and at length uploaded. . . . . .

devon air ambulance landed somewhere across town . .

somehow ended up walking around 11pm!! Headed straight down to the harbour to take a photo or two, and then out along the outer harbour and up into BGdns to sit and drink my coffee. Very warm - very still - very pleasant night. . . PCd photos. . . ate corned beef sandwiches with crisps and mini cheddars . . to bed near 4am.
21 - Woken by much neighbour noise and up around 10:20am. 22C in 20C out. Sunny and breezy. . . walked BGdns and sat around poking at this and that with the camera. Turned mostly grey with just a hint of a drop or two of drizzle in the air. Suddenly realised a small figure could be seen on the deck of a distant cargo ship moored in the middle of the bay, jogging up and down keeping fit. I HAVE seen such things on a handful of occasions before, but it always strikes me as extraordinary - as does almost everything I see down here!! 'Just' managed to get enough footage of him to maybe make something of it later for sharing, before he called it quits. . eventually carried on down to the harbour and sat on the floor under the old market roof for my coffee. Eventually back to BGdns and eventually home . . .PCd the rest of the day away!!! Sorted out and posted a handful of photos to Facebook, and then spent a long while trying to make something of the jogging guy on the ship snip of video. The amazing thing about having happened to capture that footage today, was that it turns out it was also the Torbay Royal Regatta 10K road race around the bay today! What an extraordinary coincedence - to enable me to do a very brief snip of video, but with an 'amusing' heading. Hours of work but felt VERY pleased with the short result. . TVd very briefly whilst cooking and eating a meat pizza with extra cheese followed later by a pack of jaffa cakes . . . ended up back on the PC until deep into the early hours, grinding away at trying to edit down the lackluster footage from the helicopter lift shout the other day. Oh SO slowly getting there. Finally gave up for the meantime and to bed well gone 3am.
20 - Up around 10:15am. 22C in 20C out. Sunny spells and really blowing a bit of a Westerly gale. . . walked BGdns real late (slightest hint of a drop or two of rain in the air occasionaly) and then eventually carried on down to the harbour (past a couple of seal swimming in along the way) to sit on the floor under the old fish market roof for my coffee before then going to buy a few supplies. Grabbed a couple of snips of video and photos along the way of course. Straight home up the unpleasant main road as usual . . . PCd for hours and hours and hours . . .eventually uploaded the 'Europa cruise ship' video to Youtube. . . ate a bag of half a dozen sausage rolls, mini cheddars, crisps and half a cherry tart . . . eventually to bed gone 3am. Felt a bit nauseas and had trouble getting to sleep.
19 - Up around 10:45am. 18C in 14C out. Wow - what a sudden change - rain and blowing a bit of a gale - but improving to dry and sunny spells! . . woke at the PC listening to the end of an ongoing lifeboat shout. Some motor cruiser or other appeared to have sparked a Pan Pan. As far as I could tell (tuning in near the end of everything) the boat had somehow requested assistance but didn't know where it was and the lifeboat was out off Berry Head looking for it. Bizarrely the vessel was eventually spotted 'going in circles' somewhere just off Goodrington by someone in the lifeboat house!!? Lifeboat crew were put on board and it was safely escorted into Brixham. Something a bit weird about that one. . . Walked early afternoon across town to the vet to pick up the tablet supplies for Bella. Carried on down town to the harbour and out to teh visitor pontoon to have a quick peek at the subject of the earlier lifeboat call-out. A nice looking motor cruiser actually. Hung around the harbour for ages taking photos-for-posting again of course! Eventually called it quits and sat on the floor (:o() under the old fish market roof for my coffee before home through town...PCd for hours posting photos to facebook . . . DF called in for arguments until around 10pm. . . PCd . . ate just a Mum donated buttered scone and the remaining small piece of apple pie before to bed around 3am.
