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- Up around 7:10am. 17C in, 12C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns, out to the breakwater seat, the seat by the old coastguard station for my coffee and then home through town after buying a large bag of potatoes to painfully carry all the way. . . Mum called in for chats with the papers and food donations etc . . . ate a tin of sausages in baked beans with chopped ham, onion and grated cheese . . . napped . . . TVd . . .stood in the front garden and watched a quite large, really rather good firework display going on somewhere near. (Lupton house?) One of the fireworks in particular seemed to be a bit off track and exploded really quite low down in the valley, VERY much below me! . . . ate a pastry slice, crisps, two small fairey cakes, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
30 - Up around 8:40am!! 17C in, 14C out. Rain. . . walked BGdns. Sheltered in a gun emplacement for ages when a (different) fishing boat came out and started retrieving the gear which had been left there yesterday. Filmed for around an hour whilst the guys on the boat wrestled with retrieving the net. I'd totally expected to see something all caught up in it, but when they won their battle and finally managed to haul it onboard, it 'appeared' as though it was quite intact and just wrapped around itself a little. I know nothing about such things of course, but based on everything I saw, I wonder if it was simply a winch breakdown on the original boat yesterday, which prevented them from hauling in the normal way?. . . eventually the rain stopped. Carried on down to the harbour for my coffee . . shopped for a few supplies . . home through town . . . PCd frames from the video I'd shot, and then posted a number to the Brixham Fishing facebook page, etc. . . DF called in around 7pm for arguments until gone 10pm . . . TVd . . . drank a glass of red wine and ate two chicken kievs with chips . . . fell asleep in the chair in front the TV! . . to bed around 2:30am.
29 - Woken earlier by the wind howling around the windows, then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 12C out. Wind and rain. . . walked BGDns after the weather had improved. On out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. Eventually back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Pirate stalls and puppets and suchlike were all going-on under there as part of some sort of halloween pirate day for kids thing. . back along and up to BGdns. Ended up filming a fishing boat coming in, which appeared to have tangled nets or some such. The guys on board seemed to battle with trying to get their gear back on board for ages, but eventually they seemed to have little choice but to drop the net somewhere out off Fishcombe cove, before heading back into the harbour without it! Unusual. . continued sitting around there filming a couple of trawlers coming in etc for quite a long while, and eventually ended-up sat atop my usual favourite searchlight gun emplacement . I was still filming when I became aware from approaching noise, that the group of youths who I think had been sat in the other nearby gun emplacement, had now left it, had made their way across and up to the path, and were about to walk past where I was sat. From the noise it was making, and eventually seen from the corner of my eye, they were kicking and throwing a plastic drink bottle around as they did so. That bottle was thrown onto the grass immediately in front of and below where I was perched - and then the group walked past just leaving it behind there. Of course I SHOULD have long since learned my lesson, about not getting into a 'confrontation' with idiot youths, but given how much of my time EVERY day is spent picking up other peoples litter and dog poop etc etc - to have something so brazenly discarded right in front of me like that, was more than I could silently tolerate at just that moment. Having 'just' completed filming a trawler disappearing into the harbour behind a nearby tree, my camcorder was still recording - so I just happened to record my outburst and the resulting 'conversation' with one of the youths!!!

Can you take your rubbish with you please. (ignored)
Can you pick up the rubbish.

Where is it? (Over there).

You just threw it down there didn't you.
It's not ours. I just picked that out the bush and threw it at him.
Well how about taking it with you and putting it in a bin. Your going to pass one aren't you.
You will too. <stands staring at me as the others walk away laughing>
It's not much to ask is it. What IS your problem mate?
What do you mean what's my problem.
It's a small thing to ask. There's a bit of rubbish there, you were just messing around with it, you were throwing it about, you were kicking it about, and now you're going to walk off and leave it and you expect ME to pick it up?!
<reluctantly walks back to pick it up> Why don't you stop moaning already. .
Do it then!
. . cause I'm fuckin' picking it up aren't I so fuck off.
Goodo. Goodo.

It ain't fuckin' mine anyway you (unintelligable).
What did you say to me?
I said it ain't even fuckin' mine anyway.
You're on camera mate.
I don't care. It wasn't mine. You can video me all you want (unintelligable) <walking away out of sight in front of a passing family>.
Stupid little punk!

With hindsight, it seems more than likely that events took a different course to what they 'may' have, because of the family which was approaching down the path. The youths immediately disappeared around a corner out of my sight, and 'I' have NO doubt that the plastic bottle was probably thrown either over the cliffs into the sea or into the wooded undergrowth somewhere along that path nearby. Of course I ended up being all shakey, angry and upset. What exactly IS it about our society and the way youths are brought up, which makes them SO arrogant and 'combative', even when simply asked to pick up a bit of litter?!!? . . I couldn't help myself - I was eager to see what sort of a state they'd left the inside of the other gun emplacement, and I climbed down and made a bee line for it. The smell of smoke was still thick in the air in there, and amongst the litter (dry/fresh) and drinks bottles which were there, was also a 'snap bag' with traces of flakes of cannabis remaining in it. It all 'may' not have been theirs of course, but assuming it was, I guess that answers why spoiled 'kids' these days are so dumb and paranoid/'combative' whenever anything they do is in the least bit 'challenged'. Dope'll do that if you don't have the maturity to guard against it I reckon. . cleared up all the litter and walked it all the way up to the bin near the top seats, in a pretty foul and despairing mood. :o( Soon headed home. . .bought a 12kg sack of dog food in the local pet store and carried it home. . .PCd -
successfully fighting the strong desire to do a (Spotted Brixham?) facebook post about the litter youths!! . . . . Mum and Sis1 called in for brief chats . . . TVd . . ate bowls of co-co pops followed by biscuits and then a tin of sausages in baked beans with extra chopped ham, onion and grated cheese . . . to bed around 1am.
28 - Woke earlier then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 13C out. Sunny . . walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. Caught in a sudden downpour on the way back to the harbour and got pretty wet. Sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Back up to BGdns to sit around for a while before heading back home. Stopped off briefly at Mum's on the way . . . drank a glass of red wine. Ate chicken and chips . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate jaffa cakes, biscuits, two bananas, all the remaining cold chicken with some crisps and some chocolate . . . to bed just after 1am.
27 - Up at 7:30am. 16C in, 13C out. Heavy persistant rain, with the sky SO loaded, it almost turned dark again on a couple of occasions! Headachey. Annadin tablet and coffee for breakfast. . delayed walking for a while until things had eased off somewhat. Eventually got all togged-up in full long rubber coat, leggings and even wellingtons, and headed out. By the time we'd reached BGdns, the rain had unexpectedly almost stopped. Sheltered in a gun emplacement for a short while before ending up carrying on down to the harbour. Boy, does it take a huge amount of extra effort to walk around in wellingtons and full weather gear like that! Ended up feeling pretty rough, and overheating badly. Carried on out to the landward end of the breakwater nonetheless, and sat on the edge of the breakwater beach for a while. . the lifeboat pontoon work was ongoing, with what appeared to be some weird sort of drilling machine sat atop an enormous pylon sunk into the marina floor, with tons of water spewing out of it as it turned! . . returned to the inner harbour and sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee, 'deliberately' resisting the desire to take any photos etc (despite plenty of opportunities for some 'interesting' shots). Really didn't feel too good at all, and predictably also started to feel overwhelmed with my usual birth day downward spiralling mood. :o( . . shopped for a few supplies. Briefly dashed into the little Santander office to make sure they knew the cash point outside was all missing a huge face plate and had bare wires and bulbs all dangerously exposed and within reach. Incredibly they already knew, were awaiting a repair, and seemed quite content for customers to be exposed to it like that! . . trudged home (looking ludicrously overdressed in the increasingly bright weather), eventually making it home, all soaked in sweat and feeling ready for a return to bed already! . . returned Mum's ansaphone call(s) and said I'd see her some other time . . . just sat around for ages, recovering from the awful walk . . PCd a bit of this - but soon caved-in with it unfinished. Not in the mood at all. . . napped briefly . . . TVd . . . ate bowls of creamy co-co pops, some cold chicken, crisps, jaffa cakes and biscuits . . . to bed after 1am after falling asleep in the chair for a minute or two.
