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- Up around 7am. 19C in 10C out. Broken cloud sunny spells. . .walked BGdns and just sat around there at the gun emplacement for ages as the weather deteriorated to squally showers. The recent nonsense on FB where so many had sought to justify causing suffering to wildlife has utterly convinced me of how unpleasant most people are, and all that photo/video taking for their amusement is absolutely something I'm no longer prepared to do. Frankly I am utterly amazed that so many people condone it (crabbing etc) and actively seek to justify it and argue it does no harm. Their lack of intelligence and empathy etc is a real shock to me. . eventually headed straight back home via the store for supplies getting wet in a bit of rain. . .PCd and tidied up some of the photos etc I've already taken and uploaded them to only my timeline on FB. . .TVd . . . ate two burgers, potatoes and mushrooms followed by half a cheesecake . . . to bed whenever.
30 - Up around 7:10am to find the video had finally successfully uploaded to FB. WHAT a struggle THAT was!!!! 20C in 14C out. Drizzley . . . the weather worsened and I just couldn't face it so somehow ended up spending most of the day working on editing etc and trying to catch up on some stuff to post to FB. . eventually managed to edit and produce the powerboats video. I also foolishly posted the hogtied seagull footage together with comments about how I thought crabbing and angling should be banned. That immediately saw me come in for, always unexpected, criticism and abuse. Some of the comments were just from unpleasant ignorant people, but others I judged to be 'over the line' and simply abusive. For example one persons comment was simply 'Idiot'. Of course such comments hurt me more than they should, so it seemed 'mutualy desireable' that I block those people on FB. I've never blocked anyone before. I have no idea if they are notified of me having done so or not. As far as I can make out, it appears to mean that literally neither of us is 'aware' of the existance of the other on FB from now on. I'm a little uncomfortable about no longer being able to see if such people continue to make negative comments about me - but, I can certainly live without being exposed to such morons. . didn't feel good and napped fitfully for an hour or so . . . the weather had improved and I was feeling guilty about poor Bella not getting a walk, so ended up doing an evening walk some time after 7pm. Walked BGdns and sat around there for ages watching the impressive sunset etc. Very much cooler than of late . .ended up having a go at filming the ILB dashing across to Torquay on a suicidal female in the water shout, despite it being far too dark for my camera to cope with. Gonna be interesting to see if any of that footage comes out. By the time I'd sat there for ages and seen the ILB return, it was fully dark and impossible to see anything at all. . I'd somehow mislaid my torch before I came out, so had real trouble climbing back up the paths in the pitch black. Literally almost on my hands and knees at one point trying to find the steps!! VERY iffy!!!! . sat on the higher seat for my coffee. Felt like 'old times' sitting there in the cold watching all the lights and stars etc. At one point what sounded like a juvenile owl was making a funny call from well within twenty feet of me immediately above in a tree branch. I could even see it's outline in the dark. . . PCd briefly/TVd . . felt unwell and without appetite. Forced down a bit of cheesecake before to bed before 3am.
29 - Up around 7:45am. 21C in 17C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns to sit around taking a few photos after filming a bit of a seal in CCove. . eventually on down to the still very unpleasantly busy harbour to sit under the old market roof with my coffee. A seagull was hanging around nearby, 'hogtied' with crab line around both ankles!!! VERY upsetting but no way could I get near it. Really upset and angered me. 'I' think crabbing and angling should absolutely be banned! It utterly disgusts me how people think it's ok to abuse marine life and cause untold death and suffering just for their pleasure. Shocking to me how parents all teach their children this sort of behaviour is entirely acceptable. Ended up really angry and upset, and was glad to escape all the morons and head home. . shopped briefly and then home through town, stopping off at Mum's on the way to let her have the coffee filter supplies I'd managed to get for her . . .mowed both overgrown lawns . . . spent the whole rest of the day wrestling with editing down the across Torbay race footage from the other day, to knock up a compilation of all the finishes. Things did NOT go well!!! The new PC kept crashing!!!!!!!!!!!??? Inexplicably during one of the crashes I also lost all my desktop icons!??!!!!! FFS!!!! :o( . . at long long length, I managed to eventually produce a finished video (jerky with dropped frames???!!!!) and ultimately set it uploading to FB. . . TVd and ate a large pasta and cheese melt thing . . asleep in the chair and eventually to bed around 2:30am or later when I woke, leaving the PC STILL uploading the long video!
