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The Speedwell, Bristol 'Hood'!
It never used to be this way!!! :o(

Always - Nightly disturbances in the street from shouting abusive drunks, often continuing until 3am!!
Difficulty sleeping with the windows open - some neighbours have moved their bedroom to the rear of the house to escape the noise!!
Estimate somewhere in the region of one in twenty local vehicles are untaxed.(This has been improved by a crackdown and change in licencing procedures.)
Local school children, often truanting, asking passers by to go in to the newsagent and buy cigarettes for them.
Various people, including local school children on their way to school in the morning, openly smoking cannabis!
Frequent driving of mopeds down the street with unhelmeted passengers.
Extreme high speed traffic.
Small change dropped in the street !!?
Money Picked Up In The Street
Year/Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2005 53.33 1.04 1.87 1.99 31.47 1.21 43p 68p 11.67 88p 79p 10.63 115.99
2004 2.34 2.72 2.91 1.92 1.45 2.29 1.23 1.96 3.44 10.61 2.51 11.99 45.37
2003 78p 38p 1.30 72p 1.05 3.94 2.94 2.31 3.00 20.91 1.10 8.17 46.60
2002 46p 1.92 57p 35p 1.11 10.52 21p 29p 27p 1.39 81p 20.72 38.62
07/10/06 - Homeless!

06/10/06 - Visited by the local police Beat Manager,
who suggested I could grow a hedge in front of my house,
to help prevent the egg throwing!

c.8pm My house egged by an intimidating, large 'mob' of youths.

c.11pm My car damaged and side window and windscreen smashed by brick throwing youths.

c.1am Escorted (upon my insistance) away from my house by the police.

05/10/06 - Neighbour's house egged.

04/10/06 - Stray dog (the white one) caught
and handed over to the dog warden.

Taunts of 'informer' shouted at me in the street by youths.

03/10/06 - My house egged again. Chased and 'confronted' the perpetrators.
Pelted with eggs while 'retreating'. Car paintwork damaged by thrown eggs.

02/10/06 - My house egged again.

25/09/06 - Neighbour reported her and her boyfriend's cars had both been recently 'keyed'.

23/09/06 - Collected up 22 glass beer bottles discarded in the playing field.

22/09/06 - Alcohol drinking kids.
Verbal abuse ('Informer').
Large drunken groups in the street.

20/09/06 - Mopeds with unhelmeted passengers driven around the playing field.
Girls graffitiing the pavement with spray cans of paint.

19/09/06 - 'Comments'.
Football kicked over me.

17/09/06 - Verbal abuse ('Informer').

15/09/06 - Fly tipping.
Verbal abuse. ('Bin-man', sung!).

14/09/06 - Verbal abuse.
Harassment (sung!).

13/09/06 - Verbal abuse ('binman').

12/09/06 - Yong girls urinating under the hedge bordering the playing field.

09/09/06 - 'Told off' by little girls.

07/09/06 - 'Interest' in my car from passing youths.

05/09/06 - Unknown youth called at my home asking if my old dented, rusting
Fiesta car was for sale and if it was in daily use.

Witnessed 'maltreatment' of a toddler in the street.

30/08/06 - Two push bikes vandalised and dumped in the field.

29/08/06 - Fly tipping.

22/08/06 - A pallet-sized wheeled trolley, taken from a local store, left
on the pavement near the school.

20/08/06 - Fire extinguishers stolen from the new Speedwell School
building site and dumped in the playing field.

Numberplateless (stolen) moped driven around the area.

19/08/06 - Mountain bike dumped in the hedge.

Verbal abuse ('informer')

Post 'Litter Louts RFC' meet!
16/08/06 - An example of the post rugby-club meeting, litter.

04/08/06 - Children drinking and letting off fireworks as hot air balloons passed by. (Bristol Balloon Fiesta).
Verbal abuse ('informer') and threats.

02/08/06 - Children drinking. 'Confrontational' remarks.

16/07/06 - Collected up a record 21 glass bottles discarded in the playing field.

14/07/06 - Verbal abuse ('paedo, paedo', etc.).

Abandoned (stolen?) 'clunk'.
11/07/06 - Stolen dumped.

10/07/06 - Verbal abuse ('informer'). I 'responded'!

07/07/06 - Drinking youths moved roadworks barricades and closed the road.

Doggie do'ins.
04/07/06 - Stray German Shepherd dog returned to owner.

01/07/06 - Police pursuit

30/06/06 - Verbal abuse ('informer')
(+ another dog walkers tales / litter lout example)

28/06/06 - My dog's paw injured by glass from a beer glass smashed in the street by a passer by
a night or two ago.

