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30 - Woke earlier then up around 7:50am. 15C in, 10C out. Grey and blowing a gale again/still . . . walked a bit late with a rucsack of saw and secateurs etc. Turned out to be blowing even worse down in Bgdns! I HAD intended to have another go at the big lower tree in front of the seat, but I eventually just couldn't face it, given the wind and bits of drizzle. Sat around the lower gun emplacement for quite a while before heading back up the paths. Ended up doing just a little bit more trimming to the brambles and shrubs in front of the memeorial seat near the main gun floors. Eventually called it quits and sat on a seat for a rest under the roof. Spotted a beam trawler coming across from Torquay with a few waves breaking on its bow, and ended up filming for a bit for some stills. Had no choice but to stop because of all the overgrown foliage preventing me from being able to see it! Ended up heading back down to the lower searchlight gun emplacement to continue filming as it eventually entered the harbour. . kinda got a second wind and on the 'short cut' climb back up through the trees, ended up putting in a serious amount of work trying to cut away parts of a fallen tree which had blocked the path (a year or three ago now?) between the arch, past the '1940s room' and down to my favourite searchlight gun emplacement.

found 10p..

VERY satisfying to have reinstated the 'proper' path.

eventually home around 2pm utterly drenched through with sweat . . . TVd for quite a while, just too tired to move! . . . PCd . . . TVd . . .ate two pasties, crisps, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed before 1am.
29 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 9C out. Grey and breezy . . .walked BGdns and eventually on down around the harbour heading for the breakwater seat. Three of the boats from the events of a week last Saturday, were moored alongside the town pontoon. (The twin masted yacht the guy was living on, the Antares speedboat he 'saved', AND the boat which sank on its mooring.)

I was almost tempted to walk down and have a closer look, but just as well I didn't. Within minutes the 'mystery man' (who'd captured the drifting Atares) returned to board the twin-masted yacht.

out to the seat above the end of the breakwater. . back to the harbour for my coffee and then back to BGdns. Ended up filming for quite a while. . . eventually home not far short of three o'clock!!!!!

. . . PCd for ages posting pics of fishing boats to facebook pages. . . TVd . . cooked and ate a whole tin of diced spam chopped ham and pork with mixed veg all doused in butter, followed by a little chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
28 - Up around 8:10am. 14C in, 4C out. Sun and heavy shower clouds . . walked BGdns in waterproofs. .watched the boat being salvaged for quite a long while shooting a bit of video

. . down to the harbour . . snatched a bit fmore video as it was put alongside the town pontoon . . rain . . TV crew filming the church/golden hind people for that renovation TV show. . some sort of Christmas stalls were set up under the old fish market roof, preventing me sitting in my usual corner. Ended up sat on 'the stage' for my coffee . . .home through town . . . PCd and posted pics to Brixham Fishing. Criticism of the post and a lifeboat crewmember 'like'!! :o(

. . . TVd . .watched some of the distant Xmas parade fireworks . . . no appetite. Forced down the remaining coleslaw with some grated cheese and crisps followed later by bowls of rice krispies, biscuits, banana and chocolate . . . to bed after midnight.
27 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 10C out. Mostly cloudy . . . walked BGdns. Just sat around for ages as drizzle showers passed through. Eventually did a bit of light secateur trimming near another memorial seat not far from the main gun floors, on the walk back up to the higher seats. For a LONG time, THAT seat has had absolutely NO view whatsoever, except for a solid, fifteen foot or so high overgrown 'hedge', within three feet of it! No one in their right mind would EVER want to sit there with it like that, and the entire seat really was in danger of actually being engulfed by the growth! Eventually ended up sat under shelter of the roofed seats watching the activity around the bird feeder. Image of a rat eating bird foodA rat was feeding on all the seed dropped to the floor, and I ended up filming it for quite a while, until the arrival of a dog walker with her unruly dogs put an end to that. I don't think the dogs actually caught the rat, but they sure had a bit of a go, poor thing! . . .PCd and edited down the rat footage and eventually uploaded it to Youtube . . . TVd . . . ate a whole pack of thick sausages with a tin of baked beans, a pack of crisps, some mini cheddars, biscuits and a little chocolate. . . to bed around 12:30am.
26 - Up at 8am. 15C in, 9C out. Grey . . walked BGdns with a rucsack and my saw! Sat for a while mustering up the courage before eventually putting in a couple of hours cutting branches from a tree, on the cliffside, adjacent to the coastal path below the lowest searchlight gun emplacement!! The little rainbow image I've included here (taken on the 15th November) is a small part of the expansive view I enjoy, every day, from our usual lower ball-playing seat. The lower searchlight bunker is just visible on the left.

Eventually called it quits and rested on the right-hand side of the seat, enjoying the new bit of unobstructed view down to the rocky inlet/headland below. Image before and after tree pruningI was soon 'rewarded' for my efforts, by sighting a seal right in front of me there. :o)

. .back via the pet store for tripe supplies . . . trimmed my hair, beard, etc. .PCd . . TVd . . ate a defrosted bowl of mince stew with four pieces of bread and butter, two bananas, half a swiss role and some chocolate . . . to bed around 12:30am.

25 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 8:45am! 15C in, 9C out. Broken cloud. . .walked BGdns quite late. A few shower clouds drifting over (and rainbows) saw us end up sheltering in the lower gun emplacement for quite a while. Poked at a bit more of the overgrown brambles/ivy around the entrance with the secateurs. . eventually ended up in front of the main control bunker up top, cutting my way through more brambles to be able to clear a carrier bag full of bottles and cans, before then sitting on the usual higher seat to drink my coffee. An incessant tap tap tap taping disturbed my quiet sit there, and eventually saw me (bizzarely!) kneeling on the nearby path for quite a long while, trying to get the camcorder zoomed-in on a woodpecker high up in the top of a nearby pine tree, having a go at the big pine cones. . . somehow not back home before early afternoon - again!!? . . . PCd and quickly posted a snip of the woodpecker to Facebook . . . PCd this at length for hours ! . . .gave Bella her tablets and a treat as usual early evening, only for her to promptly throw them all up out in the garden!? Dunno why that suddenly went wrong all of a sudden! Poor dog - I didn't have much choice (with an unknown part of her dose dissolved/digested already!) but to pick it all up off the floor as best I could, and ram it back down her throat! Seemed to work thank goodness. :o( . . . TVd . . cooked and ate two quarter pound cheese burgers with buttered mixed veg followed by some chocolate . . .fell asleep in the chair almost immediately! Stumbled to bed after waking around 2am.
