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- Up around 8:30am again. 13C in, 7C out. Grey . . headachey . . walked BGdns, on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater and then back to the inner harbour to sit and drink my coffee. On the way home up the main road, some guy was loading his car up with bits of mostly chipboard from some piece of broken down furniture or other, presumably destined for the tip. He ALSO had a big noticeboard type frame he was gonna pop in on top just as I approached. I asked if he was dumping it and he said yes - so - although I don't really 'need' one, I ended up walking home carrying it with me. lol. It's a cheap lightweight one (Ikea maybe?) around two feet by three feet in size. Just a big sheet of fibreboard type stuff held in a bit of inadequate timber surround edging. If I didn't already have my homemade one in the PC room (lonce since made up from an old white painted picture frame and cork tiles), it would have been ideal for in there. Maybe it'll end up in there as another with maybe a map on some time? We'll see. Just more 'too good to discard' clutter hanging around the place! . . . vacuumed . . TVd . . . ate half a large pack of going off/cheap cocktail sausages with chips followed by biscuits . . . napped until the 7pm alarm. . .returned SHs ansaphone call . . . aimlessly TVd the night away . . .smoked and drank baileys. . .briefly stood on the doorstep just after midnight, listening to fireworks, people shouting, and the church bells across town, etc. . . Ate the remaining cocktail sausages with crisps and ketchup, a banana and some chocolate . . .to bed around 2am. That's a second day of Bella having seemingly regained her appetite and eating 'more or less' like she should??
30 - Up around 8:30am. 12C in, -2C out. Sun and a little broken cloud . . . walked the woods (the mud was frozen enough) and then back to BGdns to sit and drink my coffee. Back via the store for supplies and some e-liquid . . . did dish-washing chores . . aimlessly TVd/PCd the rest of the day away . . . ate the last of the pressure cooker stew with four pieces of bread and butter followed later by a meat pastry slice, mini cheddars, coleslaw and plenty of chocolate . . . to bed around 1am. Today Bella acted like the starving dog she is, and promptly ate all I gave her (including a tin of the Winalot meat, she she'd been regularly refusing before)!?
29 - Up around 7:50am - actually 'roused' by the sound of the distant reving engines of what I imagine was the pilot boat returning to the harbour. Weird acoustics outside today (freezing cold/little wind) - with sound carrying clearer and further than usual!? 12C in, -2C out. Clear, soon to be sunny sky - and ice! . . Woke at the PC monitoring the radio as normal. As usual , a couple of the day-boat skippers were chatting (the same two, every day) as they were out searching with their electronic fish-finder equipment for fish to 'shoot' their gear at. "A couple of flicks here but I think it's the temperature layer." said one. "Yeah - probably a f***in' iceberg!" was the reply - which kinda summed-up how cold the day felt, despite the rising sun. . . opened the front door to set off walking and found another box of Bakers Complete left on my doorstep in a carrier bag by the neighbour up the road (who knows when)!! A little note said it was on special offer for 2.50 and was a Christmas present for Bella from HER dog! That's very good of her, and I should just be appreciative and thankful - but it rather just makes me all up tight and 'owing' and not really knowing if or how to respond! I hate to say it, but I'd actually rather she didn't 'donate' stuff like that, to save ME the 'anxiety' over it!! :o( . . . Image of sick Bella walked Bgdns in multiple layers and sat on the frozen dew on the lower in-shade seat for ball play. Eventually carried on out to the breakwater, and actually walked a short distance along it, so we could sit in a bit of low winter sun for a while, rather than freeze in the shade. Unusually grabbed a snap or two of Bella - because the sun was full in her face and maybe for once she wouldn't just look like a featureless black shadow, and the cold blue sky was giving a good backdrop. Basically a carbon copy type of a shot that I once took of Sally with some success. Although 'the clock is now ticking' and I really should make the most of her etc, I seem to be less and less inclined to want to point cameras at her at the moment?? She's SO painfully thin now, maybe I don't think I want to have her looking like that in images that will likely outlive her? :o( . . Coincedentaly, the neighbour who'd donated the dog food soon walked by with a couple of her friends, so I had a chance to say thank you and hopefully politely suggest no more! . . returned to the inner harbour to sit and vape and drink my coffee before eventualy heading home . . . dumped Bellas small amount of left-over food out for the birds and gave her a tins volume of the Bakers - which she DID then eat straight down on THIS occasion. (I HAVE proven, it ISN'T about what food I give her - it's just a case of never knowing from one meal to the next whether or not she's going to have an appetite for WHATEVER I put down. Nevertheless, I can't help continually trying to reason it out, and it's driving me crazy trying to analyse what I did different 'THIS' time, every time! :o( ) . . . TVd . .Mum called to touch base . . . PCd a bit of this. . . TVd . . cooked up a tinned meat and mixed veg stew in the pressure cooker and ate a good couple of bowls full . . . TVd the evening away again. . .ate crisps and biscuits before to bed around 1:30am.
28 - Up around 7:15am. 13C in, 3C out. Mostly clear sky . . . somehow badly messed up giving Bella her morning dose of four tablets, and didn't manage to get her to swallow them as cleanly as I usualy manage. She kinda managed to spit one or two out and I had to rush to try to get them back in and down her throat. The upshot of all this was that one or other of the tablets ended up kinda dissolving in her mouth rather than more slowly in her stomach!! THAT (I presume) had a pretty quick 'negative' effect on her! All the rest of the morning, she needed to keep stopping and peeing, over and over and OVER again! Poor dog! . . walked BGdns, the harbour and eventually back through town . . .aimlessly PCd/TVd/vaped/smoked the day away . . . ate reheated roast potatoes and mixed veg with gravy etc. . drank red wine . TVd. Actually sat and endured 'Top Gear' for the first time in decades - just to see what all the fuss had been about when they went to Argentina a little while ago. Jeeze - WHAT shockingly appaling rubbish that program truly is. Is it actually supposed to be 'reality'? I just can't understand the mentality of people who enjoy such falsely contrived drivel. The only bits which I DID find of some real interest, were when reality really did intervene - when one of the presenters fell off a horse (nastily, flat on his back!!) and cracked some ribs, and then when the terrifying mobs of Argentinians really DID attack their convoy. Scary stuff for real. Overall, I was kinda left with the feeling that the arrogance and stupidity of what they were all doing, meant that it rather served them right what happened to them! 'I' think that as priveledged 'ambassadors' of this country, their behaviour when abroad is a true embarassment which shames us all!!! I will NOT be watching any of their meaningless drivel EVER again. . . ate crisps, chocolate and many chocolate biscuits. . .to bed before 1am. Managed to get a 'reasonable' amount of food overall into Bella today. She spent a HUGE amount of the day chewing on her rawhide chewy thing. On the down side, she also appears to be extremely itchy again all of a sudden!??? It's almost as though all the weight she's lost has made her itchy skin flare-up with a vengeance. (Haven't found any signs of fleas as yet - and am assuming given the current temperatures, it is NOT fleas!)
