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My Diary. Stop if you will and take a look. My life is here an open book.

May 2017

14 - Very poor sleep of only a few hours and then back up around 8:45am. 17C+ in and out. Sunny between big shower clouds. . .
13 - Up around 8am. 17C in, 14C out. Sunny . . .woke at the PC and then delayed walking to finish off the edit of yesterdays ALB shout footage. Eventually walked BGdns late, leaving the PC uploading the ALB shout video to Youtube. Aimlessly sat around in BGdns for ages, in the seemingly increasingly mild/warm temperatures. . home via the store. The guitar case/carry bag I'd ordered had been left on the doorstep by the post office! Fits the guitar ok and seems remarkable for the money on the face of it, although I'm under no illusion, it'll probably fall apart real quick if I ever do actualy start to carry the thing around. . cooked and ate three sausages, two fried eggs and chips . . . napped . . . TVd/guitarred . . . ate bowls of co-co pops with chocolate milk . . .ended up on the PC aimlessly surfing nonsense until deep into the early hours. Haven't surfed crazy stuff like that, just for 'entertainment' for ages. Even looked at motorcycles and cars for sale!! lol . . it DOES appear that I have picked up something of 'a troll' on my Youtube account. Seems to be a regular thing now that whatever I upload, I'm quite likely to get 'a thumbs down/dislike' from someone who is presumably among my subscribers. What possible pleasure then can get from going out of their way to press the dislike button is utterly beyond me. I can't help but be 'aggravated' by them doing so, but especially because Youtube offers no means to identify who it is, so there is nothing I can do about it. :o( . . .eventually to bed well past 4am with light in the sky and after all the morning chorus of birdsong!!!
12 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 12C out. Grey . . .walked BGdns. Filmed as the ILB was called out to a shout across the bay other side of the bay. Comms suggested a woman in drink on the rocks beneath the Kilmorie flats - but someone well known to all the services, so clearly a mental health issues thing!! Although just blurred dots in the distance (4 or five miles away!), I was actually able to film the entire proceedings as she was transferred to the paramedics and police on Meadfoot beach, and then taken away in an ambulance, etc. . once I'd done filming we climbed to the higher seat to relax and to have my coffee. It THEN became apparant that the ALB was being launched to assist a yacht that was heading back into the harbour taking on water. Rushed back down to the lower seats/gun emplacement and filmed again. By the time the ALB was launched, the yacht (escorted by a fisheries rib, but with people on board bailing with a bucket) was almost back inside the harbour so it was one of the shortest shouts possible, and the lifeboat simply escorted them back in to the town pontoon. Couldn't resist heading down to the harbour to grab a little more footage. Turned out it'd had some sort of corrosion failure to a part of the cooling system, and it was only allowing water in when the engine was running, so no danger from sinking etc. . . shopped for a few supplies before home through town . . . PCd for hours editing footage. Still at it when DF called in at 7pm . . set the ILB shout video uploading as we argued, drank coffee and ate biscuits until around 9pm . . . TVd . . . ate grated cheese on four buttered crumpets followed by a whole pack of reduced price mini battenburg cakes. Drank some baileys followed by chocolate milk . . . to bed around 2am.
11 - Up not much before 9am! 16C in, 10C out. Rain . . .walked BGdns late after the rain had mostly cleared. Very misty murky across the bay. Home via the store. . . started the car up for the first time in absolutely ages and made sure it still runs etc. That little solar charger I have sat inside on the dashboard obviously works a treat, and the thing started up first go right away. At one point the drivers door lock mechanism jammed and threatened to remain so, but thankfully a bit of brute force eventually freed it!! The rear left door remains locked shut and impossible to open. :o( . . put in hours messing around with the rotting wooden gates to the 'carport'/back garden. All the nails and screws holding them together appear to be rusting out, and the timber itself seems to have shrunk and warped, pulling the rest of the nails and screws out. Ended up using some of the remaining screws from the fence project to lash the timber all back together as best I could. The screws were really too long, so I had to use the angle grinder to laboriously grind off all the projecting screw points for safety! It was gone 6pm by the time I was done and had cleaned up and reaffixed/realligned and greased all the gate bolts and had the gates 'botched' back together and hopefully serviceable for maybe a few more years. . . TVd . . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches with a large bag of crisps followed later by jaffa cakes and then glasses of milk and chocolate biscuits . . . to bed around 2am.
10 - Up around 7:30am. 17C in, 9C out. Some sunny spells. . comms on the radio - a shout of someone over the quarry cliffs at Berry Head!! . . PCd and without any pointless in depth searching, casualy ordered a guitar carry case off Amazon for under 10 delivered. High time I had the ability to be able to carry the thing around on my back, for the VERY rare occasions it would maybe be nice to be able to sit in BGdns on a nice day, practicing the VERY little I can do! . . .walked BGdns and sat around for ages again, as the chilly grey turned to sunny again. Home via the store . . . ate a slice of gala pie, crisps and a large sausage roll . . . dismantled Mum's old lawn mower in the back garden and had a poke at why it was intermitantly making the awful screaming noise it does. Turned out to be nothing more than a small plastic fan disk attached to the motor shaft for drawing cooling air through the motor. As best I could tell, it was a friction fit which over time has become loose and often doesn't spin at the same speed as the rotor. The bad news was, it appeared there was no safe way of dismantling that part of the actual motor/rotor because of the friction fit bearings etc at each end. I DID try driving some hot glue into the narrow gap next to the disk, but that very quickly was obviously not going to work, so I ended up having wasted all that time and just putting it all back together exactly as it was. Quickly tested it on my back lawn and confirmed it still does a pretty good job of cutting the grass - despite the occasional awful noise. Too good to throw out yet, so it was returned to my garage for possible future use. WHAT a waste of time all that was! . . napped until the alarm at 7pm waking me from a nightmare . . did dish washing chores . . .TVd/guitarred . . ate two chicken kievs with just a large pile of buttered peas gone midnight. . . to bed around 2am.