18 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 10:15am again. 22+C in and out. Sunny. .headachey/annadin for breakfast . . . walked BGdns and on down to the harbour taking a couple of photos of boats etc along the way. Too many people around for comfort, and the tide was mostly out, so ended up sitting on the new dry-out timbers down IN the harbour for my coffee. . eventually headed back towards BGdns, giving Bella a bit of a swim on the slipway near the yacht club to wash off the grey harbour mud . . sat around in Bgdns for a short while before eventually heading back. Stopped at the pet store on the way for a 12kg sack of Wagg dog-biscuit to carry home over my shoulder! . my recent order for Bellas expensive tablets was left on the doorstep! . Rang the local vet and requested they ensure they have supplies of the other tablets I'll soon need . . PCd pretty much the whole rest of the day away wrestling with editing down the 'Corbyn Head rocks' shout footage from 15th. Yayyy - got theer in the end and set the long upload going . . did a few dish washing chores, drank some wine and ended up cooking and eating two chicken kievs with some buttery boiled mixed veg . . . PCd some more before to bed around 3 am or later.
17 - Up around 10:15am. 20C in 18C out. Grey. . .rain forecast for later so delayed walking and finally bit the bullet and had a go at cutting the wildly overgrown back lawn. I'd left it SO long, bits of it had to be about a foot high! Had to strim/rake it before I could even mow it! . . . walked BGdns early afternoon. Sat around for a bit before ending up down the harbour and sitting on a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. A slightest hint of drizzle in the air as we headed home through town. Rain soon after arriving home . . . PCd for hours doing photos to post, and then hours more trying to edit down one of the recent shout videos, but largely achieving nothing! My little snip of video of the Brixham Express ferry in rough seas has been picked up by the local newspaper! . . . eventually just HAD to walk away from the PC and have a rest. . guitarred . . TVd . . ate just a handful of jaffa cakes and half an apple pie with cream before eventually to bed some time in the early hours. Not enough hours in the day!!!
16 - Up around 10:30am. 21C in and out. Largely overcast with sunny spells, and still breezy to start with . . .slow getting going and then ended up messing around on the PC for ages before ultimately heading out to walk in the afternoon. . walked down through town and straight out to teh small park past the breakwater to sit around for a while. I DID actually wander back to a vantage point 'just' overlooking the lifeboat house at one point, when the launch siren went off. Wow - interesting to see the volunteer crew members suddenly all racing down in their cars and motorbikes and then running into the station. Never seen that side of a shout before. As it turned out, before the crew had even managed to get underway in the ILB, comms on the scanner informed me that they'd all been stood down already. Wherever the 'casualty' was, they'd already been recovered somehow . . sat around for ages in the shade from the hot sun taking the odd picture or two. . . eventually back around the harbours and up into BGdns for a bit of sitting atop my favourite gun emplacement and some more picture taking before ultimately heading home gone 7pm . . . PCd pictures for facebook posts for hours etc . . . ate two frikadelen pork burgery things in buttered baps, coleslaw, mini cheddars, crisps . . .to bed around 2:30am or thereabouts in the early hours.
15 - Woke earlier, slept on then up around 10:20am! That's a lot of sleep again - and I still feel tired out and aching all over?? 22+C in and out. Warm and sunny but breezy. . .woke at the PC as usual. Turned out from my usual morning AIS check, (and monitoring of the radio) another cruise ship was in the bay visiting Torquay. . . went on-line and ordered more supplies of the expensive tablets for Bella. . . walked late, straight down town to draw some spending money out of the cash point, and then out to BGdns to have a look across the bay at the cruise ship which was getting ready to leave the bay around 1:30pm. As we headed for BGdns, the lifeboat siren went, and I ended up trying to run a little to be able to reach the top of the gun emplacement before it headed out into the bay. Got there 'just' in time to film a little