27 - Very little, poor broken sleep then up around 7am. 13C in, 5C out. Sunny after the storm . . .walked BGdns . . . -/--/- . . . TVd . . . ate reheated kiev, roast potatoes etc with a pint of gravy. . . TVd . .ate bowls of rice krispies and some chocolate . . .to bed around 10pm. Bella refused her main evening meal again, despite me adding left over gravy to it etc - which would more usualy have seen her woof it all straight down. She gave it one lick, and left it. :o(
26 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 8am. Good grief, that's a longggg 'sleep' for a change! 13C in, <5C out. Rain . . .dumped another whole bowl full of Bellas food out in the garden for the eager birds. :o( . . walked BGdns in rain gear in the cold drizzly rain. Played muddy ball for a bit until hearing the coastguard troops being paged by Falmouth Coastguard. Reports of a pushchair sighted over the cliffs up on Berry Head somewhere requiring a look! . . ummd and ahhd for a bit at the intersection of the paths. Turn right up the steps to pretty soon head home to warm and dry and wine and TV, or straight on to carry on down around the harbour and all the way along up to Berry Head in the rain to see if there was anything to be seen of 'the shout'. I was a couple of steps up the path, on my way home, before ending up turning around and heading all the long way out to Berry Head!! I guess that long sleep made a difference and gave me a bit of energy! . . passing the Breakwater beach, a very small handful of people (and their small dogs) were just wrapping up their Boxing day swim!!!!! Jeeze - rather them than me! . . . up on the exposed areas of Berry Head it was blowing and pouring with rain and VERY unpleasant. (Plenty of dog walkers all braving it!) I walked all over the place and covered the view points from both forts up there, but try as I did, I just couldn't locate where it was the coastguard troops were (according to the radio comms) putting a man over the cliff to presumably retrieve the pushchair! It MUST have been somehow out of sight in the St Marys direction. Filthy weather to be abseiling down cliffs! I eventually gave up trying to figure out where they were and started to head back - just as comms indicated the ILB was out on a PR excercise heading over to Torquay's Tor Abbey Sands to support their Boxing day swim! . . Image of a fishing boat on the Brixham Breakwater slipway on Boxing Day.despite my waterproofs, by the time we got all the way back down and along to the end of the breakwater, my feet especially were soaking wet and feeling pretty damned cold. Not as cold as the fisherman who was putting his boat back in the water on the slipway. He quite happily waded through the water and climbed onboard his boat as a guy in a range rover (small car/heavy little boat?!!) eventually dragged the trailer out of the way. Jeeze - don't these guys EVER get to have any time off? That's one thing I've fully learned since moving down here. What HARD work looks like! I'm surrounded by it. It IS totally humbling. Seems outrageous to me now that mere 'office workers' like I used to be, all cossetted, safe and warm, get paid SO much in comparison to all the people who actually 'do' things and work SO hard at SUCH hard and unpleasant physically demanding - and yes, life-threatening jobs. (IMAGINE how guilty I feel getting my pension for doing absolutely nothing - and constantly bleating on about how miserable I feel all the time!! :o( ) . . headed back through town with squelchy feet as comms on the radio suggested the Torbay lifeboat was launching to join the ILB at the Paignton Boxing Day swim. . . toweled Bella down, got out of wet stuff and recovered in front the fire for quite a while. Persuaded Bella to have just a couple of mouthsfull of donated Bakers Complete food (now almost all gone) for her 'breakfast' around midday. Poor dog has now gotten all nervous and up tight about her food whenever I mention it, because I keep losing my temper about her not eating and me having to throw so much of it away ! :o( . . PCd a bit of this while drinking red wine . . . cooked while drinking more red wine. Eventually ate a chicken kiev, roast potatos, stuffing, yorkshire pudding and mixed vegetables with a pint of gravy. Two more plates in the fridge . . .SH called to touch base . .touched base with Mum and called off her visit tomorrow . . walked up the cashpoint and drew out some cash . . TVd . . ate a couple of chocolate biscuits. . . to bed around 1am as strong winds (locally up around 65mph) battered the house. Trouble sleeping.
25 - Up around 9am. 14C in, 5C out. Cloudy clearing to sunny . . . walked BGdns in the sun (although sat in the cold shade on out usual seat). Just sat playing ball for ages feeling very miserable. Eventually on down to the inner harbour to sit on what has become our 'usual' seat near the Golden Hind for vaping and coffee. Quite a few people all out for an aimless walk so it seemed. I was just finishing my coffee when some guy made a bee line for me and sat on the seat next to me. Turned out to be a drunk, talking about when the pub behind me might be opening and suchlike. I presume he saw me as a kindrid spirit?!! So - that's how I now appear to people is it? He even offered me a drink from the bottle of gin or vodka he had stashed in his inside jacket pocket. I declined. After the briefest token attempts at polite 'conversation' I wished him a merry christmas and 'ran away'. Well - I'm not sure what that says about me, but I guess that pretty much sums up stuff somehow. :o( FFS! . . . returned Mum's ansaphone call and touched base briefly . . . TVd very miserable and headachey. Annadin tablet washed down with red wine. Actually, that was pretty much my christmas. More wine and annadin tablets in front the TV all day. . . ate two small meat pastry slices, a large bag of crisps, a banana and two small mince pies. . . couldn't remain awake and to bed around 10pm!! Bella ate nothing again for a second day. :o(
24 - Up around 8:10am! 15C in, 8C out. Cloud breaking to sunny . . . wow - something's not 'right' with me! Keep feeling a bit weird and dizzy as though I'm tipsy!?? . . walked BGdns. Felt mostly 'ok' whilst actually walking, but sitting around playing ball, I kept on having the weird dizziness about me! Eventually carried on down to the inner harbour to sit and drink my coffee near the golden hind - feeling very not right in waves. If it wouldn't have been so noticeable and impossible, I would have preferred to have been slumped on the floor - just in case I was gonna be heading that way, which at times I really felt as though I soon could be!!!! . eventually headed up through town. A small brass band was all set up in Fore Street by the methodist church playing Christmas music. VERY christmasy and not unpleasant. . eventually walked up to the vets and got the next months supply of Bellas tablets. Apparantly because we've reduced one of the small Lanoxin tablets down to just to two twice a day, they'd got hold of larger double sized tablets to make it just ONE of those twice a day, which I guess will make things just a tiny bit easier (albeit hardly noticeably. So - three different tablets twice a day in ten days or so). 85.29! Happy f***in' Christmas! :o( . . . straight back home. Arrived back at home feeling pretty 'woozy' again. Sat on the seat in the sun in the garden out front for quite a while recovering from the walk before eventually going inside. . .TVd . . .PCd this . . .TVd . . walked BGdns, the harbour to sit and drink my coffee and home through town. Thankfully no sign of the weird dizzy feeling I had earlier. . TVd drinking the last of the cider and some wine . . . cooked and ate two quarter pound burgers in buttered baps with almost a whole pot of cheese coleslaw . . to bed around 1:30am. Bella left ALL her food again today. I tried absolutely everything - sprinkling broken up mini cheddars in it, mixing the fat from the beefburgers in it - but she just refused to touch it. :o(
23 - Up around 9am! 15C in, 11C out. Mostly grey. . . counted how many days worth I have left (only around ten days) and then rang the vet and organised a repeat perscription for Bellas tablets to be picked up tomorrow morning. Figured it was best to get that out of the way early, rather than cut it fine, what with Christmas and New year and all that. .walked BGdns and played ball in the drizzle. Eventually carried on down to the inner harbour to sit under shelter of the old fish market roof to drink my coffee. No seats anywhere under cover around the place anymore these days, so I've discovered a way of sitting in a corner of that old fish market sheltered from rain on the stacks of timber sheeting they have piled up which are used to form parts of the market stalls that are often set up down there! . . dumped out the dish of Bellas left food from last night to be quickly cleared by mostly crows . . did dish washing chores for hours . . . popped back out and up the local store for supplies of milk and potatos to make sure I have enough to see me over the holidays . . TVd . . briefly cooked using the pressure cooker, and then ate a large mixed dish of mashed potato, corned beef and chopped onion after having lightly browned it under the grill. Followed that up with a banana . . napped until around 7pm . . blowy and drizzly so skipped the walk again (which Bella seemed more than happy about. lol). She did at least eat her whole meal this evening. . . vegetated in front the TV all evening AGAIN, drinking a little cider, smoking a handful of real cigarettes, and pretty much watching nothing all night!? . . ate some crisps, mini cheddars and a few small mince pies . . . to bed around 2am.
