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- Up around 6:40am. 19C in 11C out. Grey. . . walked BGdns and ended up hanging around there for ages taking pics of sail boats etc. At some point I saw and filmed a couple of seal off the rocks and then ended up 'following' them! Walked around to a vantage point on the muddy path overlooking CCove and sat and filmed for ages more as they constantly played in the water. MUST be a mating thing. . eventually back to BGdns. Sheltered from rain in the gun emplacmenet and finally got round to drinking my cold coffee. Eventually headed towards home late afternoon after having been out for a good six hours or more!! . . . PCd posting pics for hours. . . TVd . . ate bowls of sugary rice krispies followed by a couple of miniature meat and pastry slices, crisps and jaffa cakes. To bed by around 12:30am.
29 - Up around 7:45am. 19C in 13C out. Damp and grey. . . walked BGdns, the harbour and under the roof for my cofee. . shopped and home via the local store for more supplies . . . ate two ham, mayo and cheese finger rolls with crisps . . napped until 7pm and the arrival of DF for coffee and arguments until around 9:30pm . . TVd . . cooked and ate a box of two chicken breasts, bacon sausage and stuffing in gravy with boiled potatoes followed by ice cream . . woke in the chair and to bed around 2:30am.
28 - Up around 7:30am. 19C in 10C out. Hazy sun to start. . .same old same old. Walked BGdns and the harbour taking photos etc. Sat unbder the roof for ages with my coffee. . starting to head back, some crazy guy on a mobility scooter had got himself stuck at the bottom of the cobbled slipway by the William of Orange statue. With the eventual help of someone else who'd seen what was going on, we eventually managed to lift the wheels up over the 'step' and help him get the thing back up the slipway onto flat ground. Bloody heavy thing it was too. Kicking myself I didn't photograph the scene before helping . . . TVd . . ate bowls of sugary rice krispies followed by a couple of burgers and buttered boiled potatoes
27 - Woke in the chair around 4:30am and stumbled to bed. Couldn't sleep and ended up getting up again by 5am! 19C in 14C out. . .PCd before walking quite late, near midday. Sheltered in the gun emplacement from bits of rain. As I left to head down town I tried to pull out some bracken that was growing obtrusively near the entrance and succeeded in putting a deep cut across the top of a finger on my left hand. Not a big cut but it sure did bleed a bunch! Ended up having to walk around clasping a bit of tissue to stop it dripping everywhere!! . . sat under the old market roof for my coffee, crammed in behind the market stalls. . shopped and home through town before the worst of the rain . . . ate a small (going cheap) oven fish bake thing . . . napped until around 7pm . . . TVd the night off. . ate four sausages, a pack of mini battenburgs, ice cream and a little chocolate. Asleep in the chair before to bed around 2:30am.
26 - Up around 9am! 19C in 13C out. Fog! . .yet more upsetting gibberish moronic comments on facebook in response to my recent 'just for the smile' post of the polce van in Fore St adjacent to Superdrug etc. . walked BGdns, the harbour, and eventually back up to BGdns and home . . PCd/TVd feeling pissed off with all yet again . . . ate four sausages with a tin of beans and a packet of crisps . . asleep in the chair before even returning my food tray to the kitchen!!
25 - Trouble getting to sleep then up around 10:00am!!! 20C in 19C out. Sunny . . . walked Bgdns to sit around. Plenty of people around but very little out on the water. . carried on down to the harbour to sit under the roof with my coffee for ages. . Ended up stalking/filming the egret just a little more before shopping and then home via the pet store for all manner of expensive flea treatment stuff!. . .PCd for ages and eventually managed to edit down the egret footage from the other day and get it uploaded to FB . . TVd . . ate chicken kievs and chips followed by half a cherry bakewell loaf, ice cream and chocolate biscuits. . PCd briefly before to bed around 2am.
24 - Up around 9:45am. 19C in 15C out. Grey . .walked Bgdns and the harbour. Shopped and home through town . . PCd for hours and hours posting many photos etc . . . ate oven heated chicken fillets with microwaved buttered potatoes and a couple of mini battenburg cakes soon after midnight. Immediately asleep in the chair in front the TV ! Woke around 4:30am (just as CRTs were being called out to help search for someone in a distressed state seen walking out along the breakwater, and not seen to return!)
