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- Up around 7:45am. 17C in, 13C out, grey. . .PCd a bit of this. Slow getting going with a horrible 'drained' feeling, largely perhaps from the pain from my latest snapped-off tooth! :o( . . rang the dentist and managed to get yet another appointment before my next appointment later in the week!! . . walked BGdns. Very murky and misty out across the bay. Eventually carried-on down around the harbour and on out to the small park past the breakwater to sit for quite a long while. Eventually back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee. . straight home through town . . . couldn't muster the energy to do anything again and just sat around/PCd/TVd the day away, feeling very down. . . drank red wine . . ate three cut up sausage rolls in a tin of soup with multiple bags of crisps . . .to bed before 11:30pm.
30 - Up around 8am (7am now, given the clocks went back in the night). 16C in, 12C out, grey again. . .walked BGdns and sat around for ages taking a few photos of boats and gigs etc. At one point, Bella dropped her tennis ball and it went rolling down over the rocks to catch in a crevice just before the water. Only worthy of mention because on my way to attempt to retrieve it, I very nearly slipped and fell down over the rocks!! Closest I've come to being a coastguard-casualty needing rescue!! I've become SO old and wobbly, so quick!!! :o( . . on down to the harbour to sit and drink my coffee under the old fish market roof. . Ended up heading back up towards BGdns. Plenty of buzzards in the air up behind the laboratory building, hunting motionless on the stiffening easterly breeze. Ended up having a bit of a poke with the camcorder - again! . . sat in BGdns for quite a while, recovering from the climb up. A young woman dog walker on a nearby seat suddenly came over to fuss over Bella and bizarrely ended up sitting to chat for quite a long while!?! Turned out the 'young woman' was just a almost fifteen year old schoolgirl! Wow - she was eloquant and very self assured and talkative about all manner of stuff (including giving me sight of the self harm scars on her arm, from her depression days!!!!). WHAT an extraordinary girl. Never met any 'child' like that before. Very 'switched-on', pleasant/strange/unusual, - especially to be so confident (reckless?) talking to a complete stranger like that. Wow - would love to be able to peer into her future and see how she turned out as she got older etc. She struck me as having 'the potential' to have a very 'successful' life - with luck - OR, very much not!? Eventually off she went leaving me to carry on poking at the hovering buzzards with the camcorder for a while longer before finally heading home. . . PCd for hours . . .guitarred/TVd . . . drank red wine and ate two burgers in buttered cheesey baps with coleslaw and chips. Something started to feel awfuly wrong during eating, and sure enough, one of my remaining two teeth snapped off and fell out. :o( FFS!!!!!! And I think THIS snapped off root is going to be particularly painful. . promptly fell asleep in the chair as soon as the food hit my stomach and then woke and to bed somewhere around midnight. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Sailboats / Gigs / Buzzards )
29 - Up around 8:45am. 16C in, 11C out, grey again. . . slow getting going. Walked BGdns late. Sat around for a while before heading down towards the harbour. Saw AC (from Bristol) and had a brief chat. On out to sit on the breakwater for a while before to the seat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Home through town after buying a few supplies . . . ate three sausage rolls and crisps . . . napped until almost 7pm . . TVd . . ate the remaining half a fruit pie with cream followed later by two quarter pound burgers in buttered cheesey baps, and a little chocolate . . 'snoozed' in the chair and on the floor with Bella! before to bed around 1am.
28 - Up around 9:40am after the phone rang. 16C in, 11C out, cloudy grey again. . .walked BGdns. Sat around aimlessly taking boat pictures before on down to the harbour to do more of the same. Sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee before eventually home through town . . . PCd boat pictures etc for facebook posts for hours!! . . guitarred/TVd and ate a packet of jaffa cakes. . . cooked and ate chips with a tin of tuna and some mayonaise . . promptly fell asleep in the chair again!!!? Woke and to bed, whenever.
27 - Birthday - Up around 8:40am. 16C in, 9C out, cloudy grey . . . walked BGdns, and then the harbour taking a few photos. Sat near the old coastguard station for my coffee. Shopped for a couple of supplies before home through town. . . PCd at length, and ultimately managed to call a halt to the boat lifts video editing. Boy - what an absurd amount of time I ended up spending on that! VERY pleased to get that done and dusted. Brixham Belle and Clipper winter lift out video.

guitarred/TVd . . . ate a WHOLE!!!!! (£3.99) cooked cold chicken with the remaining small bit of coleslaw, followed later by a whole box of jaffa cakes!! . . . fell asleep in the chair in front the TV . . . woke at some time in the early hours . . PCd just a bit more before to bed getting on for 5am!!!
26 - Up around 8:20am. 16C in, 9C out, sunny spells . . . woke at the PC. Online, the Youtube upload I did yesterday was STILL showing as 'starting processing', so clearly it hasn't worked for some (Youtube-side) reason! WHAT a bas***d! All those wasted hours! Ended up deleteing the non working upload, and set the PC uploading it all over again (for another two and half hours +!!!). Grrrr. . . walked BGdns, down around the harbour and sat near the old coastguard station for a while starting to drink my coffee. Pager noise and comms on the scanner soon confirmed the inshore lifeboat was launching.

ILB launched on service - stood down - and then proceeded anyway.