22 - Woke earlier then up around 7:15am! 15C in, 11C out. Grey and blowy . . woke at the PC as usual and looked up the health centre Mum has an appointment at later. Did the Google streetview thing and rehearsed 'driving' the route I imagined would be best to take. Yep - I think that'll work. It'd better - if we get detoured along the way, I won't have a clue where it is or how to get there! . . . walked muddy BGdns. Sat and played ball for quite a long while on the lower seat before heading straight back home . . . returned Mums ansaphone call and touched base and agreed a (ridiculously early - but who knows how bad the xmas traffic may be!) time to leave for later . . . PCd a bit of this . . . drove with Bella and picked Mum up just after midday as agreed. Headed towards Torquay via Paignton. Turned out there really was hardly any traffic congestion AT ALL - and even maybe less than usual. Never can tell around these parts. . drove the route I'd rehearsed on Google streetview and pretty immediately found the parking area behind the health centre without any problems at all, within around forty minutes of leaving home (although with hindsight, given that's only around 8 miles, says something about how time consuming it is to drive ANYWHERE around these parts, even on a good/clear day! THAT's why we left so ridiculously early). . ended up wasting away a bit of the excess time by driving around the Torquay harbour and then (after I'd got lost for a bit) showing Mum the scenery and free parking area up on Daddihole Plain by the National Coastwatch observation tower. . eventually returned to the health centre and dropped Mum off still plenty early to go in for her appointment. Just mostly sat in the car with Bella waiting around the back, in what I eventually learned was actually the staff car park and NOT the public car park! Ooops. . . declined Mum's suggestions of getting fish and chips or going for a meal and ended up just driving straight home. Dropped Mum off and then home by late mid afternoon . . . ate a slice of gala pie, crisps, mini cheddars and a couple of mini doughnuts . . napped . . walked BGdns and then down to the inner harbour. A few lights had been hung on the heritage trawler 'Pilgrim', and a short distance away moored in front of the toilets viewing platform, the enormous beam trawler 'Barantszee' was also all lit up - with the brightly lit christmas stars along the fishmarket/working-harbour fence in between. Images of Brixham harbour/trawler Christmas lightsWalked around and out along the inner town 'working' quay and had a go at capturing something of the scene with my old stills camera. (I've long since learned how to give photographing such night scenes a reasonably good go with that old stills camera. Set it up on my bag of rice so it doesn't move - leave it on automatic but make sure the flash is turned OFF - then take the resulting long exposure picture either manualy making absolutely sure it can't move at all, or better still and much more reliably, take the picture hands-off by using the self timer.) Turned out it was all a bit far away, spread out and actually too bright to do it justice, but I figured it 'may' be appreciated by somone if posted on the Brixham Fishing facebook page later. Ended up attempting to grab another picture from further on round the harbor near the Prince William of Orange statue, of the town's rather poorly/sparsely lit Christmas tree (in front of the CLOSED coastguard station) and another lit-up beam trawler, the Lady Lou alongside the town pontoon in the very far distance. Pretty poor but - oh well - I gave it my best shot. Would you believe it - the centrepiece 'three ships' illuminated display pontoon near the Prince William Of Orange Statue was all in darkness - again/still! All things considered, sorry Brixham, but a pretty damn poor light show all in all. It's visibly noticeable (council) money is definitely tigher this year than it has been since I've lived here. :o( . . eventually straight back through 'reasonably' quiet Fore Street (where the lights hung between the shops ARE quite good. VERY much a different story to the appalling solar LED miniature christmas trees hanging like bits of rubbish from all the streetlights all up New Road!! Appalling embarassment for the town!), without even stopping to drink my coffee! . . .TVd drinking cider . . PCd the couple of (sadly rather lackluster) pictures and uploaded them to the Brixham Fishing facebook page, in the hope that at least the trawler guys who went to the bother would appreciate them being noticed and 'mentioned in despatches' as it were. :o) (The first one was 'liked' more than once and immediately shared on another Facebook page before I'd even got off-line! Funny to see it happening in real-time kinda. lolol) . .talking about my 'incognito' (false name) presence on Facebook - for quite a while now I've been 'following' some 'New AvPD group' on there - just to see what sort of stuff goes on on such a group these days. I haven't bothered with ANY such 'groups' for about ten years or so!!! Well - it would appear that nothing much changes. People are people. <spit> All the same old nauseating childish outbursts, deleted threads, and 'supportive' crap, etc, etc. The only difference seems to be that people are heavily into having the 'projected' facebook friends/relationships thing going on with loads of people - which of course one can't 'see' unless one engages in all that 'friend/following' nonsense. Blah, blah, blah - anyway - just cause people are allegedly AvPD does NOT automatically make them 'nice' or intelligent people or anyone I apparantly have ANYTHING in common with! Even THERE I absolutely DO NOT 'BELONG'! :o( This evening I'd finally had enough of reading their nonsense and unsubscribed from the group. Phew - thank god I won't be havingh to read through all that every time I look at recent Facebook postings for the couple of pages I 'follow'. Sadly, the outcome of the attempt, was to simply make me feel ever worse and even more like quite literally the last person on my particular planet! It's pretty obvious now, there really can be absolutely no alternative for me but to live out the rest of my 'failed' life in TOTAL isolation. Suprisingly, the older I get, perhaps the more keenly and often I am feeling the very considerable pain of that. :o( . . . briefly touched base with BB and apologised for having forgotten her birthday the other day! . . PCd/TVd until finally to bed around 4am.
21 - Up around 8:30am. 14C in, 8C out. Grey and damp with occasional hints of drizzle. . walked BGdns and then on down around the harbour heading for the seat above the end of the breakwater. Would you believe it - what I presume was the same dog as had done it yesterday, had done a big pile of poop on the pavement in almost exactly the same place, in the 'choke point' where everyone walks, right by the Golden Hind gangway! I was definitely not in the mood to be taking care of that yet again, and without going into unpleasant detail, it wouldn't have been easy to attempt to pick up anyway, so on the way through out towards the breakwater, I just walked on past (like everyone else). When I returned to sit nearby and drink my coffee later, it'd been 'mostly' cleared away - I 'think' by a council street refuse collector who we'd passed. Someone needs to catch that dog owner in the act and have a bloody good go at them. In such a high profile position, it seems unlikely an owner would stop and let their dog do that and then just carry on walking away. Seems far more likely to me it'd be someone who lets their dog walk off the lead behind them. I have my suspicions about who it could be, because there can't be many people who'd walk their dog along there OFF lead. Givin' us all a bad name she is! Eventually home through town . . . TVd/PCd the day off, feeling very aimless and miserable . . . drank cider while TVing. One of the channels had a 'Clint Eastwood night' on. Actually sat and watched all the way through, the film 'Gran Torino' directed by and starring Clint Eastwood (which I've never seen before). It was NOT a feelgood movie AT ALL - but I HAD to watch it through - all the while with the most awful sense of uptightness and foreboding!! From a VERY early point in the film, it was absolutely inevitable it was all going to end up getting VERY unpleasant for the 'good guys' - and it did. :o( Inevitably minded very much of my own little Bristol experiences, come the (admittedly 'somewhat' unexpected) end of the film, I actually ended up having quite a bit of a cry!! :o(. cooked and ate two quarter pound burgers in baps with a large dish of mixed vegetables, followed later by three Mum donated mini doughnuts. . . to bed around 1am.