26/06/06 - Informed that a deeply religious resident who lived on the edge of the playing field
had committed suicide.

23/06/06 - Verbal abuse. ('paedo') (Video)

Violent disturbance outside the local pub (Lamb And Lark) in the early hours.

22/06/06 - Verbal abuse ('bin-man/cunt').
Youth in a car doing burn outs/wheel spins, etc. around the area.

16/06/06 - Cannabis smoking children offered me a toke.

14/06/06 - Followed, verbal abuse ('informer'), and threats made towards my dog.

10/06/06 - Children walking down the street looking for somewhere to 'stash'
their carrier bag of alcohol.

09/06/06 - More 'fly tipping'.

04/06/06 - Unconscious drunk on the pavement.

03/06/06 - Verbal abuse ('paedo').

01/06/06 - Verbal abuse ('informer').

28/05/06 - Drunk/homeless sleeping rough in the playing field.

19/05/06 - Police attended a disturbance at Speedwell School during 'last day of school' 'celebrations'! (See rumor of 23rd July)

Followed along the streets by a group of girls chanting 'paedo, paedo . . '.( video )

Litter IT!
15/05/06 - PC equipment dumped at the edge of the playing field.

13/05/06 - Verbal abuse including being called 'informer'.

06/05/06 - Stolen, crashed, abandoned.

Stone thrown at a neighbours window.

05/05/06 - Verbal abuse including being called 'informer'.
Can you direct me to my police station please?Verbal abuse directed at a patrolling police officer.

'Harrassing' behaviour and abuse.

03/05/06 - Last two remaining vandalised childrens swings have been removed from the play area.

Rowdiness in the street from youths 'possibly' linked to the incident on 29th April.

Verbal abuse.

01/05/06 - Verbal abuse.

One of the many footprint impressions - this one on my car roof! My dented (leaking?) roof! Neighbour's dented bonnet. Smashed double glazed window
29/04/06 - Madness, mayhem and vandalism in the streets! ( Video )

27/04/06 - Large scale police containment area set up in the neighbourhood after a
suspect had 'made off' from an officer.

26/04/06 - Youths at the edge of the playing field sorting through (stolen?) ruc-sacs
containing Garnier hair care products.

25/04/06 - Verbal abuse.

Stolen dumped/burned moped
24/04/06 - Stolen, dumped, burned in the playing field after being driven around the area.

Stolen, dumped, recovered motorcycle in the field
22/04/06 - Stolen, abandoned in the playing field.

Damage to and attempted break in of a neighbours parked car.

20/04/06 - Refuse bin emptied out all over the playing field.

18/04/06 - Something thrown at me from the Speedwell School yard.

17/04/06 - Verbal abuse/moto rider/'litter'.

Smashed, dumped electric 'go-ped'16/04/06 - Smashed dumped electric go-ped.

Mini moto riders on the roads all around the area.

Window smashing vandals in the act
14/04/06 - Speedwell School sports hall windows smashed by vandals - again.

13/04/06 - Abuse and threats of violence from the mini moto rider of 11th.

12/04/06 - Mini moto parts and a push bike quick release saddle dumped around the area.

More mini moto mayhem
11/04/06 - Mini moto rider in the playing field.

08/04/06 - The police beat manager visited to tell me he'd spoken with the Boyce's in an attempt
.to stop the harrassment I'd been receiving.

04/04/06 - The police beat manager called at my home investigating the allegations made
by Lee Boyce that I was a paedophile!

Youths in a hatchback doing burn outs/wheel spins, etc. around the area.

Morrisons price stickers 03/04/06 - Stolen Morrisons price tickets covering EVERYTHING in the area.

30/03/06 - Attended Bristol Magistrates Court as a witness
in the case of R-v-Lee Boyce,
for the Offence of Common Assault (against me),
which occurred on 09/11/05.

Lee Boyce was found guilty and ordered to pay 100 compensation,
350 costs, and was given a conditional discharge for 18 months.

30/03/06 - Stolen/dumped nail gun.
Handed in to a police station.
Another 'hidden' (stolen?) dumped pushbike.
29/03/06 - Stolen? dumped.

29/03/06 - Ongoing destruction of
the last vestiges of the childrens
play area.
28/03/06 - Shouts referring to my car, by youths hanging around on the corner
opposite my house.

27/03/06 - Garage at the rear of local shops broken into!!!

26/03/06 - 'Paedo' abuse from children unknown!!! (Video).