Couldn't resist and carried on out to sit on the breakwater near the beach, to give Bella her breakfast, drink the rest of my coffee, and to occasionaly use the camcorder on 150x zoom to peer the four miles+ across the bay at the barely visible dots in the distance that was the ILB quietly standing-by whilst the CRTs dealt with the subject of their shout somewhere up the cliffs. Far too far away to really see anything of what was going on (the CRTs etc mostly hidden by trees anyway) so we eventually headed back to the harbour and town. Drew money out, shopped for just a few supplies and then straight home through town . . . yayy - thank goodness - the Peadar Marie Youtube upload had completed successfully this time. . . PCd photos etc, and dabbled just a little with editing video, etc. . . ate three sausage rolls with crisps and coleslaw . . . napped until almost 7pm . . . PCd, poking at a bit more BBelle video editing before then PCing just a bit of this . . . TVd/guitarred . . .ate the remaining three sausage rolls, crisps and coleslaw followed by a whole pack of four apple puff pastry things and then some chocolate way past midnight . . to bed around 2am.
25 - Up around 7:45am. 15C in, 7C out. Sunny spells. . .WHAT a plonker I am! I left the PC on running that Youtube upload ALL night - only to find this morning when I got up, that I'd switched the router off (with the TV) when I stumbled off to bed half asleep last night! Thankfully but suprisingly, since I'd left the PC on, when I turned the router back on this morning, it just carried on uploading from where it'd left off around eight hours before, and was soon uploaded. Phew. . .PCd a bit of this . . .Walked BGdns, down to the harbour and out to the end of the breakwater and back and then back to sit near the old coastguard station for a while. Wow - what a change in the weather from the last couple of days. A really pleasant, sunny 'late summer' day, with plenty of people all thronging around the place again. . from where I was sat, I could see a fire engine and paramedics assembling near the end of the high street and then closing the road creating some traffic chaos. A possible gas leak apparantly, with several properties/businesses closed as a result. . sat around in town drinking my coffee for a while before heading home via the pet store (which had been unusually closed when I walked past earlier?). The pet store WAS now open, but things were not good in there. It turned out they'd been burgled last night and a large amount of their more expensive stock had been stolen, alongside the usual damage to doors and locks etc. They'd been closed earlier because the police were in attendance taking finger prints etc. The poor woman serving me behind the counter started to get all emotional as she let me know what had been going on, and very nearly ended up in tears during our conversation - and then charged me the wrong amount etc! (She'd apparantly never experienced a burglary before, and was suffering the familiar painful feelings invasion etc.) Felt oh SO sorry for them - and after buying my dog food, left feeling oh so VERY angry that some low life had done that to them. :o( . . chiseled the frozen dog mince into halves and then arranged an old sleeping bag on the sofa in the conservatory and proceeded to stack all the stuff from the freezer in it. LONG overdue for a defrost of the freezer! SO much accumulated ice in there, I couldn't even open or remove of the drawers until I'd managed to thaw some of it by means of bowls of hot water and even the hairdryer for a while. . . PCd while the freezer defrosted. Messed around editing video for hours, in between dealing with the freezer. . at length, the freezer was sorted and all the slightly softening/defrosting food was back in. . set the 'Peadar Marie' video uploading to Youtube for several hours . . TVd . . ate a small bowl of the last of the stew, crisps and a buttered bread roll, followed later by half a fruit pie . . the Youtube upload appeared to have finished by around 10pm, but it then just sat there NOT processing for ages!! Uh oh - something wrong with Youtube?!!! Couldn't even reliably play any of their online videos!?? . . turned the PC off in disgust and TVd some more. Fell asleep in the chair before eventually waking and to bed around 2:30am.
24 - Up around 9am. 15C in, 10C out. Wind, rain, thunder and lightning! . . the two videos had finished uploading from last night, so PCd a bit and posted a few links on Facebook etc. .NOT eager to have to venture out in THIS awful weather!! :o( . . .eventually walked real late in full weather gear. Sheltered in the usual gun emplacement in BGdns, shooting through the rain as a fishing boat (Copius) headed out. Not as rough as it has been (and calming down more all the while) , but still more than I would have been happy with! Eventually on down around the harbour taking pictures and then out to teh small park past the breakwater to sit in the drizzle for quite a while. Nothing else went out while I was sat there and we eventually headed back to the cover of the old fish market roof to sit on the wet floor for my coffee. . embarassingly potentialy mistaken for a homeless guy again, a couple of passers by offered me their left over takeaways! I gratefully accepted for Bella - so she had a sausage, some chips, and the remains of a chip butty along with the breakfast complete I gave her! lol :o) . .eventually straight home through town . . . PCd Fishing pictures to Facebook and then spent hours battling a crashing PC attempting to edit bits of video. The long sequence I recorded of one of the boats being lifted out for winter storage the other day, is being an absolute pain in the ass to edit and is taking forever!!! I keep having to do a bit at a time and then leave it and do something else/easier for a while instead. Crazy how some of what SHOULD be the simplest shortest bits of video, can be SO difficult and take SO long to trim down!! :o( For me - the 'devil is in the detail' in such videos, and I have to relentlessly trawl through all the footage over and over again, trying to pick out all the tiny pieces which sum up the process/sequence of events - which of course no one else in the world would bother to do!!! Humph . .more rain, thunder and lightning . .TVd and ate a bowl of stew, crisps and a buttered bread roll in some processing down time. Eventually set the Copius Leaving Brixham video uploading to Youtube. I was only back up on the PC doing so for about fifteen minutes, during which time, Bella remained downstairs. By the time I rejoined her, she'd gnawed herself raw again all down both her back legs!!!!! FFS!!!!!!!!! God knows why she has suddenly started being all itchy and scratchy again all of a sudden. We had a long stretch there for quite a while where she wasn't, but all of a sudden recently she's been increasingly irritated by something again. :o( I haven't seen any fleas on her, so I think it's a flare-up of her sensitive to 'something' skin problem again, however I DID apply half a tube of expensive liquid flea repellent to her skin nonethless, in the (forlorn) hope it may help. It won't of course. :o( . . . ate multiple bowls of co-co pops . . . almost fell asleep in the chair and then quickly to bed somewhere around midnight, leaving the PC uploading to Youtube.
23 - Up around 9am. 15C in, 10C out. Damp, windy and cloudy. . . walked BGdns in the gale and eventually carried on out to the small park past the breakwater, grabbing a snip of two of 'the weather' video along teh way here and there. Sat around for a while before carrying on out to Shoalstone to see what the waves were doing to the outdoor swimming pool and coastline along that way. Real difficult weather for filming what with all the sea spray getting all over the camera lens and the wind buffeting SO strong, it was impossible to keep the camcorder still no matter how I tried! . ended up returning to the 'relative' shelter of the small park overlooking the breakwater for quite a while longer. When I got back there, 'the' local photographer CS was stood there with his tripod catching occasional imges of waves breaking over the breakwater. I couldn't resist pointing the camera at him briefly, to get some rare shots of 'the master in action'. lol . . eventually had enough of the wind and cold and we headed back to the shelter of the old fish market roof to sit on the floor and drink my coffee. Before I'd finished my coffee, there was a lifeboat shout! I could easily hear the launch siren in the distance. Possible swimmers in distress over Broadsands. The ALB launched. In the totally wrong place at the wrong time to witness it, I DID dabble with the idea of just staying there and ignoring what was going on, but of course I soon couldn't resist quickly heading back off in the direction of Battery Gardens, just in case I would be in time to see 'something' of events. I reached the yacht club slipway just as the ALB was exiting the harbour, and using the slipway barrier-gate as a camera rest, succeeded in grabbing a little 'obstructed' footage as they raced across the bay (despite the slipway barrier-gate blowing back and forth on its hinges in the strong gusts of wind!). . once the lifeboat was out of sight, we quickly carried-on all the way back up into BGdns and took shelter (with a few other people) in the usual lower searchlight gun emplacement for a while. Even inside there, we were buffeted by the wind and sprayed with sea water from the waves breaking on the rocks well below! Training the camera onto the 'just' visible lifeboat 'round the corner' in the far distance was nigh on impossible, no matter how hard I tried. Literally in the middle of filming the ALB heading back across the bay under power in the rough seas, I ended up racing to climb on top of the gun emplacement in an attempt to get a better, more 'controllable' view, etc. Wow - was THAT a nasty experience for ME in such conditions! Nevertheless, I DID manged to get 'some' watchable-ish footage of their spectacular trip back to the harbour. Oh wow - WHAT scenes! SUCH a privilege to witness such a thing. On at least a couple of occasions, the lifeboat really was quite literally 'almost' airborne! I don't think 'I' have ever seen their bow thruster so clearly ever before. lol . . recovered from my filming by sitting in the gun emplacement for quite a while longer, having a vape and a sip of the dreggs of my cold coffee etc. . ended up actually climbing up to the main gun-battery floor and sheltering in there for a while longer, because right in the back of that bunker was a lot more sheltered from the wind. . sods law to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (again) when a fishing boat suddenly appeared amongst the waves making its way back into the harbour. Managed to get just a little footage by dancing around the place and pointing the camcorder in a little gap between all the overhanging tree branches, etc. . . at length we eventually headed home, cold and exhausted . . . PCd for HOURS editing and ultimately uploading videos . . . ate a bowl of stew with a buttered bread roll followed later by biscuits . . left the PC on, uploading two chunks of video to Youtube and to bed around 1:30am. Facebook CS at work post. Youtube links:- Brixham weather / Lifeboat shout / BM1 Returning.
22 - Up around 7am. 15C in, 8C out, mostly cloudy. PCd just a little bit of this . . . walked rather late to BGdns and then eventually on out to the small park past the breakwater to sit around for quite a long while waiting for any boats to go out. As it turned out, despite the strong breeze and how messy the sea looked, when a fishing boat did go out, it wasn't too rough at all and made all that investment in time rather pointless. I also ended up feeling really quite uncomfortably cold. . .headed back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee before eventually heading home through town.