26 - Up at 6:50am. 15C in, 12C out. Grey . . walked BGdns. Netherlands registered 'sea school' schooner 'Regina Maris' was moored off the entrance to the outer harbour. Ended up sitting there for quite a while and having a poke with the camcorder, when comms on the scanner suggested a yacht called 'Mystic Monk' was coming in with some sort of 'problem' which was limiting their manouverability, and they'd need help getting into the harbour. One of the small harbour staff launches eventually came out and ultimately safely towed them in to the town pontoon. . watched for quite a while as one of the regular dog walker's dogs swam around off the rocks chasing a trio of seal. It really did look as though the seal were almost playing with the dog - deliberately swimming near to it, under it, and popping back up out of the water behind it etc, etc. :o) Sadly despite giving it a bit of a go, I couldn't seem to manage to adequately capture any of it on camera. . . eventually carried on down to the inner harbour. The 'three ships' Xmas lights display was being set up on the floating pontoon by workmen this morning, so sadly no more being able to get away with sitting quietly out there. :o(

carried on out towards the seat above the end of the breakwater, hoping I'd get to see some fishing boats heading out to sea. Despite the stiff South Easterly breeze, the waters of the bay were fairly calm, but things were clearly VERY different out a bit further, outside of the lee afforded by the headland of Berry Head. Some big seas out there. . Filmed a small fishing boat just off the Breakwater Beach for quite a while, as she lifted her gear before coming into the harbour. . On the way up towards our usual seat, I suddenly spotted a 'dot' in the distance which turned out to be one of the Western Lady ferries (passenger services HAD been suspended for comfort/safety reasons), heading across the bay towards Berry Head (and presumably thence on round to Dartmouth). THEY were out in the heavier seas. Yayy - managed to grab just a little bit of 'worthwhile' footage. :o)

up to the 'usual' seat to sit around for ages, hoping to see boats going out, but sadly all to no avail.

eventually carried on all the way up to Berry head! . . . . . . down to the quarry for a look about . .

stopped and sat on one of the seats overlooking the bay, to recover from the hot walk back up the 200ft hill. Just then a RIB with three people on board started heading out towards the heavier seas! Wow - no way would 'I' have headed out there in those conditions. I presume they were just 'having fun' (!) - although it did strike me as though maybe some 'tuition' was being given? All looked pretty dangerous and foolhardy to me. Wisely they did pretty soon turn around and head back into the harbour. . grabbed one or two snips of returning fishing boats passing by below, but by the time they were all in sight from that vantage point, they'd pretty much reached the calmer waters of the bay, so sadly no great spectacles. . . eventually carried on down the coastal path through the woods behind the Berry Head Hotel, along past the Shoalstone pool (public toilets nearby closed for the winter!!! Grrrr.) and breakwater beach and ultimately back to a seat near the old coastguard station for my cold coffee . . bought a ready cooked chicken and then home . . another monster morning dog walk, of around five hours out and several miles of walking! . spent hours posting multiple images to various facebook pages . . . TVd . . . ate a slice of gala pie, crisps and pickled onions, a small bowl of mince stew, lots of biscuits and some chocolate . . . falling asleep in the chair and then to bed around 1:30am.
25 - Up around 7am. 15C in, 4C out. Cold sunny spells. . . walked BGdns . on down around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for plenty of sitting . . Image of Bella aboard the Brixham harbour Xmas lights pontoonImage of Bella aboard the Brixham harbour Xmas lights pontoon back to the inner harbour and ended up sitting on the empty Christmas lights pontoon in the harbour at low tide again - at length, and to drink my coffee. Really quite pleasant being able to sit there in the middle of things, but completely undisturbed. Couldn't resist grabbing a couple of photos of Bella sat on the pontoon just before we moved. :o) . . eventually headed back up to BGdns for a brief bit of ball play before yet more sitting around on the higher seat, pointing the camcorder at a couple of fishing boats coming in, etc . . ultimately headed back home. . . PCd for ages, posting photos to a couple of Facebook pages and then aimlessly surfing this and that for what ended up being hours - acheiving nothing!?! . . did the mountain of dish washing chores . . . TVd . . ate two corned beef and mayo finger rolls, crisps, banana, a whole packet of jam tarts and some chocolate . . . to bed somewhere after midnight.
24 - Woke earlier, up around 7:45am. 15C in, 11C out. Light rain . . . walked BGdns to sit in a gun emplacement for a while before eventually continuing down to the harbour in the drizzle. The usual Saturday market stalls were set up under the old fish market roof, so nowhere there to sit with my coffee. . turned out the floating pontoon used for the inner-harbour Christmas lights display has been put into position just behind the William Of Orange statue. The tide was well out, so just for a change, I went and sat on it down IN the harbour with Bella for my coffee. Nice and peaceful out there, not getting bothered by passers by or having to make mind-numbing 'polite' conversation with anyone about Bella, etc. lolol . . eventually back up out of the harbour and straight home through town when the drizzle got a little heavier . . . PCd a bit of this . . .Mum called in with papers and food donations . . . napped . . .TVd . . . ate pizza with extra pepperoni, chopped onion and cheese, followed later by biscuits and a little chocolate. . . to bed around 1am. The clocks change back to UTC tonight.
23 - Up at 8am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns and then on down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Felt tired and headachey and not up to walking any further. .shopped for a few supplies heading back through town. Just starting to head home, I spotted the dog walker guy who had been attacked near the breakwater the other day, and took the opportunity to walk over to him and exchange a few words about it. Ended up sat on a nearby bench for ages, getting HIS side of the story (before I'd mentioned what 'I' had seen of events). To his credit, he seemed to be open and honest in his relating of what had lead up to what I saw. As anticipated, there WAS 'more' to it. The gist of it seemed to be, it was all about their dogs! The balding guy had once seemingly agressively over reacted when their dogs had encountered each other whilst being walked one day, some considerable time ago. The balding guy's dog was ON its lead, the other guys dog was NOT. The next time they bumped into each other, there was a similarly 'agressive' reaction from him. On the day of the 'attack', BEFORE the incident which I witnessed, they had once again encountered each other whilst walking along the marina walkway. Exactly as I usually do with Bella all along there, the dog walker guy had his dog off its lead, and he admitted it had run excitedly towards the balding guys dog (although there was allegedly NO agressive contact made by either dog). This apparantly triggered another agressive outburst from the balding guy, culminating in him threatening the other guy and at some point actually kicking his dog!! I can't now recall all the details of what he told me, or the specific sequence in which they occurred, but at some point, the balding guy raised his fists and swung a couple of punches. He 'missed' with both, at which point the other dog walker hit back and made contact. Sooner or later they ended up wrestling on the floor, with the (much larger) balding guy saying he was going to throw the other guy over the marina wall into the water! (A considerable drop, and no way of climbing back up if anyone ever did go over there.) Somehow the dog walker guy eventually managed to seperate himself from the fight, carried on away from the guy and his lady, and eventually ended up recovering from the experience by sitting on the seat facing the lifeboat station where I eventually saw him. The balding guy and his lady followed to where he was sitting and started up the fight all over again - and the end of THAT, was what I'd seen. At this point in the story, I then told him what 'I' had seen, and also let him know I'd messaged the police with images etc. . anyway - the upshot of it all appeared to be, that the police were going to be treating the whole business as 'an affray' - because of course, by his own admission, it was he who had actually 'landed' the first punch, and from the point of view of the law, I guess he had more than one opportunity to 'walk away' from the confrontation, etc, etc. Despite the contribution of my photos (which he WAS aware existed, but had not been given sight of by the police), he suggested the police were still unaware of who the people are, but that it was unlikely they were going to pursue the matter. -//-

. . . drank a glass of red wine and ate a large (going cheap/out of date) pepperoni pizza. . . napped until 7pm. . .TVd . . ate a banana, biscuits, bowls of rice crispies, and a little chocolate. . . to bed around 1am.