28 - Broken sleep then up around 7:10am. 20C in 15C out. Sunny . . PCd . . .walked BGdns and got down there atop the usual gun emplacement before the 10am start of the Race Across Torbay. Sat there for almost the next three hours filming bits of the race and pretty much capturing every finish! The final swimmer was way behind and it was a long long wait to see her finally finish. By the time I was done, sat moionless in the shade up there in a bit of an onshore breeze, I was utterly frozen and had to just sit inn the sun on the grass for a while to recover a bit!! . . eventually carried on down to the harbour to sit under the old market roof with my coffee for quite a while, feeling rather unwell. . home through town . . . PCd for hours editing out a short piece of video of the 'Team Atlantic Odyseey' crossing the bay during the race. . TVd while the file slowly uploaded to FB for hours . . .ate weetabix followed by new potatoes and grated cheese. . fell asleep in the chair . . woke and to bed in the early hours.
27 - Up around 7:30am. 20C in 16C out. Sunny . . . walked with Bella down through town and all the way straight out to Berry Head to sit and watch the Cowes Torquay powerboat race incoming. Hellish hot up there and swarms of big green flies pestering us!! The boats eventually came and turned at the mark and quickly disappeared in towards Torquay, but the field was quite spread out and it was a good thirty minutes wait before the last two came through. Very glad to be done and heading back. . . sat in JGdns overlooking the breakwater to recover for a while before heading back to the heaving with people harbour. Briefly sat under the market roof before heading along to BGdns. . sat atop the gun emplacement for ages and ages. Saw an amazingly large green caterpillar, bigger than my middle finger. . back via the store for supplies

PCD but wasn't in the mood and soon caved in . . guitarred/TVd . . . ate four 'frickadelas' with potatoes in butter followed by a large amount of ice cream. . . promptly fell asleep in the chair whenever that was! Woke and to bed somewhere around 4am.
26 - Up around 7:45am. 20C in 17C out. Sunny . . .walked. Crossing a junction, I stopped to look over my shoulder to ensure the approaching car wasn't indicating to turn, and then stepped off the pavement. It DID turn despite not indicating and came oh SO close to hitting me and Bella that I called out some abuse and rudely gesticulated as it disappeared off up the road.

almost hit by a car

bgdns and then down around the busy harbour and on out to the small park past the breakwater for a while longer. The town was absolutely heaving with people, but out on the bay seemed particularly quiet. . returned to the harbour and sat on the floor in the shady corner for my coffee

bagpipes .

stood outside briefly for the occasional glimpse of the Typhoon displaying at Dartmouth. . . DF called in for chats until around 10pm . . .ate a pepperoni pizza and ice cream . . to bed after 1am.
25 - Just a few hours sleep then up around 9:45am. 20C in 17C out. Bright but mostly cloudy . . . PCd pictures to post etc for hours. . . walked late afternoon to BGdns to sit around for quite a while before eventually heading down to the harbour. . treated myself to fish and chips but ended up having to wait for them to be cooked for what seemed like an age. Compensation was they gave me a large amount of chips. Sat under the old market roof and at them. Someone nearby who couldn't eat all theirs offered me most of a bag of chips for Bella, so she ate well too. My stomach has definitely shrunk. Ended up struggling to eat them all and felt a bit uncomfortable as a result . . home through town . . TVd . . to bed at 11:30pm.