taxi thing. Totally unable to grasp what I was trying to tell her.

. .just sat around for a while recovering from the walk and feeling oh SO tired! Really UTTERLY exhausted - again!?? :o( Wasn't long before I just couldn't take it any more and I returned to bed. . . back up around 6pm. . guitarred and TVd the evening away. Drank red wine while cooking. Cooked up a large pressure cooker of mince and mixed veg stew. Ate a bowlfull with a bread roll followed later by three weetabix and multiple chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around 2am.
21 - Up around 7:15am. 15C in, 4C out, a light cold mist on the ground and largely clear skies . . woke at the PC . . . walked. Found a small pocket diary on a grass verge along the way. Had quick flick through and determined ther was 'maybe' just enough information in a few of the scrawled entries to be able to maybe play sherlock Homes and be able to return it to the woman who'd lost it, so popped it in a pocket and took it with me. . Walked BGdns and eventually on down to the harbour looking to dip Bella in the water somewhere, in the vain hope that her recent increasing itchy/scrathiness could be improved by a salt water bath. The trouble with that idea was that the whole of the inner harbour and marina was once again covered by a thin sheen of oil everywhere! Eventually ended up walking out to the Breakwater beach and throwing the ball into the sea a handful of times for her to swim out for. . back to under the old fish market roof to sit and drink my coffee and give Bella her morning snack. . quickly headed home via the steep increasingly punishing steps to FGn etc. . popped an annadin tablet to help with the pain later . . recovered from the walk for a while before leaving Bella home alone and walking to the dentist for my 2pm appointment. . .

the injections were agony! Ultimately the three extractions were 'relatively' straight forward. The newly added to top denture was put straight in and 'appeared' to be 'ok'. Hard to tell until all the pain killer stuff wears off.

straight back down with Bella with the pocket diary I'd found this morning. Without divulging any personal details, they WERE able to suggest it did look as though the diary belonged to someone who had an appointment with their hygenist in February, and they willingly agreed to keep it and attempt to contact the owner and return it to her. Cooool. :o)

. . . touched base with Mum and let her know what was going on with my teeth etc, and explained that come what may, I was going to HAVE to eat something solid today, because I now probably could (no matter how much it was soon going too be hurting). I'd seen an advert on Facebook earlier that the Rockfish restraunt was oing it's 'Fish Friday' today. Some sort of monthly promotion where they sell lots of chips with less commonly bought pieces of fish for a just £3 from 5pm onwards. 'Coley' and chips today apparantly. My plan was to treat myself to a fish and chips supper, and I suggested increasingly house-bound Mum could join-in with me. I'd go get them and walk them home to be re-heated a little. Mum eventually agreed to give it a go. . . sat around for a while before heading back out with Bella. . walked BGdns and sat around for a little while taking a boat photo or two. . eventually headed down towards the harbour. Along the way, 'Constant Friend' could be seen in the distance landing her ctach of sprats AGAIN, so I just 'had' to grab a few more photos. . . arrived at Rockfish around 5pm precisely. Wow - already full of people queuying up for the reduced price special! Looks like a real popular arrangement they have. The several young people behind the counter seemed fast and efficient, and it wasn't long before we were heading home with the two boxed lots in my rucsack. . straight up the steep steps again and rapidly headed back across FGn as fast I reasonably could. I presume it was because of the earlier annadin tablet and all the dentists painkiller injections, but for once my arthritic knees didn't seem to be hurting so much. . . reheated the luke warm lots in Mums microwave just a little and then managed to eat my way through most of it, with the exception of some particularly crisp chips which were donated to Bella. I'm no expert, and as far as I could tell, the 'coley' fish was just like cod or any other white fish. Entirely acceptable. My mouth was by now quite sore and painful (and of course still bleeding a bit) but I could tolerate it. It was just such a joy to be able to actually chew and eat some solid food after the last couple of days of being unable to. . ate a couple of chunks of Mum donated Battenburg cake with coffee before eventually heading home . . . TVd hardly moving, and struggling to stay awake long enough to give Bella her evening tablets and then evening meal an hour after. . continued struggling to stay awake until just HAVING to give up, lest I should fall asleep in the chair again! To bed before 10pm!!
20 - Poor broken sleep then up around 8am. 16C in, 6C out, sunny . . .woke at the PC as usual. Following my boat lift posts yesterday, I'd been PMd on facebook and 'given the nod' that a couple of larger boats were gonna be lifted out today.