25/03/06 - 'Initmidated' by and then a confrontation with, Charlie Boyce and friends.
(Audio capture)

24/03/06 - Received more verbal abuse (Audio capture)

23/03/06 - STONED by a group of nine abusive youths (which included Charlie Boyce)
as I walked my dog along the streets!
Followed and ultimately stoned again. Called the police twice,
but they did NOT attend - again. (Evidence?/horror movie)
(Eventually made a statement to the police on the 28th.)

22/03/06 - Bizarre behaviour in the local rugby field.
Suspected drug deals.

17/03/06 - Blatant dope smoking in front of my CCTV camera!!
(Click here for the 'censored-to-protect-the-guilty'
'Don't Bogart Me' video.)

15/03/06 - Vague 'threats' from passing kids.

12/03/06 - Early hours police 'activity' in the street. ('Lawman' video)

10/03/06 - Found and kept.

09/03/06 - Local dentist surgery burgled. My routine checkup
appointment was canceled as a result!

27/02/06 - My house egged again!( CCTV footage/audio.)
Reported (as a '420' incident) to the Trinity Road police.

12 Bore shotgun cartridge!21/02/06 - Found in the local rugby field!
Eventually handed in to the police together
with a motorcycle numberplate (WX03 HFL)
found in another part of the field at the same time.

19/02/06 - Neighbours van windows smashed and
a generator stolen, at around 4pm in broad daylight!!

Antisocial behaviour personality disorder
15/02/06 - Unhelmeted scrambler riders in the local field(s) and on adjacent roads.

11/02/06 - Unhelmeted children riding mini motos
past my house and around the area.
Click here for my 'Kids' (Charlie Boyce) Video.

06/02/06 - Group of kids vandalising/smashing
the rainwater downpipes on the local shops.
28/01/06 - A captured example of the almost daily abuse I am now accustomed to receiving, whenever I walk my dog. BinManTaunt290106

28/01/06 - Dumped (stolen?) ladder

25/01/06 - Vandalised (stolen/dumped?).
Reported to the police - still in situ three hours later!

24/01/06 - Hooded kid riding around the streets
(up and down outside MY house?) on a mini moto.
Subsequently found my car wing mirror damaged.
Click here for a snippet of CCTV footage.

23/01/06 - Dumped pushchair

22/01/06 - Dumped kids bike

16/01/06 - Something thrown (at me?) as I walked the dog.

14/01/06 - Noisy drinking kids hanging around for over an hour,
in the street opposite my house.Culminated in two of the kids
'bumping' the back end of my car across a few inches, into
the pavement!
Reported (as a '420' incident) to the Trinity Road police.

02/01/06 - Found.

31/12/05 - Found a
chain-mail hoodie!!??
Handed in to the police
28/12/05 - Witnessed kids running away
from a house they'd just egged.

25/12/05 - Yobby Christmas

23/12/05 - Family of fly tippers!
19/12/05 - Eggs thrown at me
in the street!
Reported (as a '420' incident) to the police.

11/12/05 - Found

06/12/05 - Stolen dumped fire extinguishers.

26/11/05 - Purse and personal effects found
dumped in the street. A neighbours
house had been burgled in the night .

26/11/05 - Found a collapsed drunk!

25/11/05 - Witnessed kids running away
from a house they'd just egged.
  19/11/05 - Thieves with a ladder near
the local building site! Police and
on-site security guard informed.

16/11/05 - My house and car egged again!

Dumped personal safe
15/11/05 - Dumped personal safe.
  Stolen dumped Gilera moped Stolen dumped Yamaha Virago
15/11/05 -
< Stolen dumped Gilera moped.< - > Stolen dumped Yamaha Virago >
Police notified but took two hours to arrive!!!
12/11/05 - Stolen dumped, burned.

12/11/05 - Found

10/11/05 - Found

09/11/05 - Attacked and 'beaten up'
in my own living room by Lee Boyce, the father of Charlie Boyce (Little Xxxxxx)!!!


08/11/05 - My house egged twice - again!


06/11/05 - Found motorcycle gloves.
I kept them.

04/11/05 - My house egged - twice!

03/11/05 - Stolen moped reported.

01/11/05 - Found in the local field.
Knife handed in to the police.
07/10/05 - Kitchen knife found in the local field
wrapped in kitchen roll. Handed in to the police

02/09/05 - Abandoned and vandalised!

26/08/05 - Vandalised!?
Yet another stray dog - taken to jail!
03/08/05 - Stray dog taken to
the police station.

19/07/05 - Found.
Handed in to the police

18/07/05 - Neighbour's car window
smashed and the radio stolen.