22 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 12C out. Mostly cloud . . . walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for a long while, ocasionaly pointing the camcorder at passing fishing boats, etc . . eventually back to under the old fish market roof for my luke-warm coffee before returning to BGdns and eventually home early afternoon . . PCd for ages, and ultimately posted a large bunch of fishing boat images to the Brixham Fishing Facebook page. . just after having posted the images, I bumped into a recent local newspaper report about how a Brixham fishing boat fishing ('legaly') close off the French coast, had been surrounded by French boats trying to protect what they saw as 'their' fishing grounds, and things had got ugly with items thrown at the boat etc, etc. Because the news story had 'just' broken, I promptly shared it on the Brixham Fishing page. Yikes - that got a whole bunch of comments in pretty quick time! Wow - looks as though it wouldn't take much for there to be a proper fishing 'war' in that area!!! Amazes me (irrespective of the specifics of this particular reason) how much innate animosity and even hatred so many people seem to have towards the French! I ended up feeling rather guilty for having shared the report!!! . . . TVd . . . cooked and ate a large bowlful of boiled mixed veg with corned beef followed by a banana, a large number of biscuits and some chocolate. . . to bed around 1:15am.
21 - Woke earlier, lay there for a bit then up around 8:15am. 16C in, 10C out. Rain . . .the local police had responded via facebook to my facebook message about 'the fight' yesterday. "Thanks - we are investigating this incident and may be in contact with you for further detials after speaking with the reporting party." Ah - goodo - they are already aware and looking into it, independant of my message about it. I rather hope they DON'T get back in touch, because I saw so very little of the incident, I really don't think I actually have anything to add of any use. 'Others' saw much more . . . walked BGdns in a fast diminishing light rain. Stood and watched a couple of nearby seal for quite a while. On down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Ugg. Ended up getting trapped into having to make 'polite', utterly meaningless conversation with someone the whole time I was sat there! Carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to sit and watch the lifeboat pontoon building site works for a while. Returned to BGdns and eventually home. . . PCd this - at length! . Around 4pm the local coastguards were paged. Something about suspected ordnance down around the inner harbour - again! Aboard 'Hannah D'? . by around 5:20pm, EOD were on scene and the object was judged all safe and was being removed. Left the scene by 5:30pm. (Turned out to be part of a spent propulsion unit from a ship fired Seawolf missile!) . . . TVd . . . ate two ham finger rolls, crisps, colelsaw, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 1:15am.
20 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 10C out. Sunny . . . Image of Torbay lifeboat pontoon workswalked BGdns. A tug, workboat and a large barge with a crane on board were in the bay (with pilot boat Celia T standing nearby in attendance). It eventually transpired they were sorting out a shorter tow and were also lifting two of the huge tubular metal 'legs' (called 'spuds' by the workcrew on the radio) into position with the onboard crane. Whatever they were doing dragged on for ages, so we eventually carried-on down around the harbour and on out towards the seat above the end of the breakwater. Just before reaching the seat, the barge and all her attendant vessels started slowly heading-in all alongside the breakwater, towards the RNLI pontoon 'building site'. A bit of a squeeze to get it down through there!! Ended up watching it get slowly threaded through the narrow gaps, from the road just below my usual seat, with the camcorder sat atop a wall on my rice-bag mount, recording some of its progress with a possible time-lapse in mind. I was so preoccupied watching all the barge activity, I didn't at first notice that there was something 'weird' going on in the vicinity of the seats facing the lifeboat station, some 100 yards or so below me. My view of that area was pretty poor, but it eventually became apparant that a couple of guys were laying on the floor - um - 'wrestling'!!! A blond haired woman walking a lurcher type dog then proceeded to start kicking one of the men whilst they were still on the ground!!!!! Just then, two of the fluorescent jacketed workmen from the building site approached the scene and appeared to intervene, at which point the 'fight' ceased. I was way too slow at ruining my timelapse sequence and getting my camcorder onto the scene, and by the time I did so, it was pretty much over with. Image of people involved in a fightI DID however capture a minute or two of the aftermath, which although blurry and low resolution, could enable all parties concerned to be identified if necessary. (The video frame images I've dared to post here, are deliberately small.) The woman appeared to be with the larger of the men (bearded and balding), and everything I witnessed, appeared to suggest it was she and her partner who were the aggressors. The guy who it appeared had been attacked (green/red striped jacket), turned out to be a collie dog walker I've encountered and spoken-to in the past on a couple of occasions. He appeared to be not badly physically hurt, and eventually carried on out along the breakwater (as did the workmen, to watch the barge progress). The lurcher woman and the larger man (with a possible head abrasion?) briefly sat on one of the seats and composed themselves for a while before disappearing back along the marina walkway. As I said, I didn't see it all, but what I DID see, was enough to upset me - greatly ('projecting' what that poor guy must have been feeling, as he carried on along the breakwater on his own with his collie dog!). . I carried on filming the work-barge coming in. A short time later, another dog walker ended up stood next to me watching the barge works, and we ended up exchanging a bit of conversation. In that conversation, the dog walker asked if I'd seen what had happened down below. He told me he'd seen the whole thing. He suggested the collie dog walker guy I've spoken to in the past, was innocently sat on the seat, when the larger man and woman with the lurcher approached him. The larger man attacked him with punches - they ended up on the ground - the woman started kicking the dog walker guy in the back!! He seemed to ME to be strangely matter of fact and 'unconcerned' by what had happened - although did remark disapprovingly, that it was the last thing that holidaymakers would want to have to witness there! Bizarrely, further along in our conversation, it transpired that he was an ex-police officer from Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire - which of course is somewhere I know, being just on the outskirts of Bristol! . . eventually just gave up pointing my camera at the barge works, because I was no longer in any sort of mood to be messing around with such nonsense. Absolutely KICKING myself that I'd missed catching 'the fight' on video! Very upset by it. :o( . . . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee . . headed back up to BGdns for more sitting before ultimately heading back, stopping at the local store for supplies, and then home not long before 2pm. . . PCd. I found myself SO 'disturbed' by the 'fight' earlier, I actually ended up doing a brief message via Facebook to the local Brixham police page, incorporating the two video frames - just in case. "Around 11am on 20/10/2015 an 'altercation' occurred in the vicinity of the seats at the end of the Breakwater overlooking the lifeboat station. I did NOT see the whole of the incident. I witnessed the dog-walker (Collie) in the green striped jacket 'wrestling' on the floor with the larger bearded balding man. The woman dog walker (Lurcher) with the blond hair and sunglasses, who appeared to be with the balding man, was kicking the man in the green striped jacket whilst he was on the floor! Workmen in fluorescent jackets from the RNLI pontoon building site approached, and the fight stopped. I subsequently happened to speak with a passing witness who allegedly saw the green striped jacket dog walker innocently sat on the seat, before he was then approached and attacked with punches by the bearded balding man." . . . TVd . . . ate mini cheddars and crisps with rice and a chopped chicken slices, chopped onion and chicken soup sauce. Ate biscuits and chocolate later . . . to bed around 1am.