9 - Up around 8am. 16C in, 8C out. Grey . . . walked BGdns. Home via the store . . . ate a small pasty, crisps and a couple of chocolate biscuits . . .trimmed my hair and got clean. . did laundry. . PCd and knocked up the small bald robin video and uploaded it to Youtube. Listened in as a yacht lost engine power just off Berry Head, and was saved from going onto the rocks by one of the local ferries before being handed off to the lifeboat. . . TVd. Ended up watching a whole bunch of guitar tutor videos on Youtube - and mostly not even picking up my guitar! They were just educational and entertaining to me without even having to try (and fail) to do them. lol . . ate bowls of sugary weetabix (6+?) . . to bed around 1am.
8 - Woken by next doors barking dog at 8am. 17C in, 11C out. Sunny . . set more snips of video uploading to Youtube. (Callan ; BM10 ; BM15 ) Walked BGdns. .arrived home to find the new cable for Mum's lawn mower had been delivered (left outside under a recycle box). . . cooked and ate a meat pastry slice with peas and chips . . walked up Mum's with a rucksack and set about fitting the new longer cable to the mower. Turns out maybe a couple of metres more would have been better, but it DOES now reach all of both front and back lawns when plugged in the garage sockets, so that'll do. . . returned home with Mum's old broken mower, to either have a look at to fix, or more likely to dismantle to bin. Dumped it in my garage for some other time . . napped for not even a couple of hours . . . TVd . . ate bowls of chocolate milk co co pops followed later by tuna and mayo sandwiches and crisps . . . to bed around midnight.
7 - Woke earlier then up around 8am. 16C in, 11C out. Sunny spells . . walked BGdns. . home via the store for a few supplies . . . PCd for hours editing down and compiling some of the bits of video I'd taken of boats in the boisterous bay on the 5th. . . drank a little wine. Ate two ham, cheese and mayo finger rolls with crisps and coleslaw followed by a couple of chocolate biscuits . . . napped leaving the PC running the couple of uploads to Youtube. . TVd/guitarred . .ate co co pops with chocolate milk . . .it was gone 11pm by the time the two videos had uploaded to Youtube! Nimrod , Yacht Kindred Spirit. Sat back and 'proof' watched them on the TV with the Roku box. SO much better to be able to see them on the TV like that. :o) . . PCd working on other snips of video until around 3am before to bed.
6 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey and showers . . waking at the PC I had a message to say the Roku box I'd ordered was out to be delivered today. Ended up deciding NOT to walk Bella today to wait in for it. . . reluctantly PCd the day away. Messed around with the bits of video I'd recorded yesterday for a long while. With hingsight, it's all pretty lackluster stuff and largely pointless I think. . ended up on-line doing a 'live chat' with the domain host support people, trying to get to the bottom of how to resolve this 'site blocked' issue. They really were pretty much no help whatsoever. Ended up in desperation requesting they just delete everything and allow me to rebuild/reupload the entire site afresh. It appears that even doing that isn't going to get the (Telsweb especially) site back up and running as it should be, because it has been flagged up and blocked by Google. As best I can make out, once the site has been rebuilt all clean and fresh, I then have to somehow request it be examined by Google before it may eventually be unflagged as unsafe etc. Beats me how the search engines have suddenly become so all powerful in what is and isn't allowed! So, SO tempting to just pull the plug on it all and walk away. :o( . . . after being up tight and waiting in all day, with a headache and feeling very iffy, and with it so late it looked as though it wasn't being delivered today after all, , I just HAD to go and lay down for a bit. . at 6:30pm the parcel delivery finally arrived! . . .messed around in front the TV setting up the box. It did NOT go smoothly and the actual online registering of the thing and setting up of the required account ended up having to be done on the PC (rather than my tablet which repeatedly refused to complete the process). . at last I had it all set up and was able to actually start playing around and seeing how it worked etc. It all seems to work ok as advertised and all that, but it wasn't long before I wished I'd not bothered and had just gone out and spent the extra money and bought a new smart TV instead. All it does is give me back 'some' of what the TV used to do before they stopped support for all its smart functions - but with a whole seperate box to power and another remote etc, etc. It of course doesn't give me back any of the 'channel guide' functionality, so I still haven't a clue what's on throughout the day and can't set reminders for programs I'd like to watch etc etc. :o( Having said all that, it does of course give me the ability to watch all the IPlayer and catch-up stuff, and it DOES give me back the ability to sit back and watch Youtube stuff on the main TV again (without having to wrestle with the tablet etc). It's 'almost' worth the money for ME, just to have that Youtube ability back. I guess there really was no way of really knowing until I'd actually had my hands on one to play with, but I DO now wish I'd just bought a new TV instead - so I DON'T feel 'pleased' about having spent all that money. Ended up watching a bunch of Youtube videos throughout the evening - including a few of my own! lol . . . ate a ham and mayo sandwich with coleslaw and crisps followed later by jaffa cakes and a cup of chocolate milk . . . to bed around midnight or whenever.
5 - Woke around 6:30am feeling iffy, achey and overheating. Up after 7am. 16C in, 9C out. Grey and blowy. . . received an email from the site host informing me they had detected 'unusual' activity on my account and they had suspended it!!!!? Oh FFS!!!!!!!