11/06/05 - Stolen - dumped in the field!
Owner traced and notified.
Handed in to the police.

03/06/05 - Found on the
grass of the field!
Handed in to the police.

03/06/05 - Stolen dumped, burned.

01/06/05 - Found in
the street.
Smoked. :o)

24/05/05 - Stolen dumped

23/05/05 - Dumped
17/05/05 - Yet more hassle!!
16/05/05 - Hassle!
15/05/05 - Reported stolen moped riders

12/05/05 - Dumped

24/04/05 - Front of my house egged in the night after abuse from a moped rider.

18/04/05 -

16/04/05 - Arson in the builders yard

15/04/05 - Hedge set on fire

14/04/05 - Builders yard vandals, caught on camera in the act.

11/04/05 - Scooter set on fire

03/04/05 - Vandalised,
sports hall windows - again!

18/03/05 -Stolen car drivers reported and arrested!!!

23/02/05 - Stolen dumped

12/02/05 - Vandalised,
parked outside the owners house!

08/02/05 - Stolen dumped, stuck in the mud

05/02/05 - Found under a bush
at the entrance to the field.
Handed in to the police

28/01/05 - Stolen dumped, burned.

22/01/05 - Stolen dumped, partially burned.

22/12/04 - Stolen dumped
- returned to owner!

18/12/04 - Burned out in the snow
next to the field.

16/12/04 - School window smashing vandals.

03/12/04 - A cassette collection dumped
in the frost! Kept to copy.

20/11/04 - A dumped car stereo.

27/11/04 - Burned out next to the field.

13/05/04 - Dumped bong!

29/03/04 - School kids packed lunch!!!
And very nice too.

14/12/03 - Stray dog taken to the police station.

29/09/03 - Burned out next to the field.

28/09/03 - Abandoned in the field
( I 'salvaged' the seat and lights!)

11/09/03 - The crashed end of a police pursuit!!
30/08/03 -
Dying dog found collapsed over the field. :o( (Taken to the PDSA for 'disposal'!)

27/08/03 - Cyco path traffic.
23/08/03 - Neighbour's car trunk dented
by the punch of a passing drunk!

17/08/03 - A nearby house double glazed bedroom
window smashed to match the living room
window, smashed on the 14th!!!!!!!!
14/08/03 - Neighbour's wing mirror smashed by
a youth on a bicycle.

A nearby house main double glazed living room window smashed by a thrown brick!!!

21/07/03 -Quality quilted overalls,
abandoned in the field.

20/07/03-Cyco path traffic.

15/07/03-Cyco path traffic.

10/07/03 -Abandoned in the field.
( I 'salvaged' it!)

05/07/03 -Dumped and burned out next to the field.

01/07/03 - Dumped/burned out in the
middle of the cycle path.

28/06/03 - A fleece retrieved from the builders
yard fence and roller blades, a toy, a hat and
clothes found strewn across the cycle track!
21/06/03 - Yet more illegal 'scrambling'.
  17/06/03 - Kids playing on the three storey
high scaffolding and smashing things up,
on a local 'new homes' building site.

All the windows in the builders yard opposite
had been smashed the night or so before.
14/06/03 - Dumped
08/06/03 -

Presumed stolen, driven by 'kids' the night before,
dumped, vandalised. Hammer on the drivers seat,
steering column hotwired.

'Snapped' reinforced concrete bollard.
Despite 'no entry'/'emergency vehicles only'
signage, the road is so heavily used,
the tarmac is wearing away!

Boulder moved into the middle of the
cycle path.
Mad as hatters!
28/05/03 -A couple of hard hats left in the street.
( I 'salvaged' them!)

16/05/03 -Syringe left in the rugby field.

03/05/03 - Neighbour's car vandalised (broken wing mirror and
both rear windows smashed with beer glasses) in the night
by drunks walking past from the local pub. The Police were
called but refused to attend citing expenditure cuts!!

26/04/03 - Local school fence/wall vandalised
in the night.

18/04/03 - Neighbour's car door,
prised and bent open in the night.

16/04/03 - Dumped bike parts.
( I 'salvaged' them!)

09/04/03 - Burned out moped.

25/03/03 - Two suitcases of clothing and personal effects
(presumed stolen) strewn across the grass near the
rugby club building. I notified the police.

22/03/03 - Dumped in the rugby field.
Only the chain missing.
( I 'salvaged' it!)

10/03/03 - Dumped and burned out in the rugby club car park,
within sight of a new homes building site sign!

20/01/03 - Dumped in the rugby field.

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