filmed . . .briefly shopped then home through town . . .mowed and strimmed both lawns. The strimming was an absolute pain in the ass with the twin plastic chords continually breaking and having to be re-threaded through the housing. I wonder if the chord has actually 'gone off' and become brittle? In my ongoing poor mood, I eventually just couldn't stand it any more, and ended up leaving one side of the front garden undone! . . . cut up a chicken and mushroom slice with the scissors, poured a tin of chicken soup over it and managed to swallow it all down . .PCd very briefly, just to transfer this morning's footage to the PC, and to check I'd managed to actually record something of events. . retreated to bed for a few hours until gone 7pm. . . TVd/guitarred the night way, curtains shut and pretty much having a whole day off from the PC and the insanity of 'people'! . . .ate a tin of oxtail soup, bowls of allowed to go soft in the milk co-co pops, and then a bunch of overdunked in coffee chocolate biscuits. . . fell asleep in the chair in front the TV. Woken by music from the TV gone 2pm and eventually managed to stumble off to bed.
19 - Up with the alarm at 6am. 16C in, 8C out. . woke at the PC, got myself clean and then left Bella home alone and walked to the dentist for my 8:10 appointment. Didn't get to see her until well after my time for some reason. A quick impression of the top denture in place, and that was it. Even that ended up being rather painful. As she pulled the set rubbery mould complete with denture out of my mouth, the whole lot somehow pivoted on the painful tooth which is due to be extracted Friday. Ouch! . . was soon heading home WITHOUT my top denture. :o( . . recovered at home briefly before walking. Sat around in BGdns for quite a while. A cool Northish breeze but blue sky sunny for the most part. . eventually headed on down towards the harbour. Along the way someone passing by warned me that the footpath was closed because they were craning boats out. Sure enough, I could see the high crane in the distance, so I eventually decided to walk up the steep slope out of the car park to the top road overlooking the clifftop to get a view of proceedings.

atop the vviewing platform Bella licked or ate something and was immediately all weird and licking and dripping from her mouth. When we descended back to floor level she tried to suddenly eat any bit of plant we passed!?

walked out to the breakwater and half way along it trying to get a couple of shots of the crane lifts from a different angle, just for the hell of it. Didn't really work. . sat around for a bit out there and gave Bella her 'breakfast' etc. . eventually back to the harbour and then home through town

PCd . . . recieved the 'out of curiosity' pm. Spent AGES thinking things through and eventually replying

very down. S-id of course. Doesn't take much does it! FFS! :o( . . TVd/guitarred . . .eventually ate just three crushed weetabix with milk and lots of light brown sugar. I just couldn't face having to do anything else. Almost immediately fell asleep in the chair! Managed to wake and crawl to bed somewhere around 2am. Boat lifts / Busy Skies
18 - Woke earlier with neighbour noise then up around 8:20am. 16C in, 11C out, a repeat of yesterdays drifting showers and glimpses of sun . .PCd . . walked and popped straight up Mums to drop off the big bag of nuts she'd asked for. . carried straight on to BGdns and eventually on down towards the harbour. Ended up stopping along the way when I spotted a hawk (a buzzard I assume) sat on the cliffs of the car park not far from the laboratory building. Had a bash at a bit of filming of it before eventually carrying on down to the harbour. Really didn't feel in the mood for taking yet more photos of much, and soon ended up under the old fish market roof for my coffee, sheltering from the occasional few drops of passing shower. .shopped briefly. A large bag of potatos to lug home in my rucsack plus a couple of other bits and pieces. . the old petrol station (the only one in town!) on the main road which recently closed prior to allegedly being turned into some sort of Sainsbury's shop, was undergoing demolition! . Headed all the way straight back to Mums to give her the coffee filters she'd asked me to get, before then heading home . . .PCd for hours the couple of silly video snips and then caught up on the last couple of days of photos to post to the closed fishing group . . .drank a glass of red wine. . TVd . . cooked and ate a whole large pack of southern fried chicken drumsticks and thighs (going out of date/reduced) with chips . . to bed soon after, somewhere near midnight I think. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Ballot / Twitching-Pirouette )
17 - Up at 8:50am. 17C in, 11C out, very threatening cloud and damp. . . woke at the PC as usual and PCd this. . .walked BGdns and sat around taking the odd photo for ages. Very 'dynamic' weather, with rainbows and big shower clouds drifting through. Sheltered from showers in the gun emplacement for a short while. Spotted a heron (I think?) on the rocks below with a fish actually in its mouth. Not unusual to see such birds around the place, but less common to acytually catch them in the act with a fish. Managed to 'just' grab a photo or two before it flew off being chased by gulls. . heading down towards the harbour, it was a VERY low tide and the relatively new remains of a kids scooter was revealed on the rocks near the laboratory and 'just' accessable by walking down the nearby old slipway and clambering over the seaweed covered rocks etc. It was in the same apparant yobs 'dumping' place I retrieved that pushbike a while back. Carried it with the other litter I'd collected, and dumped it next to the nearby refuse bin . . . down in the inner harbour tied up against the harbour wall was the casualty vessel fishing boat from this mornings early hours rescue by the lifeboat I'd read about on their website before leaving home. That of course demanded I take a bunch of photos, trying to focus on the considerable amounts of damage it had sustained. Even from my poor vantage points, I could see some big dents and scrapes on the hull up front, and greater damage to the prop and rudder. 'I' think they were pretty lucky to have managed to keep the boat at all looking at all that, and the photos of it on the rocks which were posted on Facebook by the coastguards etc.!!

coffee on the floor under the old fish market roof. Lengthy conversation with a high functioning downs-syndrom girl! (Parents on watch nearby)

headed home across FGn. The communications tower up there had a flock of starlings perched on its aerials all making a chattering squawking noise