19 - Up around 8am. 15C in, 11C out. Grey . . last night someone had posted a picture on Facebook's Spotted Brixham about the remaining dumped bike in Bgdns! . . . walked BGdns. Predictably, no sign of any bikes this morning. There WAS however a purse in the lower gun emplacement (amongst fresh litter and an empty vodka bottle etc), containing a young woman's driving licence, bank card, some small change, and various other cards of one sort or another. I went through everything that was in there, but frustratingly absolutely nothing had any sort of contact/address details on it. Damn - that's me gonna spend ages later doing a Sherlock Holmes and trying to find some way of making contact with her, to be able to return it! FFS! :o( Funny how much you can find out about a complete stranger, from the little they may keep in their purse. Her photo driving licence gave me her age and indicated the young woman was likely from an asian or arabic origin. It appeared from one of the other cards that she went to the local college, etc, etc. One other card also revealed that she had some form of contraceptive device just beneath her skin, and even gave details of where on which arm to find it!!!!! (I actually ended up having to look that sort of thing up online at a later date, because I wasn't really even aware that such a thing had become 'mainstream' like it apparantly has! How behind the times am I! I guesss if you're gonna help down a bottle of vodka in a Battery Gardens gun emplacement with someone at night, it's a comforting thing to have up your sleeve! ) . . carried on down to the harbour intending to sit for my coffee. With all the cutbacks, it's a pretty rare sight these days, but just driving around the harbour as I approached the old fish market roof was a police car. Dunno what the officer must have thought of me, but I stepped into the road with Bella and actually flagged it down! A local sargeant no less. With little ado, he readily accepted the womans purse I'd found, and even indicated he was just then heading to the relevant local college anyway. Yayy - glad I don't have to spend time messing around with that any further. :o) . . sat and drank my coffee before back up to BGdns and then home. . . bit the bullet and reluctantly set about 'Project Shower Replacement'!!! To cut a long, nerve-wracking story short, it all went VERY smoothly thanks to having bought THAT particular 'Osiris' shower. Internally, it really was very nearly identical to the old one. That of course 'could' see it fail in exactly the same way in the future - but at least I shouldn't have to worry about that for a while. The only 'major' difference (besides visual aesthetics to the case and knobs etc) appeared to be an extra mounting screw hole in teh back of the case. I dared to not even bother drilling a new hole through the tiles/wall, and just went with the two screws that the old one had - which even lined up perfectly without any redrilling etc. After having even opened up the main power switch (on the wall of the landing outside the bathroom) to check all the existing cables were nice and secure, I eventually carefully went through the 'comissioning' procedure, and had the thing happily producing hot water. Yayyyyyy. That could have been SO much of a more difficult job (and WILL be the next time I have to replace it). WHAT a tremendous relief! . . cleared away all the tools and then celebrated by having a shower. It does. WHAT a relief. :o) . . . PCd/TVd . .I dunno if it's all my aches and pains, or just me getting older or what, but I sure do seem to have been feeling the cold a lot more of late. It hasn't even yet got properly cold for the winter, and yet I've spent ages recently feeling utterly frozen! I even ended up putting the fire on for a while this evening - despite the living room thermometers not even being below 17C!! . . .ate two haslet baps with coleslaw, mini cheddars and crisps, followed later by a banana and bowls of creamy co-co pops and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
18 - Up at 7:30am. 15C in, 10C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns. The smaller of the two pushbikes has disappeared, and the other has been propped against a nearby railing? . . carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater to sit for quite a while. Eventually back to the old fish market roof for my coffee before returning to BGdns and then home via the local store. . . PCd/TVd . .fashioned another e-cig holder from salvaged fishing net rubber rings from the harbour floor. Doesn't look pretty, but very much does the job for me. I now have one next to my chair in the living room, and one on the desk in the PC room. lol . . cooked and ate rice with a 'sauce' made of chopped chicken slices, onion and a tin of mushroom soup. Followed that up later with two small fairy cakes, bowls of co co pops and a little chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
17 - Up around 7:15am. 16C in, 10C out. Grey . . walked BGdns. The abandoned pushbikes were still in the lower bunker. . carried on down around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for a bit. Back to near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . back up to BGdns and reluctantly put in the time and effort to relocate both pushbikes from the bunker, all the way up the paths and steps to the bin near the main entrance - one by one! They both now had flat tyres and damage of one sort or another. WHAT a waste - just for some dumb yob's moment of insane pleasure! :o( I uncermoniously/uncaringly threw them in a heap on the floor right next to the bin (in the hope that the next bin emptying would see them gone)! Overheating badly by the time I was done, and had to sit and recover for quite a while before heading home . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats, etc. I tried to 'do my duty' and engage in conversation, but hard on the heels of having endured DFs company last night where my actual presence was largely superfluous, I really was in no mood for doing so - because Mum is now almost house bound with her bad feet, has no 'life' or friends and absolutely nothing new to talk about, and in classic old person/creeping dementia style, ALWAYS ends up relating stuff from her past (YET again!) which I've heard a thousand times before - and she relates it in detail as though its the first time of telling. I can't help it, I find it absolutely agonisingly soul destroying to have to endure hearing all that old irrelevant nonsense over and over again. I get nothing but increased feelings of despair and isolation from it. The only 'conversations' I EVER have are similarly meaningless and empty, whether it be DF talking about himself, Mum talking about 'ancient history, or polite BS to people I pass when out walking. NONE of it has ANY 'meaning'. It's all pointless effort for nothing but hot air. I can't see the point in any of it. :o( . . .ate a slice of gala pie with coleslaw and crisps . . napped . . TVd . . .ate biscuits and later two cheeseburgers and a little chocolate . . . to bed after 1am.
16 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 9C out. Cloudy . . .received a thoroughly depressing reply to my message to the local police facebook page about the pushbikes. "Thanks, The Police do not collect bikes anymore due to cost of disposal. This will need to be reported to Torbay Council as Fly Tipping". This country really HAS absolutely gone to hell hasn't it! :o( Ended up absolutely NOT in the mood to have to waste any more of my time/phone bill on it. .another thing which really 'got' to me in a very negative way, was having my attention drawn by a Facebook post on Spotted Brixham, to a new local page which has appeared on Facebook. 'Torbay Feeds The Homeless' The sicko that has made that up seems to have done so for absolutely no other reason than to deliberately upset people. They are bogusly suggesting that they are using road killed animals (including peoples pets) to create meals for homeless people. The page is adorned with pictures (trawled from the internet) of peoples dead road-killed pets, wildlife, inncoent people who have nothing to do with them, and even publicity pictures lifted directly from the Salvation Army website!! Various people have commented about how wrong they are to do what they've done, only to be verbally abused etc. Really makes me angry that people put so much time and effort into deliberately upsetting people like that. It upset me SO much, very soon after having bumped into it, I made screen captures of the site, and messaged them to the Salvation Army making them aware of it (in the hope that the 'weight' of their organisation would have the power to see the page shut down). It subsequently appears that others have similarly contacted them - and some have even claimed to have contacted the police - but all to no avail. (A week later, the page remains on Facebook, despite multiple attempts from people including myself, to report it TO Facebook as one which should be removed. :o( ). . . walked BGdns. It appeared at first that the pushbikes were gone, but it turned out they'd been moved and dumped in the lower searchlight gun emplacement, together with a load of litter. I am sick and tired of having to clear up after idiot youths all the time! I just left it all there and eventually carried on down around the harbour, along, and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for a long despairing and miserable sit in the chilly wind. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee, shopped for supplies and straight home through town . . TVd/PCd . . the postman delivered the replacement e-cigarette coils I'd ordered . . . cooked and ate two small chicken kievs with chips . .the coastguard helicopter landed just across town somewhere in the direction of Berry Head, picking up some of its kit which went with the woman to Derriford yesterday. . napped until 7pm . . . DF called in for arguments, coffee and biscuits. It really has reached the point that I have absolutely NO idea why he comes round. It's become almost as though my actual 'presence' during his conversations is irrelevant and superfluous! Nothing I say about anything seems to have ANY importance to him, and he quickly skips over ANYTHING I may have wanted to relate, to return to essentialy just talking about himself! I really was this >< close to telling him to just f*** off home this evening(actually, I DID tell him to - but he assumed I was joking - and I 'relented'), when in the middle of our conversations he had a text message on his phone, and immediately proceeded to sit there and compose a reply to it. We agree about absolutely NOTHING. He is SO full of himself, he simply won't accept it even if actually proven wrong about something! I'll give an absurd example - he was intending to take a lady friend to visit some marble museum or other nearby. A marble museum FFS!!! I commented that would be the LAST place I would wish to go, and that I would NOT enjoy visiting any such place. He disagreed and said oh yes I would. I assured him I absolutely would not. He continued to insist that he knew better than I, and that I would! . I have SUCH little contact with anyone any more, that these sort of conversations are the only ones I ever seem to have now. They leave me feeling frustrated, annoyed, belittled, worthless and generaly just bad. :o( . . .TVd until to bed around 1am.
