The following walk through tour of my home-of-twenty-years in Speedwell, Bristol, was added to my website back in 2001.
The images do not reflect the structural changes I made after that date to the living room and the kitchen, and especially the attic-room conversion which followed the fitting of four Velux skylights during re-roofing.

When the rising tide of unopposed anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood specifically targeted at me, forced me to flee my home in 2006, much of it was in a state of half finished renovation. Because of my circumstances at the time, I had little choice but to put the property on the market 'as was', and take whatever I could get, just to escape.

If it had been possible for me to finish the work and bring the property up to a saleable condition, given the market at the time, it is my belief I would have been able to achieve a market value up to
20,000 greater than I was forced to accept.

A 'personal net worth' loss I can never hope to re-coup in my lifetime.

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