20 - Poor sleep then up just after 8am. <15C in, 7C out. Sunny spells. . Image of a cool-yule-sled drive-by in Brixhamwalked BGdns and then just on down to the inner harbour to sit and drink my coffee near the Golden Hind replica. Whilst I was sat there, the 'rorty' noise of a passing engine had me look round. Turned out to be the bizarre sight of a rather nice bright red beach-buggy 'sleigh' driven by a waving to everyone as they passed Santa Clause, with a green suited 'elf' in the passenger seat! lolol It was all to quick to get a photo, but as luck would have it, they ended up doing a U turn up by the new fish market and then drove back towards me. Oooh, ooohh, ooohhhh! Too good an opportunity to miss. Struggled to get Bella under control, put my coffee safely down on the seat and rushed to get my stills camera out of my pocket. Didn't have time to put my glasses on, so I ended up having to shoot blind! Yayyy - got me a 'reasonable' shot of the bizarre festive scene, despite it sadly ending up a little blurred. THAT is definitely one to be shared on the 'Spotted Brixham' Facebook page later. :o) . . . eventually started to head home. Of for goodness sake. Some idiot had allowed their dog to do a big poop right by the Golden Hind gangway, and had just walked off and left it there. Some poor person had already trodden in it! FFS! What's the matter with some people - bringing all dog owners into disrepute like that. There of ALL places to just leave a big mound of the stuff! Outrageous - and especially so, when SO many local people (especially when with young kids) are SO obsessed with people not picking up their dog's poop! I don't always type about such things here, but it isn't uncommon for me (and even moreso some other dog walkers) to occasionaly pick up others peoples dog pooh - particularly when it is especially bad/noticeable/in the way to be left wherever it is. So - I had the unpleasant task of doing my best at bagging and binning that horrible mess! . . . Upon arriving back at home, I found a carrier bag on the doorstep!? Turned out to be unwanted dog-food from a kindly neighbour up the road. She'd expressed great sympathy when I recently mentioned in a passing conversation, that Bella was 'unwell'. Her (small) dog is also unwell, and they'd been experimenting with different types of dog food with it. She'd ended up with a couple of small packets of partly used food left over and unliked/unwanted. Because they'd been opened, she apparantley couldn't donate them to Animals In Distress, so thought she'd let me have them - and to throw away if no good for Bella. That's very kind of her. . . put down a breakfast of donated Bakers Complete for Bella - and woof - unusually she ate it all down straight away! Blimey - maybe she's just gotten really bored, fed up with and gone off that cheap Wagg stuff I keep giving her? Maybe I should look to see how much sacks of Bakers are? (Money no object with her at the moment isn't it!! :o( ) . . briefly straight back out to the local store to buy milk which I'd forgotten to get earlier. Also bagged a pack of going off/cheap thick sausages. Bumped into Mum in the store - buying food for ME!! . . Saw the neighbour from up the road on the way back and had an opportunity to thank her for the dog food . . Mum called in with the papers and food donations for chats until mid afternoon - and with a slice of Galla pie for Bella as usual - which Bella ate down straight away as usual. . . PCd and uploaded the Santa/Beach Buggy shot to Facebook. Predictably, it VERY quickly ended up getting a lot of 'likes' - and even rapidly got shared and ended up on various other local pages and who knows where else. Amazing how some such pics can so quickly kinda take on a life of their own. Turns out the Elf in the car was actually 'the' local professional photographer - Chris Slack! They did it just for fun and to share a little Christmas spirit around the area. Nicely done. :o) . . ate corned beef and coleslaw sandwiches, crisps and a mince pie . . . napped until around 7pm . . . TVd . . walked BGdns and then on down to sit around the inner harbour again, up towards 10pm. That turned out to be a rather unpleasant 'quiet' sit. Kids on skateboards were VERY noisily playing beneath the old fishmarket roof, so I ended up sitting on the viewing platform above the (closed) public loos, instead of on a more usual harbourside seat. Jeeze - the noise those kids skateboards were making was ridiculous. They were trying to flip the boards over or some such, and every time they did, they came down with a loud bang. The nature of the acoustics of the old fish market concrete roof meant the noise was somehow amplified and then bounced off all the buildings around the entire harbour valley! As if that wasn't nerve jangleingly unpleasant enough, there was also plenty of drunken shouting and swearing from groups congregated outside the various harbourside pubs. Thoroughly unpleasant - and 'threatening' to me. . eventually nervously headed home through town, managing to avoid any interaction with any of the 'dangerously' drunken youths I passed! Some sort of Beatles tribute band was apparantly playing in the town theatre as I walked past. Funny how the acoustics often work when outside a venue like that. Somehow the building structure managed to largely deaden the amplified instruments, and just allow out some of the vocals. When that happens (and I've experienced similar on many other occasions) it's a real test of how 'actually' good the vocalist is. He was NO Paul McCartney that's for sure! Ouch. lol . . VERY glad to get back home, safe! . . Bella ate pretty much all her evening meal straight away. Blimey - she's making up for having gone without food the other day!! With nothing to lose, I even gave her a couple of large handfuls of even more to eat. . . TVd drinking cider and feeling very down and alone. . . cooked and ate a whole packet of thick sausages, on their own with just tomato ketchup! . . to bed after 2am. Bella ate LOADS today!?
19 - Up just before 9am!! 15C in, 10C out. Sunny spells after the storm. . .walked BGdns and then on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater before eventually heading back through town. . . just pottered around feeling increasingly headachey and good for nothing as a result . . . TVd/PCd . . . ate a meat pastry slice with crisps and coleslaw followed by biscuits . . . napped until 6:30pm . . . DF called in at 7pm for coffee and arguments until almost 10:30pm . . .TVd drinking cider, feeling low until to bed around 2:15am.