24 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:45am. 20C in 16C out. Sunny . . hmmm?Something weird with the audio on the newPC. The space bar keeps reducing the audio?!?. . . getting deep into all of that saw me end up skipping the walk for many hours. As far as I could tell, it appeared to be something iffy about the on board 'Realtek high definition sound' drivers. No matter what I tried (updating/changing the drivers etc, etc) I could NOT fix the problem! Happily it did appear to go away by me substituting my old PS2 keyboard for the USB keyboard, and plugging that directly into the PS2 port on the back of the PC instead (as it SHOULD be I think). Carried on messing around getting things sorted and eventually managed to get the desktop uniden scanner all connected up and working with the old BcTool software, and with the portable TV all connected up as monitor number two etc etc. . . eventually called it quits and walked late afternoon . . sat around in BGdns for quite a while and then even longer atop the usual gun emplacement when the ILB was launched on another shout over by Corbyns Head! Filmed it all! . . ultimately carried on down to the harbour. Wow - enormous numbers of fishing boats in the fish dock, queuing up to land their catch! Wonder why so many all of a sudden? . . sat under the old matket roof to relax and drink my coffee as the town band started turning up to set up for their evening concert there. . Didn't hang around and headed home before they started . . . PCd and got serious with my first 'proper' video project using the new Powerdirector 15 editing software. A very good excercise in learning how to use the new program in earnest. I even actually 'got into it' and the hours just melted away as I became absorbed in it and discovered how VERY much better it is to the old version. Apart from one system crash, which the OS and program dealt with really rather automatically, even allowing me to recover the project files I was in the middle of, it all went really rather well, and oh SO much quicker than my old PC. The new PC is also dramatically quieter. All in all, it was a good experience, and by the early hours, I had the whole video edited down and compiled. Immediately set it uploading to FB (which sadly still took several hours!) . . . ate three buttered crumpets with grated cheese and a bag of crisps. . . snoozed in the chair until around 5am before the file had uploaded to FB. Set a copy uploading to Youtube and finally went to bed while the PC carried on uploading.
23 - Up around 7:15am feeling tired and lousy. 20C in 16C out. Sunny . .walked Bgdns and down to sit on a seat by the old coastguard station for my coffee before eventually home through town. . . played PCs and at length dismantled the old PC and replaced it on the desk with the new one. . .TVd . . ate a chicken potatoes and gravy ready meal with extra new potatoes followed by jaffa cakes and ice cream . . to bed around midnight.
22 - Woken by neighbours slamming car doors at 8:30am. 20C in 16C out. Grey and misty. . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to sit under the market roof for my coffee. Shopped. Walked up to the little computer shop and succeeded in buying a new CMOS battery for a couple of s. Shopped for supplies and then home. .popped up the local stores and dropped some more filters and new potatoes off at mums . . PCd.The new battery has done the trick . . TVd . . . ate chicken coujons with buttered potatoes . . fell asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed around 3am!!
21 - Up around 8:15am. 20C in 18C out. Grey . . .recieved notification the new video editing software I'd ordered was out to be delivered today, so decided to stay in and wait for it. . PCd . . lay down and napped for just a while feeling not so good . . . what a waste of what had turned into a warm sunny day. The damned parcel didn't get delivered until 5:45pm!! . . . PCd and installed it on the new PC etc . . .felt guilty not giving Bella a walk so walked BGdns around 7pm. A stunningly warm, calm and pleasant evening. Eventually carried on down to the old fish market roof for my coffee and did sit in the usual corner, despite the town band playing under there. . eventually home through town. . .PCd and succeeded in using some footage and pictures I'd taken this evening to test I can still do the things I want on the new PC, and am getting close to moving over to using it. A post to FB like 'usual' but all done on the new PC was a significant milestone for me. . .TVd . . ate burgers and potatoes followed by a couple of biscuits and then ice cream . . .to bed around 2:30am.
20 - Up around 8am. 20C in 16C out. Bright but cloudy . . turns out the unused/still in the packet CMOS battery I just put in the old PC has a best by date of January 2012, so that explains why that didn't work!! Where have the years gone! . . .walked BGdns and the harbour to sit under the old market roof for my coffee. . shopped and then headed briefly up Mums to drop off some coffee filters and some microwave potatoes for her to try . . . PCd for hours more and finally edited down and then uploaded to FB the ILB shout video . . . TVd . . . ate two cheeseburgers in baps with young buttered potatoes followed by a couple of filled doughnut cake things and then ice cream . . to bed around 1am.
19 - Broken sleep then up around 9:15am. 21C in and out. Sunny spells between threatening rain clouds . . .walked BGdns, on down to the harbour for my coffee, shopped for supplies and home through town . . PCd for hours editing the most recent shout video. A tough edit which I seem to be having real trouble chiseling down . . . TVd . . .ate a going cheap cheese and pasta bolognese bake followed by ice cream and jaffa cakes . . to bed before midnight.
