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- Up around 7:30am. 19C in, 12C out, damp but sunny after rain. . .slow getting going and walked BGdns quite late. A seal was basking out on the rocks just along from the gardens at low tide so I put in the effort to get a few shots as I started in towards the harbour. . ended up hanging around on the viewing platform taking photos of the fishing boats for ages. . All of a sudden a whole bunch of police appeared on the harbourside and appeared to seek out and then take away one of the fishermen!!

(Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Laughing seal

PCd fishing boat photos for HOURS! . . DF called in around 7pm for coffee, biscuits, and arguments until around 10pm . . . TVd/PCd . . ate a tin of chopped ham and pork with some mayo and several bags of crisps followed by a pack of jaffa cakes . . .to bed whenever in the early hours.
29 - Up around 8am. 20C in, 15C out, grey and damp to start then turning sunny. A kinda reverse of yesterday. .The dead whale I'd heard comms about on the radio as it floated about being a navigation hazard in Lyme Bay these last couple of days, has finally apparantly washed up on a Dawlish beach - leaving the local council the difficult problem of disposing of it somehow!! . . . walked BGdns. The sail training ship Royalist was still moored off the gardens where it had spent the night, but whilst I was sat there it raised its anchor and headed into the harbour to moor alongside the town pontoon, so I ended up taking loads of photos and following her in to take more. Image of Bella on Brixham BreakwaterEnded up eventually walking all the way out to sit on the breakwater for a while. It's rare for me to take photos of Bella these days (because I know in the future when she's gone, I won't be able to tolerate looking at them, just like I can't look at photos of Sally still) but I DID go out of my way to take a few of her sat there today, because she IS just SO beautiful. . .eventually back to the harbour to sit on the floor under the old fish market roof for a while and to drink my coffee. God I'm just SO exhausted ALL the time! I could so very easily have fallen asleep right there. . eventually home via FGrn and the pet store. Bought frozen meat supplies for Bella and a bag of peanuts as requested by Mum. Popped straight up mum's to just give her the nuts and then straight home to chisel the frozen meat in half and stash it in the freezer. . . PCd photos for hours. At some point a vessel called the coastguard reporting people in a cave at the base of Berry head seemingly cut off by the tide - and then they started trying to climb the 200ft cliffs! The ILB and CRTs were all paged and raced to the scene. Incredibly it turned out to be a false alarm with good intent, because the two people turned out to be 'free climbers' and quite happy with what they were doing!!! Incredible! . . .posted to Facebook, but ran out of steam with loads more pictures to have to go through at some point. I took over 600 photos today!!!! Wow - those 'self indulgent' pics of Bella went down well with people. A huge number of 'likes' lol. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Bella / Golden Hind repairs / TS Royalist ) . . .mostly guitarred with the TV off or muted most of the evening! . . . ate a pastie, coleslaw and grated cheese, a large bag of crisps and chocolate biscuits . . to bed before midnight.
28 - Woken around 7:30am by the neighbour whistling tunes - again! :o( Up soon after. 19C in, 15C out, sunny . . . walked BGdns. Pointe the camera at this and that as usual, including a handful of seal on the nearby rocks. Filled a carrier bag with litter and broken glass and carried on down towards the harbour, after having filmed the seal a bit more from the other direction. Sadly soon started to get increasingly misty and cloudy. Walked round to sit on the breakwater for a while. What a shame it'd ended up so murky - beam trawler Barantszee appeared to be testing out it's newly fitted engine and went ranting around the bay for a bit before then sitting in the middle of the bay with both it's nets out. SUCH an 'iconic' sight, I ended up doing many pictures of it. . back to the harbour to end up sitting on the floor near the Golden Hind for my coffee, listening to Allexa Allen busking there again. Yayyy. Someone sitting on a seat almost next to me shouted out for her to play 'Big Yellow Taxi', and I had 'just' enough time to get the camcorder going to capture it. The first time I filmed her, I missed getting that song. I VERY much like that song (one of my all time favourites that springs to mind whenever I see insensitive building developments etc etc) , and 'I' think she does a damn fine job of it. . . as soon as I'd recorded my prize, I headed home via the supermarket for supplies and a tour of a charity shop or two . . . PCd for hours and quickly uploaded the Big Yellow Taxi video to Youtube and then a couple of posts to Facebook. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Barentszee catching the ferry / Random selection from just this morning ). . smoked the rest of cannabis dust I'd found yesterday. Guitarred/TVd the night off. Cooked and ate two quarter pound cheeseburgers with crisps and coleslaw, a packet of jaffa cakes and a little chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
27 - Woken around 7:30am by neighbour noise. Tried to snooze on but up around 8:15am after more noise. 19C in, 15C out, grey and mizzley . . . walked. Clearing up a lot of litter from the lower searchlight gun emplacement I found a set of mobile phone type earplugs and a red plastic grinder with a small amount of cannabis still in it. :o) . . eventually carried on down to the harbour to stooge around for a couple of hours and taking a few photos. Eventually ended up sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Damn - missed getting pictures of a lorry delivering what looked like a new engine for one of the boats. This photographing stuff has become SUCH a part of what I do when I'm out, I HATE being in the wrong place at the wrong time like that. Oh well - can't capture everything. . . eventually straight home through town, overheating in my raincoat in the sunny spells . . . ended up just PCing photos etc for hours again. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Heritagey / Pandora / Rising Sun ) . . . eventually carefully scraped out all the cannabis dust from the grinder I'd found and had me a careful smoke of just half of it. Turned out to be quite mild stuff, so probably could have got away with putting the whole lot in the one smoke, but it was enough to be safely enjoyable nonetheless. :o) . . ate a saucepan of buttery mixed veg and a tin of tuna followed by creamy soft brown sugar rice-krispies and then a little chocolate . . .TVd until to bed before midnight.
