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My New Home
("DownLooksUp" ?)
With Effect From 1st March 2007

I couldn't resist. I HAD to name it! lololol :o) @ 12/08/07
(The effect of too much prozac!!)

A three bedroom terrace . . on a 'bit' of a slope,
but a very long plot of land! @ 07/07/07


Looking back down the front garden from the 'terrace' bench seat. @ 07/07/07


The hallway with the living room door to the left,
stairs right, and kitchen ahead left past Sally. @ 07/07/07


The living room. @ 08/07/07


View of the front garden from the living room bay window. @ 07/07/07


A frequent welcome addition to the view.
I live opposite a policeman!! lol :o) @ 07/07/07


The awkwardly shaped back-room / 'diner' part of the kitchen,
with the back door to the sun room straight ahead,
and the kitchen area under the green(!!) arch to the right. @ 07/07/07


The kitchen'ette' @ 07/07/07
(Temporary filler on the wall to the left, testing for movement of a crack!)


The view of the back garden from the kitchen window by the sink.
The garden is on a relatively gentle slope, arranged in at least five distinct parts. @ 07/07/07


The 'sun' room (allegedly!). @ 07/07/07


Garden area Part 1. Patio and sunroom. @ 07/07/07


Garden area Part 2. Pergola, table, benches and chairs. @ 07/07/07


Garden area Part 3. Lawn+. @ 07/07/07


Garden area Part 4. Falling down, rotted wooden shed. @ 07/07/07


Garden area Part 5. My washing line area, composter and garden-clutter dumping ground. @ 07/07/07


The garage and car port, adjacent to a private access lane. @ 07/07/07


The upstairs landing facing the rear of the house,
with the stairs to the right, bathroom door in front,
back and front bedroom doors to the left,
and the third 'box' bedroom behind the camera. @ 07/07/07


The tiny bathroom with its strange mix of different tiles, wallpaper and pink carpet!?
In need of redecoration but acceptably functional. @ 07/07/07


The back bedroom full of much junk,
awaiting imminent much needed redecoration. @ 07/07/07

. . and then the back bedroom AFTER a LOT of work! @ 09/09/07

. . with enough 'donated' furniture to serve as a guest room. @ 16/10/07


The view up the back garden, from the rear bedroom window. @ 07/07/07


The main front bedroom, newly decorated. @ 03/07/07

My bedroom
The front bedroom dressed with skip-salvaged bedside cabinets, charity shop bedside lamps,
throw-covered old cane chair left by the previous occupants, and my
expensive, for-the-first-time-in-my-life brand new (!), bed and headboard.
Ha! :o) @ 05/10/07


The impressive view from the front bedroom window which faces slightly east of directly south. @ 07/07/07


The 'box' bedroom, newly decorated for use as my 'computer room',
and the view from its window. @ 21/05/07

A different perspective on where I now live. @ 27/07/07

Just an amazing view from up there!!!
@ 28/07/07

'Just' a routine dog walk these days!!! :o)
'Just' walking the dog!
@ 23/05/07
and at least in part, EVERY day, twice a day. :o)

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