18 - Up around 7am aching and feeling tired again - as always. 20C in 17C+ out. Sunny . . well either I didn't set something up right, or the 'new' battery I put in the PC is also dead! :o( FFS . . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour. As I headed round the harbour, comms on the radio and the distant siren on the lifeboat station indicated an ILB shout was underway. Ended up walking all the way along to stand on the road above the lifeboat station to watch and film the dots in the distance . .sheltered from a heavy rain shower under part of the multi storey car park behind the breakwater beach for a while before heading back . .sat under the old market roof for my coffee, watching an old couple with a bunch of birds, presumably on holiday. A parrot, macaw etc? The people shared an apple and their ice cream with them! . . home through town . . . PCd. If the problem is the CMOS battery, then I still have the problem! Have to press F1 to continue every time the boot fails, and then reset the clock every time I use it!! WHAT a pain in the ass. . . started the laborious job of editing todays footage. . . ate three burgers with potatoes and butter . . . N called in for chats. . . TVd/PCd . . to bed around 2am. Bruce Forsyth has died.
17 - Broken sleep then up around 7:45am aching and feeling tired. 20C in 17C out. Grey . . . walked Bgdns and sat around for a good couple of hours taking photos of the sailing ship moored in front or me and then a couple of fishing boats as one was towed back in, etc. . sat on the floor in the shaded corner of the harbour to drink my coffee again . .shopped and through town and then home via the local store . . ate two going cheap microwave chicken burgers . . . messed around with the (old) PC and eventually fitted an unused CMOS battery I managed to find, although it could well be past its best and due to die for all I know . . .spent hours doing a couple of posts to FB . . TVd . . ate boiled potatoes with butter followed by ice cream . . to bed around midnight.
16 - Poor broken sleep waking up several times coughing and spluttering, then finally up around 10:15am!!! 20C in 18C out. Mostly grey but some sunny spells . . .walked BGdns. Eventually carried on down around the harbour and out to sit on the breakwater for a while. A bit too breezy for comfort. . sat on the floor in the shaded corner of the harbour to drink my coffee . . shopped for supplies on the way home through town . . . trimmed my hair and beard. Did laundry and vacuumed. Tidied up around the place just a little. . . TVd . . . ate three burgers with buttered young potatoes followed by a box of kipling almond slices! . . . to bed around midnight.
15 - Broken sleep then up around 7am. 20C in 16C out. Sunny . . . PCd catching up on posting some photos and somehow didn't walk until around midday. Also went online and actually ordered a more recent version of the Cyberlink Powereditor video editing software I've been using for years!!!(Cyberlink Powerdirector 15 Ultra. 39.31) . . walked BGdns. Sat around there for ages before eventually braving the busy harbour. Fundraising stalls were just being put away and they were trying to get rid of the cakes they hadn't sold, so I ended up buying four assorted fairy cakes and some chocolate sponge for 1.50 to eat with my coffee . . home through town . . .messed with the new PC just a little more and miraculously succeeded in installing the old versions of PaintshopPro and even MS Office onto it. Blimey - they must be both dated back to around the year 2000! Incredible I can apparantly carry on using them both like I've been used to! . . . TVd . . .ate two ham and cheese baps followed later by half a tub of ice-cream! . fell asleep in the chair and didn't wake until getting on for 5am! To bed but trouble getting back to sleep.
14 - Broken sleep then up around 8am. 19C in 14C out. Grey and damp/rainy. . .oh jeeze now what?! The PC CMOS battery has now died? I seem to be fighting a losing battle here!!! :o(. . woke at the PC and then bit the bullet and phoned up one of the local refurb computer stores and asked to buy one they were advertising. (HP ProDesk 490 G1 MT - Windows 10 - 300 with an extra new cheap spare keyboard and mouse). Delivery was no problem and he said he could drop it in later this evening . . . walked BGdns and then down town to bank a cheque I'd got from some automatic share deal and to withdraw 300 from the bank/building society place. Agonising wait of around fifteen minutes in a queue with Bella ('just' in sight) tied up outside all that time!! . . sat under the old market roof for my coffee. . home via FGn and the local pet store for food supplies. . .pottered around making some space next to the living room TV to temporarily put the new PC. . TVd watching Windows 10 Youtube videos. It's gonna be like having to learn a whole new language - and I'm gonna have to spend money on new video editing software - at the very least!! :o( . . at some point the PC guy called and said he could leave right away, and turned up to deliver the PC by around 3pm. . . poked at the new PC - really totally lost with the new system and how it all works, but managing to get on line and start rebuilding 'some' of the things I need it to do!!! Having said that, it does seem to breeze along quite nicely. I even managed to remove the commercial free trial (outdated already?) installed anti virus program and replace it with AVG free. . . eventually called it quits and had a rest from it all . . . guitarred/TVd . . ate two cheese burgers with buttered peas and potaties followed later by jaffa cakes . . to bed before midnight.