18 - Woken earlier by the awful gurgling coming from starving Bella's empty stomach, lay there for a while then up around 7:30am. 15C in, 11C out. Grey. . .walked BGdns. . . reluctantly left Bella at home alone, broke the car out and drove to the out of town Sainsburys - mostly for supplies of their own brand dog food (because since she became ill, Bella really does seem to prefer it - I think - maybe!?) , but also for enough of this and that to probably get me through until after all the holidays pretty much . . . unloaded the car from out front before driving it round and stashing it back under the car port out back . . .Image of a crow with a beak full of dog fooddumped the whole bowl of yesterdays mostly untouched dog-food out in the back garden for the birds. :o( Soon after I ended up having a poke through the windows with the camcorder when I spotted a crow actually taking beaksfull of the food and secreting them in both my garden and all the neighbours gardens! Amazing. I didn't know birds did that sort of thing. I can't decide if that's a sign of great intelligence - planning for the future and maintaining a mental map of where it's stored stuff etc, etc, etc - or if it's a LACK of intelligence and a poor survival strategy, in that chances are, something else will have discovered and eaten the food by the time it goes back for it. Can't make my mind up about that. Nature is uncompromising - if it's got it wrong, it'll likely starve to death and that'll be the end of THAT particular experiment of evolutionary adaptation! Ended up messing around at length doing a short bit of video of the crow before eventually uploading it to youtube. . . ate corned beef and coleslaw sandwiches, crisps and a banana . . . TVd . . drank a glass of red wine . . . PCd this at length . . . well - I eventually caved in this evening and allowed myself a couple of real cigarettes (as has become my recent habit), but apart from that, I vaped all day and deliberately stuck to the new Kangertech Mini Protank 3 cartomiser things which came yesterday - alternating as the mood took me between my homebrew toffee flavoured e-liquid in one, and a shop bought Strawberry and menthol mix in the other. I think I'm definitely getting through more of the liquid with these tanks, so I guess that means they are more reliably delivering more vapour. It remains to be seen how they will last, and what will happen to the experience as the coils begin to degrade, and how cost effective and easy it'll be to replace the coils, but I have to confess that at the moment, they really are kinda growing on me. There is a satisfying weight and feeling of comparative quality to them, and so far, a reliably consistent vape each time I toke on them, without any hint of the awful gurgling, leaking and messing around I was almost constantly battling with, with the cheap plasticey ones. Assuming these carry on as they have been doing so far, I AM likely to end up wanting to buy one or two more tanks (maybe another couple exactly the same?), so I can easily switch to different flavours, or strengths of nicotine, etc. We'll see. At the moment at least, I don't regret the s investment AT all. . .blowing a real gale outside . . ate biscuits and TVd until to bed whenever it was, although not particularly late at all.
17 - Woke earlier snoozed on then up around 7:45am. 14C in, 11C out. Grey. . . woke at the PC as usual, and ended up having a brief look at a couple of Youtube videos of people cooking stuff using pressure cookers! lol . . . walked BGdns. Storm force eight imminent on the MSI forecast! :o( Back via the store for a few supplies, and the local pet store for another rawhide chewy thing for Bella. All of a sudden she seems to have gotten a tatste for them, and has polished off the last two I got her already! An expensive sudden addition to my cost of living! . . . poked at Sis1s pressure cooker, cleaning and wire brushing a few of the mucky/coroded looking parts. Had another bash at just heating up a couple of test cups of water in the thing, and got a much better idea of how the thing 'should' be used. I definitely didn't get it right last night or have it running anywhere near hot enough - largely because of my fear of the thing, and having no instructions, etc. I'm gonna have to give it another go, although without ANY instructions on how to use such a thing, it's a laborious hassle having to look up recipes, length of cooking and suchlike on the net, and then take a risky blind chance on results! Not sure I can stand all the hassle or the risk of potentialy ruining food. . .PCd a bit of this before intending to surf pressure cooker stuff again. . . at LAST - late afternoon the postman delivered the Kangertech Mini Protank 3 e-cig tanks I'd ordered. They took a LONG time to arrive after I'd been mailed to say they'd been despatched (a full seven days), and I'd been starting to worry! . . my first attempt at filling one with my DIY toffee flavour e-liquid did NOT go well, and I ended up with the stuff dripping all over the damned place and having to mop up with tissues! Thought I'd wasted my money at first, but I think it was just 'operator error' and being unfamiliar with the thing, how to fill it, how to screw it all together, etc. . to cut a long story short, at length, I filled one with my toffee flavour and the other with the shop bought strawberry and menthol mix, and then spent ages vaping and trying to get a feel for how they work and how they compare to the disposable cartomisers I've been using up until now, etc, etc, etc. They ARE a very 'different' experience that's gonna take some getting used to. Hard to explain. Smoking a cigarette is just smoking a cigarette - pretty much the same every time you do it. Vaping is very much more about finding the right balance of technique somehow, dependant on the liquid and the actual hardware, and even how you are feeling at that particular moment. Very different (and more of a kinda high maintenance 'hassle' it must be said).
-//-Image of a Kangertech Mini Protank3 E-cigarette

messed around for ages removing the black paint from the two (different sized) ready-for-the-bin e-cigarette batteries I've ended up with, with the knackered threads. It would appear I 'may' be able to squeeze just a little life out of them yet - maybe. The new cartomisers
at the moment seem to be able to screw onto them enough to carry on with them for a bit - although actually getting them to screw onto the chargers is now more of an issue, and I'm scared of messing up the threads on the chargers and the new tanks. I decided to remove the black paint so I could easily see at a glance which ones were the iffy ones. Having silver ones (which IS an option when you buy them) actually makes them look VERY cool when attached to the new clear glass and chrome cartomisers - so I may well end up buying silver replacements in the future, rather than my more usual everything black. . experimented a bit and confirmed it WAS possible to charge the battery's by plugging one of the USB chargers into one of the USB sockets on the side of the living room TV! THAT is a better way of doing things, considering I have the TV on for so many hours anyway, and can see right in front of me when watching it when the battery has charged etc. Cool. . . . walked BGdns and back via the store for a few supplies . . .Bella refused ALL her food today!! Perhaps just a coincedence that without really noticing, I'd run out of the Sainsbury's-own tins of meat and had put her down a tin of the more expensive Winalot isntead? . . . TVd drinking cider and vaping LOTS . . .cooked up some potato and mixed veg using the pressure cooker and then mashed the potato with some corned beef and made up a large dish of corned beef hash (briefly flashed under the grill) to go alongside another dish of the mixed veg doused in melted butter. Aha - I think I got it about right this time-ish. The actual cooking of the veg and potatoes in the hissing pressure cooker only took around five minutes! That IS pretty cool, although I don't see myself making a habit of using the thing. The trouble with it is, I don't have any of the parts to go inside which I imagine you normally have. I've no way of keeping the different vegetables etc seperate. It's just a big empty pot into which I have to throw everything. This evening once I'd done with the cooking, I had to remove the lid and then laboriously fish out all the chunks of potato to put into another bowl to do the mashing with the corned beef. Ended up with everything starting to get cold before I'd finished actually getting it ready to be dished up and set down to eat - hence ending up having to put the grill on etc. Yeah - I'm pretty sure I'm missing some sort of inner containers, without which, it's not much use unless I'm doing a big pot of 'just-chuck-it-all-in-together' stew. Shame. . .I DID allow myself several cigarettes this evening, but after all that hardcore vaping earlier, I actually think I could very 'easily' have not!?? . . TVd until to bed before midnight.
16 - Woken earlier by neighbour noise, snoozed on then up around 8:30am again. 13C in, 3C out. Increasing sunny spells. . .walked BGdns, on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater, and then back to sit in the inner harbour to drink my coffee before finally heading home . . . watched the news about the horror in Pakistan where religious lunatics have now killed hundreds of kids in a school! No end to the horror and insanity, always all in the name of religion! :o( . . . ate corned beef and coleslaw sandwiches with crisps followed by biscuits . . . succeeded in sleeping the afternoon off until around 6:30pm . . .drizzle and rain so skipped the walk again . . . TVd the evening away, largely watching nothing . . . touched base with Mum and read her a post which someone had recently been put up on the local 'Spotted Brixham' facebook page. "Well done to the thieving girls that snatched the little h Samuel bag whilst I washed my hands. I don't want it back, I am not even upset. Why? Because as you now know it didn't contain jewellery ..it contained a urine sample and a hospital letter. Yes you really did take the p i s s". IF that's for real, it is rather amusing. :o) . . drank cider . . . briefly looked up how to use them on-line, and then experimented with the huge old aluminium pressure cooker Sis1 gave me the other day (because she's buying herself a new one). Nervously just boiled a couple of cups of water to see what to expect (as I'd read was recommended) before then trying just a large chopped boiled potato. Well - it was eventualy done, but I'm not sure I did it right, because I can't see that it was much (if any) quicker than just doing it in a saucepan like I normally would? A bit less steam around the place perhaps? . eventually ended up just mashing the potato up in a bowl together with a couple of slices of corned beef and a bit of butter. A sort of a corned beef hash I suppose. Actually really quite nice for a change. . Ate the last of the Mum donated chocolate sponge cake . . TVd until to bed before 1am.