24 - Up around 7:45am. 15C in, 7C out. A sunny spell after earlier rain. .woke at the PC as usual. Wow - that latest RNLI video has already reached over a thousand views!!!!!? (That's a lot, real quick, for any I've done!) Had to sit and watch it YET again myself. It IS rather special I reckon - for someone to have captured the whole thing like that (even though I had to cut plenty). lol :o) Actually, there IS something else to say about all that - based on things I've read on the Torbay lifeboat website and on Facebook since. The part of the lifeboat site which gives details about ALB shouts, seemed to make a very pointed reference to the fact that they believed the man on board the yacht had suffered an injury during his capturing of the Antares speedboat - but was subsequently found to be ok. "Launched to assist the ILB following report of a vessel having come adrift in the strong North Westerly winds and possibly injuring one person on a second vessel during attempts to secure the adrift vessel. A crew Paramedic, carried on the ILB, checked all OK - both lifeboats worked to secure the adrift vessel before the ALB returned to station." . Someone commented on my Facebook post with my link to the video, as follows - "it wasn't an easy task for the lifeboat crew and they did brilliant under those conditions, unfortunately that was my vessel that came adrift as well as another speedboat which suffered damage too, I was there watching as my boat was to part from the mooring, I did phone the coastguard about this straight away to be told, sorry there is nothing we can do for you, puzzling yes but true". Ooooooh I wonder. Putting two and two together to make half a dozen, it IS my suspicion, that the coastguard would NOT willingly issue the lifeboats a 'launch-instruct' , for 'just' a vessel like that having come loose from its mooring in the harbour. No lives were at risk - insurance would have to take care of the loss? To 'get around that', a 'knowledgable' sort of person (like maybe the guy on the yacht?) 'could' suggest to the coastguard he's in danger or been injured, in which case they would have no choice but to immediately issue the launch-instruct and get all the troops out. Hmmmm, I wonder? I DID reply to that Facebook comment thus - "Mystery man on the yacht deserves MUCH credit from what I saw before filming!". The owner of the Antares replied "Credit and crates without him boat would have been total loss." which 'satisfied' me. He 'gets it'. Never mind the amazing work of the lifeboat guys - from what I saw before filming, the mystery man on the yacht was the one who REALLY risked his life, to make the saving of that guys boat possible! . . . walked BGdns (with secateurs in my raincoat pocket) under the increasingly grey and misty sky. Quite quiet again this morning. Played ball and sat around for a while before the 'barking' of seals drifting up from the rocks down below, had me move to stand atop the lower gun emplacement to watch the boisterous pair for a while. Returned to the seat and ended up getting bogged down in a lengthy, just being polite, conversation with another dog walker (for ages longer than I was in the mood for!). . eventually headed back up the paths and put in a bit of time cutting down a bit more of the overgrown brambles etc from in front of one of the memorial seats. Eventually called a halt and walked up to sit on my usual higher seat for my by now, only luke-warm coffee. Oh wow - black billowing smoke all over Torquay! That looks like a proper serious fire somewhere. (I've learned from experience to know that smoke of THAT colour is bad news.) Visibility was increasingly poor as drizzle started to move in, so I sadly couldn't make out any detail with the zoomed-in camcorder. It was quite a while before the smoke changed to 'white', indicating (from experience) the fire was being brought under control and quenched with water by the fire brigade , etc. . eventually headed home in the mizzle around 12:30pm . . . PCd and immediately checked the local newspaper website. Yep - I was right in my asessment - early reports of a significant house-fire in Torquay!! Poor devils. :o( . . . PCd this trying to bring it up to date-ish. Feels as though things have been a bit 'hectic' (for ME) of late! lol Plenty of typing to do. . didn't get far with updating things - ended up watching the news again! Turkey have now shot down a Russian military aircraft, allegedly in its airspace!!! FFS!!!!!!! :o( . . eventually continued to PC this at length . . .TVd . . . ate a beef bap, crisps, mini cheddars, a banana and some chocolate . . . fell asleep in the chair and to bed some time in the early hours.
23 - Up around 7am again. 14C in, 0C out. Similar broken cloud to yesterday. . . walked BGdns. Sat around on the usual seat for quite a while, strangely not feeling 'too' cold despite the sudden drop in temperature. All about the relative lack of wind I'm sure. Eventually carried on down around the harbour and on out towards the breakwater. Unusually sat a little way along, actually on the breakwater for a while, making the most of the warmth from the low winter sun (despite my backside feeling like I was sat on a block of ice!). Image of Oscar-4 towing a buoySpotted the council rib Oscar-4 coming into the harbour, and then using the zoom on the camcorder, realised they'd come across from Torquay to retrieve the buoy I'd seen the yacht towing in yesterday. Image of fishing vessel Wiron 5 in TorbayFor 'completeness' I couldn't help myself filming them for a while. Because of obstructions in my view, I ended up gradually moving further and further down the breakwater to film, ultimately ending up about three quarters of the way to the end, pointing the camera towards Torquay from the seaward side as they became dots in the distance. I was so busy focusing on the buoy's progress (and had turned my scanner volume down because of interference from the camcorder) , I hadn't noticed a HUGE fishing vessel entering the bay off to my right. Oh wow - what an enormous boat! 'PH1100 Wiron 5' it was called. Turned out it was briefly rendezvousing with the pilot boat for some reason. In the lower of the two thumbnail images I've included here, the scale of the thing can be appreciated from the figure of a man in a red top in the centre of the picture. MASSIVE boat, dwarfs the local beamers! The fish just haven't got a chance have they! Hard to believe there are ANY left! Doubley so, when in the far distance out off Berry Head, I could just make out her sister ship 'PH2200 Wiron 6' waiting for her! Some sort of a pair-team? Eventually called it quits with the filming and headed all the way back to under the old fish market roof for my by now, largely cold coffee. . bought a few supplies in town on the way straight home . . . PCd posting pics to facebook etc. . . napped late briefly until 7pm . . TVd . . . ate a sausage roll, a beef slice bap, bags of crisps, bowls of rice krispies, a banana, some swiss roll and a little chocolate . . . to bed around 1:30am.