26 - Up around 8:20am. 20C in, 15C out, grey and damp . . . walked BGdns as the weather slowly improved to a few sunny spells, but always with a drop of rain in the air. Eventually carried on down to the harbour. Bumped into 'T' and was told that 'P' across town had been found collapsed on his kitchen floor after having been layed there unable to get up for a couple of days! Now in hospital!! That doesn't sound good. :o( . eventually ended up carrying on out to sit on the breakwater for a bit. Felt tired out, aching all over and rather down. . Back to the harbour to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . bought some milk etc and then home through town. . . just sat around feeling down . . . drank red wine . . ate two small chicken kievs with chips . . . to bed before midnight.
25 - Up at 8:30am. 20C in and out, sunny after rain in the night. . . walked . . . PCd . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- 'Religious' one / 'Postcard' type stuff / Patricia ) . . TVd . . drank wine. Ate a bag of six sausage rolls with buttered mixed veg. . to bed around 11:30pm.
24 - Up around 9:15am. 21C in, 20C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns. Buoy laying ship 'Patricia' was moored in the bay - with the sleek 'Sailing for Jesus' yacht 'Elida' anchored just off the gardens. . young tombstoners were throwing themselves off the rocks and cliff at 'Seven Quarries' just along the coast. Impressive but scary to watch them. One little mistake and they could be gonners! . Eventually carried on out to the breakwater and then back to the harbour. A small steam engine was parked up briefly on the harbourside, presumably popped down from an event that I'd seen advertised at the out-of-town farm shop today. . walked out along the middle 'working' quay , and sat at the very end for my coffee (not in the mood to be having to talk to passers by). Eventually home through town . . . when waking at the PC this morning, I inadvertantly switched the power off at the wall switch, whilst the PC was still hesitating over it's shutdown sequence! It suprisingly turned out, I did NOT get away with that!! The PC would NOT load windows and just went into a continualy repeating failed boot cycle. :o( No matter what I tried, no way would it boot. It even appeared that the main hard disk had become completely corrupted. Even when booting from the Windows CD, it was unable to even do a basic 'DIR' of the hard drive! I really thought I'd lost the lot. VERY upsetting. I came >this< close to having to start wiping the lot and trying to start reinstalling everything (which given the age of everything I'm still running, would likely NOT have even been possible!) . . at length, I miraculously managed to boot on the Windows XP CD to run 'recovery consol' - Chkdsk. Yayyyyyy. It worked. Phew! Oh wow - WHAT a relief!! So - a little life in my old outdated system yet. . . . PCd pictures etc and did posts to facebook. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Patricia / Tombstoners / Elida / Steam Engine). . TVd. . . ate a large deep pan pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by jaffa cakes and co co pops. . . TVd until bed at 12:30am.
23 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9:30am. 21C in, 18C out, mostly sunny. . . walked BGdns and then eventually on out half way down the breakwater, taking photos all along the way of course. I couldn't face going all the way to the end because of my painful knees!! :o( Eventually back to a seat near the old coastguard station to sit for ages and to drink my coffee before home through town . . ate a Mum donated buttered chelsea bun thing (in danger of going off I'd left it so long) . . . PCd pictures etc for Facebook posts for hours. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Coasteers / Hercules / Golden Vanity ) . . .TVd/guitarred . . .ate a meat pastry slice, coleslaw, crisps and a pack of jaffa cakes . . . PCd briefly before to bed some time gone 1am.
22 - Poor broken sleep then up around 9:15am with awful aches and pains from my back in particular. Annadin tablet for breakfast. 21C in, 18C out, sunny. . .walked BGdns, on down to the harbour and then out to sit on the breakwater for a while before returning to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Inevitably took a bunch of photos for the 'closed' Facebook Brixham Fishing group, and also a few of the cruise ship Amadea and the Belgian Navy ship Lobelia etc. . . eventually straight home through town via a quick look in a charity shop or two . . . managed to cut away all the overgrown ivy atop the pergola and got one section of one of the ladders down to enable me to climb up and put a new bulb in my garden floodlight. Jeeze - how many months ago did that blow? It's taken me all this time to be able to muster the energy to get round to replacing it and gteting it working again!! . . . PCd and posted photos etc to Facebook. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Swimming-Pool funny. / 'Blubber' the seal (from yesterday) . / BNS Lobelia. / Cruise-ship Amadea. ) . . . carried on PCing and at length, started trying to include links here to at least 'some' of my most recent OPEN Group Facebook posts. Of course most of my posts are done in the 'Brixham Fishing' CLOSED group, so there seems little point in putting links to the MASSIVE number of posts I make there. . .TVd . . . ate two 'frikadela' pork burger things in buttered baps, coleslaw and crisps followed later by a tin of tuna mixed with mayo with more crisps, co co pops and then a little chocolate. . . to bed around 1:30am.
21 - Up around 9:10am. 20C in, 17C out, misty grey. . .walked BGdns and then on out to the breakwater to sit around for a while, taking the odd photo or two of course . .

