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20/12/02 -
A group of youths drove around the area in a stolen car, crashed it, dumped it - returned and burned it.
I reported it to the police and fire brigade who both attended.

The group of youths continued milling around the area causing further foul mouthed disturbance
and criminal damage here and there, including smashing the windscreen of an untaxed, council-clamped car.
I notified the police (twice) but they said they were busy and did NOT attend!!!
14/12/02 - Next door neighbour but one had her garden shed broken into and tools stolen. Thieves gained access over her fence via the rear lane which runs behind all the houses in the street.

09/12/02 -Ditto!!

08/12/02 -Dumped and burned out after having been driven all around the field.
29/11/02 -

Untaxed, a flat tyre, parked half on the sidewalk,
and sat there happily for a week or so . . . until . . .

. . the police affixed an 'Abandoned Vehicle Police Aware' notice.
Within a day or so all the windows and windscreen had been smashed.

25/11/02 - Dumped and burned out
in the rugby club car park.
Kids playing on the roof of the school
and/or causing damage in the school
grounds.A regular, almost nightly
30/11/02 New railings (too low/easily climbed,
waste of money!!) put up around the
front of the school grounds.
06/12/02 Kids climbed the railings and smashed

13/11/02 -Stolen, crashed into a fence and burning,
unattended near the high-rise flats only a few
hundred yards from the picketed fire station,
hours into the first day of the fire fighters strike!

07/11/02 - Car driven at dangerous speeds around
the area with handbrake turns, burn out's,
use of 'Emergency Vehicles Only' road, etc.
I got 'in trouble' taking the photo!

04/11/02 - Stray dog running loose around the streets.
Managed to catch it and take it to the dogs home.

02/11/02 - Dumped in the rugby field.
02/11/02 - 'Kids' throwing stones and trying to break the school windows, again! Daylight the next day, revealed three large windows were smashed.
11/10/02 - Drunks smashing bottles in the road opposite my house.

05/10/02 - Dumped and burned out near the
builders yard, next to the field.

03/10/02 - Dumped and burned out next to the field.
25/09/02 - Chased a shop lifter in Kingswood, failed to catch him, and injured myself in the process!!!

29/07/02 - Moped burned out and dumped
in the rugby club car park.
27/07/02 - Manhandled into the street by the nasty
noisy neighbour opposite,after banging on his
door and asking him (again!) to please turn his
music down.

22/07/02 - Dumped in the street and moved
up and down and round about, each day
by passing drunks.
21/07/02 - Abusive 'kids' roaring around the field two up on a motorbike with no number plates.
Another group of kids openly smoking pot.
07/07/02 - Attempted to report an illegal 'rave' party in Eastville Park along the Frome Valley Walkway. Attempted to report it to the police - put on hold as the phone rang unanswered for just over five minutes before I hung up - tried again and spent about three minutes complaining to the poor switchboard operator about the lack of 'service' and then finally after another two minutes of waiting got through, only to be told someone had already reported it (the night before?) and they were allegedly 'dealing with it'.
04/07/02 - Police attended a loud 'domestic' by the nasty noisy neighbour opposite.
28/06/02 - Probable stolen motorcycle, helmetless rider, a sometime pillion passenger, no numberplate, etc, etc. driven around the area. I attempted to report it to the police - the switchboard told me the line for the area police was busy and asked if I'd like to hold! On my mobile phone with expensive call charges, in the light of considerable previous experience of the likely wait, I declined in despair!

30/05/02 - Dumped on the grass in the rugby field. Destined for a charity shop donation.

28/05/02 - Bus shelter vandalised - centre toughened glass panel smashed.
Repaired and then smashed again
. . and again . . .and again!

Local pub car park and adjacent public street
increasingly used for dumping wrecked cars?!
Situation improved late in the year after a
change of landlord.

26/05/02 - My drivers door wing mirror
deliberately broken on it's pivot by a passer by..

24/05/02 - Abuse, hassle, and followed by a
'kid' on a motorcycle who had been riding
around the local field!