22 - Up around 7am with a nasty headache. 14C in, 2C out. Mostly grey but a spectacular sunrise through a break in it. . . walked BGdns. Wow, what a difference to only yesterday! A mostly blue sky, very little wind, and a calm flat sea. . headed down to the inner harbour and actually detoured out along the town quay, to have a look at the drifting/salvaged speedboat from yesterday, which was sat there on blocks. I may be wrong, but as far as 'I' could tell, it looked as though the boat was largely intact. Just a bit of crushed/broken fiberglass damage to the very tip of the bow? . . carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for a while. Returned to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee, and then back up to BGdns to sit around some more. .Image of a yacht towing a buoyoh wow - that's unusual!!?? A yacht was slowly cruising across the bay, and ultimately into the harbour, towing a large red buoy. One assumes he'd found it drifting loose somewhere whilst he was out sailing, and had amazingly managed to get a line onto it to tow it all the way back with him. Credit to him. I don't think many would have taken the risk and put themselves out like that. Looked rather funny though. Couldn't resist grabbing a bit of footage. lol . . . PCd away the rest of the day, briefly uploading to Facebook a snippet of footage of the yacht towing the buoy, etc (suggesting 'caption competition anyone?'), and then about the toy I'd found outside my gate. "This 3ft diameter 'Chad Valley Toys' thing (whatever it is) has been blowing around the neighbourhood for at least a couple of days, and eventually ended up outside my gate yesterday. Please comment if its yours and you want it back, and I'll try to PM you.". Someone did eventually comment that it looked like a 'Ball Pit', but I'm none the wiser about what it's used for, and no one claimed it, so I guess it'll be getting chopped up and crammed in the wheelie-bin some time! :o( . . laboriously tried to finish editing down the lifeboats footage from yesterday, so as to keep it within the Youtube 15 minutes maximum. Very difficult for ME to just cut/not use so much of the stunning scenes I'd shot, but at great length, I managed to eventually chisel it all down to something that seemed to pretty much 'tell the story' I think. (I also deliberately tried to minimise the amount of footage I included of the mystery man on the yacht, because if he IS living on board it, there could well be more to him than meets the eye, and he (and the yacht's owner) may not welcome the 'publicity', etc!) . Set the two-hour-plus Youtube upload going, and retreated to the TV for a MUCH needed rest . . it was well after 8pm before the upload was completed, after which I posted links to the video on several local Facebook pages, and let the local lifeboat site know, etc. That SO deserves to be seen. Those lifeboat guys really ARE something VERY special. All that was nothing, in comparison to most of what they do on serious shouts - at night, in far worse weather, etc! . . drank a glass of red wine, cooked and ate two chicken kievs with chips, followed by a little chocolate . . . to bed around midnight.
21 - Up around 8am. 14C in, 6C out. Sunny . . . walked BGdns. Wow, what a strong north west type gusty wind, and oh SO cold! (70kmh wind with 106kmh gusts, and windchill of around zero degrees!). Really freezing with such a harsh windchill. I just HAD to shelter in the gun emplacement, it was so unpleasant - but nice to be able to look out, without those damned trees in the way now. :o) . . eventually headed off down in the direction of the harbour. After having climbed down the steps and started along the path alongside the outer harbour entrance adjacent to the Brixham Laboratory (ex Astra Zeneca building), I noticed a man on the deck of a twin masted yacht on one of the outermost harbour swing-moorings, as an Antares speedboat dangerously crashed up against it in the rough sea. The strong gusty wind was coming in from 'just' the right direction, to blow straight down the harbour 'mouth', whipping the sea up and giving all the boats on the moorings a good testing workout! Being the land-lubber I am, I really couldn't quite figure out what was going on for quite a while, and I ended up just standing and watching - and even moving to sit on a nearby seat for a bit. (Kicking myself with hindsight, I didn't start filming straight away!) I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the guy had even managed to get over onto the yacht in such rough conditions, never mind why the Antares was crashing up alongside like it was, etc, etc. The trouble with being a land lubber like I am, is that to ME, SO much of what I see around this place on an almost daily basis, is oh SO dangerous and worthy of a call to the authorities, and yet apparantly it's all just what people happily get on and do and is NOT worthy of calling all the troops out for!!! Despite all that, based on what I was seeing, at length, I ultimately decided that the guy on the yacht really was risking serious injury or worse in what he was doing, and given the conditions, no way was he going to be able to get himself back ashore! It just didn't look at all right! At about this time, he appeared to have managed to get a line on board the Antares, and it drifted a short distance behind the yacht in a 'relatively' safer position, and he then retreated back into the cabin of the yacht. Reluctantly (with people occasionaly walking past as though nothing was happening!?) I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket, eventually managed to get it switched on, and then bit the bullet and dialled 999 and asked for the Coastguard. It seemed like a frustratingly VERY lengthy call, trying to explain why I was calling, exactly where it was, etc, etc - and all in the teeth of the deafening freezing howling gale! My lengthy call eventually ended with the coastguard telling me the man aboard the yacht had already been in touch, and was in fact on the other line again at that moment - so things were 'in hand'! Yayyy - for once, I think I got things about right making that call. Phew. That of course then freed me to start filming - as the guy on the yacht climbed back out onto the deck and appeared to be trying to get a thicker line onto the Antares. It was only once I'd zoomed in with the camcorder that I realised the Antares was only being held by a very thin rope which the guy had somehow managed to tie onto the side of the flimsy bow rail - which was being bent and dragged out of shape and threatening to break as both boats bucked and heaved in the waves!!!!! THAT enabled me to put two and two together to realise that the Antares