23 - Up around 8:30am feeling tired and lousy. 18C in 15C out. Sunny . .walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour. Couldn't sit under the roof because it was market stalls day so ended up sitting on the timbers of 'the grid' on the harbour floor at low tide to drink my coffee, to avoid having to make conversations with passers by. Ended up filming an 'egret' which was hunting for fish there. . shopped and home through town quite late in the afternoon . . .PCd for hours and eventually got the recent seal footage uploaded together with various photos of the yachts starting a race the other day, etc. . . grabbed jaffa cakes, meat pastry slice, crisps and mini battenburg cakes before to bed around 3:30am!
22 - Up around 8am. 18C in 12C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns rather late. Sat around for ages watching and filming the cruise ship 'Europa' arrive and anchor up over by Torquay etc. . eventually on down to sit under the roof for my coffee. Shopped and home . . PCd . . N called in for chats until late. Ate a handful of chocolate biscuits to keep me going. . . ate a going cheap steak and ale pie followed by a whole box of mini battenburg cakes . . asleep in the chair until near 4am before to bed.
21 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 9:45am!! 19C in 15C out. Grey and wet . . . PCd for hours doing photos etc before finally walking mid afternoon once the weather had improved to some sunny spells. Walked Bgdns and the harbour. Shopped for supplies and home through town . . . TVd the whole evening away . . ate a pasty and a large bag of crisps with cheese coleslaw followed by a trio of small fruit pies . . .immediately asleep in the chair. Woke around 2am. Ended up eating the remaining three pastry fruit pies and then to bed around 4am.
20 - Up around 8am. 19C in 14C out. Grey . . delayed walking and PCd, editing down the latest seal video again. Go there in the end and then set it uploading and left the PC running . . . walked Bgdns and just hung around there for quite a while again, sheltering from a bit of light rain from time to time . . down to the harbour to sit under the market roof behind the stalls for my coffee. Home through town in some rain. . . the PC was STILL running the 14 minute upload! . . .TVd . . finally after around seven hours the file finally finished uploading and I got it posted . . drank wine. Ate a couple of weetabix followed by a pastie, chips and cheese coleslaw and then ice cream . . . PCd before to bed in the early hours.
19 - Up around 8:30am. 19C in 13C out. Sunny spells. . walked BGdns. Ended up messing around thereabouts for most of the day filming a couple of seal on the rocks etc. One of those seal had what appears to be an infected bite mark injury with puss running out of an open puncture wound!

shopped for supplies in the local store on the way home. . . PCd for hours editing but making little progress at cutting it down to as small as possible. . .ate two corned beef finger rolls with crisps followed by ice cream . . . to bed around 2am.
18 - Woken around 6:30am by the disused bedroom radiator making a strangely regular intermittant vibrating noise!?? I quick pull on it stopped it from doing so. Tried to get back to sleep but felt iffy and couldn't and ended up getting up to be sick!! 18C in 7C out. Sun . .definitely a slightly upset stomach. . . walked BGdns and the harbour for my coffee under the roof. Ended up just sitting there talking to a few different people for ages . . shopped then home through town . . PCd . . napped . . PCd some more . . ate breadcrumbed chicken pieces with buttered boiled potatoes and a whole box of kipling pastry slices . . immediately asleep in the chair until gone 4am before stumbling to bed.
17 - Up around 8:15am. 18C in 13C out. Sun and showers again. . .walked BGdns. Felt chilly in the shade with a stiff NE wind and plenty of movement on the waters of the bay. Eventually on down to the harbour and out towards the breakwater. A couple of seal were hanging around in the inner harbour in an unusual way, seemingly completely unconcerned by all the people around. . sat in JGdns for quite a while poking the camcorder at this and that before eentually heading back to the harbour. Filmmed the seal and the crowd for a bit before ending up inder the roof for my coffee. . shopped and home through town . . PCd for hours editing and posting etc. . .TVd . . ate a pepperoni pizza, crisps and the remaining half a chocolate sponge . . snoozed in the chair and to bed before 2am.