15 - Up after 8:30am. 14C in, 7C out. Showers. . .walked BGdns in diminishing showers. Didn't hang around for too long before straight back home . . .TVd the news and PCd for a bit. Balanced my accounts at length . . . TVd the news again for ages, after the Australian seige had been ended by police troops. Two hostages dead. :o( . . . http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ . . . walked BGdns and back via the store for milk and a 3ltr bottle of cheap strong cider (4.49). . .drank a couple of small glasses of cider and got tipsy on my empty stomach . . cooked and ate a very large plate of two chicken kievs, chips and mixed veg followed by much chocolate . . . TVd until to bed before 1am.
14 - Up around 8am - quickly, as Bella unusually clattered out of the room on the bare boards!? 14C in, 6C out. Raining. . .walked BGdns and then down to the inner harbour. Ended up filming the pair of swans near the Golden Hind for ages before eventually heading back through town . . .PCd . . . ate two haslet and coleslaw finger rolls with crisps and then a little chocolate . . napped until the 7pm alarm and then had trouble waking, not getting back up until almost 7:30pm . . .raining. TVd/PCd the night away. . mixed up a 10ml bottle of toffee flavoured e-liquid to eventually vape. That's actually the first batch I've knocked up using the new bottle of 36Mg nicotine, 50/50 PG/VG base I bought ages ago. I diluted it down by half using my supplies of PG and VG, so have hopefully ended up with 10ml of 18mg nicotine, 50/50 equivalent. It'll sit 'steeping' (and gradually changing colour - ultimately to a DEEP orange!!?) for quite a while before I try it and find out how successful the attempt has been. . . Drank the last little half a glass of red wine from Sis1s bottle . . touched base with BB . . ate another third of the Mum donated chocolate sponge cake . . watched upsetting live news coverage from Australia of a (Islamist nutter) siege in a coffee shop. :o( . . . to bed getting on for 3am.
13 - Up around 8:30am. <14C in, 1C out. Sunny. . . walked BGdns rather late and then carried on out to sit on the seat above the end of the breakwater for a while. Chilly in the breeze/shade! . sat around in the inner harbour drinking my cup of coffee before heading home . . .Mum called to confirm she wouldn't be popping in today because Sis1 hadn't left yet . . . TVd/PCd this . . somehow ended up spending hours watching review videos on Youtube about e-cigarettes! Sooner or later, I AM going to invest in a comparatively expensive different type of VARIABLE voltage battery. I'm VERY eager to get my hands on and try those mini tanks I've ordered. Wrong time of year to be ordering stuff to come in the post ain't it! . . TVd for a bit after darkness had fallen (and before pulling the living room curtains for warmth). All of a sudden through the bay window I spotted a bright light moving across the sky out front. Ended up stood on the front doorstep for a while watching. That just HAD to be the space station (a little further south than I 'usualy' see it?). Checked on the net using the tablet and sure enough, it had been the ISS and it was due to be visible again on its next pass around 6:34pm, albeit for a much shorter duration. Despite the temperature having rapidly dropped to only a couple of degrees above freezing, I figured I'd take an early walk out to watch it. . . walked straight through town and up to the lower seat (by the bus stop) above the end of the breakwater. A chilly half an hours wait. A bit of hazy cloud in the sky partly 'dimmed' it as it appeared directly over the top of Brixham from that vantage point. It 'went out' just as it approached the overhead. I HAD intended to have yet another fruitless go at maybe pointing the camcorder at it, but it wasn't even bright enough for me to be able to even find it on the viewfinder screen. lol . headed back around the harbour and eventualy up into BGdns to sit under the stars and drink my coffee. Saw just one or two faint shooting stars (or was it my blurry 'floater' filled eyes playing tricks?). . . back via the store for anything going cheap . . . TVd . Drank the last of the cider and smoked plenty of cigs . . ate just a pastie, a bag of crisps and a third of a mum donated chocolate cake before finally to bed somewhere near 3am. Bella left much of her evening meal.
12 - Up around 7:20am. 14C in, 8C out. Cloudy. . . walked BGdns. Images of HMS Ocean leaving TorbayHMS Ocean was moored in the bay. (No sign of THAT being there on the AIS earlier!) Despite having filmed it all before, and initially not intending to bother, I eventually couldn't help myself pointing the camcorder at it for a while as it soon navigated its way out of Torbay and into the wider Lyme Bay. No idea why, but it did a weird kinda zig zag as it went to start with, which actually made filming it a real pain in the rear. . eventually headed down into the inner harbour to sit and drink my coffee for quite a bit before ultimately heading home . . . ended up messing with this morning's video for hours, before finally uploading a VERY short sequence of HMS Ocean snips to Youtube. A rather lackluster bit of too quick/'blink and you miss it' video, but I got a kick out of doing it nonetheless - largely because of the walker on the breakwater which I managed to get into one of the shots. He just happened to stop to 'tidy up' one of the life rings which was hanging out of it's storage locker (perhaps dislodged by last night's wind?). I just LOVE happening to capture little bits of incidental detail on video like that. :o) . .Mum and Sis1 called to say Sis1 had arrived to visit. I of course declined the suggestion I should accompany them out for a meal. . . ate corned beef and coleslaw sandwiches with crisps quite late. . . TVd struggling to stay awake. Ended up drinking a small can of Redbull to enable me to stay awake . . . Sis1 called in for chats. She'd brought me a bottle of red wine for a xmas gift, so we opened it and both drank some. Eventually briefly walked her back to Mums accompanied by Bella . . . TVd and drank some more wine . . . ate a slice of gala pie and crisps followed by just a little chocolate. . . to bed around 1:30am.
11 - Woke a bit earlier then up around 8:15am. 14C in, 7C out. Wind and showers. A VERY bad storm expected in the early hours tomorrow. A few ships sheltering in the deep anchorage out in Lyme bay already . . . walked BGdns in a light raincoat and leggings, dodging into the gun emplacements to mostly avoid the occasional showers. Unpleasantly breezy, chilly, damp and muddy. . .pottered around doing nothing much. One thing I DID do is finally bite the bullet and put ALL my old batteries out with the recycling bin. Image of all my old batteriesBeen collecting plenty of old alkaline and dead rechargeable ones up for quite a while, but the collection suddenly swelled when I added all those useless brand-new rechargeable ones I bought on e-bay and got a prompt refund on. My relatively recent purchases of more expensive/reliable new rechargeable Duracells has been something of an eye-opener and a revelation. They are so, SO superior to all the old ones I've been struggling along with for so long, it suddenly became clear there really was no point in hanging on to ANY of those old ones any longer. Several were undoubtedly 'relatively' still re-chargeable/useable, but it seems silly carrying on with them when the Duracells are SO much better in EVERY respect (and VERY noticeably particularly in respect of their ability to retain their charge for lengthy periods when NOT in use). (Having said all that, I just couldn't help myself hanging onto a handful or so of the old ones even now! lol) So - a breathtakingly enormous (?) pile of old batteries (some VERY old - and sadly even one from my current camcorder) are now sat outside awaiting the recycling collection! Seems like a shocking amount of waste, but like with most things I have, I've probably gotten more use out of them than most anyone else who bought them would. . . PCd this at length. My 'reward' for having eventualy brought it more or less up to date? Gotta be a 'real' cigarette hasn't it (second of the day, mid afternoon)?! :o| . . . ate corned beef, grated cheese and coleslaw sandwiches with crisps, a banana and some biscuits . . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . drank cider and TVd the night off again as the forecast strong winds (over 60mph locally) arrived . . watched the second part of the "The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies". Ended up in a very down mood (all 'Bristol events' related). -//- . . . ate a couple of slices of ham, a hunk of cheese and crisps before to bed around 12:30am.