left the PC on running malware and anti virus scans - again. . walked BGdns and ended up sheltering from the cold gale force winds in the usual gun emplacement. All the ferries were suspended because of the conditions, but suprisingly a couple of pleasure boats braved the rough seas and went out into the bay while I was there. Couldn't resist a bit of filming as they did so. . despite concern about Bella's aches and pains and whether or not she could cover the distance, we ended up eventually heading slowly down around the harbour and out to the small park just past the breakwater to sit around for ages 'laying in wait' for any other boats going out. Ended up just sitting around there for hours, filming the occasional passing boat or seal etc.

shopped for a few supplies in town on the way home . . the PC scans had all completed with everything clear - again . . . felt exhausted and maybe even a little mildly sunburned to my face somehow. . cooked and ate chicken coujons with chips and ketchup . . . DF called in for arguments until around 10pm. . . ate chocolate biscuits and chocolate milk . . . to bed gone mindight.
4 - Up around 7:20am, aching. 16C in, 9C out. Grey but brightening . .annadin tablet, cigarettes and coffee for breakfast. . .walked Bgdns and eventually back in the hazey sun . . PCd and eventually ordered 15m of new twin core 1mm orange cable for Mum's 'salvaged' lawnmower off e-bay. 'I' reckon it'd be better with an even longer cable (20m), but that would probably present a 'bit' of a hassle stowing the cable when not in use, and 15m will 'probably' reach both front and back gardens ok from the plug points in her garage without resorting to extension leads - or plugging it into house sockets through a window (like she did in the past), so worth a 10 shot . . . walked slowly with Bella across town for the 2:10pm vet appointment. . age related joint inflamation/pain was quickly agreed.