multiple shouts inc a helicopter winching!

PCd and worked on the shout footage from yesterday and ultimately managed to edit it down to something watchable. . . TVd/guitarred a bit during the two and half+ hour upload to Youtube! . . ate a cheese pastry slice, ginsters pasty, mini cheddars, large bag of crisps, coleslaw and jaffa cakes . . . 'proof' watched the uploaded shout video and then ended up doing a couple of short snips to Facebook. One of me discussing how beautiful the lifeboat was, the other how silly a stand up paddle bording girl was. To bed at nearly 4am.
14 - Woke earlier, snoozed-on then up around 10:15am with next door's piano. 23+C in and out. Sunny. . . so late getting up again, messed around on the PC for a bit. Listened in as the lifeboat was tasked to a yacht in the middle of lyme bay taking on water.

Walked early afternoon. Missed all the heritage lifeboats lining up for a photo shoot! :o( Headed for the park past the breakwater to await the retuirn of the lifeboat towing the yacht back in. . videod . . back to watch the lifeboat demo in the blazing hot sun . . .

back to the harbour via the less busy top road and then sat in the shade of the old fish market roof for a drink of water

shopped for milk and eventually headed home . . . PCd deleting stuff!!!! Eventually ran through just some of what I'd filmed earlier. Beautiful sunny scenes etc, but boy, what a lot of work I've now got to edit all that down! :o( Knocked up a very brief snip of the 'handshake and wave' video and uploaded it to Facebook

. . .eventualy ate two frikedellen things in baps with coleslaw, mini cheddars and crisps again. . to bed soon after, whenever (although really not 'that' late).
13 - Woke earlier I think, slept on and then up around 11:20am!!! 22+C in and out. Mostly sunny . . . so late, I figured I may as well walk later so called Mum back and said I was in if she could make it. . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations. Showed her various pictures and videos etc on the PC for quite a long while . . . eventually walked somewhere around 5pm. VERY warm. Sat in BGdns for ages pointing the camera at fishing boats coming home. Cleared up a carrier bag of litter, beer bottles etc from all around the rocks. :o( Eventually carried on down around the harbour (picking up loads of litter along the way as usual)

caught a name being put on a Funfish boat

headed out to the small park past the breakwater to watch and try to photo (even though I KNOW my camcorder can't handle low light) a bit of the red sky sunset for a bit. . back to the harbour as darkness fell and sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee, having to chat to the multidtude of passing people and their kids who wanted to fuss over Bella. . bought some cheesey baps on the way home through town before 10pm . . . PCd for hours doing photos and facebook posts . .gave Bella a TIN of the dog food I've had in the cupboard for ages, but she IMMEDIATELY refused to eat it after hardly a sniff! That's the first meal she's refused for quite a while. :o( . . .ate two Mum donated frikadella pork burger things in buttered cheesey baps with mini cheddars, crisps and coleslaw. . eventually to bed around 3:30am or later.
12 - Up around 9:30am 22+C in and out. Sunny. . . .walked Bgdns to sit around for ages. Witness and managed to photo a bit, a handful of heritage lifeboats coming into the harbour for some of the lifeboat week events. . . carried on out to the breakwater and lifeboat pontoon for a closer look before heading for the small park past the breakwater. Sat around there for a good couple of hours, photographing the odd passing boat but mostly Vigilance as she saild around the bay

PCd . . . DF called in for coffee and chats etc until gone 10pm . . .ate a bag of half a dozen sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw and half an apple pie with cream . . . PCd photos/facebook posts until around 2:30am before bed.
11 - Up around 9:45am! 21+C in and out. Sunny. . . got up so late, by the time I'd woken up at the PC, put the bins out etc, I figured it made more sense to walk later this afternoon/evening, so ended up doing bed linen laundry chores and PCing busker videos to Youtube and the like.

Exmouth shout! :o(

Bella doesn't seem to care about any change to routine as long as she's by my side! . .nasty persistant headache saw me popping annadin tablets across the day . . eventually walked around 4pm. Sat around for a couple of hours in the sun on the grass, on seats and on top of my favourite gun emplacement in BGdns, and of course ended up taking HUGE numbers of photos of - well - pretty much EVERYTHING I saw!! lol . . eventually on down to the harbour. The town band and male voice choir weree still setting up for their 8pm 'Proms Night' under the old fish market roof so I decided to treat myself to some fish and chips. A VERY rare event - because of the cost. A small cod and chips was 5

Brixham proms on the quay

PCd the hundreds of pictures as the distant sound of the Paignton fireworks echoed around the bay. Ended up PCing and uploading photos to facebook for HOURS!!!! . . . briefly popped out into the back garden a couple of times to see what could be seen of the persiod meteor shower but I didn't see any and was too tired to sit around out there. . . to bed around 3pm. Difficulty getting to sleep and tossed and turned for ages, aching from every joint etc etc. :o(
10 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9am. 21+C in and out. Sunny spells . . . walked bgdns and eventually on down to the harbour to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. A bit of rain in the air but it soon stopped so we carried on down towards the breakwater. The rain returned so we ended up just sheltering for a bit under the arch to the multi storey car park before heading back when it eased. Got as far as the main high street before it really started to rain quite hard, so ended up sat in the church hall doorway sheltering for quite a while before finally heading home in lighetr rain. . . PCd pictures to Facebook and then spent hours and hours messing around with the lady busker video. Eventually managed at great length, to upload two parts to Youtube before bed. . . ate a small pasty, colesaw, crisps, mini cheddars and half an apple pie with cream. . . to bed around 1:30am.
9 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8:35am. 21+C in and out. Sunny. . . . walked BGdns and eventually on out to the small park past he breakwater for yet more sitting. Eventually back to the harbour and sat on the floor (!) under the old fish market roof for my coffee. It would appear someone is storing a couple of upturned pallets on the tops of the stacks of stall timbers which pretty effectively prevents anyone from sitting there any more. :o(