10 - Up around 8:40am. 14C in, 5C out. Cloud clearing to sunny. . walked BGdns. Played ball before heading along into the inner harbour. Sat on the viewing platform above the public toilets for my coffee. Bought a large bag of potatos before carrying them home on my back . . . PCd and ended up going round and round all over the place on the net looking at e-cigarette stuff YET again (as I have done quite a bit of late - again!). I AM of course smoking proper (hand rolling) tobacco cigarettes again, but I AM still trying to keep the amount I smoke under 'some' sort of (s) control, rather than simply slide straight back into unaffordable chain smoking. What I'm currently trying to do is 'mostly' vape with the e-cigarettes - but accept (with guilt) that I WILL 'allow' myself the far more 'rewarding' real cigarettes 'at times'. The real cigarettes/tobacco now always stay at home, so if I'm out walking Bella etc, I'm only armed with an e-cigarette. I'll 'allow' myself a real smoke 'mostly' when sat TVing the evenings away - but at the moment, also one or two throughout the day. It's a horrible 'compromise', but it DOES seem to be more acceptable to my horrendous nicotine addiction/reliance withdrawl symptoms. In recent times since I've been trying to stick to this sort of compromise regime, I've probably been averaging only six or seven real roll-up cigarettes per day without having to try 'too' hard. . anyway - what all this means is, I'm back trying to get a more reliable workable e-cigarette vaping experience on the go. This business about using the cheap disposable ego-T type cartomisers, and the fact that they seem to wear away the (outer?) threads on the batteries, is something I need to get to the bottom of. 'Serious' vapers ALL seem to end up moving away from those 'starter' systems, and end up using different more expensive re-buildable-coil cartomisers of one sort or another - and even completely different 'mod' battery systems with variable voltages and the like!! It's ALL pretty much greek to me at the moment. All I know is, I need to find something better than what I've been using. Sad fact of the matter is, as far as I am concerned (being the hermit I am), I have no choice but to blindly invest some money (and quite possibly quite a bit!) in 'trial-and-error' purchases, in the hope of finding a setup that'll achieve the improvement I'm after. I eventually ended up ordering '2 x KangerTech ProTank mini 3 BDCC 1,5 ml DualCoil Glasstank' cartomiser thingeys for 11.68 off Amazon to try. You STILL end up having to buy replacement coils for the damned things every few weeks apparantly ('I' WILL make them last longer than that, given how much I vape!), but these are 're-buildable', and although I'm not sure, I'm hoping that they have a slightly different thread arrangement which will enable me to use them on the two 'unuseable' ego-T batteries I've ended up with. We shall see! :o\ . . . ate a meat pastry slice, crisps and biscuits . . . napped until 7pm. . . Mum called to suggest a TV show to watch later - which I'd already noted as worthy of a watch. On ITV at 9pm - the first of a two part 'docu-drama' on consecutive evenings. "The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies" examining the experiences of the former schoolteacher and Bristol landlord of landscape gardener, Joanna Yeates, who was wrongly accused of her murder and who's life was effectively destroyed by the gutter press. . Drank cider and smoked the evening away TVing. The Christopher Jefferies program was 'difficult' and 'uncomfortable' but absolutely compelling viewing. (It even had me re-live some of the unpleasantness 'I' experienced in Bristol! :o( ) . . . cooked and ate two quarter pound cheese burgers with chips followed by a small amount of chocolate . . to bed around 1am.
9 - Up around 8:25am. 14C in, 5C out. Increasing threatening clouds. . walked BGdns. Sheltered from showers in the gun emplacements. .back via the store for supplies . .Bella threw up after a long drink. Managed to get her in the garden before she did . . PCd/just sat around in front the TV feeling pretty miserable and wasting a whole day away yet again. :o( . . ate two toasted cheese and ham finger rolls followed by biscuits . . napped as the forecast stormy weather hit . . . TVd and drank cider . . ate just a small bag of crisps . . . to bed around 3:30am. Bella left most of her evening meal today.
8 - Up around 8:15am again. 14C in, 3C out, sunny after rain. . . walked BGdns . . . trimmed my hair and beard . . did laundry chores . . ate two ham and cheese finger rolls with crisps followed by a little chocolate . . . napped . . . TVd/PCd . . .ate a whole pack of three Mum donated almond tart things before to bed around 2:30am.
7 - Up around 8:15am. 14C in, 9C out, drizzle. . . walked BGdns after the rain had stopped and things started to clear to sunny spells. Played ball for a while before then heading out to sit on the seat above the end of the breakwater for a while. Returned to the inner harbour near the Golden Hind replica to sit and drink my coffee before then returning home through town and a quick stop to buy supplies of some Fishermans Friends along the way . . . PCd and FINALLY managed to cobble together a bit of the close-ups video of the Buzzard in Battery Gardens from the other day. Eventually uploaded it to youtube for what it's worth. . drank a glass of red wine. Cooked and ate two quarter pound beefburgers in baps with chips and much ketchup while the buzzard video oh so slowly uploaded. The three minute video took around an hour to upload for goodness sake - and then because of the choice of music background, it's not available in 'some countries'!! FFS! . . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . couldn't muster the energy to walk and just sat motionless in front the fire and TV all evening again . . aimlessly PCd a bit until early. . . ate biscuits before eventually to bed after 3am.
6 - Up at 8:30am. 12C in, 2C out, sunny. . .walked BGdns . .bought TWO large (2.49 each) rawhide chewy things for Bella on the return . . . did dish washing chores until Mum called in with the papers, food donations, gala pie treat for Bella and for chats . . dumped the remainder of Bella's yesterdays left overs in the garden for the birds before topping her bowl up with fresh complete. Given she ate all Mums gala pie slice treat, 'some' of yetserdays left overs and then some of the fresh meal I put down, I guess she's made up for what she went without yesterday kinda . . ate a slab of Mum donated gala pie with crisps, a banana and biscuits . . . napped until the 7pm alarm. Trouble waking . . . skipped the evening walk to sit in and smoke, sup cider and watch the network premier of the film 'Battleship' on Channel 4. WHAT an utter load of piffle! All the most amazing effects you could ever want for, and yet they turn out a film of SUCH utter juvenile gung-ho rubbish. I can't believe I stayed in specifically to watch all that. Seems to ME to be a worrying trend that characters in films and TV shows are no longer in any way portrayed as 'real', and instead are characterised as being complete and utter childish idiots but ludicrously still somehow holding positions of authority etc. I used to watch NCIS, but that in particular seems to have gone this way, and so much so, I can no longer bear to watch it. . . PCd briefly . . . TVd . . oven-cooked and ate six small fish fingers in two buttered baps followed by quite a bit of chocolate - 'After Eights' given to me by Mum for my birthday. . to bed around 2am.