to the pet store to stock up on food and treats for Bella, and to also buy a large bag of bird peanuts for Mum . . . PCd facebook posts for hours .(Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Dynamic weather / For twitchers / Comms tower / Nashira) . .TVd/guitarred . . . eventually ate a meat pastry slice with crisps and then a couple of garlic sausage baps . . the food immediately wiped me out and after almost falling asleep in the chair, to bed before midnight.
16 - Up at 8am. 16C in, 11C out, threatening cloud and sunny spells. . . walked BGdns. Sat around for quite a while taking photos of lots of yachts racing around the nearby mark and heading back towards Torquay. From where I was watching it looked as though they came awfully close to a fisherman who was tending his pots. If I'd been him, I would not have been at all comfortable in the middle of all that! He just carried on working. Took a few shots of other boats and this and that before heading down to the harbour and ended up watching one of the fishing boats I'd photographed coming-in a little earlier landing its catch of sprats. Seemed like a good haul - their landing went on for ages. Huge bin after bin filled with them - again! How on earth is there a single fish left in the sea?!! :o( . despite this sort of actvity going on every day, for ME, it's a relatively rare thing to be able to actually SEE the fish they've caught (normally all out of sight or already in boxes etc) so of course I HAD to grab a bunch of photos of the process. In the middle of photographing from atop the viewing platform above the loos, an old couple stood next to me at one point, and the old guy dropped the lens cap from his expensive looking camera over the rail! It bounced off a parked car down below and disappeared somewhere beneath - inside the 'no public' working harbour area. Although of course that area is gated and out of bounds to the public, it just then so happened that one of the fishermen was leaving the area in his truck, so I offered to attempt to retrieve the lens cap for them. I hurried down from the platform and back along the quay towards the gate and managed to reach it 'just' as it was automatically closing after the fishermans truck had driven through and gone. Slipped through the half open barrier and in relatively short order, managed to find the guys lens cap which appeared to be intact and none the worse for the impacts it'd suffered. Nearby I also found 20p - so got paid for my good turn. :o) Immediately exited through the button operated barrier and reunited the grateful old couple with their lens cap. :o) . ended up climbing back up onto the viewing platform for a bit of filming of the boat STILL landing it's catch! . . sat near the old coastguard station in the sunny spells for quite a while with my coffee etc before eventually heading home through town . . PCd pictures for facebook posts for hours etc. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Churston Group? / Yacht-shots / Constant Friend landing / (video link) ) . . Eventually got round to lightly editing some of the landing footage and ultimately set that uploading to Youtube. . had a PM on facebook from the guy who runs the mussel farm, who I'd FINALLY managed to let know I had a brief snip of footage of him and his kids last year. I'd briefly 'friended' him the other day, just so that I could make a private post of the footage to share with him - before then deleting the post/video. Given it was just him and his kids having a private moment of fun on his boat, I didn't think it right/appropriate to have it out in public on facebook. Also - 'I' think there 'could' have been health and safety type repercussions IF the 'wrong person' should have seen it. Anyway - as I'd suspected would be the case, despite him trying to save it, when I subsequently deleted the post again, a day or two later (presumably after Facebook's cache had caught up), he could no longer see the video. I ended up having to upload the damn thing again this evening, and the ONLY way I could see of making it permanently available to him, was to post it 'public' on my own profile's timeline!! (Growing Up In Wonderland)He seemed quite happy with that, so that's what I've done. The bad news about that is, that anyone now clicking onto my profile to see who I am etc, is gonna be presented with that small snip of video - because to date, I've managed to keep my own profile page entirely clear and NOT have any postings on it at all!! Oh well. Maybe I'll have to post some other stuff up there to kinda bury it and make it harder to encounter? . . left the PC uploading and TVd . (Constant Friend Landing Youtube Link). . cooked and ate two garlic butter chicken kievs with chips . . fell asleep in the chair!! To bed whenever it was I half woke.
15 - Broken sleep then up around 8:30am. 16C in, 9C out, mostly sunny with shower threat later . . . PCd a bit of this . . .walked bgdns and eventually headed on down towards the harbour. Went out of my way to climb up the SIDE of the steps to BGdns by the laboratory, to pick up as much of the litter, bottles and cans as I reasonably could. Filled a carrier bag. Difficult and unpleasant, but I'm sick and tired of being annoyed/outraged by it all every day when I walk past . .carried on down to the harbour and got there just around the time it started raining. The market was on so there was nowhere to sit under cover, so I pretty much just carried on home through town . . PCd relatively briefly whilst monitoring radios. I'm trying to gradually get to the bottom of some 'interference' I've been suffering for some time now, spreading out across the VHF bands (and definitely interfering with my reception of the marine band and the coastguard frequency - location and equipment independant, so definitely 'out there' rather than anything to do with my home set-up etc). I HAVE now pretty much confirmed what I'd suspected - it IS definitely a local taxi! (The mobile, transmitting on 170.825mhz I think. 'Ace Taxis'? Gonna take a while longer for me to be able to figure out which car that is. I strongly suspect, their radio has a fault. That or it is consistently transmitting at VERY high power very local to me? . . . ate stew and crisps . . napped . . TVd. Somehow ended up watching pretty much the whole of an old black and white war propoganda type film on one of the channels - 'The Way Forward' I think it was called. Oh wow - what an absolute masterpiece of a 'film-of-the-age' THAT was. Made in 1944 meant of course one had to view it with everything THAT meant, in mind. Fascinating to see how it had all been put together, etc, etc. Very impressed. An absolute masterpiece of work. . TVd nothing, in a withdrawn down mood, hardly moving all the rest of the evening. . ate the last of the stew, crisps and bowls of co-co pops . . .to bed whenever gone midnight. (Today's token open-group Facebook posts links:- Start of the day / Motorhome )
14 - Dreadful broken night of almost no sleep at all, and then up before 7am. 16C in, 10C out, damp and grey . . .PCd for ages before then phoning the dentist to see what time my repaired lower denture would be ready for collection. Already there, so any time, they said. . .walked straight down with Bella to get the denture. Headed straight back home, gave the denture a wash off, applied some glue, and just stuck it straight back in my mouth - fully expecting it to no longer fit and be really painful. As it turned out, it HAS changed slightly in some way or another, but not so much as to be 'overly' problematic (I hope!). . . set off to walk but decided the forecast was ok, and it wasn't as cold as in the recent winds, so I actully turned around and returned to the house to drop off my raincoat . . walked BGdns. The sea was much calmer but visibility was poor. Very misty murky. Eventually on down to the harbour to grab a couple of pictures etc. It soon started raining! Quickly made my way to the shelter of the old fish market roof and sat on the floor in the usual place with my coffee for a while, giving Bella her pocket of 'complete' breakfast biscuit. . a school party of little kids and plenty of other people soon ended up sheltering under there - and then the heavens opened and it absolutely bucketed down. Absolutely torrential rain for quite a while! 'Bouncy' rain it was so hard. In short order, the nearby rain drainage channels (which actually empty directly into the harbour!) couldn't cope, and I soon had to get up off the floor as the water cascaded through. . a whole bunch of (very much NOT in need of more food) holidaymakers were all stood by me eating their fish and chips and started talking about and fussing Bella. The whole bunch of them ended up offering me and Bella their left-over fish and chips - which I gratefully accepted. There was SO much of it all, Bella had LOADS, and 'I' even ate a good portion of the chips - and bloody nice they were too (especially since I've been on a bit of a starvation diet these last couple of days, without my teeth and all). I even ended up putting one large portion into a carrier bag to take home and give to Bella later. Wow - she's eaten a HUGE amount today already. :o) . . luckily the really heavy rain didn't last 'too' long before it returned to being normal rain, gradually diminishing. . eventually started to head away from the cover of the roof. Just as we were doing so, there was a weird loud bang and a bit of noise from just up the road from the old fish market roof. Turned out to be some young guy on a new looking motor-scooter. He'd somehow driven into the back of a pausing car and crashed to the road. I DID turn around and head back his way just in case help was needed, but someone else beat me to it, and it was soon apparant before I even reached him that he didn't need any help and was more embarassed than anything else - not helped by a crowd of drunken fisherman sheltering outside the nearby pub immediately shouting out 'Should've have gone to specsavers'! I don't think his bike was even damaged, and it wasn't long before he was back on it and driving away again. . straight home through town . . . PCd . . ate a large dish of veggy mince with a packet of crisps. Good to have working-ish teeth back again . . . napped . . . DF called in for arguments and coffee until just before 10pm . . .PCd (and somehow just ended up watching teach yourself guitar videos on youtube - learning nothing, but just sitting back in amazement at how people can make such sounds, when I consistantly cannot!) . . .ate bowls of sugary rice krispies and cream . . . to bed before 2am. (Open-group Facebook post link:- Monsoon-Rain )
13 - Up at 9am. 16C in, 10C out, mostly grey and windy again. .annadin tablet for breakfast. PCd a bit of this. . . walked BGdns, the harbour, out to the park past the breakwater, back to the harbour for my cold coffee, and then briefly shopped on the way home through town . . . ate the small amount of yesterday's leftover soup concoction . . . napped . . . PCd . . . did dish washing chores in processing 'down-time' and as the fishing boat file began uploading to Youtube . . . drank A glass of red wine (and felt VERY tipsy on it! Unable to see straight with both eyes open!!) and then cooked up a pressure cooker full of finely diced potato, frozen mixed veg and minced beef, etc. . . successfully managed to swallow my way through a large dishfull. . . to bed - um - whenever after midnight, leaving the PC still uploading - again!
12 - Up at 7:30am before the alarm. 16C in, 10C out, mostly very threatening clouds with a stiff breeze again. . . woke at the PC as usual before leaving Bella home alone and walking to the dentist for my 10 o'clock appointment. . . I explained to her what the score was with everything in my mouth before she dared to have a look in. She quickly confirmed the two broken off roots and the painful one on the top needed extracting, and the denture being modified annd teeth added accordingly. So - another big round of expensive (and painful) treaments filling my future! :o( A couple of appointments were made to start the process going in a week or two . . . stopped off at home and then walked with Bella. Hardly even stopped in BGdns before carrying on down around the harbour and out to the small park past the breakwater, to lay in wait for anything heading out into the 'messy' waters of the bay. Managed to get a bit of decent footage of one going out, but it actually wasn't 'that' rough out there - by fishermans standards. Rougher than 'I' would have liked to have been out in for sure. . eventually back to sit near the old coastguard station for my coffee, and trying to plan what I could buy that I'd be able to eat without teeth! . . shopped for a few supplies on the way home through town . . . PCd for hours editing down the fishing boat video and doing a couple of other facebook posts before eventually setting the Aquinis video uploading to youtube for hours. . . did the mountain of dish washing chores. . . TVd, guitarred and drank red wine and ended up feeling pretty 'wobbly' through lack of food . . they were in danger of going off in the fridge, so I had no choice but to try to do something with a pack of two garlic and chicken kievs - despite having no normal way of eating them! Ended up boiling up some peas and finely chopped potato, throwing in a tin of chicken soup, and then cutting up the cooked kievs with a pair of scissors and dumping them into the mixture! Basically just making a sludgy soup to swallow without any chewing. That actually turned out 'ok'ish and I was able to eat as much as I could in one go - leaving just a little for a snack tomorrow. Glad I didn't bother buying that second hand liquidiser the other day. 'Scissors and soup' does the job 'well enough'-ish to keep me going-ish. . almost asleep in the chair and on the floor with Bella, waiting for the Youtube video to finish uploading somewhere after midnight. . PCd and did a couple of posts of the link etc before finally to bed after 1:30am. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Green / Buzzard / Heads-Up / Crows-view / Showercloud )
11 - Up around 7:30am feeling pretty awful. Headachey and badly aching all over - again! :o( I'd watched on TV recently the latest series of Bear Gryls 'Celebrity Island' or whatever it was called - where a bunch of celebrities had to survive on a desert island with basically nothing for however long it was. As with all the other such nonsense programs, it just turns into a video record of people largely slowly starving to death. The reason I mention all this, is that as they all start to fall apart from lack of food, they all seem to report the same sort of lack of energy and disabling exhaustion that I seem to live with on a near daily basis!! MUST be a bit of a clue there. I need to start eating more/better on a far more regular basis! 16C in, 9C out, some breaks in the cloud. The forecast although not bad, seems to be days of an ongoing chilly Easterly type wind, and resulting messy sea state in the bay. Dunno how the fishermen keep going out in it every day! It ALSO appears from the AIS etc, that a 'season' has or is just about to open up for scallops in a particular fishing ground off the French coast, and a whole bunch of the local boats are all WAY across there (perhaps emboldened by 'Brexit', in danger of starting another fishing war of course)! . . PCd just a bit of this while waking at the PC with cigarettes and coffee . . . I was just getting ready to head out when I went and dropped my lower denture - and it snapped clean in two! F*CK!!!! That leaves me in a state. No teeth at all on my bottom jaw any longer, and without that denture (which has been an appalling fit at the best of times, and literally unusuable without gluing it in twice a day!) I really simply can't CHEW anything AT ALL (or hardly speak intelligiably)! Now I'm in BIG trouble. That's bloody ironic given my rant yesterday about not eating right/enough.