had slipped its mooring, had drifted over to crash against the yacht, and the guy already on the yacht, had somehow managed to 'catch' it - JUST! . . Filmed (and monitored the scanner of course) at length, as the 'shout' ensued. Image of Torbay lifeboats during a shout . Managed to get what 'I' think is an 'iconic' shot of the scene, as the ALB headed out in the background, to join the ILB. :o) The ILB crew did the business, with the ALB soon standing by in support (and even maybe acting as a bit of a wave screen?). REAL hard-work, filming in such conditions! Waves splashed up over my camcorder at one point! Luckily a slight change in my position enabled me to get away from the spray and force my camera down atop a metal post on my rice bag, to keep it 'relatively' still in the gale. Had to change batteries in the middle of things, etc, etc. At some point, a couple of guys were stood nearby talking, one of whome I believe was the actual owner of the twin masted yacht. I got the impression from a few exchanged words, that the 'mystery' guy on the yacht, was actually kindof living on-board - and had been perfectly happy there, despite the conditions!!!??? In fact he was so content, he assured the lifeboat crew he was fine, and elected to stay on board!!!!!!!! . at some point in proceedings, comms on the scanner suggested that ANOTHER vessel had come loose from its mooring somewhere else in the harbour, and the ALB briefly withdrew to go have a look before swiftly returning. . . at length, the Antares was safely re-moored and saved, albeit with at least some impact damage to the starboard side, and of course the bent and damged bow rail. . . By the time both lifeboats had headed back into the harbour early afternoon to go and deal with whichever other boat was adrift, and I finally stopped filming, I was actually in pretty bad shape. I'd been 'ON' filming, and largely motionless in that freezing gale, for something like an hour and a half! (Poor old Bella too, tied to my belt and ignored!) I was oh SO cold, I could barely feel my hands enough to operate the camera controls! SUCH a relief to be able to finally turn my back to the freezing wind and start moving around! Eventually managed to stow everything in pockets, got my legs working again, and stumbled off in the direction of the inner harbour - managing to call Mum on the mobile along the way, to let her know why I still wasn't home for her usual Saturday visit. As it turned out, the other vessel (speedboat) which was adrift, was in against the harbour wall/slipway, in the corner of the outer harbour near the pilot station right in front of the yacht club, and I reached that point just after the ILB had already managed to get a line onto it (with the ALB standing-off a little distance, in the deeper water). Managed to whip my camcorder out and get a bit of 'token' footage as the speedboat was eventually towed away and round out of sight into the inner harbour. Out of the corner of my eye whilst filming, I'd noticed a nearby lifebelt, so just in case it could be useful when I edited down all the footage I'd shot, I turned the camcorder round and zoomed in on the coastguard lifebelt wording. . stumbled on to the inner harbour and reached it, just as the ILB was towing the speedboat up to the town quay. Harbour staff appeared to be ready and waiting to receive it. Quickly grabbed a brief snip or two of video from the end of the path, before heading for the viewing platform above the toilets. Filmed there for a while as the ILB disappeared off back to their station and the speedboat was quickly lifted out of the water. It was none too warm up THERE, and I was awfully glad when there was nothing left to film. . ended up sitting in our usual place under the old fish market roof, trying to warm up a bit, and to drink my cold coffee. . all of a sudden, comms on the scanner between the lifeboats (both by now back on station) revealed that someone in town had suffered a fall and a possible broken pelvis, an ambulance wasn't immediately available, and it had been suggested that the medic from the lifeboat crew should attend with entinox for pain relief. Sure enough, a short while later, a RNLI rib came scooting across the harbour and dropped off personnel and equipment on the slipway immediately behind the Prince William of Orange statue! I must confess, I DID feel the 'urge' to head off in pursuit, in case there would be an interesting 'scene' to film - but I managed to resist the urge. People get real funny about the filming of such things it would appear (although 'I' actually can't see why! If its something out of the ordinary, in a public place, 'I' think having a record made of it is mostly justifiable?). . soon started to head home, only to find a small crowd stood around someone laying on the pavement, immediately opposite the William of Orange statue, in front of the end of the amusement arcade! I briefly stopped and discretely observed from a distance off, near the Golden Hind replica. Despite the cold, one of the crowd removed his coat and handed it over to help keep the person on the ground warm. One of the lifeboat crew, all still in his gear, was stood 'on guard' in the road nearby. I felt awkward doing so, but I eventually continued the way I was going, up the lane next to the amusement arcade. That meant I had to walk right past them all!! For the briefest of moments, it felt as though my eyes met those of the poor injured woman on the floor, peeking out all worried and in pain, from behind her entinox mask! :o( . .straight home through town. . arrived home to find a big round 'toy' thing laying on the pavement right in front of my gate! Oh for goodness sake - give me a break! I'd first seen that thing a day or two ago, jammed behind a roadsign up the road. It'd obviously been blown there from out of someones garden during the recent gales. This morning I'd noticed it'd been blown into someones garden up the road, and was lodged between a wall and their car. Now 'I' was gonna be lumbered with sorting it out! FFS! Reluctantly brought it in . . . oh wow was I cold still. Borderline hypothermic I think - REALLY! Straight in and put the fire on and huddled around it for a bit before making a coffee and touching base with Mum again. . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats, and to hear all about the morning's events and even to watch a bit of the footage on the TV . . . PCd editing the lifeboat footage for hours, but sadly eventually just HAD to walk away and leave it for another day. I could barely focus my eyes anymore! . . .TVd . . ate just a couple of bowls of rice krispies and a bag of crisps . . . falling asleep in the chair, to bed around midnight.