16 - Broken sleep then up around 7:45am. 18C in 11C out. Sunny. . .walked Bgdns and eventually on down around the harbour and out to JGdns just past the breakwater for a short while. Just as I was starting to head back, the launch sirens went off for an ILB shout. Filmed a bit of the launch and then ended up heading off down the breakwater in the pouring rain to a vanatage point, when it became apparant the shout was on the rocks just past the Shoalstone pool.

helicopters and death.

Shouted at from the lifeboat "Stop filming"

sat around the harbour in a strange mood, trying to 'process' everything I'd seen for quite a long while. . shopped and home through town . .

guitarred/TVd/wrestled with 'thoughts' . . . ate two chicken kievs and potatoes followed by biscuits . . .asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed gone 2am. Trouble sleeping.
15 - Up around 4:45am after waking in the chair and failing to be able to get back to sleep once in bed. 18C in 9C out. . . walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour. Treated myself to a bag of chips (1.90!!) and once again the guy in the chip shop gave me some free sausages for Bella. Sat under the old market roof to eat them with my coffee. Home through town . . napped . . N called in for chats until around 10pm . . ate four sausages with baked beans and a small bit of chocolate sponge . . asleep in the chair. Woke and to bed around 4am.
14 - Up around 8:45am. 19C in 13C out. Sunny. . . set the PC uploading more Youtube stuff for the whole day including while I was out. . walked Bgdns. Felt very much cooler all of a sudden. Big shower clouds around again, but mostly missing here. . on down to the harbour to eventually sit under the roof for my coffee. Its hard to tell one from another, but I am hopeful that 'Bangle' the hobbled seagull was the one I saw today - with ALL the crab and fishing line removed from its legs!! If I'm right, then someone managed to intervene and capture it and cut all its life threatening binds away. It still has pain/damage to its right leg which it's holding up, but at least it's got a better chance of surviving with less suffering now. Oh I do SO hope it was him I saw - and if so, I'd like to thank someone, much. . .shopped and home through town . . .ate going-cheap tuna sandwiches with crisps . . napped (STILL with the PC uploading videos to Youtube). . .PCd a bit and set the last couple of videos for a while at least, uploading to Youtube . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate a chicken and bacon french role type thing followed by co co pops and jaffa cakes. Asleep in the chair in front the TV again.
13 - Back up around 9:15am. 19C in 16C out. Sunny. . walked BGdns. Sheltered in the bunker from the showers and got talking to an interesting professional cameraman guy. He'd worked for some of the big names and been all round the world and done amazing things. WHAT a life! . . on down to sit under the market roof for my coffee. No sign of the hobbled/injured seagull today. Uh oh - Bella has fleas again!! . shopped and home through town . . set the PC doing more uploads to Youtube . . applied the last little tube of flea killer in the house to Bellas coat . . cut my hair and beard, got clean and did a little vacuuming . . WTF?!!! Right in the middle of the several hours upload, Windows 10 had run an update and took it upon itself to reboot!!!! Hours wasted. What sort of a crazy thing to do is THAT! PCd a bit editing and producing the ferry rolls video and then set uploads going all over again! Infuriating. . TVd . .ate sausages, eggs and potatoes and a couple of biscuits . . woke in the chair before midnight. . PCd a bit before to bed in the early hours again.
12 - Poor broken sleep then up before 9:30am. 19C in 16C out, sunny before filling cloud and showers on the way towards tonights gale . . walked BGdns and sat around for ages. Eventually on down to the harbour to sit under the market roof for my coffee. Some charity fundraising tables were set up under there with a few vehicles parked around, and perhaps because of all that activity I saw no sign of the hobbled seagull this day. :o(. . at some point an old woman with a cat basket type carrier turned up and we exchanged a few words. She was apparantly the 'seagull lady'

. . . shopped and home through town . . . quikly mowed and strimmed both lawns, and succeeded in getting them done just before the rain set in . . .PCd briefly and set more of the recent videos uploading to Youtube, before leaving the PC running all evening . . . TVd . . ate three burgers and chips followed by half a battenburg cake and then ice cream . . asleep in the chair with the TV on until around 4am! . . PCd and set yet more lengthy video uploads going before to bed leaving the PC still running - as it will be for the next 24 hours or so!!!!!! JEEZE, the time it takes these videos to upload is utterly ridiculous! . back to bed for a few hours, only to have trouble getting back to sleep.