A small tube of Metacam type liquid . . . 40

carried on down town to buy food supplies. Struggled straight home with a heavy rucksack and carrier of potatos to carry . . . ate a couple of small sausage rolls, crisps, pickled onions and biscuits . . . napped . . . TVd/guitarred . . .gave Bella her first dose of the new metacm type liquid with her food . . .ate ham and mayo sandwiches, crisps and then bowls of sugary weetabix . . . to bed around midnight.
3 - Up around 7:30am. 16C in, 11C out. Mostly sunny. . . Mum called to touch base . . walked Bgdns. . back to Mums and used the salvaged mower to mow all her lawns . . eventually headed home via the pet store for dog food supplies. Mowed and strimmed both my lawns. Pottered around in the garden for quite a while, lifting a couple of slabs and transplanting a few bits of campanula into the border up by the garage, and then messing around with the broken bird feeder before getting it back in the tree with some VERY old nuts in. . .TVd, aching . . . ate jaffa cakes and then a chicken kiev, peas and chips . . to bed around midnight.
2 - Up around 8am. 15C in, 8C out. grey. . . rang up and made an appointment to see the vet . . walked BGdns. . . did dish washing chores while running lengthy malware etc scans on the PC. It's become SO slow and 'flakey' of late, I don't see me being able to simply carry on with it for much longer! . . . drank wine. Ate a chicken kiev, peas, chips and a banana. . napped until 7pm . . . PCd. Went on-line, bit the bullet and ordered 1m Ultra HD HDMI cable 5.45, Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 54.99 from outlets on Amazon. I could have bought one plenty cheaper from the 'local' PC world store over Torquay way (advertised NOT for home delivery!?) , but without transport, even though its only a few miles away, just getting to the place would have been an expensive couple of bus trips and would have taken easily half a day+!! Add on not wanting to leave Bella home alone for such a length of time, and her now not really up to walking any great distance etc, it really was just too much hassle to even think of attempting it. . I 'could' have gone for the later slightly more expensive model, but I gather that model does all manner of stuff that I really have no use for. All I want to be able to do is have access to Youtube etc, and largely 're-capture' some of the features that have been 'turned off' on my existing TV, which has become SO frustrating to use now. It was either have a go at trying out one of these sort of add-on boxes, or buy a whole new TV!!

TVd/guitarred . . . ate ham and mayo sandwiches with crisps followed by biscuits . . to bed around 2am.
1 - Up around 7:45am. 16C in, 8C out. Rain. . . walked late. On the way to BGdns I spotted a makeshift 'staff' badge, dropped in the road by one of the Battery museum volunteers. It'd been driven over and had been rained on so was really of little further use, but I figured I'd somehow hand it in, just so they knew it wasn't being misused etc. Sheltered in the gun emplacement for a while before then sitting on seats after the rain started to mostly clear. . at length we started to head back, but via the museum which was due to open at 2pm. People were just arriving to open it, so I quickly handed over the ID badge. . . home via the store for a few supplies and some cash. . ate a couple of sausage rolls, crisps and a banana . . . messed around for ages in front the TV dismantling the fishing reel I'd salvaged from the harbour a while ago. Cleaned up all the internals as best I could, applied some wd40 and grease here and there, and eventually at length got it all free running and appear to have it entirely useable again. Dunno why I bothered really. I can't see me ever using it. I just can't get over not wanting to hurt anything - and that definitely includes fish! Oh well - at least its done with and I can kinda store it somewhere and forget about it for a bit now. . .TVd struggling to stay awake . . . ate bowls of co-co pops. . . fell asleep on the sofa. Woke and to bed around 3am.


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