20 - Woken at 7am by next door's piano. Played only 'just' long enough to wake me up, then it stopped! :o( 15C in, 7C out. Grey and a bit drizzley to start . . . walked BGdns - with a rucsack on my back containg secateurs AND my wood saw! . played ball and sat around on the usual seat for a while, 'mustering up the courage'! Felt terribly self conscious and 'guilty', but I eventually gingerly made my way down to the cliff ledge, and started having a go at sawing down the three or four self seeded trees which have grown up to block the view from the searchlight gun emplacement. The tallest was perhaps around twenty feet tall, and the trunk was as thick as my thigh! Very nerve racking, trying to have them fall so they didn't end up going onto the rocks or into the water below - or take me with them! Bloody hard work too, with my largely blunt saw. After many months of having done absolutely NOTHING physical, I pretty soon ended up sweating buckets and feeling VERY unwell - but at length, I succeeded in cutting them all down. The result wasn't particularly pretty, because I mostly just left them laying on the ledge where they fell (they won't move unless someone moves them), but at least I cleared the view - as it SHOULD be (for a few years at least, until they all grow back up of course). Yyayyyyyyyy. :o) . . HAD to sit around for quite a while to recover, before feeling well enough to eventually head back home . . . PCd . No one had (yet?) claimed the coat I'd found, but someone HAD commented, suggesting I really SHOULD inform the coastguard, just in case someone was outstanding from an incident! Damn - their right aren't they! I SHOULD have done that early yesterday I guess? I'd somehow convinced myself (perhaps because I wanted to get to keep it?) that it was just lost by someone being careless. . reluctantly phoned the coastguard (non emergency number) to report the coat. A lengthy call (talking to someone who's heavily accented voice I recognised from listening on my scanner! lol) , at the end of which - DAMN! - he suggested I should hand it over to the local harbourmaster! Owwwwaaa. :o( . phoned the local harbourmasters office to explain, and to find out when/where to hand it in. The young woman I spoke to (who's voice I also recognised. lol) informed me the harbourmaster wasn't going to be around until Monday, so I suggested I'd probably drop it in some time then. . . PCd . . all of a sudden the coastguard called me back, and suggested they'd like me to meet-up with the local CRTs, to show them precisely where the coat was found! They'd obviously had second thoughts about the potential implications!!!! It was agreed I'd meet them at the car park adjacent to the Brixham Laboratory building in about half an hour. . . rushed to turn everything off, make a coffee to take, get my coat on, etc. As I did so I turned my scanner on as usual, and promptly heard the coastguard paging the local CRTs to go and meet with a first informant! That'll be ME then! lolololol . . . it was easiest to wear the coat over the top of the rest of my clothes. Very nice and warm it was too. Walked as quick as I could straight down through BGdns heading for the car park. Along the way, I hurried my pace still further when I heard comms on the scanner from the local CRTs informing Solent coastguard they were in their vehicle and leaving their CRE to go meet the first informant. lolol . . . a short wait and the Coastguard vehicle with three CRTs on board soon arrived. I handed over the coat, and then walked the short distance with two of them to show them EXACTLY where I'd found it and how, etc, etc. When we all returned to their vehicle, someone was stood at the drivers door having a conversation. Turned out he was a CRT from Teignmouth who works in the Brixham Laboratory building, and he'd seen a guy fishing from that ledge in the pouring rain early yesterday morning (because it was just across from his window) and he said the guy had been using the coat 'for cover'. He ALSO suggested he'd seen the guy leaving the area safe and well a little later - without his coat. That was pretty much the end of the issue as far as I was concerned. .headed back up to BGdns to sit around for a bit (listening-in to the CRTs comms to Solent Coastguard about the coat etc. lol) . Oh well - I guess I don't get to have a nice expensive new raincoat. :o( (I 'may' yet pursue that - in time.) . . Ended up filming fishing boats steaming in for an hour or so before finally heading home after dark . . . PCd and laboriously posted a whole bunch of still frames of the boats coming in, to Facebook's Brixham Fishing page . . . DF called in for arguments and biscuits until gone 10pm . . . TVd . .cooked and ate two burgers in baps with grated cheese and mayo, together with some coleslaw, followed later by a banana and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
19 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 10C out. Rain . . . walked BGdns in the pouring rain. Soaked through pretty quick! Sheltered in my favourite searchlight gun emplacement for a while, but as usual of late, got all angry about the self-seeded trees that have started growing tall on the nearby cliff face, blocking the view of the bay and breakwater end, etc, etc. For hundreds of years this place has been a 'lookout' point - the whole reason the WWII gun emplacement is there is because of the view - and yet in the space of one generation, purely through self-centered neglect, the whole place has REALLY gone to pot, and hardly anywhere now affords the view it 'should', because of all the jungle of self seeded trees, budlea, brambles, etc, etc! Shameful - utterly shameful! :o( Makes me angry. . .couldn't get much wetter so eventually decided to carry on down towards the harbour. . as I passed the 'Brixham Laboratory' (ex Astra Zeneca) building, I noticed something on the rocks a little way above the waterline (highish tide at the time). It appeared to be a coat. On a cliff ledge a distance above it, where anglers often stand, was a noticeable collection of fresh leaves. A rag (part of an old T shirt?) wrapped up in more leaves was in the water below, and in the sea a little distance off, was a larger collection of similar Buddleia type foliage. I walked back and forth a few times surveying the scene from different vantage points, checking that there was nothing I'd missed - and ultimately reached the conclusion that it'd been there for 'a little while', and had most likely been lost by an angler, perhaps even the day before? All the leaves suggested to me that someone had been trying to reach it by using a branch from a nearby overgrown Buddleia bush. In my fitter/younger days, I reckon it would have been possible to climb backwards down the cliff to reach it - maybe - just, but that was out of the question these days with my dodgy knees and all. Far too dangerous, especially in the pouring rain! Ooooooh - SO frustrating being just out of reach like that. True to form, I couldn't resist the challenge. I eventually tore myself away, just leaving it there, and carried all the way along towards the inner harbour, apace, scouring the route for any boat hooks that may have been laying around near any of the 'out for the winter' yachts in the car park. Sadly I couldn't see anything which would do the job - but I DID know what would. I raced around to the inner harbour and to under the old fish market roof, and quickly grabbed one of the long metal rails which are piled up there, used to make up the Saturday market stall frames. A ten foot long piece of square metal tube, with L shaped ends a couple of inches long. God knows what anyone watching would have thought, but without hesitation, I carried it away and retraced my steps, all the way back out along the outer harbours edge to the rocks. Yayy - it was still there. It wasn't easy and took a few goes (because of the saturated weight of it), but eventually I managed to get enough of a 'hook' onto it, to be able to swing the rail and flick it up onto an accessible bit of grass. Yayyyyyyyyy. Gotcha! :o) Had a good look at the coat and went through all the pockets hoping there'd be some means to identify its owner. There was nothing in the pockets, except for a plastic whistle which was actually on a dedicated chord which formed a part of the coat. According to the labels, it was a 'Fladen Rescue System flotation jacket - buoyancy aid'. What it DID have on the big multilingual label inside, was the name Paul, written large in indellible ink. Hmmm - I guess that gives me 'something' to go on - I'm gonna HAVE to attempt to return it to whoever lost it if I possibly can. Via Facebook maybe? Carried the coat and the metal rail all the way back to the harbour for my coffee under the old