11 - Trouble getting to sleep then up around 9am. 19C in 16C out. Windy with sun and big cloud again. . walked BGdns. Sat around for ages sheltering from passing showers and then down to the harbour to sit under the roof for my coffee. On the way to the harbour, an old woman was sat on the floor attended by some people, after having had a fall. She seemed ok apart from a possible knee injury. They'd called an ambulance and were waiting. I ended up sitting on a boulder in the middle of the car parks, to indicate to the ambulance where to go when they arrived. The first to arrive was a paramedic in a car so after waving to attrract attention and pointing the way, I wished the fall woman good luck and carried on my way. . shopped for reduced price stuff. Sat outside the shop and shared a couple of very cheap sausage rolls with Bella. A homeless guy was sat nearby with a dog, and I eventually crossed over and offered him the sausage rolls. He initially said no thank you!!! For the dog, I suggested, at which point he did then accept them. I dunno - homeless, offered some food and saying nno, kinda made me feel as though he wasn't very grateful. lol Never again. . . PCd and eventually set a couple of videos uploading to Youtube - which is still MY kinda spiritual home for sharing videos I do. This double uploading to FB AND Youtube is a time consuming nightmare. . .TVd . . ate three burgers and chips followed by half a battenburg cake. . immediately asleep in the chair, right in the middle of reading the text news! Woke gone 1:30am. .PCd until gone 5am before back to bed for a while!
10 - Up around 5am with an awful headache. 19C in 14C out. Nice sunrise at first but then increasing nasty looking cloud.. . woke at the PC as always and could see on the local guesthouse webcam that work was underway to remove the car that had gone in the water yesterday. . . walked straight down through town heading for the car recovery site. As soon as I reached the inner harbour, the work boat was already towing the submerged but floated car in to the town quay where the crane is, so I ended up stopping to film proceedings for the next hour and a bit. . wandered around just a bit before ending up sheltering from the drizzle under the old market roof for my coffee . . shopped and hoome through town in the rain . . . PCd editing the video and ultimately setting it uploading to FB early evening . . TVd . . ate a pizza and immediately fell asleep in th chair . . . woke around 1:30am. . the PC wasn't 'too' far from finishing the upload, so I ended up PCing for a couple of hours before bed.
9 - Poor broken sleep then up around 8:20am. 20C in 14C out. Sunny. . . walked Bgdns in a pretty angry mood again. Some very bid showers around. Sheltered in and just hung around the usual gun emplacement for a LONG while. 'Fishstock' down town, so NO intention of going down to see all the people, mess and unpleasantness! Ended up spending ages filming seal just off the gardens again - even getting some cool shots in the POURING rain. I was rude to someone who spoke with me who had 'liked' one of the disparaging comments which had been made on FB the other day. I eventually had the opportunity to apologise and explain things and hopefully get a better mutual understanding. . at some point during the seal filming, the coastguards were all called out to a car which had enetered the water from the breakwater slipway!! The occupant had been got out and didn't need hospital treatment, so much ado about nothing, with the car to be removed some other time, once they've figured out how. Bet that guy feels a fool. Hard to be sympathetic over SUCH a silly mistake (when launching a boat I believe). . .eventually headed home via the store for milk and then to Mum's to have a look at her recently repaired leaky roof valley etc. Easy for me to criticise the finish of some parts of the work, but at least the water shouldn't get in any more - hopefully!!! . . . PCd and got serious with editing down the last couple of days of seal footage for hours and hours . . eventually had them both done and set one uploading to FB . . . TVd . . ate two burgers with buttered potatoes followed by ice cream . . as soon as the first file had finished uploading, I set the second (longer) file uploading through the night and went to bed in the early hours.