15 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:30am by neighbour noise. 15C in, 4C out. Sunny . . .walked BGdns feeling very down. Two pushbikes were STILL propped up against the wall near the arch. Not locked or anything - just sat there! That's at least a couple of days now I think. That's long enough now to believe them 'abandoned' - and given my experience of such things back in Bristol, it seems likely to me that they have quite probably been stolen and dumped. With hindsight, I'm pretty sure I actually saw two youths riding them whenever it was! Sat and played ball for a bit on the usual lower seat, feeling real miserable withall. . filled a carrier bag with litter from around the place and then ended up reluctantly grabbing a photo or two of the bikes with a view to possibly reporting them . . . arrived home to find something 'different' about my stack of recycling containers on the patio area near the front door. Turned out a courier had called to deliver my new shower - already! Finding no-one to accept it, he'd put the parcel inside my never used food waste conatiner, and covered that over with a larger recycling bin. A bit risky - but, nice-one. That saves me from having to chase up a missed delivery.Couldn't face undoing it all and starting work on replacing the old one, so just left the new one laying around in its box for the time-being. . . PCd. Phoned the non-emergency 101 police number and reported the pushbikes as 'abandoned' possibly stolen. Later on, I ALSO ended up doing a Facebook message to the local police page, attaching a photo and letting them know too. I 'could' have posted the image to the local Spotted Brixham Facebook page in the hope that the bikes owners could be reunited with them, but I elected NOT to do so, because it seemed far more likely if I did so, one or several of the local youths would end up either further destroying or 'looting' them. . .messed around with my e-cigarettes and fitted my last two, new dual coil units to two of my mini protank 3s. I really need to get into the habit of replacing those more frequently than I do. Being SUCH a penny pincher, I always keep using them WAY beyond what anyone else would do (months rather than weeks!), and ultimately end up with them gradualy giving hardly any vapor at all, and thereby not coping with my nicotine addiction. It's always SUCH a delight to fit new coils and suddenly have lots of vapor again - like they are supposed to perform. . . . . cut my hair/beard etc. Showered. SUCH a shame that old shower has let go and started leaking like it has. In all other respects, it still works perfectly well! . . did laundry . . . PCd. Llistened-in on the radios as all the local coastguards and ultimately the rescue helicopter were called out to a female faller on rocks over Torquay way. Sounded like a serious one with multiple injuries which included a possible head injury, and as such, the helicopter eventually lifted her and whisked her away to Derriford hospital rather than a more local one. . . TVd . . . cooked and ate chopped chicken slices with rice in a well past its best-by-date curry sauce with crisps, followed by biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
14 - Up around 7:30am. 15C in, 5C out. Mostly sunny . . .walked BGdns, the seat above the end of the breakwater, under the old fish market roof for my coffee, towards home through town. Detoured to the pet store on the way home and bought twelve packs of frozen tripe for Bella. . took all the slabs of frozen tripe up to the garage and then used the lump hammer and bolster chisel to cut them all in half (still in their packets) before stashing it all in the freezer. Because of the horrendous smell that stuff gives off, I leave it all frozen until I'm about to feed her each day, and then take out one half of a packet and thaw it out using the microwave, before then mixing it with some of her complete biscuit. A whole new part of my now more expensive/more hassle daily routine! . . . PCd and surfed, looking 'stuff' up for quite a while. Eventually went ahead and ordered a 'substantial' supply of new Kangertech coils for my Mini Protank 3 e-cigarettes, via Amazon from exactly the same company I bought the first lot. 4 x Genuine Kanger New Upgraded Dual Coil Heads x5 1.5ohm for Mini Protank 3 for 17.60 inc postage. That should encourage me to change them more often - and should last for absolutely AGES, even if I do. . my next purchase - a replacement shower - was far more nerve wracking, and entailed MUCH checking and re-checking of the online manual in respect of the diagram of the internals of the thing, trying to make absolutely certain that it was pretty much the same as my old one, specifically in respect of the water feed pipe position and orientation. The old leaking shower had a rear/hidden horizontal water inlet. Typical sods law that all new showers seem to have a vertical inlet instead. Because the feed pipe to the shower is inside the stud wall and only pokes out by the bare minimum, altering the end compression fitting to be vertical would have been problematic to say the least - AND would inevitably have meant having to drill all new mounting screw holes and having the whole thing positioned on the wall in a slightly different position (also likely revealing at least one of the old screw holes in the tiles, etc.). I really really did NOT want to be faced with all that if I could possibly help it. After MUCH surfing and studying of manuals and cut away diagrams, it appeared that I had but ONE available choice which appeared to be pretty much identical to the internals of my old shower. So - after hours of messing around, I found someone on eBay still selling that (superceded model?), bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered one. Triton Osiris Electric Shower 8.5kW for 69.80 inc postage. Substantionaly more expensive than many cheaper 'acceptable-to-me' alternatives, but it all came down to 'needing' that horizontal cold water feed orientation! <worry, worry> . not for the first time, I ALSO put in absolutely ages looking online for replacement zip-up hoodies. I'm SO kicking myself I didn't order several the last time I bought one. Bloody typical that you can't seem to get the same type any more! The main stumbling block seems to be getting a plain black zip-up hoodie with a fleecey lining, like I've been living in for ages, but worn out the elbows. Regular black hoodies are all over the place and can be quite cheap, but I definitely 'need' the thicker fleecey lining type, and they are few and far between and can be really comparatively expensive so it seems. Yet again, I eventually just gave up looking, sick and tired of doing so and not finding what 'I' want. Infuriating - again! :o( . . . ate a banana and biscuits . . napped until around 6:45pm . . . TVd . . . ate the remaining tuna, mayo, onion and coleslaw with a large bag of crisps, bananas, co-co pops, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
13 - Up at 7:45am. 16C in, 7C out. Mostly sunny, but still a chilly breeze . . .walked. Laying in the road on the way to BGdns was what turned out to be a large square rubber backed mat!?? It was so big, it looked like the kind of thing that would be used in commercial premises. Apart from needing a good vacuum, it looked in pretty useable shape. Doubley so from my point of view, because with its black and red stripes, it kinda matches the red theme I've ended up with all throughout the downstairs. I WAS almost tempted to keep it (it could easily be cut up into multiple doormats, if not used somewhere exactly as it is) but because I was just on my way out with Bella, I just folded it into a roll and left it on the pavement. Carried on to BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. Divers were preparing to start working on removing the 'old' lifeboat pontoon. Apparantly the piles and orientation of the pontoon are going to be subtly changed. . . very cold in the NE breeze again! Cold enough, despite the sun and blue sky, to be wearing my wooly hat pulled down over my ears for most of the hours I was out! . . eventually back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Back up through BGdns and then headed home. Would you believe it! Still laying rolled up on the pavement where I'd left it was the big rubber mat I'd discovered earlier. I ended up carrying it home and then dumping it over the old two seater sofa in the conservatory for the timebeing, to allow some of the creases to soften out. . .aimlessly TVd/PCd the day away again. Hmmmph - I guess I really SHOULD put a post on the Brixham Spotted Facebook page asking if anyone has lost a mat? (Did so.) . . . the electric shower appears to be leaking at the rate of something like a teacup full of water every two or three days-ish. That's pretty bad. :o( . . . TVd . . . ate two tuna, onion, mayo and coleslaw finger rolls with crisps, a banana, half a chocolate swiss roll and some chocolate . . to bed after midnight.
12 - Up at 8:30am. 16C in, 10C out. Sunny. . .walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for quite a long while. A large crane was set up near the lifeboat station and was about to lift the long steel lifeboat pontoon gangway out of position. Ended up hanging around hoping to see/film it. Wow - out of the sun in the stiff NE type breeze it felt very unpleasantly cold. Got SO cold, we even ended up sat on a lower more sheltered seat in the sun down behind the breakwater to drink my coffee, just to warm up a bit! . eventually the crane did its lift and I grabbed a bit of timelapse type footage for the little it was worth. . shopped for a few supplies on the way straight home through town. . . aimlessly PCd/TVd the day away again . . . TVd . . . ate a going cheap/off sausage hot pot which I'd picked up for less than a couple of s. 'Serves two' it said on the box. Nonsense. I could easily have eaten two OF them! . ate biscuits and bowls of creamy co co pops. . . to bed whenever, before 2am.
