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500w Halogen (01/08/04)
Dark sky, bright light
Fairy wings, full in flight
Death on finals, clear to land
Watched the approach, lifted no hand
No more days, last good night
Fairy wings, burning bright.
Ribbbet (01/08/04)
I woke up one morning, with a frog in my throat.
Don’t know how I swallowed it, was really no joke.
I hopped about coughing and started to choke.
I couldn’t dislodge it and ended up croaked!
UHU (01/08/04)
There was a young boy, who liked to sniff glue
Said he had nothing, better to do
It really was, a terrible shame
Picking his nose he got stuck, and picked out his brain!
Right Now (01/08/04)
Its happening
All around
Right now
You can hear it
Right now
All around

But not here
You’re here
Here with me
You and I 
We’re together
Right Now

Let it happen
Big Up (_/08/04)
There was a young girl from the ghetto
Who thought she could make it rich
By dancing naked on table tops
While wearing not a stitch

Her plan would maybe have worked out
If she hadn’t been quite so well fed
No table could stand such a pressure
It collapsed and she fell down quite dead.


Ewwww (_/08/04)
There was a rich rock star, took drugs and some drink.
He took far too much, into unconsciousness did sink.
He wouldn’t be warned, nothing anyone could do.
He lay down and died, choking on his own spew!
					Litter (_/08/04)

Empty beer cans, carrier bags
Disposable lighters, half smoked fags
A couple of pennies, small pay for the stoop
Neatly tied then discarded, bags of dog poop

Stolen hand bag, one new shoe
Broken pencil, dry tube of glue
A worn out car tyre, as bald as a coot
In the middle of a puddle a Wellington boot

Half a suitcase, one wet sock
A fluffy toy, a small girl’s frock
A bra and torn panties, stuffed in a bag
Glows-at-night used condom, from some drunken shag!

Empty bottles, broken glass
Plastic baggies, traces of grass
Chewed up and spat out, gum sticking around
An old hi-fi speaker that can’t make a sound

Sucked on straws, sticky sweets
Half a sandwich, a toilet seat
					Jus’becuz (30/07/04)

This is what it is for its own sake. I know that is all it can be.
I’ve no illusions of grandeur. I’m writing it just to please me.
It doesn’t need to be clever, but I think I want it to rhyme
And if it ends up going nowhere, then that with me is just fine.

I’ve sharpened the point on my pencil, I’ve written upon a blank page
But it doesn’t seem to amount to much, especially for a man of my age.
Maybe if I go and walk the dog, and sit awhile upon the grass
I’ll be inspired with words of wisdom, but probably just get a wet ass!

Yes, that IS what I’m going do, and take with me a drink.
And sit and watch the sun go down and have a little think.
Well I made it without incident, no fights or threats of death.
Shame about the litter and red ants, I’ve sat down in to catch my breath.

Well that’s another day gone by with nothing much got done
It isn’t such a bad life, even though it’s not much fun.
I think I’ve had enough of thinking. I’m tired of this rhyme
It really does amount to nought, save a moment of my time.


			Lucky Who (Blues) (_/07/04)

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, got holes in my shoes
I got food in the kitchen, got my dog by my side
I know I’m lucky, god my brain must be fried
I hear the sirens, running to the screams
I know I’m lucky, this nightmare’s my dream

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, think I blew me a fuse
And I’m not sure what’s missing, I’m a card short a deck
I know I’m lucky, don’t need you to check.
But I still feel like crying, even in my dreams.
I know I’m lucky, got me three pairs of jeans. 

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, oh god yes its true
Two black crows on the roof top, don’t know what that might mean
I know I’m lucky, cause I know where I’ve been
And the police helicopter, scared those damn crows away
I know I’m lucky, same old shit different day.

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, got me nothing to do
And the night time is coming, coming ‘part at the seams
I know I’m lucky, but it’s as good as it seems
Got this stuff that I’m smoking, sat here out on a trip
I know I’m lucky, but it still feels like shit!

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, sure could do with a screw
In my pond frogs are jumping, I thought they’d all died
I know I’m lucky, long time since I cried
I can hear drunken singing, some shouting and more screams
I know I’m lucky, makes me sick just like cream

I guess I’m lucky, but I got me the blues
I know I’m lucky, just done talking with you
In my garden I’m smoking, strumming on a tune
I know I’m lucky, because you’ll be here real soon
I’m just sat her all waiting, ain’t as long as it seems
I know I’m lucky, you’re the girl in my dreams


			Times Have Changed (30/07/04)

We used to talk to our neighbours, and care that they were alright
But now we put up garden fences, to make sure we all stay out of sight
If your lucky it all stays quite civil, write Christmas cards each year
Yet we all want a place in the country, where no one lives so near.
Times have changed.

We used to walk where we had to go, and had no reason to go too far
But none of us have the time these days to cross the road between the cars
There’s no longer a pleasure in walking, when the traffic has stolen your breath
You must keep your wits about you. One step off the pavement is death.
Times have changed.

