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Since I moved to a new house in early 2007, this page is obviously requiring a major update! Given the circumstances surrounding my move, it is difficult for me to face looking at the old photos without becoming tearful, so the update will have to wait!
It was all for nothing. All that work, blood, sweat and tears for absolutely nothing!
@ 28/09/2007

Do It Yourself is less an interest of mine and more a way of life, which has been forced upon me by circumstance. When I bought my house with my then girl friend it seemed such a good idea to have the stability and security of our own place to live. It was really tough scraping the money together and if we hadn't known John as a friend it would probably have never happened. John was in the business at the time of buying up old houses in need of renovation, doing them up as quickly and cheaply as possible and selling them on for a quick profit. This particular house had more or less finished having his magic done to it and was being put back on the market although he had been too slow doing this one and I think he may have been asking much less for it than he really needed to cover the overheads and pay his wages.



The Great Conservatory Project
Nasty and cold Nice and light
Before After
Wildlife welcome
The green room at the back
@ 20/05/2000

@ 21/08/2001
Wildlife welcome  
@ 18/01/2001   @ 15/08/2002
The 'hermitage'!
The Fitted Wardrobes Project
more to do XXX - me bear on a bed!
Getting there!! Bedtime honey?
The Ongoing Nightmare Damp Proof/Rewiring Project

@ 10/11/2002

Slow going!
@ 14/03/03

Some little progress
@ 03/05/03

The Central Heating Project
Description Quantity Cost
Boiler combi 2000 30/90 + flue 1 649.00
Boiler combi filling loop 1 14.99
Timelock kit combi 2000 1 29.99
Copper tube 2m 15mm 2 5.18
Radiator Dble Convector 620x1300mm 2 144.00
Radiator valve thermostatic 3 20.97
Lockshield valve for combi boiler 5 19.95
Equal Tee solder ring 22mm Pk 4 x 2 7.98
Drain off cock 2 3.98
Reducer 22x15mm solder ring 10 12.90
Stop end compression Pk 2 1.99
Straight coupler s/ring 22mm Pk 10 2.99
Copper tube 3m 22mm Pk 10 49.99
Reducing e/feed 22x22x15mm 1 1.19
Gas torch anti flare 350g 1 24.99
Equal Tee solder ring 15mm 2 1.38
Elbow solder ring 15mm Pk 10 2.59
Copper tube 2m 15mm 2 5.18
Elbow solder ring 15mm Pk 10 2.59
Radiator Dble Convector 620x800mm 1 50.00
Radiator valves for combi boiler 1 6.99
Elbow solder ring 22mm Pk 6 x 2 9.98
Valve radiator combi 15mm with drain 1 5.99
Copper tube 2 metres 15mm 1 2.59
Copper tube 2 metres 22mm 1 9.98
Copper tube 2 metres 22mm Pk 10 41.49
Pipe clips white plastic 22mm Pk 50 2.49
Radiator Sngle Convector 620x1200mm 2 76.00
Various - 20.13
Elbow solder ring 15mm Pk 10 2.59
Cash in hand gas connection 1 50.00
Cupboard doors \ wood \ hinges \ etc.   87.36
Total Cost 1367.42

Well on the way to an attic conversion @ 06/09/05


- - - - - UNFINISHED - - - - - UNDER DIY CONSTRUCTION - - - - - -

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