11 - Up around 8:20am. 17C in, 12C out. Misty grey and breezy. . .walked BGdns and then on down around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for quite a while. Had a look for the house with the webcam on as I did so. Easily located because of some scaffolding on a nearby house which shows up in the online images. All that was visible was one of those proper little white domed PTZ security camera housings bolted to the house wall near the guttering. (jealous!) . The sea was just a little lively again in the (cold) NE breeze, and 'could' have made for some interesting filming if any fishing vessels had been going out, but sadly absolutely nothing was moving from the harbour whilst I was sat there in-wait, and all the time I was out - again. :o( Eventually gave up, returned to under the old fish market roof for my coffee, back up to Bgdns again and ultimately home via the local stores for some food supplies . . . PCd. Posted a couple of stills from a bit of footage from yesterday to Facebook etc, and then finally got round to finishing off the lengthy edit of the bits of footage of the lifeboat towing 'Silver Sea' back into harbour from Saturday 3rd for what its worth. .left the upload running and returned to poke at the electric shower in the bathroom, still all opened up and hanging off the wall!! Drilled a small drain hole in a removeable section at the bottom of the plastic case and just put the thing back together as it was. The leak as it stands isn't going anywhere near the actual electric cables, so I 'should' be able to just carry-on with it dripping for a little while, whilst I try to decide what I'm going to do (which IS gonna be buy a new one I'm afraid to say!). That drain hole stops any build-up of water inside the case - and I can now put a container underneath (old coleslaw pot) on the edge of the bath to collect it/monitor how much is leaking, etc. . .PCd . . TVd. . . ate two corned beef and mayo finger rolls with crisps and coleslaw followed by banana, chocolate biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed at 1:15am.
10 - Up around 9:45am!! 17C in, 12C out. Grey . . .walked BGdns. An unpleasantly stiff Easterly blowing again, making the waters of the bay rather boisterous. The forecast is much the same for days I think. . sat around for ages with my coffee (occasionaly pulling my camcorder out for a bit of boat filming - but not really rough enough for a proper bit of 'spectacle' footage) before heading straight back home . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats. Yayy - the postman delivered Bellas' tablets whilst she was here. All looks in order. WHAT a saving and good service. :o) . . . cooked and ate two chicken and mushroom pastry slices with chips . . . napped until the 7pm alarm. Trouble waking, repeatedly semi consciously lashing out at the snooze button, and didn't manage to get back up until after 7:30pm . . .gave Bella one of the new 'capsule' Vetmedin, just to make sure I'd be able to ram it down her throat like I have been the hard tablets. If anything, those capsules are just a little easier for her. :o) . . . TVD the night away - much of the time with the sound muted. Felt 'strange' and just couldn't stand all the noise of everything!? . . . ate a slab of gala pie, crisps, half a swiss role, bowls of co co pops and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
9 - Up around 7:50am. 16C in, 6C out. Grey and foggy . . walked BGdns and sat around watching the fog gradually clearing kinda back out to sea. . carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. A large barge with a crane on it was moored next to the lifeboat pontoon, and the lifeboat was moored on a distant marina pontoon! (Must take them a while to launch now!) Apparantly they are having work done to replace/move the pontoon, lasting at least the rest of the year! Checking on-line later, I discovered a new page had appeared on the lifeboat station website! A live streaming PTZ webcam on an overlooking guest house. Wow - wouldn't I love to have a view like that. I'd go without food to be able to have 'appropriate' cameras and stream such images +. lolol. . . back to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . shopped for a few supplies in town . . bumped into Mum in the high street again before heading straight home . . . got the ladder up out back and pulled the blown bulb from my outside light, so I knew what type to go and buy. . . walked with Bella to the local hardware store, only to find they had none in stock. They didn't sell them in the local builders merchants either. Damn - I so, SO hate wasting my time like that! With my new increasingly hard to control temper, I get ridiculously angry about such a thing. Maybe you gotta have painfull/swollen/arthritic knees, hardly any local shops and no other means of getting around to really understand that? . . . I wasn't going to waste the whole day on just NOT buying a light bulb, so I put all that on the back burner and finally got round to having a look at my leaking/dripping electric shower on the bathroom wall. It's been dripping for quite a while now. I HAD hoped that it was just a weaping compression joint, but it turned out it was more serious than that. As best I can tell, it's actually leaking from the nylon 'solenoid valve' housing!!! FFS! :o(

. . surfed looking stuff up . . it IS possible to buy the necessary parts, but they'd be up around 30 minimum!! That just doesn't make sense does it. Best to buy a whole new shower I think! :o( Trouble with that answer is, that new showers don't have the same screw mounting hole positions. That isn't a 'major' issue of course, but far more critical is where the cold water feed is, and what angle it's at etc, etc - because I buried the supply pipe inside the stud-wall, making it VERY difficult to make any changes to the compression fitting (without having to open up the wall again!!!!! <shudder>). Not sure what to do . . .

headed back out towards town with Bella, in search of a garden-light bulb again. (Yet more miles of painful walking!) . actually managed to get one for just 2.87 in a Dewsons store on the main road - albeit only a 400watt one, because they didn't have any 500w ones like I've had up till now! Grrrr. It'll have to do. . . carried on down to the harbour and then out to BGdns. .passed a nearby neighbour couple along the way whilst climbing the steps up through the gardens, and ended up having a bit of a conversation about knee replacements!!! Dunno quite how we ended up talking about it (I probably made some lighthearted quip about painful knees/steps etc), but it turns out the guy had TWO replacement knee joints!!! He even rolled up his trouser legs and showed me the huge scars. What was an absolute revelation to me was how he said he had no pain from his knees now, and could even happily kneel down if he wanted etc. As I've begun to suspect, THAT was a bit of a confirmation to me that the pain I'm feeling from ALL my joints (back - and legs in particular now) is really not at all 'normal'. I'm even having trouble just getting out of my TV chair these days, and I usually end up stumbling around a bit and occasionaly almost falling over when I do! Kneeling down isn't really now possible for me, unless I kinda stretch my legs out to one side when I reach the floor - and then just getting back to my feet is a bugger. 'Squats' are absolutely no longer possible - so poop scooping has taken on a whole new manner of aerobics to acheive. Etc, etc, etc. Given all the symptoms I'm now experiencing, I have a horrible feeling, I AM indeed heading towards some MAJOR future mobility problems. :o(

sat around with my coffee for a short while before heading back home . . . back up the ladder and successfully fitted the new bulb. Thankfully the lower wattage is pretty much unnoticeable. . . ate a small bowl of stew with crisps and four pieces of bread and butter . . . DF called in just gone 7pm for arguments and coffee until around 10:15pm. . . . TVd/PCd until finally to bed around 4am!
8 - Up just before 8am. 17C in, 10C out. Mostly sunny to start. Threw up a bit. . . walked BGdns. Very much calmer and quieter across the bay this morning. . eventually carried on down around the harbour and on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. The lifeboat was unusualy moored up over on one of the marina pontoons, and a small open harbour-staff boat equipped with what looked like a GPS antenna together with other electronics and even a laptop computer onboard appeared to be doing some sort of leisurely survey of the basin area immediately infront of the usual lifeboat pontoon?? Just went round and round and round for ages. Oh wow - all of a sudden a dark green military helicopter appeared right in front of and actually BELOW me from the direction of the coastline towards Berry Head as it did a VERY quick, low-level pass on its way around the entire bay! WHAT a photo that would have made if I'd had any warning it was suddenly going to appear. Humph. :o( . eventually headed back towards the harbour. Yet again I was too slow to capture it on camera, but an unusual looking dot in the sky behind the town sure looked rather like a gyroscope! If not that, then a small, microlight type helicopter. . . back up to BGdns under increasing cloud and in a few spots of rain and eventually home by around 1pm. . . PCd this, trying to get it as up to date as I can be bothered. Seems like a lot of writing for nothing really having happened. Story of my life ain't it! :o( . . listened-in on the radios as CRTs (ALL of them it sounded like!) were called out around 4:40pm to join the police for a highly agitated possible suicidal female on the 200ft clifftop at the end of Berry Head! Of course I was up there around a week ago, and I DID have as close a look over the edges as I dared, and all I can say is, no way could 'I' go THAT way!!! . nor could the agitated woman it would appear. I believe she was eventually talked down by the police negotiator . . . did the mountain of dish washing chores . . . TVd . . . cooked and ate cold sliced ham, two fried eggs and chips followed by biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 12:30am.