ate three sausage rolls, crisps and a banana . . . napped for a couple of hours. Woke myself out of a nightmare (- to escape the enormous crocodile which had tried to catch and pull Bella from the waters edge into the water!)! . . . PCd photos etc. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Pedestrian Funny / Satnav Funny / Takeaway Funny / TS Royalist ) . . . TVd . . . drank red wine . . ate three sausage rolls, crisps and a little chocolate . . . to bed around 2am only to then have trouble getting to sleep.
20 - Up around 9:40am. 20C in, 18C out, sunny. . .walked BGdns and the harbour. . home via FGn and then the pet store for Bella tripe supplies, etc . . . PCd a few pictures and posted to FBk. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Walk-The-Dog Funny / Held-up Funny / Magpies / Harbour Scenes ) . . . the delivery driver arrived with my shopping somewhere after 5pm. Took ages as usual to check it was all there and stash it all away. Just one large sack of dog food out of stock/not delivered. . .eventually popped up Mums to give her the bottles of dettol she'd asked me to get her in my shopping . . . guitarred/TVd . . . ate four ham and mayo finger rolls with crisps and then a pack of jaffa cakes . . BB called - but conversation on her poor reception mobile was impossible . . to bed before 2am.
19 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 9:50am. 20C in, 16C out, grey. . .walked real late in plenty of pain from my knees, and feeling oh SO tired. Eventually headed down towards the harbour. Found a 'Rockfish' chilli powder dispenser dumped on the grass near the old Astra Zeneca building, so carried that with me and returned it to staff behind the counter. Sat around here and there with my coffee etc. before heading back up through BGdns. . stopped off at Mum's on the way home to give her the other two plate display mounts I'd bought her, and to pick up a few food donations. Felt SO tired, I didn't hang around. . . ate a Mum donated large sausage roll with crisps followed by a banana . . . soon back to bed for a couple of hours until around 6pm. . . PCd and did a monster on-line supermarket shop for delivery late tomorrow afternoon. Just couldn't face doing all the PC/paperwork stuff I am SO behind with yet again, and ended up wasting time on Youtube looking at various guitar lesson videos! . . . TVd/guitarred another day off . . . drank wine and ate some chicken pieces with mayo and a couple of buttered baps followed by half an apple pie . . to bed around 2am.
18 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 9am. 21C in, 19C out, bright but overcast. . .walked BGdns in the occasional sunny spells and eventually on down to the harbour. Ended up just sat on the floor under the old fish market roof for AGES! . shopped for a few supplies (including a new box of wine) and then home . . . reluctantly managed to muster the energy to mow both lawns. . . TVd . . .ate a meat pastry slice and chips . . . slept for a few hours . . . guitarred/TVd another night off . . . ate oven cooked chicken bites with mayo followed by half an apple pie . . . PCd a bit before to bed well past 4am!!
17 - Woke a bit earlier then up around 9am. 21C in, 19C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns and the harbour for my coffee. A VERY painful right knee joint today, really actually making just walking rather difficult! It's just getting worse and worse, day by day. :o( Shopped for a few supplies and then home through town carrying a heavy rucksack of potatoes etc. . . guitarred for several hours. I HAD intended to catch up with stuff on the PC but I just SO didn't want to have to - again! . . TVd . . . ate a large pizza followed later by co-co pops . . . to bed well before midnight.
16 - Up around 8:30am. 21C in, 19C out, mostly sunny but breezy. . .walked BGdns, out to the breakwater and then back to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . detoured slightly to the hardware store in town to buy a couple of plastic plate display-stands for Mum. . . walked straight past home and up to Mum's to drop off the plate stands. . . . ate three sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw and a banana . . . napped late - for over three hours! . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate six sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw, biscuits and a whole bar of chocolate . . . to bed before 2am.
15 - Up around 8:30am. 20+C in and out, hazey sun. . . walked BGdns quite late again, and eventually carried on down to the harbour.