20/05/02 - Motorcycle rider riding at speed along
the footpath amongst the pedestrians and
walked dogs across the field!
15/05/02 - In excess of ten 'kids' all playing around on the school roof (2+ stories high?), throwing stones at windows and such!! Attempted to report it to the police on my mobile phone. Through to the switchboard - redirected to the 'Trinity Road' station - put on hold with the phone ringing unanswered for five minutes before I hung up in total disgust and despair!

05/05/02 - Just laying there in the street
next to the rugby field.
24/04/02 - Crashed car in a water filled ditch near
Easter Compton and a car load of youths acting
'suspiciously' nearby. Attempted to report it to the
police - on hold for ten minutes before being able
to actually make a report
18/04/02 - Beer drinking 'kids' rampaging around
the area in a car doing wheel spins, burn outs,
handbrake turns, high speeds, etc.
Reported to the police on my mobile phone.

16/03/02 - Stolen dumped - and apparantly been there
for a couple of days according to a passer-by,
as I was notifying the police on my mobile phone.

08/03/02 - In the woods after a spell in the river Avon at Hanham.

04/03/02 - Strangely just propped up against a wall
opposite a chip shop on the main A420.
One string missing and in need of a little work
- I kept it!
05/03/02 - Heavily front end accident damaged car with no lights, driven around the neighbourhood by a couple of youths in the dark.

03/03/02 - Put the imaginary case - you are walking along and see a house on fire.You run to the local phone box to call the fire brigade and ambulance. The phone box has of course been vandalised!

04/03/02 - ...and then it was gone!!?.

29/05/02 - ...and then it was back but before the phone had even be installed it was vanadalised again - glass door panel smashed!!
Regularly repaired and vandalised since.
01/03/02 -

Drivers window smashed by a brick 'last night' apparantly

Just dumped in the field sometime last night.

28/02/02 - Some parts (rear shocker) stripped
and then dumped over a cliff into the woods
by the river Avon at Hanham.

26/02/02 - Stolen, stripped, dumped, destroyed next to the field . I notified the police.
25/02/02 - Stopped in the street while walking the dog, by two youths in an unroadworthy looking car asking me for money!
22/02/02 - LBs car stolen from outside her house four doors up.
21/02/02 - Smashed up cash-register parts littering the field.
07/02/02 - Stolen rucsac and personal effects found scattered across the field. I collected them up and returned them to the owner.

06/02/02 - Strangely just dumped on a wall.
Expensive motorcycle jacket - I kept it!

30/01/02 - Stolen, driven into the field, crashed into the childrens swings and then turned upside down.
Destruction completed during removal by the council tractors!
16/01/02 - Small amount of personal effects from a stolen car found scattered across the field. Collected them up and dropped them off at the police station in Staple Hill. Notified the owner by e-mail!
22/12/01 - I was punched in the head by a drunk named 'Shawn' who I challenged after he had kicked the side of my fathers car in.
I called the police as I pursued him but I lost track of who he was and couldn't give an accurate description!
30/11/01 - Just missed witnessing an old woman being the victim of a bag snatch just up the road!
Others were helping and phoning the police so I simply ran to her house to inform her husband.
07/08/00 - Overnight visitor to a neighbours house awoke to find his car like this parked outside my house.
Suspected 'domestic' by owners ex girlfriend.
26/06/00 - Around 00:30hrs a large group of twenty or more drunks, drinking, shouting and chanting "I'd rather be a Pakie than a Turk" rampaged up the street and smashed bottles and/or beer glasses in the road.
14/03/00 - Neighbour's car broken into - car door, prised and bent open in the night.
05/02/00 - My front garden gate had been taken off its hinges and taken away and dumped up the street! Returned to my garden by my neighbour.
28/03/99 - I was woken at 4:45am by a loud bang and revving of an engine. A hit and run driver had caused enormous damage (not 'quite' a write off) to the nearside rear of my car parked outside.The hastily called police did nothing except instruct me to make a report at a station an hours walk away, for insurance purposes - I had to walk the trip twice since when I got there they issued ME with a documents producer!
18/02/91 - My house was burgled.
??/??/9? - Tax disc and part of the tax disk holder stolen from my motorcycle in the front garden.

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