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My Diary. Stop if you will and take a look. My life is here an open book.

April 2018  

14 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in 6C out. Fog! . . hmmm - it now appears the courier is suggesting Monday for delivery of my new camcorder! FFS :o( . . .
13 - Woke in the chair before 6am, struggled up and lay down on the bed for a bit but couldn't sleep and up again soon after. 16C in 8C out. Misty grey . . . woke at the PC . guess I'll be staying in all day awaiting my new camcorder delivery, which I've recieved messages for saying it IS due to be delivered today!!! . . PCd a bit of this . . .overcome with tiredness late morning and ended up having to lay down for a nap until mid afternoon! . . guitarred/TVd . . .oh well - so much for the camcorder being delivered today! Not. . . ate tuna and mayo sandwiches with crisps, coffee cake and co co pops . . .to bed before midnight.
12 - Up around 8am feeling sick. 16C in 8C out. Grey . . .PCd the whole day away dealing with all the photos from yesterday. It would appear my camcorder IS now so faulty it's no longer really possible to use it. Keeps on turning itself on and off at random of its own accord! :o( . .posted all recent stuff to FB and then ended up having a quick surf looking at camcorders. Funny how having had one in my pocket every day for so many years, it now feels like a priority to me!! Bugger - of course mine is no longer available! :o( Stumbled into a really useful video on Youtube comparing my camcorder to a more modern version. Exactly what I needed and it convinced me of which replacement I would go for. Went straight ahead and ordered one from Currys/PC world!! A Panasonic HC-V380EB-K for 249 - and maybe even delivered free TOMORROW! Oooooh I wonder if the battery is the same as for the old one? Doubtful but fingers crossed. No doubt the price of another battery is astronomical like it was for my current model. Fingers crossed . . N called in for coffee and chats. . . ate creamy co-co pops and then a tin of baked beans, two pieces of bread and butter and crisps . . immediately asleep in the chair - ALL night!!
11 - Up around 7:30am. 15C in 9C out. Grey to start, with hints of sun breaking through. . . PCd the morning away. . Mum called to say the unexpected delivery of soap I'd ordered had attived. lol . . dug out the Toro Loco and kayaker shout footage from 15th August 2016 and sat through it all checking there was nothing untoward included before then making up two data DVDs to hand in at the lifeboat house as had been requested by their press officer.

