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27th October 1961

The sting in the tail here being, that there is nothing much to read on this page yet!

Symbol Ruler Element
The Scorpion Pluto Water

The key elements of a Scorpios character are that he is sexual, passionate, has a strong personality, is discerning, intense, magnetic, deep, jealous, envious, secretive, and has a sting-in-the-tail.
The Scorpio is often described as the sexiest sign of the zodiac and with a strong, powerful personality he can seem mysterious, magnetic and charismatic.
Approaching love with the same intensity and single mindedness as he approaches anything else he will be a passionate lover.
Having found a suitable mate he will be fiercely loyal and make a loving, gentle, caring and protective partner.

Some celebrity Scorpios are John Cleese, Sir Robin Day, David Dimbleby, Goldie Hawn, HRH The Prince Of Wales, Cleo Lane, Lulu, June Whitfield, Bill Giles.


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