13 - Poor broken sleep then up around 7:45am again. 20C in 17C out. Sunny . . . PCd and somehow ended up spending the whole day wrestling with creating DVDs for the salvation army lady.

. . . walked straight down towards town. On the way on the narrow path next to the main road, some old guy was coming towards me pushing an old lady in a wheelchair. Rather than end up getting forced out into the busy main road, I judged there was enough room for me and Bella to stand aside in someones driveway next to a car, so I quickly crossed the pavement intending to stand there and let them pass. As I did so, the old guy speeded up and deliberately pushed the wheelchair AT me!!

Ignorant pig.

no sign of the salvation army people down the harbour so walked up to where their church place is and just posted the discs through the letterbox . . couldn't face braving the enormous crowds down by the lifeboat station all waiting for the SAR demo, so ended up just sat under the old fish market roof with my coffee trying to chill out and shake my very down mood. Eventually carried on along to sit atop the usual gun emplacement in BGdns for a while before heading home . . TVd . . ate two cheeseburgers in baps with buttered new potatoes . . fe;ll asleep in the chair until around 1am before to bed.
12 - Up around 7:45am again. 19C in 17C out. Sunny breaks in the cloud. . .received notifuication that the hard drive I'd ordered was out for delivery today, so decided to stay in all day in the hope of catching it being delivered. . messed around on the PC for hours trying to shift files onto my existing external drive, just to make some space on my overflowing drives! . . the e-cig coils I'd ordered arrived in the post and eventually the hard drive also turned up. It didn't take 'too' long to discover that the USB drive will NOT work with Windows XP!! FFS!!!!! . . did a bit of laundry . . eventually came to the definite conclusion that a lot of the recent troubles I've been having with all manner of sites is for no other reason than I'm still running 'unsupported' Windows XP, and now having blown all that money on the new hard drive which won't recognise in XP, I really have no choice but to bite the bullet and try to get hold of a newer system! Really annoyed. :o( (On the plus side, I DID manage to get one of my wireless mice working again. It appears one of the wireless USB dongles has died). . . walked Bgdns and sat around for quite a while trying to shake my depression over all the PC nonsense! Eventually ended up down the harbour. Treated myself to a 1.90 bag of chips. The guy who served me in the chip shop got all talking about Bella and 'donated' a couple of sausages for her which was very generous of him. Sat on the harbour steps to eat one of Bellas sausages and chips before giving her the rest. Ended up in the shade under the old market roof for my coffee and cigs . . ended up chatting to a homeless guy who turned up with a guitar and even had a bit of a go on it. During that conversation an elderly woman came over to say hello. Turned out to be the salvation army lady, saying thank you for the pictures I'd taken of them a couple of weeks ago. Sadly she (and the rest of them) aren't computer/smartphone/Facebook/internet savvy and she asked if it would be possible to have a DVD of what I'd posted!! I said I'd try, but that's gonna be a real pain to attempt to acheive, with hours of work! I'm not even sure I have any software which can actually build DVDs like I used to - and even if I do, I'll have to learn how from scratch!!! Ugggh . . drew some money out, shopped and home through town . . .PCd for a bit before ending up guitarring/TVing for a bit . . ate jaffa cakes and ice cream . . to bed before midnight.
11 - Up around 7:45am. 20C in 17C out. Sunny . .woke at the PC and spotted a pod of dolphin in the outer harbour when viewing the guest house webcam . . walked Bgdns. No sign of any dolphin that I could see by then although plenty of fish 'shoaling' nearby. . carried on down towards the harbour and briefly filmed a seal along the way. . sat under the old fish market roof at length for my coffee. Less than pleasant under there with loads of screaming kids all around, crabbing etc. . . shopped and home through town . . did laundry and dish washing chores . . .ate two quarter pound burgers with buttered new potatoes . . napped . . . DF called in for arguments . . guitarred/TVd . . . ate biscuits and bowls of co co pops . . .to bed around 2am.