8 - Up around 6:45am. 19C in 14C out. Rain. . . FB nonsense . . . walked BGdns. Seal sightings in FCove, off Bpoint and then by the laboratory so plenty of filming and quite a long while before I eventually ended up sat beneath the old market roof for my coffee. 'Bangle' (the hobbled seagull) appeared near some people eating fish and chips - now with an injury to one of its tied legs!!! Horror. . tried to catch it - even begged a couple of chips from the people as bait. Failed miserably

towards home through town then up to the pet store for a sack of dog food etc. Struggled home with it over my shoulder. . . PCd to discover my 'tennis ball' post had been deleted along with NS post with the continuing 'bullying' thread. DF had messaged me telling it was all happening and sent me a hard to make sense of text copy of the deleted thread. Enough to have an insight into how unpleasant people had been. NS had even 'blocked' me! Good lord, what a sad and immature excuse for a man. . very very despairing mood. I absolutely MUST cease my FB activities. SUCH ignorant and unpleasant people abound there, and seem to think it is the duty of everyone else there to put up with their comments. . . . lay down for a while but couldn't sleep . . . DF called in for chats until gone 9:30pm. . . ate a pack of crisps, tin of tuna with potatoes and a couple of kiplong slices . . asleep in the chair. Woke around 4am to turn the TV off and go to bed, only then to toss and turn and be unable to sleep.
7 - Poor broken sleep then up around 7:30am. 19C in 14C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns and sat around taking a few photos before eventually 'forcing myself' to head down to the harbour, despite very much still being in a hate ALL the ignorant people mood. . stood atop the viewing platform above the toilets taking a few snaps of the harbour, I suddenlt became aware of an 'incident' going on just across the harbour!

gull caught in crabline

shopped for supplies and then home through town . . spent the next several hours editing the crablined gull footage. A tough one to have to watch over and over again during the edit!! Eventually managed to call a halt and set it uploading to FB by around 6:30pm . . . N called in for chats and coffee until around 10pm . . .the crab lined gull footage finished uploading to FB a short time later so that meant I ended up PCing for a bit, posting it to the group of morons together with my recent reply about the hobbled gull footage in quick succession - with commenting turned off on both. 'My' version of raising my middle finger to them all. People can make of it what they will, although of course I doubt a single one of them would actually watch that video ALL the way through.
6 - Up around 7:15am. 19C in 13C out. Sunny. . .PCd. Set the file upload to Fb which had mysteriously failed the other day, going again. A short couple of clips of a young guy out in his boat in a bit or rough. Left the PC running and walked. Near BGdns a car exiting the steep hill to the holiday camp turned the wrong way into the one way system and started to drive towards me and the blind bend. I hollered and pointed at the one way sign. The female occupants 'got it' and acknowledged their mistake - but inexplicably then just carried on!? As they did so and passed me I pointed towards the one-way sign and shouted again 'more urgently'. As they passed me they were all shouting back at me 'We KNOW" in an 'irritated' manner with possibly some abuse. So that was my introduction to wonderful humanity and my start for today. A motorcyclist or cyclist coming down that road at any speed could have been killed by them, but they carried on in spite of that just because reversing back would have been a minor inconvenience - and they saw fit to have a 'go' at me!!! That immediately stoked my current 'hate everyone' mood! :o( . . sat in BGdns for a while unwillingly having to make polite conversation with occasional passing morons. . ended up at some point pretty much rudely getting up and heading home more or less in the middle of a conversation with someone, because I just couldn't tolerate any more! . . . PCd and made 'safe' copies of recent video and photo files etc on one of my external desk top hard drives. . the PC guy called and confirmed he'd soon be calling in to sort the PC out. Dismantled everything and temporarily set the new faulty PC up on the unit next to the TV again, to make things easy for the guy. . . sure enough somewhere after 12:30 the guy turned up with another identical machine. He quickly swapped the hard drive and with little ado had the thing back up and booted with all my existing data and settings etc. Windows 10 dealt with the swap rather smoothly and the only thing which appeared to need doing was download some updated drivers for the 'slightly' different model number (later?) of graphics card. . the PC guy left me to it downloading the driver update. As soon as that had completed successfully, I nervously ran the lengthy 'Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool' - standing by with the camcorder, taking screenshots as it did. After a long nervous wait, it eventually completed normally reporting no errors found - which of course was very different to what had happened on the previous machine, so it DID appear that there was no such problem with THIS machine. . broke everything back down and put the PC back up on the desk of the PC room and then set to work trying it out. Funnily enough, the on/off switch on this one seems to feel more 'robust', so I suspect it has had less use than the previous one which struck me as acting slightly iffy, so no bad thing. Given how the fault on the previous one had only started to really manifest when I'd been putting the machine 'under load' with some serious video editing work, I immediately started to mess with recent video projects etc, to put it through its paces. Ended up recompiling/producing all the recent projects as a comparison/test. Things look good. Almost all those reproduced videos ended up being a 'slightly' different file size, and all the issues of dropped frames and little glitches were NOT present in the new videos. Yayyyy. WHAT a huge relief. NOW I can maybe just get on with using it like I should have been able to in the first place. I DO actually quite like the thing. . PCd editing videos (without a hitch) for a few hours before having to have a rest. . . did dish washing chores . . . TVd . . . ate two burgers with buttery boiled potatoes and peas . . immediately slipped into unconscousness in the chair. . . woke around 4am, turned the TV off and stumbled to bed.