sublime to rediculous buskers

shopped for supplies

ate a small pasty, crisps and coleslaw. . PCd pictures etc for facebook posts . . . guitarred . . . TVd . . ate sausage rolls, coleslaw, mini cheddars, crisps and some chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
8 - Broken sleep then up just before 11am!!!! 24+C in and out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns and the park past the breakwater for plenty of sitting around and eventually started to head back through town. Sat in town for a while watching/listening to a busker playing his guitar and singing. Shopped for a few supplies . . . ate three sausage rolls, a small pastie, mini cheddars, crisps and coleslaw . . . napped until around 7pm . . .TVd . . . ate three sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw, a banana and chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
7 - Up just before 9am. That's a very long sleep again!? 21+C in and out. Bright but grey to start with. Annadin tablet . .waking at the PC when Bella suddenly was sick (from her morning tablets maybe)! Raced to get her out, but didn't quite make it and had to hose down and clean up a couple of hallway carpet tiles and a bit of the living room carpet! :o( . . .walked BGdns and then on down around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater, taking the odd boat photo along the way as the oportunities presented themselves. Sat around for ages, drank my coffee, gave Bella some food and water etc. . eventually back around and up into Bgdns and sat atop my favourite gun emplacement.

'Smoke' from youths! :o)

back home via the store for a few supplies - by then feeling rather wobbly! lol . . found 10 blowing in the gutter just down from the store! :o) . . ate a large bag of crisps with a pack of going cheap haslet followed by chocolate biscuits . . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate half a fruit pie and cream followed by jaffa cakes . . . PCd for hours and posted all recent boat pics etc to facebook pages . . . to bed around 4am!!
6 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9:45am after the phone rang!! 21+C in and out. Sunny. Annadin tablet . . .walked straight down through town and out to the park just past the breakwater to sit around for quite a while watching (and photographing of course) a bit of the gig racing that was on off the very busy breakwater beach. Hard to imagine better weather for them all. . eventually back to the inner harbour and sat and watched 'Alexa' busking near the Golden Hind again. Far too many people to even consider any videoing, so just grabbed a few stills between the crowds of passers by. . eventually home through town . . . PCd photos for hours and eventually did a couple of Facebook posts . . . smoked/drank red wine/guitarred/TVd . . listened-in as both lifeboats (and eventually a rescue helicopter) were tasked to look for an 'unattended dive inflatable' spotted by one of the ferries somewhere off the Ore stone. At length, nothing untoward was found. . . ate three sausage rolls, crisps, mini cheddars, coleslaw, jaffa cakes and half a fruit pie and cream. . some VERY loud live rock music across town somewhere from 9pm until towards midnight! Actually not bad, and spent a while in the front garden listening. lol . . . . to bed somewhere near midnight.
5 - Broken sleep then up around 10am!! 21+C in and out. Sunny. Annadin tablet . . AIS says a big fancy cruise ship is in the bay over by Torquay. . . walked BGdns real late. Sat around for quite a while taking a few boat photos as a second cruise ship crossed into the bay and moored up over off Daddihole Plain. Unusual to have one in the bay, never mind two at once! . . carried on down around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater. Sat around there in the much needed shade for ages before eventually heading back to the busy bustling harbour and ultimately home throug htown after buying a few supplies . . . ate three sausage roles with coleslaw, mini cheddars and crisps followed by a couple of sugary apple puff things . . . slept until almost 8pm! . . . TVd/guitarred a little . . . ate the last of the cold chicken, two kipling apple tarts and two apple puff things . . . PCd for hours just ceaselessly hopping from one to another teach yourself guitar video on Youtube until way past 3am before eventually to bed.
4 - Up (with back pain and difficulty) around 8:45am again. 21+C in and out. Sunny. Annadin tablet . . .walked Bgdns and the harbour, taking boat photos. Ended up hanging around down the harbour for ages taking photos as a bit of jetwashing/new anode welding/painting etc work was done on a fishing boat or two in the inner harbour at low tide. At some point an old steam engine unexpectedly cruised back and forth along the harbourside - although it IS the steam fayre in a field just outside town this weekend of course. . eventually back up to BGdns and ultimately home via the local stores for supplies . . . PCd posting photos to Facebook for HOURS! . . . TVd . . . ate cold chicken, a large bag of crisps and half an apple pie with cream. . . to bed around 3am!
3 - Up (with back pain and difficulty) around 8:45am. 21C in, 19C out. Bright but mostly grey. Annadin tablet for breakfast. . . walked (in my 'new' shoes. :o) ) BGdns and eventually on down around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater, taking boat pics along the way. Eventually back to a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee and then home through town. . . sat around recovering from the walk for a bit before briefly leaving Bella home alone to pop up the local store for a few supplies.