10 - Woke earlier coughing but managed to get back to sleep then up around 8am. 20C in 17C out. Sunny . . walked BGdns and then down to the harbour to sit on the harbourside steps for my coffee . . shopped for supplies and then home through town. . popped up Mums to mow her lawns and check on her leaking roof. Ended up digging out a root from her front garden as she'd asked some time ago. All she seemed to do was complain about everything I did, and as usual I ended up coming home feeling all pissed off . .ate ham and mayo sandwcihes with crisps followed by a banana . . napped . . ..TVd/guitarred . . ate jaffa cakes followed by marmite and marmalade on toast . . to bed around 1am.
9 - Woke in the chair somewhere near 6am and stumbled to bed for a bit . . up around 9:50am. 19C in 16C out. Mostly grey . . . walked BGdns and down to the harbour. Sat on a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee in some light rain, because under the roof was all market stalls. . . shopped for supplies in town and the local store on the way home . . went online and ordered an external hard drive (again!) and e-cig coils . . . TVd . . . ate tuna and mayo with potatoes and peas followed later by ice cream . . to bed before midnight.
8 - Up around 8:30am. 20C in 17C out. Grey . . left the PC on uploading videos to Youtube and walked BGdns . .filmed theStavros tall ship as it left the harbour and crossed over to anchor near Torquay. Eventually on down to the harbour and sheltered under the old market roof with my coffee early afternoon as a heavy shower passed through, exactly as forecast. . carried on out to sit on the breakwater for quite a while before eventually heading back through town . . . PCd editing the Stavros timelapse footage for many hours. Eventually set a finished clip uploading to Fb . . TVd . . .ate two pices of battered cod with young boiled potatoes followed later by four apple puffs . .PCd/TVd . . fell asleep in the chair!
7 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8am. 20C in 17C out. Damp and grey. . . walked bgdns. Four or five seal were all hanging around in FCove showing quite some interest in a couple of canoeists and a paddle boarder so I ended up hanging around there for a while filming a bit. Not easy through a passing rain shower. . two of the seal eventually headed in towards the harbour and we assumed our normal seat for a while. . eventually headed down to the harbour and ended up filming when we had another sleepy seal sighting along the way. . sat under the roof for my coffee, shopped then home . . . PCd pretty much the rest of the day away editing and rendering the seal watch video and then getting it uploaded to Fb. . cooked and ate three quarter pound burgers with new boiled potatoes, two apple puffs and ice cream . . .finally to bed after 3am!
6 - Up around 7:30am. 21C in 18C out. Sunny between shower clouds . . walked BGdns and then the harbour for my coffee. Shopped on the way home through town . . mowed the lawns . . .drank flavoured milk and then cooked and ate three quarter pound burgers with microwaved young potatoes followed by a couple of small apple puffs . . snoozed on the sofa . . TVd . . .ate ice cream . . to bed whenever.
5 - Up around 8am. 21C in 18C out. Sunny . . PCd for ages catching up on photos to post. . . walked BGdns late and ended up just sitting around down there for hours - much longer than I had intended when I heard comms on the radio suggesting the 'Stavros' tall ship which was anchored out in the bay was intending to lift anchor and enter the harbour later. Ended up filming for a while when it became clear the anchor was fouled on all the wire that litters the seabed out there. I've seen such things so many times now, I do marvel that ships 'dare' to anchor in the bay at all! Somehow they fairly quickly managed to slip loose and then very quickly slipped into the harbour and alongside the fish market. . finally carried on down to the harbour and bought myself a bag of chips (1.90!!!) and sat on a seat near the old coastguard station to eat them . . eventually headed home through town. As we headed up the main road, several of the traction engines from the steam fair came noisily trundling down. I've not been keeping up with events and hadn't a clue all that was going on around the harbour tonight. I didn't bother to hang around and carried on home . . .PCd the whole rest of the evening, editing down the ship/fouled anchor footage etc. . . drank some banana flavoured milk and ate four sausages and half a tin of beans in some of the processing down time . .listened-in as a mayday was put out for fishing vessel Pisces taking on water!! Several fishing boats eventually started making their way towards them, but they were soon all stood down when a lifeboat (from along the coast, NOT the local one) and a rescue helicopter arrived on scene and appeared to stabalise the situation with their pumps!! . . . eventually set the file uploading and snoozed in the chair and then in bed before waking around 3:30am to turn everything off and go to bed proper.