fish market roof. Had another good look at the coat and then hung it up to dry a little on another bit of the market frames. . . As 'usual', some old passer by stopped to talk about Bella etc, and asked about what breed she was. I said (like a broken record, I'm asked so often!) possibly a Belgian Shepherd - and then, with the recent events in Paris still fresh in my mind, blurted-out 'like the police dog that has just been shot in the Paris anti-terrorist raid'. The old man replied by starting to say something about how "ISIS wasn't about religion"! WHAT!!!!???? How on earth could anyone be so UTTERLY ignorantly wrong? I couldn't let THAT go - but just as I was about to ask him for 'clarification' and 'have a go', a military helicopter came flying loudly LOW over the harbour and we were both thankfully suitably distracted. . . straight home through town carrying the dripping coat . . . PCd and posted to a couple of facebook pages (Spotted and Brixham Fishing) about the coat I'd found, in the hope that I could return it to its rightful owner. I confess, I only posted an image of the inside label with the name written on it, to 'dissuade' potentially dishonest people from claiming it when it wasn't theirs (I'd demand they accurately describe it before handing it over to someone) - because I rather wanted to keep it myself if the owner couldn't be found. I DID go online and have a look at them, and it's worth around 75! Mostly used by the yachting fraternity I think. Nicest wet weather coat 'I've' ever had in my possession - and it fits over my bodywarmer a treat! Fingers crossed/time will tell. . . PCd the news, etc - at length, trying to make sense of the Paris/Islam/terrorist thing. Various BBC reports I read mentioned the Islamic State magazine, 'Dabiq', and I ended up wondering how it was that such a voice for terrorists could be available on-line. I assumed it'd be difficult to find/read. WRONG. Click click via Wiki, and lo and behold, I'd downloaded the latest English (post Paris attacks) edition pdf!!!!! I even then 'forced' myself to read a large chunk of it, just to check that my views on 'things' weren't a mistaken casualty of false propaganda. One of the unexpected impressions I got from what I read, was how fluent in English the writers were. More so than I, requiring that I reach for my dictionary on more than one occasion! Nothing I read changed my views about them, and it wasn't long before I couldn't stomach any more! . Funny how 'uneasy' I feel having done that. I assume that 'someone' 'somewhere' (on one 'side' or another) now has a record that 'I' as an individual have downloaded such a document! Plenty of recent court cases seemed to rely on 'evidence' of people having 'in support of terrorists' documents on their PCs etc!!!! Hmmm? :o(. . . napped until around 6:30pm . . .TVd . . .ate a sausage roll and yesterday's left over mixed veg followed later by co-co pops, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . .fell asleep in the chair again. To bed around 2:30am.
18 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 12C out. Grey. . a notice had been put through the door. Next door's guinea pig cage was blown over in the night and one is missing! Had a wander around the garden but, unsuprisingly, sadly no sign of anything. Hmmmm - with hindsight, when I let Bella out for a pee at some point around 11:30pm last night, I DID get the impression from a bit of a bark and other noise that 'something' may have been briefly out there. I'd assumed a cat/fox/hedgehog, etc. Poor little thing is gonna be long dead by now I'm sure. :o( . . .walked BGdns with secateurs. Sat around for a while before then trimming a bit of the overgrowing ivy and brambles etc from near the entrance to my favourite lower gun emplacement. Trimmed just a little bit more of the overhanging stuff along the path as I headed down towards the harbour, as unexpected drizzle arrived. . sat under the old fish market roof for my coffee . . back to BGdns and did a little more trimming in front of a memorial seat a short distance below the upper main gun floor, that no longer has ANY view whatsoever. . . shopped for a few supplies and then some frozen tripe for Bella on the way home . . . TVd watching the news for quite a while. :o( . . . PCd . . . TVd . . ate almost a whole pack of chocolate biscuits before cooking later, and then eating a large bowl of mixed veg with fried onion and mushrooms followed by chocolate . . . fell asleep in the chair before to bed some time in the early hours!
17 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 11C out. Grey and windy - and then rain. . .walked BGdns in waterproofs and pretty soon had to shelter in the gun emplacement as torrential rain and strong gusts of wind moved in. The waters of the bay were blown almost dead flat calm. Hung around there for ages (messing around clearing out some of the leaves and rubbish). Image of Torbay coasteersSpotted a trio of 'crazy' but well-equipped (helmets, wet suits, buoyancy aids, go-pro cameras, etc) 'coasteers' in the distance on the rocks along past Churston cove, and couldn't resist grabbing a bit of footage as they all eventually jumped off a rock into the sea! I guess given how much it was raining, why not! lol . . Eventualy headed down to the harbour to shelter under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Drenched-through by the time we both got down there. :o( . . started to head home when there was a lull in the rain. Image of a hole in a roofBriefly stopped off in one of the harbour-front chip shops, just to make sure 'someone' knew about the big hole in the tiles on their roof three floors up. I'd spotted that hole a LONG time ago now - but absolutely nothing has been done about it. It MUST surely be causing severe damage somewhere up near the roof, especially given the current appalling weather. The guy serving behind the chip counter (I actually showed him a brief clip of zoomed in video of the roof/hole) suggested 'someone' was aware of it, so - good luck to them if they think they can get away with just leaving it like that! . . straight home through town as the wind and rain returned in earnest. . drenched! Recovered from the walk whilst watching the news/PMs questions etc. It seems SUCH a shame to me, but it really does look increasingly as though Labour's Jeremy Corbyn IS going to be 'unelectable'. Answering the prime ministers speech this morning, he struck me as almost 'bumbling'! So much so, I actually wondered if he wasn't well! The dire nature of the threat facing 'civilisation', and what MUST be done to eradicate it, seems to have sadly eluded him. :o( . . PCd a bit of this . . .TVd . . .ate four sausages and chips followed later by three jam tarts, biscuits and some chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
16 - Woken around 7am by neighbour noise, including a brief bit of piano!! Bit flippin early for that ffs! :o( 16C in, 10C out. Mostly grey . . walked BGdns and just sat around there for quite a while. New graffiti in the lower searchlight gun emplacement. Makes me SO angry. :o( . . stopped in the local store for supplies on the way back home. Ended up buying five packs of thick sausages (to put in my freezer) that were going out of date and being sold for a mere 1 a pack. I HAD to at that price didn't I. . . did laundry and dish washing chores whilst watching the news channel. . . . ate two ham finger rolls, crisps and coleslaw . . napped until woken by the ansaphone taking a call around 6pm. . . came-to and then called SH back. He'd called to let me know that some time within the last couple of weeks, DE had died. Strangely, although that news was completely out of the blue, it didn't come as a particular 'shock'. There was something about how she sounded (when we briefly spoke, back when I bought my faulty Yaesu FT-897 from her) which strongly indicated she was - um - 'getting old'. Another 'significant' person from my distant past, dead and gone. It was from her and her husband I (and my girlfriend at the time ) bought my house in Bristol, etc, etc. :o| . . . PCd for a long while, reading an article about ISIS which DF had shared on his facebook page. Rather overly long, but worth a read I felt. Bettered my understanding a little, but mostly just served to confirm my view that they are a grave existential threat to our way of life, and 'people' really need to wake up to that - which I don't think they have so far. Maybe the Paris attack will finally wake people up? There IS no 'dialogue' to be had with these psychopathic extremists. -//- . . . TVd . . .ate three jam tarts and two applie pies, followed later by four sausages on their own with just ketchup and then bowls of co-co pops and a little chocolate . . . to bed at 2am.