We used to have a sense of pride in what generations built about
But now the little that’s left is just rubble, thanks to drunken louts
‘We did it cause were bored’, they say, ‘There’s nothing else to do!’
‘You mind your own fuckin business. Fuck off old man. Fuck you!’
Times have changed.

We used to have a boating lake where fathers taught children to row
The young ones had bright coloured paddle boats. A place for the whole family to go. 
Somehow those children grew up into vandals, no boats are left unsunk
The last boat I saw there was fishing, for the girl beaten to death by a drunk.
Times have changed.

We used to get a good nights sleep, eight hours the night straight through
And wake refreshed in the morning, ready for what we had to do
Now I can’t remember the last time, I wasn’t woken in the night
By the noise from the police helicopter, or the shouts from some drunken fight
Times have changed.

We used to have such grand houses, corniced, engraved and ornate
And spared on them no effort, right down to the garden gate
All that no longer matters, ‘affordable’ they say is key
So they cram in breeze block match boxes, urban jungles without a tree
Times have changed.

We used to sit around talking, make our own music or play a game
But now the TV’s always on, every day it’s always the same
And what became of those programs that nourished minds and opened our eyes
It’s all now ‘celebrity’ nonsense, a big mac, a shake and some fries!
Times have changed.

We used to allow all our children to go out and play childish games
And were in no hurry for them to grow up, while their innocence remained
But now as soon as their walking we teach them to run off and hide
From the paedophiles all lurking out there. ‘It’s just safer if you play here inside.’
Times have changed.

We used to have little money, saved for what we hadn’t yet earned
‘You must make do and mend.’ was a lesson, that every youngster learned.
But now if you want it you get it. Gratification is instant with ease.
‘No money? No worries. Just sign here. More credit? Oh have some do please.’
Times have changed.
		Freeze (31/07/04)

They say the grass is always greener
upon the other side.
But I can’t see across that far
the gap is just too wide.

I’ve got no wish to go looking for
what I haven’t got.
Could it be? Dare I think
I’m happy with my lot?!!!
		Sunny Days (31/07/04)

Does it have to be so very loud, the music you play I can’t stand?
Time was they used to play instruments and could sing. They called it a band.
But your taste in music isn’t the point. I mustn’t be distracted.
My criticism is of the volume, and that will not be retracted.

I can hear your music louder, than a radio sat next to me!
You live down at number eleven, and I’m up here at twenty three!
It’s torture there is no escape, from the noise you inflict on me.
Just think have you ever in your life, heard a single peep from me?

Do you unto others, as you’d have done unto you?
Are you really SO self centred, as not to have a clue?
Just turn it off and listen, what is it you hear?
Nothing but your own thoughts, so THAT is what you most fear.

With so many all around you, and you never hear a thing
I suggest it’s you who’s in the wrong, you anti social thing!
Desperate fingers in my ears, still hearing gangster rap.
What gangster was it stole the ‘C’, convinced you it isn’t crap!

I guess my only consolation, is soon you’ll be quite deaf
Then, let me tell you, I’ll be laughing till I’m out of breath!
So I’ll just sit here and listen, to your god awful din 
And I’ll still be sat here listening, when your hearing’s all packed in!
		W-Y Cue Cards  (31/07/04)
			    (or Pass the Bucket!) 
When I face the setting sun, I’m facing you.
When I’m dreaming in the night, I dream of you.
When I’m yearning for a touch, I yearn for you.
When I’m longing for my love, I long for you.
When I think of all the multitude, I think of you.
When I’m writing down some words, I write for you.
When I’m singing out a song I sing for you.
When I close my eyes to sleep, I sleep with you.
When I look up to the stars, they shine for you.
When I smell a perfumed rose, I’m smelling you.
When my tongue is dipped in honey, I taste you.
When I see a bird fly by, it flies to you.
When It’s down to do or die, I’ll die for you.
When you call me I will always come to you.
When I look into my heart, it’s full of you.
When I hear the telephone, I think it’s you.
When I make a call it’s because, I’m calling you.
When the sun rises at dawn, it dawns for you.
When I’m feeling all alone, I’m missing you.
When I’ve nothing left to say, I’ll speak to you.
When I’m happy and I’m up, it’s down to you.
When I don’t know where I am, I’m there for you.
When I’m running out of time, I’ve time for you.
When I’m down to my last Rollo,  it’s for you.
When I’m watching wet paint dry, it dries for you.
When I’m breathing out my last, I’ll call for you.
When I think of all that’s passed, it passed for you.
When the world is full of lies, I’m true to you.
When my mood is fit to sink, it floats for you.
When I’ve almost nothing left, I’ve more for you.
When it seems a silly game, I’ll play for you.
When I don’t know where to look, I look to you.
When my blood is running cold, it’s warmed by you.
When a clock tells me the time, it’s time for you.

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