ended up hanging around for hours and hours taking photos. Two fishing boats landing their catches, a spitfire flying by in the distance, a new (100+K) engine for beam trawler Barentszee being delivered.

PCd the enormous mass of photos I'd taken, and posted a bunch to Facebook. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Spitfire / LandingTheCatch / Survey? ) . . . drank the last glass of red wine in the house. Cooked and ate a packet of mini sausages mixed into a large pot of buttery mixed veg somewhere around midnight. .unable to stay awake and to bed by around 1am.
14 - Up at 8:45am. 20C in, 21C out, hazey sunny. . . walked Bgdns and eventually out to the park past the breakwater to take a handful of trawler photos etc, then back to the inner harbour to sit and drink my coffee and watch the world go by. . heading home through town, someones boxer dog suddenly lunged towards Bella as we walked past, and managed to have the owner lose his grip on the lead. It then proceeded to start to attack Bella!!

. . . ate three sausage rolls, crisps and coleslaw. . .PCd boat pictures . . . napped . . . did the mountain of dishwashing chores . . TVd . .PCd for a little while but once again had the connection suddenly fail to find any servers etc etc so turned the thing off in disgust and went straight to bed around 12:30am.
13 - Up at 9:30am. 20C in, 16C out, rain. . . walked BGdns, the park past the breakwater, back to the harbour for my coffee and then home. . drank a half glass of red wine while cooking. Ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with crisps and coleslaw. . . 'napped' for over four hours until around 8pm! . . guitarred/TVd . .ate chocolate biscuits. . . PCd . . to bed around 2:30am.
12 - Up at 8:45am. 19C in, 17C out, bright grey. . . walked BGdns. Spent a while picking up litter from all around the place. Ended up with two overflowing carrier bags full. . police divers were STILL searching the outer harbour! Carried on down to the inner harbour taking a bunch of photos before ending up under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Eventually returned to BGdns and then home via the store and pet store for supplies . . PCd pictures etc for hours . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Litter / PoliceDiversBodySearch ) . . . TVd listening-in to a developing coastguard shout. Allegedly a faller on the rocks over St Mary's bay side. At length the coastguard teams, the lifeboat AND the helicopter were all called out.

. . . ate bowls of co co pops. . . PCd but unusualy couldn't connect to ANY websites, so to bed around 12:30am.
11 - Up at 9am. 20C in, 15C out, mostly sunny. . walked BGdns. Comms on the radio suggested police divers were going to be searching in the harbour

out to the breakwater. A big police lorry was parked near the slipway but still no sign of the divers that I could see anywhere.

sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Shopped for some bread rolls and then back to BGdns to sit around for quite a while more before finally heading home . . .napped for a few hours . . . TVd . . . ate two frikadela things in buttered baps with mayo, coleslaw and crisps followed by biscuits and chocolate . . TVd until to bed around 2am.
10 - Up at 8:45am. 21C in, 16C out, rain to start. . . walked BGdns and then on down to the harbour to see how much mayhem the Fishstock event was causing.

heritage sailing rally

big search for a person missing from a yacht in the harbour on one of the moorings

sea doo rescue

very briefly stopped by Mums on the way home . . . PCd photos for facebook posts etc for hours . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Heritage Rally - IRIS / Heritage Rally / )