15 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 12C out. Grey and damp . . . walked BGdns in a persistant mizzle and gusty winds. Plenty of rainbows around the place for a while until things got greyer. Carried on out to the breakwater seat and then back to the harbour to drink my coffee. Back to BGdns and then home via the store for a few supplies. Yayy - found a 5 note blowing past me on the way home. . . PCd/TVd . . .ate two ham, mayo, grated cheese baps with crisps and a banana. . napped on the sofa next to Bella for an hour or two . . TVd . . ate apple pies, bowls of co co pops and some chocolate . . .to bed around 2am.
14 - Up around 8:20am. 15C in, 9C out. Rain . . . walked BGdns in waterproofs feeling cold and down, and ended up just hanging around in shelter from the rain in the lower searchlight gun emplacement for ages, playing ball, drinking my coffee and pointing the camcorder at the odd passing boat, etc. Eventually headed straight home, but via the local pet store for a new large 4.99 rawhide chewy thing for Bella . . . TVd the news. :o( . . . Mum called in briefly with the papers and food donations for chats etc . . . PCd a bit of this. . . TVd . . . ate two ham baps, crisps, a couple of apple pies, a whole multi-pack of kit kat biscuits and a little chocolate. . to bed around midnight after falling asleep in the chair again! Warren Mitchell ('Alf Garnett') died this day
13 - Broken sleep then up around 8:40am. 16C in, 9C out. Rain showers. . .walked BGdns (the 'Gorch Foch' tall-ship slipped away and out of the bay whilst I was sat there) and then on down to the harbour for my coffee. Bought a few supplies on the way home through town . . . drank a bit of red wine. Cooked and ate two chicken vievs with a mountain of mixed veg . . . napped until almost 7pm. . .TVd the night away, ending up watching the 'France24' news channel for much of the time when news of the latest attacks and horror in France started coming through. :o( . . . ate a pack of five doughnuts and later a small pasty . . . to bed around 2am.
12 - Woken around 7:30am by neighbour noise, including the bloody piano! 16C in, 11C out. Rain . . .walked BGdns and then the harbour for my coffee feeling very down. Bought a few supplies on the way home through town . . . ate two pastry slices, with pickled onions and crisps . . . napped . . . TVd/PCd . . .ate two more pastry slices, biscuits and chocolate . . .TVd/PCd . . to bed gone 4am!! 'filthy' Phil Taylor of Motorhead died this day!! :o(
11 - Up around 7:45am. 16C in, 12C out. Grey . . .walked BGdns and sat around there for a long while. Eventually headed on down around the harbour and up to the war memorial for the 'proper' eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month armistice day two minutes silence. A very small crowd of little more than a dozen people were assembled there. I ended up 'apart' from them all, just across the other side of the road, which enabled me to take a photo or two during the silence, etc. A few words were spoken by someone who I presume was a minister of some sort, and a wreath of hand drawn poppies was placed at the base of the moument by a couple of young local school kids, etc. Once the actual silence was done, I soon carried on along to the usual seat above the end of the breakwater to sit around for a while . . eventually headed back along to take a few photos of the now deserted memorial etc. (for a later facebook post) before heading back around the harbour. . . saw a couple of seal noisily basking on the 'usual' rocks on the way back to BGdns for yet more sitting and to drink my coffee. . . Filmed the German three-mast barque 'Gorch Fock' coming into the bay. It came in VERY slowly before ultimately anchoring in the middle of the bay, over towards Torquay from my vantage point. A crew member climbed to the very end of the prow and hoisted the German flag. . . PCd for ages, posting pictures to various Facebook pages etc, etc . . napped briefly until around 6pm . . TVd . .. ate a chicken and mushroom pastry slice, mushrooms and chips followed later by biscuits and chocolate . . to bed around 1:45am.
10 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 12C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns, the breakwater seat, the old fish market for my coffee, BGdns and home. . .PCd/TVd the day off . . . ate yesterdays left over soup concoction with rice, followed by a banana, bowls of rice krispies and some chocolate . . fell asleep in the chair again!!? . to bed around 2am.
9 - Poor sleep then up around 7:45am. 16C in, 11C out. Sunny spells to start with . walked BGdns, up to the war memorial to look at all the wreaths etc, the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to under the old fish market for my coffee, back up to BGdns and eventually home. . . got the drill out and put a few emergency screws into a rotten garden fence panel out back that was threatening to be completely destroyed by the awful strong gusts of wind. . . ate a pastry slice, crisps, banana and biscuits . . napped . . . TVd another night off . . .cooked up some chopped bacon with mushrooms and mushroom soup and ate with two buttered baps followed by kipling apple pies, biscuits and a little chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
8 - -unfinished- Up around 7:30am. 17C in, 12C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns and then on down to the harbour intending to head for the seat above the end of the breakwater. Crowds were already all assembling on the narrow marina walkway in front of the old coastguard station.Brixham rememberance day service 'Payment of respects' image'Payment of respects'Brixham rememberance day parade

. . . filmed from the vantage point of the wall above the breakwater car park (a little way below my usual seat above the end of the breakwater) etc.