dropped off the broken denture at the dentist, for repair and return on Friday - and got an examination appointment for tomorrow morning. :o(

walked down through town and had a look at an old liquidizer in a charity shop. Very tempting, but eventually decided against it.

walked out to the small park past the breakwater and sat around out there for quite a while feeling very down. A significant rain shower saw us head to cover under the small arch leading to the multi storey car park behind the breakwater before then heading back to the harbour to sit on the floor under the old fish market roof, with a small crowd all sheltering from the rain. Sat around and drank my coffee until the big shower mostly passed. . grabbed some milk on the way straight home through town. . . sat around feeling miserable. . . cut up the three small sausage rolls I had in the fridge into tiny pieces with a pair of scissors, and mixed in a tin of mushroom soup and managed to eat it, by simply swallowing mouthfulls. :o( . . . retreated back to bed and slept for a couple of hours . . . TVd/guitarred/sat around . . managed to swallow some chopped up colelsaw with mixed-in grated cheese, a couple of dunked-in-coffee chocolate biscuits, and then a bowl of co-co pops, allowed to all go soft in the milk. Everything just swallowed, without the possibility of any chewing at all!! What a f*cking miserable existance THIS is - again! . . . to bed around 1am or a bit later.
10 - Up at 8am. 16C in, 9C out, sunny. . PCd a bit of this, because I'm neglecting and getting WAY behind with it all again. Ended up with mostly just brief memory-jogger notes again. :o( Wow - doing some of the links etc here, it brings it home and really is shocking to me the amount of time I've been putting into all this facebook posting nonsense!!! I badly need to stop! . . . eventually walked real late, but still morning, just. . . sat around in cold shade in BGdns for quite a while, feeling pretty down and just wanting to be back asleep already! Eventually headed down to the harbour to warm up in the sun and take a few photos of boats along the way - out of habit rather than interest. . carried on out to the breakwater beach and sat on the breakwater in the sun for a while and to give Bella her little bag of breakfast-complete which I still take with me every time we go out now.

sat on a seat half way across the greens to recover for a bit. That turned into a lengthy sit! A HUGE container ship appeared on the horizon and made its way to a mile or so off Berry Head to rendezvous with the pilot boat. Couldn't resist grabbing a bunch of photos as it did so. WHAT a monster!

headed home across the green.

offered a trip out on his boat to the mussel-farm one day!!!!!!!!

had a go on a dog walkers mobility scooter! First time I've ever been in a position to have a little go on one.