7 - Up around 7:45am. 17C in, 14C out. Sunny. . headachey/annadin tablet again. . Oh dear - one of the crew from the Emily Rose has messaged 'me' (via facebook) asking for a copy of the video I shot on the 30th September. I'd love to be able to give him a copy, but I really don't imagine he grasps how complicated that would be. That single 14 minute bit of edited video is a wapping 869MB!! Impossible to e-mail it of course. Gonna have to try and explain that in my response. I 'could' of course burn it onto a data DVD and give it to him somewhere somehow, but I rather suspect he isn't the sort of person to be 'that' into computers etc. Shame. . . Image of Liberty Lass removing 5knt marker buoys for winter in Torbaywalked BGdns. A chilly NW type stiff breeze down there. Collected up a carrier bag full of rubbish from the gun emplacements and aroundabout - again! :o( Now the larger stores are apparantly going to start charging 5p for carrier bags, as soon as my current collection of bags is exhausted, I won't be picking up other peoples rubbish like this any more. Kinda ironic that ain't it! . . . carried on down to the harbour and sat on a seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee before eventually heading back up to BGdns to sit around a little more. (Damn - the soles of my cheapo trainers are all starting to split in two - yet AGAIN - already! :o( ) . . another sign that winter is on its way - 'Liberty Lass' was cruising the coastline, collecting up all the harbour authority 5 knot marker, etc buoys. Given 'austerity Britain' and all that, it surely does beg the question how such an annual/seasonal expense can really be justified doesn't it? . . back home via the store for a few supplies . . . PCd . . .got round to going on-line, doing the briefest of shops around, and then opening an account and ordering some Vetmedin capsules using a scan of the prescription I got from the vet the other day. Took a while - not least of all because I had to fire up my old covered in dust printer/scanner to be able to scan-in the prescription before I could upload it to the site during checkout! It remains to be seen how this'll somehow go wrong for me, but on the face of it, it is a HELL of a saving. 100 x Vetmedin 5mg Capsules for 39 inc VAT with free delivery. Based on the cost of my most recent supply of Vetmedin TABLETS from the local vet (53 on 3rd October for 72.85), after you do the math, I'd be paying around 137 for 100 tablets!!!!!!! An amazing difference. . . PCd a bit more of this . . .secreted carrier bags full of garden debris in the wheelie bin and got it out for tomorrows collection. . vacuumed . . TVd . . . ate just two large sausage rolls, crisps, a banana, biscuits and a little chocolate. Not enough - again! . . . to bed around 1am.
6 - Up around 8:10am. 17C in, 14C out. Sunny after rain. . . walked BGdns, down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee and then straight home up the main road . . .headachey and feeling not good. Popped a couple of annadins throughgout the day. . forced myself to PC a bit of this . . .TVd . . ate just a couple of bowls of co-co pops and two or three bags of crisps. . . to bed around 12:30am.
5 - Up around 7:20am overheating. 17C in, 15C out. Rain. . . walked BGdns in full waterproofs. Stopped in the middle of the road along the way, to scuff away some more at one of the road-race yellow painted arrows. Despite the rain and my scuffing, it steadfastly refused to wash away! . . Very poor visibility - although tall ship Stavros S Niarchos was visible moored-off towards Goodrington (arrived around midnight) after presumably having taken shelter from last night's storm. Spent most of the time in the gardens sheltering from the rain in the lower gun emplacements. Every now and then it eased off and I'd move out to our usual seat, only to soon have to take shelter once again.Image of BM1 Emulate scalloping, and cutting away of a snag with a  gas torch. One of the 'day' fishing boats was scalloping just off the breakwater out in front of us whilst we were there. First time I've seen scalloping being done that close-in for ages. A bit risky 'I' reckon. Even as an ignorant land lubber, I've seen enough to know that the seabed all around the entrance to the outer harbour must be strewn with all manner of junk and debris. Sure enough, even during the short time I was watching, they TWICE had to cut away some snagged junk with a cutting torch! Of course I ended up briefly pointing the camcorder at it for a possible Brixham Fishing facebook post later. Eventually headed straight back home in the rain, fairly wet through. . . PCd and posted images and even a snip of video of the scalloping boat to Facebook. Various comments ended up being made about the posts. Apparantly I've not seen scalloping there of late because there was a change in the (complicated) rules/laws, which stopped (for the most part?) towed gear being used within a mile of the shore - or something like that. Having said that, it appears they were ok to do so in that particular area, and 'the season' for doing so started on the 1st October. . . headed back out into the rain around 1:45pm and walked with Bella across town to the vets for our dripping/soaked 2:20pm appointment. Upon being called in by the vet, he remarked "Oh, it's the miracle dog" - presumably because Bella was simply still alive and obviously doing pretty well! I explained I was there for the requisite six monthly checkup, and was then going to request a prescription for JUST the expensive Vetmedin tablets, to enable me to attempt to buy them elsewhere cheaper. He had a listen to Bella's heart and seemed pleased at how it sounded, and agreed with my 'just keep carrying on as we are' suggestion. He totally got what I was trying to do with the prescription thing, and even suggested he'd alter it to be 'capsules' of Vetmedin rather than the tablets she's been taking up to now ( because the capsules are even cheaper). The PC printed prescription I was eventually given was for 100 Vetmedin 5mg capsules - with 'repeat instructions: repeat FOUR times'. Hopefully armed with that, I'll be able to now shop around on-line. The cost of todays (pointless) consultation and the fee for the prescription came to 32.11! :o( . . . walked down through town in the heavy dowpour and eventualy took shelter under the old fish market roof for quite a while and to drink my coffee. . . with the rain once again having eased a little, we carried on alongside the outer harbour and back up into BGdns (just after a Belgian warship (P902 BNS Pollux) had anchored a little way out from the breakwater, with comms on the scanner suggesting crew were going to be doing some diving ops there until late tonight! Radio comms to/from that ship makes me laugh every time I hear any. However carefully the heavily accented crew or coastguard say its name, it always sounds like 'Bollocks'! lolol) . . eventually headed home in the continuing rain . . . TVd . . . PCd a bit of this. Jeeze - how behind is it now?! . . .TVd . . . ate a pastie, chips and some mixed veg followed by biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
4 - Up around 7:15am. 18C in, 7C out. Cloud and mist. . . walked BGdns and just sat around for ages feeling down and sorry for myself with my aching/swollen knee especially (and EVERY other joint hurting to a lesser degree!), and my simultaneously blocked and streaming nose. :o( Eventually headed straight back home. Had to dodge 'road-runners' on the way home. The 'Churston Flyer' I think the race was called, with the route going past BGdns and much of my way home. Unusualy this year, someone had taken it upon themselves to go out early and mark the entire route with enormous numbers of yellow arrows, painted directly onto the tarmac of the roads!!?!! Extraordinary someone would do such a thing - and get away with it. The whole area in terms of road markings now looks a shocking confusing mess for everyone! A post about it on Facebook later, had someone defend it by suggesting the arrows would 'wash off'. After having 'scuffed' at one of the arrows with the sole of my boot for quite a while, I'm not so sure. Looks pretty long lasting to me. . . with rain forecast for later, and unsettled weather for the forseeable future, I managed to muster the energy to mow both lawns . . . TVd/PCd the rest of the day away . . . ate two ham, mayo and grated-cheese finger rolls, crips, banana, a whole packet of six jam tarts and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am as strong winds and rain lashed the house.