walked straight down through town overheating in the sun and on out to the lifeboat station to hand in the DVDs and to sign a copyright release form for the 'Saving Lives At Sea' production company. . . sat around on the breakwater, in the small park nearby and on the seat overlooking the breakwater for quite a while taking photos etc. MAJOR issues with my camcorder now!! Asside from the screen switch having broken, it seemed to have real trouble today just focusing on stuff?? Can't see me being able to use it for much longer. :o( . .back to sit on the harbour steps for a while before fleeing all the crowds of screaming kids and returning to BGdns . . saw and filmed the newly built Isle of Harris lifeboat coming into harbour to stop over on her long way to her new home. . uh oh - looks like the last straw with the camcorder! It's NOW doing its own thing and turning itself on (and eventually off again) all by itself even when in my pocket. . .straight home as the sun of earlier chilled to misty cloudy . . . PCd at length and eventually uploaded video of the lifeboat and the black hawk helicopter which had been buzzing back and forth across the bay . . . cooked and ate two chicken kievs with chips followed by some coffee cake gone midnight! . . . to bed around 2:30am.
10 - Woke in the chair around 7am. Went and lay down and tried to go back to sleep but couldn't and then up near 8am. 15C in 8C out. Damp and misty grey. . . PCd the morning away before deciding to go get some supplies . . . walked BGdns, around the harbour and out to the park past the breakwater taking photos. Eventually back to sit on the harbourside steps with my coffee before then shopping on the way home through town . . . PCd photos and posts for a few hours . . TVd . . ate just bowls of co co pops and cream and a couple of bags of crisps!! Woefully inadequate again. Immediately struggling to stay awake so to bed well before midnight.
9 - Up at 8am. 15C in 8C out. Grey. . . PCd for hours wrestling with ALs scanner again, determined not to be beaten. Ended up reluctantly dowloading another freeware program and using it and elaborate formulae in Excel eventually managed to 'hard edit' the saved text data file with the three banks of frequencies I thought he should have before reuploading them to the scanner! Took hours but got there in the end. . PMd him to come get his scanner which he soon did mid afternoon. In chats he revealed a bit of how much of a busy life he lives, complete with tales of his swinger type sex life!!! . . TVd (nothing) feeling increasingly down . . Mum called to touch base for almost an hour. SO difficult to tolerate the nonsense she now wants to talk about. Makes me feel even more down . . forced down a cold tin of baked beans, crisps and chocolate biscuits . . . asleep in the chair. Woke at some point all overheating and turned the fire off before falling back asleep where I sat!
8 - Up around 7:30am feeling headachey and sick. 15C in 5C out. Grey. . . PCd most of the day away editing video from years ago before setting it uploading to FB. . . mustered the energy to mow the badly overgrown lawns - just!! Mums old lawnmower gave up the ghost just before hacking through just the back lawn, so I've got to somehow dispose of that mow. Uggh. Finished off and did the front with the old flymo . . AL called in with his new scanner for a chat. He'd ignored what I said about bring EVERYTHING and had to go back home to get his USB lead! . . I downloaded and installed the software before he returned. He eventually left it with me to try to sort out. . messed around for ages and succeeded in loading the marine channels only to then discover the software is 'ctippleware' and I couldn't load any more than just one memory bank!!! BUGGER!! . . . TVd . . ate a pasty, crisps and soup followed by biscuits . . to bed around midnight.
7 - Woken by neighbour noise and up around 8am. 15C in 8C out. Rain to start with . . . did laundry but otherwise somehow wasted away the whole day just sat at the computer and radios . . . TVd . . cooked and ate a whole pack of four quarter pound burgers with chips followed by biscuits . . . to bed around midnight.
6 - Up around 8:20am. 14C in 7C out. Bright but mostly grey. . . PCd the day away mostly editing video snips from yesterday and uploading to FB . . TVd . . ate a microwave runa and pasta meal with crisps followed by biscuits and ice cream . . to bed around 11:30pm.
5 - Up around 7:15am. 14C in 3C out. Sunny . . feeling unwell with upset stomach/diarrhoea. . . PCd . . . walked to the doctors to have blood taken by the nurse for tests . . . walked through busy town and carried on out to the sea end of the breakwater. Sat around there for quite a while taking photos etc but the cloud built and sun mostly went, and in the wind I ended feeling frozen! Filmed the seals for a while. Low tide and managed to retrieve the loose rocks sign I'd spotted someone had thrown in the water the other day. Just left it laying on the rocks behind the seats facing the lifeboat - to no doubt get thrown back in! . sat on the harbour steps for my coffee before eventually shopping for a few supplies and then heading home . .PCd and posted a pic or two . . N called in unexpectedly with his guitar for a couple of hours. He's a lot better than I'd thought! . . .breifly PCd and posted a couple of pics . . TVd . . ate a microwaved chilli and rice meal with crisps followed by bowls of cereals . . to bed near 11pm!
4 - Up around 7:45am!! 14C in 7C out. Rain . . feeling awful and sick a bit . . . PCd the day off. .listened in on the radios to a coastguard/ILB shout at Goodrington. A woman had entered the water to try to save her dog!! She was pulled out of the water by people before the lifeboat got there. Her dog was recovered by the ILB. According to the local newspaper site, it did not survive and had drowned!! . . TVd . . ate biscuits, crisps, jam on toast and a pack of kipling almond slices . . to bed whenever.
3 - Up around 9:05am. I seem to be getting longer sleep all of a sudden? I HAVE been closing the bedroom door to try to keep the neighbour noise down. 14C in 9C out. Some sunny spells between the grey after last nights rain. . .PCd . . walked down the doctors surgery and collected my repeat prescription paper. Straight into the chemist and bought the tablets vefore then aimlessly walking down around the busy harbour and soon out to sit around for quite a while in BGdns taking photos etc. . . PCd and posted photos to FB etc . . . TVd . . ate co co pos followed by wine and a pepperoni cheese pizza as wind and heavy rain fell . . asleep in the chair until around 3:30am before to bed.
2 - Up around 10:15am!! 13C in 9C out. Grey . . . PCd the morning away before mustering the energy to go for a walk. Walked BGdns, down to the harbour and out to the breakwater. Sat on the high seat overlooking for a while before back to the harbour taking photos of Provident who returned to the heritage pontoon after sailing about in the bay for a bit. . sat on the harbour steps for my coffee . .shopped and home through town . . PCd . . . N called in for chats until around 9:30pm . . PCd and posted photos to FB . . .cooked and ate two burgers with chips and coleslaw followed by a handful of kipling almond slices . . . to bed around 1:30am.. .
1 - Woke around 9am but managed to get back to sleep and then didn't wake until around 1:45pm!! 14C in 6C out. Grey . . PCd and put in the hours to cleaning up all the screen shots from last nights mayday shout and eventually got them uploaded to FB and then let just a handful of people know . . . showered and got clean for the first time in a while!! . . TVd as heavy rain fell . . drank a glass of red wine and ate two burgers, chips and peas followed by biscuits . . to bed around 2:30am.


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