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LBs Garden / Polecat House Project

The Garden

The left bed and new gate to the lane. - 21/08/01

Still a 'building site' but you get the idea?
Kinda circular sitting area between raised beds.- 21/08/01

The right bed and 'polecat run' annex.- 21/08/01

The gate to the lane.
Open for access for the first time in at least ten years or more.
The stain on the wall outside the gate indicates the recent
'ground' level!!! - 21/08/01

Enough is enough. I think I have had enough - until I next feel the need
to do a 'mindfulness of breaking rocks' meditation!!
Sometimes there are just too many rocks! - 24/08/01


The Polecat House

- 21/08/01

- 21/08/01
Nuff said?

He is surprisingly cute when you get to know him - even if he is obviously completely 'stir' crazy by now and climbing the bars!
I guess I identify with him! - 21/08/01


The 'outhouse' cupboard new 'Polecat House'?- 21/08/01

The outside 'run'. - 21/08/01

A bit more room, easier to keep clean,
a tunnel to the outside 'run',
a dark hideaway box to nest in,
- ok the stairs are too steep but . . .
well . . . I haven't much experience
of building polecat houses!! - 21/08/01

Well . . he moved in . . and was happily asleep in his 'nest box'
on the top floor when I woke him up to take the picture. - 23/08/01

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