PCd pics and snips of video for pretty much the whole rest of the day somehow!? So much for wanting to cut back and get chores/accounts and PC stuff sorted! (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- CSCL Atlantic Ocean / Potty about yachts / Herds of rhino / Stampede of Cowes . . and of course a whole bunch of others (100 images) posted to the closed Brixham Fishing group!! Jeeze - hours and hours of work! I've gone TOTALLY crazy with all this!)

drank a glass of red wine . . TVd a bit whilst the rather pointless snip of video of the guy doing his Yachtmaster exam uploaded to youtube. The noise from a low flying helicopter soon caught my attention and even had me out on the doorstep for a while. No comms on the scanner so 'probably' the police helicopter judging by the noise it made? It appeared to briefly land in the St Mary's bay/Berry Head direction and almost immediately took off again and zoomed away west of me. Pointless trying to use the camcorder in such low light - but I gave it a bit of a go to no avail nonetheless. . . ended up badly needing food but not feeling at all hungry and especially not in the mood to be having to 'work' in the kitchen at anything. (I haven't done dish washing for SO long now, everything is used!). Forced down three small sausage rolls with some crisps and coleslaw . . to bed soon after getting on for 2am I think.
9 - Up at 9am. 16C in, 13C out, mostly sunny. . .woke at the PC. Annadin tablet for back/knee pain before walking. . . walked BGdns. Actually rather cold in the shade and breeze on my usual seat. Hood up and gloves on cold! Eventualy headed on down to the harbour. What a difference getting into the sun made. Soon overheating. Grabbed a few photos around the place, and even a silly snip of video of a 'Welcome home' balloon washed up in the shallows near the William of orange statue. Someone had commented on someones facebook post that every time they visit Brixham it feels like 'coming home', so getting that snip of coincedental video appealed to my sense of humour. . carried on out to sit on the breakwater overlooking the beach in the sun.

Saw a lady, 're-building' the makeshift memorial to the dead yachtsman, which had been largely destroyed and blown away by the recent storms - and then sitting with it for quite a while and taking photos of it all etc. . . wandered down onto the Breakwater Beach and dragged a wooden pallet (and an old towel) up off the beach and dumped it near the council beach hut for hopefully someone to dispose of. Seemed to make more sense doing that, than just let it go back into the sea to be a danger to boats etc. Found a washed-up tennis ball for Bella to play with for a little. I did NOT encourage her to go in the water. It was a bit 'wavey' still, I didn't want her soaking wet for the rest of the day, and I AM rather hesitant about having her go swimming too much these days, given her heart condition and all. . . back to the inner harbour to sit for my coffee. In the mood to sit quietly, I ended up squeezing past a barrier and walking out to the end of the middle quay to be able to it in the sun without having to make conversation with passers by. Ended up overheating in the sun, and would you believe it, even out there someone ended up walking along to look at one of the old heritage boats and demanding a conversation. . retreated from the heat of the sun and ended up in our usual place in the shade on the floor under the old fish market roof for quite a while, just watching all the people walking by . .shopped for a few supplies on the way home through town . . . PCd facebook posts etc for hours .(Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Balloon , Parking )

finished off by having a good look for the donation I'd allegedly been sent. Sure enough, there WAS an e-mail notification that a donation had been made, but try as I did, no way could I find ANY trace of any money having been put into my paypal account!!!!! Damn. Something has changed somewhere somehow. ???!!!! Gonna have to have time at the PC to try to get to the bottom of that. :o( Very embarassing. I can see I'm gonna have to end up removing that donation button/page! :o( . . . TVd/guitarred . . drank wine . . . ate a dish of leftover mixed veg with crisps, followed by a pack of oven heated chicken bites with a small pot of dip, a square or two of chocolate and a whole pack of four sugary apple flakey pastry things. . almost asleep in the chair and to bed around midnight!
8 - Up at 9am. 16C in, 12C out, bright but cloudy to start. . . slow getting going. Bella suddenly threw up in the PC room - AFTER having had her morning three tablets!! :o( Cleared up as best I could. . . walked BGdns real late. Oh wow - only just noticed this morning because of the suprsingly clear road up there, but the council has finally implemented 'no motorhome' parking restrictions along the narrow road next to the gardens. That is LONG overdue - although the signage is hardly particularly noticeable. I DO wonder if some holidaymakers may get caught out by that (next year) . . a LOT quieter weather and seas out in the bay this morning. . . eventually carried on down to the inner harbour to sit around near the old coastguard station for my coffee, overheating in my layers in the increasingly sunny spells. . .

conversation with someone - he'd found and made a donation to my website a week or so ago?!!!??

. . straight back home to spend the whole rest of the day at the PC, mostly editing down more of the trawlers in 'rough seas' video I captured on the 6th . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- weather snips , Roses) . . drank red wine, guitarred and TVd in some of the processing 'down-time' . . cooked and ate the remaining half a large tin of chopped ham and pork with buttery mixed veg, followed by a little chocolate gone 11pm . . . 'tipsy', to bed before 1am after having more or less fallen asleep briefly on the floor next to Bella. Left the PC on uploading to Youtube overnight again!! Youtube videos:- BM112 and BM10 .
7 - Up at 9am as Bella started to leave the room doing a funny licking lips thing as though she was about to be sick. 18C in, 11C out, rain. .sounds as though a major coastguard search (complete with helicopter rescue 924) is going on over Torquay. In comms, concern was expressed for the penguins at the 'Living Coast' attraction and the helicopter disturbing them! lol . . . walked BGdns after the search over Torquay had long been called off. Sheltered from the wind and hint of rain in the lower gun emplacement for a while before eventually heading down to the harbour. Just wasn't in the mood to be out and ended up heading home pretty soon, without even stopping to drink my coffee. . bought frozen meat supplies for Bella at the pet store on the way home. . ate the little leftover few mouthfulls of yesterdays tuna and veg with some crisps . . . PCd editing and uploading bits of video all the rest of the day . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Shagged out ). . . Trawler Crossing Torbay Youtube video . . DF called in for arguments from 7 till gone 10pm . . .PCd some more before to bed around 2am.
6 - Up at 8:15am. 18C in, 11C out, mostly cloudy and blowing still . . . walked straight down through town and out to the small park past the breakwater to lay in wait for any boats going out again. Sat around out there for ages and ended up getting pretty damned cold in the strong wind, but DID manage to get some cool footage 'I' think. :o) Eventually home through town. . PCd briefly but soon ended up having to go back to sleep . . . up with the alarm at 7pm . . . TVd/guitarred. . .ate jaffa cakes . . drank wine . . ate buttered mixed veg with a tin of tuna followed by a square or two of chocolate . . to bed after 1:30am. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- 'Cirque De La PÍche' / Landslide)
5 - Up around 7:45am (by whistling neighbour noise). 18C in, 14C out, mostly cloudy and still blowing rather strong. . . walked BGdns. Two boxes of cooking cognac in the gun emplacement - one of them still full!? Stolen maybe?