. .TVd . . ate a pack of six sausage rolls with crisps and a little coleslaw . . to bed by midnight.
9 - Up at 9:45am. 21C in, 16C out, grey and windy again. Very headachey! :o( . . walked BGdns, the harbour, out to the breakwater and back etc. . . ate three sausage rolls and crisps . . napped - for four hours until almost 8pm! . . . TVd . . .ate three more sausage rolls and crisps followed by biscuits . . . to bed around 1:45am.
8 - Up at 9am. 22C in, 20C out, sunny. . . walked BGdns and eventually on down around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater to sit for quite a while, taking the occasional fishing boat picture. Breezy. Back to sit on the floor under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Home through town . . PCd/guitarred/TVd . . .drank wine . . cooked and ate buttery mixed veg with a very large piece of gone off/mouldy cheese, melted into chopped onion. Ate the whole lot (enough for two meals!)! . . to bed whenever in the early hours.
7 - Up around 9:45am. 20C in, 16C out, foggy. . . walked bgdns and then on down to the harbour to sit near the old coastguard station to drink my coffee. . . PCd . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate a pastry slice, crisps, coleslaw, biscuits and chocolate. . . to bed around midnight.
6 - Up around 10am. 21C in, 20C out, bright grey. . . walked BGdns and the harbour. Shopped for a few supplies in town on the way home . . .ate a meat pastry slice with left over buttered mixed veg . . napped . . . mowed the lawns . . . TVd . . . ate a pack of chicken thighs and drumsticks, jaffa cakes, co-co pops and chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
5 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 10:15am. 21C in and out, grey. . . walked Bgdns and then down to the harbour to sit with my coffee. Shopped for supplies on the way home through town . . . ate three sausage rolls and crisps . . . napped . . . TVd. . . drank wine. Ate two chicken kievs with buttered mixed veg and then half a fruit pie . . . to bedgone 3am.
4 - Up gone 9:30am. 21C in, 19C out bright grey. PC still uploading files and will be all day! . . . walked BGdns. Looked as though the Cowes to Torquay power boat race was on, but it also looked as though they were all VERY spread apart. Just as I entered BGdns I missed one going into Torquay, and then heard comms saying the next one would be about an hour!! I DID have a brief poke with the camcorder at one as it went by way out in the bay. but I didn't bother with any more. Just not in the mood and - well - been there seen that done that etc. . . eventually around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater for quite a while before then back to under theold fish market roof for my coffee . . shopped for a few supplies before straight home throughtown . . . PC still running so ended up just having a lay down for a bit . . . TVd/PCd and edited down the airshow night display and added that to the list of files still uploading . . .ate a meat pastry slice, three sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw, jaffa cakes and chocolate . . .ate length the PC finished uploading around 11pm! . . . PCd a bit more until to bed deep into the early hours.
3 - Up around 9:30am. 21C in, 19+C out, mostly cloudy. . . annadin. Walked BGdns and fairly soon headed down towards the harbour as the wind blew some rain in. Sheltered under the old fish market roof for quite a long while to drink my coffee before eventually heading home through town. . . messed around on the PC trying to sort out some of the Airshow footage from back in June. Eventually cut it all up into chunks and laboriously set the PC compiling the files one at a time. . in all the down time while the PC was processing the videos, I actually managed to get a few silly things done at last. Cut my hair, did laundry, mixed and replenished pots of e-liquid, vacuumed, etc. . ate a pastie and buttered mixed veg followed by jaffa cakes and chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 1am or later, AFTER having set all seven of the airshow video chunks uploading to Youtube to run all night.
2 - Up around 9:30am. 21C in, 17C out, grey. Right there is another night of proof that something weird is going on with me. Without having had a drink or any such thing, how is it 'normal' to sleep straight through for over nine and a half hours?! . . walked BGdns. Took some shots of the Stavros S Niarchos tall ship coming into the bay as the drizzle arrived . carried on down to the harbour to take shelter under the old fish market roof and drink my coffee. Whilst sat on the ground, a girl tried to give me 20p!

. . . PCd photos and posted to facebook etc. . . guitarred . . . TVd . . cooked and ate a large pot of buttery mixed veg and corned beef followed by a few jaffa cakes and squares of chocolate . . .to bed around 12:30am.
1 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9:45am. 22+C in and hotter out. Sunny. . .rather down and headachey. . walked BGdns, on down to the harbour and eventually out to the small park past the breakwater to sit around for quite a while - and all along the way, taking various boat photos of course . .sat for my coffee near the old coastguard station before eventually home through town late afternoon. . . PCd photos for hours . . . ate a bag of sausage rolls, crisps, coleslaw and a few jaffa cakes . . TVd . . to bed before midnight.