4 - Up around 6am feeling very nauseas. Raced out of bed and to the bathroom to throw up quite a bit!! 20C in 13C out. Cloud clearing to blue sky. . . walked BGdns and just sat around taking pics for ages. At some point a large group of screaming kids with some carers turned up and decided to stop there for ages making things rather unpleasant. I ended up feeling obliged to move from the seat on which I was sat just to give them more space and get a little bit away from them, and went and hung around near the usual gun emplacement instead.

"A child safeguarding issue."

Given how utterly lousy I was feeling and particularly because I was suffering nicotine withdrawl, I promptly lost my temper and was rude in my reaction! It's a public space, I'll photograph what I damn well please.

sat under the old market roof for my coffee before heading up over FGn to the pet store and local store for supplies . . TVd . . cooked and ate four sausages, two eggs, beans and fried bread . . DF suddenly unexpectedly arrived despite me having mailed him this morning to say no, I wasn't feeling well!! Chats, coffee and biscuits until near 10pm . . . TVd/watched Youtube videos and ate ice cream until to bed around 1am.
3 - Poor broken sleep then up around 8am. 20C in 18C out. Windy but dry and sunny spells . . got clean then left Bella home alone to go to my 9:50am dentist appointment. I did get her to grind just a little bit off the top plate where it irritates the roof of my mouth, but other than that, it seemed a totally pointless expense of 20! Made an appointment for next year. . walked bgdns without my cigarettes and suffering withdrawl and outrageous short temperdness. Eventually carried on down around the harbour and sat on the harbour wall steps for my coffee. . popped in a couple of chemists and bought cough medicine decongestent type stuff. Shopped for a few supplies and then home . . . pottered around clearing up a little and doing a couple of loads of laundry. Did a bit of sewing repairs to clothes and also sorted through old socks and shoes and put loads in the bin . . TVd . . drank a small glass of red wine and cooked and ate two chicken kievs with chips and peas followed later by chocolate biscuits . . fell asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed around 1am.
2 - Poor broken sleep then up around 7:30am. 19C in 13C out. Wind and rain . . . the weather was so atrocious, I decided to NOT walk today. . PCd for ages editing and eventually finishing off the most recent shout video. . decided I really had no choice given the heavy rain, and while the PC was rendering the finished video, walked with Bella up Mums to have a look at how here leaking roof was fareing. Turned out not 'too' badly considering. There was less collected water in the bowl and tupperware than I'd expected there to be. Emptied out what there was and soon returned straight home. Pretty drenched in just that short walk!! . PCd more. . ate two cheese burgers in baps. . tried to nap but couldn't owing to my coughing and choking again! . . TVd . . ate chocolate biscuits followed later by cheese and chopped onion on four pieces of toast. . immediately fell asleep in the chair! Woke and to bed around 3:30am, only to then have trouble getting back to sleep!
1 - Up around 6:30am coughing and gasping again. 20C in 14C out. Sunny spells and shower clouds. . . walked BGdns. Filmed for quite a while as the lifeboat was called out on a shout, but once again, it ended with nothing more than 'standing by' as a vessel made its own way back to Torquay. . carried on down to sit under the old market roof for my coffee. . shopped for supplies and home through town . . PCd editing the footage but soon caved in and needed to just stop. . tried to nap but couldn't because of my blocked up lungs and coughing. I seem to have also strained/pulled a muscle in my chest with all the coughing making it doubly painful now!!! . . .set a couple of recent videos uploading to Youtube. . . vacuumed just a bit. .TVd . . drank a little red wine . . cooked and ate two chicken breasts with buttered peas and young potatoes followed later by jaffa cakes . . .to bed around 1am only to be unable to sleep for an hour or more, coughing and choking etc!!