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A Mindfulness Of Breathing Meditation

Set up a posture that will enable you to be comfortable and alert, and that will not encourage sleep. Move your awareness to your body, emotions and thoughts and then notice your breathing. Without affecting the breathing in any way let it flow naturally and as it does, notice whatever qualities it may have such as its speed, rhythm, noise, depth, etc.

At the end of your meditation you should always take a moment to simply be, with a broad awareness of yourself and your surroundings and reflect on any changes in your mental state, which may have occurred as a result. You should take a moment to prepare to re-engage mindfully with the next part of your day.

A Simple Breathing Visualization

Breathing naturally, try to concentrate on the breath without being distracted by your thoughts.
As you breath out imagine that you exhale all your negativities, in the form of black smoke.
As you breath in imagine that you inhale all that is positive in the form of pure white light.
Continue for as long as you desire and your mind should become calm and peaceful.

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