5 - Up at 7:30am. 13C in, 3C out, grey. It isn't really 'particularly' cold yet, but I seem to be having a REAL hard time feeling so cold all the time around the house. Four upper layers, hood up and fingerless gloves just to be able to stand sitting here motionless PCing this - and even then feeling frozen. Less able to tolerate it with increasing age perhaps? :o( How on earth homeless people survive it I just can't imagine! . . .walked BGdns. Image of a buzzard in Battery Gardens BrixhamPlayed ball for as long as I could stand before ending up on the higher seat for my coffee. As we eventually started to head home across the gardens I spotted a buzzard swoop across and perch in a tree. As I have done on SO many other failed occasions, that had me pull my camcorder out and have a go at capturing something of it. Usually as soon as I pull the camera out, the thing flys off, but on this occasion it suprisingly didn't. Amazingly on this occasion it even stayed-put when I (and Bella) circled around the tree trying to get it in sunlight rather than just a dark silouette!! Wow - what an unexpected suprise - to finally actually get a decent-ish shot or two of the thing at last. Spectacular wonderful sight. . . I felt VERY cold by the time we eventually headed home. . . TVd/PCd a bit . . walked with Bella over to Ps to return the scanner he'd given me to look at. . coffee and chats for longer than I'd intended before finally returning home late afternoon . . ate the remainder of yesterdays rice and soup concoction with four pieces of bread and butter . . too late to nap, TVd struggling to stay awake . . . walked BGdns (feeling slightly warmer in my usual layers but also with a pair of fleecy jogging bottoms on under my trousers!) and eventually on down to the quiet harbour. A couple of people sitting on the harbourside eating fish and chips got talking (to Bella) and ended up letting Bella have all their unwanted left over fish and chips! :o) Eventually back home through town. Wow - what a disgusting mess of debris and litter ALL over the place near my usual seat in the high street (and right next to the bins) left by idiots getting food from the nearby takeaway! . . . TVd . . just couldn't muster the energy to 'do' any food! Ended up just drinking two shots of Baileys while eating most of a bar of chocolate . . .to bed around midnight. Bella left almost ALL of her evening meal tonight. I guess having all the fish and chips left overs earlier ruined her appetite - but that is NOT enough food for a day! Weird how she's gotten so 'picky' about food. Gotta be the effects of the medication I guess. I presume when she isn't hungry she is actually maybe feeling sick? Other than simply not eating every now and then like she has been, there have been absolutely no other signs of there being anything much wrong with her or her suffering or being in ditress in ANY way.
4 - Up at 8am. 14C in, 6C out, grey. . . headachey - annadin tablet. Walked BGdns. Uncomfortably chilly in the wind again. Back via the store for a few supplies, including a dirt cheap (3 something?) 3L bottle of 7.5% proof cider. . TVd/sat around feeling unpleasantly cold . . . drank a small glass of cider. All I seemed to acheive with that was an instant REALLY bad headache! Really bad! Ate corned beef, grated cheese and ketchup sandwiches, crisps, banana and a little chocolate . . napped . .another annadin tablet . . just couldn't face going out in the cold wind and skipped the evening walk yet again. TVd the night off, not moving from in front the fire. . drank another glass of cider - to little or no effect this time!? . Cooked some peas and rice and a 'sauce' of some mushroom soup with extra chopped onion and ham. Ate half with two crusts of bread and butter followed by a couple of squares of chocolate . . . to bed at 1am.
3 - Up around 8:20am. 13C in, 3C out. Sunny . . . walked the woods (to find shelter from the cold wind) and then back down into BGdns. Damn - just missed seeing a big cargo ship rendezvousing with the pilot boat, coming in unusualy close in a fairly rough sea. . Wow - blowing an unpleasant cold North Easterly down there! . . Image of 'Constant Friend' catch being landed at Brixhameventually carried on out to the seat above the end of the breakwater for a while. Despite the heavy underlying swell, the Torquay ferry WAS running. Looked as though the Brixham to Torquay leg of their crossings was catching the worst of it. . Eventually returned to the inner harbour. Stood atop the viewing deck having a look into the 'working' harbour for a while. Big clouds of seagulls were all wheeling about the sky as the catch from 'Constant Friend' was landed. Big nets of fish were being raised out of the boat by some sort of crane/winch and emptied into some sort of stainless steel sluice affair and then tipped into multiple boxes with a covering of ice, stacked up and fork-trucked away to presumably be sold inside the market. I only watched for around five minutes in the middle of their work, and during that time, at least five nets full as in the image I've included here were unloaded. I presume they'd had a good trip? Hard to imagine how there are any fish left in the sea at all!! Couldn't resist filming just a little. Got pooped on by seagulls TWICE for my trouble! __it 'appens. . sat in the sun and shelter from the wind alongside the inner harbour to drink my coffee before eventually heading home. . . home after midday - again! The morning dog walk is pretty much all I'm managing to do at the moment!!!! :o\ . .PCd a bit of this . . ate two corned beef and mayo baps with crisps, a banana and some chocolate . . . napped . . . TVd . . . ate a tin of hot dog sausages with just crisps and ketchup and then some chocolate . . .to bed around 1:30am.
2 - Up gone 9am. 15C in, 8C out. Mostly grey and blowing quite a bit. A cold 22mph Northerly with 30+mph gusts. . . walked BGdns and played ball for as long as I could stand in the breeze before heading straight back home . . . TVd for a bit as things brightened up a bit outside to some sunny spells . . raked-up and binned most of the fallen leaves from the Cherry Blossom tree covering the garden. . . cooked and ate two cheeseburgers with chips and coleslaw followed by a small bar of caramac chocolate . . TVd . . napped . . TVd/PCd briefly. That guy they were all out pointlessly searching for last week has apparantly happily turned-up back at home, all ok! . . . ate biscuits and chocolate. To bed after 2:30am. YET another totally 'non functional' day - which pretty much seems to be every day these days! Haven't 'the will' to do anything but just go mindless in front the TV all the time! :o(
1 - Up at 8:15am. 15C in, 8C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns for ball play. Didn't hang around for too long before heading straight back home. Carried a large traffic cone out of the gardens and handed it over to workers who appear to be re-laying a part of the road down towards the holiday park building site. That cone has been sat there for a couple of weeks after some yobs presumably threw it over the gardens wall. . . recovered in front the TV for a bit before PCing a bit of this, just trying to catch up all the 'unfinished' - again! . .Mum called to touch base . . . ate mushroom soup with four crusts of bread and butter followed by a couple of almond slices and biscuits . . . napped until the 7pm alarm . . . walked BGdns and then on down to the inner harbour. Sat on a bench near the Prince William Of Orange statue right in front of the 'three ships' christmas lights pontoon (tide out) for my coffee. Wow - was it quiet down there. Proper ghost town. Aimlessly unusualy had a brief look in a few estate agents windows on the way back through town. Oh wow - the much renovated and extended detached house up the road (after the previous old woman owner was found dead in the garden), which also had its back garden 'landscaped' not long ago, appears to be on the market - for a breathtaking 325K. No sign of it being for sale on the actual house. That seems very overpriced to me! I'd expect a sea/harbour view for THAT much! I haven't at all kept up with what the property market is doing these days, but I imagine that's around twice what mine is worth (if I'm lucky!)! lol . . TVd and drank a glass of red wine. . gave Bella the last of the cooked mince for her evening meal. All woofed straight down again . . .TVd/PCd the night off . . .ate two kipling almond slices, a banana and biscuits before to bed around 3:45am.