5 - Up around 7:40am again. 19C in 15C out. Drizzle . . . knocked up a message to the PC guy about the PC fault and e mailed it. . he promptly called me saying he'd replace the PC with an identical one by swapping the hard drive! He'd be in touch later . . walked BGdns in the rain. Those new leggings I bought are money thrown away. The elastic around the waist has so little movement it's just impossible to keep them up FFS. . ended up sat on the rocks in BGdns in the drizzle for a couple of hours filming a couple of seal sleeping on the rocks. Eventually straight back home so as not to miss the PC guy calling. Got home to find he'd called earlier!! Called him back only to find he couldn't now make it today! FFS. . .PCd and copied over onto an external hard drive for safety, all the recent video/photos before then having an initial bash at editing down the hour and more of seal footage. Eventualy just caved in under the mass of it all and gave up . . . TVd . . ate pizza and apple pie . . . to bed around 1am.
4 - Up around 7:40am. 18C in 15C out. Sunny spells . . walked BGdns and sat around, but a little more vigilant than usual, looking for any sign of the speared seal - but there was none. Spotted and filmed a couple of others near the fish market on my walk in to the harbour. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. The hobbled seagul is still surviving and made an appearance demanding I attempt to stalk and capture it, but also to no avail. Despite its hobble, it is still acting 'normally' and won't get 'quite' close enough for people to grab it before flying off if you do try.

home through town . . . PCd . . napped briefly . . PCd some more and set a long upload going to FB for hours, onlt to apparantly have it inexplicably disappear!!? I have a suspcion the PC may have crashed and rebooted itself before the end of the long upload - but since I didn't see it happen I have no way to be sure. I have reached the conclusion in my own mind that the PC is somehow faulty and was a complete waste of the 300 it cost me! Typical of absolutely everything I buy isn't it.

Very very down about everything.

ate a meat and pastry slice with buttered boiled potatoes and chocolate biscuits . . to bed around 2:30am.
3 - Up around 7:20am. 18C in 11C out. Blowing a gale with rain. . .horror on FB with posts all about a local seal spotted (and photod) with a spear apparantly sticking out of its back! FFS. . . walked BGdns in the rain in full weather gear making a point of scanning the coves and bit of coast for any sighting of the seal but to no avail. Sheltered in the gun emplacement for a while before ending up down the harbour underneath the old fish market roof. Sat on a pallet to drink my coffee as the rain poured. .grabbed some discarded crab line to put in my pocket as I cleared up and binned the rest of the mess . . .eventually home through town after buying some supplies . . . messed around for quite a while with tennis balls and the crab line attempting to prove whether or not that seemingly ludicrous comment that the hobbled seagull ligature was from a tennis ball, was possible or not. Sacrificed a couple of old balls and gave it my best shot, but no matter what io tried I couldn't produce anything long enough or that in any way resembled the ligature. Unpicking and teasing out the crab line however produced a very close copy, so I am content. . PCd and ended up doing a nonsense post and then PMing the moron suggesting he have a look at it. Jeeze - how 'anal' am I!!!!! . . . TVd . . . ate a mushroom risotto thing with crisps followed by half an apple pie and ice cream . . .to bed whenever.