quickly headed back to the harbour before the end of the service to avoid the crowds. Briefly sat under the old fish market roof before returning to sit around in BGdns for my barely warm coffee. . home via the local store for a few supplies . . . PCd . . .TVd . . ate four garlic sausage and mayo baps with crisps followed by a banana, three kipling apple pies and some chocolate . . fell asleep in the chair for a bit again! Eventually to bed around 2am only to then have trouble getting to sleep for ages.
7 - Up around 7:45am to the sound of the strong gusty wind and rain! 17C in, 14C out. . .delayed walking until quite late, waiting for the worst of the weather to pass. . . walked BGdns in waterproofs. Cleared up a carrier bag full of broken glass, litter and spent fireworks, etc. . on down to sit under the shelter of the old fish market roof for my coffee as the strong gusty wind and rain continued for quite a while. .eventually home through town after the rain had passed. . . PCd . . . napped . . . TVd . . . drank some Baileys and ate two cheeseburgers, buttered mixed veg, biscuits and chocolate. . . fell asleep in the chair before to bed whenever in the early hours.
6 - Up just before 8am to the sound of piano music from next door! 17C in, 14C out. Rain. . . a 'groundhog' kinda day! Walked Bgdns in waterproofs in the rain, sheltered in a gun emplacement for a while, and then on down to the shelter of the old fish market roof for my coffee. Whilst sat in my usual spot, a policeman happened to wander along - and then made a bee line for me! Uhoh. Turned out it was the same sergeant I flagged down a little while ago when I found that woman's purse. He wanted to let me know he'd tracked the woman down on the day I gave it to him, and he allegedly even drove to her home to return it to her - and she was very relieved and grateful. That was jolly good of him to remember and let me know the outcome like that. :o). . Detoured to the local pet store on the way home, for six more blocks of frozen tripe for Bella (6:30). . chiseled all the tripe blocks in half before stashing them in the freezer . . . PCd for a bit and then just 'shuffled' and tidied-up the big pile of paperwork and bills etc which I haven't been able to face dealing with for ages. :o( . . .ate a chicken pastry slice with chips . . tried to nap for a while but maybe only managed half an hour or so thanks to the neighbour's dog yapping on one side and or the kids playing with the piano on the other side! :o( . . . DF called in for arguments at 7pm until gone 10pm . . .ate biscuits, two large sausage rolls, coleslaw, crisps, banana and chocolate . . . to bed at 2am.
5 - Up around 7:45am. 17C in, 13C out. Grey and drizzley. . . walked BGdns in waterproofs in the rain. Carried on down to the shelter of the old fish market roof for my coffee and plenty of sitting around. Eventually straight home through town in the increasingly heavy rain . . .aimlessly sat around/TVd/PCd another day off. . . ate cold ham, chips, coleslaw, a banana, biscuits and a little chocolate . . . to bed just after 1am.
4 - Up around 8am. 17C in, 12C out. Grey and damp - and then rain . . . walked BGdns in waterproofs and mostly sat around in the shelter of the lower gun emplacment for ages. Eventually carried on down to sit under the old fish market roof for my coffee. Bought a few supplies and then straight home through town in the heavier rain . . . TVd recovering from the walk for a while (bizarrely watching Prime Minister's Questions from the house of commons! Shameful 'animal noises' type of behaviour as usual. I totally fail to see the point in all the theatrics.) . . . PCd a bit of this, catching up a bit. . .napped for little more than an hour . . vacuumed . did dish washing chores . . . TVd . . ate a whole pack of six going-cheap sausage rolls with crisps, bowls of rice krispies, biscuits, and a whole mum donated chocolate orange! . . to bed around 1am.
3 - Up around 7:20am. 17C in, 12C out. Threatening dark grey sky. . .walked BGdns. Just sat around there for ages, sheltering from the drizzle and rain in a gun emplacement, and chatting with another dog walker most of the time. Eventually straight home . . . aimlessly TVd/PCd another day off feeling pretty down . . . ate a meat pastry slice, two ham baps, crisps, banana, biscuits and chocolate . . .to bed around 1am.
2 - Up around 7:45am. 17C in, 12C out. Grey and a hint of mist. . .annadin tablet. Walked BGdns. An easterly breeze and the dampness of the air made it feel very much colder and less pleasant than yesterday. Could have done with another layer! . Cleared up a carrier bag full of litter from around the town facing gun emplacement - but couldn't reach it all. I really need to stop going near that one, because with the state of all my painful leg joints now, I really am rather too 'tottery' to be getting so near a cliff edge like that! Carried on down around the harbour and out to the seat above the end of the breakwater before soon returning to sit near the old coastguard station to drink my coffee. Very quiet around the place. Very noticeable the tourist season effectively ended on Sunday. A couple of places were shut and there were hardly any people around at all. All that not helped by at least a part of the harbourside road being closed with noisy roadworks going on. . straight home through town gone midday . .felt very aching, cold and tired. . ate a piece of gala pie, crisps and a banana . . . slept the afternoon away (despite next doors dog irritatingly incessantly yapping - again!) until just before 6pm. . PCd a bit of this . . .TVd. .the 'new' neighbours would appear to have a piano (or a modern electric equivalent?). All VERY clearly audible through the walls (as is my awful guitar noisemaking for them no doubt!!), and whoever it was who was the learner having a prod at it, was really rather good I thought. More usually, any little noise from the neighbours will drive me nuts, but for some reason, I wasn't at all adverse to being able to hear that (above the TV!), and I even muted the TV for quite a while and just listened - 'willing' them to find the next note whenever they faltered. lolol Such a shame I can't play guitar - it'd be hillarious to be able to spontaneously play along with whatever tune they were doing. lol . . . ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with a bowl of buttery mixed veg followed later by biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed around 1am.
1 - Woke earlier, snoozed on then up around 7:30am by neighbour noise. 18C in, 12C out. Misty. . . walked BGdns. One of the barges with a crane on board from the lifeboat pontoon building site slipped out of the harbour with a couple of attendant boats (one pushing) and headed across the bay towards Torquay in the mist whilst we were sat there. . eventually carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, back to the harbour to sit under the old fish market roof for a while, and then back up to BGdns for my luke-warm coffee before eventually home . . . mowed both lawns and pottered in the back garden deweeding and trimming a bit, etc. for hours . .TVd . . ate two corned beef and grated cheese finger rolls with crisps, biscuits and chocolate . . . to bed after 1am.