jellyfish video

ate a piece of going cheap gala pie with crisps and coleslaw . . . PCd for hours, posting up a bunch of boat etc pictures to facebook.

Blocked by facebook!!!!

TVd . . . ate a large amount of cold chicken followed by apple pie and cream! . . .to bed around midnight.
2 - Poor broken sleep then up around 8:45am. 20C in, 18C out. Grey. Bad back pain still. :o( Annadin tablet for breakfast again for the little good it may do . . .walked BGdns (saw a couple of seal swimming by) for a bit of ball play with Bella (although these days she is more inclined to just sit - but demanding by her whining that I continually stroke her. Not good for my bad back having to reach down to her so much) and eventually on down to sit on a seat near the old coastguard station for quite a while with my coffee - overheating badly in my uneeded raincoat. Grey, murky and breezy but only the odd hint of a drop of misty rain in the air, if at all. . had a look in a temporary/pop-up type charity shop in the high street and stumbled across a pair of size 10 Karrimore Gore-tex walking trainers for a ridiculous 3. They appear well worn, but not in the least worn-out, so that was a rapid and much needed purchase. (I'm pretty much down to just my combat boots being wearable now - and the heal/soles of those are fast wearing out!) Very rare to get 'underpriced' stuff like that from any of the charity shops these days (I rarely even look in any of them any more - I've been priced out of them!). VERY pleased. :o). . bought a 1 bag of gravy bone treat supplies for Bella from one of the stalls in the undercover market before then heading straight home (after having unusualy briefly sat on a seat near the museum to ease my aching back for a while!) . . . drank a glass of red wine and cooked and ate a large bowl of buttery mixed veg and corned beef . . guitarred briefly . . . slept until around 6pm. Difficulty getting up off the bed with my bad back again/still! This amount of pain really is pretty miserable - as if I wasn't in constant back/joint pain and miserable enough anyway! :o( . . . popped yet another annadin tablet and managed to force myself to PC a bit of this. . .TVd . . . ate two mum donated 'frickadela' things (German processed pork burger in breadcrumbs?) in two buttered baps with mayo and coleslaw followed by a couple of kipling pies and a square or two of chocolate . .ended up laying on the living room floor next to Bella with my bad back for quite a while. . . to bed before 2am.
1 - Broken sleep, snoozed on then up around 9:10am. 20C in, 16C out. Grey. . really bad lower back pain again!? So bad, I even had trouble just getting dressed! Annadin tablet for breakfast :o( . . .walked BGdns and sheltered from the drizzle in the lower gun emplacement for quite a while. Eventually on down town to shelter under the old fish market roof, give Bella some 'breakfast' and drink my coffee with another annadin tablet etc. The bad news is the annadin tablets don't seem to be touching the back pain I'm in! Straight home through town. . .ate a meat and pastry slice with coleslaw and crisps . . . slept for a couple of hours until around 6pm . . . did just some of the mountain of dish washing chores . . . drank wine/smoked/TVd/guitarred the night off again. Spent much of the evening using the tablet to watch Youtube teach yourself guitar videos (none of which I can do of course!). . . ate just a couple of kipling apple pies . . . to bed around 2am.