Cleared litter to the bin . . found one of the rhinos had been moved to just off the coastal path near the Brixham laboratory. Took a bunch of photos of course. (Facebook post:- Louis the rhino) . carried on down to the full harbour before soon heading out to teh small park past the breakwater to sit around for as long as I could tolerate, in case any boats were going out. . ended up walking the half mile out to the end of the breakwater to get a couple of different angle shots of the rhino thing, and to experience how rough the waters of the bay were. VERY windy out there! . back to the small park to recover and drink my coffee. And just then - YAYYYY - a trawler headed out. Filmed as it did so and 'got it' a treat all the way until out of my sight. (William of Ladram in rough seas Youtube video ) Even managed to get some footage of a trawler 'surfing in' in the opposite direction. (Isla S surfing in Youtube video) Headed home pretty soon after . . . PCd footage for hours. Would you believe it - a couple of hours after I'd left viewpoints, other fishing vessels headed out, AND the lifeboat went out on a shout to pick up the tow of a distant broken down trawler (Lady Lou I think it was). WHAT a shame to have missed getting footage of all that! :o( . . . showered and got clean in the down time while the file uploaded to Youtube . . .cooked and ate a mountain of buttery mixed veg with a whole large tin of chopped ham and pork . . PCd and compiled the other video of the trawler 'surfing'/being blown in and then set it uploading overnight while I slept. . to bed around 1:30am.
4 - Up at 8am. 18C in, 14C out, mostly cloudy and blowing rather . . someone I'd posted a photo of yesterday had messaged me to have it removed. Quickly obliged but that started making me feel really down right away, and that down feeling just seemed to get worse and worse as the day wore on. :o( . . walked BGdns, cleared up litter around the newly painted and immediately graffittiid gun emplacment overlooking the laboratory, and then on down to the harbour and even up the hill to the vantage point overlooking the bay for a few photos. Back down and out to the small park past the breakwater to drink my coffee whilst laying in wait for any boats that may have been going out into the easterly and heavy swell. Sadly none did whilst I was there, and my down mood just seemed to get worse and worse and I was eager to just fall asleep somewhere. .stopped in town to sit and just listen to a busker for a while before straight home. PCd briefly but soon back to sleep. . . guitarred briefly and messed around with that new clip-on tuner I bought. It works well enough. Cute little thing. Very content with the spend. . . ate coleslaw and cheese with crisps and then a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by biscuits and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1am. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- around the place / catching a fish )
3 - Up around 8:15am. 19C in, 15C out, mostly sunny. . . walked BGdns and then on down to the harbour, taking pictures along the way. Oh wow - in the inner harbour a wooden fishing boat was receiving some major surgery on her hull, with hammers chisels, and even a chain saw! Whole sections of the side of the boat ended up being just cut out, and all that really 'just' above the waterline! . . found just under a £ in small change on the harbour wall steps . . . popped in a couple of charity shops and amazingly actually 'scored'. Picked up a thick quilted black zip-up fleece for £7. THAT will do nicely as a 'house coat' kinda thing for during the winter. Also bagged a pair of hardly worn shoes for a mere £4! Rare for me to 'score' like that these days. . I ALSO went into another charity shop specifically to buy something new this morning. The Sue Ryder shop in the high street sells a range of new stuff, in logod boxes to increase their income. Amongst all the cheap musical instruments they have on display in their window, I discovered a recent addition which I'd been brewing up to order from somewhere on-line anyway. A little electronic clip-on guitar tuner for around £8. Probably could have got one cheaper on-line, but it was helping the charity, and made a nice change to just walk in and buy something without having to mess around awaiting delivery etc. . . recovered from the walk at home briefly before heading up Mum's with some overalls as I'd phoned earlier to say I would. . climbed up into her attic and after checking all was dry (after her roof leak repairs), removed the bowl I'd put up there ages ago, and put all the fibre glass insulation back in place as best I could, etc. Coffee and brief chats and then straight home . . . cut my hair and beard etc. Vacuumed. Ate a mum donated large sausage roll with crisps . . couldn't help myself wondering how on earth that fishing boat I'd seen being worked on earlier, would be able to still be afloat with the incoming evening tide. Got SO intrigued about it, I couldn't help myself hooking Bella up and heading straight back down to the harbour to see what shape it was in. Good grief!! A whole big(ger!) section of the hull had now been removed, and there it was just sat there like that, with the tide all coming back in, and the boat on the cusp of refloating - just! The water could only have been around six inches from the hole - AND there was quite a stiff wind and a swell on the water, rolling the boat back and forth! Jeeze - if that remains afloat overnight, 'I' think it'll be suprising.

Kids throwing their litter into the harbour and all sitting in the ferry passengers shelter smoking their dope!

bP absolutely legless drunk! Scary!

. . . PCd pictures to post to the closed Brixham fishing group for HOURS, until way past midnight! . . ate the remaining cherry pie before to bed before 2am.
2 - Up around 8:30am. 19C in, 12C out, cloudless sunny blue. . . walked BGdns and then the harbour taking a few photos of boats etc. Sat in the shade on the harbourside for a long while and to drink my coffee before eventually heading home through town. . .exhausted. Napped for a couple of hours . . .PCd photos for hours . (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- Random blues / TSRoyalist ) . . drank red wine . ate a defrosted bag of sausage rolls with crisps and coleslaw before to bed around 1am.
1 - Woke earlier, back to sleep then up around 10am!! 20C in, 19C out, damp and some very threatening clouds but sunny after rain. . .walked BGdns in my heavy raincoat and sat around with the views for quite a long while. Showers and rainbows

bumped into bP while I was out, and assuming he'd know all about the police arrest yesterday, I asked him what the reason had been. Turned out he didn't know about it, and because he said the individual concerned was on the harbourside right now (which it turned out he was) he immediately raced off to ask him!! Oooops. I hadn't wanted to be a gossip monger! I eventually carried on my way and didn't get to speak to bP again, so still have no idea what the reason for the guy's detention was. I AM dieing to know! lol

out to the breakwater beach and played ball with Bella

sat near the old coastguard station for my almost luke warm coffee. Definitely plenty cooler today and feeling like there is a bit of winter in the air . . . shopped for supplies in town before then heading home . . PCd photos for HOURS again and eventually did a number of facebook posts. (Today's open-group Facebook posts links:- The day / Bella / Wasps

phew - the 'pixeled-out' post I'd done of the fisherman being carted off by the police, which I'd been a bit worried about putting up, seems to have escaped critcism and had even been commented on by the individual concerned. . BB called to touch base . . . eventually finished facebook posts etc, and got off the PC and then spoke with BB a little longer until way past midnight. . . ate some crisps and then cooked and ate a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese followed by a slice of cherry pie . . . to bed in the early hours maybe near 2am.