3 - Woke earlier all bunged up, snoozed on then up around 8:20am. 18C in, 10C out. Sunny with a hint of mist. . .walked straight across town to the vet to pick up further supplies of Bella's tablets. Weighed her upon arrival and proved that she HAS indeed put on weight thanks to her new tripe (and often a raw egg) diet, and rather less chasing-the-tennis-ball excercise than she used to get. Up around a very respectable 31kg now! . . 53 of each of the tablets - 79.27. . . Carried on down to the harbour and then straight along and up to BGdns to sit around and drink my coffee, etc. . Just behind my usual higher seat in BGdns, I discovered something 'weird' attached to the trunk of large pine tree which demanded a closer inspection. An enormous block of timber had been fashioned into a curved seat, with a bit of metal framework and legs underneath. Set into the timber at one end was a stand of meticulously hand-made metal cones on stalks. The larger of the cones was obviously some sort of loudspeaker affair, similar to the type of cone seen on old fashioned 'his masters voice' type wind-up gramaphones. (SUCH a shame the seat wasn't just a little bigger - could have made for an amusing photo if I'd been able to get Bella sat on it looking into the cone. lol) The outer smaller cone beneath, appeared to be perhaps a microphone. The remaining small cone nearest the tree trunk appeared to have a couple of sensors of some sort in it!?? The whole affair was absolutely rock solid and held tight to the tree by a nylon loading strap. All VERY weird (and no signs anywhere near to say what it was all about) - and making the initial assumption it was maybe just some sort of 'art' installation, I was NOT impressed. I am no lover of so called 'art' being forced upon areas like that, which are in my opinion better left 'unspoiled' by such man-made things. I grabbed a couple of photos before intending to sit on the usual nearby higher seat for a while. I very soon ended up returning to it for another closer look when I started to hear a strange 'white noise' apparantly eminating from the speaker. There was no sign of any wires or power supply, so it was presumably powered by hidden internal batteries. All of a sudden at some point, I could hear a woman's voice coming from it!!!!!!!! It DID cross my mind that it 'could' have been some sort of hidden-camera wind-up, but despite that, I ended up calling into the horns and saying hello. Suprisingly I ended up having a VERY brief conversation with the woman's voice!! Even more suprising was that SHE was talking into a similar affair located on the other side of the bay in Torquay's Tessier Gardens, at Babbacombe!!!??? Bizarre! At some point I think she went off to drag her husband back to it, but that was the last I heard from her. I must have looked a right plonker, but I DID spend a while shouting back into the thing in the hope of making a further contact (had to actively stop myself calling CQ like on the radio! lol) , but it wasn't to be. . at some point a guy casualy passed by in 'such a manner' as to suggest he 'may' have something to do with it. Sure enough, he DID know what it was all about. It was apparantly part of a bay-wide 'Ageing Well Festival' going on from the 1st to the 4th October. "A festival for everyone of every age to celebrate and value ageing, older people, and the communities we live in!" As part of that, the seat thing was called 'Listening Trees'. "Listening Trees is the possibility of a connection with a stranger. When you sit at a listening tree it connects you to another seat somewhere else and, if there is someone there, you can talk and listen through the horns for as long or as briefly as you wish. There are four Listening Trees to seek out across the bay from 8:30am to 6pm on 2nd & 3rd October" (two in Torquay, one in Paigton, and this one in Brixham). It was done using some sort of hybrid mobile-phone/hot-spot/internet technology apparantly. The guy who told me all about it even asked permission to take my photo as I was shouting into it (to no avail). What WEIRD ideas people come up with - and imagine the cost of making, transporting and setting all that up!!?? . . I would have hung around and 'played' with that some more if I could have, but I soon had to head home to be there for Mum's usual Saturday visit. . . part way home I found someone's bank card laying on the dividing line between the pavement and someones shared driveway. Because it was 'kinda' on that driveway, I ended up banging on a couple of house doors, in case it was theirs. Finally managed to get someone to answer the door, but the guy said (from the Surname I gave him) it wasn't theirs. Damn - gonna be lumbered with having to take that and hand it in somewhere. Carried on down the road for a bit before I heard the guy calling after me and heading barefoot towards me. His partner had allegedly said the card belonged to a friend of hers. Perhaps overly eager to be rid of the hassle of dealing with it, I just let him have it and carried on my way. With hindsight, I probably should have been more 'testing' of him, and asked what the first name on the card was etc - but I was in a hurry and just glad to be rid of it! . . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations. Whilst showing her bits and pieces on the PC, it became apparant that the lifeboat was out on a shout. At some point MUCH earlier in the morning, I HAD heard the coastguard dealing with 'something', but it was a long way out and I couldn't hear the vessel concerned and hadn't paid much attention. Turned out to be the 35ft 'Silver Sea' (which has been used recently by the year round ferry service) with a propulsion system failure, way out in the channel near the traffic seperation lanes - hence me not being able to pick it up. The ALB had been tasked around 9am to attend and tow her the LONG 27miles back into Brixham. I couldn't help myself wanting to head back out in the hope of maybe capturing some scenes of them both returning. Image of Torbay lifeboat towing broken-down Silver Sea into Brixham harbourMum understood my 'addiction' and soon headed home. . . .rushed back to BGdns with my tripod to hopefully film the lifeboat coming in. Ended up having a go at filming from the cliff top road for a change. That did NOT work out very well, with me constantly fighting my knackered old tripod, precariously perched half on the clifftop wall and half on the rough ground of the clifftop for much of the time, and even wedged on top of some railings for much of the rest of the time! Ended up spending hours getting very little useable footage, of what was a rather meaningless straightforward tow into the hrabour anyway! In short - simply not worth the effort at all. . . down to the harbour and then eventually back up to BGdns to just sit around for ages before finally home. . . PCd . . TVd . . ate a piece of gala pie, two bags of crisps, a bowl of rice krispies, biscuits and chocolate . . to bed around 12:30am.
2 - Up at 7:45am. 18C in, 13C out. Sunny, much less wind. . .walked BGdns. Down towards the harbour. A crane was lifting boats out for winter storage not far from the yacht club slipway, so I ended up hanging around here and there for absolutely ages, taking a photo or two. . eventually carried on to under the old fish market roof for my coffee. . shopped for potato supplies etc and struggled home with a very heavy rucksack. . . PCd . .tried to nap but couldn't . . PCd some more . . . DF called in around 7pm for arguments and biscuits until around 10:30pm . . . drank a glass of red wine and cooked and ate two garlic chicken kievs with chips and then a large amount of chocolate . . .to bed around 1:30am.
1 - Up at 7:45am. 18C in, 13C out. Sunny and breezy again. . wow - my right knee is noticeably a lot larger and 'puffier' than my left! Ever increasingly painful too, even when just sitting around! Audibly 'squelchy' and 'crunchy' when climbing stairs!!! :o( . . walked BGdns. Bizarrely encountered a Cormorant waddling around on the lower footpath!?? From what I've seen of their behavior in the recent stormy weather (just riding out the swell, and continually diving THROUGH breaking waves!), I wonder if they are all just getting a bit exhausted and resorting to taking to dry land in desperation? Had to hold onto Bella to stop her having a go for it! It didn't appear to be actually noticeably injured in any way, so we kinda ended up 'herding' it back off the path, at which point it took to the air and promptly returned the short distance to the sea below. Sat and played ball for a bit before starting to carry-on down towards the harbour. Along the way, I exchanged a few words with another dog walker, and was informed that she'd passed a cormorant just sat on the rocks in the direction I was going, which she thought had a broken wing! Ugggh. The last thing I wanted was to be 'emotionally trapped' into trying to capture it. :o( . .sure enough, 'unusually' sat on the rocks alongside the outer harbour next to the car parks, there was indeed another cormorant, looking a bit wet and the worse for wear, and not as concerned as usual at how close we got. Contrary to what the dog walker had said (how could anyone get it SO wrong?), there were no signs whatsoever of any damage to its wings. There WAS however something 'strange' protruding from its chest. Tied Bella to a nearby bench and VERY gingerly (particularly with my dodgy painful leg joints!!!) clambered up onto the rocks a short distance away from it and pulled my camcorder out of my pocket for a closer look. Oh NO!! Protruding from its chest was a red feather. Only one thing THAT could be - the feathered lure on a fishing hook! POOR bird!!! A hook stuck in its chest! :o( I DID end up precariously trying to circle around it on the rocks at the waters edge, but my dodgy knee/legs meant I was clumsily slow and it was inevitable that at the last moment before I was about to lunge for it, it turned and jumped back into and under the water. It then proceeded to swim away across the harbour - so that, was unfortunately for it, that. :o( . . carried on around the harbour and out towards the breakwater. The first day of dogs being allowed back on the Breakwater Beach, so ended up walking along it a little. The recent easterlies had pushed the pebbles at the top of the beach into quite a steep ridge, and huge amounts of increasingly unpleasant smelling seaweed covered much of it. In amongst all that seaweed was of course loads of the usual plastic bottles and litter. Noteably there was also a very large number of aerosol paint tins? Ended up breaking out one of the carrier bags I've taken to carrying in pockets most days, and quickly filled one for relocation to a nearby bin . . climbed up and sat on the seat above the end of the breakwater. Just a bit less roughness today, but still rather blowy. . eventually back to the relative shelter of the inner harbour for my coffee . .back up to BGdns and eventually home. . .ate a small tin of salmon with chips . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate a pack of thick cumberland sausages - on their own, followed by a bit of chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.