2 - Woke earlier then up around 7:15am again, feeling a bit sick. 19C in 11C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns and just sat around by the gun emplacement for a while. At 11am all the trawlers horns were sounded to mark the recent death before heading back up to the higher seat for my coffee. Ended up getting into a conversation with a passer by and got 'trapped' there in 'polite' conversation with him. I found his demeanor VERY hard to handle! A local who knows everyone and everything, rather 'hyper', with outlandish fantasies about wanting to grow a 'design' business and pretty much take over the world! He even admitted to being the one responsible for having covered the town in all the bansky inspired stenciled graffitti!! The horror of being trapped in that conversation got even worse when some old guy I'd not spoken with for a while ended up sat on that small bench on the other side of me and started recounting all over again the circumstances of his life and all the details of when his wife passed away! Felt like pure agony to be trapped between them listening to such utter 'nonsense' . . eventually managed to extract myself from the situation and 'fled' home, feeling real panicy. Couldn't get away and home fast enough. . . PCd a bit . . . napped . . . TVd but nothing on worth watching and eventually ended up on Youtube randomly watching a whole bunch of 'intelligent' videos on morality and religion etc etc . . . ate bowls of weetabix followed by a whole pack of six buttered crumpets with grated cheese . . to bed around 2am.
1 - Woke earlier then up around 7:15am. 19C in 16C out. Some breaks in the cloud . . .walked Bgdns. Felt much cooler today with a chill to the NE type wind, and plenty of movement on the waters of the bay making for some interesting ferry rides. . eventually 'dared' to carry on down to sit amongst all the morons under the old fish market roof for a while with my coffee. Coffee was interrupted by having to leap to my feet and run after a baby seagull in an attempt to stop it from eating someones discarded crab stick, still in what looked like a cellophane wrapper. I was unsuccessful and the bird swallowed it! 'Just' another dead seagull in the making then!!! FFS! . some old guy turned up on a little moped with a topbox on the back and stopped nearby for some ice cream and a cigarette. Inside the topbox with its head poking out was a small dog! Very cute and obviously greatly loved (the guy shared his ice cream with it), but the dog appeared to me to be very vulnerable to any misshaps etc, never mind having no eye protection etc. In the blazing hot sun one imagines that top box gets pretty hot, and although the guy DID remove the top of the box for a period of time, at no stage did the dog get put on the floor for any excercise etc. No - on balance, I didn't like what I saw. . shopped and then home through town, relieved to be away from all the insanity and unpleasantness. Stopped at the pet store for Bella food supplies . . ate two going-cheap ham and cheese sandwiches with crisps . . napped for just an hour or two . . . PCd editing a bit of video and posting fishing boat pics. Someone messaged me suggesting the recent hobbled gull footage actually showed the ligature had nothing to do with fishing (crabbing). "looking at the seagul video..that yellow thread looks like the outside of a tennis ball. My dog chews them to bits and I find this all the time. I dont think its fishing related at all bud" I despair, I really do. It would appear to me now, that everyone on that FB group is really actually mentally subnormal!! I was SO not in the mood to be suffering such fools, I simply responded with a captured image from the video I'd uploaded, showing the close up of the gulls legs, fishing line and long nylon twine, and replied 'Get real'. The person (who'd obviously not even watched the video) then replied that they now accepted it WAS fishing line, but STILL maintained the yellow chord was from a tennis ball!!!!???? That had me almost fall off my chair in disbelief/despair. I've told him what it is, I've shown him the evidence, and yet he still adheres to his own implausible made up nonsense. A small amount of intelligent analysis of JUST the photo/video I supplied makes it irrefutably clear that the twine is NOT from a tennis ball. Why on earth a person would stick to such a belief is astounding to me. Thoroughly depressing. I shall not reply to them further. Indeed, if it were not for the desire to have some greater knowledge of what's 'going on out there', it really has reached the point that I now feel SO, SO utterly alien to ALL those around me, I coulld very easily withdraw from further FB (and everything else) activity completely. They really ARE all UTTER morons, living in their own little fantasy world - where a bit of cruelty to animals for their entertainment is entirely justified. Jeezuz. :o( . . turned the PC off and TVd, feeling very very alone in an alien heartless world of barbarians . . . forced down a few buttered potatoes, ice cream and chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around 3am.